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Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates 7/3

Good morning, everyone!


We had our first near fight of the season last night when Kaitlyn’s jealousy over the relationship between Haleigh and Faysal started to boil over when she walked in and saw the pair under the sheets in bed.

This situation caused a lot of back and forth between Faysal/Haleigh and Faysal/Kaitlyn as he tried to reassure both of them that they’re his #1. Needless to say, Faysal is terrible at this game and possibly even worse at juggling women. Haleigh and Kaitlyn eventually chatted around 1:45 am to clear the air on the situation and both basically denied their part in the potential drama. Haleigh was wondering why Kaitlyn said that she and Faysal were having sex under the sheets and Kaitlyn dismissed that as a joke.  Sure.

The two eventually hugged it out, but by no means do I think this is over. Kaitlyn just seems to lose it when she’s talking with Faysal, so I have no doubt she’ll fall victim to his words once again and re-start her crush. Meanwhile, Haleigh is a major flirt so she won’t stop flirting with Faysal, but she claims to like Tyler more while Tyler likes Kaitlyn.  I’m kidding about Tyler liking Kaitlyn, but wouldn’t that be a fun love triangle?  Or would it be a square at that point?


The one bad part of the opening week is that it can feel like an eternity if there is little drama, so this week has been more slow than normal. However, all the ingredients are there for some fun blowups later in the season, so be sure to sign up to the live feeds now so when I tell you to turn on the feeds, you won’t have to deal with the sign up process!

I’ll be off and on today but doing updates between.

  • 8:20 am – Steve is awake while everyone else is sleeping
    • Growing up, I always wondered why older people woke up so early. Now that I’m older, I realize it’s just something that apparently happens. I was a night owl for most of my life but suddenly this year I’m nearly in a coma by 1 am.
  • 9:00 am – Kaitlyn is in the bathroom trying to clear some air between her and Bayleigh
    • Bayleigh is pretending that she is not linked with Swaggy (but showmances are, sorry)
    • Kaitlyn is upset because Bayleigh called her a firecracker or something like that and is worried about when she was going to go off
    • The two go back and forth for awhile.  The big issue is that Kaitlyn doesn’t like being known as a loose cannon and having her friends think of her that way
  • 9:40 am – Sam is out of robot form for a bit
  • 10:20 am – The house is stuck inside. Not sure if they’re setting up something for the HoH competition or a 4th of July thing.
  • 3:00 pm – Did a little work this afternoon, home for the evening
    • Turns out the dynamic duo of Angela and Rachel are getting some national press for their comments
    • I heard it last night but wasn’t sure I heard it correctly, although I should have rewound to find out
    • The two were talking about their tans and saying how they look like Bay and how ghetto they look.
    • I guess BB15 is too far away for production to show them on what not to do
  • 3:40 pm – Sam was cleaning the bathroom, but she was called back to robot form. Oh, well
  • 4:40 pm – Tyler is up in the HoH room trying to work Kait a bit
    • He wants to work on her to get her to vote out Steve
    • He is bouncing the idea with her on which side to go to depending on who stays. Kaitlyn wants to just hang back and wait to see who does better
    • They talk for a bit, Tyler finally suggests how it would be if they kept Sam
  • 5:15 pm – Tyler asks Kait why nobody is considering Sam for the power
    • His theory (accurately) is that she was a robot all week
    • Kait asks if she should talk to her, he said he will
  • 5:45 pm – After some shuffling of people, Kait and Fessy end up in the HoH room alone and she goes into him
    • She is giving him shit about the stuff from yesterday
    • Kait put on her sunglasses.  Shes’ done with this conversation for a few minutes
  • 6:45 pm – People are up and about right now, not much going on, time for a break
  • 7:43 pm – Rachel is breaking down a bit beacuse earlier in the night, production talked to them about some of the things they were saying
    • Apparently, they had to remind the houseguests that they were on TV and being recorded
    • Somehow, either they told her directly, or they pieced it together, Rachel figured out part was about her and Angela
  • 10:30 pm – Everyone just hanging out in the kitchen. Not a ton going on. Means bedtime for me

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    I don’t get it, why would the chakra/namaste chick think anyone would be attracted to her? Especially with her foul mouth.

