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Big Brother 20-Friday overnight update

We missed a lot because of the power app, nominations and people laying under blankets and moving their microphones so we couldn’t hear things. There was game talk and some subtle work in play with a few people.


Tyler is still trying to keep tabs on Kaitlyn but that’s becoming harder since Fessy has been all over her. Fessy has distanced himself from Haleigh to the point that she asked him if something was wrong. Haleigh and Fessy may be in the same alliance but I’m assuming she wasn’t included in the strategy for Fessy to feign sexual interest in a crazy woman to help ensure the alliance stays together. Fessy and Kaitlyn laid under blankets and whispered for a while. I thought I picked up on some of what they said but because I’m not sure, I won’t write it here. I’ll just say that from what I did hear, let’s hope she has a very understanding boyfriend. I heard them discussing what to do with the microphones so people couldn’t hear and saying in order to get away with something and that they’d have to move a camera. Eventually, Kaitlyn spoke to Tyler and told him Fessy was telling her about his feelings for her.  Tyler pointed out that it might put him in an awkward position and Kaitlyn assured him it wouldn’t. I don’t know if Fessy actually told her that he’s falling for her or if she heard it when the universe was speaking to her. For the record, I don’t believe Tyler is interested in her at all but she is important to his game. Yes, he’s all over her lately but she knows a lot of information on him and he also knows she’s a loose cannon. He’s aware that she’s an emotional player and that she’s desperate for attention so he’s playing into that. I don’t think he planned on Fessy being smart enough to realize he should do the same. I don’t think this week is a done deal by any means because Kaitlyn is such an emotional player and I think almost anyone can find themselves in trouble. Remember, Tyler actually liked Haleigh but realized it wasn’t going anywhere (because of Fessy) so he let it go. One small thing to point out is that Kaitlyn has known ll along Haleigh liked Tyler more than Fessy and could have shared that with Tyler but didn’t. Kaitlyn wants all the boys and can have them now since she’s HOH. It doesn’t matter anymore because Hayleigh is on to Tyler and wants him gone soon. (I’m glad that part’s over because I feel like I’m a teenager discussing Junior High crushes)

Haleigh put in a little work of her own because Bayleigh and Swaggy warned her that Scottie was a little distrustful of her and thought she should spend more time with him. She worked on that some last night. At one point, I believe he gave her a massage so maybe it went well.

As expected, Kaitlyn couldn’t keep her mouth shut about anything. It’s made it through the grapevine that Kaitlyn is still upset with Swaggy (even tho they made up) over him calling her shady last week. He’s upset that he’s taking the brunt of it when they all called her shady and he’s right.  He doesn’t realize it’s because Tyler wants him taking the brunt of it all.  Bayleigh is worried that Kaitlyn is lumping Swaggy & Bayleigh together and we had to hear the usual statements of “I’m my own person” and “I have my own opinions” like we always do when someone gets in a showmance. I’m sure she does but this is what happens when you pair up…you get seen as one opinion so suck it up buttercup. Swaggy & Fessy have seemed to reverse places on the Tyler train. Fessy keeps including Tyler in their numbers now but Swaggy said if he gets the next hoh, he thinks Kaitlyn and Tyler may have to go on the block.. Swaggy still doesn’t know Kaitlyn may be targeting him this week and his focus is to make sure Scottie doesn’t get evicted over Winston. (No way this stays a secret, Kaitlyn got too many bath oils in her hoh basket for friendly tub parties and secret sharing)


Scottie has also stopped giving Tyler information. He shared a little about who they should choose for the veto comp but held back most of what he and Swaggy talked about.

