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Big Brother 20 Live Endurance HoH Competition; Post Comp Feeds

Good evening, everyone!


As you know by now, the HoH competition is going on and I know you’re interested in finding out who won, so I’m going to skip my typical ramble and jump right into it

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  • Fessy is off to a rocking start.  This is his competition to lose
  • Feeds currently down. They promised we could watch them so they shouldn’t be down long
  • Feeds up time to check the containers
  • Right now from this screenshot, Fessy (Green) is in the lead.  Scottie (lime) is second, and Angela (light blue) is third
    • JC has given up and is working on the 5k but not even sure he’ll get that before Fessy wins
  • 7:15 pm – Fessy and Scottie have pulled into a comfortable lead and it’s basically just down to them.  Fessy still in overall lead
    • This competition is going by way too fast
    • Just a few more trips and this is over
    • And it’s over, Fessy is the new HoH
  • 7:25 pm – Seeing as this was such a quick competition, I’ll probably just continue the updates here soon as the feeds return. No need to create a new post
  • 7:50 pm – Feeds are back and the house is just talking about the competition while others shower.
    • Brett is pretty quiet while Sam is very chatty
  • 8:10 pm – Fessy is pulling the macho shit and saying he wants one of the guys out (shocker)
    • He thinks he can easily beat Angela and KC at the end
    • Fessy says he isn’t sure how close Haleigh is with the guys and how much she’ll run back and tell them (great alliance, guys)
    • Naturally, Haleigh is pissed about that
    • Fessy says he was joking and testing her. Haleigh is not amused
    • Fessy is so dumb lol.  He doesn’t want to keep Scottie off the block because he’ll take Tyler off
    • Haleigh tells him that Scottie and Tyler are not together.  Fessy still doesn’t believe it.
    • Haleigh says JC is going to sneak all the way to the end
    • Fessy once again says a guy has to go home
    • Fessy says he doesn’t care who goes home (he does. He wants Brett gone because he’s insecure)
    • Fessy is thinking about putting Brett up next to Sam – lol
    • They talk about Sam having a crush on Brett and he says ‘I’d ask  you the same thing’ … this guy is just trying to blow it with her
  • 9:45 pm – Took a little break to try to wake up a little bit. Didn’t work. Super tired but trying to stay up
    • Haleigh and Scottie are talking in private
    • Hay isn’t sure what to do this week because her numbers are smaller and smaller
    • Haleigh tells Scottie it’s going to be hard for her, Scottie, and Brett to work together if Fessy puts Brett up.  My guess is she’s obviously just humoring him because I’m fairly confident Haleigh and Fessy are closer (at least their tongues are)
    • This is going to be an interesting week because Fessy is incredibly jealous and clearly just wants competition for Haleigh out of the house (my opinion) so I’m not sure she’ll have much say in what he does
    • Hay is pissed at everyone but especially Sam and JC for being shady and pretending they were with RS
    • Haleigh said the crowd was loud after the vote so she wonders if RS was really the flip vote every week and Brett was being honest about his alliance


Ok, I am off to bed. The HoH reveal is soon and I never care about that. Ever.  By the time that breaks up, I will be sleeping in my chair so I am going to get some rest. Mel will cover any highlights I missed tomorrow and I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon for the nomination coverage!


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  1. Wizard

    LunaLuv August 16, 2018 at 9:01 pm
    Comments (682)

    Brett’s goodbye messages are not going to win him votes in the jury, neither are Angela’s.

    I really dislike Julie telling BlockStar that she couldn’t reveal the votes because she confirmed or denied to Bay everybody that voted her out. Plus, she told Bay about Gaggy (my new nickname for Swaggy) visiting her parental units. I just dislike the double standard.

    I still don’t understand how Sam was so close to Bay, especially after Sam claiming she doesn’t like bullied… Let’s face it, Bay was the biggest bully this season!

    I’m rooting for Brett to win veto, but really anybody but Finessy or Scottie will do. Go Level 6! But damn it, Finessy seems to be off to a good start, and poor JC.


  2. Zach

    This likely comes down to Fes and Tyler. Scottie has the stamina but not the balance. Brett has the muscle but neither stamina or balance. The girls are inferior athletes. JC will go for the 5k.

