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Big Brother 20 – Labor Day Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


I hope you’re all enjoying your holiday weekend! Unfortunately, it’s the holiday that ends summer which also means the end of Big Brother is around the corner. I’m still a little nervous about no mentions of BB21 yet, but there will be another Celebrity Big Brother, so, yay? At least I won’t be on vacation to start this next edition, so maybe I can get into it more if I watch the feeds from the start.

Also, if you’re just checking this today for the first time, I covered the recent HoH controversy, but I’ll summarize my opinion here. If the rule was stated that one foot has to be on the platform, Tyler should have been disqualified. However, it was missed during the comp and until the CBS episode last night. It appeared to be a clear error or intentional oversight by production because Tyler was clearly not lifting his feet to get a competitive advantage. The rule is obviously in play to prevent crazy things like people climbing up the rope or any other exploits they can come up with, and if production was truly throwing it to Tyler, they would have cut the clip of Kaycee explaining that rule.

It’s one of those things where it was a stupid rule that shouldn’t have been enforced, but had it been enforced, it’s one of those things we’d have to live with. Tyler didn’t cheat to get an advantage which is why the week doesn’t need to be rewound. Let’s just appreciate that it was an epic HoH competition and hopefully there will be more to come this season.



  • 11:50 am – Feeds back from the PoV meeting
    • Veto wasn’t used, but I guess both people gave funny(?) speeches because feeds returned with everyone smiling and hugging
    • I miss the times when feeds would return with people angry
    • Both Scottie and Haleigh think the other is the target this week which is why no drama, but I want some drama!
  • 1:00 pm – Tyler, Brett, and Kaycee are up in the HoH room talking
    • Brett jokes that he can’t go to the jury house even if he loses. He’ll just stay in the corner of the BB house and eat bananas just to avoid the jury members
    • Tyler re-tells what he told Haleigh when she asked him about being caught celebrating
    • Kaycee says it’s frustrating that Haleigh has been sleeping with her. She understands that Haleigh is lonely but still frustrated
    • They say they really like her as a person and wouldn’t want her moping around the house
    • The group talks about how they miss Winston but not really Rachel. They say Rachel wasn’t really confident in their alliance which is why she branched out to the other side (I thought she did that for info)
    • Brett re-tells how Sam randomly confronted him yesterday with paranoia. She thought Brett didn’t like her yesterday for some reason
  • 1:15 pm – Brett leaves to go get some sun and the conversation breaks up
  • 3:45 pm – Brett and Scottie are just chillin outside together.
    • They’re just talking about the game in general. Upcoming potential double eviction
    • Meanwhile, Sam is playing with her bugs
  • 5:10 pm – Not much going on, but Sam is really at peace right now which is good to see
    • Everyone else is just hanging out. Playing cornhole, cooking, showering, etc, etc.
    • Alright Sam, you’re getting carried away now. Pretty soon she’s going to be on the roof
  • 6:45 pm – Angela and Scottie are sitting on the hammock chatting about life.

Seeing as it’s slow, enjoy this. Really well done!

Check back for updates


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  1. Helen

    Feeds back from Veto Ceremony. Apparently Haleigh and Scottie made some funny, epic speeches. All the HGs are talking about how great the speeches were. Sam says Brett set the bar and Haleigh and Scottie just smashed it. Kaycee says she almost considered the
    deal Haleigh proposed in her speech.

    A deal huh? A deal Haleigh would break the first chance she gets? I still think Haleigh is getting too close to the girls,especially KC…Tyler and Angela are making a huge mistake not getting rid of her this week!!!

    • Mel

      Don’t worry, I agree that KC was starting to feel bad for her but Brett just told KC about the many lies hes been catching her in. KC has gone back to thinking she’s fake.

  2. Avatar

    Who thinks that Tyler making a final 2 with everyone will backfire on him? I know everyone thinks he is playing a good game but it is not Survivor we’re you lie, steal and cheat to try and get to the end. B.B. has been about good game and integrity and I think people will question that for sure. So if you were playin* would you make a final 2 deal with everyone!

