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Big Brother 20 – Last Minute Scrambling!

With the complete lack of gameplay the last few days, it’s not surprising that the house finally realized that eviction is tonight and people needed to get on the same page.


Last night, the level 6 alliance appeared to have thrown up their arms in defeat and were just going to wait to see what the twist was, but Tyler apparently had different plans this afternoon. Around 11 am or so, Tyler pulled Kaitlyn aside and basically told her that the other side of the house has the power and if she votes out Sam, they’re going to use it and Kaitlyn is going to be screwed.

They had a back and forth for a bit while telling her that her alliance doesn’t have her back, so Kaitlyn spoke with Haleigh and apparently cleared that up. I wasn’t home, but I guess Kaitlyn may have actually flipped Haleigh as well. I’m going to jump into the feeds and keep it going until they’re down:

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  • 1:30 pm – The scrambling continues.
    • Kait doesn’t know what to do. She asks the camera for advice and gets ignored of course. Asks to get called into the DR and gets ignored.
    • Kait met up with Steve and he keeps calling her daughter and asking her for advice.
    • He is asking her what he should do when he stays and when he wins HoH. Awkward.
  • Kaitlyn makes her way into a room with Tyler and Brett
    • Kaitlyn is worried that if she doesn’t win HoH, she’s going on.
    • They tell her that she will probably go up if she doesn’t make this move
    • People keep interrupting the conversation either purposely or not
  • 2:40 pm – Tyler is back in the room privately with Kaitlyn
    • Tyler tells her that Haleigh made up the fact that she and Angela were working together
    • He said that she made it up to make sure that Kait is against the Angela group
    • Tyler says that Haleigh is her friend but she has Swaggy in her ear
    • Kaitlyn makes a final 2 pact with Tyler. She says that she had one with Haleigh but she’s going to break it now
    • She says if she wins HoH, she’s putting up Fessy and Swaggy

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  1. Helen

    This group of people are a hot mess!!

    • strwar1

      This is something I was expecting to happen. The Level 6 alliance is breaking apart fast and it was only made only a few days ago. Lol boy Sam’s power and Tyler telling about it sure blow up a entire house. But it is a shame Sam didn’t do it on her own.

      • Bobbi514

        it would of be all on her own if Tyler could of kept “secret” to himself now I only see firstly he is not loyal to Sam and thats a shame he thinks telling makes him more likable again like sheeps

  2. hogwild

    It seems like they finally realized this is a game for a half million dollars and they better start playing. I have been rooting for Sam to stay as I think she would be a more trustworthy ally going forward than Steve and it’s not a bad idea to work with someone who has an advantage at least in the short term.

    • Helen

      The only thing I kinda worry about is with Sams power app if she does not use it by the 4th eviction the power automatically goes to the 4th person evicted….that will not be good if that 4th person is someone like Gaggy or JC….

      • hogwild

        If they house remembers there is usually a battle back between the first four or five evictees they could wait till after that to go after them. If in fact they have one which they might not.

      • Helen

        The way Julie Chen explained it is if Sam is evicted tonight Julie will give Sam a challenge that Sam has to successfully complete…if she completes the challenge no one will be evicted tonight…so it’s not a battle back. It’s a challenge that requires completion…

      • hogwild

        I hope she gets to hang on to that power it would be fun to see that play havoc with the house for a couple more weeks.

      • Helen

        I think she will…I’m fairly confident that Steve will be walking out the door tonight. I won’t miss him.

  3. Lynn

    Right now, I LOVE me some Tyler! He has been able to pick up on a lot of things and that skill was sorely lacking last year. He also took control and tried to do something instead of just laying down and giving up- a “skill” that was way too predominate last year! So, he may dummy-up in the future, but for now- Yay Tyler!!

    • AIO_7

      I’ve found no reason not to like Tyler so far.

    • Bobbi514

      seriously you like Tyler Lynn ~ is there a reason as he has not shown loyalty to someone that could truly have his back my wish is Sam stays in the power and wins HOH and puts him and dweeb Chris up

      • Ann

        Tyler has shown me that he can’t be trusted with a secret. What he did would make me wonder what other secrets is he holding on to, that is if I was in the group that he told. If I was Sam I wouldn’t trust him again. To me, he painted a huge target on his back.

