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Big Brother 20 – HoH Competition Plus Feed Updates

Good evening, everyone!


Well, that’s all set in stone now. No more wondering what will happen if soandso returns. Scottie is back and that’s it.  He’s going to be evicted within a week or two, but he’s back now.

Fessy put Angela on blast during his HoH speech calling her ‘spoon-fed’? That was about it for the episode.  Fessy lost despite having a huge arm length advantage to drop the balls into the tube, but they were bouncy so it’s not very easy.

Now, we wait for the HoH competition which you can watch along here


HoH is finally live. Talking about it below but here is a list of the people still hanging on…

  • Haleigh
  • Sam
  • Brett
  • Scottie
  • Tyler
  • JC
  • Kaycee


  • 7:00 pm – Scottie confirms that he does see all the goodbye messages, so that’s another conspiracy theory shot
    • He says Bay and RS are at peace in the house
    • Scottie goes to check on the fish
  • 7:25 pm – Scottie settles into the bedroom and is already chatting with his hopeful alliance of Haleigh and Tyler
    • He’s just chatting regular stuff but I’m sure he’s going to pitch to them
    • Scottie says he can’t talk game until cameras are on. Interesting (obviously they’re on but they don’t know that)
    • Scottie says Steve may be a police officer because of one place he was interviewed, there was a badge as a fake gift from him
  • Note – in the live feeds, it says the action starts for the HOH at around 10:30 pm. So, 3 hours until HoH
    • Scottie says that production confiscated all the stuff he stole lol
  • 8:10 pm – Everyone but Sam is talking to Scottie. She is off on her own doing her Sam thing
    • Here is Sam stretching. Not a dumb move with an HoH comp coming up but she should try to socialize a little
  • 8:30 pm – The excitement is over. Many are resting for the HoH comp.
  • 9:30 pm – I am so tired and the endurance comp isn’t even starting for an hour. I should go get a coffee
    • I guess we got the answer to how production will screw this up – have it begin at freakin 1:30 am est
  • 9:45 pm – Feeds go down. Likely to prep them. Give them instructions, etc
  • 10:20 pm – Feeds turn to fish. Comp should be coming up soon!
  • While we wait, if you’re a fan, Eminem just released a surprise album tonight. So there’s that
  • 10:40 pm – 20 minutes after fish, we’re still at fish
  • A minute later, we’re live!
    • Another view
    • JC is already dizzy. Brett doesn’t look good
    • KC is already talking of throwing up. I don’t think she’s going to last
    • Haleigh and Tyler look solid. Scottie is chatty but looks okay
  • JC is down
  • 11:00 pm – JC still the only one out. The guy who said he was going to puke is chomping on food
    • Everyone but Sam and Haleigh look bad
  • Sam is down
  • Scottie is down
    • Scottie bumped into the pie while squatting and got bumped on his ass. No sitting, only squatting
    • Haleigh vs level 6
    • Kaycee has been puking but she’s still up. Pretty impressive
  • Brett is down
    • Fell victim to the pie. Slipped when he hit it
  • 11:30 pm – Just 3 left. Haleigh, Tyler, and Kaycee
  • KC got knocked to her butt. She’s out
    • Haleigh vs Tyler now. The rivalry continues!
  • 11:40 pm – Still going
  • 11:45 pm – Doing 5-minute updates now because I feel this comp is nearing an end. Intense so far
  • Haleigh is down. Tyler wins HoH after an epic competition.

With that, I’m off to bed!


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  1. danmtruth

    No reason to let Scottie stick around Good in physical comps and mental comps

    • Ann

      I was like literally sick to my stomach & pissed off when I saw Bay the Bitch & the Seadonkey. It was all I could do to keep myself from snatching the damn tv off the wall & chucking it out into the street. They had better get Scottie & that little sawed off runt JC out with a quickness.

      • mm22

        Don’t forget Haleigh!!!! she needs to go before them!!!!

      • Jay H

        In addition to the squatter you have at your place, it was a rough night Ann!

