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Big Brother 20 – Monday Afternoon Feed Updates!

Good afternoon, everyone!  Ready for a fun day?


Another ceremony, another blindside. That’s Big Brother 20 for you! This time it will be Bayleigh who is blindsided as she has been expecting Fessy to be the replacement nominee today when Angela uses the power of veto. The problem is that it will likely be Bayleigh who is put on the block and the target for the week.

Why?  Because the entire house knows that she has a power she hasn’t used and they want her gone before she has a chance to use it.  Look at this in the big picture – Angela learned about Bay’s power, so she had Brett expose the power at the eviction last Thursday. Because it is now exposed, Angela gave herself a reason to nominate and evict Bayleigh. She gets out a super strong player with a power and really doesn’t get any blood on her hands. The only thing stopping this from becoming a super genius plan is that Angela obviously couldn’t predict that she would be the one who won HoH this week.

No bullying, no bitchiness, just flat out good gameplay right there.


Now, Angela can go and screw up the rest of the season, but I give her first HoH run a solid ‘A’ grade and arguably the best of the season just sneaking by Scottie’s (going straight after two strong targets then winning PoV over them was a pretty badass move on Scottie’s part)

Seeing as today should be a fun day to watch the feeds, I’m going to toss in my links below:



  • 10:00 am – Brett, Kaycee, and Sam are up
    • Brett was woken up again by Granny this morning. I hate that it’s not on the feeds because I’d love to see it live
  • 10:30 am – The house keeps telling people about fresh batteries and such. That is their way to wake these people up because the veto ceremony shouldn’t be long
  • 11:13 pm – Lockdown. Veto meeting should be soon!
  • 12:10 pm – Feeds back!
    • Tyler safe, Bayleigh nominated
    • Bayleigh heads up to HoH room to talk but Angela doesn’t let her in lol
    • Haleigh heads into the bedroom to talk to Bay
    • Bayleigh says this is what she gets for sticking her neck out for RS.  I guess the hacker thing was mentioned so it’s hilarious Haleigh is listening to Bayleigh talk about the hacker
    • Bay doesn’t want to stay with them crazy ass white people. Okay then
  • Meanwhile, upstairs Angela is venting how Bayleigh just came off her HoH and then screwed with her week with the hacker app lol
    • Angela mentions how Bayleigh has been forcing Scottie to put his hand on the bible which is bullying
  • Running an errand, be back shortly
  • 1:10 pm – My daughter’s job schedules her for the WORST possible time and I have to drive her
    • I’m back and resuming blogs. I’m going to flashback soon but right now Bay is talking to Sam so I’m going to drop in on that
    • Bay is upset because she was called the hacker (when she was obviously not)
    • Sam is giving her a pep talk while Bay is upset because of the lies about her
    • Bay is saying how the hacker is just sitting back laughing. She’s going to be so pissed when she finds out it was Haleigh
  • 1:24 pm – Kaycee is in the Jenga room crying over the situation. Tyler is talking to her
  • 1:45 pm – Kaycee heads upstairs to talk to Angela
    • KC re-telling how she was crying
    • Kaycee is saying how Bayleigh is still denying the hacker thing
    • Angela says it doesn’t really matter because Bay was her target all along due to her power
  • 2:05 pm – JC comes up and tells them about Rockstar
    • Apparently RS was telling JC how she doesn’t think Bay is the hacker. JC makes fun of her RS should embrace it anyway because it is saving her.
    • Angela says that she’s not going to talk to Bayleigh privately because she doesn’t want Bayleigh to have any ammo to lie. She said she’ll only talk to her in front of people so others can back it up

Oops, I fell asleep. Nothing major has happened and no Angela/Bay drama yet. Going to keep an eye out for that, but I’m starting up a new thread since this one is nearing 300 comments (!!!!!!)

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  1. Avatar

    Angela, get that flamespray eviction speech ready for Bay haha

  2. danmtruth

    Seems Bret did not have as much fun with his granny as he could He was like a little 10 year old having to go to his granny’s and miss his favorite cartoons Grow up !! They kept all that off the feeds for what Maybe a 5 min segment on the show Wednesday or Thursday ? This is part why we get the live feeds

    Bay might surprise us all and just cruel up and stare into her bible

  3. ShoeLover

    I am back on boards and focused, compared to the tornado I went through last year, this is absolutely one fukkin awesome season BB20!!



