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Big Brother 20 – Friday Overnight Recap

Good morning everybody! It was a slow night in the BB house last night. We had more of the same that carried over from the daytime talks. Bayleigh still has a bad case of hohitis, Rachel is still nervous and Sam may be looking to change careers. She could give up welding and become an exterminator when this is over or a trapper at the very least. She may be the first hg that spends more time on Pinterest instead of Ebay post show. She was trapping ants to feed to the spiders she’s collected but I’m not sure what the cotton balls, chopsticks and jars in the closets were used for but I’m not a trapper so I don’t have the inside scoop.


Just when we thought Sam wasn’t going to be outdone showing us how to run an hoh, Bayleigh said “watch this!” Along with telling Rachel about her power app, (which works best if it’s anonymous) she’s given away other information too.  She and Kaycee share info but the difference is, Kaycee uses it to help her alliance and Bayleigh just talks a lot. Let’s go over what Bayleigh accomplished in one day.

  • She told the person she nominated about her power app. This is also the female she has the least connection with in the house. (I said these two would be at odds soon in a previous thread but I didn’t think this soon)
  • She let JC know he was being considered for nomination and even though she didn’t do it, he won’t forget it.
  • She told Fessy everything he was doing wrong in the game and it was a lot. She also blamed him for everything she’s doing wrong.
  • She told Hayleigh she needed to apologize to Fessy and show her appreciation to him for using the veto on her. (Poor Hayleigh, she got accused of being a ho last week and this weeks hoh wants her to do more. This girl can’t catch a break)
  • After spending last week trying to convince Level 6 she isn’t attached to anyone, she made sure people knew she needs to even the voting numbers between “sides.”
  • She told Rockstar how bad her game was and that Kaitlyn told her Hayleigh knew Swaggy was leaving in advance. I think Bay asked Hay about it later but missed it so I’ll look into it.
  • She got Fessy out of bed to yell at him for ruining her game. She said the DR asked her if this was her hoh or Fessys. She didn’t like that Fessy took credit to JC for JC staying off the block. She said JC didn’t need to know he was being considered. (He knew because she let him know) She said Fessy shouldn’t come out of her HOH looking better than she does.

When Bayleigh is evicted, we can officially say that July 27th is the day she lost BB. Technically, she could still win but she had (by far) the best power app and she gave away most of the advantage. The week she uses it and changes the noms, she better hope she wins the veto. If she doesn’t, that week’s HOH can put her up as a replacement nom.

Bayleigh and Kaycee compared notes and have been talking game since the week Swaggy left. Kaycee tries to steer her towards Scottie as a renom. It wasn’t working and Bayleigh admitted that she didn’t care about Scottie, she just cared about Kaycee’s side having more votes. Bayleigh is right but shouldn’t say it, even to Kaycee. Bayleigh keeps having sushi dates with Kaycee and she’s seriously overestimating the pull she has with her. (Bayleigh made the comment that she’s sure Kaycee would have hit on her if Swaggy hadn’t been there)


Fessy told Hayleigh that using the veto was bad for his game but was good for hers. (They argued earlier in the day and didn’t speak much) He’s determined to make her show affection towards him and isn’t above using guilt. He needs to remember that Hayleigh was going to pick Scottie to play in the veto but Fessy hounded her for an hour asking her to pick him. He told her they weren’t going to “get gigs after this” the way things were with them. Fessy and his 1 inch ponytail needs to sit down and shut up in my opinion.

Fessy tried to get JC to thank him for keeping him off the block and JC wasn’t having it. JC felt he kept himself off the block by talking to Bayleigh. Fessy wants JC to be grateful and he told JC to stop saying that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. JC caved a bit and told him he knew maybe 40% and not to get crazy. Lol

Rachel continued to try and figure out where the power apps are once she realized it could be a factor while sitting on the block. I don’t know why that didn’t occur to her when she told Bayleigh she was ok with being a pawn. She asked the DR if people could lie about it. (JC told her a while back he had one. He’s also told her several times he was kidding) She started asking him again so I’m assuming she was reminded by the DR that people lie in this game. She’s very pushy with her agenda. She wants Scottie otb and pushed as hard with Bayleigh as she did for Kaitlyn to stay last week.  Rachel’s been borderline obsessed with getting Scottie out for some time. It’s fine to influence the hoh if you have the influence but she doesn’t. Rachel wants Kaycee to play in the veto and use it on her. Kaycee said she’d talk to Bayleigh about it. Bayleigh wants the noms left the same and Kaycee knows this but I’m not sure if she’s passed it on to Rachel yet.

