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Big Brother 20 – JC’s Game

Good morning. Part 2 of the hoh comp was played yesterday and Steve covered it in the previous thread if you missed it. There will be a little conversation about it below when I go over what was discussed in the house so if you’re avoiding spoilers, consider this the warning. I’m recycling pictures of the hg’s, partly because I painted my office yesterday and only took a couple and because this may be my favorite image of JC. (The tutu and the one of him wearing Kaitlyn’s pink dress with heels are close 2nds)


Feeds Yesterday:

I’ll go over JC’s game this season but before I do, there were a few things talked about yesterday. Most of it was chit chat and the only game related talk was JC making sure he had F2’s with Tyler and KC and KC & Tyler telling each other what JC was saying. (the usual F3 stuff) We could tell when Angela left that Tyler was sincere in wanting to go to the end with KC. Part 1 and 2 of the comp sealed the deal because JC lost yesterday and only by about 40 seconds. There was never a question over who KC wanted to take so unless JC can come up with something new and amazing, he’ll be the 9th and final juror. Coast to Coast is the only F2 Tyler named so that should’ve been a clue for us about his choice. Tyler is still playing JC and telling him to stay positive that Tyler will win part 3. I should point out that JC has asked Tyler more than once if he has a F2 with KC.


JC was upset over losing part 2 as anyone would be. He thinks it all comes down to Tyler now and he’s nervous because he doesn’t have that much faith in Tylers intelligence. (NK covered much of the conversation from last night in the comments on the previous thread) Basically, JC’s irritated, nervous and going stir crazy in the house. He’s told Tyler how to play BB, gone over season 19 and said they were in this mess because Tyler wouldn’t split up KC and Angela when JC said they should. There were lots of jokes about Tyler loving Angela. JC said he doesn’t think Tyler was stupid enough to fall for Angela for real because she’d just drop him after the show. JC also thinks he and Tyler will get an apartment together soon. They’ve actually been very funny with the back and forth except we know what’s really going on so it’s a bit awkward too.

JC was annoyed part 2 of the comp was mental and physical. He said they don’t do it that way and didn’t think it was fair they did it this year. Tyler said he’d tried to tell JC it would be both but he didn’t believe him. (True. JC was a know it all and insisted Tyler was wrong)

KC and Tyler congratulated each other whenever JC wasn’t around. KC thinks they should go ahead and tell JC about their F2. Tyler is stalling and said he was afraid of things JC might say. KC asked “what could he say?”


I didn’t know (or have forgotten) that Sam was really mad when the guy came in the house to yell at Rachel for her crap app. They talked about Sam yelling at him and thinking she was going to get in a fight over it. They didn’t know why she couldn’t understand it was part of the show and he was just doing his job. It sounds like Sam was an even bigger pain in the ass than we realized.

JC’s Game: 

JC isn’t getting to the F2 unless something drastically changes so I figured I’d go over his game first. This is probably a “what could’ve been important” if he’d made it there look at his game.  Whenever players get to the F3, I like to look back and see what their original strategy was before the game started. JC didn’t know much about BB and most of what he learned was from watching a few seasons in sequester. He did manage to contact Rachel Reilly and ask for tips but he completely ignored her advice so it doesn’t factor into how he played. She told him to win a bunch of comps. (Rachel’s always thought if you don’t win comps, you’re a floater and I’ve always thought Rachel was an idiot so…anyway.  She won comps because everyone hated her and she didn’t have a choice. She’ll never understand that even tho she won a season, one which production worked hard for her to get) Before going in, JC said his strategy was to be the funny, lovable, small guy who people would feel bad about evicting. I’m not sure he always pulled off “lovable” but for the most part, that’s exactly what he did. His entry interviews didn’t sound like he had much of a plan but he played with alot more intention and strategy than most people could who weren’t familiar with BB before they were cast. I didn’t pick him as someone who’d play well but he did.


It’s impossible to talk about JC without mentioning some of his behavior. He’s done and said things many fans didn’t approve of and I’m one of them. Did it affect his game? No. The fans may have been offended but apparently, the hg’s weren’t. I’m not making excuses for JC but I do think people need to keep things in perspective sometimes. Yes, he could be offensive but messaging CBS demanding his removal from the house was ridiculous imo. I say this because JC isn’t even close to being the most offensive hg we’ve watched play the game. Honestly, he doesn’t even make the top 10 and a couple of the top 10 won their season. I mean, come on, we’ve had a convicted drug dealer win BB who, by the way, was way more offensive than JC on his season before that even happened.

I really thought JC would get himself evicted early in the game for being so bossy and such a know it all. We see and hear more than the hg’s so it’s easy for us to think we know everything. (There’s a little JC in us too) We tend to overlook the subtleties of certain relationships and just the overall vibes people get from each other. Those things aren’t spoken so it takes being in the house to really know. I can remember times in the past someone in the F2 would be sure they had a vote and I thought they were crazy. They’d be right and afterwards explain the kind of relationship they had with that person in ways we couldn’t see so they just knew. What began happening with JC is like those situations. We saw JC doing too much but he was actually wearing people down. At first, they’d roll their eyes after he “told” them what was going on and what to do. After a while, people started to believe and trust him. He used a great mix of appearing to know what was going on with playing dumb after some of the votes. Usually, you can’t have it both ways. Being nonthreatening and bossy is a hard combination but he did it. He was also the comedy much of the time and that’s hard for people to give up. Why evict  someone who can’t win comps but entertains you when you’re bored?

