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Big Brother 20 – Friday Overnight Recap

Good morning! I finally slept last night. Yos!!  (I’m aware most people would type “Yas” but Rockstar’s given “yes” a bit of a twist so I’m going with it) I was worried I’d have alot to catch up on before I did the recap since I HAD to get some sleep but the hg’s bed time came kind of early. I think the Hacker exhausted their brains yesterday. Steve also covered all the important things that happened so I’ll do a hg “where there heads are at” update and try to clear up some things that have been confusing. These are the 2 power apps still in play:


The Cloud:  If you’re confused about when they can be used, I’ll clear that up first.  The descriptions are vague so we’re basing what we know from the hg’s talking about them and what we read on the card. Tyler can prevent the hoh from nominating him if he uses it before noms or before a veto ceremony when a replacement nom could be made. If Tyler was going to use it yesterday, he would have needed to use it before Angela made her noms. He has nothing to use against the Hacker twist since the ‘switch’ comes after noms have been made. His app description doesn’t say this but his app is only really useful to prevent himself from being backdoored. He’ll have to save himself the old fashioned way this week.

Identity Theft: Bayleigh can change the initial noms before they are made. Her app is only useful when someone gets hoh and she has a reason to think she won’t like the noms. She will pick 2 new ones before the keys are turned. Unlike Tylers, Bayleighs app can’t be used for the veto ceremony on a replacement nom.

Hacker Twist: This twist lasts for 2 weeks. We don’t have official confirmation but we’re sure Haleigh won it this week. Next week, they’ll do another comp but we don’t know yet if the winner will get the same power or something different. I’m guessing different because I think the Hacker powers are actually the 2 apps that didn’t get picked. One of them was called Upgrade and I don’t remember the other one. (fill me in if anyone knows) This week’s winner gets to replace 1 nom, (already happened) choose 1 of the veto players and cancel 1 persons vote. We’ll probably hear the order of picks later today once they talk about it.  I heard them talking about it yesterday but its too detailed to get into if it isn’t correct so let’s just wait on that one.


Conspiracy theories were going around yesterday because the image for Tyler’s cloud app briefly came on the screen. People were saying it was production sending Tyler a msg to use it. I don’t think the image was their version of a bat signal. I also think it popped up before there was a Hacker winner. I’ve talked alot about production involvement and wrote a long editorial on it last year but I think this was just somebody hitting the wrong key on a keyboard. (If you’re ever bedridden or have a really long flight and want to read it, it’s called “You’re not allowed to talk about production.” It’s VERY long because I covered all seasons of productions involvement that I was aware of, diary room leaks and some behind the scenes stuff)

Last Night, the Hacker & the HG’s: 

Level 6 is convinced Bayleigh is the Hacker. There aren’t many people who would want Tyler otb AND also want to make sure Scottie is off of it. They probably dont see how close Haleigh and Scottie are either. They noticed Haleigh was acting wierd but think it’s because she knows and is covering for Bayleigh. Kaycee also said Bayleigh was acting the same way she sid when she got the power app. Why don’t they think Bay would put Brett up again?  The plan is to backdoor Bayleigh this week if they can get Tyler off the block. I’m honestly not sure what Hives plan is because I’m not sure who’s being lied to yet. What Hive will do will vary more than it will Level 6 depending who’s on the block. There isn’t any point in going over scenarios of how people will vote when we dont know the final noms so we’ll save that for later. Here’s what’s going on with them as of last night:

  • Haleigh- She’s this weeks Hacker, she took Scottie off the block and replaced him with Tyler. This was a smart move for her but I’m not getting on board with how it’s a bad ass move like some people are saying. She didn’t have to put him otb in front of the house and to his face so no, there’s nothing brave or bad ass about it. It’s simply a smart move for her game. It may have appeared that she was trying to get Scottie blamed for being the hacker. I don’t think she wants him blamed at all but she’d rather it be Scottie over herself. She did a terrible job trying to play it cool yesterday and if L6 wasn’t fixated on Bay, maybe they would’ve seen it. She kept repeating to everyone “I swear, it wasn’t me.” That’s fine if you’re being asked the question but she was saying it unprompted. I think she said it to Kaycee 4 times in one conversation. She also talked about it nonstop, possibly more than Tyler. She’s played scared since Swaggy got blindsided and last night showed it…well, to us anyway. It’s why she’s become known as the hoh butt kisser.  I still like Haleigh and her flirting but let’s hope she’s got more in her bag of tricks for down the road. Haleigh needs Tyler to go because Scottie is hers if Tyler leaves. It also takes out another guy to prevent Fessy from having a guys thing. Tyler had a friendship with her in the beginning but Kaitlyn put a stop to it so Haleigh moved on to Brett and she’s one of the few people Tyler doesn’t have any influence over.
  • Tyler- He needs to stop being fixated on Bay. He’s told JC he sees Haleigh as irrelevant in the game and she may be his blindspot. He knows she has pull with Fessy but he doesn’t know she’s close to Scottie. Tyler’s put in alot of work in the game but this is the first week we’ve really seen him nervous. Today’s veto comp will determine if he can relax or have to start working on votes. Scottie and Fessy both said they’d use the veto on him but he doesn’t fully trust it and he shouldn’t. He’s still working Scottie and the best buds angle.
  • Rockstar- She finally stopped crying and got out of bed. She talked to people and was social. Haleigh was sort of snippy with her yesterday and said some hateful things about her to Bayleigh. If RS finds out Haleigh took Scottie off the block instead of her, it could be interesting…or it could just be her going back to bed to cry. She thought Brett was the hacker and people joked that she blamed everything on Brett. She put all her eggs in one basket so it’s bad for her if Haleigh’s ready to let her go. I think Haleigh would keep Scottie over RS but keep RS over several other people.
  • Fessy- He wants to play veto and is worried he’ll be the replacement nom. After JC coached him, he went to Angela and said he’d do what she wanted if he won the veto. JC planted some seeds that Hayleigh could be the hacker. I don’t think JC thinks it’s true but he’s creating doubt. Fessy will be in a mess since he has the guy thing with JC, they’ll expect him to use veto on Tyler. Haleigh won’t want this and RS will expect it to be used on her. Once again, he’s already told both noms that he’ll use the veto on them. He questioned Haleigh again about being the hacker so JC may be getting to him. He was more concerned with where Brett slept the night before since he’s in the have not room again and can’t stay on top of it as much. He’s also a little worried Scottie and Haleigh may be getting too close.
  • JC- He was mad Tyler went on the block and spent extra time last night working on Fessys brain. He’s creating doubt over who Fessy can trust and who might be the person in his own group betraying him. He’s also making Fessy paranoid over looking like a dumb ass if he’s getting played by Haleigh. (Fessy’s already worried about it so it doesn’t take much) JC tried to have a chip from the bag Bay was eating out of last night and she got mad. She yelled at him to ask first. He wanted her out before, now he’s a man on a mission.
  • Scottie- He was more worried than happy he came off the block. He thinks it may be an elaborate plan to put him back up after the veto and backdoor him. He told Tyler he would use the veto on him if he won it but if he’s worried about Fessy being the replacement, it could get tricky. I also don’t know if Scottie is lying to Tyler or not about working with him.
  • Angela- She kept hanging with Bay to keep her guard down. She said she’ll backdoor Bay and say they “know” she’s the hacker. She said if they find out she isn’t, they’ll just say…oops, sorry after she’s already out. She had a moment of realizing that RS shouldn’t be happy if she knew Bay took Scottie off the block but then she just moved right past the thought and went back to plotting Bays demise. She wanted Bay to sleep upstairs to keep her feeling safe and secure. She’s turning out to be pretty cold-hearted and ruthless in the game and I don’t hate it….not at all.
  • Kaycee- She is too sure she has facts about the Hacker winner when she doesn’t.  Her side finally has the hoh room again so she’s a little more vocal and seems pumped up to help save Tyler. She’s busy coming up with fake fight ideas to fool the house in the event Tyler stays on the block.
  • Sam- She was really upset Tyler landed otb but she got over it and went back to the kitchen.
  • Brett- He was surprised he wasn’t the hackers choice since he’s a big target. He’s also leading the charge in believing Bay is the hacker. His logic is terrible. He heard Bay and RS happy and laughing after the comp was over so he thinks they were plotting and talking about Bay having it. Why in the hell does he think RS would be happy to find out Bay got it and took Scottie down instead of her? Why wouldn’t Bay put Brett up again since she just tried to get him out?
  • Bayleigh- She still thinks she’s good with everyone in the house. She’s gone back to hanging out with Haleigh and RS and told them they needed to get Tyler out if he stayed otb. I guess wanting to work with him and calling him “her baby” is over.  She spent time with Angela in the hoh to make sure she’s good with her, asked Swaggy to save money to buy her a dog (I think) and almost fought JC over a bag of chips.