Kaitlyn made the interview rounds the day after her eviction. She’s finally realized Tyler played her. She’s saying she was planning to go after Tyler & Fessy if she had stayed in the game. (Who actually believes this?) She also thinks JC voted for her because he wanted her to stay. She’s the gift that just keeps on giving! I’m probably done with Kaitlyn updates unless she’s on social media saying crazy stuff. She has some real life problems ahead of her and I’ll give the basic facts if they come my way but that’s about it. I don’t enjoy following someone’s downfall in their personal life with any detail. I am curious if she and Swaggy make up or have a Twitter war and I’ll keep you posted if and when it happens.

Have a great Saturday!




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  1. Ritchie

    I have a feeling for the first time in quite a while this truly will be a boring week?!!

    • SammyD

      Ritchie: I have a feeling you may be right.

    • Sassy

      I think it could get interesting. When Bay finds out the house knows about her app, she is going to explode! I think she will spill all the dirt on every convo people have had with her in the HOH. When she starts telling who is throwing who under the bus, there could be fireworks and instill further distrust amongst everyone.

  2. Helen

    Will be a good week if Brett can somehow win veto…he hasn’t done well in any comp so far so I won’t hold my breath but there is always hope…then we will see a true Rachel meltdown…..

    • Sassy

      I would like to see JC win and take Brett down. It would force Bay to nominate someone she claims to be working with.

      • Helen

        I don’t think he would use veto if he won it…in fact I don’t think any of them will…it’s pretty much up to Brett or Rachel to win if they want off the block this week…

      • Sassy

        If he wins it and doesn’t use it, he may become a target for the level 6/5/4…

      • Helen

        I am cheering for Brett! Would love nothing more than to see him throw it back at the self appointed Queen….who would she replace him with? Lol…I can’t think of anyone other than RS who would go home over Rachel…maybe Haleigh or Faysal but she isn’t going to put up her minions….

      • NKogNeeTow

        What tickled me the other night is that Bay told KC that after the Veto comp is played, she plans to have one on ones and tell them that she doesn’t want it used and she wants Rachel kept. Do these HOH’s not remember or even know that once they make the noms and the veto either has or hasn’t been used, they have no more power? If the veto winner is a nom and takes themselves off, she can’t threaten them with anything. Nor can she do anything about the person they use it on. Post Veto, she is nothing more than a lame duck.

      • Sassy

        No, HOTitis blinds them. They really believe they still have some magical power.

      • Helen

        I don’t think any of these housepets have figured that out NK. Other than maybe Faysal…he told Hayleigh once the real power is in veto not HOH..so in a small way he “gets it”…..the others seem to be just as blinded by HOH as the HOH is…we saw that with Scottie as HOH…even after veto was used people were still going to him like he had some magical power….

      • kneeless

        Bay has a serious case of HOHitis.

  3. LO1004

    I’m going to be irritated this entire week w Bay being HOH. I don’t like her, and never have for so many reasons. This girl was talking about how Brett never talks game w her, but I think she’s forgetting that she never talked game w anyone until Swaggy left and she had to. She was also telling Fessy how Rachel was accusing her of having a power app after she told Rachel about the app. Her game is gross. On top of her attitude and entitled sense of self, this is going to be a long week and I’m very much looking forward to her back door the week she uses her app.

  4. Helen

    Apparently B.B. gave housepets a heat warning and told them to hydrate well before veto…..well..for one thing..don’t wait till the middle of the afternoon to play!!

  5. AIO_7

    “[Fessy is] determined to make [Haliegh] show affection towards him and isn’t above using guilt.”

    Doesn’t seem to be working …


  6. Shivani33

    Bayleigh talks too much, but she sent Angie to her room yesterday to shut her up. So AngieRS sat in bed and chewed her own toenails. The most skeevy pedicure I’ve ever seen on BB.

  7. AIO_7

    KC and Bay talking about Rachel freaking out ….


  8. Shivani33

    Who, among these Veto players, WANTS to win this one? Only Rachel and Brett? Does anyone know what Brett is thinking? For that matter, does anybody care what he’s thinking? Is he just giving the old New England stiff upper lip, or does he seem complacent, as if he “knows” that he’s sitting pretty, because the men don’t want another guy gone?

    Right now, the game is a bit less engaging (to me) with Bayleigh’s tough girl pageant circuit harshness. If she is misdirecting people and has a real and private plan, good for her. If she’s just sitting around barking and showing off her big fat ego, good for me!

    • Sassy

      I think Ty and JC both want to win to secure their safety. They realize they could be the replacement.

    • Colby

      I think Tyler will throw it. He has enough of a target on him without pissing off either side. She has told him and others that he is safe and I think he believes her.
      I don’t know about JC.
      Sam will do what Queen B wants.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Shi, if Brett is doing what you think (being complacent because he thinks he’s sitting pretty), then I have one word for him: Steve.

