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Big Brother 20 Kaitlyn’s Boyfriend Calls It Quits

Big Brother 20’s Kaitlyn Herman has been making a lot of news over the last week or so (and she’ll let you hear all about it if you ask her). She was the deciding vote in last Thursday’s eviction, she then went on to win the HoH, and backdoor someone who is quickly becoming a fan favorite as a result (Swaggy).


Well, she is making more news outside the house and she doesn’t even realize it – yet.

Due to the way Kaitlyn acted in the house this season (with all the flirting), many people were wondering if Kaitlyn actually had a boyfriend or if that was a lie. After winning HoH, she received a photo of him, so talk turned to how serious they were together. Well, it turns out he is very real and they were very serious (note – the ‘were’).

Kaitlyn’s boyfriend – Joseph – came out today and confirmed the tweet that his sister put out yesterday. In yesterday’s tweet, his sister said


While that account was followed by Kaitlyn and her boyfriend, people were still skeptical about it (because it is Twittter, after all). Joseph came out today with this tweet…

And if that didn’t show for some, here is a link directly to the image that talks about how he is pulling his waiver from the show.

The last time we have had a situation like this was with Christine during Big Brother 16. She was very flirty with Cody, but her husband came out in full support of her throughout her time on the show. That pair is now divorced.

On the bright side for Joseph, his music was indeed trending for some people on Twitter!


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  1. Avatar

    I am gonna stand by my prediction the Swaggy will be evicted by a 7-5 or an 8-4

  2. AIO_7

    Christine got divorced? Who’da ever thunk that?

  3. Zach

    Moral of the story… If you are a slooty, don’t go on big brother. Unless you’re single. Then you’ll just get called a big ol slooty sloot.

  4. AIO_7

    Looks like the ‘yell guy’ is a Chris Farley imitator.

  5. strwar1

    LMAO!!! WOW!!! Kaitlyn done fucked up now! This is pretty much a interesting and yet a funny (also bad for her former bf) wow. Note:To those who have thought of thinking being in BB is gonna be fun and cheating with someone you once loved outside the BB house. Is gonna work? Think again idiots!

  6. Seattle Kari

    I’m confused as to what the waiver is and why he wants it removed? Was it his inability to talk about his relationship publicly?

    • Zach

      Anyone going on B.B. or family/friends that may be shown have to sign a release, saying B.B. owns the rights and CBS is not responsible for any negative that comes of it. Basically.

    • danmtruth

      on the night she showed her HOH room There was a picture of Katyln and her boy friend The house guest look at it You can clearly see his face Along with photos of her family That is what the release is for In tonights show when they were in the HOH room The photo was blurred so you could not see his face

      • Mel

        They’ll also cut the feeds off her now whenever she talks about him.

      • Seattle Kari

        . If you or anyone else see this. somebody thinks that she’ll be told when she still in the house because she won’t be able to say his name anymore or talk about him. Do you know if that’s true or if they will just edit stuff for regular TV?

        if she is told within the house, can anybody see her possibly being all upset and self evicting? Just a thought.

  7. kneeless

    If Swagster had been a tad more humble, in the beginning, I may not dislike him as much as I do. IF, he had brought other shirts, that would help too! Even if some flip & Marlborough Man goes home, I am OK with that too!

  8. Ann

    I was really hoping Josh would come in banging his pots & pans while yelling at her.

  9. LO1004

    It looks like they granted his request. Watching the episode now and the picture of them is blurred out.

  10. hogwild

    I suggested it earlier but after listening to rockstar (sheesh) for about thirty seconds tonight I’m nicknaming her Psycho chick two.

  11. AIO_7

    Chakra wept … and wept … and wept …….

    • Edsel

      If you are referring to during and after the veto ceremony, I have to respectfully disagree. It seemed fake. She had her face covered with her hand while Tyler was speaking. She moved her hand at one point to look at Tyler and she looked like she was laughing, not crying. I think this was when Tyler told her she had to nominate someone else. The rest of her crying was fake, too. No real tears, especially in the DR. I want to watch this again, maybe I misread her emotion.

  12. Avatar

    Swaggy will go mark my words, if he doesn’t then i’ll eat my hat

  13. Ann

    Oh my damn….I had no idea the Chakra Nut actually told people that she was putting Braggy otb. This girl is even more coocoo than I thought. Now everybody is going to be coming after Tyler with both barrels ablazing hot & heavy.They all know Tyler has been with her pretty much 24/7 & now know that it was probably his idea. Omg, where in the hell have I been? Now I feel just as goofy as Chakra Nut.

  14. Helen

    I just turned on the feeds for a minute and I see they are teaming up on Rachel right now..Faysal..Chris and Rainbow. They think she has a crush on Faysal and can get her to vote to keep Chris..

  15. danmtruth

    It amazes me every season people are shocked that things don’t work out when they make a plan the first week That they plan everyones eviction does not work out

  16. Shivani33

    Jessica and Cody are pushing for everyone to send Bayleigh the Power App to avenge the loss of Swag.

