Good afternoon, everyone!

I hope you’re all enjoying your holiday weekend! Unfortunately, it’s the holiday that ends summer which also means the end of Big Brother is around the corner. I’m still a little nervous about no mentions of BB21 yet, but there will be another Celebrity Big Brother, so, yay? At least I won’t be on vacation to start this next edition, so maybe I can get into it more if I watch the feeds from the start.

Also, if you’re just checking this today for the first time, I covered the recent HoH controversy, but I’ll summarize my opinion here. If the rule was stated that one foot has to be on the platform, Tyler should have been disqualified. However, it was missed during the comp and until the CBS episode last night. It appeared to be a clear error or intentional oversight by production because Tyler was clearly not lifting his feet to get a competitive advantage. The rule is obviously in play to prevent crazy things like people climbing up the rope or any other exploits they can come up with, and if production was truly throwing it to Tyler, they would have cut the clip of Kaycee explaining that rule.


It’s one of those things where it was a stupid rule that shouldn’t have been enforced, but had it been enforced, it’s one of those things we’d have to live with. Tyler didn’t cheat to get an advantage which is why the week doesn’t need to be rewound. Let’s just appreciate that it was an epic HoH competition and hopefully there will be more to come this season.


  • 11:50 am – Feeds back from the PoV meeting
    • Veto wasn’t used, but I guess both people gave funny(?) speeches because feeds returned with everyone smiling and hugging
    • I miss the times when feeds would return with people angry
    • Both Scottie and Haleigh think the other is the target this week which is why no drama, but I want some drama!
  • 1:00 pm – Tyler, Brett, and Kaycee are up in the HoH room talking
    • Brett jokes that he can’t go to the jury house even if he loses. He’ll just stay in the corner of the BB house and eat bananas just to avoid the jury members
    • Tyler re-tells what he told Haleigh when she asked him about being caught celebrating
    • Kaycee says it’s frustrating that Haleigh has been sleeping with her. She understands that Haleigh is lonely but still frustrated
    • They say they really like her as a person and wouldn’t want her moping around the house
    • The group talks about how they miss Winston but not really Rachel. They say Rachel wasn’t really confident in their alliance which is why she branched out to the other side (I thought she did that for info)
    • Brett re-tells how Sam randomly confronted him yesterday with paranoia. She thought Brett didn’t like her yesterday for some reason
  • 1:15 pm – Brett leaves to go get some sun and the conversation breaks up
  • 3:45 pm – Brett and Scottie are just chillin outside together.
    • They’re just talking about the game in general. Upcoming potential double eviction
    • Meanwhile, Sam is playing with her bugs
  • 5:10 pm – Not much going on, but Sam is really at peace right now which is good to see
    • Everyone else is just hanging out. Playing cornhole, cooking, showering, etc, etc.
    • Alright Sam, you’re getting carried away now. Pretty soon she’s going to be on the roof
  • 6:45 pm – Angela and Scottie are sitting on the hammock chatting about life.

Seeing as it’s slow, enjoy this. Really well done!

Check back for updates