    • Painter1

      Not sure if all the deals will hurt Ty, he has a way making people ok with what he says. Brett is good but I think Ty is better with words. We will have to wait and see

      • Avatar

        That is true. We have not seen the goodbye messages so he could be doing jury management and letting them know I guess. ‍♀️

    • Holla Derrick

      He may end up with a bitter jury. And it wont be the hive

    • Mel

      I agree with Painter. I think how he handles people before they leave, good by msgs and how well he can show his game at the end are all important. If this jury decides to pick the worst player as they’ve discussed, he just needs to play dumb and say he didnt know any better. Lol

      • Sassy

        The funny thing is they will probably pick the best player when trying to pick the worst. They have NO idea what a good player is, they still think L6/5/4 is playing a dumb game and isn’t making smart moves. They think they were the best players ever…

      • ElaineB

        With the Hive in the jury, the F2 will probably be best off if each of them picks dots from a hat. Lol. Seems far more logical than Hive ‘wisdom’.

      • Sassy

        Luckily Sam will be in the jury and she can tell them all who should really win because she “knows” them best. She has actually settled down a lot since RS left. She may have to self evict from jury…

    • Avatar

      Integrity? Only the floaters can sort of claim that. Even then, they are not the ones that ever make the game interesting, and they are not the reason why the show has lasted 20 years.

      No one this season has played dirty. Many played stupid, but that is far from dirty. When a “deal” is broken, it is only because one of the members of the deal could not come through on their end.

    • hogwild

      It did with Paul last season granted he acted like a major a-hole something Tyler hasn’t done but sooner or later he is going to have to betray some of those he has made deals with and like it or not bitter jury is a reality of the game something he should be remembering along with Brett and Angela with those tacky goodbye messages. The last two seasons were decided by one vote and bitter jury played a part in both in my view.

      • FW aka CY

        So, don’t you agree that this might be a game “mutation” and future BB contestants will need to start “managing” for it? I think BB 21+ house guests will need to find a way to quickly identify novices, posers and the like and begin campaigning right from the beginning against personal/emotional game play and voting. Rasputin/Manson-esque type wolves who can control the dull-witted sheeple, don’t win, but they destroy the games of strong gamers, allowing the mediocre – and even their only-slightly-less odious minions – take the prize from the truly deserving. Do you think Tyler and L6 would have made it so far had Paul been included (and Production pampered) again? They tried for a pint-sized version of puppet master with JC, but he only really got his spurs into a limited number of steeds, and never became the focus for a zombie slave army. Anyway, the point is, If Tyler loses due to a bitter jury it will be largely his own fault for not realizing he needed to show the “jury/losers” why good game play, good strategy and general likability ought to be rewarded – and “bitterness” spurned as the pathetic manure-equivalent only flung by those too inferior, un-evolved and generally unfit to participate in such a grand and grueling psycho/physi/socio tournament. They should find the very idea of a petty, small-minded vote personally abhorrent by the time they exit for the Jury House.

        Side Note: Damntruth – wow, the Joe Bonamassa wins, hands down, as the richest, deepest musical “vein” I’ve burrowed into in a long time. I am still mining my way through the queue, find nugget after glorious nugget. Great stuff, man – thanks, thanks, thanks!

      • Avatar

        Fuk…time to take the meds. It’s a game. Chill out bro

      • FW aka CY

        B-b-b-b-b-but then I can’t hear ’em coming…. *L* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHqAFdGmU20

  3. Avatar

    We need a spell check on here lolol

  4. Joy

    ANOTHER boring week, well it will finally get interesting when a HOH actually puts up their own alliance. I especially look forward to JC OTB. That jackhole should have been OTB a couple of times in my book. Now would have been a great time to have the 2nd hacker, they never should have done it back to back, IMO.

  5. Joy

    Oh, forgot to mention do not and cannot watch Celebrity Big Brother. CBS’s idea of celebrity is ahhhhhh not my idea, with the exception of Ross Matthews, I have always had a special place in my heart for him.

  6. Tinkerbell

    Hayleigh was in the bathroom “contouring “ her stomach before the veto ceremony. Really?! Freakin’ strange.

