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Big Brother 20 – HoH Competition Round 2 Results

Good evening, everyone!


Round 2 is in the books which means we’re about 99% sure of what will happen on Wednesday night regarding the final 2. Who will actually win from those two is going to be a big discussion all week but we know – for now.

Kaycee unsurprisingly won the second round of the HoH competition which means JC has zero control of his fate at this point. Kaycee and Tyler will face off in almost certainly the scales competition where they’re pretty even in that style. I’d probably put it at as close to a 50/50 result at there can be, although I’d give Tyler the slight edge, so maybe 60/40 Tyler.

Regardless of who actually wins the comp, as of right now the chances of them taking each other are very, very good. If it happened tonight, Tyler and Kaycee would be the final 2 guaranteed. However, there is still a few days of thinking that they need to do and that extra 0 added to the end of the prize money is a big difference from second to first. I discussed who I thought would win in each situation, and you can read my reasons why here, but right now Tyler is my favorite to win the season. He’ll have an easier time winning if he takes JC to the end, but I still do think he can beat Kaycee.


If the house doesn’t respect Tyler’s influence in the early season that completely set the tone and changed the course of the season when his alliance needed it most, they’ll be known as more bitter than some of the more recent seasons.

Summary –

  • Week 1 – He flipped Kaitlyn to vote out Steve which was a big shot to FOUTTE in terms of numbers
  • Week 2 – He convinced Kaitlyn to then re-nominate Swaggy so his alliance can vote him out
  • Week 5 – He was influential in getting the votes to keep Brett over Rachel
  • Week 7 – He saved Kaycee or Angela by winning the hacker comp and nominating Rockstar

Those moves completely changed the outcome of the game as keeping the numbers in week 1 then getting Swaggy out then keeping Brett and Angela/Kaycee set the tone for the massive winning streak L6 then went on to peg off the rest of the Hive

Now, I say all this not to kiss Tyler’s ass or because I’m a fan. I’m not really a fan of anyone. I actually try to be neutral as best I can and bash everyone the same if they do stupid moves or credit them when they do good moves. I’m more than happy to see JC, KC, or Tyler win this season because they’ve all played well enough to deserve a win. 3 completely different style games from the bloody hands of Tyler to veto queen Kaycee to JC’s manipulation and spying.


My point to bring up Tyler’s game is because he has the resume to win if he words it right and this is something Kaycee may want to be aware of if she is planning on remaining loyal.  If she wins the final round of the HoH competition and takes Tyler, that could be a Codylike $450,000 decision. Of course, she very well may win over Tyler, but her odds are much, much greater if she’s sitting next to JC because her social game was just so much stronger than anything JC really brought to the season.

Needless to say, Kaycee is in a tough spot because it really is difficult to throw an entire season of loyalty down the tubes on the final night of the season. As mentioned above, Cody was in the same situation as he won 3 veto comps late in the season to go along with his 3 hoh wins. He will forever be known as the guy who gave up nearly half a million dollars but he’s still overall liked by the fans and could probably do another CBS show if he wanted.

Kaycee has two options if she wins. Look like a scumbag and easily win half a mill or go down swinging and hope to convince the jury her social game was more effective than Tyler’s overall season.

Personally, I’ve vote for Tyler to win if sitting in the jury and I don’t think I’m alone.


(note – I also would have picked Paul in BB18 and BB19 so what do I know?)


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  1. Joy

    Thanks Steve! Always enjoy your point of view and honesty.

  2. NKogNeeTow

    THERE YOU ARE! I’ve been waiting exclusively for THIS! (Kari reference…lol). I knew you would bring it Steve!

    I also agree with you about Paul. I know I was in a minority but I did want Paul to win. Not because of the way he played, because I hated how he played last year, but he worked his ass of for it. I just didn’t appreciate the way he went about it, which made me not mad that Josh won.

  3. Lindsay1973

    Go Tyler…I love KC but Tyler was the one making the moves for the alliance that got them as far as it did.He also had to deal with the two crazies Kaitlyn and Sam…no make that three,he has put up with a lot of harassment from JC as well

  4. danmtruth

    TY can live with himself losing to KC He just cant stand thinking of losing to JC
    NK glad to be spending bed time with you like early TY & Angela just talking

  5. NKogNeeTow

    Now, back to the business at hand….

    Tyler is in the kitchen eating cereal. KC still in the DR. JC comes in still complaining to Tyler. He is disgusted. They joke a little about RS. Tyler tells him he’s going to shower and to just stay positive. JC says he is positive, he’s just ready for this to be over. He says let the final be tomorrow because he can’t take this sh*t anymore.