  2. AIO_7

    …..”but she (Haleigh) claims to like Tyler more”….

    That’s the impression that I get … that Haleigh really has the hots for Tyler. To me, I don’t feel that she is that into Fais, who poured his heart out to her the other night (dummy). Tyler, I think he is mostly into himself. As for the chakra chick …. ewwwww.

    As for Rachel, she has the hots for Brett. I don’t get the impression that Brett is interested, plus Winston is always there to cock-block Rachel. You can see the tension building between Winston and Rachel.

  3. Helen

    Am I the only one disappointed with the “power app”? It was great when it seemed it gave Sam an extra life…but it seems it is a “chance”…in seasons past,the first four out have done a battle back ,so what is so special about this power? Seems pretty weak to me….

  4. NKogNeeTow

    I’m with Steve on that night owl thing. I use to be able to stay up all night, especially when I had the Feeds. This past week, I could hardly make it through BBAD (even nodded out a few times while trying to watch it). I was thinking of getting the Feeds later on when things pick up but at this rate, I’d be wasting my money.

    AI…”Winston is always there to cock block Rachel”…I cracked up when I read that. Hadn’t heard that term in years…lol. I think the biggest blockers in the house are Kaitlyn, Rocky and Winston (he’s not letting anyone get anywhere near his man).

  5. HappyHippo

    I think it still has great potential but the beginning is always slow. Everybody has their side(s) and feels fairly comfortable because there are still so many people. It will start to get real when people start going home.
    I really thought I was going to get annoyed by Tyler and his ditziness they made him out to have but the more I see And hear him….I kind of like him….it’s still early but if him and kaycee really do keep an alliance I’m kind of digging it….
    Only time will tell..1st let’s gets swaggys ass out!

  6. AIO_7

    Dunk Rachel in a tub of blue paint and she could have had a role in this movie …


  7. Shivani33

    I’ve taken a step away from the BB action. I am unwilling to watch Monduix (J.C.) act out his predatory creepiness. It isn’t healthy for me to witness this! As someone who has watched Big Brother since its debut, I hope that production has put a stop to his behavior. In my case, it’s too big of a price to pay for a “summer of fun.” It began with Monduix from day one that he is either unwilling or unable to control himself. As someone who experienced sexual molestation as a very young child, I feel anxious every time this guy struts into a room.

    • AIO_7

      I, too, hope that CBS gets the message on that foul mouthed runt.

    • Seattle Kari

      oh my God. I am so incredibly sorry that you have to deal with this. Yes production should absolutely be paying attention to what’s going on! People having these kind of triggers, and everything is going on in society now trying to stop it’s kind of bullshit from happening should be enough to wake them the hell up. I don’t understand why they’re allowing it.

      Wondering if there’s any way of contacting CBS / the producers of the show and getting people to let them know that this is not cool?

      • ElaineB

        They will probably reiterate the disclaimer and the fact that this show is a social experiment with primarily HGs in their 20s with cameras on 24/7. I don’t know what rules HGs sign, but am sure CBS wants minimal intrusion, because they want ratings/money. The option for those offended, is to not watch. Not every show is for everyone. In the case of JC, it is up to the HGs to get fed up and do something about it…..eviction is a good choice.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Eviction and slapping the shit out of him as he walks out the door. Jus sayin…

  8. AIO_7

    Haleigh and Tyler holding hands – right now this morning …


  9. Helen

    So far Chakra has a day 1 with Faysal…Haleigh and Tyler…..she’s covering all her bases….