    And to Steve and his family, thank you oh so much for everything!!! See ya on the BBJ threads and Facebook. Sorry Steve, I am being bit shameless, yet vulnerable.. seek me out on Facebook as DainaRobbinsEckles

  4. ShoeLover

    Welcome Miss LadyCroba!!! Nice to see you!!

  5. Zach

    I’m trying to figure some things out. What if JC flips and votes with Haleigh and Fessy. (He has said himself he doesn’t want one side to be stronger than the other) then it would come down to Scottie. I think he would strongly consider voting out Rockstar because she is weaker than him, Bayleigh would remain a huge target in the house and he could continue to play it low key.

  6. strwar1

    Let’s get it on!!! I hope to see rage and drama from Bay and Haleigh. Plssss I pray for it!

  7. HappyHippo

    Yos! Yos! Yos! Cannot wait for queen b to finally get the picture! Bye bye biotch!

  8. Avatar

    Bye, Felicia!!! I can’t wait for Bay to be GONE!!! She is such a hypocrite carrying that Bible around. She must not ever read it from the way she treats people. She better be glad I am not on BB because if she tried to talk to me like that by the time I got through with her she would be curled up in a fetal position in the corner crying.

  9. Helen

    For all those that think Ha-Ho has been kissing Angela and KC butt this week…just wait until her BFF goes OTB!! She is going to need to take out stock in chapstick!!

  10. Carl

    Question? Since the theme of this season is computers/internet should we expect a “reboot” week?

  11. danmtruth

    Ok I understand people freaking out over flying insects But Bay is over the top I’M not sure how good of an idea spraying RAID around food you are eating
    Ms Bay and her vegetarian life style sure likes to cover things with catsup Taste the food and enjoy it

  12. Avatar

    Eekkk!! Cant wait to read your posts saying Queen B is otb and all the drama that (hopefully) will ensue. Oh happy day!

    • Helen

      Going to be a long hour!! I don’t think we will get feeds back till the dust settles

      • Avatar

        so once BAYOTCH is out gotcha

      • Helen

        Lol. Hope not that long….I think her first reaction will be. How dare you…then she will switch into ass kiss,bargaining mode….
        Angela thought she was up in HOH before noms? Wait till after!! These housepets still think HOH controls votes so I’m pretty sure she will tie herself to Angela and possibly Tyler all week…keeping Fessy and Hayleigh in her back pocket as her for sure votes to stay

      • Ann

        Dust??? If Bay goes up otb its going to be some serious smoke in the city….
        I so want to see the drama & the look on her face. Imagine how wide her eyes will be & how hard she’s going to swing that neck. Omg, I want to see!!!

      • Sassy

        If Angela goes thru with her speech, I don’t think Bay will be kissing her ass. Angela may need security.

      • Helen

        The look on Fessy face will also be priceless! Hayleigh isn’t gonna have any fingers left and will start chewing on RS toes..
        Bayleigh will run to the shower and start speaking in tongues and blame it all on Scottie

      • NKogNeeTow

        Damn Helen, that just had me in tears…LOLOLOLOL

  13. Mr. Beardo

    It’s the calm before the storm.. Get your popcorn ready kids!!

  14. Avatar

    also, anyone want something funny


    I made this using Brett’s Anallice scene

  15. Ann

    Please, Oh Please, Oh Please, let this VETO meeting go as planned & let Angela say the speech they had planned for Bay & PLEASE let her freak out all day & throughout the rest of the week so we can see go through what the others did who have been otb. SUFFER YOU BULLYING BITCH, SUFFER!!!!

  16. Edsel

    I am at work and company monitors internet usage so I won’t see feeds until tonight and can only read comments from my phone. Looking forward to everyone’s commentary this afternoon!

  17. Sassy

    I wish they would come back already!! I got the free week of feeds just so I could watch this moment!!

  18. Cindy

    Oh no!! Not Paul! I can handle any reruns except the ones with Paul.

  19. Avatar

    Ugh….this waiting is killing me! I am exceeding the limitations of my medication. 🙂 I may have high blood pressure by the end of today.

