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Big Brother 20 – Friday Recap

Good morning! We had to wait all day for nominations to happen and once they did, Haleigh and Fessy were on the block. They were half surprised since they thought she’d be going up but not Fessy. They’d both agreed earlier in the day, no way Angela would put them up together. This was another example of Haleigh’s bizarre game logic. I expect it from Fessy because he’s never known what was happening.


Fessy is a terrible player but I get him as a person. He is who he is and it’s exactly who he claimed to be from the start. There are things not to like but I do like that about him. He’s the football star who wants to sit in the VIP section, loves his hair, knows he has great athletic ability and feels confident he’ll always get the girl. He also doesn’t feel the need to apologize for it. I was never going to admire his gameplay but he has made me laugh (at his expense) and not everyone can be remembered for their great game. Fessy will be the guy who never knew what was going on and the butt of JC’s jokes.


Haleigh is a bit more confusing.  I really liked her and her game the first weeks of the season. I’m not normally a fan of the flirt strategy but for someone so young, she seemed to have it under control. She was focused on the prize, funny and friendly with most of the house. I was more impressed that even though she liked Tyler, she wanted to go after him anyway. I’m tired of people going on the show looking for love. She’s been compared to Nicole but for me, she’s been the opposite of Nicole. (Yes, I know Nicole won but it took 2 seasons, poor jury management from Paul, some women wanting a woman to win no matter what and Nicole making a fool out of herself over “boys” in the process. Sorry, not that impressed) I said Haleigh’s game was bizarre because unlike Fessy, she does have moments of clarity. I get that Fessy was shocked Angela put the two of them otb together but why was Haleigh? She wanted Angela and Tyler otb together so she should’ve seen it coming. She’s figured out at least twice what was going on in the house but then she’d blink and simply move on from it. (Someone on Twitter described her as Dory and they weren’t far off) The night JC convinced her Scottie should go otb, she’d just had a lengthy discussion with Scottie and the two of them correctly named every person left in the house that was in the L6 alliance. Maybe something will happen and she’ll still get there. She could escape this week, L6 may start to turn on each other and Scottie could come back and win comps to help her. Anything could happen but her game’s still a mess.  I’ve been more critical of her in recent weeks but it’s because she had the potential Fessy didn’t have. I gave her too much credit and assumed she had more than flirting in her game bag but I was wrong. (I still like her more than Nicole)

I suppose we could give them credit for finally figuring out what’s happening in the house but should we? It took 66 days, their entire alliance leaving except the two of them and them going otb together yesterday to get it. Is that really worthy of applause?

We didn’t have the drama some of us expected after noms yesterday but here’s what did happen:

  • Angela told Tyler she’d been nervous when she gave her speech and he told her she did a great job. She told them in her speech Hay was the target and Fessy was guilty by association and I don’t know what else was said. She said her heart was beating so fast even after it was over.
  • Hay and Fessy took it pretty well imo. They bounced from being mad and bitter to making fun of how bad they’d played the game. Hay said she was bitter and would never vote for Angela. She said she’d give it to anyone over her and Fessy agreed.  They both said they ‘planned’ to be bitter jurors. Hay said Angela was playing the game very well and that’s what pissed her off the most. She also said there was no way Angela was smarter than her. This all sounds really petty and it is but it also just happened. I’ll think a lot less of her if she keeps thinking this way but I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt for now. They had a day of “you got, got” so, of course, they’re pissed. (Was if Jeff who said “you got, got?” I’m tired and can’t remember at the moment)
  • Hay had some “I told you so” and “so I was right?” moments with Fessy because originally she wanted Angela otb when Fes was hoh. Normally, I wouldn’t begrudge her that either but she’s forgetting she was completely on board with the ‘get Scottie out plan’ so she does need to take that down a notch.
  • It was strange to watch all the pieces fall into place for both of them in such a short time. Fes realized they (L6) used his hoh to get out someone they wanted out, only to put him otb right after. They figured out that Brett framed Scottie for the RS vote. Fessy said even if Scottie was flipping votes, it wasn’t that big of a deal and he shouldn’t have taken him out. He acknowledged he took out their last alliance member. Hay said she shouldn’t have told people she was the hacker. She guessed the 4 (L6) and maybe Sam had been working together from the beginning. She guessed Brett was with them and was only pretending to be alone. She also said she realized that once the house divided, it had actually remained divided. (No, they didn’t guess JC had worked against them but these are Foutte people)
  • Hay and Fes argued a little and also laughed at how dumb they were. They said maybe America would give them a power because they’re so dumb and we’d feel sorry for them. Hay said she was the dumbest player in BB history and will probably be laughed at when she leaves. (no, we’ve seen worse) Fessy figured out Tyler was playing a good game and in a good spot too. (Ok, they’re really bad at the game and that’s not changing but strangely, last night was the first time in a while that they were enjoyable to watch. I almost wanted to root for them again…almost. I like people who can laugh at themselves so that was probably most of it)
  • Shortly after Hay and Fessy put everything together, Hay said she’s convinced that Angela had been on board with the four of them (Hay, Fes, Ty, Ang) working together and only changed her mind today. (See? Dory)
  • Hay told Fes she was the target, not him. (Not true) She said he’d have Scottie if he came back in a battle back. (probably not true) Hay said she knows she’s leaving and she’s going to look nice Thursday, not wear athletic clothes and everyone can suck her d**k over it. Fessy can win comps but she doesn’t consider him a target, at all.
  • L6 did a lot of studying and joking around in the hoh room. They were going over days and Brett was drilling everyone. I’m going to assume Tyler made a mental note of how well Brett knew the days. This study session also made it painfully clear how much trouble JC is in when they have these comps. Unless he just had slop brain last night, he’s not looking good.
  • JC kept working on Brett trying to get him to become closer to Angela. I don’t know if he’s trying to cause friction with the group, separate Tyler and Angela or a completely different reason. I kind of think because Tyler now has Angela, JC wants to have Brett. He doesn’t need to pit Tyler against Brett because JC knows from what Tyler told him, that’s coming soon anyway.
  • Brett finally told L6 he’s really a cybersecurity engineer. (It was similar to Fessys app reveal and Bronte’s mathematician moment, not a big deal) Tyler told them about TKO and said that’s where they found him for BB. (that’s not true)
  • JC started pumping Fessy up to win the veto but he also messed with him a little. JC said the saddest thing about Fessy leaving would be if JC won the HOH and wasn’t able to make him a have not. (he wants revenge for that, lol)  Fessy wanted to know if JC would use the veto to take him down and JC told him maybe and it would depend on what Fessy would do for him. Fessy told JC it was funny because if Angela got to the end that none of them would vote for her and JC said “so you’re going to be a bitter juror?” (Sorry Fessy, actual game players don’t think it’s as hilarious as you do) Fessy bragged about how no one would beat him in the veto comp. JC reminded him he came in 4th in OTEV and said that’s not even bronze, not even a medal. (Ya, I still love JC)
  • Tyler checked in with Sam and filled her in on what happened. She was glad she didn’t go up but obviously didn’t know what was going on. He explained how Fes & Hay tried to get Angela to put Sam otb so the rest of the house, in order to protect Sam, tricked them and put them up instead. Sam asked if Fes & Hay were “really a thing” and Tyler said he didn’t know but it didnt matter because they’d wanted her otb. Sam said she knew that and that’s why she gave Tyler such a big hug once the ceremony was over. Sam asked about KC to make sure they were still good. She was concerned because KC didn’t accept her tickets in exchange for safety during the comp. (I guess Sam did this with Hay and Brett during the comp. She offered them tickets if they didn’t put her otb) Tyler said KC was still fine and just didn’t want to make deals out in the open.
  • Sam sat on the stairs and tried to stay hidden. She talked to her coffee cup and said “ya’ll think I’m crazy now, I’m just getting started.”
  • Angela talked to Brett and KC about not wanting a relationship when she left the house. She doesn’t want to be tied down and doesn’t want to have to pass up on any work opportunities. I don’t know if she said it so they don’t worry about her and Tyler or if it’s true.
  • Tyler is smitten and starting to act like an idiot so hopefully KC will tell him a little of what Angela said so he can get his head back in the game. He can say all he wants to JC and KC that it’s no big deal and he has it under control and maybe he does but that isn’t the point. It isn’t about whether or not his heads in the game, it’s about what it looks like to other people.  I’m not even convinced he does have it under control. Tyler hasn’t been much of a rule breaker this season but even though he’s a have not, he’s stayed in Angela’s bed so much, he’s got called out for it by production. He still plans on sleeping up there tonight, assuming have nots are over. He told JC it was good if the house saw Tyler and Angela as a couple because it would avoid anyone putting him and JC up together. I think this is complete bullshit because if he wanted somebody to go up with him that he didn’t mind losing, he’d be ran up Bretts butt instead of Angela’s.

