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Big Brother 20 Monday Feed Spoilers

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Good afternoon, everyone!  I hope everyone had a fantastic vacation and are ready to switch gears into full Big Brother mode for the rest of the summer because things are about to start today!


If you’re just rolling into work after a very long week off, let me give you a quick recap of the season…

The sides split as I predicted. Tyler played both sides brilliantly and he got Kaitlyn to choose a side with him. She was the deciding vote for Steve going home and then immediately won HoH. Tyler then convinced her to backdoor Swaggy as he is Tyler’s biggest threat in the house right now. Kaitlyn has completed the first part of the back door and is expected to finish it today when Tyler pulls Scottie from the block to which Kaitlyn should blow things up by nominating Swaggy.

The key thing is most of Swaggy’s side has no clue, and that includes Kaitlyn’s “best friend” in the house – Faysal. Not only is Swaggy and Bayleigh going to be very upset, but we’re going to see Faysal very pissed at this whole thing. Needless to say, today should be the day the house flips and things go down and you’re going to want to watch it unfold live. So, join the live feeds now and watch them for free for the first week!


  • 10:15 am – People are still slowly getting their day going. Veto ceremony should be within the hour if they keep their normal schedule
  • 10:45 am – Feeds down for PoV!
  • 11:30 am – Feeds still down but should be up soon
  • 12:00 pm – Feeds back!
    • Kaitlyn is crying while Brett and JC try to comfort her
    • Swaggy is in the HN room and Bay joins
    • Currently, Bay is the one upset. She tried to go up to the HoH room to talk to Kait but came back down to Swaggy who is surprisingly calm for now
    • They are already planning on trying to get JC over
    • Meanwhile, JC is up in the HoH telling Kaitlyn he would have done exactly the same
    • Bayleigh leaves, Faysal and Scottie re-join
    • Faysal asks where Haleigh is and Swaggy tells him DR. She’s actually in HoH room comforting Kaitlyn. Oops
    • Swaggy is accepting that Tyler is on their side. They are writing him off as a potential vote
    • Before the PoV meeting, Kaitlyn apologized in advance to Faysal for what she was about to do
    • Scottie said he would have blown up if she removed Winston instead of him. Boom!
  • 12:13 pm – They are going to focus hard on JC and Sam
    • Swag’s plan is to work the money angle how neither of them comes from money so she should relate to him
    • They are talking about the powers in the house and think it’s Sam and Brett. (It’s actually Sam and Tyler)
    • The group wants Faysal to try to work Kaitlyn now.  It’s a possibility as she’s the most volatile. If they work the angle that her flipping back and breaking the tie on national TV would get her even more fame, they may be on to something
  • 12:30 pm – Swaggy is alone in the HN room when JC joins
    • JC is telling him he’s in the middle
    • JC just does some damage control and pretends he didn’t know anything
  • Cam switches to Bay talking to Kaitlyn in the HoH room
    • Kaitlyn is telling Bay that she has been hearing how they’ve been talking about her the last week or so
    • She says that Swaggy has told Tyler some “really fucked up shit about me”.
    • That shit was that Kaitlyn was a liability to his group
    • And that Swaggy controls the group which makes her look pathetic to America
    • Bayleigh begins crying
  • 1:05 pm – Brett is up in the HoH room giving Kait a massage while Haleigh tries to sleep even though she’s a havenot
  • 1:15 pm – Meanwhile, Tyler is playing damage control. He’s currently patching things up with Scottie to make sure they’re still cool
    • He’s explaining the reason that Kait had issues with Swaggy which goes back to their ‘talk show’ where Swaggy let it slip that he had an alliance with the bros
    • Tyler tells Scottie that if he was up there against Swaggy, he’d probably go home because that whole side is still together
    • Tyler continues his mastery and wrapping Scottie up by making it seem like he saved Scottie’s season.
    • So, while Tyler is going around collecting the broken pieces from Kaitlyn’s destruction, she is upstairs getting a massage.
    • That is why it’s going to be a shame when Tyler gets voted out.  The guy is there to play
  • 3:15 pm – I’m going to be closing this thread up soon to recap the afternoon (spoiler alert: slower than expected) but going to watch Angie talk to Kaitlyn
    • Kaitlyn did this move for her younger self
    • Angie says that Tyler tried to get her to talk bad about Kaitlyn
    • Note – Angie is the one who hinted that Swaggy would be nominated because he’s black and the white people in the house would be intimidated.
    • Kaitlyn said she wishes Swaggy kept his mouth shut and been a normal person (I’m sure that’s going to get Angie ranting later)
    • Rockstar feels she is going up soon and probably going home (she’s right)
    • Rockstar compares Tyler to Papeltine in Star Wars. As a big Star Wars fan, I need time to analyze this quote
    • I wanted to get a photo of Angie but the camera is obsessed with Kaitlyn
  • This conversation goes on and on and on with nothing really resolved
    • They wrap it up with a hug
  • 4:20 pm – Rockstar tells Swaggy that Kait is ready to talk to him. He heads up
    • He tells her to say her side and he wants to hear it before he speaks and also wants Tyler up there
    • She goes off on her scripted rant about how her younger self wanted her to do it etc
    • Tyler joins
    • They are going back and forth a lot.  I feel bad for Swaggy because he was going to move out to LA with the stipend money he got from the show.
    • Kaitlyn tells him that she’s not bros with Winston. She’ll get him out next
  • 5:05 pm – Kaitlyn promises to mail Swaggy a check for 5k after this to help him move. Weird
    • Anwyay, I’m going to pause and eat. I’ll likely end this and start a new thread when back




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