      • Shivani33

        I’m asking about what Brett is thinking because, unless I’ve missed it, he hasn’t been very visible since being nominated. He talked his ass off last week, though.
        I wondered if he drowned in the pool or decided to swim back to the Battle of Bunker Hill site via the Los Angeles river. Is he playing the sleeping dragon for the moment while Rachel freaks, or is Brett certain that the boys’club has his back, or what?

      • Sassy

        @Shiv – there isn’t enough of a boys club to keep him. He might be smart to let Rachel implode… He has to know it’s unlikely anyone will use it on him. Hopefully he is campaigning behind the scenes.

      • AIO_7

        I would just stay calm until after the Veto comp..

      • Sassy

        @AI – I think I would to, but he may need to campaign a little with Ty and JC in hopes they would use it on him.

      • AIO_7

        Sas; perhaps, but there is still time after the Veto comp. to do that.

      • Sassy

        AIO – I agree, but if you can be taken down by veto, it might be worth the shot,

  9. Sassy

    Rachel is asking for the DR to get the rule book out, she wants to know if JC can lie to her about having a power he doesn’t have. I know they if they reveal their power they have to be honest but I can’t image that they are required to be truthful about whether or not they HAVE a power…

  10. NKogNeeTow

    “Fessy’s one inch ponytail”…LOL

  11. kneeless

    Does anyone else get tired of watching them brush their teeth? Thank goodness they are brushing but…

  12. kneeless

    Alda, that’s exactly what i thought about RS this afternoon! Too funny.

  13. Helen

    Will this week be the end of level 6?

  14. mm22

    Is it time for veto? If it is go Brett win -saaaave yourself!

  15. Jenny

    Watching Tyler with Bay in the HOH room last night was amazing. He let her do the talking and just played into it like he values her opinion and needs her help to stay in the game. Wow. He almost had ME convinced. Notice he never talks about himself? He listens and play along with whatever people are saying, but in a sneaky way that people aren’t even realizing what he’s doing. Kaycee seems to be doing the same thing. They are my current favorites.

  16. Helen

    I hope the veto comp is one where they win a punishment or prize…and I hope bayleigh gets one like Alex did in her HOH last year…set up a camp and cook hotdogs for everyone all week…I would laugh my a** off watching that!!

  17. Alda

    Mel,when Sam was in the corner with those jars with the weird concoctions it brought me back to an episode of Alfred Hitchcock”What’s In The Jar”.

  18. WhereisPablo

    Just finished BBAD and this group is boring at night. I wish they would play Potball or tell stories or SOMETHING! The biggest event was JC eating saltines.

  19. danmtruth

    why does Bay keep talking about “sides” She has no love for the old FOUTE group Bay knows that when The Purple Emu talks of the team she does not include Bay As far as Emu is concerned Bay was never a made member She was just married to the mob So Bay just uses the ides that she is working with them To other people from the “other side” she seems like she is trying to work with them She is looking for people low on the group list to join together

  20. Colby

    She is trying to even the numbers on both ‘sides’ so when Swaggy comes back she has done her job of setting it up like he wanted it to be with the numbers on that side. Delusional girl needs to be out of there.

  21. danmtruth

    Does anyone think its a bit creepy how Bay keeps bringing up how Kaycee would be all over Bay if she were bi How she is Kaycees ideal type WOW think much about your self What is the difference between what BSC did with the boys and what she is doing with Kaycee Except that KC can careless Its just creepy how Bay thinks she is this big treat and is irresistible

  22. NKogNeeTow

    Hey, where is Mel with her little secret helmet of protection (the best avatar on here btw)? Mel, WAKE UP! I think the feeds put her to sleep..lol. I need her blow by blow of what’s going on in that crazy house with those crazy people.

    Annie is missing too.

  23. Mr. Beardo

    Damn this is a long one. Must be an individual timed comp. Which means throwing it won’t be easy or advisable.

  24. danmtruth

    Good call Mr.Beardo about trying to throw comps It would be better if Last place finisher got a punishment again Have to clean Purple Head Emu toes Clippers optional

  25. Mel

    BB trivia since we’re waiting:

    Longest running comp in the US: over 14 hours, the pressure cooker comp

    Longest running BB comp ever: BB Brazil, just under 43 hours, called it a tie and made the last 2 people quit, it was in April of this year

    Longest running one before that: BB India, close to 41 hours

  26. Seattle Kari

    popping in to say. Bay is one egotistical bitch, you could tell that from the very first interview, I hope that she’s lost her job because the way she talked about her customers and I also hope to God that she gets kicked out soon.

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