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Big Brother 20 – Live Eviction Coverage!

Good evening, everyone!


This is the last live eviction thread of the season, can you believe that??  The next live thread will be the finale where the winner of Big Brother 20 will be crowned.

It’s been quite a season so far, but sadly it is coming to an end in less than a week. I am sure I will spend the next few days reflecting on this season and all the highs and lows we had as there really isn’t a whole lot to talk about the final week of the season. For now, there is still a little bit left of game to play!

We learned last night that Kaycee won the Power of Veto which guarantees her a spot in the final 3 along with JC. By winning and keeping herself safe, it is her duty to cast the sole vote to evict either Angela or Tyler. This is actually a pretty big situation for Kaycee as this will be the last thing the jury sees before they spend the next week deciding on who to vote to win. If she gives a ridiculous speech saying she’s honoring Angela’s suggestion to be voted out, she’ll lose a ton of respect from the jury. The last thing the jury wants to see is Angela or Tyler looking like they had a say in which one of them went home. They want Kaycee to kick Angela out and own it like the beast she’s been the last few weeks.


I personally think she’s going to give a middle of the ground speech where she gushes over how much she loves Angela and how she hates to be in that position which won’t advance her game at all. Yes, she has won all these veto competitions in a row, but let’s not forget that Paul won 3 of the final 4 last year and 5 overall in addition to 3 HoH comp wins. Winning competitions doesn’t guarantee you anything other than a bigger disappointment should you lose. Kaycee’s social game has been far superior to Paul’s, but this specific jury just may not respect her game of sitting around all summer letting her alliance do the dirty work until the last few weeks where she didn’t even do anything dirty. She won the comps but never actually used the veto.  I am sure to break down the games of the remaining 3 players over the next week, but the only thing I’m saying is don’t go writing Kaycee a check just yet.

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  • We’re getting a jury segment tonight, and I’m meh about it. Watching an entire alliance in a jury house is about as fun as watching them inside the BB house. Throwing Brett in the mix may be fun, though
  • During noms, JC says Tyler’s move of nominating him was a bitch move
  • Commercial then jury
  • Julie calls it the ‘foutte house’  lol
    • Bayleigh calls Fessy stupid but he says telling the opposite side she has a power is pretty stupid
    • Fessy after Haleigh ‘dammit we look like idiots’
    • Rockstar says Kaycee is playing the best game
    • Haleigh says they’re all aligned but she thinks Brett was the lowest along with Sam
    • See, Haleigh once again is aware of her surroundings but too little too late
    • Rockstar says Brett is going to ruin her jury experience. You’ve had like a month-long vacation, relax
    • The jury house mocks the ‘two steps’ speech
    • Haleigh gives Tyler credit for controlling the house more than she thought
    • Sam enters and says they’re cleaning up their own mess now
    • Sam admits she had a f2 with Tyler. Brett says he did, too. Scottie says this made him realize that Tyler never had his back – duh
    • Rockstar says he never did wrong by her
    • Haleigh is stil giving Tyler credit like expected
  • Kaycee won the PoV
  • Angela and Tyler give speeches praising each other
  • Kaycee says that the three of them have won 19 comps
  • Kaycee rambles and rambles
  • Julie says that they need a decision
  • Kaycee evicts Angela
  • Kaycee admits her f2 deal with Tyler in GBM
  • Tyler admits that he had a f2 with Kaycee and he had a power app but is obsessed with her

First part of the HoH should happen tonight but there was no mention of it. On the bright side, Julie did indeed say that there will be a Big Brother 21!!!!


Scratch that, Julie did say the ‘battle for the final HOH’ so that confirms it’s a normal three part HoH comp likely starting tonight.


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  1. Mel

    I agree Steve. It’s not over till the fat lady sings or JC throws a fit and gut punches Tyler on his way out the door.

  2. AIO_7

    Come on, 9pm.

    Congratulations KC on the veto win!

  3. AIO_7

    [JC winning F4 HoH] “ruined all of our plans.” Angela

    Well, Angela, your showmance almost ruined the season for many of us.

  4. AIO_7

    Bayoche’ is miserable. Her and Waggy will deserve each other.

  5. Annabelle

    From Gold derby
    Ever since her husband Les Moonves was ousted as CBS’s CEO and chairman over allegations of sexual misconduct, “Big Brother” fans have wondered whether Julie Chen would be leaving their favorite reality TV show. After all, she already announced her exit from the network’s daytime chatfest “The Talk.” Well, there’s no need to worry according to our sister site Deadline, as sources close to Chen say that she “looks forward to hosting the show for years to come.”

  6. HappyHippo

    They all seem pretty split on Tyler and kc playing the best game. They should be sitting next to Angela in the end. A mistake will be made tonight! I’ll be excited for any of these guys to win though!

  7. NKogNeeTow

    As much as I love Tyler, I wouldn’t be surprised if KC took Angela. I kind of think she will.