    • HappyHippo

      Scottie is hanging close to Fessy a lil more than half way up

    • Wizard

      I would NOT say “the girls are inferior athletes” at all. For one, it’s incredibly sexist. Two, KC is a professional athlete, and Angela isn’t far from it with her gymnastics and pole vaulting.

      • Zach

        It’s not sexist. I didn’t say all girls, I said the girls. I know lots of women that are outstanding athletes. These girls are not. KC is the most athletic out of all of the girls and she doesn’t impress me. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit, trying to project me as a sexist.

      • Wizard

        Hahaha, nobody has to project you as anything. If something you wrote is bothering you that badly, ask an admin to delete it, period, full stop.

      • Zach

        Maybe I’m not going to cry to remove a post? Maybe I can fend for myself? After all you’re the one who turned to a personal attack on me insulting my character. So I don’t imagine you have much character or maturity. All because someone doesn’t agree with your opinion, you attack them. Just like most Americans.

      • Wizard

        Reread this entire thread. The only personal attacks are your’s from above.

      • Avatar

        I agree, his comment came off as incredibly sexist, whether it was intended or not. And instead of apologizing, they made it worse. Wow.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Zach! I just addressed something similar on the previous thread (your comment about everyone being on the proverbial dicks of L6). As I said there, it’s just a matter of people preferring one side as you do the other.

        In your above comment to Luna, you explained yourself, by saying that you weren’t talking about all girls. You should have left it at that. Continuing on by telling her to go f*ck herself was an unnecessary addition.

        Both of you, please stop. Thanks 🙂

      • Zach

        NK, I didn’t tell her to F*ck herself. I said get out of here with that nonsense and used F*ck for emphasis. She’s complaining about me, and asking how to block people. But she is the one who replied to my comment. I’m not seeking her out, but I’m also going to defend my comments.

      • Avatar

        Zach you’re wrong and out of line, plain and simple. KC is a professional athlete and Angela is a gymnast and pole vaulter. So your statement is wrong. It’s not even about opinion, it’s factually wrong.

        And the way you worded it sure came across as sexist.

      • McCoy

        It’s a reality TV show, you both need to relax. I didn’t necessarily see it as a sexist comment, but dude, you gotta let people’s little jabs roll off ya.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Zack, I stand corrected. I misquoted you and for that I apologize, but the rest of my message stands. You both need to take a time out and a deep breath before responding. If you can’t get along, fine. Just ignore each other and don’t engage in the negativity. The board doesn’t need it and the rest of us don’t want to read it.

        To everyone else, please refrain from responding. When others get involved in the fray, it can sometimes escalate matters.

        EVERYONE’S comments are welcome here. Whether any of us agree with them or not. But we’re not going to start attacking each other on the board.

        Thanks and HAPPY COMMENTING!

      • pkcable

        Well DAMN that went off the rails quick! Serenity now, Serenity now! SERENITY NOW! lol

    • HappyHippo

      Angela isn’t doing bad at all

  3. Cindy

    Still waiting for the feeds to come on

  4. Avatar

    I don’t have the feeds but what they showed Angela looked comfortable with the challenge so did kc. How are they doing now? And yes poor jc.

  5. HappyHippo

    Scottie isn’t far from Fessy and Tyler a lil but behind them

  6. HappyHippo

    What would a Scottie hoh look like?

  7. Wizard

    Tyler better pick up his pace! He should start putting the liquid in his hair and squeezing it out!

  8. GL

    I’m not liking this Fessy is doing better than expected

  9. HappyHippo

    He’s not far from winning damn it
    He’s got something besides B.B. that he is playing for

  10. AIO_7

    Damn, Fester is close; can’t see the other ones.

  11. Helen

    Looks like this is a Fessy win. Barely any crisco in his lane as opposed to others

  12. HappyHippo

    This has to be decent time on this comp huh? I thought it took much longer!

  13. goldie

    Wish Hathor would stfu!

  14. HappyHippo

    Damn Fessy won!

  15. GL

    Fester won darn lol

  16. AIO_7

    Fester wins.

  17. Colby

    Crap! Fessie won

  18. kneeless

    I was afraid Fes would win, damn.

  19. LynnD

    OMG Fessy just won?

  20. Newbie2017

    It’s going to be an interesting week!!!

  21. Wizard

    Ugh, Fessy, eye roll.