We’ll have more to discuss once the veto comp happens. I’m excited for this week because even though we  say L6 can’t keep getting away with hiding votes, they keep doing it. This really could be the week people have to choose and things are out in the open. Depending on who the final noms are, Haleigh may have to choose between Rockstar and Scottie. Scottie and Fessy could have to choose between the guys working together and the Hive. JC may even have to pick between being loyal to Tyler or JC. It should be fun!

Once again, I’ll have to save my random info for later because my post is long. If I don’t get it in soon, I’ll need to toss it because it won’t even be relevant anymore.

Thanks for all the ‘get feeling better’ comments from yesterday and if Steve ends up having to be gone this weekend, I’ll post an update later today. Have a great Saturday!

Update: Veto players are Angela, Rockstar, Tyler, Brett, Scottie and the Hacker chose Kaycee to play.

Twitter Vegas said it will be a ball balancing comp. It could be the one they have to make go back and forth on something without letting it hit the ground. ?? Steve will take care of us later today so I’ll catch up with you guys in the morning…unless something exciting happens…I’ll have to forget the bookkeeping and join the comments!!


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  1. Ritchie

    Does this hacker app remind you of the halting hex power that Jessica Graf had last season. After five weeks of eviction episodes there was a clearly defined line of two sides, team Jody and team Friendship. Once team Jody was out of the house, the BB19 season was an epic fail until finale night (with the nauseating predictability and outrageous controversies abound).
    This season after 5 weeks worth of eviction episodes, it is becoming quite clear that Level 6/5/4 is already in the process of dominating the game for weeks to come. Team Foutte (RS, Bayleigh, Fessi, Haleigh) would be picked off with Sam and Scottie thrown in there as well. That’s too predictable and boring to me!
    Sam never used her power, Baleigh is not in the loop at all, so she will never sense danger well enough in advance to use her app, and Tylers strong position in the game right now renders his app basically unplayable at this time. That’s a potential of all 3 apps never actually being used by the person it was originally granted to.

    Big Brothers inclusion of the Hacker app (and the anonymity that came along with it) allows a player like Haleigh to take a clear shot at Tyler (which she may have been reluctant to do otherwise). As a viewer I’m now hands down assured of a fantastic week of game play. Besides the drama already unfolding as to finding out the identity of the hacker; can Tyler survive by removing himself from the block, or having his Allies vote to keep him in the house in case he doesn’t get removed by veto?!!!

    • ElaineB

      I am wondering too, if this hacker addition is an ‘afterthought’ by Production, since some of their ‘expected’ hasn’t gone as planned. With the two apps still in play, it seemed an odd time to add another twist regarding noms. Or maybe it was the plan with the remaining two apps all along. Anyway, it is making for interesting HG chat.