      • Avatar

        I honestly had the mute button on the whole time they were talking LoL 😉

      • Ann

        Jay, let me tell you the straw that broke the camels back this morning. My Dr called a couple of days ago & told me to stop my seizure meds with I take 2 & come back for more labs because I was toxic. I told my son & he took be back me to the doctor & I didn’t want his girlfriend to go. She’s one of those people who will cut you off in the middle of a sentence & throw ger 2cents in that makes no damn sense. she’s not even fucking doctor. Well. I exploded & told her to shut the hell up & let dr talk. I could tell the dr was glad I spoke up. I kind of yelled at her because I am sick of her ass.
        Wen I got my son home I told him this is it, she has got to go. He seemed a little reliever to because she follows his every move & smothers him. I gave her 2 weeks. She can g back to her mom’s or her sister’s.

      • Ann

        There’s a few things that I would like to talk to my really close friends on here like Jay, Nk, Mel, Tink, Mello, mm22, Dan, Happy, Helen, Lindsay, ladycobra, fukweed, NopeNotToday & so many more of my peep but i dont know if that persone is on here with us. Is there a way we can talk without certain people who just may happen to find their way on here with us cool people.
        Is there a way we can talk without the wrong people getting in on our conversations?

      • Jay H

        Ann, as much as you like to “go off’ on this board, we know it’s just for fun with B.B. I know you’re a sweet woman and are very patient. I’m sure that your sons girlfriend had to be pushing your buttons for you to react that way.

  2. HappyHippo

    Well sadly since they haven’t even started I can’t stay up to see who wins. Look forward to catching up on what y’all see in the morning…who will win??

  3. FW aka CY

    Faysal’s out? And Scottie/Brett are tag-teaming Haileigh in his fevered brain? HAHAHAHAHA! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1F0lBnsnkE

  4. FW aka CY

    Skaggy thinking Bay might get back in and make him some more money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYnVYJDxu2Q&list=RDSYnVYJDxu2Q&t=202

  5. hogwild

    I would like to Scottie win HOH just to see the week long freak out by everyone else.

  6. Avatar

    Scottie can lighten the Hayleigh cuddle load and give everyone else a break LoL

  7. Patty

    Do we know when they are gonna donthe HOH?

    • LindsayB

      I think they are starting it at 10:30 pacific time. That’s what is scrolling across the top of the screen on live feeds now.

      • Sassy

        Hahaha!!! I’ve been looking forward to them finally showing one on live feeds and it starts at like 1:30 am here… Time for a cup of coffee to see if I can stick it out!!

      • Malia

        My husband is a shift working police officer so I am totally ised to weird hours….I am up for this….but these f3ds better be down only so they can get instructions.

      • Jay H

        Why would anyone give you a thumbs down for stating the time of the competition?

  8. Holla Derrick

    So much for Julie’s epic battle back competition. I found that very lame.

  9. GoodGame

    Scottie, JC, Sam and Haleigh
    Tyler, Angela, KC and Brett
    LET’S GO!
    JK … Scottie and Hayleigh are to stupid to pitch
    that to make a new group and to come full circle for
    Faysal’s sake…. Those 2 are sitting DUCKS for L4!

  10. danmtruth

    if this is a spinning comp the people eating greasy food now might not be to happy in a bit

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  12. caRyn

    Since Scottie mentioned teaming up with Tyler, I hope Scottie tells Tyler what all the jury hg have said about the other hg in the BB house.

  13. Avatar

    Has the HOH comp started yet. Unfortunately we do not get the live feeds in Canada. ☹️

  14. Painter1

    I like at the end Angela tells Scotty, ” I got Fessy for you ” Scotty hugs her. Scotty was well liked but chose the wrong side because he liked Hay. Bay tells him Fessy is in love with Hay to which Sotty yells I DIDNT KNOW THAT. Maybe he will cool down on Hay now. Could get interesting.

  15. AIO_7

    I’ve got other things to get done tonight. Guess I’ll just find out who the new HoH is on BBAD. At least we got to see the Battle Back.

  16. Mr. Beardo

    They’re gonna make us Right coasters work for this one. Touché Production. More hours on the feeds.

  17. LO1004

    Vegas just tweeted HOH comp likely won’t start until 10:30 BBT / 1:30 EST. Peace out. Another fail on marketing’s part.

  18. Joy

    I finally made it in! I am really glad that Scottie made it back in. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here, you know that little piss ant JC is gonna make a pitch to Scottie because if he is smart he is beginning to see the writing on the wall.

  19. Alda

    Whoa,that is late.

  20. LGJ

    I just can’t watch Hay chew at her fingers anymore. It’s almost like whenever I switch cams, they pull a joke on me and flip right back to her gnawing on her finger like a dog biting flees off of his bottom. For the record though, I do like her….just not her fingernail snacking.

