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Big Brother 20 – Friday Overnight Recap

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Good morning everyone! It wasn’t very eventful last night but a little info creeped out during conversations for us to go over. Thankfully, Steve covered the talks Sam had with Kaitlyn and Hayleigh and I talked about Sam’s motives on another thread so hopefully, there won’t be too much overlapping. I’m only going to point out a few things Sam said to Hayleigh and Kaitlyn yesterday that I may have missed without getting into the conversations again.

  •  Steve is right, Sam came off as condescending to Hayleigh. The convo had a “you’re not that kind of girl” vibe. Hay makes it clear her family watches BB and she isn’t ashamed of anything she’s done. (She shouldn’t be) Sam told her the decision wasn’t personal but also said it wasn’t about the game. Hay said “If it isn’t game or personal, then what is it? Sam pointed out Hay was part of a duo so Hay said “so it is about game.”Sam told Hay “you’re better than that,” Hay asked what “that” was and Sam said “nothing in particular.” (Production took away Sam’s jug hooch but gave it back on Thursday afternoon. I heard her say it would be ready in about a week but I think she decided not to wait)
  • Kaitlyn’s meeting with Sam was crazy on both ends but I forgot to mention previously that Kaitlyn told Sam that when Tyler is hugging/cuddling her, he’s coaching her.  Kaitlyn said she acts this way with all her friends.
  • Sam met with Tyler in the hoh. She told him she put the two weakest females otb and it’s the first strategy we’ve heard from Sam except for her saying that they were a duo. JC busted in shortly after and Sam told them both (and told Fessy later in the evening) they could do whatever they wanted if they won the veto. Sam said once they have the final Noms, she’s going to tell them about the power, what it does and expect to get credit for nominating this week since they’ll probably get to come back. I’m surprised Tyler didn’t object to this. Maybe it’s because JC was in the room but I don’t think so. Sam also got the bright idea to let whoever wins the veto decide who the replacement would be. Tyler and JC  immediately started trying to talk her out of this plan. JC said what if it’s me? She said he wouldn’t go home. They also know RS would be the replacement nom if Sam does it.
  • Kaitlyn downstairs saying she knows RS won’t be a replacement nom. In her defense, she wasn’t allowed to sage the house and maybe that’s why she’s always wrong.
  • Bayleigh said her family has been on Price is Right, Wendy Williams and Family Fued. Family Fued should air in September. She said her roommate won Let’s Make A Deal.
  • Kaitlyn tells Fessy she’ll pick him to play for her in the veto and says she’ll always pick him over Tyler in the game. I look for her to spend more time with him this week to pull him away from Hayleigh a little more. She kissed him on the cheek and wanted to know why he didn’t kiss her back.
  • Angela is convinced Brett actually had “the talk” with RS. Kaycee gets a little on board but Rachel isn’t buying it. Bretts done such a good job, he’s convincing people who knew it was made up. (For the record, Brett & Tyler went over the story Brett was giving in case Tyler got questioned about it. Brett originally said Tyler walked by while they were talking and that’s  how he was brought into it.)
  • Angela & Rachel want to throw the veto to Hay if possible so RS will be put on the block. Rachel isn’t in a hurry for RS to go but Angela wants her out.
  • Fessy thought Julie picked the winner in the event of a tie.
  • JC tells Fessy he’s being too paranoid and needs to calm down….again. JC told him correctly who the noms would be and told him RS will be the replacement. JC may actually be the 1 person Fessy completely trusts. JC has put in good work with Fessy for a while now and is getting the pay off.
  • Kaitlyn is back to thinking RS flipped and Brett is telling the truth. Later, she goes back to a power changing 2 votes.
  • Rachel & Angela make fun of the girls alliance. Rachel points out a female won hoh and 2 females are otb. She says “nice job with your alliance.”
  • RS takes a tiny break from obsessing over Brett to tell Hay she feels Sam is very protective over Scottie and that may explain some of Sam’s concerns.
  • JC tells RS she looks like a f*****g truck ran over her, says she needs to calm down and maybe take a shower. She thanks him. Lol
  • Somehow Bayleighs Bible got ruined that she had since she was a kid. Hay says she knows who did it but won’t tell. Sam said she was pissed over it too.