JC played an impressive game but he did play himself into a corner after Fessy was evicted. He worked with Tyler from the beginning to eliminate people from both sides and make sure they continued to have two distinct sides. JC’s game started to be in trouble when Tyler wanted to hit one side repeatedly.  JC wanted to stick to the plan instead but he couldn’t win the hoh to make it happen. He didn’t lay down and he made the effort for a plan B. It was just too late by then and a little bad luck the week Brett left, didn’t help. He had a lot more influence than most players who arn’t winning comps and even some who were. We can look at his game in 3 stages.


The first 4 weeks is stage 1. That’s when he hooked up with Tyler and Fessy and both began to trust him quickly. Tyler may have been the one who got Kaitlyn to flip on her alliance but JC is the one who caused the mistrust in Foutte. Think about some of the blindsides that L6 couldn’t have pulled off without that lack of trust. JC’s vote flip started the process of Foutte never fully trusting Scottie or each other. Aside from that, JC’s vote never came up as the one who flipped during any of the weeks. Foutte spent sooooo much time on the flipped votes, they lost sight of everything else going on. JC wasn’t even a member of their alliance but they believed him over other people. Rockstar, Haleigh and Fessy were doubting each other for a time. It was also during the first 4 weeks that JC was able to keep himself from going otb DURING a ceremony. That’s never happened before. Sure, Sam was the hoh but it was still impressive. Week 4 was the first time Tyler and JC had different goals. JC became convinced Tyler was letting Kaitlyn play him and JC wanted her gone. (People have forgotten that Tyler tried to save Kaitlyn that week) He can’t take credit for Kaitlyn leaving but he was the only vote to keep her which caused even more problems and doubts with Foutte.

Stage 2 of JCs’ game was impressive too. This was when Bayleigh won the hoh and it was the first time JC could’ve easily been used as a pawn. Fessy really worked to keep JC off the block but JC put the work in with Fessy for that to happen. Haleigh and Fessys wins came next and he didn’t have to worry. This was around the time Scottie stopped trusting JC and got a little vocal about it with Haleigh. Scottie was the only person in the house thinking about going after JC around weeks 6-8. Week 7, Haleigh won and that’s the week Rockstar left. He didn’t have anything to do with getting her otb but he WAS the reason Brett claimed he voted to keep her. Since Brett is the one who made the claim, it’s easy to forget that doing it was 100% JC’s idea. They’d already had so many blindsides, L6 didn’t think there was enough people in the house to pull off one more but JC kept pushing. Brett said no at first to the plan. JC wore him down and we all know how that ended. Fessy won the next hoh and JC managed to get Scottie otb.  Brett lying about the vote mixed with JC’s insistence that Scottie was in love with Haleigh made it happen. He didn’t just talk Fessy into it, he talked Haleigh into it too. She can rewrite history all she wants but we saw it happen. The only person who wanted JC out was evicted that week.

The last stage is when JC’s game began to fall apart. He freaked out when Scottie came back in the battle back but that was short lived since Scottie went right back out. He did good work during this time and it’s when he began working on Brett. JC was paranoid over Tyler’s close ties to Angela so he began looking for a back up. At first, I didn’t think it would work because L6 was so tight and L6 didn’t fall for his BS the way Foutte did. The timing was right because Brett had been playing the lone wolf long enough that he was beginning to feel left out of L6. Even with Brett & Tyler comparing notes, JC still got Brett on board to break up Angela & KC. The reason the plan failed wasn’t because JC didn’t play it well. It’s because Angela barely beat Brett in the veto comp and if she hadn’t, we’d probably have a different end game. KC or Angela would’ve gone home if Brett had won that veto, Brett and JC controlled the votes. Sure, Tyler and Angela or KC would stay in the house but so would Brett and a lot could’ve happened while they were fighting it out.

JC didn’t  go otb until the end of the game and when he did, he wasn’t in danger of leaving. He only won 1 comp but it’s the one that would’ve sent him home if he’d lost it.  JC’s biggest blindspot was Tyler because he didn’t ask himself why Tyler insisted on keeping Angela and KC in the house. He argued with Tyler over it alot and Tyler never gave him a logical reason. Tyler would just say “trust me.” If they really had a F2, JC’s plan was right from every angle but he either didn’t see it or didn’t want to see it. By the time JC figured out he couldn’t completely trust Tyler, it was too late. Now he’s left with hoping Tyler and KC don’t have a F2 so we’ll see JC become the last juror on Wednesday.


Based on the format BB uses now, I don’t have the same expectations for the last juror as I do the others. If they’re pissed off or shocked, they don’t really have time to process it and get over it like the others. It’s the one vote that I excuse if it’s based on anger or limited information. They don’t participate in the jury discussion and even though they hear the F2 answering a few questions, sometimes they’re still spinning from what just happened. I’m not sure they’re really processing what the F2 are saying about why they should win. JC tends to get mad and pout easily so he could vote for KC to win when Tyler betrays him. He could also vote for Tyler since he has a massive crush on him but I’m not leaning that way. If Tyler is the one who does it, JC will feel like Tyler took 50k away from him and I don’t know if curly blonde locks are enough to get over that in an hour.

KC and Tyler may be the favorites to win but I do think it’s possible JC could’ve had the votes to win if he was in the F2. Sure, he would take credit for things he didn’t do but the things he did accomplish are impressive and so is the way the jury could choose to see him.  The week Brett left is the only week he didn’t know what was going to happen. He made it almost all season without going otb. He made it to the F3 and only had to win one comp to do it. He won the F4 hoh which ruined the plans of the remaining three L6 members who had been dominating the comps. Sometimes jurys like the underdog, which he was while going against those three and this jury may have loved a L6 member to lose. In a way, if a L6 member doesn’t win, in their minds, they didn’t lose as badly. JC also has a compelling personal story too. Depending on how the final jury questions went, I could definitely see a JC win.