  20. ladycobra

    As anxious as I am, you would think I was sitting on the BB couch.

  21. Avatar

    come on feeds, come back on now, I want to see every moment of the aftermath

  22. Sassy

    Enough of the reruns! Switch to live feeds already!!

  23. Mr. Beardo

    We shiver with antici………pation!

  24. Tinkerbell

    Congratulations Rocky Horror……..you hate white people more than Bay does. Two twits,


  25. Mr. Beardo

    Ty’s wearing veto. Bay seems pissed..

  26. Avatar

    and of course Bay is going to the HOH room

  27. Avatar

    Folks, get your popcorn ready! Sh!t just got real for Bay! LMAO!

  28. Helen

    Bayleigh already up trying to get into HOH room. No one answered the door. Lmao

  29. danmtruth

    we are back TY with veto around his neck Stun silence

  30. Sassy

    Either the explosion is over, or there just isn’t one…

  31. AIO_7

    Bayotch goes up to the HoH room; I guess no one was in there. She leaves …


  32. HappyHippo

    I was just thinking I’m probably reading all of these comments and feeds come back on ….then the last comment says feeds are back lol

  33. Sassy

    Sounds like Ty had words with Bay. Wish we could have seen that conversation

  34. HappyHippo

    Oh bay … stfu!
    I didn’t use my power out of respect for Angela (eye roll!)

  35. ladycobra

    So Bay does not want to stay in the house with “you crazy white people”.

  36. AIO_7

    Bayotch seems to be packing. I thought I heard her say … “I’m done”.


    • Seattle Kari

      LMAO, poor wee baby with the conceited head didn’t get what she wanted? If she self evicts I’m going to crack up. What a little twit just like her wannabe “swag” boyfriend.

      You signed on to play the game and you don’t like the way it happens? Tough shit. you act like a little bitch you’re going to be treated like one. I’m sorry but I’m so sick of this kind of mentality.

  37. Seattle Kari

    Oh, please please please please PLEASE let us say goodbye biotch Bai!

    And let’s just hope that the secret nomination doesn’t come out. She needs to keep her mouth shut and not tell anybody that she was the hacker.

  38. Tinkerbell


    Sorry for hollering. Just an FYI….I’m “of color” as well.

    • Seattle Kari

      and, sad to say, I predicted this. The race card is waving in the air. This has zero to do with someone’s race. You want to act like an idiot so be it but don’t blame other people, or the color of anyone skin.

      • Mr. Beardo

        Bay’s renom has to do with a b word but the word is bitch not black..

      • Tinkerbell

        Makes me want to vomit. I have no patience with this race crap, none whatsoever!! STOP IT, GET OVER IT. STFU, Swag’s girl. Together they will most likely be the couple to start the next race riot. She is the biggest racist!!! Hey Bay Boo……how many white people left before you. Get over your evil self!!

        Sorry, I won’t post more today. I apologize to everyone on this thread. I’m too angry about this bitch, and cannot keep my mouth shut. Go back to your spoiled life, Miss Missouri. If you can’t play in the sandbox, get out, NOW!!! I’m sick of her treating everyone like shit, and all of them licking her dirty feet.

        Again, I’m the same color as HER. I don’t care if a person is red, yellow, purple, pink, rainbow, black, white, orange ….stop with the RACE SHIT!! We are all the same, we all bleed red. STFU, Bayleigh.

      • HappyHippo

        I enjoy your input tinker!

      • Seattle Kari

        You GO Tink!! and I don’t mean literally. LOL thank you so much for sharing what you do and even though it’s very difficult for you emotionally, I admire you for speaking out!

      • Avatar

        No need to leave @Tinkerbell you have every right to voice your frustration and I enjoy your commentary on this and all things!!

      • kneeless

        Hate it when any comment uses race, creed, color, sexual orientation as a descriptor. IF you’re a good person, that’s all I care about,

      • NKogNeeTow

        Post as much as you want Tink. That’s why we’re here 🙂

    • HappyHippo

      But if “we “ said the same thing we would be on tmz…

      • JD

        Yep Bay made a big deal about JC’s comment when he was just explaining and TMZ and CBS covered it. Such a selfish hippocrite. I knew she would want to self evict and she’d be worse than Kaitlyn and Rachael combined. Be funny if she did self evict and Swaggy was brought back in. Hahaha

      • Ann

        Sad to say but it’s true. I’m a woman of color also & I’m ashamed of Bay’s behavior & the whole race thing that SHE started.

