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Big Brother 20-Friday Recap

Editor’s note – Veto competition should be a long one today. I have a family event to go to but will post the results when I get home or when the feeds return (whatever happens first). Until then, words of wisdom from Mel….


Good morning! Last night was a slow night and Steve covered just about all the game talk (and some crazy talk) throughout the day. If you missed any of it, you can go back and check his updates from yesterday. The Sam/Brett conversation is really worth checking out because the summary I give won’t do it justice. 

We’ve got the veto today and we saw the vegas leak saying it would be the hide and go seek competition. That may be unfortunate for Scottie who does very well in physical comps and has a lot of game knowledge. No one really has an advantage but JC could have a disadvantage if people hide theirs in a really high location. I originally thought Sam might get upset when the house gets destroyed but cleaning may give her something to do. I don’t remember how long the feeds are usually down for this comp but Steve might know. I thought Zingbot usually came and then hosted the veto comp but maybe I’m remembering that one wrong. I don’t see Zingbot hosting hide the veto but who knows?  (maybe I should have looked all this up before doing my recap, huh?) If they are connected, the feeds could be down later in the day depending on the temperature. Zingbot passed out from the heat in season 14 and almost passed out in either season 11 or 12.

This is JC teaching Brett Spanish with words on the front loop box.


Here are some things from yesterday and most of it’s random since the game stuff was thoroughly covered by Steve already:

  • Scottie took his sweet time talking to Fessy and because of it, I think production took their sweet time doing noms. Maybe they were trying to give Scottie a fighting chance and eventually, he made his way upstairs. He mostly pitched that Brett and KC must be working as a pair and were lying on purpose. He brought up the way Brett was isolating himself and sleeping in the have not room was exactly what happened in season 10. (Dan)  He made some good points and feed watchers (L6 fans)  were starting to get nervous because it seemed to be working on Fessy a little. One of the things Scottie let Fessy know was how much he likes and cares about Haleigh. That’s probably the worst thing he could have said and probably why Fessy stuck with his plan to put Scottie otb.
  • Haleigh had told Scottie he should talk to Fessy when Scottie asked where his head was at before noms but she didn’t give him a heads up about what was going to happen. You could see her doubting the plan more throughout the day but not completely.
  • Fessy was very proud of himself after his noms and said “that’s how you do a nomination ceremony fellas.”  He also told himself he was “gangster.”
  • Angela is so cold and unfeeling in the game and I love it. I also love her expression during this hug.
  • Brett went to the shower after noms to stay out of sight and out of the argument.
  • This was the reaction of Level 6 when they realized Fessy really did nom the only person who voted to keep Rockstar.
  • Sam told Brett all her crazy stuff about asking if he was in love with her, having a secret alliance, etc. She mentioned already having a secret F2 with someone but he could be plan B. (Not really fair, when Swaggy told Fessy about needing to request plan B, I dont think it happened) She also told JC they had the secret and made a 3 with JC and Brett. She let Brett know RS told her about Enzo, how much he was loved and she was this year’s Enzo. She knows she won’t win because everyone loves her so no one will take her to the end and have to lose to her. (She’s said this before) Sam passed this info about Enzo to Angela too.
  • Sam assured Brett she wouldn’t vote him out. He’s her fake husband after all!
  • Sam asked Brett to look at one of the walls to show him how dirty it was and Brett (very confused) asked if she wanted him to clean it. She told him she thought he should make another wall dirty with some flour or baby powder.  WTF??
  • Fessy and Haleigh are still proud of themselves for having a shomance no one knows about. (You know, the one everybody knows about)
  • Sam wasn’t happy about Haleigh sticking her finger in the icing container.
  • Sams lips swelled up from eating Brett’s tuna with hemp seeds. The other hg’s became alarmed when it happened. Tyler, maybe from being a lifeguard, yelled quickly for them to unlock the DR door and let her in. (maybe it wasn’t from being a lifeguard because when zingbot passed out in season 14, it was Jenn City who came to the rescue and she wasn’t a lifeguard, maybe both  rock & roll chick’s and lifeguards have quick response skills?)
  • Sam told Tyler she was surprised to find out she was allergic to hemp seeds since she’s “smoked a lot of weed.”  (could it have been hemp seeds mixed with some new medication someone’s on???- don’t know, I’m not a doctor and I’m not Winston so I don’t play one on tv either)
  • Scottie played chess by himself and kept moving from chair to chair. It was kind of sad to watch.
  • Fessy suggested to Haleigh making a F4 with Tyler and Angela.
  • Brett was torn over who to pick for veto if he got hg’s choice. He asked Tyler if it would be better to pick one of them or pick someone else to help hide they’re working together. Tyler suggested he pick Haleigh because he’d probably beat her and she wouldn’t use it anyway.  Brett’s fairly okay staying otb as long as it’s against Scottie but he mentioned it being the 3rd time and he’s understandably a little nervous. He knows it’s best for the group if he stays on so Tyler can’t be backdoored but he’d prefer to come off if there’s a way to do it.  JC’s name came up as a person to pick and Brett also suggested Sam. I noticed, unless I missed it, Brett hasn’t told Tyler about his secret alliance with Sam.  It may be because he thinks she’s nuts but he could be keeping it to himself for later.
  • I wouldn’t think it possible but could Sam be getting into Brett’s head? I heard Brett ask Tyler if the argument between Fessy and Scottie was real. It’s probably just a little block paranoia but the twisted part of me hopes it’s not. Sam and Brett are a pair now so it’s only fitting that the two of them start hiding in closets and thinking the cameras are dogs together.
  • JC told Tyler about the secret 3 alliance Sam made with JC and Brett. (Sorry Brett, you had your chance) Tyler isn’t worried about Sam in the game but I like to mention things that could be relevant and used against someone later.
  • Haleigh finally stopped ignoring Scottie and had a talk with him. You can tell she’s regretting the move Fessy made. (the one she was totally on board with earlier) I saw a gif yesterday where someone described Haleigh as Dory from the cartoon. It fit because she’ll have an intelligent thought, get distracted and it just goes away. (It happened the night before when she and Scottie figured out the #6 on Angela and KC’s hats was for an alliance of 6 people and they named the 6 people in the house besides Hive. An hour later, she was plotting with JC to get rid of Scottie)
  • Here’s Haleigh and her wine during the get Scottie out plan from the night before.
  • Scottie told Haleigh he’d probably keep his speech simple if he’s being evicted and say something like “you all better pray there’s not a battle back” and sit back down.
  • Fessy found some underwear in the hoh shower and asked who they belonged to. He asked Angela and she said she didn’t usually wear them for anyone interested in that little tidbit. She asked what kind of underwear and the best part was Fessy saying, the were corduroy. I hope he just doesn’t know his fabrics and some poor woman isn’t walking around trying to wear corduroy undies!
  • Haleigh and Fessy had their nightly argument. She’s doubting the Scottie plan even more. Watch for her to blame it all on Fessy if she’s in trouble next week even though she supported the idea. They make up and make out so I’m done talking about them.