  21. Avatar

    Omg that is 1:30 am here. Guess I will check in the morning. Work comes early. Good night everyone.

  22. mona77450

    LOL…Scottie said BB took back all of the “supplies” he packed when he was evicted.

  23. Mr. Beardo

    This delay pretty much neutered the thrill of the battle back now they have time to lie and scheme.

  24. Seattle Kari

    I’m glad as hell fussy is out of there

    I would have rather seen Scotty come back than any of the others.

    Hailey or JC next?

  25. Seattle Kari

    perhaps is taking so long to get to the HOH because they have to do a tear down of the battle back and reset up for the HOH? That could take a little bit of work…

  26. Shivani33

    I’ll make a pot of coffee at midnight eastern. Dark roast. We ran out of Rolos during the liveshow. JC and Brett look out of sorts with the resurrection of Scottie. Sam has begun her post-eviction spiral into despondency already. It might be easier on her just to win HoH than to do this weekly mourning period. This was a helluva time to quit smoking.

    Fessy’s planned “epic” speech was yet another example of what true genius is. Angela, the woman who rejected his advances before he decided to settle for Haleigh, drives a big car and wears a fake engagement ring. The horror! The scandal!

    • danmtruth

      so what will he think when he finds out Hay crashed her Hummer and got a lamb to replace it

    • Colby

      He is so stupid.
      He said earlier that he was going to throw shade to pit Tyler and Brett against each other.
      And then it was all about Angela.
      How was that supposed to keep Haho safe for a couple of weeks?
      I guess that kind of logic is the same he has used the entire game.

    • Avatar

      Was it somewhat ironic that the two guys he put on the block because he was jealous of them for being sweet towards ‘his’ girl are still in the BB house with her seven days later, and he’s not? Betcha her folks can’t wait to meet him 😉

      He stated that he yearned for more athletic comps, like he came there for, and choked in the last two? The member of his own alliance that he ousted nailed his game coffin shut in the battle back, and will spend his days in the BB house with Hayleigh (for as long as they last) instead of Fessy, who will have breakfast tomorrow with Bayleigh and RS instead.

      At least the meathead remembered to plug his App on live TV, how many people do you think down loaded it? LoL If you were a guy and worked out? Would you rather have Brett’s chest and abs? Tyler’s Or Fessy’s?

    • Jay H

      He’s a low rent piece of shit.

    • aka beachgirl

      That’s sort of what I thought too. Not real epic. And then when he continued on to other houseguests I wasn’t even really certain who he was speaking about. Kind of failed at the epic speech.

      I also heard him say something about KC only winning the one comp. Seems to me like she has won something else. Maybe the hacker thing. Did that not count as winning something? And what all has he won? Doesn’t seem like that much.

      I did think he was very cute when he met the jurors in the backyard. How he immediately said I’m sorry Scotty. And followed it up with I’m so stupid. I actually think he’s a fairly nice guy.

      And then as Scotty was being hugged congratulatory, I believe it was rockstar said to him “don’t forget the plan”. So obviously while in the jury house he’s been told about their goodbye messages, and what Julie told them, and they have devised a plan. Course hopefully Scott is smart enough to realize their plans never really went to well. Which is why they all ended up in the jury house together. should be interesting. Glad Scotty won. Did not, absolutely did not, want to see Baileigh back in the house.

      • Sassy

        They don’t know that KC won the hacker… As for “their” plan, they might have figured out Haha and MF were not good for their game and they should go against them. Maybe their plan was forScottie to start a petition to get Swaggy and Winston back in the house…

      • aka beachgirl

        I had totally forgotten that they didn’t know she won the hacker thing. You’re right.

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  28. Vikki T

    HOH is 12:30 my time – too rich for my blood with work tomorrow. I’ll have to catch it in the morning. Thanks and Good Night!

  29. Mr. Beardo

    I think Ty’s biggest mistake will be not bro’ing up w Brett enough. They could’ve skated to f2 on the sly. Brett would’ve been game but Ty’s too alpha..

  30. LO1004

    Sam complains all the live long day about not wanting to know stuff and not wanting to play, so they leave her in the dark, she’s on the wrong side of the vote, and now she’s pouting. Pick a lane dude.