  22. Colby

    I will laugh if he puts up Scottie.
    But Haho won’t let him.

  23. AIO_7

    I can’t see any way one of the Fab.4 don’t go home this week.

  24. HappyHippo

    Dang dang dang
    I cannot believe we have to watch them in the hoh bed for another week!
    At least Tyler has the cloud app

  25. kneeless

    Well, HaHo won’t have ‘her’ HOH derailed this week.

  26. LO1004

    WTH, this comp usually takes at least an hour. This is such BS. Production sucks this year, I’m done.

  27. Helen

    Didn’t he want to put up Brett and Scottie with Tyler backdoor?

  28. Alda

    That was fast! I think he’ll put up Angela and Brett.

  29. Wizard

    Maybe JC can talk him into putting up Sam for her own good.

  30. danmtruth

    someone from L6 is going I’m afraid to say Angela Kc back up Than TY as backdoor When to play his cloud

  31. Mr. Beardo

    Ugh! I thought I had time to spare!

  32. Mr. Beardo

    So fucking lame production!

  33. Tinkerbell

    I’m even more thankful Purple Head is gone. Even though she was never HOH she completely took it over at least three times when her besties were HOH. Thank goodness she’s on her way to the Big House…..I mean, jury house. So thankful to not see that purple foul mouth blob slithering all over the red HOH bed.

  34. Carl

    So When does Haleigh move in to her HOH room?

  35. Avatar

    Why did it go so fast this year? I have read where production messes with the outcomes, is this true?

  36. ladycobra

    Heartbroken is the only way to describe how I feel. I can’t believe this was over so fast.

  37. Avatar

    I knew by how well fessy started out he was going to win… so tyler or angela or Brett.. will he be ruled by logic or jealousy

  38. NKogNeeTow

    New thread and of course I’m always the last to know. I was still commenting one the other one…lol. Anywhoo… we now have another Hive HOH, which HaHo will also run. I hate to say it but it looks like L6/5/4 will be losing a member next week so the sides will still be even.

    • Zach

      Which makes for interesting TV. I’m not a fan of the alliances. But Tyler and Scottie are the ones I’m cheering for individually. Tyler because his hometown is an hour from me, Scottie because I like a good underdog.

      • Avatar

        I do not see Scottie as and underdog … to me he is a back biter who would throw his best friend under a bus than own up to anything he did.. this game shows his character. weather I like one side over another I can say they try to always keep their word to their side of the house.

      • Zach

        Diana, besides him voting our Swaggy what has he done? Also this is big brother, it’s about deceiving others. The greatest players in the history of the game were the best at lying and deceiving. Dan, Dr. Will, Derrick. Even Tyler this year is lying to many in the house.

    • Wizard

      NK- Is there a way to block unwanted people because I’m trying not to get banned from the site?

  39. mona77450

    I’ve watched a lot of these slip and slide comps and I can’t recall if a female ever won it. This comp is so tailored for the guys…..imho.

  40. Avatar

    will JC stick to L6 side or flop back to other side?

  41. LO1004

    At this point KC deserves to go home. She wasn’t even in the running to come close to top 4 and she’s supposed to be a professional athlete? What? I so wanted her to do well, but I can’t justify it anymore.

  42. Mr. Beardo

    Definitely not my 2nd fav comp now. Please don’t make me hate comic books too Production!!!

  43. Newbie2017

    JC and Sam are sitting pretty. They’ve made friends on both sides and neither side is targeting them first. It’s Angela & Tyler versus Hayleigh & Fessy with KC and Scottie as alternates. JC & Sam aren’t on their radar at least to start with.

    • Newbie2017

      Oops – forgot about Brett – he’s in there as an alternate too.

    • Avatar

      Yeah, but Sam and JC may be collateral damage in the cross fire. Imagine this scenario:

      Fessy puts up Angela and Kaycee, with Tyler as the backdoor option. L6 wins veto, and takes down one of them. They try to backdoor Tyler but he’s sitting in the cloud, so who to put up???

      Hay thinks she controls Brett with her flirting and knows she controls Scottie….so Sam? JC? With L6 trying to protect their core members, JC or Sam become collateral damage.