    Tyler leaves for a shower while JC just sits there in the kitchen. Tyler comes back and tells JC to finish off the champagne because the sugar will get him drunk, then leaves again for the bathroom.

    The house is quiet. KC in DR; Tyler in the bathroom; JC sitting at the kitchen island looking forlorn. His brain is clearly working overtime. *Probably trying to come up with ways to convince KC to pick him, which we all know is as good as a snowball’s chance in hell*

    I’ll let you know when something else happens. For now, as long as they are all separated, all is quiet on the western front.

  6. danmtruth

    have they shut down the HOH I don’t even see JC using the shower up their I understand he does not want to sleep alone but still they never go up their

  7. Tinkerbell

    Thanks so much, Steve. NK was exhausted being all alone with the crazies. Speaking of myself only.

    I don’t know how JC is going to stay there four more days. He is about ready to flip his lid right now. Stick a fork in him, he’s done. If/when Tyler and KC tell him their plan, he will turn into Sam. JC, I’m one of your few fans, but I know you’ve had it now…..don’t want you to lose your shit.

  8. danmtruth

    also it sounds like there were questions along with climbing the wall and JC lost by 40 sec Still he is mad
    KC as TY if they are going to tell JC they both are taking each other TY said they should just so they don’t have to listen to JC all week

  9. Colby

    Everything is now filmed for the finale, and they are stuck in there for 4 more days, 3 of them with absolutely nothing to do. How boring!
    I think that is bull shit, for them. Their part is done until then just waiting on production.
    I feel bad for them. What do the possibly have left to talk about (that production will allow)?
    I know they usually give them finger paints or something, but that’s just stupid.
    They should at least let them watch a movie every day. Or if there is some copyright problem with that, they could probably let them watch a few episodes of some CBS series or something to help pass a couple of hours.

    • Tinkerbell

      Agree completely, Colby. Four more days, nothing but BS. I hope production can get their act together before next season. Doubtful. Clean house of camerman, producers, etc. No more have-nots, most ridiculous idea ever. Have comps in an adjoining area. It is seriously cruel and unhealthy to not be able to have at least a few hours of sunshine, fresh air, and outside physical activity. They are caged. It’s a game blah blah blah…..but they still need to have some of the basic human needs. BB house rules……production when rules are broken please enforce penalties. Singing, DR talk, sleeping. Waaayyyy too mich of all of those things this year. Worst ever. Enough fish, enough of Bob or whoever the heck it is. Tyler, please stop right now. Stop telling JC he will probably be AFP. He is as low in the polls as low can be. Plesse stop building him up. He’s in for a fall. Off my soapbox.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Even JC said earlier, what did Production expect them to do for the next 3 days, the 3 of them just keep talking about the same thing over and over.

  10. danmtruth

    Thy will film the dumb remember the season with brunch and Champaign

    Had to switch to the power twins of myth

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  12. Wizard

    Steve I agree with you on Ty & Paul & Paul, so sadly, we’re probably wrong like we were the last two seasons.

    • danmtruth

      yes Paul worked hard for bb18 but glad he lost BB19 I did think Josh did a better job at the end with the GBM

    • WhereisPablo

      I agree Elaine. Paul worked harder, Josh worked smarter (at the end) and deserved the win. This year I can’t imagine having to pick between Tyler and KC. They are both so deserving IMO.

      • ElaineB

        Yes, it will be nice to have two deserving players in F2. I lean towards Ty for the win at this point, because he did have a lot of ‘irons in the fire’, yet managed them. Though KC was a loyal member of L6 and turned on the veto wins, I saw her as more as ‘behind the scenes’ and Ty just took more risks.

  13. Wizard

    Do you all think Ty is going to throw the final comp to KC to force her to evict JC?

    I do feel sorry for JC, even though he has done some awful things in the house. Nobody should be ostracized by their family over their sexual orientation. As a parent, I cannot imagine doing that to my child, and I am sure it is so painful for JC, bless his heart.

    • Tinkerbell

      100 thumbs up, Wizard.

    • Joy

      but we DON’T really know the whole story…come on we have seen how he behaves..he tends to shove things in people’s face..I’m sure he is sad about not having a connection with his family but it is possible that it’s his fault…..

      • NKogNeeTow

        That could also be true Joy.

      • Colby

        Joy, we think alike. I just posted pretty much the same thing right after you did, but before I saw yours.