  31. Tinkerbell

    Can Sam please just GTFA, go the fuck away. I’m so sick, and tired, of her major meltdowns every single time someone breathes, it’s too hot or cold in the house, she isn’t surrounded by the guys, or she isn’t the center of attention. She is a walking malfunction. Her camera hogging drama shows piss me off. Enough! Right now she is rolling on the floor upstairs, talking to gawd knows who. She is the biggest waste of BB space to ever be cast. Production, screw you for always wasting two cameras on her. You people are piss ants!

    Please let HayWhore GTFA as well. I’ve gone back on forth on liking, and not liking, many of the houseguests. I have never liked her. POS little brat!! She’s going to break her arm patting herself on the back over all of the glorious things she has done. She’s the authority on everything, she overtalks everyone. I’m done with hearing – she’s only 21 years old. That’s a BS excuse. I think she was a cannibal in her first life. The tips of all of her fingers are all gone. Seriously, hands carry the worst bacterias/viruses. I can’t believe she doesn’t have staph, strep, MRSA, etc. Yes, I hate her.

    I did not like JC in the beginning, but he grew on me. I really started enjoying him until yesterday. My JC love is officially gone, and I want him to GTFA.

    Soooooo soooooo soooo thankful BayWhore and RockStripper didn’t come back. Pure trash.

    Angela finally started playing the game weeks into the season, but I still don’t like her. Personality of a dead fish. I do not want her to win. I don’t want her bed-boy to win either. Two morons ruining their games so late in the season.

    Kaycee is one of kindest and sweetest to ever be on BB, sincerely a nice person. However, I don’t really want her to win.

    It probably won’t happen, but I would love Brett to win. He’s been my favorite for a long time. He’s funny, has played a good game….and makes my heart go pitter patter.

    Good to “hear” Scotti in the house, talking to himself again – and HayWhore slobbering all over him. Barf!

  32. Jay H

    Ha had “no words” for Julie’s beauty. What a star fucker.

  33. Seattle Kari


    Someone going by the name of “rejoice” is sending messages to the private area trying to hit up on people. I couldn’t figure out how to block them so I just deleted this message without reading it completely but I thought maybe if more people were getting messages from them perhaps they can be banned.

  34. FW aka CY

    Idle musings whilst waiting the HOH comp: Julie Chen, fashionista? Nah. https://static.goldderby.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/julie-chen-big-brother-20.jpg Look at the darts on this blouse. Now look where her saggy tits are swinging. WTF? Seriously, ancient bra-less vampire chic going on here. Not a stylish look IMHIO.

  35. Jay H

    Scottie had no idea that Fessy was in love with Ha. Talk about not being able to read the room.
    I wonder if he was blinded by Ha’s flirtation….

  36. Shivani33

    Scottie said that the goodies he took with him were confiscated. He told Brett that he loved his goodbye message and that it was his favorite. He said that the people in jury get to see all of the goodbye messages…and fish.

  37. Helen

    Sam tells Angela she will not be nominated if Sam wins HOH

    I want Sam to win this HOH so badly!! She will put up Haleigh and either Brett or JC..
    Easy Haleigh eviction!!!!!

  38. Tinkerbell

    What the hell – I didn’t think HayWhore could make me even nuttier. She is hanging all over Kaycee, JC…all huggy lovey. She makes me puke. Why didn’t they send her brown nosin’ behoncos flying tonight. At least Fess slept all the time, we didn’t have listen to his moronic words. Fess should have been a physical threat, but he really didn’t turn out to be. BayWhore literally, literally, literally, literally gets on my last nerve. She’s feeling all gushy giddy, and safe in the house. Feeling free as a little bird because her prison guard is gone. I just want to put yellow polka dot duct tape on her mouth.

  39. Helen

    Hope Scottie has enough sense to steer clear of Hai Ho…she is useless to him in the game now..maybe he learned his lesson

  40. dfdsgs

    now they are showing reruns again

  41. Seattle Kari

    PLEASE Scottie, be smarter this time around..

  42. danmtruth

    Showing reruns now maybe getting the HG in place to get ready for the comp being told the rules lets go

  43. Avatar

    Since when do people coming back get to have all this info? They just can’t stop helping the dummies

  44. Sassy

    I’ve managed to stay awake for this and I’ve had a midnight cup of coffee, I hope it’s worth it!

  45. Seattle Kari

    I think I’m glad to be in the Pacific Northwest with how late the HOH is being played.