  44. Tinkerbell

    I know this won’t happen, but I wish Haleigh would do something to completely piss off Fessy. It would make my year if he would ban her from the HOH room. Oh well….we all have to have fantasies. Ha

  45. Snarky Jenn

    Well Hay gets a second week of being HOH. To bad messy Fessy can’t think for himself. Ugh! Fingers crossed Sam goes this time and we don’t lose and L6/5/4 member!!

  46. Avatar

    please no chances fessy, time to destroy these disrespectful level 6, really hope angela goes and no BS comes from production

  47. Mr. Beardo

    Now the question all week will be does Fessystein put up Brett and Scottie like he wants to or just listen to his twerking Igor??

  48. Avatar

    NOOOOOOOOO! Not so much cuz fessy won but because I dislike haho. Ugh…wish he would wise up and get over her.

  49. Apopkedave

    I would hate to be sent to the jury house with the two that are there now.

  50. Avatar

    I don’t see how people are saying this is Hay’s HoH. Last time I checked, there weren’t that many options for Fessy to choose from. It will be 2 out of Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, and Brett. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that.

    • Wizard

      Because Fess has literally said that he cares more about HaHo than the game, so he is going to try to make her happy.

    • danmtruth

      remember you are talking about the HIVE they might put Scottie up to improve there odds in veto A dumb move but something stupid they might try Cant see Scottie agreeing to it In any case Fess is getting lucky tonight
      In RS speech she talk about how Angela KC, and TY were always together Excuse me what about her Hay and Fess when aren’t they attached at the hip to each other

    • mm22

      He could put up Scottie but hai ho won’t allow it
      cause she’s still canoodling with him

  51. danmtruth

    In years past the ramp was go up to the middle slide down then need to go up all to get to the middle This year just one slide down Than a run up Yes Fess was smart got most of his crisco to the side Also TY seemed to spill more to start with More of his liquid yellow on the ground

    • LO1004

      And the lanes were a lot longer in past years. I’m so disappointed. I might have to boycott the week.

    • Shivani33

      There was a certain look on Fester’s face just seconds before the race began. It is a look I know well. It’s the come hell or high water look of sheer determination. This is the first time that I’ve seen that fire show itself coming out of Faysal. If he has the ability to think strategically, now would be a good time to start. He got a lot of info from Bayleigh and kept it to himself. Some of her slant was twisted, but often there was a pointed degree of accuracy. Fester has a few hours to f*ck it all up for himself and to come to the worst possible conclusions for his game. O ye of little faith. Or he could surprise us. Doubtful!

      • LO1004

        I bet he plays emotional and puts up Brett solely because of hsi flirtation w Hay. He’s been blindsided every week, so I’m thinking he’s not the brightest crayon I’m the box.

  52. danmtruth

    It was odd that Julie would not say who was the vote to keep RS Yet she told Bay

  53. Sassy

    There is still a “chance” for L6/5/4 to get through this without losing a member. IF MF puts up Brett and Angela, KC wins Veto taking one down and Ty sits on the cloud, someone else has to go up next to the one that is left. L6/5/4 fans, dont give up hope yet.

  54. Avatar

    Yea Fessy! Don’t know why most of you are down on this…if L4 won you knew who was going up (Haleigh & Fessy). This should make for an interesting week. I think he is going Angela & Kaycee, with the reason being that’s what Haleigh wanted but got hacked. The plan will still be to backdoor Tyler but he has his power. No matter what, this season is awesome!

  55. SammyD

    Any bets or forecasts on who Fessy will nominate?

  56. Helen

    Well early early this am he told JC he was going to make some big moves….we will see what his idea of that is…

  57. Wizard

    Does anybody think that production may have made this comp easier this year because of Sam’s fragile mental state? She seems to be better than last week, so maybe they don’t want to stress her out too much?

  58. Colby

    Maybe we do hope for another twist this week after all………..

  59. Avatar

    This is going to get hilarious very quickly. Fester is going to get his HOH room, and go crazy when mouth breathing Haleigh sleeps downstairs anywhere near Brett or Tyler or Scottie.

    He will expect her to spend every minute up in the HOH room. Level 6-ish would do well to encourage rumors of Scottie flirting successfully with her to Fester. Could be a fun week, if they play it correctly.

  60. Sassy

    MF doesn’t want to hear what any of these Mother F’ers think, because anything they say to him is going to be lie anyway.