      • ladycobra

        Last night on the feeds JC said he was just trying to explain to Bay but she went running into DR complaining. He said what he said went all the way to the top executives and he got in trouble.

      • Jenny

        except “we” (pasty white girl here) wouldn’t say it.

    • Shivani33

      Tink, I’ve thought that without the spotlight, Bay might leave the jury house, but maybe DR won’t be able to convince her to stay through today.

      • HappyHippo

        It always makes me crack up when people in the B.B. house act so high and mighty but the second they are in the hot seat they want to quit ….come on its big brother!

      • ladycobra

        Remind me again who was the one giving RS so much crap about crying and acting the fool because she was on the block. Oh yeah, that would be the one that is going from room to room crying now.

    • Ann

      Open the door & tell that bitch to kick rocks.

    • Alda

      She must read a different Bible then I do,to talk like that!

  39. Mr. Beardo

    Ang Sam in HoH, Ty just walked in. Bugger off bleeding heart Sam so Ty and Ang can celebrate..

  40. AIO_7

    Looks like they were in the HoH, and just didn’t let Bayotch in. (sigh, Martha is baby talking)


  41. danmtruth

    I don’t know what you crazy ass white people think – This was to Hay Now Bay is rewriting history She was never going to back door TY Maury says THATS A LIE Bay says it was TY who said to backdoor Angela Maury says THATS A LIE Bay says she purposely did not use her power this week in respect to Angela Maury says THATS A LIE This is because she tried to save RS finally Bay says she is not going to go around screaming at people Is just going to tell the truth Class what do we say to that ,,,,,,

  42. Avatar

    Queen B out but she couldn’t take it

  43. Helen

    Bayleigh just told Ha-Ho she’s gonna try and make a deal with Angela…lmao….they just don’t get it…Angela don’t vote…she does not control votes…
    Bayleigh is going on and on about how good she’s been to everyone…sticking her neck out for them…and gosh darn it wouldn’t you know..I should have known better…Biotch…go away!!Far,Far away…

  44. Avatar

    She won’t make it to Thursday! I’d bet money she self-evicts!

  45. Seattle Kari

    Why is the phrase “do as I say but not as I do” running through my mind right now? 😉

    It’s okay for Bailey to say and do anything she wants, call people out for being racist in her own mind,(JC) but yet she pulls this “crazy white people” bOops, I just spoke too soon he doesn’t have even an extra $5 to spare beyond what you were asking. I feel bad cuz I said it before I read his response bullshit??!!

    My God I hope the real world and self accountability knocks her on her ass when she leaves. This has to do with the personality and the way she treats other people not the color of her skin.

  46. Avatar

    cant wait till Thursday to see Bitch packing

  47. Avatar

    Queen B. could dish it out but she couldn’t take it. She wanted to make a big deal out of what JC said to her but she seems to be the one who is racist. I really hope they got a good picture of her face when Angela called out her name. Priceless!!!

  48. Sassy

    Why is Scottie Crying? He’s not going to be able to hold back. He will spill to her everything he knows before Thurs.

  49. Zach

    Obviously I’m white, I’m not attacking anyone with this statement. But SOME black folks seems to think no matter what they say, they aren’t racist. I’ve even been told this by a few close friends who are black. I’ll probably come off as racist for pointing this out. So be it, I love everyone. Doesn’t matter to me if they were blue with scales. As long as you are respectful and kind, you could be a purple people eater. Bayleigh is just a nasty nasty person. Narcistic, Racist, Yotch. Rant over.

  50. Seattle Kari

    this is really embarrassing. I don’t know why my post keep screwing up. If the powers-that-be can go through and delete some of the things that make no sense I would really appreciate it. That’s the one thing I wish we could do is delete our own post. I don’t know if it’s my phone or if it’s the system, but it keeps dragging and hitting enter when I’m not ready

  51. LO1004

    Changing the subject for a second because I just read about it. Julie was interviewed and asked if she was surprised Kait couldn’t complete the puzzle and she said yes, because the producers tried it and they all got it in 45 seconds. So they more than tripled the time and she still couldn’t get it. Thought it was an interesting tidbit.

