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Big Brother 20 – Friday Recap

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Good morning, we’re getting close to the end and the summer has flown by quickly for me. Not only with BB, I still have many summer projects on my to do list. I don’t think I’ll get them all done while the feeds are down Tuesday & Wednesday but for now, I’m going to pretend it’s going to happen. (I’d probably need 2-3 weeks)


Since the feeds were down for half the day yesterday, there really isn’t much to recap. There also wasn’t any drama from JC after going otb so sorry to disappoint anyone waiting on that to happen. (Myself) The main reason JC isn’t getting too upset is because he doesn’t feel betrayed by Tyler. He was mad that Brett left but he just thinks Tyler screwed up. He sees it as having to work harder this week to fix Tyler’s “mistake,” not a betrayal. He also thinks Angela being hoh means they have to scrap their plan of taking KC to the F3 with them, is assuming they have to get her out this week and replace her with Sam. There isn’t any drama from Sam either. If I’m not mistaken, I think she’s fallen in love with either a cameraman or someone in production. (I could be wrong since I don’t know what she’s talking about half the time)

The hg’s got a break from the game for a concert which had to be nice for them. Speaking of music, it’s too bad production isn’t familiar with our amazing and creative commenters at BBJ. The feeds are down in the mornings while they play a few wake up songs for the hg’s. The people here always have suggestions and if you don’t read the comments here, you’re missing out. No matter the situation in the house, there’s always a song choice to fit the moment. (I’ve been lazy about working song lyrics in the recaps lately, sorry, I’ll do better)  Here’s the rundown for yesterday:

  • KC and Sam had a painful (for me) convo with KC trying to explain she was the 2nd hacker. Sam was so confused and I couldn’t follow any of the logic so I gave up.
  • Tyler told Angela they needed to hide how close they are from KC so it doesn’t change anything about their F3. Angela doesn’t think anything would change anyway. (KC is loyal but she isn’t stupid so I’d like to think it would change but Angela may be right)
  • Sam hid from the camera. She brushed her teeth in the shower to have some play time.  (with her new boyfriend, I guess?)
  • Feeds were down forever for the concert and noms. (I guess we’ll get a falling in love segment with music now, yuck! Don’t get me wrong, people falling in love is great but the things Angela & Tyler have started saying to each other is worse than watching a cheesy soap)
  • JC and Sam went otb and Angela said something about no one beating them with the jury. JC thought the reason she gave was dumb and told Tyler that he probably had more blood on his hands than anyone. Tyler said “you do?” JC said Brett will go to jury and once he tells everything, they’ll all know how much he sabotaged them. (This is a mixed bag for me. The jury will be upset with JC and he has done a lot but I don’t think he’ll get credit for some of his moves which means he won’t get the blame either. He also hasn’t done as much as he thinks he has)
  • JC made sure Tyler knew the jury would vote for KC to win over him. Tyler says he knows that. JC said they have to get KC out and take Sam to F3, even tho that wasn’t the original plan. He also told Tyler the only thing JC had going for him in a F2 was not being otb. (This is probably part of the reason he was mad that Tyler put him up on Thursday)
  • Tyler kept dropping comments to KC and Angela about JC being mad at him.  (He probably wants to be sure he isn’t the replacement nom if they need one. He’ll use the angle that JC might vote him out)
  • KC told JC that he was good. (“you’re good” will replace “I’ve got you” this week) JC thanked her for telling him and said he wished Angela would’ve told him ahead of time. He said he knows it’s a game.
  • JC talked to the camera a bit and said he didn’t want Angela to win the game. He’d predicted coming in that he would leave 5th. He said it wasn’t bad to go otb after 80 something days, it was his own fault and if he’d won the hoh, he wouldn’t be up there.
  • Sam wondered if they might have a battle back this week.
  • Sam did a little flirting and giggling to the camera from her spot on the stairs too. She told JC she didn’t like being otb with him but they should be happy they were in F5 together.
  • KC told Angela that JC wished Angela had told him in advance that he was the pawn and for sure  going otb. KC said it’s the first time JC is out of the loop.  Angela said he had to know she’d never put up Tyler or KC. KC was feeling bad for JC. Angela said he just tried to get her out. She said he has to know he’s the pawn and if he doesn’t, then whatever…
  • Angela started to feel bad for JC a little too. They watched him on camera from the hoh room. (They still want him otb, they just feel bad for him)
  • Angela talked to JC and told him she was sorry for not telling him in advance. She assured him they still wanted Sam out.
  • Angela and Tyler had a laugh over JC trying to convince them all, including Tyler that Tyler was gay. Tyler acknowledged JC was able to convince Fessy to put Scottie otb.

Here’s JC and his new alliance having a strategy meeting:

Several of the interviews came out from Brett and Haleigh. Haleigh said she won’t be a bitter juror and she doesn’t think anyone should be that way. (Let’s hope, maybe the things she said in the house were out of frustration) She thinks Kaycee is playing the best game.

Brett sounded like he would have gone to the F2 with Tyler and thought he could beat him by saying he’d had more obstacles than Tyler did. He thinks Sam may be playing the best game.  Yes, I said Sam. (Hopefully, this will change, he thought she played terrible while in the house)


I think Swaggy believes he’s going to get a large chunk of the finale to be about him and to speak.  He’ll have his moment I’d imagine but let’s be real, having a shomance with Bayleigh is the ONLY reason he’ll get any time at also won’t be the amount of time he thinks he’s getting either. (He tweets as if he’s going to be needed for a 60 minutes segment before the finale even airs)

Donnie and Kevin hung out in Boston this week: (Yes, I’m grasping for things to talk about!)


I know the pic is old but how about “Tears of a Clown” by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles? It would probably fit better next week when he’s in more danger of going home but, hey, I needed some content today. (Plus, Sam could also win that veto today and he really could be in trouble…stranger things have happened…this season!)

Have a great Saturday!


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