Here’s a few random things:

  • Eric Stein who played in BB8 (and really was America’s player) does a “Summer of Stein” podcast on RHAP with Rob on Mondays. They basically make fun of everyone in the game and it’s pretty funny. They’ve made jokes about SwaggyC and his Twitter acct. Swaggy loves to retweet (unrealistic) praise he gets from fans. Swaggy also talked about Eric when he was still in the house. Rob gave Eric the challenge of creating a tweet so flattering (and not sincere) to Swaggy that Swaggy would retweet it within 4 or 5 hours of it being sent out. I don’t know if Eric made the cut off for the deadline but Swaggy did retweet it. I’m sure they’ll discuss it this Monday and make fun of Swaggy too. This is the tweet:
  • Some of you may be surprised to know that Swaggy went to Kevin’s house and stayed for a few days. Kevin thinks Swaggy is great.
  • This was Angela before nominations yesterday. Fessy was bugging the crap out if her. She was reassuring him about his great plan for the week while winking at the camera. She’s been paranoid about what Zingbot said and has worried she’s coming off as a bitch on tv. I wish she knew her ice queen moments are what many of us are loving about her. (I’m a Tyler fan but I hope she’s using him and plans to cut him, I think it would be great) Fans love it when men are ruthless and game focused so they need to love it when a woman does it too.

Veto comp will be sometime today so Steve will get you those results after it happens. Have a great weekend!

Veto players: Everyone is playing except Brett and Tyler. Tyler is hosting. Haleigh chose Sam with hg’s choice. Fessy told her not to pick Brett which was her plan last night. Maybe she didn’t choose JC because he was already drawn??


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  1. ElaineB

    Thx Mel. I agree about Angela and I like the ‘ice queen’ moments. I said earlier that it is refreshing to have one of the ‘pretty’ gals not squeal, scream, whine, etc., and not latch onto a man as if he were a life preserver and she was drowning in the ocean. Angela is methodically, and somewhat diabolical, playing the game. That is refreshing to see on the female side of the house. I like the camera shots of her after meetings with some of the HGs. Her facial expressions are spot on and fun to see.

  2. oowee

    If noms remain the same and L6 continues to be smart, they will know that Hayleigh has to go. If she stays and regardless of who returns (except Fessy), but especially if Scottie returns, it could mean trouble for L6. If Fessy stays, he plus anyone coming back will just continue the FOUTTE hallmark dysfunction.

  3. Holla Derrick

    I’m guessing Rockstar found the right lollipop to suck on in jury house, to get a chance at returning to the game.

  4. danmtruth

    As many of us had tased Angela as Drifty She was just sitting back letting others be loud and paint targets on their backs Hay,Fess, and RS talked about wanting to make big moves Angela has been the one to do it Yes she has broke the mold of the pretty model who clings on guys She has never tried that act
    The Dorey comparison. is spot on for Hay No sooner did she explain how the whole other side of the house was working together Than she starts talking about who might vote with them to keep Fess Did you not even listen to the words coming out of your mouth ? It is conversation like this that BB fans shake there heads and laugh at you about
    As for Sam the songs just write themselves :


  5. Sassy

    Good recap Mel. I hope they aren’t bitter jurors, but I think since they failed so badly in the game they may want redemption in the jury house and try to persuade everyone to have a unanimous vote…

    I just turned on the feeds, and it’s reruns. Is it Veto time already?

  6. Sassy

    RealVegas is having a bit of a temper tantrum today…

    No veto comp spoiler today due to the ridiculous amount of demands (not even a please in the bunch).

    Take for granted & be entitled = no info. I tried to nicely tell everyone this numerous times but it didn’t work.

    So it’l be a blackout until the entitled demands stop.

    • Sassy

      RealVegas: It won’t be a long one this time. I know ppl are going to see this as a bitchy move and tbh it maybe it is. I can own that.

      It’s just I tried to nicely ask people to stop demanding info as if I’m Miss Cleo’s hotline (RIP). I like to post when I post not when others tell me to.