Rachel is still a little shaken over the crap app. She isn’t worried about the punishment but she’s very worried about America not liking her. Brett told her to stop talking to the camera and how America didn’t like it. She said she was told they did like it. Brett and Sam said they were told not to pander to the camera. They’re all actually correct and getting it jumbled together. We don’t want you to beg us for crap but we like to hear what’s going on in you head with the game. Rachel was already very behind the scenes but after the lecture from Grodner, the crap app and the advice from Brett & Sam, we may never hear from Rachel again. She’s just going to start over-thinking everything and be afraid to say anything. Rachel’s personality seems to fit in more with the other side of the house in my opinion and if the house hadn’t divided the way it did the first week, I think we’d be seeing a different Rachel. The other side likes her and she hangs with JC a lot so she has the potential to be in the same kind of position Haleigh is in but at this point, she may be in her own head too much. This isn’t a Rachel pity party and I was offended by the things she said. I’m just looking at how I think it will relate to the game she’s going to play. Except for the comments that she and Angela made, she hasn’t been relevant on the show so I’m not surprised she got the crap app. I thought it would be between Rachel Angela and Scottie.

Winston went back and forth between saying he’s fine and confident to having mini meltdowns. Maybe I have a warped sense of humor but I find it funny to watch. His eyes bug out a little, he mentions how many people he’ll throw under the bus and he’s still concerned about Sam. In his defense, Sam told Brett something about her having a lot to think about after noms and Brett reminded her that Winston voted for her to stay, not Scottie. Winston is still saying that Sam doesn’t know the game and is a liability. He’s right but the same can be said about Winston imo. He seems like someone to me who knows just enough about the game to screw everything up and I think people who know nothing are almost in a better position. It reminds me of people who play paint by numbers BB. They’ve seen enough to know that they’re supposed to have strategy meetings so they have them, they’re supposed to make an alliance and name it so they go through the motions of doing that, etc. They do these things without a full understanding of WHY they’re doing them. One concern Winston has that is legit is that Sam is a loud talker. (I’d never make it on BB. Along with being the token late 40’s mom/grandma, I’m also a loud talker)  Kaitlyn said Swaggy heard Sam talking about her power that he isn’t supposed to know about. I don’t know if this is true or not because I didn’t catch Swaggy discussing it but Sam’s inability to whisper has been brought up by several people. The Level 6 plan is to keep reminding Sam of which side saved her because they’re worried Sam could fall for the other side being nice to her. They also don’t realize how much she likes Scottie and that’s the biggest hurdle I think they have to get over with Sam if noms stay the same. As Steve mentioned yesterday, Kaycee put in some work with her and Rachel has been too.

This year is a little different with the rewards and punishments. It usually is based on who people like better but this year it’s about exposure. I understand why the hg’s reaction is to assume America doesn’t like them but in reality, it’s more about how noticeable they are and several things factor into it. It’s what they’re doing on the feeds and how much game they’re playing. It’s also how much air time they get on the episodes and how many diary rooms a person has aired. Feed watchers arn’t the majority of voters so I think the espisodes have a bigger impact than anything else. Based on this and the fact that Tyler can keep his mouth shut better than some, I’m more convinced he got the power this week. Depending on who remains in the house, I expect Swaggy, Kaitlyn, JC and possibly Bayleigh to be in the running for the rest. Id even say Angie Rockstar if BB starts airing some of her funny comments but they have JC to fill that role so it probably won’t happen.  If people keep playing the same type of game for the next few weeks (which won’t get them much air time) , I think people in line for punishments could be Scottie, Kaycee and Angela.

I hope ya’ll have a great Saturday! Steve will have more and hopefully better info for you later today. Sorry, I didn’t have a lot to work with last night.


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  1. HappyHippo

    I hope Tyler got it! I really do like him…
    I also hope swaggy still goes home but I’m ok with Winston leaving too….way too much cockiness between the 2 of them!

    • Sassy

      I’m with you HappyHippo. I really like Tyler. I’m not for one alliance or the other, I like and dislike people from both sides. I would be ok with either Winston or Swaggy going home.

  2. Helen

    Great update as usual Mel ….love reading your thoughts

  3. ElaineB

    Even if the power/crap apps are selected for a different reason, I think it is great if the HGs continue to believe it is based on how much they are liked/disliked by America. This makes them extra paranoid, which is a good thing. Plus how many seasons have we had to listen to HGs talk to the cameras, tell how wonderful they know they are in America’s eyes, and how, after BB, they will all have wonderful career opportunities.