Here’s Sam eating Bretts dinner right before her lips swelled up and had to go to the DR. She’d told him earlier they were in love, had a F2 and he was her fake husband. Think he was trying to poison her?


Speaking of Sam, she told Angela she pretends like the cameras are her dog and it’s comforting to her. After hearing the crazy conversation she had with Brett, I realized I’d pay money to have Sam describe the game of Big Brother. I’d like her to tell us what it’s all about and how it’s played.  She’s obsessed with people being coupled up too. Is it all jealousy or does she think part of the game is finding someone to pair with, male or female? She started out thinking the game was only played during the comps and the rest was ‘down time.’ As time’s gone by, she’s learned there’s strategy and trickery but she’s still running in a lane off to the side of what’s really going on. Is that where some of her crazy stuff comes from? I don’t know but some of what she’s saying sort of makes sense if you look at the game through a crazy persons eyes. (or I’ve snapped myself)

Once you take the nutty love stuff she said to Brett out of it and listen to her game talk, it sounds like someone who thinks the ‘game’ is a group of people who are being almost choreographed every week to fill certain roles and participate in predetermined situations. She waits for it to be “her time to go to the little house.” She told Brett she thought maybe they had a secret F2 but she didn’t know about it, almost  like she hadn’t been filled in yet by the people in charge. She figured out based on what Rockstar was feeding her that Tyler and Angela were targets last week. They didn’t leave so I think that’s why she told Brett she thought they were the targets this week. She hadn’t talked to Fessy or anyone about it but just picked up where things were left after Rockstars eviction. Sam knows the disagreement between Brett and L6 was fake last week because Tyler told her when she was getting upset. He told her everyone was fine and it was for the game, it wasn’t real. Yesterday, she assumed the mild disagreement Fessy and Scottie had after noms was fake and said so to Brett and Scottie. Since the last one was fake, maybe she thinks everything is at this point.  She thinks they’re faking it (Fessy & Scottie) and the real plan is to backdoor Tyler or Angela. (the plan from before) She also told Scottie she though it was fake because she knew about the “5” which was the plan Rockstar was working on and telling Sam about.  (also from the week before) Don’t get me wrong, she IS nuts!  She knows they aren’t actors but she may think they’re paired up or teamed up by people not filling her in yet and then the comps determine how the week plays out from there. Since she doesn’t ever know what the ‘new plan’ is, maybe she goes off of the ‘last plan’ that she does know about. After typing this, I realize I may sound as crazy as Sam and I think I’m explaining it badly too. You know, when you know what you mean but you can’t articulate it very well?  (maybe Sam and I have more in common than I’d like) I can’t analyze her game so I suppose I’ve started analyzing her thought process….which isn’t time spent well, I’m sure.

I absolutely love we haven’t had one repeat hoh this season. I also love this cast, the good, the bad and the crazy. It’s an amazing season and I can’t even keep a favorite source of entertainment from week to week because they all entertain me. I don’t like Haleigh’s showmance or her terrible gameplay but I like other things about her. Fessys’s barely playing but I look forward to watching him blanket and be confused every week. Obviously, I don’t like things JC’s done and said but I love JC.  He gives me the most consistent entertainment on the feeds and I also think he’s played a good game. If I picked favorites, mine would be JC. Is he probably going to go home at the expense of level 6? Yeah probably, but if he figures out the alliance and finds a way around it, I wouldn’t hate a JC win. I thought based on preseason interviews, he’d be the worst player. I’ve loved him since week 1 but thought he’d be terrible at the game. Tyler would be a deserving winner because he’s worked hard since day one and kept many balls in the air. Brett worked hard to be a duchy bro (but a funny one at least) who I didn’t like at all. Not only is he giving us fun stuff, he’s learning the game, similar to the way Paul did in his first season. That’s always fun to watch. Angela is quiet and more bland than most people like but she plays cold hearted (at least so far) and I approve! I’ve fallen in love with BB all over again this year!