    On that note I really should go to bed because tomorrow is the opening day of our big fair and I can get in for free with a food bank donation, but I have to get up early to be there.

    Good night everyone! And thanks again to Steve and Mel for keeping us all posted. 🙂

    • Malia

      You made me remember the Puyallup fair I ised to go to with my BFF years ago! Good times.

      • Seattle Kari

        You can do it at a trot, you can do it at a gallop, you can do it real slow so your heart won’t palpitate, just don’t be late! Do the Puyallup!!

        Tell me you did not sing along with me, lol! To those wondering what the heck kind of a town name that is, Puyallup, we have lots of Native American names and that one is pronounced PHEW-AL-LUP!

        check this out though they don’t call it the Puyallup Fair anymore. *Stupid stupid stupid* Now they call it the Washington State Fair, AND they took away the song! But it does run the entire month of September now..

      • Malia

        I *knew* you were talking about Puyallup. I don’t know why but it just sounded right to me. I lived there in in 6th, 7th and 8th grade (military brat stationed at McChord.

  46. ladycobra

    I could not be in that house…. Judging by how fast my heart is beating you would think I was getting ready to play in the comp. I would have a heart attack if I had to actually play.

  47. Malia

    This house seems to go to bed earlier than past seasons…if this is endurance it will be brutal for some of them.

  48. Avatar

    When’s it going to be up.

  49. Helen

    Hope this is not another waiting for feeds that never come on until comp is over!!!

  50. Malia

    YAY!!! Feeds back and it is exactly the comp I pictured!!! Who will be the first down?!?! I am so happy right now *giggling*

  51. Sassy

    It’s on! KC looks like she’s hurting already…

  52. Malia

    For inquiring minds…they are standing on a small disc…holding on t a rope. Going around and around in circles. Looks like a pie will come out to bang into them in intervals like the graduation from high school and clichs they did in bb11. Seems to be clown or circus themed….and they look like they are being covered in pie filling. Brett looks very quiet. He might be truly not feeling well. Lots of talking about throwing up but Brett looks I’ll. Oh….this might be acircus them and they are being sprayed with ketchup and mustard. Angela is on bleachers enjoying popcorn. Scottie very chatty. KC went quiet. LMAO Brett just took a heavy stream of ketchup right to the face. He is not a happy camper.

  53. Malia

    JC is down…Scottie is enjoying himself. He will likely do very well here.

  54. danmtruth

    Scottie trying to time squatting down than come up to miss the pie doing a good job
    JC down already no idea what happened

  55. danmtruth

    Hay looks strong Bret looks like he is hurting

  56. dfdsgs

    Damn Scottie is being super annoying

  57. Sassy

    Scottie is doing a lot of jabbering, everyone else seems really focused and quiet. Most look like they may be ill. KC has already thrown up…

  58. FW aka CY

    Malia, Sassy – your words droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven. They are twice blest, etc. Sincere thanks for them. 🙂

  59. Avatar

    Thanks for the play by play guys. Appreciate a lot

  60. Helen

    Not much excitement watching this comp….lol….Kaycee ,Brett are not gonna last..
    I’d forgotten how much Scottie talks…he never shuts up!!

  61. Malia

    KC is definitely sick…Brett is hurting…never seen the boy so quiet. Hay is quiet but she looks very pensive like she is running through the last couple months in her head. This might not be one of those *let’s make a deal and get this over quick* comps…I hope not anyways ( my fingers are moving faster than auto correct so please excise the spelling errors.) Circling faster now.

  62. Tinkerbell

    Interesting that Grodner’s little pet, HayWhore, has very little slimy crap being shot on her. Very clean hair or face. The rest look like they are covered in blood. Pretty obvious they are taking it easy in the princess brat.

    Scotti, STFU. I forgot how much I hated hearing him say – Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. Weird!

    Kaycee lost her guts several times. I’m feeling the same just watching.

    JC being shorter in stature, I would have thought he would have lasted longer.

    Sam down.

  63. danmtruth

    With Angela as HOH your not getting that annoying cheerleading like Scottie during the tree comp
    Sam down Talking about needing to throw up

  64. Malia

    Hay seems to be using the ballet trick of picking a focal point to focus on and whip that head around to help with dizziness. Ty very quiet…even Scottie is quiet now that sped up some. They all look alike they are part of a.horror movie with all.of that pie filling ir ketchup on them. SAM IS DOWN…and sick.