  7. Tinkerbell

    Sassy, Yes, she did. I watched her doing it. Wish I would have done a screenshot. I wouldn’t have believed if I had not seeen. She was in the bathroom….she asked Angela if it looked okay to wear her bikini at veto. She also asked Angela if her stomach looked okay, or good. Angela answered yes. Haleigh had on bikini, with jean shorts unbuttoned. She then proceeded to contour her stomach with the same makeup and brush, like contouring cheekbones. Have never seen it before. Weird!

    • Tinkerbell

      I want her to go soooooo bad. A little bit ago she slithered up to Tyler in HOH, again!! Under the pretense of getting icy hot. There’s always a pretense, then she proceeds to cement glue herself to him, and anyone else, like always. She’s nothing’s but annoying. Being 21 years old has nothing to do with it, nothing whatsoever. She’s a leech. In the HOH she blithered on and on about Scotti hurting her feelings about something to do with being on the block. Same ole story, different hour.

      • Tinkerbell


      • Sassy

        I think being 21 has a lot to do with it. She’s still so young and immature. I changed a Lot between 21 and 25. She’s in college, so she still is in an environment of all young adults that haven’t experienced real adulting yet.

        I also find her annoying, but I contribute MOST of it to being young. .

      • Helen

        I’m with you Tinkerbell…I am so discouraged and disgusted with this week….Haleigh was supposed to go!! I was looking forward to it!!
        KayCee talking “worse case scenarios” in HOH this morning is so far off…
        They have the “hive” mentality going on…..oh..Hayleigh will only put up one of us…we’re good…no!! Hayleigh will put up two l4 members and replace with another to ensure one of them goes!!

      • Jay H

        I’m with you Tink.

    • Tinkerbell

      Just read on Jokers that Hayleigh contoured her cleavage as well. Wow! I didn’t catch that little fun tidbit. Weirdorama.

      My question is…..why hasn’t Sam been in trouble for all of her craft projects. She has stolen and destroyed far more items in the house, than Scotti ever took from the storage room. Seriously. There are many-many examples, but to list just a few……she destroyed a pillow to get feathers to make a bird, ripped items off the walls in the have not room for whatever, destroyed plastic food storage containers for gawd knows what. The list is endless. I’ve already wasted too much time talking about her.

      • Ann

        They know that bitch is bat shit crazy with 15 different people living in her freaking head & most of those bitches have violent tendencies & who in the hell knows who might come out if they fuck with her. That’s why they think it’s just easier to leave that psycho alone. Lol

      • Tinkerbell

        I would seriously-seriously be terrified to be in that house with her!

      • mona77450

        As a person familiar with addictions, keeping your hands and mind busy helps. Sam came into the house a smoker and for three/four/five days at a time unable to go outside to smoke. She is now on the nicotine patch but that is still a difficult transition. I continue to support her efforts in what ever way helps her.

      • Mello_One

        Ann, your Grandbabies are just Adorbs, I have been meaning to tell you this for awhile. I am sure they bring you great joy & are blessing!

      • FW aka CY

        Oh, I agree about Sam being a terrifying housemate. I hope they have someone in production with an eye on her every single second of the day. I would pony up for the Tourette’s medication afterward, if only you could mount a nose-twitch typhoon and zap her to a sanitarium. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSuvPuQM7qc

      • Patrick

        You know Mona… I hadn’t thought about her not being able to get in the backyard to smoke. That’s a pretty big frickin’ deal. I now completely understand her actions. Blood hole…. Yep. Makes perfect sense to me.

      • Ann

        Thank you Mello One, those boys are my heart. I get such a kick out of watching them grow & learn. I admit I have to watch my big mouth around them so that they don’t repeat what Nana says. Lol

    • Annabelle

      when Scottie was talking to her on bbad last night about watching tapes she stopped him mid word to ask if she looked fat. Life is going to be hard for her right out of the house cause the criticism will be brutal on her.

  8. dfdsgs

    So does anything know the full rules to the points game Angela and Tyler are playing? I had caught bits and pieces but missed when it was invented I guess.