  • Bayleigh- probably not but you never know. She doesn’t want to give credit to L6 and I think if she had an excuse, she’d vote against Tyler, not KC tho.
  • Rockstar- I don’t care what she said in the jury segment about Tyler, she isn’t giving the win to a straight, white, rich privileged male with JC sitting there. She’d give it to KC over JC tho, I’d imagine.
  • Fessy could easily vote for JC.
  • Scottie probably wouldn’t vote JC over Tyler but he could give it to JC over KC. He thinks KC did him wrong when he came back and he’d said JC was playing the best game during some interviews.
  • Haleigh- I can see her voting for all 3 of them and we don’t know what she’ll value the most or if she’s bitter. Tyler got rid of her and KC held the veto every time Haleigh was otb. She likes JC and I can see her wanting him to win just as much as the othe two.
  • Brett- He’s L6 but he’s a betrayed L6. He worked closely with JC and respected his game. Like Haleigh, another toss up but they did get close.
  • Sam- She sounded angry and she’s Sam so who knows what kind of logic she’ll use?  I could see her giving it to JC over Tyler but not over KC.
  • Angela- JC’s not getting this one ever.
  • KC/Tyler- Like JC, they could be mad at being betrayed at the end. I wouldn’t put it past either of them to give it to JC if they got cut, KC especially. I can also see them giving it to each other too. Toss up.

Those voting scenarios won’t matter because JC won be sitting at the end. I was only pointing out how it was possible for any of them to win in any F2 combination because they’ve all played well. We also have no idea what the jury will base their votes on.  JC has been a very entertaining, annoying and unique hg. I wish him well with his life, career and family. I’ve enjoyed getting to know him this summer and he gave me a lot of laughs. He played a game anyone could be proud of and I hope he’s not too crushed by losing the money….and the guy.


I’ll give you my thoughts on Tyler’s game tomorrow. Have a great Sunday!




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  1. Avatar

    Hi all. I’m new to the site. Been following now for a few weeks. Was rooting for Brett b/c he was lowest on L6 totem pole. Now I’d be happy with any of the final 3…. I’ll miss this blog when the season ends!
    As to the comments yesterday asking for high school graduation year….1986

  2. Avatar

    Also, thank you so much to Steve, Mel, NK and anyone else who kept us updated. Loved it!

  3. Joy

    Thank you Mel, like the overview and your thoughts.

  4. NKogNeeTow

    As usual, you nailed it Mel. The 3 key things you said about JC was that he was irritated, nervous and stir-crazy. It was evident last night. He was:

    Irritated with both Production, for doing the comps the way they did. He felt it was to his disadvantage and he had no chance of winning. He cursed them almost the entire night. He was irritated with Tyler because he blamed Tyler for the mess he’s in. He kept telling Tyler that if he had only listened to him, he (J) wouldn’t be in such a pickle. JC would have rather squared off against Sam than KC. Forget all that LGBT crap, he only wanted to compete against somebody he thought he could beat, and he knew that person wasn’t KC.

    Nervous because he knows there is a strong chance that KC and Tyler could take each other and leave him shut out. He’s spent the last 2 nights running back and forth between the 2 of them, trying to turn them against each other so that no matter who would win, they would take him (like you, I SERIOUSLY doubt it).

    Stir-crazy because there already isn’t anything for them to do and the last few nights, they have had less and less to talk about and more gaps in conversation. When he lost that comp last night, he was livid. He kept telling Tyler how ready he was to get the hell out of there. At one point, even mentioned that if he could he would have walked out last night, of course, as time went on, he eventually stopped saying it but you could tell by the look on his face, if he couldn’t win, he was just ready to GO!

  5. ElaineB

    Thx Mel for the in-depth look at the remaining HGs. I have not been a fan of JC throughout the whole season, so I am glad he won’t be in F2. For those that did get on the ‘JC band wagon’ I understand it. He definitely is unique and did manage to strategize with both sides. I think Tyler handled JC very well, with patience and humor. The fact that Tyler did stay steady with JC, is to Tyler’s credit, and JC’s loss. Hurt by Tyler or not, that is the way the game is played, especially in the F3.

    • Painter1

      Reason I liked JC, he ALWAYS was playing the game. He just seemed to never give up. Much of his planning was already in motion but he was on point with his plans unlike The Hive who would figure out things than second guess themselves and start over. He made it final three and like many I thought he would be out long ago.

  6. FW aka CY

    Masterfully analyzed. I had forgotten how intriguing and enjoyable I found JC at the beginning of the game. Those feelings curdled rather quickly. Can’t wait to read tomorrow’s installment. Thanks Mel!

  7. danmtruth

    Mel thanks lots to mull over JC is a strange one to nail down He was very conscious of when they were on the live show on CBS or POP At those times he was the cute little gay guy Skipping around being funny always up and happy Than on the live feeds you got to see a meaner more cruel player JC in his DR was alway talking about how stupid and easy Fessy was to influence Hard to argue with that The other thing is as much as JC felt he was running things behind the scene He was more just going along with the L6 / TY Outside of the first Scottie eviction that JC did a good job of directing I’m not sure I could say he was any more of an influence on any of the other eviction than KC or most of L6 were JC got blinded by his Owen thoughts of being in charge Trying to treat TY like he treated Fessy Not seeing the moves TY was making with Angela and KC In the end JC was his own worse enemy

  8. Avatar

    JC was not the mastermind of this season. He was insulting, rude person
    who does not deserve to be in the final three.

  9. Robin

    Thanks Mel! I found this site mid season (to my delight). A wonderful mature group… great observations, humor, music and awesome analysis! Thank you Mel, Steve and NK for the most enjoyable B.B. season since Janelle and Howey with lightsabers! (That is hard to beat) Your efforts are so appreciated. I have no disposable income, disabled for the last 15 years, but wanted to express my gratitude. Can’t wait for CBB and more time to spend with this awesome B.B. family!