JC called past winner, Rachel Reilly before the show started to get some advice. Rachel said recently on a podcast that he’s doing exactly what he told her he’d do. (It’s what he said in his entry interview too)

I’ve mentioned my husband not being a fan of BB before. He doesn’t watch it but will sit down for a few minutes when it’s on sometimes. It’s usually during a comp or an eviction, something with an immediate result. He knows a few people’s names and a bit of what’s going on. He joined me for the end of Thursdays show when the slip & side started. He, like everyone knew before the show ended who was going to win. He looked over at me and said “Feces is going to win.” I died laughing because he wasn’t joking, he just got his name wrong.  I don’t think it’s a good nickname for Fessy and I’m not encouraging anyone start calling him that. I think Messy Fessy fits perfectly but I did think it was funny so thought I’d share.

Have a great Saturday!

Veto players are Fessy, Scottie, Brett, Tyler, Angela and Haleigh. (Scottie used hg choice to pick Haleigh) With zingbot being there, it could be a long one.


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  1. AIO_7

    Thanks, Mel..

  2. leafhopper

    Mel you are so on point about Sam!! It is like The Truman Show where everyone else has a script and has been given a part to play and her job is to keep up with them and to play off of their cues. She thinks part of the game is to figure out her part in the game.

    • Mel

      Yes, thank you! That would have been a great example to use! I’ve been thinking it for a while but couldn’t articulate it well. Its like thinking it’s fake while knowing it isn’t fake. The first time I reached and suggested she only thought the game went on during comps, I almost didn’t post it. I did anyway and later she confirmed it so that gave me a little confidence to run with this
      I suppose, whether it sounded.crazy or not. Lol

      I did request this morning that Steve please just check my pics but not read it before posting so he wouldn’t think I’d lost it completely. Haha

    • aka beachgirl

      The Truman Show. YES! That’s it exactly. They’re all role playing and no one gave her the skript.

  3. Alda

    Mel.you are so point on to my thoughts.I love JC too.My husband doesn’t watch the show either,but when he hears JC’s voice he comes in to see what he’s up to.JC makes BBAD.

    • ElaineB

      Am not a JC fan, but I give him props for contacting a successful BB player before the show to get advice. It will be interesting to see how the HGs view him as the numbers continue to dwindle, and real decisions need to be made for each of them moving forward.

      • Mel

        Ya, if he doesn’t figure out Tyler’s in L6 AND can do something about it, he’ll just be another casualty. I’m also not sure he can get credit for what he’s done if he were in the F2. I’m not convinced the jury would take him seriously. Tyler would and Angela acknowledged last night how he saved them this week but it takes a lot more than 2 votes. He’d probably get Fessy too but I don’t know about the others.

      • Sassy

        The jury convos with ups be interesting this year. I wish they would dedicate 1 camera to the jury.

      • Sassy

        “Would” not “with ups”. I need to read before posting…

      • danmtruth

        Rs might be the one FOUTTE member along with Hay Who WILL look at game play and not take it as personal

  4. LO1004

    Another reason Brett likely hasn’t told anyone about his F2 w Sam is because she said ‘me and you til the end’ and in her next breath she says how she can’t wait to go to the little house and she hopes it’s sooner rather than later. So how could he take her seriously when she isn’t making any sort of sense.

  5. ElaineB

    Thx Mel. I agree with you about loving this season. For me it has been easier to pick my ‘bottom two’ each week, then who I like at the top. I like the game play of several HGs, from both sides. Sam may surprise us all. Corduroy undies??!!….that was my ‘giggle gem’ from your recap today.

  6. Avatar

    Haha, “Feces”! That is amazing, and strangely appropriate sometimes.

    I find it amusing Fessy nominated an alliance member. Yes, Scottie has flipflopped a few times and cannot be trusted, but he IS an ally and would have helped get rid of L6. I just feel Scottie goes this week, then Fessy and Haleigh are in trouble next week. Give us 12 days and it will be L6 against just Haleigh or Fessy.

    Mel, who do you feel will initiate the betrayal within L6? Fairly soon, maybe even next week, they will start to turn on themselves. Who starts it? Tyler turning on Brett or Angela? Angela and Brett teaming up? I would LOVE to see Angela and Kaycee backstabbing Tyler. Going to be a very interesting dynamic.

    • Holla Derrick

      Wishful thinking would have one of them try and backdoor Tyler next week. His last chance to use his app.

    • Mel

      I’ve wondered the same, I wish these people talked to the cams this year! I want to say Tyler but not for any real reason. He just knows more about the game. If we knew who he actually wanted to go to the end with, it would help. I feel somewhat confident it’s a combo of Sam, JC and KC but can’t even go out on a limb with them.
      I thought Tyler would want to use JC to take out some of L6 but Tyler’s seen he can’t depend on JC to win or even want to win a comp. Sam’s proven to do what she wants when she wins instead of listening to him.
      If he makes the move and gets to the end, he’ll need a jury that will vote on game and see that he was the leader of those 3 people. That’s my best guess at this point.