  52. danmtruth

    She just sees nothing that she has done wrong The sign of self importance every thing they do is justify

  53. AIO_7

    Pesky Martha finally leaves … celebration time!


  54. LO1004

    Ruthless – Angela just said she used the word “honey” in her speech. HAHAHAHAHA I’m impressed w her the last couple of weeks.

  55. Avatar

    Hi Everyone–First time poster, but long time BB fan. Just found this site this year, and have to say I really appreciate the updates and the comments. Thanks for all you do.

    Brett is my favorite houseguest this year. I am impressed with his ability to stay calm and keep his sense of humor no matter what anybody throws at him. The Rockstar lie was classic.

    It’s time for Bayleigh to go!

  56. Zach

    Right now, my top 3 players are Tyler, Scottie and Kaycee in that order. My bottom 3 are Bayleigh Rockstar and Sam. This is based on their overall game play and not necessarily any other aspects about them personally.

  57. AIO_7

    I wish Angelica (my new name for her) could be HoH for the rest of the season …


  58. danmtruth

    crying to KC who was hurt but Bay is most upset because she is going to look like an idiot She is confused why people think she would go off on Angela DeNile is more than a river

  59. JD

    I truly hope Bay doesn’t somehow come back in a reboot! CBS would love the drama of her back. To get her to stay DR might tell her there is a way to get back in and get revenge. Please no! I dislike battle backs. Once your gone should be gone.

  60. danmtruth

    Ohh and I forgot when talking to Hali the first person she said they could not trust was KC

  61. Cindy

    Didn’t hay tell fessy about being the hacker? I thought for sure someone posted that she did.

  62. Avatar

    so anyone agree this is how the votes will fall

  63. Zach

    Steve, if I recall you used to do a rate the player and have them ranked from strongest to weakest. (I could be totally making this up) but it would be fun! Right now I’d go From best to worst, Tyler, Scottie, Kaycee, JC, Angela, Haleigh, Brett, Faysal, Bayleigh, Rockstar, Sam.

  64. Avatar

    What is Rockstar’s reaction to all of this?

  65. danmtruth

    Do they announce who’s vote is being canceled

    Tinkerbel I hope your still reading the post I look forward to seeing your thoughts soon It always is good to get all points of views

  66. Sassy

    Hay snuggling with Bay, I bet she’s thinking, “this is not how I planned this…”

  67. Sassy

    Not much is going on with the live feeds. 2 cameras in pink room where they (hive) are laying in bed silently and 2 in the kitchen where the boys are having boy talk.

  68. Avatar

    Thank you all for posting the out come.

    Ding dong the witch is (will be) gone.

    One bottle of wine down…cheers. 🙂

  69. Sassy

    Bay is up and moving. She’s pouring her heart out to Sam. People are trying to decimate her character…

  70. LO1004

    Funny how Bay is so upset talking to Sam saying how no one believes her that she’s not the Hacker, yet just a few days ago she refused to believe RS about an alliance w Brett. Getting back everything she’s dished out.

  71. Avatar

    Wonder what Bay’s reaction is going to be when she finds out Hay was the hacker.

  72. Shivani33

    Bayleigh blew her game by revealing her power app. With her attitude, I doubt if anyone in the house has much, if any investment in keeping her around. She is in a strange situation, having said that she didn’t WANT to know whether or not she is pregnant. That is crazy, not to want to know. Probably she does know but doesn’t know what to do. Pregnant women need pre-natal care. Neither she or Shag have jobs. Last I heard, her parents were hosting Swag at their house. Lol. What if Bayleigh doesn’t want Swaggy? What if she doesn’t want a baby?

    This is one case wherein it really might be the best thing for her to go, not to jury, but home. She has lots of stuff to face right now. Fame and status could be over and done for her now, even with her Family Feud slated to be aired next month. Gurl has cooked her own goose.

    • Jenny

      Oh don’t worry, she’s going to be a top model and earn millions….errr..maybe get a couple more CVS ads.. or Kohl’s. BTW on another site someone called him Sunny D – cracked me up

  73. Sassy

    Bay would rather go out tearing the house apart then to have people laughing at her.