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  11. Jannie

    I think there is a good chance that JC will win AFHG. Hopefully that will take a little of the sting out of coming in 3rd.
    I like JC and think that he played a good social and strategic game, but Mel is right – when Fessy left JC should have stuck to what was left of Foutte. Trusting Tyler was his biggest mistake. If Tyler wins Part 3 amd sends him to jury, I could see JC being “Tyler’s Austrailian girlfriend, Part 2.”

  12. danmtruth

    “Tyler’s Austrailian girlfriend, Part 2.” JANNIE perfect !!
    Personally never liked JC persona Just a mean self-centered person After hearing about his upbringing I felt sorry for him But it still did not excuse the way he acted and treated people To him there were no rules

  13. Tinkerbell

    I love my little bundle of JC. I’ve said many times that in the beginning I didn’t like him. He captured my heart and will have it forever. I don’t know the exact time it happened, but it did. I have loved him most of the season. This has been a major thing for me because I can make snap, and incorrect assessments when first meeting someone. My initial dislike of JC had zero to do with him being gay, ZERO. I was turned off by some of his words and actions. This season I have focused on him in the feeds, really studying him and getting to know him. I love him. He is very loving, kind, compassionate, intelligent, caring, understanding. I love to hear him talk, and how he is a sponge wanting to know what words mean in English, and then learning to speak the words. “Turtle” is probably my favorite. How funny and cute he is?! What he is not……patient. Haha. JC and Kevin are my BB favorites. I still miss watching Kevin…..and I missed going to his Thanksgiving celebration last year. Ha. I think JC played a fabulous game. He was everywhere….spying, passing along information from side to side. Way to go guy. He has the personality that allowed him to play how he did. I know people don’t agree, but I truly wish he could have won money on top of his stipend. He deserves it. He won’t get AFP, but I wish he could. Game well played, JC. You make me laugh, you make me cry, you make step back and be even more thankful for the people in my life. I’m going to miss seeing you every single day………

    • Tinkerbell

      P.S. I WILL be judgemental of JCs Dad. He’s doesn’t approve of JC being gay. I don’t remember hearing about how his Mom and other family members feel. No letters or pictures from them……and JC talking about no family at the finale – it’s pretty obvious they’re sticking together. Shame on them. If or when JCs Dad has a change of heart, he can stick it. Who could ever ever ever not love and support their child, or anyone else, for who they are. Cannot wrap my mind around it.

      • danmtruth

        Tink 2 great post Can not agree more with you about his family I do remember JC saying how close he was with his grandmother How alone he felt when she died He came to this country at an early age Starting school as a short person trying to learn a new language His father was very much into the machismo mind set that did not make things easy for JC With his father womanizing His rejecting his life style As a parent I do not understand picking personal pride over my kids happiness

      • FW aka CY

        Again. Probably we’re not getting all the story. A father surely loves his son intensely, espescially one that has “challenges.” If he hardened his heart it had to be more than just the gay thing. And, btw – my dislike of JC has very, very little to do with his sexual orientation or his dwarfism, or whatever it is. Those things just make easy handles for the whip used to excoriate him for his actions and who I perceive him to be.

      • Tinkerbell

        Thank you, Dan. I love your post. Along with JC being small in stature, he has overcome so much in his young life. He, and his story, have touched my heart. I wrote in an earlier thread that I don’t remember being tearful over a houseguest, but I do with JC. I want him to have so much love in his life, and to be surrounded by the best people to love and support him….to love JC, for JC. I agree, how could anyone not out their child and their well being first. I have two grown children, and grandchildren. I would not, and could not, ever treat them any differently for their choices. Parental love, is agape love…..unconditional, forever love.

        Now about my Christmas present. lol. As much as I would love Keith Urban in my home…….I don’t think my big burly Marine would agree. Ticks me off. He has absolutely no sense of humor. Hahahahahaha.

      • Jannie

        Tink, one of my favorite memories of the BBJ blog this summer was watching you fall in love with JC. Your “mama bear” instinct to protect him is adorable…and SWEET! 🙂
        Fire up that kitchen, your boy is coming home! 😀

      • Tinkerbell

        Awwwww, Jannie. Thank you. That’s the sweetest. I appreciate your words and thoughts, I really do. I’m sure people remember how badly I bashed him in the early weeks. I was brutal. Now I want to pack him up and give him a home. Lol. So unlike me to have such a drastic turnaround. Maybe there is still hope for me. Haha. Thanks again xo

      • danmtruth

        Tink I would never try to cause you any home life drama But just tell him it will just guaranteed a smile on your face for when HE comes home

        I Love the ,,,,,,,,,, musty I agree his orientation or family life does not excuse JC for the way he behaved I might understand where these feeling come from Yet it does not give him free rein to act like a jack-ass

      • feltso gudinya

        i just want to know when fukweed trasnsformed from atilla the hun to church-lazdy…..

      • FW aka CY

        Oh, so now it’s your panties that are in a wad? Don’t worry, I’m sure the wahmbulance will arrive shortly. I was asked if I might find it in my heart to not so voluably and violently skullfuck you each time you opened that slobbering gob and mewled for it, and as NK has been such a peach – and I really am a nice guy – I said I’d try not to be a pain in her ass. So, pull in that pouty lip,Rat Bacon boy and smell my finger. *flicks your gullible nose and applies the appropriate amount of noogies for the occasion while your skull swelters in my fetid armpit*.