      • ElaineB

        I enjoy Ty’s DR sessions, with his reactions and thoughts. I would have liked to see him talk to the cams. Most of the time that annoys me, because previous players have used it to brag on themselves and try to stay relevant outside the house.

  7. Holla Derrick

    Anybody else want to see Hayleigh follow Scottie to jury? Fess will be self evicting before Sam does.

  8. HappyHippo

    Sounds like Tyler gets to play in the veto! Yay!
    I just got home but he was in the bathroom saying this is my 1st one lol with Sam. Then he went over to her and said he doesn’t want anybody to know about his power even after it expires. He doesn’t want to have to use it. She said ok nobody will know.

  9. Ann

    Bless Sam’s silly little heart but she is as off as 2 left shoes. The look on poor Brett’s face when she was talking her nonsense was uncomfortable. He really looked like he was ready to high tail it & run til his legs fell off when she was hanging on his arm & he had his arms crossed.
    Tyler had better either try his best for that VETO or use his app just to be on the safe side because if Hay wins it she might take Scottie down causing someone from L6 to be backdoored, possibly him. Here I go getting all worked up & nervous again. I want Scottie gone.

    • Mel

      Ya, Scottie really screwed up. The difference in JC and Scottie imo is that JC keeps playing both sides and Scottie keeps visibly switching sides. Big difference. He’ll look back and realize he did the one thing he said he wouldn’t, which is fall for it if a girl flirts with him. You still have hope Ann. For now at least, Fessy wants to work with Tyler and Angela so if Scottie wins, Sam could still go up. You never know.

      • HappyHippo

        I love jc

      • ElaineB

        I hope that Fessy isn’t able to ride coattails on Ty and Ang. Even with this HOH win, he is now one of my bottom two, for doing very little. I want all of them to stay longer than Fessy. This HOH win doesn’t redeem him.

      • Helen

        Was funny last night ..playing chess Scottie and Haleigh were talking about JC being the biggest influence on Fessy…Scottie asks…who does JC report to? I can answer that Scottie…JC reports to JC!!

      • Painter1

        I think Scotties downfall was chasing Hay. He was sliding in and out of both sides like JC until she smiled at him,than he was stuck. Cant figure out how he does not see Fessy wants her too. Fessy don’t care about the BB game he just wants to win Hayleigh.

  10. Colby

    As if MF isn’t hard to watch anyway, now we have to watch him chew tobacco and spit in a bottle?
    I really hope he goes next week. And he can take his little tart with him if it’s a double.

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  12. Ann

    My kids watched BB with me yesterday & when my son saw Rock, he said “that’s a man”. They watched her talking to Julie after she got evicted right off the bat they didn’t like her & could tell she was fake. I’m so glad I don’t have to look at her anymore.

    • Mel

      How was the bday for your grandson?

      • Ann

        The birthday party was nice mostly because I enjoyed having the kids come home to visit. The family is still celebrating for the weekend. Everybody went laser tagging & go cart riding today. I don’t get to see them enjoy that because my foot is still in a cast & I’m scooting around on my scooter like Christmas Abbot had when she broke her foot. That thing is not so easy to get around on when you make turns but it beats busting my ass on those damn crutches. I never did get the hang of those things. Lol

    • Avatar

      I am glad too, Ann. Also happy not to have to hear all her “privileged” crap either. That was SO annoying

      • ElaineB

        And all her ‘smack’ talk, with the head jerk, on the episodes. BB life is good without her.

      • Ann

        I wanted to snatch her damn neck & twist it all the way around until it wouldn’t turn anymore when she was talking to Julie. She is so fake. Just thinking about her & Bay bashing the so called privileged kids is sickening. I wish they were gone before jury.
        Brett’s goodbye message was hilarious, I’m just sorry it won’t help him if he gets to the end. The same with Angela.

    • danmtruth

      Ann you can also be proud knowing your kids can tell who are fake ass people and NOT a “boss ass bitch” RS soooo wants to be on Rue Pauls Drag Race

      • Jenny

        I got a few TD’s for it, but that first live show when she went all-out w/heavy eye makeup and RED lipstick I said she looked like a drag queen. She’s so much more attractive with natural-colored hair and lighter makeup.
        And yeah I hated that whole fake routine with Julie.

    • Helen

      Me too..turning on feeds and not seeing her face or hearing her nasty,vile mouth is really nice!!!