      • Lynn

        Yes, I do like him. He seems sweet and fearless to me. But, you never know in B.B. maybe your scenario will happen. I hope he and Sam team up though. Lol

      • Ann

        Lynn, I thought they should team up too before Tyler told her secret. She would have to be crazy to trust him again but then again she just might be gullible enough to trust him again.
        Nicole trusted Christine again after she stabbed her in the back when Christine thought Cody wanted her. Lol

  4. danmtruth

    It makes it fun for us More things to watch With this crew and everyone cutting deals and final two deals It helps heat things up

    • strwar1

      Yup Level 6 and (that one alliance name I can’t find out what it is still)are realizing these alliances made up of a few people?Isn’t going last very long and they need to make a third person alliance to survive in the house while letting ppl think they are part of their alliances like a final two alliance.

      • Colby

        (that one alliance name I can’t find out what it is still) – I don’t think anyone can remember the name because it is something stupid that Chakra came up with. It is something like FOUTTE – Five of us to the end.

  5. Ann

    I can’t wait to see who the next HOH is going to be. I hope whoever it is puts Braggy & his self entitled little crybaby girlfriend otb. That would make great entertainment especially if they didn’t win VETO & whoever did win it didn’t use it. Do you think Braggy would still be riding high thinking he was running the house?

  6. AIO_7

    “Kaitlyn makes a final 2 pact with Tyler.”

    This made me laugh.

    • Helen

      She makes a new one everyday. Lol. First was Fessy. Then Haleigh. Now Tyler…..whoever she thinks will carry her through the game.

      • Ann

        Hopefully one of those final 2s will carry her ass right on out the doors way before it gets anywhere near final 2.

      • Helen

        If people don’t watch her she will end up going to the end…..they need to get her off the island and send her back to spray tan washed up celebrities

  7. danmtruth

    All these self proclaim BB super fans think they are smarter than. everyone This year aliences are not going to last long This is a bunch of people trying to cut there own deal

    • Avatar

      Yes, there are a lot of people who are in alliances while playing the middle. It sucks but it is very entertaining.

    • Bobbi514

      That truly cracks me up danmtruth as they “proclaim” to be super fans yet here they go looking like sheep and only a couple that are sitting on the sidelines like Scotty might actually know how this game works has it is obvious Steve and several others shown they are clueless

  8. Alda

    I hope JC goes home next,then Winston.

    • Helen

      Mine are JC. Then Psycho Chakra then Rainbow. Those are the top three I can not stand to watch….as long as last three standing are Kaycee,Sam and Scottie,the rest can go after the first three. Lol

      • Shivani33

        Scottie reminds me somewhat of Steve Moses. Not in appearance, nor necessarily in intellect. It’s more about his method of playing so far. He had the best runway posturing last night, too. I don’t think anyone in the game knows what Scottie is really thinking to himself, and he’s gathering all kinds of info.

      • Bobbi514

        Am with you with JC and the faker LOL both are getting so annoying along with the dweeb Chris I refuse to say his nickname at all

      • Yael Sara

        I agree with your last standing, though would probably like to also see Tyler in that list

        Tyler, San, Kaycee, Scottie (sure)

      • Helen

        So is Kaycee. Both her and Scottie are playing a smart game imo…..

      • Helen

        I’m kinda pulling away from Tyler…I liked him at first but the more he is mackin on Psycho chick the more I pull away…..

  9. Avatar

    I can not believe Kaitlyn is flipping. Both sides needed to flush out Sam’s power. Nobody knows how Sam will feel once she has been a human in the house for an entire 24 hours. How can anyone be sure of how she would use her power? What will the next power be? She can only use it on one person and I am not even sure it is a guarantee that person returns. Swaggy focused too much on his showmance and dropped the ball. Meanwhile, Tyler has to be the favorite right now to win this whole thing. This week 1 has been very entertaining.

    • Shivani33

      Also, she has talked about how she’d prefer to retain her power for more than just this one week. In her bio from STEVEBEANS posted above, Sam says how she doesn’t forget a slight. She stores it away, ruminates awhile and waits for an opportunity.

  10. Shivani33

    So will Tyler wear his hair up or down tonight?! Less than an hour to go. Hoo boy, it is so good to have a house of new players. Hoh, anyone?

  11. Lou Lou

    I am just hoping that “Swaggy” gets the wind knocked out of his sails and gets the next Crap App. He is right, America did get it wrong last week. The wrong one got the Crap App!

  12. Ann

    Kaitlyn is being a crybaby because she wanted Fessy & Fessy wants Hayleigh.

  13. danmtruth

    Katlin is dying now she needs to pick a side

  14. danmtruth

    Katlin will have Faysal this week he will be by her side all week long Don’t think she will try to nominate anyone big Maybe Sam again or Jc Moon mother will be changeling all her mystic powers to connect on a spiritual plane with Katlin ,,,gag me

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