      • NKogNeeTow

        The wahmbulance is here, checking the roster. That screen name doesn’t seem to be on it. Move to the back of the bus please. 🙂

      • feltso gudinya

        only rafael nadal does that………

      • FW aka CY

        What’s shampoo got to do with it?

    • danmtruth

      now I know what to get you foe Christmas Tink a life-size Keith Urban doll or a Tyler doll?

    • NKogNeeTow

      What I liked about JC is his vast array of knowledge, especially about history and all kinds of cultures; his thirst for knowledge about everything; his patriotism and love for our country.

    • stillstanding

      we all have our favs and those we can’t stand. i have alot of can’t stand this season, kait, bay, swag-chris and most of all jc. he was self-centered, cruel, arrogant, childish and never ever took responsibility for his mistakes but of course quick to point out how stupid everyone else was. we don’t really know the story of his family, but if their issue is because he is gay, that’s pretty messed up. i’ve heard parents of murderers say i hate what my son/daughter did, but still love them. i just don’t get it. killing someone is a choice, i don’t believe being gay is a choice. so while i’m glad it doesn’t look like jc will win and i think he is a jerk, i do wish him free from discrimination and hate.

  14. AIO_7

    ,….” but I truly wish he could have won money on top of his stipend.”

    He will; word is 3rd place gets $25k.

  15. Shivani33

    I think that, as of this Season, 3rd place receives $10,000, 4th $7,500 or $7,00 and 5th place get a lesser amount but can’t recall how low it is. The $25,000 for 3rd place is not accurate.

  16. Robin

    Someone asked about watching the House. I got this link on this board about a month ago. Live feed heaven. Thank you all so much for the warm welcome! I am slow to jump in, but all of you have made me feel so welcome… a warm and witty company a bit like a neighborhood pub! Lol

  17. Tinkerbell

    For JC probably around $7,500.00 after the Feds get ahold of it. Not sure how prize money is taxed by CA. I wish they would have waited until next year for the changes.

  18. Tinkerbell

    Have we ever- ever had such a natural beauty on BB, or anywhere else. KC is so stunningly beautiful. I’m in awe every time I see her, especially when they zoom in on her sweet face. She has the most gorgeous hair I have ever seen as well. The amazing thing is that she is just as beautiful on the inside. A very special young lady.

  19. Tinkerbell

    Off to my phone lines. Have a good Sunday evening peepers. Babs, love all of you xo (Hugs))

  20. Ronduh

    Hello everyone!! I’ve been following this site the past couple years but this is my first time commenting. I enjoy reading all the comments (well…most of them) This year has been so entertaining…a nice change from the last few years and especially last season. I always have favorites starting out but by the end of the season I feel totally different. I loved Sam in the beginning…now I just feel sorry for her. Couldn’t stand Brett, then I loved him, then he got annoying! Haleigh annoyed me from the get go but she at least tried after Fes (ugh) left. Baileigh and Rockstar (ugh) made me really really like Angela…i seriously don’t understand how people can like B and RS but think Angela is a bitch. I’m just rambling on but just wanted to say how much I enjoy you guys!

  21. Tinkerbell

    Welcome here, Ronduh, Great post. So happy you have joined us

    • Ronduh

      Thank you! I feel like I’ve known most of you guys forever! Haha…i love the rapport between everyone. Loving this final 3…hoping KC for the win but wouldn’t be dissapointed if either of the other 2 won

  22. Robin

    I was under the impression that Houseguests received a base pay that related to how long you were either in the house and or jury. Prize money is then awarded in addition to those earnings for top 5 (4?) on the scale mentioned above. Just an opinion.

    • Shivani33

      Everyone gets a stipend as you describe, and the prize moneys for which place – (5th, 4th and 3rd) – are a good, new addition. Plus, the $10,000 for 3rd place makes a distinction from the AFP’s $25,000. I’ve felt badly for many 3rd place winners, coming so close and then, nada for it! This is a bit of salve for that pain. For CBS, this is like offering a toothpick. Lol.

      • AIO_7

        Heck, I remember when 2nd place got zilch.

      • ladycobra

        I read somewhere that they don’t get a stipend if they come in first or second, so winning $500,000 is the most they will get paid unless they also win AFHG. Not sure if this is true or not.

      • Robin

        Shivani, I keep thinking that raising the prize money to 1M would not break ABC, but the bac of my brain screams caution. If people will lie and scream while beatingpots and pans for500K. What would happen for a Mil? B.B. in the year 2040 complete with poisoning? Lol, yes I see the future! Lol

  23. Robin

    Feeds show HG doing tye-dye, but no one knows how. Totally funny!

  24. Robin

    Where is Sam when they need her? Craft queen.. come back!

  25. danmtruth

    so nice to have so many people jumping up to say hi Nothing to fear here beside some poor grammar and spelling New points of view are always fun
    Lets get to the comps I don’t need to be reminded why we call Kaitlyn BatShitCrazy or Bay was unhinged

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  27. Mel

    I haven’t hated this episode as much as I usually do.

  28. caRyn

    This is totally off topic, but a few threads back it was mentioned again about Scottie being a virgin. I am surprised Sam isn’t. No shade. I believe it was said that things ended with her boyfriend before she entered the BB house. No doubt. Tyler had his hands full being friends with Sam. Imagine being her boyfriend.

    • danmtruth

      Sam said she cheated on her man with another A bit to much drink led the lady astray Sorry still do not buy the Scottie is a virgin thing

      • FW aka CY

        Rosie Palm doesn’t count.

      • Colby

        From things she said throughout the season, I got the impression that he was abusive and cheated on her, and that she cheated on him in retaliation.
        But I could be wrong. They always seem to switch the cameras when they tell stories involving other people.