  13. danmtruth

    Was off the feeds for a bit yesterday Sorry Mr. Beardo miss the pop quiz But will admit I would have not gotten Nat King Cole Tho I do enjoy his voice and style Also thank you for the service you provide to your community Never paid enough for what you put up with and the importance of all you need to handle at a moments notice Never the same
    This season has given us many things to discuss and we still have more to go Sam is getting more involved in the game Its like we have gotten a whole new HG
    Hay is now trying to talk to everyone and is doing small things around the house like cleaning up after people Welcome to house duties She is doing the one true bonding activity the women have done this season Braiding Angela’s hair Yes it would be interesting to see if they let Sam lose on KC hair NO cutting
    Scottie is a good enough game player to know there is no need to start freaking out till after the veto ceremony Also he needs to see who will be OTB against him
    Just nice that this year different people are talking game to different HG Not just one person directing all the moves
    When it gets down to the end I think most people are gamers enough to understand it was nothing personal The exception might be Bay but she will have Swaggy by then so she will be happy On the Swaggy/Chris front I saw a tweet with Kevin from last year saying he has hung out with Chris at a few BB events and has enjoyed his company Said he was a very respectful and considerate person Just more proof that the Swaggy image does not match the person Cris Maybe he would have been better of letting Vris play instead of Swaggy Might not have sold as many shirts but might still be in the game “Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been”

  14. AIO_7

    ….”Sam is getting more involved in the game Its like we have gotten a whole new HG”….

    I know; It’s like a new house guest every 5 minutes.

  15. ElaineB

    KC mentioned the ‘hide the sh**” game, and Sam says “I am not cleaning up”…she then added, that it would keep her busy. Lol.

    • Mel

      Should I be concerned that I’m in tune with Sam’s thoughts?

      • danmtruth

        She will busier than a cat covering crap on a marble floor.
        or busy as a one-legged cat in a sandbox.
        Busier than a moth in a mitten!
        but she will be Happier than ol’ Blue layin’ on the porch chewin’ on a big ol’ catfish head.
        Happy as a dead pig in the sunshine. Yep Sam will find happiness in cleaning

      • Ann

        Mel, back away from the ledge, you are Mel not Sybil or one of her other 16 personalities. Back away from the ledge & think about that nice hunk of man called Tyler & Brett too. We dont give Sam any deep thought.

      • Mel

        Lol, thanks Ann. I was getting nervous. I keep guessing what Sam’s thinking and she keeps saying what I guessed sometime afterwards. It was starting to make me wonder!

  16. Colby

    Did they tell them it is the hide and seek?
    They seem to be talking about it.

  17. AIO_7

    “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!”


  18. Ann

    Is Brett worried about possibly getting evicted? I don’t want him to go & sure don’t want him in that jury house with that damn Seadonkey.

    • Sassy

      Yes, he is concerned that if he’s not OTB w/ Scottie, he might be going home.

      • Helen

        I’m just curious…if something horrible happens and Scottie goes OTB it’s possible MF could put up KC…between Brett and KC it would probably be a tie..who would go? Neither do well in comps,both have been loyal to L6?

      • Helen

        Off the block. He’s already on it

      • Sassy

        MF would break the tie and send Brett home without a doubt!

      • danmtruth

        Fess will send Bret out saying he is a physical threat But more like he is a love threat for him with Hay AS Fess sings :I’d like to say that it was clear to me
        Love triangle geometry
        But in the end it’s still a mystery
        The placement of affection and the disarray

        he just does not see beyond Hay cant see the prize at the end of the game the money only Hay

      • Sassy

        Hay is his prize… I think he wants Scottie out more than Brett because he just won’t go away. At least Brett, has left Haha alone, where Scottie still gets some of her attention.

  19. HappyHippo

    Feeds down.. here we go!

  20. Holla Derrick

    Does anyone have any insight or thoughts on JC’s game? It feels like he has a grasp of what is going on and has controlled a lot of what has happened this season. Is he actually with Tyler? Or have any other side deals that he is committed to?

    I like his game for the most part but feel like it may be coming to an end soon

    • AIO_7

      I think that he has voted with L6 every time this year except when he gave Chakra a hinky vote.

      • Sassy

        He has a F3 with Sam and Brett. He would like a F3 w/ Ty and MF, but that’s unlikely. He’s loyal to both. I’m not sure if he has anything with Angela or KC, possibly KC. And I’m sure he doesn’t have anything with Haha or Peabody.

      • LindsayB

        Didn’t he tell Tyler about the F3? It seems like I remember somebody saying that. Telling someone about a F3 pretty much negates it. I think JC is only about JC and won’t decide to actually pick someone until he absolutely has to.

      • Mel

        Ya, JC told him but Brett didn’t. Brett can just pass it off as no big deal because it’s Sam tho. Tyler did check in with Sam today to make sure she hadn’t talked about his app. He was probably more surprised to find out Sam was making deals than he was over Brett or JC.

    • Avatar

      JC is awesome. Here is why I think he has been so successful so far, and it’s really quite simple. He has never sequestered himself from the rest of the house.

      I feel that that was the biggest mistake of FOUTTE/Hive members that were evicted. Instead of playing a social game, they kept themselves isolated for the most part. When they did interact, they acted as if they were “better” than the other members of the house. In other words, they were exactly what they accused the “cool kids” of being. Instead of getting to know people, they simply stereotyped them.

      Fess and Hayleigh seem to be different, until this week (still lots of time to go). They have always interacted with the entire house. This is why they were never really targets.

      Kaitlyn was social, but crazy as a bag of cats. You can’t cause that much drama that early in the game.

      Back to JC: I love his outlook on the game. He realizes it is a social game. Too many play the game acting like it’s a personal insult to be nominated. Too many people do not see the game for what it really is: a very long game of chess.