      • feltso gudinya

        i love my family unconditionally………my gay son is my kindest dearest creation and the pride and joy of my life…..i’ll bet religion is the problem, along with an unhealthy dose of machismo………..stop victim blaming now…

      • Ann

        I’ll bet your son feels that special kind of love for you too felts. I told you guys the story about my gay brother & I don’t love him any less or different than I love my other brothers & sisters. As a matter of fact, I probably love him more because of the crap that he & other gay people have to deal with from the narrow minded idiots who treat them as if they have a highly contagious disease. If one of my children came to me & told me he/she was gay, I would not care because my babies are my life & I love them with every inch of my heart & soul no matter what. I went through a lot for my brother because I love him & if I had to do it all over again I would not change a thing. Love is love & you can’t change that.

      • feltso gudinya

        it’s easy to make careless or flippant remarks when u lack the experience with or the emotional maturity for knowing what u r talking about…..u and i r about as different as two people can be, yet since we met last year we have always understood and respected each other…have a wonderful and exciting year ann………felts will be thinking of u…..

      • mm22

        Ann n Felts I love the sweet
        things u wrote about your
        families n each other
        it put a smile on my face

    • NKogNeeTow

      For that much money, I wouldn’t leave my fate in someone else’s hands and throw a competition at this point. Julie has always told them to expect the unexpected. KC and Tyler promised each other they would take each other to the F2. But they never said anything about handing each other the game. All of them knew that no matter how far they went together, at some point they would have to play for themselves. This is it. For either one of them, it will come down to, do you want to remain loyal and take a chance at losing $500K or do you break ties for a chance at winning $500K?

      • Colby

        The thing is that they think they could lose to JC with a bitter jury because they both have ‘blood on their hands’ (I hate that phrase), and he does not.
        Except for evicting Angela, which probably made many of them happy.
        I don’t think either one of them would throw the final comp.

    • LO1004

      I think it would be the dumbest move in BB history if anyone throws round 3 on finale night. If he does that, he deserves to lose imo.

    • Colby

      I feel sorry for him too, if that is really the reason for the estrangement. That is his side of the story, but he is an ass in the way he treats / talks to people. Who knows the whole story?
      But no matter the reason, he doesn’t deserve to win the game or AFP over sympathy for his personal situation any more than RS did just because she has kids.

    • FW aka CY

      Whiz – I can’t imagine that either, frankly. I’m sure there is much, much more to that story.

  14. danmtruth

    WIZARD that is true about JC and his family But not part of this game

  15. NKogNeeTow

    JC is being a Bitter Betty in the house about the final comps, which makes me hope he won’t be the same in Jury. I like JC, but when he’s in his petulant child phase, it’s not so cute.

    • LO1004

      I think this is why they need to tell him about their f2 sooner rather than later. If they spill on eviction night, he’ll vote as a hater. If they give him time to digest it, Tyler might still get his vote.

    • Colby

      Yes, poor thing. He is whining that he will have to get a job if he doesn’t win. And he doesn’t want to get a job!

      • FW aka CY

        What about his gig at the Chartreuse Chupacabra? Did they give his pole time away to another… member of the vertically challenged LGBTM FON cotillion? Those bitches!

      • Joy

        You are talking about Tyler right??? Somewhere maybe BBAD he said he doesn’t want to have to get a job/work. I think Tyler thinks he is too pretty to have to work maybe it’s his age or whatever but he avoids work like filling up the ice cube tray that he empties….

      • Colby

        Nope, that was what JC was saying.

      • FW aka CY

        Hey, Life Guarding can be a bitch!

        The link goes to a clip that’s like, 20 minutes long, but it’s pretty funny. To me and my sense of humor, at least. Be warned.

      • NKogNeeTow

        OMG Joy, I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed that about Tyler and his allergic reaction to refilling the ice trays. When there were more people in the house, he would empty the trays into a container then throw the empty trays back into the freezer. I think last night was the first time I’ve ever seen him refill them. It drove me nutz!

      • Colby

        There were several of them that didn’t fill the ice trays. Or would take a few pieces out and put them back instead of dumping them and filling them again. That is a pet peeve of mine. I wanted to yell at them every time they did it.

      • Joy

        NK thanks I knew you all were talking about JC but I had to take the opportunity to make that jab at Tyler. You know how you suspect something about someone but just can’t quite put your finger on it?? I feel that away about Tyler. I don’t know if it’s hidden or just hasn’t been revealed…yet…

      • feltso gudinya

        maybe jc’s family cut him off because of empty ice cube trays?……………which would make just as much sense as all your reasons….they’re horrible people…end of story….