  10. danmtruth

    Katlyn is a huge drama queen surprise surprise She loves to start fights to put people on the defensive to try to get info THATS LIGIT stfu
    Rockstar is taking a page out of Christmas playbook She is trying to mother Faylsa Stroking his ego Telling him how they are on the side of good and they are all good people fighting negative people Hippy mom love

  11. Helen

    Pretty sure Steve will be walking out the door on Thursday…what a waste of HOH….would much rather see The Molester or Chakra gone….

  12. Renee

    It looks like we are going to have more controversy this year. TMZ is reporting about JC’s “sexual harassment” with the ice cream scoop and things he says. They also are saying that racial remarks are being made by Rachel and Angela. They had a clip of them laying around the swimming pool complaining they are getting too dark and looking ghetto. One of them mentioned that she is as dark as Bayleigh. What a horrible thing to say! Not good! When will they ever learn….

  13. Seattle Kari

    I knew I had seen those gigantic glasses somewhere before but I just could not think of where. For some reason I was thinking Endora on Bewitched or them. I finally just Googled old-time actresses that wore huge classes.

    This men’s name was the first one that came up, ‘Iris Apfel’. I believe she was in the Target commercial if I’m not mistaken. Google her name and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    • Seattle Kari

      Dear God voice to text is a bitch. or auto correct. But I’m assuming that due to my vision issues I didn’t notice the errors until after I hit send. I do apologize to everyone who attempts to read what I posted and is probably thinking WTF is she thinking? 😉

    • Helen

      I was going to ask the same question…..they did have nots last Tuesday. I can’t imagine they would have another have not pick with same HOH? Wouldn’t be fair to exempt Tyler again IMHO….they haven’t done app questions yet so it’s not App Store? Weird….

      • AIO_7

        I read over at another place that an incident might have occurred in the house; not sure though. Seems strange that they would interrupt everyone with a comp. while they all were eating breakfast.

      • Seattle Kari

        First thing that comes into my mind when you hear the word incident right now would be if JC was in trouble. I kind of hope that’s the truth.

      • Colby

        Or maybe Kaitlyn attacked Hayleigh 🙂
        But unless someone gets booted I’m sure we will probably never know.
        They may be filming some staged 4th of July thing……..

  14. danmtruth

    the chakra queen was saying how she can sense someone talking about her in a different room WHAT?? How people forget she can feel when people are being dishonest PLEASE Yet she can’t find her hair brush

  15. danmtruth

    Sad thing is LIFE COACH might be the swing vote to keep Sam It’s only Tue but now it looks like Kacee,Angela,Rachel , Winston, Bret, and Jc to save Sam
    With Swaggy, Bey, Haylie, Faysla, Rockstar and Scottie to save Steve
    leaving us at 6\6 with the drama queen as the swing vote

  16. ericawesome

    Can i just say(write) how disappointed i am with this season’s house. The theme and layout feels kind of boring. Even the have not room seem bearable! Last season CBB people had to sleep in a crypt, on a coffin surrounded by slime/mucky water. People who were haven not that week could really complained about on much it sucked. This season you get to sleep on a satellite dish that you can put your whole body while in a ball in? Oh no! life is so hard! I’m sure we’ll here Whineston whine about it tho. CBB is always compared as being lesser than USBB but i feel that they could take some note from their brother of the North. /endrant Happy past Canada day for us Canadien and early Independence day to our neighbours from the south!

  17. AIO_7

    Since the feeds are down and not much going on: Was anyone watching BBAD last night when Rachel brought up that someone had taken a shit in the down stairs bathroom (everyone has to share that one) that had splattered all over the toilet and the walls and didn’t even bother to clean it up?

    Do you have a guess who might have done it? I suspect only one person.