    • Mel

      They didn’t key enough ass kissing or thank you’s. For someone who wants to be anonymous, the sure need a lot of attention. I laughed when I saw your comment because I had just finished taking a screenshot of the tweets. I collect crap like that for the slow days in the house in case there isn’t much to update.

  7. Colby

    They just said Brett is not involved at all. So guess he is not playing or hosting.
    But no word on who is yet.

    • Sassy

      Well that only leaves 4 and one is the host.

    • Sassy

      Ty must be hosting. KC said JC and Sam won’t do well because they are in slop so KC and Ang have to do well, then decide, maybe they will throw it to Hay. They are going through different scenarios.

    • HappyHippo

      Angela and kc talking saying how rude it was that while up there picking players fessy told hay ho to NOT pick Brett as hg choice in a very selfish move. She picked Sam who she doesn’t even they like they said. They said Brett was thinking about himself and whether Brett might beat him

      • danmtruth

        it would be poetic justice for Sam to win and not take either one down

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        Why would Haho pick Sam and give her a chance to win? Sam was going to be the renom right? I thought in Ha/Fess combined 1 brain cell, they “think” if Sam goes up she will go home?

  8. Mel

    Brett and Tyler are the 2 not playing veto.
    Sam told Angela she looked like hoh barbie in her pink robe.lol
    Sam asked KC if the Philippines are near Hawaii and then asked if it’s in South America.

  9. Avatar

    Great Recap Mel! I certainly agree with your thoughts on Angela. I am personally not a fan or her or Tyler but her persona (real or fake) is definitely more interesting than Tyler. My last hope for this season (which I think has been awesome) is that Tyler gets played hard by his team. Don’t get me wrong he has played it great but I like the people that make direct moves instead of being “hype men” like Tyler and JC.

  10. HappyHippo

    It cracks me up that fessy refers to himself as a strong competitor

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  12. AIO_7

    MMMMMMMM … Brett is making yummy burgers.


  13. Jay H

    A couple things, why do these people hide their professions? I think they make it a bigger deal in their mind than it is in reality. Steve “hid” that he was a cop. Would that have made people turn on him faster if they knew? Bronte a mathematician, who cares?
    Swaggy seems like the player that B.B. would bring back for another season. BB is infamous for bringing people back that’s aren’t likable. Jason Roy, Paul, Da’vonne are just a few people, that I personally would have been happy never to see again after their original seasons. I take Swaggy over Frankie, though.

    • Mel

      Agree. Brett helps sell security software, big deal. Steve’s wasn’t even a cop anymore, he’s a professor but like you said, they overhype what they do and think is threatening.. Oh no, a professor is too smart so he’ll beat me.

  14. danmtruth

    Upping his future husband score for all the ladies here

    • danmtruth

      Is HaHo pitching that its smarter to keep her in the game because she would be a bitter jury member

      • AIO_7

        It more Angelica blowing smoke up her rump by telling HoHa that she is more afraid of Fester as a competitor. That Fester is probably going.

      • Sassy

        I think there were some genuine moments in the convo. Definitely smoke being blown by both of them, but I do think MF is the real target and that part of the convo was real. I also think they really like when everyone has a good time together, and MF is the least enjoyable.

  15. Mel

    I like the game L6 is playing and I’m honestly rooting for almost everyone left…but Kaycee and Angela are annoying as hell today. Why make a big deal over Haleigh not picking Brett? it’s not like Brett’s going to use it to save her anyway. Sam is probably less competition so with the limited options she had, Fessy didn’t steer her in a bad direction. They’re trying to make it sound like Fessy “forced” her to pick Sam. I’m also tired of Angela calling everything bullying. It’s like listening to a Foutte convo. Lol

    • Sassy

      It does seem like they are blowing it out of proportion, but I’ll reserve that judgment until I see how it went down next week. She explained it to Hay a few minutes ago and it made sense, they think JC and Sam will pull MF off the block and he is the real target. Angela also talked about how she nominated them and the speech is about her reasons for the nominations but SHE does not vote and it seems the Consensus of the house is wanting MF to go. Players always think the HOH has more power than they do…

    • Painter1

      maybe its that they dont have much else to talk about. No newd or info about the outside world so your kind of limitef to what you can relate or complain about?

  16. AIO_7

    Brett brought Angelica a yummy burger.


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