  74. dfdsgs

    Everyone I just want to say that there is nothing any of you can ever do that will change my opinion of you. Just went to get it out there to everyone all at once.

  75. Sassy

    Bay wishes she would have put herself on the block last week. She does not want to be stuck with these muniplitive, lying snakes.

  76. Helen

    Why is Scottie suddenly hanging back with the “hive”? Cause he’s safe now?

  77. Avatar

    They are definitely doing a battle back, they have each season since at least bb15. I love it even though my faves have never won. I hate resets because they feel like a slap in the face. If they do have a reset week it won’t be until after next eviction because of the hacker twist. I feel like they have to let those play out. I’m ok with Bayleigh leaving this week, she needs a minute to relax in jury. If there is a battle back I might root for her but most likely not. She has fallen from my personal graces a lot. Lol

  78. Sassy

    I REALLY hope she finds out Hali-Ho is the hacker!!

  79. Jannie

    Holy smokes! When there are over 200 comments in 3 hours, you KNOW the poop is hitting the fan!
    Just got home with a 4 week old kitten we are fostering from a shelter. He is very sweet, but it will be a busy week!
    Good thoughts to everyone going through health issues – this board is always a good diversion from “real life.” 🙂
    Oh, and one last thing…
    Send that rude, obnoxious, narcissist OUT THE DOOR! As everyone hear has already said, I don’t care if she’s blue, pink, or striped, bitches come in all colors and she needs to be gone. But I hope she doesn’t self evict, I want you all with the live feeds to have an exciting week! 😀

    • AIO_7

      “Just got home with a 4 week old kitten we are fostering from a shelter.”

      Thank you, Jannie.

    • Colby

      I love cats, but I could never foster, especially a kitten.
      I would end up adopting them all and become the ‘cat lady’ of the neighborhood. 🙂

    • Mr. Beardo

      I love cats but my wife and I take in rescues dogs. We had five at one point, down to three now. Mostly the non homable bully breeds.. We are trying to make a human but it looks like that might not be in the cards for us.. So I guess I might need to find a rottie pup soon.

      • Mr. Beardo

        I love the love in this thread..

      • Mr. Beardo

        Sorry we live in downtown ATL.. Not armpit Arkansas or mooseknuckle Missouri..

      • danmtruth

        good luck on all fronts

      • Mr. Beardo

        Thanks dano. I keep telling my inlaws that practice makes perfect..

      • Sassy

        I love that you take in rescues. We have talked about it. Our youngest child just moved out so we are empty Nesters. We have 2 dogs that are getting older (9 & 12), we won’t introduce other dogs until they are gone.

      • ladycobra

        Thank you to you and your wife. I did Jack Russell rescue for several years. Had to get out of it because my heart stayed broke. The stories I heard were horrible and so heart jerking. We ended up with 6 of our own due to no one wanting to adopt them. As of March we were down to two due to illnesses taking the others but they all lived to be at least 14. We could not deal with the silence so we adopted two JRT that are brothers. They just turned a year old and have brought us so much joy.

      • Wizard

        Good luck Beardo on the tiny human making, but please do not take any pointers from Swaggy & BSCBay!

    • Jannie

      Thanks…We’re all LOVING the little guy, although he is a very messy eater(tiny bowl training) and needs washing after every meal. Lots of playing and sleeping. My sister volunteers at the shelter, and this is our first foster. I highly recommend it!
      I hope Julie tells Bay on stage Thursday that Hay is the hacker.

  80. danmtruth

    TY doing a nice job of comforting KC sporting her Saying he understands how she has feelings for Bay Yet also knows on a game sense it is time for her to go

    Bay talking to Dr.Sam saying how she played a honest game was never mean does not understand where Angela comes off saying Bay was on a power trip She never boss people around or was mean to anyone

    • Avatar

      I love that Bay seems oblivious to the fact everything she said and did has been taped. Your on a Reality TV Show!!! So every physical threat you made, nasty look you gave and mean comment is there for all to see. Can’t pretend you were misunderstood for 2 weeks straight.

      • Jenny

        But in her mind, she was nothing but nice. I honestly don’t think she is aware of her actual behavior. I don’t know if seeing it played back will make a difference. She’d probably blame it on the camera crew for somehow manipulating what she actually said.