  9. Sassy

    Why do we have reruns?

  10. Tinkerbell

    Wish Hayleigh and JC could “Be gone.” Doing my best Bewitched nose wiggle. Two O”clock left coast time and that spoiled rotten creeper is still in his have not nest. Four hours past wakey wakey. He has gotten away with more BS than anyone I can remember in a long time. Good job, production! If I were a houseguest I would be pissed.

    • Jay H

      I’ll be Gladys Kravitz and call and complain to CBS about them.

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      Tink, while you’re twitching, could please send Sam with them? I am so over her, I can’t even post about it anymore.

      • Tinkerbell

        Pablo, Done!! I wish I had that power. Haha. She was on my last nerve the first several weeks. Her on-again-off-again antics, moods, etc etc etc etc, are exhausting. I never watch her now. I flip cameras anytime she is on. Don’t like her, her hyped up accent, crafts, stories that go on for days about everyone and their uncle. If you notice she’s gone soon, it was me. Bwahahaha

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        And I will be forever in your debt!

    • Ann

      Tink, your whole damn nose is going to fall off your face while you’re trying to twitch it at Sam’s crazy ass. There ain’t that much twitching in the world to get that nut case right in the head. Save yourself, save your nose & save your energy……Lol

      Now I would like to practice kicking JC’s slimy ass. I detest that nasty creep.

    • dfdsgs

      Tink is there anyone in the house that you do like?

      I swear 90% of your post are I hate Angela and Tyler cause they are getting to close and ruining their game/they need to keep it in their pants. I hate JC since he breaks the rules and gets away with it. I hate Sam for being Sam. I hate Haleigh since she chews on he nails whines and leaches on every HOH.

      At this point, I don’t know if you like anyone in the house.

      Why do you spend so much of your time in energy on this if it just makes you miserable?

      • Tinkerbell

        Yes, there are people I like. Excuse me for voicing my opinion. What you just wrote, about me…..is a personal attack. It is your opinion, which I do not agree with. However, I do respect your thoughts. It seems that you have wasted a lot of time dissecting my comments…..and in turn, you are indeed the miserable one – not me. I watch because I enjoy BB, have watched all seasons. I will continue to do so, and continue to post comments. It’s probably advisable for you to pass by my comments so you won’t be agitated by what I say. Watching BB does not make me miserable……but it’s obvious that you wasting your time reading my posts…..and commenting on them, is making you miserable. Sorry about that. Moving on now……

      • FW aka CY

        The needle on Tink’s gauge hits the both pegs. I don’t mind the passionate exhortations. Adds some spice to what might otherwise be the bland pap of “polite” conversation, you know?

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        If I remember correctly, she loves Brett! And I like your posts Tink.

      • Ann

        You know I’ve got your back too Tink. I love reading your comments too.

      • Jay H

        I LOVE Tink and Ann’s posts. They have passion and are having fun in this community. They both are part of the reason I started commenting myself.
        Please keep it up! I like that fire.

      • FW aka CY

        If my browser had ’em I would definitely thumb you for that, dude! Peeps with passion power!

      • feltso gudinya

        and we’re off……………

      • feltso gudinya

        my uncle bernie used to say, “the people we dislike the most r usually the ones who remind us most of ourselves”……….


      • FW aka CY

        He used to print that on the back of his Lemon Party invitations. Good times…

      • Jay H

        My daughters are wanting to start a baking business(in Columbus) and I told them they should develop a cookie called a disco biscuit with Lemons 614 imprinted on them.
        Not sure their going to go for it.

      • FW aka CY

        Perverts need pastries, too!

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  12. Helen

    Back to Brett JC Convo in HN room. Brett intention is take out Angela with Kaycee on block with her.

    • Sassy

      I heard that. He had a funny convo with Ty and KC earlier. They had a great plan, Scottie, then Hay, then Sam and JC. He leaves the HOH room, resells the plan to Angela outside, then goes inside and does a 180 to JC on how Angela has to go soon, possible next but maybe after Hay! He’s concerned that none of them would take him to F2. Never did he consider maybe he should win and decide who goes with him to F2… I hope he is just working JC up because he knows it’s unlikely he would win anything.