  18. danmtruth

    BB England and I think BB Canada had comp for the weeks food supply Lets try to add something to juice things up
    In my vote tally I failed to mention that it is only Tue Long way to go till the vote Thats why chakra queen can be unpredictable She might have a fight with Falsya or Hayther or Swaggy who knows the bird ( gramps Lou ) shits on Steve

    • ericawesome

      It feels like we need an extra day in the week for it. I wouldn’t mind it being 4 days a week but to have that extra comp in it. It was fun to see the houseguest only eat x amount of different food or I love the comps they had to soak themselves in a liquid and jump on each other to extract it in a container! So many fun memories

    • NKogNeeTow

      Swaggy was pissed at Kaitlyn last night. Supposedly because of something she said about him and Bay.

  19. Avatar

    JC makes me want to throw up

  20. Helen

    Magenta head and Hay Lee.want to throw votes for Sam …told Gaggy they want to do that and blame it on Winston and Brett (they think the guys are voting for Steve to stay). Lol. Might be a slam dunk for Sam to stay…like 9 to 4

  21. hogwild

    I’m sure things will pick up but even for week one does this group seem kind of boring?

    • Helen

      Very boring…pretty much just watching Chakra and Hay Lee go from man to man several times a day…Tyler and Faysal getting tag teamed and I notice Brett is getting in on the action from Hay Lee today…
      But for the most part Hay Lee and Chakra switch out…one on Tyler the other on Faysal…then they switch…

  22. AIO_7

    Feeds are back and I see no sigh of the runt; and for some reason everyone is giving Sam long hugs.


  23. HappyHippo

    Watching the 2 meatheads scheme is really ridiculous….they really think they are so smart and sly…ha!

  24. AIO_7

    In the Have-nots room. Brett, Angela and Winston just got through agreeing that JC was full of shit about his knowledge about BB.


  25. Mel

    Sorry if this was posted already and I missed it
    The feeds were down to practice for the next hoh comp. (Got that from feeds)
    JC was given a lecture about his behavior. All the hg’s heard an announcement at a later time that reminded them they were being recorded and viewed 24/7 and they may want to be mindful of what they say. (That came from the vegasforsure source who always seems to be correct)
    I’m loving watching the messed up and terrible strategies some of the hg’s have. I may also be with the minority opinion because I think more has gone on in the house than can be mentioned and I don’t think it’s starting slow. I just think it feels that way because there hasn’t been an eviction. I haven’t seen this much going on in the first 2 weeks in a long while. (personal drama and game talk) I DON’T think it’s a slow start. We have 2 sides hating each other and no one has even been evicted yet. I can’t wait to start posting updates when Steve is busy!! These people are a mess and it’s great!

    • g8trgirl

      From strictly what I consider myself to be, a bystander as I am only watching CBS episodes and only reading this site, it sure seems as if there’s a lot going on. So much so I can’t keep up with who’s doing who (except the bromance, got that one down for sure). G8trgirl still thinks that Swaggy hag has got to go, but first, based on discussion here, Keebler goes first, then Swaggy, then aura chickee. It may seem slow to you as you get to watch at anytime but to me, this has been a pretty good start. I attribute a lot of that to NO RETURNING PLAYERS. Now, if only there was no racist pigs and sexual predators, I could say it was the best start in a long time, but I guess that would be asking too much of Ms. Grodin and company.

      • Helen

        Cody last year was not only racist he was also a homophobe who made some very obnoxious and hateful comments….people liked him so much they gave him America’s Favorite if I remember correctly….

      • LO1004

        Cody winning AFP had everything to do with Jessica, not so much him.

    • Alda

      I agree Mel.I could see some of these HG’s getting into a physical confrontation before too long.Then bye bye.There is real hatred among some of these men and women this season.

    • Seattle Kari

      Just a lecture? I was really hoping they kick that little twit to the curb.

      and if I find it rather humorous that they have to be reminded that they’re being watched 24 hours. What the hell do they think they signed up for, and what the hell do they think those cameras are being used for? LMAO

      • Mel

        I know it happens every year and I’m always surprised. I’ll hear people ask if they think they’re being watched that day

      • Ann

        @Kari B, if I was near you right now I would shake your hand. We’re watching a house full of grade A dumbasses.