  65. Sassy

    Was that Haha and Ty singing the high school musical song?

  66. Avatar

    Brett seems to be getting the worst of it

  67. danmtruth

    Scottie out miss timed standing up went into a big spin for a few trips around then when he gained control stood up and slipped and sat on his disc He is out

  68. Malia

    Of those left….KayCee, Brett and Ty…very sick very quiet. Scottie and Hay look/appear strong with Hay quiet and Scottie Mr. chatty Kathy.

  69. Avatar

    Did anybody catch when bay & rock told Scottie remember what the plan is

  70. Colby

    L6 is good if they can outlast Haho, but she looks pretty good right now.

  71. Malia

    KayCee threw up again but seems to have reviewed her somewhat as she is now yelling Let’s Go!!

  72. Avatar

    There is such a difference between the lack of stuff dripping on Ha’s head, hair, face, arms, and the huge amount on everyone else’s. Really obvious.

  73. FW aka CY

    Just gotta get Haileigh out, now. If she does win, what do you think the chances are she will turn on Scottie thinking she can suck up to the others that way? That would be a classic Fouette move.

  74. Helen

    Come on HaiHo..drop….

  75. Avatar

    It’s like watching the manipulation/orchestration by the administrators of the Hunger Games.

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  77. danmtruth

    If hay drops next TY will go soon after Let Bret or KC have there first HOH

  78. danmtruth

    Bret down oh well

  79. FW aka CY

    **sticking pins in the hands and ass of my Haileigh voodoo doll.* Drop, bitch! Drop!

  80. Malia

    Ok… irritated at Sam. Stop feeling bad for them. They are living their dream being on BB. These are supposed to be hard….but they are there doing it.

  81. Sassy

    Awe! Brett’s down.

  82. FW aka CY

    Make Tyler earn it again. He’s been coasting. Reawaken his competitive spirit.

  83. Tinkerbell

    This comp is a set-up for HayWhore to win. No doubt about it. I hope she loses her damn guts asap. Sam STFU!!

  84. danmtruth

    Hay has yet to shut down has stood and just done small knee bends she looks the most comfortable

  85. Sassy

    They have been hanging on for 50 minutes now. KC does NOT look good!!

  86. Helen

    Got a bad feeling that biotch has been set up to win….

  87. Tinkerbell

    Anyone without feeds, the comp is on BBAD.

  88. Malia

    That is TRUE GRIT keeping KC on there!

  89. Sassy

    Angela looks REALLY nervous. She has to know if Haha wins, she’s definitely OTB.

  90. Malia

    Hay finally showing signs of struggle…not enough but some!! This comes down to who wants it more!

  91. Avatar

    Cleanest one in there & hardly spinning, welcome to production help

  92. Malia

    Oh No…Kaycee down. All hopea on Ty now.

    • Malia

      If Scottie reconnects with Ty…it is possible that the two of them can flirt their way to getting Sam or JC out of the house. Yep…must be Sams voice…cause when KC cheers them on..doesn’t bother me. It just sounds more genuine!

  93. danmtruth

    DAMM KC down TY and HaHo now

  94. Sassy

    Haha complaining about her neck and her arms are shaking.

  95. FW aka CY

    Are they going to start shooting at Tyler with a pellet gun, now? Offer Hayho a stunt double to stand in for awhile? Sheesh.

  96. Tinkerbell

    The others have to be pissed that HayWhore was favored in the slime shootings. Bitch, FALL!, Sam STFU!!

  97. Avatar

    She is not being hit nearly as often or as hard as the rest have been. and not spinning like they have Tyler

    • TerryD

      Rose, I noticed that too! No wonder they don’t show these HOH comps to the masses on the live show. I’m sure everyone who tuned in on the live feeds and POP saw that though.

  98. Avatar

    I am so irritated by the manipulation of this ‘contest’

  99. Tinkerbell

    Come on Tyler, don’t let that little piss ant Grodner’s favorite win. Slam her on the pie!

  100. Sassy

    It’s been an hour, this is amazing!! No deal talking, obviously, they both know it wouldn’t be honored anyway.

  101. Tinkerbell

    Geeeeeez, they slam Tyler on the pie, and he spins like crazy. Not the wench!! She’s solid, shit!!