      • Sassy

        Jenny, I think you are right. She truly believes she will IS nice and humble.

  81. AIO_7

    Does anyone else feel like CBS was trying to create a female version of Donny when they recruited and cast Martha?


  82. Avatar

    JC telling Rockstar in the kitchen, all you have to do is keep your mouth shut. -ssupersarah
    for anyone unsure if JC will keep Bay

  83. Avatar

    Can somone catch me up on what Haleigh did with the Hacker App? She took Scottie off the block and put up Tyler?

  84. Avatar

    Gotta give kudos to Angela! She won’t talk to Bay unless others are present, so she can’t lie about anything. Very smart! I’m liking her game play as of now!

    • jimbo

      Yep, very impressive. Let’s see how she reacts to being in the crosshairs after this week. Things will not be the same for her going forward. KC, also playing an under the radar game, STILL comes off good and isn’t hated by anyone — she is one to watch down the line.

      • danmtruth

        in the crosshairs of who ? iF L6 gets the hacker app this next week it is over for the hive if it isn’t already

      • Helen

        Pretty sure the hacker app will be different next week…I think they are using the 2 apps left over from power/crap App Store…the last 2 power apps were redraw and upgrade. I could be wrong. Guess I’ll have to wait to find out. Lol

    • Barracuda

      I have to agree. With her goodbye message to Racheal last week, and her comment to not talk to bay alone so she can’t make up lies, I’m liking her more and more and hope she goes far!

  85. jimbo

    Haleigh will never admit she was the hacker…and nobody will ever find out. This year really has been a year of “keeping secrets,” except for Baileigh, who is being ousted because she didn’t keep her app secret. That, and because she’s rude.

  86. Avatar

    Hoping jury will be prolonged until next week. I’m wondering due to Bay’s pregnancy/may or may not be/could be for attention/ if they will just send her home!

    • Helen

      Every season I hear the girls telling each other that they haven’t got their period the whole time in the house….in seasons past they chalk it up to stress…

    • Jenny

      yup, stress will definitely mess up your cycle. Unless you’re on the pill. What I’m wondering about is, if she DID take Plan B, but is still pregnant, wouldn’t that do some serious damage to the fetus?

    • Sassy

      I think it’s for attention. She could stay at n the jury house being pregnant. But they would need to get her to an obstetrician. The stress level and her activity won’t be harmful in the jury.

  87. Shivani33

    Angela said that she doesn’t want to speak to Bayleigh at all today. She wants to wait until things cool down and said she will see her tomorrow. As Steve said, Angela isn’t planning to talk with her w/o someone else being present. This is a good time to chill up in her HoH room. Granny got locked out of the HoH room this morning, so why not Bayleigh! Tyler said that he wants Haleigh nominated next, but that Faysal will actually be the real target. The best laid plans of mice and men can be foiled by a hacker, though.

    Also, Tyler comforted Kaycee through her mini-meltdown. When she said that she’s worrying about the one power app still uncovered, Tyler told her that he didn’t think that she had to be worried about that. Hint, hint. Be careful, Tyler. Words travel fast in that house.

  88. Mel

    I’m glad Angela forgot to say Bay was bullying Scottie because that wasn’t bullying. She’d also have less aggrevation in talking to Bay if she would have said Bay has a power app still in play and needs to go. Using the hacker thing gives Bay more to bitch about. It is a little funny watching Haleigh tho.

  89. Helen

    Ha-Ho up in HOH kissing butt,fishing for information…
    I really don’t like her…never have…she looks too much like Nicole to me plus she is so fake…
    Outdoor keep RS over her in a heartbeat and I have no love for RS…she has grown on me some with her being such a good sport about her punishment and she has backed off of the white privileged crap,but like a fungus,she still gotta go

  90. Avatar

    Ha-Ho thinks she can change Angela’s mind, fuck off Hal, Bay is gone, either you or Fess it next get over it

  91. AIO_7

    “Her (Beyotch) whole game is a bully game.” – Brett. Angelica agrees.


  92. ElaineB

    Though I hope Bay goes, no matter what, one of my two bottom HGs will be out da do! Wheeee!

  93. danmtruth

    This is like we are in the eye of the storm All is calm but it won’t take much to set things off

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