      • Mel

        They also brought Tyler into the DR to ask him how he felt about it. Apparently, he had to be reminded of what “it” was because it didn’t bother him at all and at first, he didn’t know what they were referring to.

  26. kneeless

    Watching last night’s episode of BBAD. I think I am getting too old for BB. For the life of me, I am having a hard time following their conversations. Especially Fay & Swag! They make my mind hurt!!

  27. Helen

    Per real Vegas, Bayleigh and Gaggy C sealed the deal (had sex) ….we officially have our first showmance….

  28. LO1004

    Is this the first time the fish haven’t been in the HOH room? I haven’t seen anyone feeding them.

    • Alda

      I was wondering where the fish were too.Maybe they decided to boycott the show.They haven’t been treated very well the last few years.

      • LO1004

        The fish are in the living room, but traditionally have been in the HOH room.

      • Mel

        does anyone remember back in BB9 when they would pull chairs over in the living room and just watch the fish for hours because they didn’t have anything to do?

      • LO1004

        It seems they always have this breaking point. Last year they were obsessed w the fish, which prompted me to ask. This cast better not be killing those fish!!

  29. hogwild

    Am I the only who finds it funny that some of the people seem to think putting their sunglasses on during a conversation makes them look more serious? It’s almost like they think saying stupid stuff won’t be stupid if they have the shades on.

  30. danmtruth

    With the shades as the eagels
    said you can’t hide your liying eyes

  31. Yael Sara

    Fessy and Swaggy having a conversation right now in the HOH room. The two of them are the worst to listen to and truly makes my brain hurt. I would not be able to engage with them.

  32. Colby

    Does anyone know why Sambot has been hanging out in the storage room since dinner?

  33. Ann

    Did Olly Owl really just say she dresses like Cookie Lyons from Empire?

    • NKogNeeTow

      OMG, you heard that too? Rainbow Brite also said she wants to be friends with CardiB…be her “Momfriend” before she gets to old and becomes her Grandmafriend. Then she said she loves the way Cookie Lyons dresses and tries to dress like her. Said she only shops Michael Kors or BeBe. Funny because she reminds me more of Macklemore’s song “Thrift Shop”.

      Rachel is with Kaycee, crying and asked her if she will keep her in check. Asked Kaycee if she sees that she’s getting out of hand, to pull her aside and tell her.

      Is Shorty wearing a bib? I’m kind of pissed at him right now, but not because of the obvious. I was listening him talk to Rainbow and Fessy and I’ve listened to him talking to some of the others. A lot of times the things he says makes good sense. Then he turns around and ruins it by saying something stupid (nasty/sexually inappropriate).

    • Seattle Kari

      don’t watch the show Empire but oh my God I’ve seen the previews to know that’s bullshit. And since Macklemore from Seattle I can’t resist saying that I definitely have to agree with her looking like she dresses from Goodwill or Value Village…

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Oh, and Rainbow wants to dance in a video (preferably CardiB). Now who the hell wants a twerking geriatric dancing in the background?

  35. Shivani33

    From DEADLINE: Big Brother & CBS Responds to “Inappropriate Behavior & Offensive Comments” By Cast Members

    This is a relief. CBS has given a strong statement. Thank goodness!

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Is it just me or is there something John Belushish about Steve?

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Kaitlyn just told Tyler that she is going to tell her “Squad” that they are a package deal and they can’t put him up. If that’s the case, then if I were her “Squad”, I’d put them both up. That oughta learn her.

  38. NKogNeeTow

    If Kaitlyn is supposed to be a HN, why is she sleeping in the HOH room? Where is the HN Police?

  39. Seattle Kari

    I don’t think JC’s mommy taught him how to put on his clothes properly.

  40. Ann

    Have a safe & Happy 4th of July everybody!!!

  41. kneeless

    Watching BBAD, this AM. Rachel is telling how her mom is 70. Swagster wonders if she (Mom) understands BB & gets it! Can’t make this stuff up!,

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