      • Jenny

        Could be Tyler only works enough to earn money for traveling. He’s talked about moving to LA to see what opportunities are out there, and he’s been on 2 shows already. Might be looking for a career in show biz.

  16. danmtruth

    TY asking JC what his pitch to KC will be JC is just spilling it all

  17. danmtruth

    off to the land of nod

  18. NKogNeeTow

    KC still in the DR. JC and Tyler talking at the kitchen island. (Sorry, I missed a lot of what happened because I was in another part of the house).

    JC is still a little pissy but not as much and seems to be easing up. He tells Tyler that someone in the house told him to be nice to Tyler or Tyler was going to come after him. He said he couldn’t remember who.

    Tyler asks him what he’s going to say to KC. JC asks him is he had a F2 with KC. Tyler hedges and says he may have hinted at it. *This would have been the opening he was waiting for to tell him*

    Sorry, had to step away again and missed a lot of the conversation.

    JC and Tyler are still in the kitchen talking. Tyler just told JC that he’s going to have to go to the DR (next?).

    Tyler teases JC and JC laughs and tells him to stop because he’s mad. They start talking about snacks. Tyler is asking him about the things he requested in his basket.

    JC jokes and says look at all the food they’re leaving and that after starving for 3 months, they’re going to be leaving all that food.

    JC tries to convince Tyler that he tried to convince KC to take him (T). *But he previously said that if KC wins she’s not going to take him (J), so who else is left?*…Okay, I don’t know how this jumped way down here, it was originally near the top of my comment.

    Tyler says he hopes they have a lot of guest at the finale, so they can eat up some of that food. JC says he doesn’t think they can come back into the house after the finale.

    JC talks about the 40 seconds (I’m guessing that’s how much ahead KC was ahead of him). He’s in a much better mood now.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    FW, I’m not ignoring your message. I’ll send you a response later after the HG have gone to bed and I finish running up and downstairs (laundry).

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Night Dan, sleep well 🙂

  21. Avatar

    Week 7: It was actually KC that won the hacker and took herself off the block and nominated RS. KC did pick Tyler and for POV and he did win that, which cemented RS going to the jury

  22. FW aka CY

    I sent a msg? Other than the one way back when asking for the removal of that regrettable post under AIO 7’s comment, I’ve sent no msgs. Been too busy rapin’ and pillagin’ down at the 7-11.

    • NKogNeeTow

      JC goes to the dresser in the blue room, gets a lot of bandaids then puts them on a hanger. *Don’t ask, I have NO idea*

      He then puts the hanger back in the closet, pulls out the lower cubby and retrieves a pack he had hidden behind it, goes into the kitchen, then goes to use the bathroom. Just as he comes out of the bathroom, he’s called to the DR. *And Tyler is saved by the bell*

      Tyler in the bathroom, then off to the bedroom. He lays on his bed and hits KC with a pillow and tells her to wake up. She laughs and says they made it. They are still congratulating themselves and saying how they took over and it’s surreal.

      Tyler says it hasn’t even hit him yet. *Couldn’t tell that by the way they congratulate each other every chance they get*

      He asks her if she’s thinking of her speech. She says kind of. She says she’s just thinking about them being up there for part 3 and they say it doesn’t even matter because they are together and everything they said was going to happen is happening.

      She says this is always going to be out there, this show, this season. She says the whole JH probably knows by now. Tyler says JC is the only one who doesn’t know. He says they wear the same damn clothes, wear the same bandanas, she says they have the same hands, and they laugh and say, and nobody noticed. They are cracking up over this. They say they even walk alike.

      Tyler says this is the craziest season ever. She asks him if he imagined when they made that deal that it would really lead to all this. He just says “We did it, I can’t wait to look back and see this”. She says no one suspected it at all and that’s huge. *Sorry about the repetitions, but I’m telling you what they’re telling me*

      KC says this is weird. Tyler said it would be weird if it didn’t happen. She says it’s all going to make sense to Brett when they find out about them. Tyler says it will all make sense to JC too.

      Tyler is telling her that they made a mistake when they came to him and tell him that they wanted Angela and KC gone. He says nobody ever walked in on them when they met in the SR. He said Angela almost caught them but never suspected anything.

      She asks where does he think their next trip should be. She mentioned Hawaii and he says they’ll take an L6 trip there.