      Criticism of JC’s game: he is going to have to win some comps here pretty quickly. You do have to do some of the dirty work or else become a major target.

      A lot of people have said this on the boards and I think they are absolutely correct: This season is fun because you can see that there is no true hatred among the house guests.

      Anyway, I am stopping now because this is turning into a novel.

      • Sassy

        I like your thought Brs. I would add the Foutte/Hive were always mad the others weren’t trying to talk game with them but never made an attempt to do the same because they thought they were the only alliance in the house. Therefore everyone should be coming to them for advice. They were absolutely what they claimed the L6/5/4 were, the mean kids. At least L6/5/4 tried to interact with them even if it wasn’t game related.

      • Avatar

        Very good point, Sassy. I agree on the “mean” as well. Their bitterness turned them mean and instead of adapting, they formed a circular firing squad and instead of taking out their targets, they started hitting one another.

        I do want to add that I do not think they are bad people; they simply had a very flawed game strategy. Those flaws made them paranoid and instead of talking with people, even in their own alliance, they talked down to people.

        Bay making Rock cry on more than one occasion and making demands on Scottie in a bully fashion just rubbed me the wrong way. I think the weight of the house was simply more than she could handle.

      • Mel

        I agree about Foutte. They fought so much with each other, they couldn’t stay focused on the other side. It started with Swaggy trying to be the boss, moved to the love triangle with Hay, Fes and Kait and Bay talking down to all of them. They’ve never trusted each other mostly because of the things L6 has managed to pull off. Except for Angela and RS, they definitely didn’t like the other side first. Foutte stayed shut up in the pink room thinking they were the only ones playing. RS and Angela are the exception because they both made it kind of clear they didn’t want anything to do with the other. That one was mutual.

    • Holla Derrick

      Apparently JC has told Tyler about his final 3 deal with Brett and Sam. I don’t think Brett or Sam has said anything yet.

    • danmtruth

      Jc is playing a good game As TY has multiple F2 &F3 deals so does JC as was pointe out above I will also say I think he and TY have a F2 deal Than again none of these deals are pinky promises safe deals Jc will need to win some POV and maybe even a HOH More importantly are those POV to stay in the game As that will be big coming down

      • Ann

        That little weasel had better start winning something before he gets noticed. Right now he’s tiny & cute & can’t win anything & as far as they know he’s not a threat. He may be tiny & cute but he has several irons in the fire & nobody is paying any real attention to him. They need to start watching the little evil weasel hidding in plain site.

  21. leafhopper

    Fes drew Tyler
    Brett drew Angela
    Scottie house guests choice Hay
    KC =host

    I may have mixed the first 2 up but either way these are the 6 playing for veto.

    • Sassy

      I thought Mel said JC was playing… Either way, I would have liked Haha to sit this one out! She WILL take Scottie down, even if it’s against MFs wishes. She knows she can smooth that over later, if she does, I hope he doesn’t forgive her!

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        That strumpet can’t be lucky enough to win hacker, HOH and veto this close together. Can she? I can’t stand her!

      • Sassy

        It’s luck, so it’s anyones game!

      • Ann

        That’s exactly what I’m afraid of. I wouldn’t be surprised if she took Scottie otb. I don’t want Brett to go home nor Ty, Angela or KC. I don’t care about Sam or JC.

      • Helen

        Fessy might put Sam up…that is JC plan if Scottie comes off…Sam would probably go finally to her “little house”. She will be surprised. That house is bigger and nicer than the house she’s in! Lol. Not so little there Sammie

      • Mel

        They hadn’t done the picks yet when I did the recap. I was talking about who Brett and Tyler thought Brett should pick if he got to choose. Sorry for the confusion.

      • Sassy

        Thx for the clarification Mel.

    • Helen

      Well Haleigh knows where Fessy is putting his…he will be one of first out I’m sure

  22. Ann

    I hope you’re right Pablo.

  23. Helen

    Would be great for Brett to win his first comp here….would he pull a Marcellus (so) and not use it? Or use it knowing they have the numbers to keep KC or Angela? It would basically be a 5-1 vote to evict Scottie

    • Sassy

      He will take himself down! He’s no idiot, they still have the votes to keep whoever they want. And if he didn’t use it, their plan of him looking like a lone wolf would be blown.

  24. dfdsgs

    So the BB house is set up roughly the same every year. If you were playing in the hide and seek comp where would you hide yours? I always thought that if the main table or benches have some structural component on the underside that you could wedge it into it would be a fantastic hiding spot.

  25. ElaineB

    Am sure this was mentioned, but I missed it. Why no Have Nots recently?

    • Sassy

      I forgot about HNs. Good question.

    • LO1004

      Something about Sam ripping things off the walls in there. I believe Mel covered this about a week ago, but I could be mistaken.

    • Mel

      They didn’t have them when RS and KC had punishments and during that time, Sam got banned from the have not room. It’s only people speculating but we think that why they didn’t have them. They hg’s talked about her not being allowed in tho, that’s not a guess. It happened after the night of her meltdown down when she tried to tie the door shut and lock herself in. She was also taking stuff off the walls for her crafts. She’s recently been allowed back in there. I joked last week that Sam would win a Houseguests favorite player award if she ended have nots for them.