    • Avatar

      It’s a game. All is fair. Fester doesn’t care about the game. He already said those exact words to Haliegh. All level 6 has to do is make Fester jealous of Scottie.

      His jealousy will be the hoh this week. It will not take much to Jedi mind trick the big oaf. Sell the lie.

  61. caRyn

    Maybe Haleigh won’t spend the nights in the HoH room because her dad will be watching.

  62. danmtruth

    Fess is talking big GREAT that they had an athletic comp It was about time He cant stop saying how he knew no one could keep up UUMMMM Scottie and TY were close with Angela and Bret not far behind

  63. LO1004

    Sam to Hay: good job on your HOH! Lol does she realize her alliance member went home on her HOH? Or is she thinking about fireflies and grass?

  64. Sassy

    Fessy REALLY wants Scottie OTB!! Seriously? That would be hilarious!!!

  65. AIO_7

    Sounds like Fester is bad mouthing either Scottie or JC.


  66. Alda

    Fessy just told Haleigh Brett’s got to go! So,it could be Brett and Scottie going up.

  67. Colby

    MF laying the funiture getting that comp gunk all over it.

  68. Colby

    He said he doesn’t want to put up Angela or KC because they are not threats.
    He want a guy out this week.
    He really want Scottie, but Haho will continue fight that.

  69. danmtruth

    Fess wants Scottie, Bret, TY Gone does not care who Jc is not a threat but does not care

  70. caRyn

    Another new HoH – not a repeat HoH hg. The hg talk about what they would do if they were HoH and this season we are able to see it.

  71. danmtruth

    Fess ever the keen observer says Scottie has a crush on Hay

    Fess is so sure of himself that he will win veto he wants to take on Bret, Scottie and TY to prove how he is top dog Not happy that Sam thinks Fess is gay Plus Sam thinks Hay has a crush on Bret Fess pushes her on that

  72. McCoy

    If Faysal is going to put up one of the people that aren’t targeting him then he deserves whatever happens to him after this.

  73. Shivani33

    Faysal said, “Sam thinks I’m gay.” This is so funny. Henis pissed atmSam for several things. Evict the flying nun.

  74. Tinkerbell

    When Sam is evicted, hopefully very soon, she’s going to need a U-Haul to take all of her spiders, windchimes, and knitted mittens with her.

  75. Tinkerbell

    Finger Nail Biter flirting with her boy taking a shower. Which boy you ask?? Haha. Fessy She is feeling quite come hither in her outfit. BARF!!! Tonight could be Fessy’s lucky night.


  76. GoodGame

    I truely want to see Hayleigh go to JURY this week on Fessie’s HOH! He deserves better than her and is going to be embarassed when he sees these past few weeks after season is over. Poor Guy! Clueless!

    • Avatar

      Have no pity for him … he has watch her flirt and hang all over scottie and brett.. if he is to stupid to she her for what she is then shame on him… but he is the kind of guy who even after he watches the season will still think she only has eyes for him!

  77. Tinkerbell

    They’re talking about how long they think the comp lasted. They think 30 minutes, and agree it was much quicker than they thought it would be.

  78. mona77450

    I’m secretly hoping that Brett will smooth things over with Faysal by justifying his vote to evict Blockstar because she would have come after him….yada…yada… He should remind him there are bigger targets in the house.

  79. Avatar

    would like to thank Steve for this web site and thank all of you that share live feed info to people like me who only see bbad and the three shows a week ; )

  80. Mr. Beardo

    This HoHitis is looking like the worse case yet folks..

  81. Mr. Beardo

    This should be a fun week for the four hours a day that Fessy is awake..

  82. Sassy

    Brett’s plan is to get MF to question whether it was Scottie or Brett who voted RS to stay. He’s hoping in the confusion, he will go OTB with Scottie instead of Ty. He knows MF is going after him. That would be great! But I can’t imagine, HaHo allowing that to happen.

  83. Sassy

    Haho and Scottie are strategizing. I can only hear bits and pieces. Haho is talking about ways to undermine MF and get her way. She tells Scottie if one of them win Veto, they need to take Brett down because he is not coming for her or Scottie (and she knows he is coming after MF). She’s figured out the 6 in the girls hat is for a 6 person alliance and she thinks it the L4 people plus JC and Sam.

  84. Seattle Kari

    I have not yet read all the comments above but something tells me Ty is going to have to use his Cloud this week..