  4. Seattle Kari

    ” Late forties grandma”

    That got me thinking about the age range of people that follow Steve’s blog. If you feel comfortable I’d love to know how old the rest of you are?

    Thinking I’m probably one of the oldest. Probably why bothered by so many things that I see more than the others? Different generational crap? 😉

    Okay here I go, 56! Not a grandma but my daughters young enough to be my grandchild. She’s only 19. My one and only. <3

  5. HappyHippo

    33, married, 2 kids…..and I feel way older than most HGs!

    • Seattle Kari

      is it okay if I ask how old your kids are? None of my business? 😉

      • HappyHippo

        I don’t care! My son is 6 and my daughter is 1

      • Seattle Kari

        I love the difference in the ages. So many different things going on in their little brains. 1 years old oh my gosh what a beautiful time of learning and the innocence. I miss the ages between 1 and about 4 a lot!

        I also have a lot of fun memories of early great school years with my daughter. All the different things you do with the school..

        I love my daughter with all of my heart and soul but I tell you the Teenage Drama?? Oh My God! 😉

      • HappyHippo

        I just assumed we would have 2 sons lol…we are scared of the teen years and the teenage boys!
        I love the age difference, he helps a lot! She’s obsessed with him.
        She’s been way more high maintenance though….if she had come first she might be an only child lol

    • ericawesome

      Ah Happy we’re the same! 33, married with two kids (2 boys; 7 and 3)

  6. Seattle Kari

    Separate post / separate thoughts.

    1. Sam and Scotty.

    I think she likes the fact that he is more innocent? Does anybody think they might end up liking each more than just game play? If he’s going to get his first kiss from someone, Sam would be kind would a cute choice?

    2. Winston.

    I’m not sure what I’ve missed and I see a lot of people mentioning that they don’t like him here. I haven’t really come up with any opinions one way or another with the Bros. (Okay so the cougar and me kind of liked watching them work out last night though LOL!)

    • Seattle Kari

      ** I forgot to add. What is it about Winston that people don’t like?

      • HappyHippo

        At first I thought he was real easy on the eyes but the more he talks the more arrogant he sounds. I like the players that are good but somewhat humble…I loved Derrick, and right now I like Tyler….hope he does well

      • Colby

        He is a whiny snowflake who wants things his way.

      • Helen

        His know it all arrogance? I really don’t dislike Winston but I also don’t like like Winston…it won’t bother me much either way if he goes home this week or if Scottie goes home.. I think Winston will add more drama to the house if he stays

      • Mel

        He’s very obnoxious in his “bro” behavior with Brett and the frat bro thing, he’s hot headed, he’s arrogant much like Swaggy, he speaks poorly about most of the women like a guy who thinks women should be seen and not heard, he and Brett are even more childish with their antics and comments than the usual Bro alliances and his strategies are really dumb. He also makes a HUGE deal out of small things and for me, he’s a cross between Swaggy and Kaitlyn. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a good time with the Bros because it’s so dumb that it makes me laugh and they’ve actually entertained me. Brett is like that too but not as much and Brett has better social skills than Winston. Based on preseason interviews, I thought Winston might be my favorite and have the most potential along with Tyler, Sam and Rachel. I also thought Brett was a major douchebag and Hayleigh was the token dumb chick from Texas looking for a bf based oN the interviews. Winston has turned into who I originally thought Brett was and Hayleigh has been a great surprise. That’s my 2 cents about him anyway.

      • HappyHippo

        Yes Winston, Brett, Rachel, and Angela act like the cool kids group in high school. Completely all about themselves and how awesome they are yet they haven’t done a single smart “move”. Completely agree with how you say he refers to women. We’ve all met those kinds of douchebags in the real world. I honestly don’t think the group will get very far

      • Seattle Kari

        thanks for the thoughts everyone. I can’t seem to stay up late enough to watch all of Big Brother after Dark, and since the rest of my house is sleeping I can’t turn up the TV to hear the whispering.

      • Avatar

        Don’t like his bro mentality, he thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips.

      • Alda

        I can’t stand Winston’s know it all arrogance.I thought he was attractive at first,but that has dwindled away for me.I think Tyleris the cutest man,and Angela the most attractive female this season.