      KC mentions that she can’t wait to call JC out on the 2nd App. She says she just feels he has it. Tyler says he did say he (J) had it. He said JC must just want to buy them drinks (the other night, JC bet them that he didn’t have it). Tyler makes a comment about JC having it then smoothly shifts the convo to something else.

      Tyler said he just did not want to see the JH, he didn’t even want to know what it looked like. KC says they got into some tight spots but always says that everything was going to be okay and it always was and now look at them.

      Tyler says it might hit him once it happens. He says he said in the DR that it hasn’t hit him that he’s in the house or the F3. She says that every competition went really well. He said he had 1500 instagram followers before this, no telling how many he has now.

      He says this might be his last day at a lifeguard and she might not have to work as a waitress anymore. She said she had thought about becoming a bartender. He said that might be fun.

      She says they’re going to have a lot of memories of the house. She says they will be bonded for life. She says it’s hard to believe they’ve been in there 96 days. He says it seems so long ago when he woke up the first time in the HOH.

      They say they are so ready to go. He says let’s just do this tomorrow. She says let’s just get out of here. He says he honestly hopes there is a little bit of doubt in her head just so he can show her that he’s serious about taking her to F2 if he wins. She says she was wondering if sometimes he doubted her. He says no.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Yeah, that’s the one Smartass 😛

  23. Seattle Kari

    I looked at the instructions for changing the profile photo. I deleted my old photo. In fact I thought I deleted the one that is still showing. More than once.

    I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t even see a save button as soon as I click crop photo it says that it’s been changed. But you still see the old photo here but not the new one I tried to add unless you look at my profile picture.

    It looks like there’s been a lot of changes made to the area where your update your profile picture? Anyway, I don’t know, it doesn’t matter.


  24. ElaineB

    Wheeee WTG KC in Round 2! Am hopeful for a L6 F2, so those nimrods of the Hive/FOUTTE/F**k Up Crew will have to vote for a certified member of that alliance. Between the two of them, I am okay with either for the win. I do give credit to Ty for putting up with Kait, Sam (talking them off the ledge numerous times,) and bless him for keeping good humor with JC throughout the whole season.

  25. leafhopper

    It sounds like – although against the rules – KC and TY have made plans to use the $$ together. They referenced the total sum ($550k), traveling the world together, T & K forever, etc perhaps they have made bigger plans with this F2, they have had since day 1 to figure it out. Angela is a smart business woman who is familiar with investmenting/investments etc. there could be a lot more to this threesome than we originally thought.

  26. NKogNeeTow

    KC still in the DR.PJC and Tyler still talking in the kitchen. JC runs down all the athletic people in the house: KC, Tyler, Rachel, Brett, Hay, Angela and Fessy.

    JC then runs down the people from last season: Paul, he was good; Christmas, had a broken leg; Kevin, he was like 85; Mark and Elana, a no-no; Matt, strong but didn’t win anything; Raven, Cody, Jessica,Cameron; Ramses, could have been his boyfriend

    KC comes in from the DR and says she’s cold and hungry. They tell her she’s been in the DR for like 3 hours. KC wants to eat junk food. Tyler says he just brushed his teeth. JC and KC tell him these are the last few days in the house so to live it up.

    JC starts to sing but gets no warning. We get fish. JC yells “SAY IT BOB SAY IT”. We get fished again and when they come back Tyler tells JC “He said it so you have to do it”. Bob must have said it.

    They talk about leaving the house. JC says no more jail time. He says the house is like being in prison in a foreign country. KC says it’s their last night there (Do they think Finale is tomorrow?).

    KC says she can’t wait to go to football games. Tyler says he can’t either. She says they can have barbques while they watch the games. Tyler says they’ll take JC to some tailgate games and get him drunk.

    JC says that he doesn’t understand the games so why should he go. Tyler tells him not to worry, to just yell and scream when they yell and scream. JC starts singing again and we get fished again.

    They start talking about fruit. Tyler mentioned a prune and JC asks what’s a prune. Tyler swears at KC because he’s eating so much junk food. JC yells “house meeting”, and they all laugh.

    Not much going on. Just intermittent chat between silence. They start putting away the food. JC starts singing again, gets warned by Bob. We get fish. He sings again, gets warned again, we get fished again.

    JC yells at Bob to have his fun tonight because tomorrow he won’t be able to tell him sh*t. *They think that Sunday is their last day* Tyler says if not tomorrow, then maybe Monday or Tuesday.

    JC is singing again….fish.