      • caRyn

        Set aside why they broke up. I am saying can you imagine being in a relationship with someone that you have to wear kid gloves with? Even if she is 27, I would feel like I was dating a young teen if I was with her. I couldn’t.

  29. Jannie

    That damn Granny makes me laugh so hard I need some Depends. She couldn’t have been “won” by a better HG than Brett.
    When he had to push her up the stairs. And pick up her pills. Giving him a bath…I could watch that all day long. 😀

  30. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Hey BBJ fam! Sorry I’ve been on a “yatus” this summer. I’ve been back and forth out of the country attending to some family issues and haven’t been able to keep up with very much with BB this season (and I’ve been having major withdrawals!). But I’ll definitely make sure I’m here for finale night. Miss you guys and I look forward to chatting it up with you on Wednesday!

    Un abrazo fuerte,

    P.S. #RavenSTFU

  31. Vikki T

    I seem to remember that JC complained he had a disadvantage in the first round comp. Maybe I missed something or there will be more but from what was shown on the episode – I see no disadvantage. He appeared to be stretched and in the same position as KC and Tyler.

  32. LO1004

    Thinking out loud. Wednesday they have to show part 1, 2, and 3. JC’s eviction and interview. Jury roundtable. ‘who do you think the last juror is’, small talk with cast, F2 speeches, and announce AFP. All in 90 minutes?? Someone fucked up somewhere.

  33. GoodGame

    I loved this first comp and surprised KC did not win that one instead of Tyler. Looks like a great ending to a great Season 20!
    Has there been leaks on who will be on the new Celebrity Big Brother?

  34. mm22

    *. I mean, come on, we’ve had a convicted drug dealer win BB who, by the way, was way more offensive than JC on his season before that even happened. * Who was mel talking about?

  35. caRyn

    Thankfully Kaycee made a F2 deal with Tyler. Because she is so loyal, Tyler may not be where he is now. Had Kaycee made a F2 at the beginning with Angela it would have been a different outcome.

  36. hogwild

    The only real thing left I want to see is when Angela arrives at the jury house I’m betting a few people will have shots for her. I would love to see Brett ask her is being her called being one or two steps ahead.

  37. hogwild

    I know who ever goes next doesn’t (JC) Angela I’m not sure .

  38. Seattle Kari

    Thank you Big Brother for helping me to make sure my mute button works perfectly, because you showed WAY too much drama queen Bailey on the recap.


    • CY aka FW

      There’s my little kootchie wootchie! So, about that spankin’? Your mouth said “No, no,” but your eyes said, “Let’s get some!” You need to warm up?

      • Seattle Kari

        LMAO!! Okay I needed that. it actually hurt me to say that hahaha..

        Cute ID change. 😉

        on a serious note I’ve been struggling really bad today with a very deep depression. Actually it’s been going on for weeks but it hit hard today. Thank you for the laugh…

      • CY aka FW

        Always come here. It’s like a ray of sunshine up your ass and a shot of moonshine down your throat. Good stuff that’ll cure what ails ya. heh

      • feltso gudinya

        seattle kari — beating depression involves a tremendous amount of work but it is the best gift u will ever give yourself…….seek professional help immediately…in my own life i was prescribed anti-depressants…..i hated them…..then a good friend recommended a nutritionist and exercise…..what an amazing transformation……most of my exercise involves swimming and walking for miles….my own endorphins worked much better than pills….but, everyone is different… please seek the proper treatment immediately…….that’s an order!!……

      • FW aka CY

        And don’t worry. It’s good advice and the chance of turning out into a hideous freak of nature, like feltso, are extremely slim. Winter’s coming. Buy a sun lamp. 🙂

      • feltso gudinya

        that’s the nicest thing anyone ever said about me…’s hard to type through the tears……

      • FW aka CY

        It’s hard to walk on your elbows because your thumbs are jammed up your ass, too, yet you perservere. Brave little trouper.

      • FW aka CY

        And what do you mean that was the nicest compliment ever given you? I distinctly heard syphalitic talking mule bray that you had the whitest tooth he’d ever come across…

      • feltso gudinya

        that mule promised to be discrete….

      • LindsayB

        Kari, I just moved to the Portland area last winter from sunny CA. Everyone said the gray skies would affect me. I thought I could just do the mind over matter thing and boy, was I wrong. I had so many days where I couldn’t leave my couch. I’ve already started dosing on vitamin D and it really helps. Diet and exercise are key components too, but feltso’s type of exercise with mules may not be your thing.

      • feltso gudinya

        hey…i was desperate….and the mood was right……

      • FW aka CY

        XXXmoodXXX – “money”

      • LindsayB

        I mean… I’m into some crazy shit but the second someone brings in a mule I scream “RED”!!

      • FW aka CY

        That’s your safe word? Mine’s “Yippy Ki Yay Muthafucktress!”

      • kneeless

        And this is why I hate the end of BB but steve, Felts, NK, Dan, Mel, tink ,Ann, fuk (and all your personalities), HH, shoelover and everyone here you make me smile! Like several, here, I’ve had a rough summer health-wise but my BBJ family has been my bright spot! Thanks all!

    • LO1004

      I hate having to relive Bays frightening outburst, but I also find it incredibly amusing that CBS wants to be sure America doesn’t forget just how bat shit she is.

      • FW aka CY

        Yeah, but I was impressed by how Tyler didn’t let her shut him down – which made her even crazier. He was calm, civil – and didn’t knuckle under to her tactic of screaming louder and crazier until her victim flees, leaving her to claim a bogus victory.