    • Colby

      I think Sam has said she has a boyfriend.

  7. Helen

    Are they even going to do have nots this week? Usually they are chosen on Friday?

  8. HappyHippo

    Like maybe the start of the punishment…

  9. Shivani33

    My late Prince Edward Island grandma is a bird. Late last night, she sat in our magnolia tree and gave her full-throated analysis of Kaitlyn.

  10. strwar1

    YES!! Rachel hot the punishment. I am happy. Btw? Rachel now knowing some ppl in America(including me)hate her. She now realizes that those comments she (which were stupid)came back to haunt her. I was looking forward to see if Angela will get it,but maybe next time. Btw? Using BB app is insane to use,but I voted Rachel the least popular tread in BB. I don’t remember who voted for popular thread in the house cause Sam isn’t on there anymore().

  11. Helen

    So far veto players are Psycho Chakra,Scottie,Winston and Rachel….Faysal was celebrating so maybe him? Or clear who the last two are

  12. Mel

    Wow, if crazy Kaitlyn sticks to the plan, Swaggys best bet is if Fessy wins, they find out about the plan and then Fessy not use the veto.

  13. Mel

    Is it wierd that I don’t want to lose Swaggy, Winston or even Scottie yet? I just really like this cast and don’t want to lose anyone yet. I’m NEVER like that. I see potential in Scottie and Kaycee who haven’t done much yet. I don’t like Rachel but she’s playing a good game. The Swaggy and Winston war is too entertaining too give up yet. I’d be fine if Angela left because she’s boring and already has a target on her but that’s really the only one I’m ready to lose at this point.

    • HappyHippo

      It’s funny you say that because even before Steve left I was like I don’t really want any of them leaving yet ha! I think they did a way more well rounded job this season casting different personalities….heck I even secretly like rockstar. But if somebody has to go I prefer swaggy first. Winston and the cool kids will quickly pick a war with somebody else…sadly maybe even Tyler.

      • Mel

        I was the same with Steve. I think it’s because he wasn’t playing a bad game although it could have been better. He also didn’t leave because he was the token older guy. He only left because Tyler feels he can use Sam’s power in some way so for me, that at least said something about Steve’s game. I also was curious to see how many slip-ups he could have talking about cops and the law before he got busted.
        PS I openly like RockStar at this point. I’ve never disliked her for anything. I just thought she’d be a kook but I like her quite a lot and I really like her bond with Hay and Bay.

      • Alda

        I don’t want Swaggy or Scottie to go yet.

    • ElaineB

      To stay, I want the HGs that will bring the backstabbing, blindsiding shake-up-the-house drama……and they make no apologies for it!

    • Colby

      I really want Skaggy gone because he needs the blow to his ego, and I don’t want him in jury for the same reason.
      I also want JC gone – no explanation necessary………
      I think there will plenty of drama without them.

    • Seattle Kari

      I actually kind of like the bubble headed innocence of Scottie. I guess, like I posted before, I tend to root for the underdog.

      people with over-the-top attitudes I can’t deal with so the sooner Braggy is gone the better in my opinion.

    • Sassy

      I think losing Swaggy will wrench up the drama! Losing Winston, I don’t think his alliance will even care, they all think they are leaders.

  14. HappyHippo

    I have a feeling if Kaitlyn does actually have a boyfriend he is long gone! Every time a camera view has her in it it’s practically an orgy. Tyler is rubbing on her and Brett near by right now and she just said wait should I take my bra off? Did I mention that’s the only thing she had on on top! A sports bra. I can’t.

  15. HappyHippo

    Ok she took it off. I can’t.

  16. AIO_7

    This is going to thrill Helen: Surfer Dude and Brett pampering Chakra …


  17. Ritchie

    Mel as always very good job of dissecting the small details!

    And this season in terms of gameplay is still somewhat slow because there is no clear divided lines of villains and/or Heroes. So I can definitely understand why there is not a lot of content to pull from.

    Last season it was either team Cody and Jessica or it was team Paul and all of that ridiculous friendship.