    • Avatar

      They won’t be able to save him if he doesn’t win the veto because they take a vote away. I hate the Hacker app..it’s just a excuse to let weaker players win. The ones not playing all season will end up winning..that SUCKS

  2. ElaineB

    Thx for pitching in for Steve, if needed. This is a big and exciting time. I see what you are saying about Hay’s move not being ‘bad ass’ because it is under the cover of darkness. Having said that, this group has been horrible at keeping secrets, so I thought she might be outed fairly quickly. The focus on Bay has distracted their investigative skills, so for now she is good. Yesterday, watching her deny, deny, deny in so many of her convos was funny to watch. And you’re right, she would just volunteer the info, which was awkward.

  3. danmtruth

    Mel I applaud your courage in delving into the minds of these people David Rossi would be proud
    One line for Sam was a 1/2 a line to much
    Good point on Hali bidding behind the hacker app She has always been the most vocal about needing to backdoor TY This is the closes she can come yet This is high risk high reward If TY comes off she is losing another member and when the remaining people find out she will loose them Well not Scottie The next question is If she has the same power next week does she try it again

  4. Yael Sara

    If we are looking at these hacks being the last two power apps, this one could likely be re-draw and then upgrade will still be left

    Then the question is, if they are looking to play the last of the power apps, while it would not have the same impact – would they put into play the remaining other least trending apps

  5. Shivani33

    I thought that Tyler could get on his “cloud” and take himself off the block either before the nomination OR before the Veto ceremony. Damn it.

  6. Avatar

    Twists are fine, I guess (even Survivor does it now) but Bay’s app and Hayleigh’s hacker power takes out a major dynamic in the game of Big Brother: having to face your peers after nominating them. Hayleigh can send Tyler to jury with ZERO blood on her hands and Bay could have done the same had she not been so stupid.

  7. Jannie

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mel! Glad you got some good sleep! Your post cleared up many questions I had…
    Wow, gaining more respect for Drifty…if she can coddle Bay for the next few days and throw her up otb and backdoor her, well kudos to her. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  8. Shivani33

    Here’s the lowdown about the Cloud icon which appeared on the house screens yesterday and was noticed by several players. I saw it, too. And of course, thought that Tyler had used his power.

    This is from Dingo’s Hamsterwatch, but this appearance of the Cloud onscreen has gotten publicity from several other sources, too.

    Day 45 Fri Aug 3

    “Several of them in the kitchen noticed something on the mini intercom monitor as they were waiting to get started on noms and/or Hacker comp. On close inspection…it turned out to be the icon for Tyler’s power app The Cloud, turned sideways. They did say something about ‘a cloud’ and Scottie ran to the living room to see if it was on the mini monitor there, too, and it was. Of course Tyler didn’t say anything but I’m sure he was sweating inside….So this was probably a big goof but we’ll see what’s said later on, if anything.”

    Sam did say that she recognized the Cloud icon in the App store when she got her power. Rock, Kaycee, Scott, Sam and Tyler all saw the sideways cloud. There was little time to start a kerfluffle about it, because they were all called for the comp.

  9. Mr. Beardo

    Veto players look good for Ty’s cause.. Angela, Ty, RS. KC, Brett, Scottie were picked

  10. Avatar

    Best case scenario for tyler 5/6 people playing will use it on him

  11. stillstanding

    mel, love your reports and insights. you and steve are the icing on the cake. Tyler has played a good game, but im glad the bulls-eye is on his back, if only for a bit. liking angela’s moves. hoping haleigh makes smart moves. and fess mans (or womans) up. he’s getting boring as is bey. jc is just annoying. my 2 cents. again thanks.

  12. Helen

    Today will be a balancing ball Veto competition.

    #BB20 #BBVFL

  13. HappyHippo

    Hay the hacker chose KC to play

  14. Mel

    I updated the top of the page and now leaving a comment. I’m gonna get myself confused. Lol
    I wonder if Hay was worried about Scottie getting blamed so didn’t pick him. She also can’t have any idea KC has a F2 with Ty. I almost wish RS would win just so she could shut the hell up! “Rich kids, rich kids, blah blah blah” Does she mean Bay and Hay because I don’t think their families look to be doing too damn bad. Hay drove a Hummer when she was 16.

  15. Avatar

    Can you provide a link to your editorial — “You’re not allowed to talk about production.”?

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