    • Joy

      ooohhh how sweet, Brett thinks he can win HOH.

  13. Helen

    I am sticking to my week 2 prediction of the season…
    Haleigh is this seasons Nicole…it will be Haleigh and Tyler in F2 with Haleigh winning the big money…

  14. Colby

    They said they only have the yard until 5:00 am tomorrow.
    It must be a more difficult comp set up than the ‘true / false’ booth thing.
    Have they ever done the comics as an HOH?
    Or the morph one?
    There will only be six people playing.

  15. Shivani33

    Remember the DR audio leak about Tyler’s nomination plans? Briefly, it sounded like 2 male production voices were asking Tyler “who will you nominate?” And then a voice asked if it would be Scottie and Haleigh. I remember seeing Tyler hear the leak. Anyhow, many feed freaks are pretty certain that one of the audio leak voices is none other than BB17’s Austin Matelson. Maybe Austin, an L.A. guy and a walking encyclopedia of BB lore, is working for production now(?)

  16. ladycobra

    Looks like Brett and JC are going to take a swipe at their own alliance if they win HOH. Since neither JC or Brett have run back to Tyler to tell on the other I am assuming this is for real. This is what happens when one gets to comfortable and gets in a showmance. Tyler has been warned multiple times about a showmance and he is choosing to ignore the warning from his alliance. I don’t know why he thinks F2 can’t be broken and why he thinks he is the only one that could be lying about it. He is throwing his game away for something that is not going to last outside the house. Those kisses and hugs are coming with a very high price tag. I am beginning to think Hay is going to walk away with the win.

  17. Tinkerbell

    Brett, Tyler, Scotti in the backyard. I love sports. Enjoying the three of them talking NFL and college football.

  18. caRyn

    I just went to my profile here on BB Junkies and I received this message:
    sow Sent 2 months ago
    My name is Rejoice ,am single, never married, I’m here searching for friendship. i came across your profile on site today, became interested in you. Please write me to my email ( [email protected] )for more introduction. Because I’m not often on these site. So i can send you my pictures and discuss something very important with you, i hope we can be best of friends

    I do not trust it and just want to warn all of you to be careful.

  19. Mello_One

    Idk, but I think when Steve Beans had the old system of communicating on BB Junkies these kind of Website Creeps couldn’t penetrate the system to send messages to us.

  20. Mello_One

    caRyn Thank You, I just checked, & I had 2 messages from that Website Creep, thanks for the heads up!

  21. Shivani33

    Brett seems to like to ensure that JC is aggravated by several other people than him. Brett feeds JC’s lineup of the usual suspects to him like skittles. And similarly to Tyler with all of his secret agreements, Brett is keeping his bets open, adaptable to any option.

    I don’t pay much attention to him and haven’t gotten a decisive read on his physical stamina or sense of balance. Hey. Could he be Brett the Inept? Or is that an act, too?

    His nagging grandmother ought to give him his cape. Maybe that’ll help. He reminds me of someone with a different physique than that which he displays currently. He seems sluggish, like a chameleon sunning on a rock with a too-full belly. He is not mean, but has he ever had a single conversation about the game with anyone which contained a drop of sincerity?

    • FW aka CY

      I wish they would have let us see/hear his GBM to Facial. We haven’t heard anything about the meat head going on a murderous rampage or committing seppuku, so it might have been less toothy than he portrayed. If it was, it was because of lack of intellect, on Brett’s part, rather than intent. His “speeches” have been lauded, but they haven’t, frankly, been much more than exasperatingly juvenile. But, he’s a low rider, for sure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Alyx4QeRRdg

  22. Tinkerbell

    Several weeks ago I commented that if production didn’t stop Sam, she would completely disassemble the house and relocate it two blocks away. I was just watching Angela, and from another room Sam said to her…..”If I had a glue gun I would completely redo this house.” Hahahahahahaha

    • Shivani33

      Sam has borrowed Angela’s eyelash glue for “two drops” and it looks as though she’s used most of the container on her hummingbird feeder. Whatever Sam was gluing still didn’t adhere. Her hummingbird juice resembles a recipe to give the birds diabetes. Unless she dilutes it tremendously, it was a sugary, red, microwaved mess. She seems to have been trying to glue some plastic bags around a mysterious frame. It looks like it might either ooze or explode when filled.