  102. Avatar

    If she had had the same hits as Tyler, she would be off

  103. Painter1

    They figure Hay would be good Tv

  104. FW aka CY

    Aren’t people railing on Twitter about this? No flack reaching CBS?

  105. Seattle Kari

    Okay I couldn’t go to sleep until I knew what was happening. how obvious do they need to make it that they are favoring Hailey?

    What the hell!!?? Maybe everybody needs to start pissing a bitch at CBS and Big Brother start writing letter saying what kind of obvious bullshit this is and they’re going to stop watching if they don’t stop??

    • mm22

      The jury battle back favored fessy so I’m
      not surprised this one favors Haleigh!
      CBS what u gonna do when your prince
      n princess are booted out if the castle..huh?

  106. Avatar

    L6 outlasted Production again

  107. danmtruth

    Sorry guys I see both getting hit both missing the pie
    Hay hit she is down TY WINS

  108. Sassy

    I honestly don’t think the pie hits one harder than the other, it just sounds harder when it hits Ty because he’s bigger than her.

  109. Tinkerbell

    HayWhore down!!! Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!

  110. Malia

    Hay struggling now hard. Far more covered.in goo now. She is up.and down a lot. This is Ty comp to win now for me. Hay looks like she is having g a serious mental struggle now. She is breathing very hard. I think she is done. I haven’t seen ty in awhile. Seems cams are focused on her. ..but she’s not looking good to me.


  111. Helen

    Hallelujah…the biotch is down for the count!!!!!!

  112. Avatar


  113. Avatar

    I believe Tyler deserves to win this game and KC deservies America’s vote

  114. Avatar

    I really do know how to spell deserve

  115. ladycobra

    Dancing a jig as hard as I can dance.

  116. danmtruth

    Hay and SCOTTIE ???

  117. FW aka CY

    That’s Great! Way to Go, Ty! Now, show you really know how to play big brother and put up Angela and KC. (I know – it’ll never happen. It’ll be a slow, steady lope to the end.) Ok – Morpheus calls. Thanks and be well, good peeps.

  118. TerryD

    I was waiting for Hay to try to work a deal w/Ty when they were the last two up there. Guess she knew the deck was stacked against her. Good try Hay

  119. Patrick

    Hayleigh: Could you hit me a little harder next time. Give me all you got….. bam.

  120. Seattle Kari

    O!M!G!!!! Yes yes yes yes YES!!!! Thank you Tyler! Thank you now PLEASE get rid of that little bitch!

    Goodnight BBJ’s!

  121. Painter1

    Hay did out last all the others, I don’t think L6 thought she would be that tough. Why I was thinking she should have been evicted. She is tough and smart, well smarter than Fessy.

  122. JD

    Now we can all rest easy and go to bed wake up joyous. For those of us on the L4 going to be tough on Ty choosing and showing his loyalty but he’s safe this week. Maybe not double E though. Goodnight my fellow BBJ’s. Thank you Steve for the late update.

  123. danmtruth

    L4 stick to the plan get Hay and Scottie OTB one needs to go

  124. Colby

    Guess that will teach her to smart off to production and tell them to hit her harder next time.
    Yay, Tyler. He had to hang because he knew she would have put him up.

  125. mona77450

    Tyler is so scared to get blood on his hands, no telling who he puts up. I wouldn’t be surprised if JC is going on the block.

    • Mello_One

      I think Tyler is getting sick & tired of JC’s shenanigans about right now anyway…JC keeps pushing him to put up Angela, & KC, and Tyler keeps saying, “Its Too Early,” which reminds me of Andy from BB15 with Amanda.

  126. Sassy

    That was grueling!!! I want to go on the record and say, I do not think the comp was rigged in ANY way. They all had periods where they spun a lot and time where they didn’t. The pie slap sounded harder on the bigger hg, but I think that is body mass. As far as the stuff squirting, Haha positioned herself well when going around. She stood most of the time and the crap missed her face. That was smart in her part. She also picked an object to stare at, like a ballet dancer that spins. They were spinning in a large circle, while their ropes spun in different directions. I can’t believe KC was the ONLY one that threw up. There were tikes, I looked away because I was getting dizzy sitting on my couch. L4 and Haha did an amazing job!!

    I’m glad Ty won, because I did not want to see another Haha HOH, but I would have preferred KC or Brett to win! Time for the rest of L6 to pull some weight!