  26. danmtruth

    Last year someone hide it in clothes that were hanging up

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  28. Helen

    Feeds will probably be down about 5 hours for this one?

  29. Shivani33

    Here’s a quote given Aug. 18th about BB20.

    “I think with Angela, she’s just a mean girl but doesn’t realize it yet. She’s probably just a truly unhappy person, which is sad. I don’t think her petty, mean comments towards Rockstar were really about Rockstar; it was about her own unhappiness wirh who she is or where she’s currently at in life. I think she just needs to grow up.”

    This is Julie Chen speaking to Entertainment Weekly reporter, Dalton Ross. Really, Julie Chen? Maybe Julie hasn’t had much time to watch Big Brother this season(?)

    • Shivani33

      Since this is a quote, it should’ve said “with”‘ not “wirh.”

    • LO1004

      Wow. This is surprising because I don’t even think she said mean things like this about Aryn who deserved it. I have noticed her interviews have been a bit cringeworthy this season. Clearly she’s preoccupied w what’s going on w her husband.

    • Sassy

      She’s to busy dealing with her husbands scandal. if Angela doesn’t make it to F2, it will be an interesting interview.

    • Mel

      I saw that & thought it was an asshole thing to say. Julie doesn’t watch the feeds and barely the show, she never has. She never knows the house dynamics on any season. Julie’s screwed up several times lately imo. She didn’t ask my opinion tho. Lol

      Julies lack of knowledge of the show is one reason she usualky loses to Arisa Cox when they get compared. For people who only watch BBUS, she’s the host of BBCAN. She even watches feeds and cracks jokes on Twitter about the hgs. She follows our season too and makes fun of Foutte, Fessy, etc. She’s great!

      • LindsayB

        She has definitely messed up this season. I still can’t believe she told Batshit Bay who voted for her, to only repeat over and over again to RS that she can’t talk about votes. She almost always messes up with her wardrobe choices. I get that she’s distracted by her husband’s shit, but she could change affect the outcome with her screw ups. And I think it’s horrible that she doesn’t watch the show. She shouldn’t be the host if she can’t bother to watch it.

      • Sassy

        Julie should consult you!

      • Mel

        Lol, Lindsay I cracked up at the wardrobe mistakes comment!

      • Shivani33

        This is part of how come I love Wil Heuser’s parodies of Julie hosting BB. He gives such funny satire when he plays Julie strutting the stage and finding her marks, going off on contestants and checking her own wardrobe on screen. Although his portrayal of contestants is also highly amusing, his Julie is ingenious and hilarious.

      • Mello_One

        Hells Yeah?! Arisa Cox is the Bomb on BBCAN, I love her!!! I think Julie’s problem is that she has too many Irons in the fire, she works on The Talk, Monday thru Friday, & also has a young Son to care for.

      • Avatar

        Julie you need to STFU!!

    • ElaineB

      Mean Girl……um, BAY!

    • Avatar

      Julie’s interviews have been amazing this season! I have loved her cattiness and savagery. Y’all are too much bringing up her personal issues. Same with the contestants. IMHO lol

      • HappyHippo

        Wow for somebody that usually stays pretty impartial that was an asshole thing to say Julie. She doesn’t even know these people well..
        She has seemed a bit frazzled this season compared to the past.

      • Mel

        I’m not talking about her personal stuff and I do like Julie when she’s more personable and pretends like she watches the show. I agree that those are much better interviews than her Chenbot days but I’d rather her go back to acting like a robot than be giving away information she has no business telling the jury. I thought her interview with Rachel was hilarious (probably not so great for Rachel) and it didn’t matter because she isn’t a juror.
        As far as the interview, I thought it was a crappy thing to say about someone when she’s only basing it on goodbye msgs. I’d also think it was crappy if she said it about Bay or RS based on limited info.

      • LO1004

        I think we all support Julie w everything she’s going through. All we’re saying is it may be a distraction because it shows in her interviews this season.

    • ladycobra

      It is probably me seeing things a certain way because I truly do not like RS or Bay but Julie seemed to me to gush all over the two when they were sitting with on stage with her. I felt like Julie thought RS and Bay were the best thing since sliced bread. I have no doubt that if RS had thrown out “white privileged” Julie would have agreed with her.

      • mm22

        I agree…… I also think a host should remain impartial
        and keep opinions to themselves till the season
        ends. As a professional, your own personal issues
        shouldn’t interfere with the job u do. It was a very
        mean thing Julie said about Angela and uncalled for.

    • aka beachgirl

      I saw that article. And I saw that it was a Q & A with Julie Chen. But I have to say after reading it that I doubted it. It’s not like one can really believe everything they read on the Internet, you know? I don’t think someone in Julie’s position would actually throw out the phrase “she’s just a mean girl and doesn’t realize it yet”, “she’s probably just a truly unhappy person”, as well as “she needs to grow up”. I don’t know if she does or does not watch the show. I think she would at least be briefed on who’s doing what, when and where so that she could talk about it with reasonable knowledge. Again, I just don’t know that those words came out of Julie Chen’s mouth.

      • Mel

        Oh, it’s Julie. It’s from Entertainment Weekly and does these q&a interviews almost ever week. Sometimes, but not always, she says funny and insulting things about the players but she insults the game that they’re playing. This was something else but it was definitely Julie.