  85. ElaineB

    Congrats Fessy! Am glad the Hacker crap is over and I no longer have to see/hear RS! Play ball with the new HOH!

  86. Avatar

    Does anyone besides me think they put Sam on meds? she has been like happy joy joy on the tv… or is it because they are not showing her crazy side on tv?

  87. Mr. Beardo

    Hay is putting the pieces together about L6 on the game bridge with Scottie. Not spot on but definitely getting warmer. As John McClane would say “Welcome to the party pal!”

  88. Mr. Beardo

    I’m pretty sure Sam just told Brett he needs to wear more clothes and not be charming because it’s turning her on and that makes her uncomfortable. Brett nodded and said ok.

  89. Avatar

    lol did he break the door like he did the sink

  90. Mr. Beardo

    A better recapper than me needs to tell what just happened in the HoH..

  91. Avatar

    Called it earlier. The true HOH is Fester’s jealousy. That will cloud everything. JC already said that he will plant it in Fester’s ear that Scottie and Haliegh are close in the pink room. Brett saying that he voted to keep RS is pure genius.

    Fester will fall for it.

  92. Sassy

    I don’t see Brett’s act working this time. He did good but KC overacted. I know it’s easy to say while watching from my couch, but to say she has never been close with Brett, they all have to know that’s not true. I expect Brett and Ty OTB initially.

  93. Sassy

    OMG! Haho is buying everything that JC is saying! He’s laying it on thick and there is enough truth in there for her to buy it hook, line, and sinker!! Poor Scottie is gonna be on his own. I don’t like when they don’t have at least 1 person in their corner.

  94. Avatar

    looks like JC will now be haho’s brain and maybe put a bug in her ear and fessy’s too.

  95. Mello_One

    Hasn’t Faysal figured out yet that JC is a Rat, & an Informant for the other side of the House, & JC is the reason why he stays so freaking Confused?

    • Helen

      Lol. No!! JC even has Haleigh convinced now..both Fessy and Haleigh want Fessy to make a deal with Tyler….Put Brett and Scottie on the block..if Tyler happens to play and win veto he promises to not take Scottie down..plus something about not going after Haleigh. In return Fessy does not put Tyler OTB..
      Say Thank you JC…lmao

      • Helen

        And now that JC has Sam convinced that by her getting rid of RS (he got her to believe RS and Brett had F2) Brett will draw closer to Sam. Putting Brett OTB is gonna piss her off…she’s already flirty with Brett instead of avoiding him as she has been.
        JC continues to play these housepets like a fiddle…not all of them,but most!!

      • Sassy

        I have not given JC enough credit this season!

      • Jay H

        Sassy- agreed. Watching him last night on the feeds, he is one hell of a manipulator. Very convincing in his stories. He could seriously be a contender.
        I’ve never seen anyone play the middle as well as him.

      • WhereisPablo

        I had a nagging thought all along that JC might come in handy at some point. Hopefully this is it.

    • HappyHippo

      You started off the comment completely incorrect “hasn’t Faysal figured out” lmao

  96. leafhopper

    I have a question about Tyler’s Cloud…. if he uses it before Noms, he can still be BD’d right? Or he can use it before the veto and keep from being BD’d. So he has 2 options. Right?

    • Helen

      Yes. Either one. If he uses before noms he can still be backdoored. But he can save himself then ….may be a little for difficult to determine beforehand But he has a pretty good read on what’s going on (plus he has JC) to warn him.
      Fessy and Ty are meat shields for JC. He plays them both well….

  97. Avatar

    Here is a theory and the rest of you are welcome to chime in. In the past a lot of serious injuries have resulted due to the slide comp. As much as I enjoy watching the epic falls and there have been some big time falls over the years.

    We all know Insurance Companies rule the world. Hence I think CBS has paid out some significant insurance payments over the years and asked production to lighten up on the grease and made the lanes wider and the comp a little easier to prevent anyone breaking a limp or worse.

    Also, it is a TV SHOW and CBS is all about ratings and I am sure having L6 get their way every week doesn’t create a compelling reason to watch the show. So they need to throw the Hive a bone and give Fessy and Scottie an advantage.

    Or it could be Production feels their hacker twist gave an unfair advantage to L6 and pretty much hijacked Hay’s HOH so this is there way of leveling the playing field.