      If Angela doesn’t have a spare bottle of eyelash glue, she will have to win the next HoH to replenish her supply. She needs new eyelashes desperately, regardless. Her’s have such advanced rigor mortis. Meow.

      • Sassy

        Hummingbird juice is basically sugar water…

      • FW aka CY

        How many hummingbirds to you need to run through the juicer to get a glassful? Just wunnerin.’

      • Sassy

        I guess that would depend on how big your glass is… 🙂

      • FW aka CY

        Does my glass look big, and full of rich, red nectar?

        Amusing anecdote: when my daughter was a teen we let her paint her room as she wanted. It turned out to be this horrible, eye-scouring acid green, with deep purple Egyptian hieroglyphics stenciled in a border near the ceiling. She had an east-facing window, and in the morning you’d think there was a reactor having a core meltdown in there, judging by the actinic glow seeping under the door.

        I was out chopping wood one morning (probably listening the “Heart-shaped Box) when I noticed a male calliope hummingbird hovering outside her window. It just stayed there, so eventually I went over to get a closer look. It was frantically licking at the window pane. The vivid color gushing out to greet the sun must have made it look like the center of an enormous (delicious) flower. *L*

      • Sassy

        Awe! That’s sweet.

        My grandma and I use to sit on her back porch every morning, drinking our coffee, chatting, and watching the humming birds and squirrels.

    • Ann

      Sam scares the living shit out of me. My entire game would’ve been totally screwed up after she had that first freak out saying people were talking about her before they actually were talking about her. I would be scared that I might wake up one night with her standing over me. That mud stomping & curb stomping shit really would have me constantly watching her & probably wouldn’t be able to get into the diary room because they’d be tired of me complaining about her. Some of her problems very well could be from her not being able to smoke but there’s got to be something more going on there. Who talks about a brother being buried at camp with the animals on national tv? I could see myself sticking to her like glue because I need to know where she is & what she’s doing because I couldn’t have her creeping up on me.

      • Tinkerbell

        Whoaaaaa, careful Ann. You might have the honor of being called miserable…..just like me. Bwahahaha. Love love love your posts – and I always have your back as well. XO

  23. ingodog

    Totally off topic but Sam needs to wash her feet, how dirty.

  24. LGJ

    Saw on IG tonight something about JC being naked except for covering his junk with something, and opening she shower door while KC was inside showering.

  25. GoodGame

    Dfdsgs….Pretty sure that was a typeo….Correct spelling is DOUCHE.
    Douche Nozzle to be exact! Go to Twitter or some other app to attack and go after people personally. Grow the F Up or LEAVE!

  26. Shivani33

    JC started his lecture to Tyler about his showmance with Angela earlier than usual. He made a boo-boo, informing Tyler that Kaycee is freaking out about it, too. It is a big, fat lie.

    This illustrates that Kaycee and Tyler have done well in marginalizing their relationship/F2. JC wouldn’t lie to him about Kaycee’s state of mind if he knew how closely allied Tyler and Kaycee are. Tyler has been more communicative about his connection with Angela to Kaycee than to anyone else in the house – except Angela. Kaycee has even given Tyler a fraternal fistbump over his Angela disclosures.

    That might come back to bite her if Tyler favors Angela onto the end. But if Kaycee has any concerns, JC would be the last one to hear it from her. She would talk to Tyler and Angela. JC doesn’t get the picture. He is off-base, speaking for her with his curdled tongue.

    She hasn’t got a bond with him. She isn’t rude or dismissive towards either him or Haleigh but is sick of dealing with them both. She has said so.