      • aka beachgirl

        I stand corrected. Think a little less of Miss Julie now. I mean, I can say things like that but I’m not a public figure associated with the show.

    • JayP

      I was very disappointed with Julie Chen when I read that interview. She needs to fire her assistant.
      If you ask me the 30 + yr old with 3 kids who is holding her lot in life against others is the one who needs to grow up.

      • danmtruth

        JayP it just shows what happens when you just see small snippets from the shows I cant believe she does not have an intern watching sites like this or other fan sites To understand what people are thinking I’m not saying Julie needs to attack someone Yet she needs to understand not to take sides like she has

      • JayP

        Agreed Dan. Although her assistant/intern is probably young, which Ive noticed tend to gravitate to Bay and RS.

  30. LO1004

    As I was watching the slip and slide comp the other day and watching Sam take her sweet ass time I thought, this girl might really think these comps are just fun activities they get to do together to break up the time.

  31. danmtruth

    hope this works great take on RS interview with Julie


  32. Helen

    3 hour mark….

  33. Sassy

    As I am waiting for feeds to come back, I scrolled thru Twitter. Here’s a few tidbits:

    “Kaycee to Tyler – I’m glad Fess pulled out those other chips too, to see if our names are really in there.” (I was hoping someone would do this! I love Ty but EVERY veto, really? Is there one he hasn’t played in?)

    “They must have told Fess, because seconds after winning HOH he’s in Jenka rn with Hay looking under things. She asks “what are you doing?” He says “Seek n Find comp next. Under here is a good place to hide things. Don’t tell anyone”. (MF confirmed our suspicions that production is playing an unfair game).

    “Damn Julie said Angela is unhappy with her life .. Winston is boring (earlier) .. & Brett is doing what he’s doing just to be relevant ..
    Meanwhile she loves Rockstar, called Bayleigh a QUEEN & said I’m arrogant YET entertaining and fun to watch. SAFE TO SAY SHES GANG”. (Obviously Swaggys words… Julie always has favorites, but for her to think Angela’s Speeches are mean opposed to RS is insane! RS was MUCH worse!!)

    “Feeds will be back soon. They’ve changed the comp to only be played in the Geometry Room. Production tested it out. It just worked better.”

    “Vegas just messaged me on Pintrest. Sam had an allergic reaction to 2018. She’s currently being rushed back to 1952.” (I found these last 2 funny…)

  34. leafhopper

    Almost 4 1/2 hours in……. anything else interesting on on Twitter? That is good stuff Sassy.

    • Sassy

      Let me see…

      “So to recap Big Brother 20 as of now:
      – Scottie likes Haleigh
      – Fessy is creepily obsessed with Haleigh
      – Haleigh is obsessed with Tyler
      – Rockstar was obsessed with Brett
      – Sam is crushing crazily over Brett
      – Brett likes Angela
      – Angela likes Tyler
      – Tyler loves 500k”

      “With Fessy as HOH, who needs a hacker comp? ”

      “Fessie goes up to HOH and tells Hal he told JC and JC supports him.

      “Of course he does, you tremendous dummy. This is JC’s plan. #BB20”

      B.B. is looking for next summers hg! Apply now if your interested!


      “Applications are FINALLY Open! All application videos must be DM’d directly to THIS account! Along with the application video you MUST include a CLEAR head shot! Blurry or distorted photos will NOT be accepted! #BB20”

    • Sassy

      heres some more from Twitter:

      “I get angry whenever season 19 is shown on “history fish”. So many hateable people. So many punchable faces.”

      “A big eyeroll whenever Fessie talks about how this game works.”

      “Where is the Zingbot supposed to even START with some of these people? I’m worried he’s just going to look at Fessy and short-circuit. ”

      “People are talking like Fessy broke a record with his 25min Slip and Slide comp. How would you call that a record when the set up was so easy? It took @zachsbb8 5 1/2 hrs and @eveldick was right behind him. Fessy would have to be timed on a track like theirs”

      “Kaitlyn backdoored Swaggy.
      Bayleigh told everyone about her power.
      Haleigh told everyone she was the hacker.
      Rockstar helped Tyler win Veto.
      Faysal nominating Scottie.
      Literally the worst alliance in history.”

  35. danmtruth

    Tyler loves 500k” LOL You are the best

    With Fessy as HOH, who needs a hacker comp? ” The hits just keep coming

    This morning as Sam was gussing up her hair to look PURTY Sam is talking to Angela about how she did not know what was going on around her Not sure how much game play ( I know it’s Sam I”m talking about ) But Sam was getting the scoop on different hookups Sam was surprised when she heard about Chris & Bay having sex in the HOH shower She hoped production or a maid cleaned and used disinfect Sam said she had no idea all this was going on

    • Sassy

      She still doesn’t know about MF and Haha. She thinks Haha like Brett and MF is gay. She’s not the most perceptive person, or she’s a good actress.

    • mm22

      It would be great if Sam woke up all normal
      tomorrow and started to play a great strategic
      game. No more critters in the closet-weird
      awkward conversations-I wantta go to the
      little house-I hate everyone no I love everyone-
      Im happy no im sad ….and the list goes on
      and on.

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