  18. Mel

    Heath Lumen posted on twitter something about the weather and looking to be a very long day. I don’t know if that means the veto comp will be a long one or they won’t do it until late due to the heat or if he isn’t working on the CBS lot today at all and it’s completely unrelated to BB.

  19. HappyHippo

    They need to let these poor people out of the house. I would get really tired of that part.
    Kaycee was just telling Angela how bad swaggy talks to Fessy….I didn’t catch all of that but apparently a few people have noticed. Talking down to him.
    Angela has zero personality, she never smiles or jokes around. If my body looked that good I’d smile all of the time

  20. g8trgirl

    Mel, love your take on things. Always makes me feel like I haven’t missed a thing.
    So far, I win.not sure if I should be proud or not), I’m 55 with 2 sons, ages 31 and 28, and 2 grandsons, ages 10 and 3. My boys used to watch BB with me all the time and I always said I wanted to try out. They said I wouldn’t last 2 minutes cuz I couldn’t keep my mouth shut that long.

  21. Helen

    Lol. Psycho Chick telling Rachel the worst case scenario for her is Faysal winning veto and pulling Scottie off and then her replacing him with Chris….duh. You had HG choice and picked him numb nuts…

  22. HappyHippo

    Ok so here’s the thing, somebody earlier mentioned (on here) maybe Tyler has the power but if he does he is refusing to tell Kaitlyn which interesting. Smart. But interesting.

  23. Helen

    Chris talking to himself thinks Faysal will win veto and put a huge target on himself and if he wins HOH next week he is putting Psycho chick OTB

  24. danmtruth

    Thanks Mel gave us a lot to think about 60 dad of 4 kids 3 daughters and a son no grandkids
    Why would anyone trust Katlyn with any info

  25. AIO_7

    Looks like Haleigh has totally flipped to the other side.


  26. Alda

    I know I’m in the minority here.But,I’d love Swaggy to stay and win HOH.It would be hysterical to see if the other side kisses up to him.To me,it would be worth him hanging on for at least another week.

    • Mel

      I’d love it too! He’s playing badly but he’s playing hard. I thinK it would be funny if Winston gets evicted and his side is down, Swaggy wins, tries to evict someone but Sam’s power prevents it and then his side is down.I like the back and forth at least a little.

      • Helen

        Tyler told Scottie he’s not going anywhere …If noms stay the same Sam will for sure vote Scottie to stay. I think JC would too

      • Mel

        I was wondering about JC because he kind of with level 6 but kind of with Tyler and kind of on his own.

      • Sassy

        I’d like to see the outsiders, the bottom of both groups get together and form a third group! KC, Scottie, Tyler, Rockstar, Sam, JC, and Chakra.

      • Mel

        Tyler has been forming something with JC, Kaycee and Sam. Rockstar would never go for it. She’s very locked into her alliance with Hayleigh, Fessy, Swaggy, Bayleigh. It looks like they may be replacing Kaitlyn with Scottie.

  27. Yael Sara

    the whispering i understand and can turn up the volume to try and hear these conversations, but why can’t these people enunciate their words!?

  28. Colby

    Either Skaggy didn’t get it, or he is trying to pretend like he didn’t:

    Swaggy: If they give me a power next week, I don’t even want it. **** you, America! Bayleigh: Don’t say that!

  29. Mel

    Kaitlyns spirit guides told her the person with the power has a name that starts with “S.”

    Swaggy went off so bad about not being picked to host the comp that at first, I thought he had found out about the BD plan.

    Kaitlyn and Haleigh were trying very hard to get Fessy to throw the comp (for different reasons) and he wasn’t having any of it.

    • HappyHippo

      Kaitlyn is a moron.
      Swaggy acts like a child.
      I can understand Fessy winning 2 much at first looking bad…it doesn’t take people long to call you a threat. Angela I figure could be a big threat in endurance…not sure.
      They keep saying Scottie is pretty athletic…I’ll believe it when I see it

    • Helen

      Well if for no other reason it gives him a reason to say he threw the comp in the event he loses. Lol

    • Yael Sara

      Hey, maybe Scottie really did get the power app. And if only useful for this week would actually be smart of him not to tell anyone while he is in the block. It would allow him to see where everyone truly sits, especially for someone who I feel kinda can easily linger and holds no strong allegiance.