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  28. LO1004

    I love the Mean Girls parodies for BB. Last year’s was really good bc it was spot on haha


  29. Shivani33

    It is less than an hour until PopTv starts and will give houseguests a Labor Day party sometime tonight. If there is booze again, how will JC cope? Two consecutive nights of partying denied is two too much.

  30. FW aka CY

    I wonder if Production could get more cooperation out of JC if they denied him access to a razor? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_mB-23z4To

  31. LynnD

    I think its great that Pop/BB gave them a Labor Day BBQ. Even better that the have nots get to join in. However, if I have to listen to Sam say: “It makes me so happy” in her stupid baby voice one more time Im going to lose my shit! She basically says it on a ridiculous constant basis as it is. But tonight has been over the top and it is irking me straight to my bone. And STFU Scottie Im sick of production telling ypu to stop singing

  32. Shivani33

    Brett is grilling, and the camera zooms in on a nearby fire extinguisher. So he didn’t have to move from the grill, he asked JC to hand him his beer. JC took two slugs before handing it to him and Brett told him that ugh, he didn’t want his backwash and that he could have it. He didn’t look happy. Sam said that she slugged her beer and hasn’t felt this good in a long time. Angela has on a splendid bandeau bikini top. Tyler looking sexy in a pastel pink, patterned, open shirt. There are lots of bellybuttons on parade, but Scottie and Sam are dressed like a slightly younger version of the Grant Wood painting of a farmer and his wife. There is badminton and a croquet set. Where are the doobies?

    • FW aka CY

      Gettin’ the picture. Thanks Shiv! A BBQ with no music will probably be a bit subdued. But, I bet they’re glad for any break from house routine.

      • Shivani33

        There are many in the house who would jump to give us a live concert. Hayleigh just warbled the opening line of “When a Man Loves a Woman.” You can break the no singing rule if you have original, uncopyrighted lyrics like our New Orleans Pizza man, Justin from OTT. Cough. I have a sudden urge to sing “My Own True Love.” I named a debonair rooster after that man. Sigh.

        Swaggy C raved about the recent improvements in Rockstar’s looks and figure. Robyn Kass of BB casting shot him back with “wait ’til you see her at the finale!” and flame emojis. Apparently there will be no end of Swaggy anytime soon. He has friends in high places. A star is born.

        Poor Scottie looked like a pinkish white young piggie in the hottub. Sam delivered a sermonette on how no matter what happens, people at home love her, even if she gains 35 pounds or shaves her head or assaults a fellow houseguest, ah yes! She has a welding license, a sugar shack and by golly, people at home who love her. No kidding, she said this stuff. An instant before, she gorged on a huge slice of cheesecake. She crammed it into her mouth via large forkfuls while sitting slumped with her belly spreading and occasionally grinning with chocolate smeared teeth. What a goddess.

      • Ann

        Shiv, I saw that & was going ask what in the hell was Sam babbling about & which one of her 15 personalities was she tonight? She hhad a nice hunk of whatever it was she was eating & it took her a hot minute to eat it too. The camera kept going back to her after being on the others in the hot tub & there she was, still scarfing down the sweets. Remember she has 15 people in her head that she has to feed.

    • Sassy

      Should have set up a dodge ball court and let them get out some frustrations.

    • Ann

      Now yall know I’m about to explode after seeing that little weasel drink out of Brett’s beer before handing it to him. I will be damned if that jerk would’ve gotten another drink out of it. I sure as hell wouldn’t drink it after he put his filthy mouth on it, I would’ve poured it out. What makes him think people don’t mind him touching their food & putting his filthy mouth in somebody’s drink? I am livid.