      • feltso gudinya

        bay’s outburst is not acceptable behavior……she must have cowed her parents for years….no one has the right to speak to another person that way…..extreme narcissism on display….i’d rather be hit by my parent than spoke to that way…..and if my child behaved this way i would get her help immediately…..if i was poor i would just beat her…lol…just a joke…i couldn’t resist…lighten the mood…

      • FW aka CY

        Our feltso; always willing to finfd the silver lining in the colostomy bag. With his mouth…

      • danmtruth

        so true about the narcissism with Bay just yell louder make a bigger scene Than most people back off Yet while she was doing all that you had RS bobbing her head up and down like those toy dogs agreeing with her Make the charge that people were treating her bad Yet give no example of it Bay just does not want to admit she is wrong

      • mm22

        Glad I didn’t watch tonite then-how many
        times do we have to see that same Bayleigh
        clip – CBS we got it you love u some
        Bay/swag -we don’t-if u give either any
        airtime on finale night u all should be fired

      • feltso gudinya

        i hope it snows this christmas in disneyworld………

      • FW aka CY

        You flortittyans can’t drive in snow. Pussies. I seen it on the tv box.

        I may have to change this avatar soon. It’s an affliction to my diction.

  39. Seattle Kari

    Watching the Granny recaps were pretty damn funny though I have to say! The bathtub scene I think was my favorite..

  40. Avatar

    Hi everybody. I have been reading these blogs since last summer but this is my first time posting. I really enjoy these blogs and they are real helpful when I have to miss an episode because of work. Thanks Steve and Mel for your dedication to this.

    That being said if I was a jury member I would vote for Tyler but I respect all 3 of the final 3. I am voting for Brett for favorite houseguest because even though I understand why L6 did what they did I don’t like how they did it. Plus he entertained me.

    Now I am off to be a mattress for my 16 month old who won’t go to sleep. She likes to sleep on me. Joys of motherhood.

  41. jimbo

    It’s not popular in these blogs, but Tyler had better not pick KC. He can’t beat her. His F2 promises to everyone will come home to roost, and KC is a well-liked comp beast. Tyler becomes the “new Cody” of Derrick & Cody if he does this. Not as dumb as Cody, but making the SAME mistake in final 2. Tyler crushes JC, gets beat by KC.

  42. Shivani33

    From Angela’s exit interview with GlobalTV, John Powell. 9/21/18

    Angela: Tyler and I need to clear the air (interview’s headline) Asked about her and Tyler, she said this.

    Angela: I don’t know what the future holds. It is hard for me to speculate right now. We need to have an extensive conversation about some of the half-truths and things he said to me.”

    She praises Tyler elsewhere during the interview. But good for her that she would like an extensive conversation with him! The two of them will have to get reacquainted. That man is one hell of an adroit liar, almost like watching a method actor at work. That’s been one of my favorite aspects of his game. And it leads to questions, many, many leading questions. Who is he?

  43. NKogNeeTow

    The closer we get to the Finale, the more I doze off, the true meaning of sleeping on the job 🙂

    BBAD: I missed most of it (sleeping on and off), but here is what I’ve got so far.

    The HG took a stroll down Memory Lane and talked about all the fun times. They also ranked all the HG in who would get married first, who they’d have a romantic relationship first.

    The dining area is decorated with their tie-dyed artwork.

    Dinner was steak and potatoes. *Damn, I could use a porterhouse or T-Bone right about now*

    More reminiscing.

    Pop sent them a giant blow-up bowling set. The ball bounces almost to much to knock down the pins, but they are having a ball playing. The ball is almost as big as JC.

  44. FW aka CY

    I gotta get. Here’s a good tune to carry you into the night.

  45. Shivani33

    And we’re back to venture into armpits again this summer. Tyler was using a razor on his armpits after JC and Kaycee got excited about having Tyler dye his armpit hair. Maybe he grabbed the razor and put it to his pits thinking a good defense is the best move. JC has had his conduct restricted after an armpit incident. But he probably wasn’t told not to dye Tyler’s armpits.

  46. NKogNeeTow

    When they finished bowling, they took turns blowing over the pins. JC couldn’t do it and that cracked Tyler and JC up.

    JC and KC wanted to do Tyler’s hair. They each wanted a side to see who could do it best, but Tyler had better sense and wouldn’t let them.

    They moved into the bathroom while Tyler took his shower. *Here’s where I nodded off again. They were either trying to get him to shave his underarm hair or dye it*

    KC left to go to bed. Tyler got out of the shower and he and JC brushed their teeth. Tyler got an attack of the giggles and JC couldn’t get it out of him what he was laughing about. *I’ve always noticed that Tyler uses an electric toothbrush, yet brushes like he’s using a manual one*

    Tyler left to go to bed while JC shaved. Production gave JC a warning about conserving water and they had words. *This is the first time I’ve ever heard that warning. The entire house has been wasting water all season*

    JC took a shower, while KC and Tyler went to bed. As soon as Tyler got into bed KC was called to the DR. She wanted to sleep and her arms were hurting so she wasn’t happy about it.

    KC went to the DR but had to come out and change because they wanted her to wear her comp shirt and fix her hair.

    KC went to the DR; JC out of the shower; Tyler asleep in bed.

    JC goes to bed. KC is still in the DR.

    The show’s over and that’s as exciting as it got.

    Have a GREAT day tomorrow! 🙂

  47. CY aka FW

    Sweet NeeTow, I creep in and find, even in these sparse times, you’ve found sustenance for us hungry listeners. Gracias. Dormir Buena.

  48. mm22

    Maybe its just me but I think there have been alot
    of new commenters this summer-more than I ever remember-
    Steve removes the comment counter (idk alot of high counters
    could be intimidating) and people feel more comfortable to
    jump in with comments-don’t just read join in

  49. TeeJay

    Crawling out from under my rock to say hi too. First season I have followed BB, and quickly became hooked on this site.
    Glad NK has the job of keeping the comments somewhere near the neighbourhood of in bounds. LOL
    Thanks for the company all summer.