    • Shivani33

      Tyler doesn’t begin with that letter. Who else would have gotten the most votes?

      • Mel

        I think based on tv air time and what’s been going on, Tyler, Swaggy or JC. I say Tyler because we don’t know about it. Swaggy would have told Bayleigh and he definitely wouldn’t be in this bad of a mood today. JC would run his mouth too. Actually, the only people who I think wouldn’t tell anyone are Tyler and Scottie and I don’t think Scottie has been relevant enough to get it. Imo

      • Helen

        JC or Kaycee….JC was talked about a lot last week. Kaycee had the spinner thing and was shown on prime time quite a bit so it’s possible viewers may have voted their names…

      • HappyHippo

        Completely agree with that assessment Mel. I have been watching any feed I can with swaggy and bay (normally I refuse to watch them coddle each other) and no mention. They would definitely be talking about it especially when alone!
        And JC would have told somebody too I think but hey maybe he did and we didn’t understand him lol

    • Sassy

      Did they play the veto yet?

    • Colby

      I think Chakra is full of s**t. Her spirit guide is probably ‘telling her’ what she already knows – Sam has a power.

  30. Helen

    I think noms will stay the same….Winston will go home…Chris will win HOH next week and he will put up Tyler and Psycho Chick…Sam will use her advantage on Tyler..Tyler will complete Julie’s challenge and come back into the game…

  31. danmtruth

    Production is getting what they hope for with the sharing of beds Swaggy & Bey were dealing spit around one week in Katlyn is offering anyone the use of the HOH shower to masturbate in How nice and spiritual of her Hayly is teasing the boys to keep them coming on to her Let’s face it the bro’s can try out as live action ambiguous gay supp heros Throw in JC and we’ll this is a HR nightmare
    Faysel might have to big of an ego to lose He will not go down till Winston does Yes Winston has a bad habit of talking down to people Bret is perfect for him because to him Winston can say or do no wrong
    Rockstar has a solid knowledge of the game and can change other people’s mind She is looking a lot like Derick dare I say We will see if she can pull it off Unlike Derick who had Zach to do his dirty work Rockstar seems more than happy to sling mud
    Kaycee & Scottie seem like they could be good players Kaycee seems like she can be a bigger physicall threat than the boys think Scottie has a good working knowledge of the game Maybe as good as Rockstar Add to that he looks like one of those skinny strong types
    So we have a lot to look forward to

    • ElaineB

      At this point I am rooting for anyone NOT involved in a gross-mance. I don’t watch the feeds (good thing), and I am getting so tired of HGs leading with that sexual/romance side. Geeeez, the season just started.

  32. danmtruth

    Helen great to hear you bringing back your moniker from last year General

  33. Sassy

    I’m just catching up on my BBAD, Winston is so delusional! I would hope Sam would not waste her power on HIM!!

  34. danmtruth

    Reporting for duty General information

  35. hogwild

    Couple things do we know who got the advantage from the app store yet? Second I noticed people giving their age not doing that but I have listened to vinyl records while talking on a rotary phone if that helps anyone who cares. LOL

  36. Helen

    I am actually wanting Scottie to win this POV. It will force Psycho Chick into a position of choosing a replacement cause you know he will take himself off the block..she thinks she’s so sneaky playing both sides…I want it to backfire on her

  37. Yael Sara

    I am anxious to hear/see what POV comp they are doing. I’m 15 Miles from the big brother house and like so many areas we are in high heat warning. I won’t even let my pup put on the patio for too long.

    Hopefully they are getting to dip back into that ice cold water. I couldn’t imagine doing a comp in this. And hopefully production had them hydrating before they went out for the first time in a day or two so no one suffers heat stroke

  38. HappyHippo

    Impatiently waiting for the feeds to come back on. I’m on the east coast so I miss quite a bit with the time difference …

  39. AIO_7

    Chakra between Brett’s legs; Winston looks on jealous.


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