  17. Mel

    Unless something flips tonight, Swaggy will leave. Kaitlyn has gone back and forth but as long as Tyler has Sam, JC and Scottie locked down, it won’t be up to Kaitlyn. Sam and JC are a lock (unless something crazy happens tonight) and I think Scottie is too. Even if Scottie decided to vote to keep him, I don’t think Hayleigh is at the point anymore. JC was never in question and Sam only had to have a check in with Tyler to shut that idea down.

    At the veto ceremony, Rockstar looked like she wanted to cut a bitch!

    CBS didn’t need to show the clip with the blurry picture because nothing about the conversation was relevant. Kaitlyn may have self esteem issues but not everyone with those issues turns into someone sooooo narcissistic. She isn’t just flirting imo and it isn’t with only one person. Flirting, for me is what Hayleigh is doing. Kaitlyn talks about wanting to ride the Fessy rollercoaster, write “I want to blank you on Tylers arm and puts Brett on the spot with wierd FMK questions. She’s the girl who needs all the guys to like her and no one else. The universe revolves around her and so should the BB house. This didn’t happened when she won hoh…it only got worse.

    • LO1004

      As much as I’d like to see Swaggy’s go, she’s playing such a bad game. It hadn’t occurred to her to look past this week and realize this is going to send her home next week. I honestly can’t wait to watch it unfold. She’s not going to make jury, America isn’t thrilled, and her best friend and boyfriend are out. What a mess. Pass the popcorn.

      • Colby

        IMO – I don’t think she will go next week unless L6 doesn’t get HOH and she is up against one of them.
        If L6 does get HOH Rainbow and ??? (probably Bay) will go up.

      • HappyHippo

        I don’t think she is much of a threat. She’s bat shit crazy and won a pure luck hoh. My guess they save her till later. Unfortunately.

      • Alda

        Psycho has to go soon.She is so flighty,has a big mouth and will not be trusted by either side.She will be a real liability moving forward for any of the houseguests.

      • LO1004

        I don’t think shes a threat. I think she’s bottom of the barrel w Level 6, and she just pissed off her old alliance. She’s an easy target.

      • Avatar

        She might not go home, but then again she is so unstable and a vote you can’t really count on it may be best to just cut her now before she can do any damage to your side. She is a nice easy target for a floating HOH who does not want to make a big move and pick off some low hanging fruit.

      • Ann

        HappyHippo, she very well may not be a threat but you know us women (speaking for myself) tend to be petty about things & feel like she needs to be taught a lesson by putting her otb, making her think she’s the target & putting a little fear in her heart. See who she goes crying to then…..

    • HappyHippo

      No what she is doing is definitely not flirting! She is in full blown ho mode.

  18. ElaineB

    Looking forward to tomorrow nite’s episode!!

  19. Alda

    I’m trying to figure out who I would want to win the next HOH.I really don’t have a clue.

    • Yael Sara

      I would say Kaycee, however I believe she is safe regardless so no reason for her to get blood on her hands. Want her to stay safe.

      I think interesting HOH for the next week could be JC and perhaps Sam the following week when it is the last week of her power app so she has more control with its use and who is there when its used

  20. Ann

    Kaitlyn is really going to be a hot mess when she goes home & finds out the mess she’s made of things.
    I just saw Tyler is going to be on TKO the Kevin Hart game show next week.

  21. Avatar

    does Rachel have a crush on Fessie, I keep hearing them say it

  22. hogwild

    I hear wackos are great in the sack not speaking from any personal ecperience but if it’s true Psycho chick one should be ok.

  23. Avatar

    Very impressed with Tyler.

    He may have overplayed his hand this week, but he had some leverage and the safety to try and get the person he wanted out. Now Swaggy is gone. He has secured his alliance with Level 6 and has a close relationship with Sam.

    Not impressed with Swaggy and his team. They should have seen this coming. It was obvious that someone flipped to vote Steve out. Then Katelyn puts up Scottie, which showed her true hand. She would have been easy to swing back to their side with a little pressure, but they got too comfortable. I really don’t know what they were thinking.

  24. jimbo

    Not married or engaged, as far as I can tell, so much ado about nothing. A big yawner, if you ask me, and people/fans outside the house who go crazy for this stuff on twitter, etc, need to get a grip.

  25. jimbo

    (oops, last comment posted before I was done)She’s only 24 and it appears she was only bf/gf with this guy who dumped her. BIG FLIPPIN WHO CARES??!! What’s there to excuse? So, she acted like many 24 year olds would after suddenly becoming a “tv star.” May as well hate everyone else whoever suddenly was a “tv star” — from George Clooney to Leanardo DiCaprio. Ya think they kept their old flames as their tv star (that’s how they both started) rose? Puhleeeeeeez.

  26. Yael Sara

    So random thought, has it already been brought up by bbjunkies or the cast that JC’s “voice” is one of the unicorns from Charlie the Unicorn


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