  127. danmtruth

    new avatar in honor of TY staying strong int the HOP club

  128. Mello_One

    Tyler maybe should have thrown the Comp to Hay, because he won’t be allowed to play in one of the Double Evictions next week.

    • dfdsgs

      Won’t matter if he was OTB this week and went home

    • dfdsgs

      Also he is pretty solid with everyone but Haleigh and possibly Scottie (even though he said when coming back in he wants to work with Tyler). So if they get one of those two out the first HOH of next week if it is a double should be alright for him and it allows him to play in the second. I think the second is the more important one since the lack of time to think and discuss leads to unexpected outcomes.

  129. Helen

    Hai Ho and Scottie already look like they are together…sitting on the stairs…HaiHo kissing Ty’s azz….you looked so good up there…put them both on the block Ty…it’s time for you to do some of the dirty work instead of letting Angela do it….

  130. dfdsgs

    Scottie is already all over Haleigh. Looks like she will have to pick the lapdog (Scottie) or go for the chase (Brett). Amazing that it took all of 5.minutes for Scottie to fall back under her spell even with the knowledge of her and fessy now.

  131. Malia

    Tyler has F2’s with everyone! He is going to have to show his cards this week. I don’t think he will out any alliance with L6. I see him putting up Scottie and Hay….with sam as a POV replacement.

  132. Painter1

    Ty has to put Hay and Scotty up that is the least blood route.Hay to finish off the Hive and Scotty because everyone knows the returning hg needs the go back up.

  133. danmtruth

    2:38 IN Chicago need to sleep or family will have me committed Cant wait to read what happens the rest of the night Hope TY gets the photo of his dad that he hope for

  134. Helen

    Haleigh complaining about Sam to everyone…first to Kaycee,now Angela and Brett….
    Please…send her to jury house with her boyfriend!! She told Fessy she didn’t want to be in the house without him…well..we could do without her there too!!
    She’s mad because Sam was cheering on Ty at the end….duh..girl,you don’t like Sam and Sam don’t like you…why would she cheer you on to win?

  135. Tinkerbell

    Why does Angela still have her hooker heels on from the live show?! Give it a break Chick!

    Brett in kitchen talking about how he was completely covered from head to toe, and goo in his eyes. It’s obvious he isn’t happy about how easy HayWhore had it. Of course she pipes up and talks about how hard she hit the pie. Well bitch, you did ask for it. Tyler, put her ass up. Let’s send her out this week. Her prison guard can’t wait to have sex with her in the jury house. Several days ago she had “the shot” in the DR. In preparation to play house, in the jury house.

  136. CY aka FW

    Why is Failface’s picture stilll in color? Monochromize the moron!

  137. HappyHippo

    Love to wake up to Tyler as hoh! Right before he walked out to reveal his hoh room you could hear 2 guys that weren’t hgs say who are the noms gonna be and the other guy said prob hay and Scottie and he said but I know will talk more about it then it cut to fish….sloppy production this year lol

  138. Avatar


    Last night out of curiosity I did a Google search for Fessy Fitness just to see what his App was because I didn’t understand. I mean, I didn’t get it. Tyler looks to me to be in better shape and Brett looks more buff to me. I saw some reports that Big Brother fans have been trashing his App in Google reviews and the like, and reports are it has really hurt his business already. I never thought anything like that could happen, I was surprised to see that was going on, I imagine he will be, and to discover that his negative showing on Big Brother had such a negative impact on his business ventures outside of the show – I guess maybe he never stopped to think of that either.

    I mean, the simple fact that even if he had won the show and had carried himself with nothing but class and grace the whole season could have been enough to earn himself haters right? For every nine people that love you, someone is going to hate you, but if you act like how he acted? And you’re trying to promote yourself to gain exposure for a business venture like an App? The guy wasn’t just Big Brother game dumb, but…..

    I know, just like Wheel of Fortune or something, it’s so easy to sit on my couch and criticize someone’s game, but when you go on a show like this and your end game is wanting to promote yourself for an outside business venture? Even how he talked to Hayleigh when he was tired or frustrated, they say hindsight is 20/20, I bet there’s a LOT he wishes he could do over, no just his HOH, or the comps.

  139. CY aka FW

    Who did Hay snoozle with last night? What new atrocity or indignity did El Pervertido de poco commit upon his fellow inmates?

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