    Or it could be that members of the Hive are so incompetent that Production had no other choice but to give them a hand.

    Either case I am confident true to form the HIVE will “F” this HOH up as well. Fessy will do something stupid like put up Sam or Scottie vs a L6 member with the plan to backdoor Tyler. What happens whatever L6 member is on the block gets taken off by L6 winner of the VETO and Tyler goes and sits on the cloud and Faysal has no choice but to put up whatever member of L6 or one of JC or Sam / Scottie that is not on the block. L6 has the numbers and guess what Sam or Scottie whoever is on the block goes home and another week the HIVE is brain dead.

    I honestly feel Faysal is jealous of Brett and is personally threatened by him and the attention Haliegh gives him. His ego and pride will take over and he will want to send Brett out this week. I can see him putting up Brett and Sam and appeasing Haliegh by telling her he will backdoor Tyler in which he has no intention of doing so. He will keep nomes the same in hopes that Brett will go home.

    Lets see how it plays out.

    • pkcable

      Ironically the (what are they called now?) “The Hive?” have won most of the HoHs, BUT they are like the gang who couldn’t shoot straight, and they never seem to get their way!

      Now while I realize he could go at anytime, so far in my opinion Tyler is playing the best game. He’s not quite at Derrick, Dan or Dr. Will level, BUT he’s playing a DAMN good game!

  98. Cindy

    I’m pretty sure he can still be back door’d that’s why he pushed for hay ho to put him up as a replacement nom last week. It only saves him from one or the other.

  99. danmtruth

    While HaHo was obsessed with watching the spy TV to keep tabs on TY and Angela Fess will watch the TV to keep an EYE on Hay He my never leave the bed except to lift weights

  100. HappyHippo

    So on one camera right now is Tyler and Angela spooning?! Very interesting…
    Sam will not be happy lol

  101. Avatar

    it appears Fessie is targeting Scottie

  102. Avatar

    BARF! Ugh, well I guess Hay gets 2 HOHs back-to-back.

  103. HappyHippo

    I’m perfectly ok with that

  104. Ann

    I haven’t even got the nerve to watch last night’s show after looking on the top of the site page seeing Fessy, I mean Hay has another HOH. So the whorteaser will stay with Fessy until his power is useless.

  105. mm22

    Didn’t Fessy say if he won HOH
    he was going to make a big move-
    haha maybe it’s not listening to hai ho

  106. Sassy

    Haleigh is now Haha to me because she’s just a joke! She gets SOOO close to figuring it out, then strategized herself out of the right answers. At least she will have a BF leaving the house, at least until there is competition for his dopey self.

  107. mm22

    So do the HG’s think Brett voted to keep RS?

  108. Bastosko

    Sorry another daily lurker but rare poster (took me long time to get logged in again). Being that I wear aluminum foil on my head and always listening for the black helicopters to come take me away, I would like to propose a conspiracy theory to the group.

    I have loved this season so far, no returning vets or coaches, just let them play. However, as mentioned previously by someone, the twists designed to ensure productions version of “drama” ie, Kra Kra inability to solve a second grade puzzle (App one), voting out one of the “Apps” before it even got utilized App two), have failed miserably (wonder who got fired in the writer’s team?). With one alliance skillfully playing the game in plain site and the other that can’t get out of their own way, there is probably a desperate need in production to “create that $$$ drama”.

    I don’t watch the live feeds (even though I do have them) but I would probably agree that the tracks were not greased equally thus making one side more inclined to win again. And “TADA” we have what most posts/boards/groups were saying would be probably worse case, Fessy wins!

    It is like production has done it’s dead level best to create what they consider drama, but Level 6 seems to be one ahead. Prediction for the last hacker comp, HaHo or Scotty wins, Tyler on block and Veto is geared to L6 weakness (Sam wins).

    I always hope this isn’t true but after 18(?) years watching it, have the gerbils come out and state the production drops “hints” about what to do, say or bust out someone else’s game just for that “$$$ Drama”.

    After BB19, fiasco of CBB and OTBB, seems that would look at the Canadian BB and get ideas, go back to basics, punish people who flaunt the rules or ignore stipulations.

    Maybe this seasons run of L6 can show them, just let them play the bloody game, stop influencing things for rating$ and let chips fall where they should.

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