  • Sam met with Fessy, talked about his situation with Hayleigh and Kaitlyn. She’s trying to play mama bear and reel him in. She even hugs him and snuggles him….while wearing shorts! That Hussy!! Sam told Tyler earlier that she “had” Fessy. Sam is way too confident about this imo. Bayleigh is closer to Fessy than Sam and she can’t get him to pull away from Kaitlyn. (Good luck with that Sam)
  • Sam says she’s not a prude. She says she’s a f*****g lady. I guess throwing the F-bomb is the fastest way to prove you’re a lady. ??
  • Kaitlyn says it’s very unfair America didn’t give her a power app. (She thinks getting Swaggy out was the move of the century) Bayleigh told her maybe America was mad at her for getting Swaggy out.
  • Kaycee gives Rachel advice regarding Brett. This hasn’t been talked about much because Rachel and Angela have such quiet games, we don’t talk about them a lot. I’ve been saying Rachel was playing a smart game by working/playing well with the other side and I’ve briefly mentioned her crush on Brett but that’s about it. For anyone who isn’t aware, Rachel has been obsessed with Brett and a showmance since the season started. She throws herself at him but often tries to do it in a joking and flirting way. He’s aware of how she feels but keeps her at a distance. He also does it in a joking way. Kaycee told her that Brett probably didn’t like it when girls threw themselves at him or laid all over him and she’d probably do better if she played a little harder to get. Rachel’s also been getting a little paranoid about Angela and Brett becoming too close. She complained about not being able to hang out with the friends she wanted very much so they could keep their alliance secret. She was saying she wants more time with Angela but she was meaning she didn’t want Angela to have too much time with Brett imo. (Rachel’s feelings arn’t Kait/Hay/Fessy level by any means, it just bugs her)
  • Brett tells Kaitlyn he’ll play for her in the veto and take her off the block. Hahaha
  • RS still doesn’t get why Sam supports Bretts terrible, nasty demon like behavior (otherwise referred to as game strategy) and Bay points out Sam spends more time with the other side of the house.
  • Hayleigh is feeling a bit better and got assurance from JC, Angela and Kaycee they’ll keep her if noms stay the same. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn is saying she hopes the (Level 6) other side remembers what she did for them…I’m gonna say, nope.
  • Angela thinks RS leaving will make Kaitlyn easier to manipulate. Angela doesn’t have a good read on the house because Tyler runs Kaitlyn brain, not RS.
  • Kaitlyn truly believes Bretts speech was so he could apologize to her on national tv and to make amends with her. RS asks why she was brought into it and Kaitlyn isn’t sure.
  • RS is STILL bitching about Brett but I’m not getting into it because I don’t want to torture you guys or myself. One funny thing RS did say tho – While trying to figure out who was lying about the votes, Kaitlyn said she was standing in her truth, RS was standing in her truth and Brett was standing in his truth. RS corrected her and said Brett was standing in bullsit. I did think that one was funny.

I’m puzzled over something and have been for years. Yesterday’s nom speech makes it even more relevant this season. I get the whole needing affection and contact from people thing because you spend 3 months with strangers. It messes with your head and probably gets really lonely.  I also understand hg’s who say 1 day feels like a week and you get really close really fast to each other. However, I have close friends that I’ve had for 20 years but I don’t snuggle and cuddle with them while we’re hanging out together. I don’t even get the need for bedtime snuggling. Most of these people are single and are used to sleeping alone so why do they need to be cuddled in bed? I’m not talking about the hgs who get in a relationship while in the house because that’s a different situation. I’m talking about the average hg who simply has friends in the house they hang out with. I’m aware I’m not in my 20’s anymore but my friends didn’t do that when we were young and single. My son and daughter are in their 20’s and they don’t do it either. Im not being judgemental about it like Sam, I don’t care what they do. I’m simply puzzled by the behavior.  Do you know young adults who do this while their hanging out, sitting by the pool, having a chat in the living room, getting a snack, etc.? They lay on each other, sit on each other and play with each other’s hair as if they’re monkeys picking off bugs.

Have a great Saturday!


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