  8. ElaineB

    I guess I can mock the ‘two steps’ speech, cuz I never understood what Ang and Ty were talking about. Lol.

  9. AIO_7

    Voting is open for AFHG. I’m going to vote mostly Brett. How about you?

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  11. hogwild

    Shit I thought I was going to get diabetes listen to the three of them in those evection speeches thank god Julie finally cut KC off.

  12. Seattle Kari

    Share the link for voting for AFH, or tell me where it is to look? I can’t access the CBS website I’m hoping there’s more options

  13. HappyHippo

    Big brother casting ad! Yay!

  14. Annabelle

    so glad to see bb21 is official

  15. Jannie

    They are taking applications for next summer!!!
    BB21 is ON!

    • AIO_7

      Jannie; I’m glad you kept your kitten. I thought you would.

    • Jenny

      how is kitten doing?? what is his/her name??? did I mention that you’re a freaking awesome human for taking care of the furry monsters?

      • Jannie

        Thanks AIO and Jenny. He came to us with the name “Jack.” We thought about Ozzy (Prince of Darkness), Prince(he IS a Minnesota kitty)or Shadow, but in the end he just looked like a Jack. Also known as Jackpot, Black Jack, or Jackass(hubby) when he climbs the furniture. He is so sweet we couldn’t send him back. My son said he needs us like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. Who can say no to that? I’ll try and update his picture this week. Everyone should always adopt – the animals know you saved them amd they give such unconditional love!
        After seeing the jury house, Kaycee wins for sure in the final 2.
        Although I have never been a huge Angela fan, she wemt out with class tonight. She and Tyler are cute together. Good luck with that, kids.

      • kneeless

        All my kitties have been adopted or strays. I have 2 really sweet boys right now. Jack is a lucky kitty-boy!

      • Joy

        My cats were found by me or brought to me by my brother and sister. My oldest cat is 21 years old. She doesn’t cook or clean or drive or help around the house but we have loved her for so long we don’t know what life would be without her. All my previous cats have lived typically to 17 or 18 and we live where there is coyotes and bobcats. Congratulations on your new addition.

      • Jenny

        I have 2 rescue kitties and a big (95+ lb) rescue mutt here. Set myself a limit of 2 cats and 1 dog to stop myself from collecting too many. Every time I check out at Petsmart or Petco I add a few $ as a donation – can’t take them all home but I can still help.

  16. Cheryl

    AFH is at cbs.com/bbvote and YAY a casting call! So that answers that question!

  17. Seattle Kari

    Bye Angela. * I still think I should have been Tyler*

  18. Colby

    What did she say about Omarosa? I heard the name but missed what was said.

  19. AIO_7

    Since Tyler and KC are “in the money”, I’m not going to throw them any AFP votes.

    BTW …How much did they say 3rd place would win this year?

  20. Colby

    Do we know when the feeds are supposed to be back?

  21. ladycobra

    Did anyone else hear Brett tell the jury house that Tyler came to him to evict Angela? I could have sworn that was something Brett and JC discussed then he went to Tyler about it. He must be very bitter toward Tyler.

  22. LO1004

    Bayleigh is the absolute worst. Who calls someone stupid on national TV. I don’t miss watching her RBF at all. And after that jury segment it’s clear why Haleigh made it the furthest from that side. She respects and understands the game. If they continue w that plan to vote together, she won’t be influenced. Good for her.

  23. Shivani33

    Here is J.C. Moonves (hahaha) from an Entertainment Weekly interview, as Julie reacts to Angela’s goodbye message to AngieRS back in mid-August. “I think with Angela, she’s just a mean girl but doesn’t even realize it. She’s probably just a truly unhappy person, which is sad. I don’t think her petty, mean comments towards Rockstar were really about Rockstar; it was about her own unhappiness with who she is or where she’s currently at in life. I think she just needs to grow up.”

    Is that a rattlesnake I heard hissing? It can’t be. Sam is gone. That was only J.C. Moonves taking a bite out of her own behind. Life can be funny that way.

    • ElaineB

      Good reminder Shiv. Given all the info, it could be read as “I don’t think her (Julie) petty, mean comments towards Angela were really about Angela; it was about her own unhappiness with who she is or where she’s currently at in life.”. Those in glass houses…..

  24. stillstanding

    has any bb winner ever also won AFHG

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  26. NKogNeeTow

    Live Feed went down at 12:45 am. JC was on his way to the DR. Tyler mentioned he just wanted to go to bed.

  27. Mello_One

    My gosh!!! Angela is a Tall Glass of Water, I didn’t realize that she was so tall.

  28. NKogNeeTow

    Remember, the voting has now started for AFP. As the crooked politician said, vote early and often!

  29. NKogNeeTow

    They must be playing the comp now. I’m sleepy as hell, but I’ll hang in until at least BBAD is over, just to see if they come back. Not sure if they will tonight. They might want to keep us in suspense until Sunday. 🙁

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