    • ShoeLover


      I am loving on Angela’s bikini!!! I would love to have one for Jamaica in December!!! And as for music, I wish the artists/musicians would wave the copyrights because this is free advertising. OR why not use the “I don’t claim the rights to the music, thingy?” Many, Many Facebook users use that excuse. For me, music or no music.. I am here for BB period!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  33. LynnD

    Will somebody please take Sam and have her STFU! She has seriously worked my last nerve. I would definitely be evicted by BB production if I had to be in the house with her

  34. JD

    No doubt JC drank that beer on purpose. Ugh can’t stand him. I really think growing up no buddy told him no, no discipline and coddled

  35. Malia

    Not a secret that I am an Angela fan…and NOT a Hay fan but I am not liking this convo between the two where they are talking about Sam….I expect those types of comments from Hay…biut not from Angela. Disappointed in you girl…

    • Helen

      Haleigh seems to bring the mean girl out in her..I turned feeds off when Angela joined in the Sam bashing..
      I started thinking hmmm maybe you do need to go OTB after all!!
      So far KayCee has been immune to her and her trash talk ways

  36. ladycobra

    I am going to step out on a limb and predict who will win AFP….Bay will win because of Swaggy. People will vote for her just because they follow him and he will tell them to.

  37. Shivani33

    Haleigh got away with a lot of unfished comments about Sam and JC. She said that JC is saying that he’s resentful of restrictions which production has put on him. She told Angela that JC hates being told what to do. As if we didn’t know. He said last night during his big fit that production lied to him beforehand, as he was signing on to the show. Haleigh said JC says that he regrets his decision to be cast. Maybe JC is allowed to sleep half of the day so that production doesn’t have to deal with him as much.

    Angela dug lots of info from Haleigh during this conversation. She kept zeroing in on anything linking JC and Brett. Tastelessly, Haleigh overshared gossip about Sam’s medicating routine. It seemed unnecessary to broadcast this, although housemates and feed watchers are already aware of it.

    Later, the fake team of bosom buddies, Angela and Haleigh, went up to the HoH bath and took a shower together. Tyler walked in, not expecting the unexpected, then walked out just as quickly. Tee-hee! When he said it was Angela’s turn to babysit Haleigh today, Angela sassed at him and joked that if he could have JC as his sidepiece, she could have Haleigh.

  38. Shivani33

    For unknown reasons, Haleigh has just torn up Sam’s bed and taken its black mattress cover. Haleigh cannot not imagine that Sam won’t notice, though she sleeps in the have-not room right now. Haleigh left the blankets from the bed in complete disarray after digging through it. Haleigh might be a little dramatic and pouty, because she isn’t sleeping with Kaycee tonight, who looks immensely pleased to be rid of her. She made a hilarious smiling cry face while watching Haleigh bustle around acting all pissy in the wee hours.

    Brett was trolling Haleigh a bit salaciously and asking her if she’s moving back into the pink bedroom. Sam’s mattress cover was shown crumpled out by the hammock, briefly during transport. Some of Sam’s blankets were strewn on the floor by her bed. Sam is not going to like it. At all. I don’t know what is up with Haleigh. It just seemed to come on all of a sudden.

    • Helen

      I think the three girls are working together. Tyler told Angela tonight be careful hanging around Haleigh,that JC was in Brett’s ear and they might get the idea that Haleigh wouldn’t put them up…fake fighting…
      Angela is already asking Tyler if JC isn’t more dangerous than Haleigh…
      My only hope is Brett and JC flip the vote and along with Sam send Haleigh to join Faysal

  39. Shivani33

    Brett decided that he and Scottie need to grill more meat for a 2 in the morning snack. JC is strutting around the backyard as Brett fires things up, ready to slap some patties. It’s not over ’til the fat lady sings.

  40. FW aka CY

    Well, maybe they can’t sing copyrighted songs at their BBQ, but surely they could revive some of those old camps songs from childhood. I remember so many great ones:

    * There’s a skeeter on my peter, yes there is.
    * Catalina Madelina Hoopenstiner… etc.
    * BVD’s Bye Bye (Someone stole my underwear, I don’t care, I’ll go bare
    * On Top of Spaghetti
    * and Many More!!!

    I think I’d whip out that soulful croon”

    My sweetheart’s a mule in the mine/
    I drive her with only one line/
    Each day as I sit/
    Tobacco I spit/
    All over my sweetheart’s behind…/


  41. Helen

    Anyone know where NKog is?

  42. ShoeLover

    LOL!!!! Just tuning into BBAD!!! WHERE’S THE BEER???!!!!!!! LMAO!!

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