    KC says they don’t do much in there. JC says they don’t do much but what they do is important. KC goes to brush her teeth.

    Feeds return and JC is laughing with Tyler about when somebody (didn’t hear who) was nominated and the look on Bay and Fessy’s faces.

    KC is talking about her eyebrows are out of control. She asks them if they are going to bed or pulling an all nighter. JC says he’s going to bed. Tyler said he’s trying to wait until after he goes to DR.

    KC is telling them how many Advil she’s had today and she needed to take some more. JC tells her he thought she was going to kill herself on all those pills. She says she has a headache, but after they count how many she’s taken, she decides not to.

    JC sings again and we get fished. KC tells everyone and Orwella goodnight. JC says he’s going to brush is teeth then go to bed. KC thought he said he was going to brush his tits…lol

    KC goes to bed; Tyler gets called to the DR; JC brushing teeth.

    JC goes into the bedroom, sits on the bed and tells KC he definitely thinks the comp will be tomorrow. She says she guesses they’ll find out tomorrow. He wants to talk, she wants to sleep.

    He sits there quietly then says he really doesn’t want Angela to hate him after the game. She says she doesn’t think she will. He said he was nice to her in his GBM. He asked her if she was bitter in her GBMs, she says no.

    He sits there in silence while she again tries to go to sleep. He starts to sing, then shuts up. *I give that a hot minute*.

    Since no one else is in the house, JC has become the Haleigh of the vertically challenged. He’s either following Tyler around or KC, which neither of them wants. They have to sneak in conversations and congratulations whenever and wherever they can. *Just an observation to kill time*

    KC is asleep (?), JC is just sitting very quietly on the end bed. He clears his throat loudly but she doesn’t respond so he continues to sit in silence. *I kind of feel sorry for him…I’ll feel sorry for Tyler too when he gets out of the DR because JC is going to talk the sh*t out of him*

    Poor little fella, he looks like he’s the last person in the world.

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  28. NKogNeeTow

    For some reason, the update after the one posted 2:35 am, posted higher up (time 3:09 am). I’m not sure why it posted out of sequence.

  29. Seattle Kari

    Sometimes you just gotta say fuck it and go with it…

    *WAY to amused with myself and giggling like a two year old*

    PS. FW/C, all you have to do to change your name is go into your settings on your profile and then click edit.

    I promise I’ll put it back to normal tomorrow.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Tyler tells KC that JC is going to be more pissed at him if he wins. He tells her what he will say in his speech to JC. He says if he wins, he’ll lay it all out to JC. He says JC thinks he’s going to take him. She asks him if he told JC he was going to take him. He says no, he’s been very vague.

    He tells her he asked JC what he was going to tell KC because he doesn’t expect him not to argue his reason to take him. They both think that no matter what, he’s going to be mad. Tyler says JC says he’s been stressed out since F6. She says at this point it doesn’t even matter. Tyler says that JC is going to start throwing out anything and that he’s already started. He tells her about JC telling him in the bathroom about his dream.

    Tyler says that JC keeps telling him that he (T) can beat her. She says she can’t wait to see his face when he finds out she and Tyler have had a F2 since day 1. Tyler says JC asked him if he made a F2 or 3 with her.

    Tyler says that JC is just trying to piece things together. *Forgive me, I don’t know how many different ways I can keep typing the same things, but that’s what’s going on at the moment*

    Tyler says poor Angela. KC says poor Angela, she’s going to be fine. Tyler said it was going to have to happen anyway (talking about her being voted out). They lay there silently for a moment then Tyler says ‘God I hope it’s tomorrow”. She says “I know dude”, then cracks her knuckles.

    My computer froze and when I refreshed, the lights were out and KC and Tyler look like they are asleep. Not sure if JC is out of the DR or not, but I’m thinking no or else he’d be talking.

    This might be it for the night. If so, then have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  31. Avatar

    In Week 7, Kaycee won the hacker comp and took herself down. It was her first win of the season. Tyler didn’t win it.

  32. Avatar

    Steve, I have read all season and loved it! You gave Tyler credit for winning the hacker comp week 7 and he didn’t. He won the veto and used it on Angela. Kaycee won the hacker comp and saved a member of level 6 that week. Thanks for a great summer of big brother spoilers!

  33. Avatar

    Are first and second place eligible for America’s favorite this year?

  34. feltso gudinya

    clumsy 1950’s lesbian pulp fiction…..what’s not to like…the film will star liz scott and be directed by douglas sirk…..

  35. Shivani33

    BB Junkies, new thread.

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