  50. Avatar

    I can not wait until I read Tyler’s in-depth look. I feel like he played a great game personally. Yes it’s big brother and you have to lie and make side deals but he seemed to do it with little splash and a lot of skill. He seemed to know exactly how to talk to each person and keep them calm, cool, and, collected to accomplish his objective. We have seen puppet masters before and they always seem like they “feel superior” (like JC). They are running the show and people need to respect! I can’t stand that kind of person and that is why usually they get 2nd or 3rd place. Tyler has played everything almost perfectly every curve ball, every other player, house blow ups, a showmance, power alliance, and multiple deals. As a BB fan I am impressed when I see people come in and play and not just be there to find love, have a vaca, or get famous. He is there to play a game and I feel like nothing has steered his focus away from that. Welp that my thoughts on that one lol

  51. Avatar

    Last nights show was a complete waste of time. Unless you are one those fans that enjoy a recap show. For me recap shows are a waste of time. As nice as it was that Jeff paid a visit to the house guests it didn’t need to take up the entire episode.

    If I was in charge and I am not. I would had them start the 1 leg of the HOH comp then done a flash back to earlier in the day when Jeff came in and they can run the footage of the recap and flash over to show snippets of the comp.

    The last 10 minutes of the show could show KC and JC falling with Tyler winning leg 1. This way we get the best of both worlds get to see the comp and for those of you that like recap stuff you would still get that.

    This means Wednesday show will show a time condensed version of leg 1 along with other stuff. Thursday show will shoe leg two and Tyler or KC decision who is going to F2.

  52. mm22

    REALvegas4sure backup #bb20
    As of AM, Tyler leads AFP by a big double digit % lead. Kaycee next at 2nd. Brett & Sam at 3/4, close. Haleigh at distant 5th. Tyler to Haleigh swing is huge. Angela barely out of T5. New report should be tomorrow AM.

    Rest of HGs, not close.

  53. mm22

    Haha -hey swaggyc for all the credit you give yourself
    I don’t see u on the list

    • Ann

      Swaggy? Oooh, you mean that irrelevant little toad that was the second evicted from the BB house. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that loser can’t play Big Brother & probably can’t even play jax.

      • danmtruth

        Ann he lives in his delusional world of social media Thinking he is so popular Trying to cash in on this Loves to talk about how many shirts he is selling His upcoming youtube Chanel with him and Bay Another grab for money Every thing with a hip new name The boy is a hustler
        I’m sure they will waste some time on him and Bay at the final That is a shame Those two will be working hard to expand there – pardon the expression – exposure

  54. Avatar

    Tyler and Kaycee will be the final 2. We know that Kaycee is loyal and would pick Tyler. If Tyler betrayed Kaycee and picked JC, that would distinguish him as the biggest douchebag in the history of BB. Is that worth $450,000 less taxes? I say it is not and I think Tyler will see it the same way.

    • CY aka FW

      I’m with you on this. Even if half the universe scream that he is a fool and buffoon if he sticks with KC, as many more will admire and applaud – and have far more durable memories than the haters.

  55. Shivani33

    Tyler has had two distinct modes of relating throughout the game. One is somewhat inarticulate and doesn’t want to explain a thing. The other facet of him is very engaging and nourishing. He could charm birds out of trees into the palm of his hand. He is more superbly convincing and magnanimous when he is into a one-on-one interchange. In what one could call a more “public” sense, Tyler retreats somewhat. He is less able to focus, communicate. He squirms and gives off an almost comic, adolescent awkwardness. It’s fast times at Ridgemont High.

    Which “Tyler” will he be able to tap into, in order to sway a jury? He is young and not fully synthesized. Many people are never willing, ready or able to synthesize. Grown up bodies, eight year old consciousnesses, trudging through the mysterious Land of the Lost.

    Like AngieRS, who seems stuck in place at age 14, Bay, the two year old in a perpetual tantrum and Scottie, who tries on different personalities as if they were varieties of running shoes. Brett the clown, ill-equipped to face and experience his own pain or rage, a pinhead stabbing upside down pin cushions. Fessy, half a man staring at a funhouse mirror. Sam, trapped in corridors of beliefs about herself which have been superimposed over her true self, causing her pummel her own uniqueness. Haleigh, the baby voice of reason no one wants to hear.
    Tyler might need to bring on his inner Abraham Lincoln to reach this batch of jurors. They’re a hurricane, self-perpetuating, toneless and yet so noisy that they could be already deaf. It is time to eliminate JC, the ideal George Dubya for misrepresentation of Big Brother completion, dissatisfied, jealous and rife with nervous chattering like a human jabberwocky. He could be the big winner for this particular group of peers.

  56. AIO_7

    New thread, Y’all.

  57. FW aka CY

    So no groundswell of skeevy, evil dwarf support in the AFP, threatening to overwhelm the CBS website – and shut down the internet at large? I have to admit that I am a bit surprised, but am now looking forward to a finale with no downside at all. This is especially nice when recalling the previous to seasons where I was thoroughly disgusted and enraged by this point in the game.

    What would be great is if, at the finale, some gullible celebrity virtue signaller comes onstage with a giant check and calls JC to come forth for fulsome praise of what a dandy little LGBTMOFON#&^98u% he is – and donates a whopping amount to a popular cause in JC’s name.

    Whatever tv money JC gets, he’ll be able to milk suckers with GoFund Me pages and celebrity appearance fees for a couple of years. I’m sure someone will get him on the speaking circuit. If he ever hires or is assigned a personal assistant I will feel extremely sorry for that pitiful SOB. Unless it’s Swaggy, by some wonderful masterstroke of karma.

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