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Big Brother 20 Monday Feed Spoilers

Good afternoon, everyone!  I hope everyone had a fantastic vacation and are ready to switch gears into full Big Brother mode for the rest of the summer because things are about to start today!


If you’re just rolling into work after a very long week off, let me give you a quick recap of the season…

The sides split as I predicted. Tyler played both sides brilliantly and he got Kaitlyn to choose a side with him. She was the deciding vote for Steve going home and then immediately won HoH. Tyler then convinced her to backdoor Swaggy as he is Tyler’s biggest threat in the house right now. Kaitlyn has completed the first part of the back door and is expected to finish it today when Tyler pulls Scottie from the block to which Kaitlyn should blow things up by nominating Swaggy.

The key thing is most of Swaggy’s side has no clue, and that includes Kaitlyn’s “best friend” in the house – Faysal. Not only is Swaggy and Bayleigh going to be very upset, but we’re going to see Faysal very pissed at this whole thing. Needless to say, today should be the day the house flips and things go down and you’re going to want to watch it unfold live. So, join the live feeds now and watch them for free for the first week!



  • 10:15 am – People are still slowly getting their day going. Veto ceremony should be within the hour if they keep their normal schedule
  • 10:45 am – Feeds down for PoV!
  • 11:30 am – Feeds still down but should be up soon
  • 12:00 pm – Feeds back!
    • Kaitlyn is crying while Brett and JC try to comfort her
    • Swaggy is in the HN room and Bay joins
    • Currently, Bay is the one upset. She tried to go up to the HoH room to talk to Kait but came back down to Swaggy who is surprisingly calm for now
    • They are already planning on trying to get JC over
    • Meanwhile, JC is up in the HoH telling Kaitlyn he would have done exactly the same
    • Bayleigh leaves, Faysal and Scottie re-join
    • Faysal asks where Haleigh is and Swaggy tells him DR. She’s actually in HoH room comforting Kaitlyn. Oops
    • Swaggy is accepting that Tyler is on their side. They are writing him off as a potential vote
    • Before the PoV meeting, Kaitlyn apologized in advance to Faysal for what she was about to do
    • Scottie said he would have blown up if she removed Winston instead of him. Boom!
  • 12:13 pm – They are going to focus hard on JC and Sam
    • Swag’s plan is to work the money angle how neither of them comes from money so she should relate to him
    • They are talking about the powers in the house and think it’s Sam and Brett. (It’s actually Sam and Tyler)
    • The group wants Faysal to try to work Kaitlyn now.  It’s a possibility as she’s the most volatile. If they work the angle that her flipping back and breaking the tie on national TV would get her even more fame, they may be on to something
  • 12:30 pm – Swaggy is alone in the HN room when JC joins
    • JC is telling him he’s in the middle
    • JC just does some damage control and pretends he didn’t know anything
  • Cam switches to Bay talking to Kaitlyn in the HoH room
    • Kaitlyn is telling Bay that she has been hearing how they’ve been talking about her the last week or so
    • She says that Swaggy has told Tyler some “really fucked up shit about me”.
    • That shit was that Kaitlyn was a liability to his group
    • And that Swaggy controls the group which makes her look pathetic to America
    • Bayleigh begins crying
  • 1:05 pm – Brett is up in the HoH room giving Kait a massage while Haleigh tries to sleep even though she’s a havenot
  • 1:15 pm – Meanwhile, Tyler is playing damage control. He’s currently patching things up with Scottie to make sure they’re still cool
    • He’s explaining the reason that Kait had issues with Swaggy which goes back to their ‘talk show’ where Swaggy let it slip that he had an alliance with the bros
    • Tyler tells Scottie that if he was up there against Swaggy, he’d probably go home because that whole side is still together
    • Tyler continues his mastery and wrapping Scottie up by making it seem like he saved Scottie’s season.
    • So, while Tyler is going around collecting the broken pieces from Kaitlyn’s destruction, she is upstairs getting a massage.
    • That is why it’s going to be a shame when Tyler gets voted out.  The guy is there to play
  • 3:15 pm – I’m going to be closing this thread up soon to recap the afternoon (spoiler alert: slower than expected) but going to watch Angie talk to Kaitlyn
    • Kaitlyn did this move for her younger self
    • Angie says that Tyler tried to get her to talk bad about Kaitlyn
    • Note – Angie is the one who hinted that Swaggy would be nominated because he’s black and the white people in the house would be intimidated.
    • Kaitlyn said she wishes Swaggy kept his mouth shut and been a normal person (I’m sure that’s going to get Angie ranting later)
    • Rockstar feels she is going up soon and probably going home (she’s right)
    • Rockstar compares Tyler to Papeltine in Star Wars. As a big Star Wars fan, I need time to analyze this quote
    • I wanted to get a photo of Angie but the camera is obsessed with Kaitlyn
  • This conversation goes on and on and on with nothing really resolved
    • They wrap it up with a hug
  • 4:20 pm – Rockstar tells Swaggy that Kait is ready to talk to him. He heads up
    • He tells her to say her side and he wants to hear it before he speaks and also wants Tyler up there
    • She goes off on her scripted rant about how her younger self wanted her to do it etc
    • Tyler joins
    • They are going back and forth a lot.  I feel bad for Swaggy because he was going to move out to LA with the stipend money he got from the show.
    • Kaitlyn tells him that she’s not bros with Winston. She’ll get him out next
  • 5:05 pm – Kaitlyn promises to mail Swaggy a check for 5k after this to help him move. Weird
    • Anwyay, I’m going to pause and eat. I’ll likely end this and start a new thread when back



Check back for updates


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  1. HappyHippo

    Within the hour?! Yay yay yay!
    Live feeds on and waiting, glad I’m a stay at home mom lol

  2. HappyHippo

    Perfect for binge watching! My husband always comes home and I’m cooking with the live feeds on my iPad on the counter. He says “you’re obsessed” lmao

    • Avatar

      since I am 20 I only been watching since season 10, when I was 10, I have gone back and re-watched the previous seasons, and I gotta say 10 is my favorite season due to it being my first, and my favorite house guest was in that season. Dan Gheesling

      • HappyHippo

        I’ve gone and watched most older seasons too. I didn’t get really hooked until later in the game…
        So far my favorite player has been Derrick in season 16 and Zach really cracked me up that season too. I still have a few seasons to watch.
        I do really miss the food comps, these players are spoiled now!

      • Seattle Kari

        My 19yo watches with me.. 10 was her first too, lol

    • strwar1

      Lol my gf and me do watch BB a lot lately,but as for Celebrity BB? Nope we didn’t watch at all.

  3. strwar1

    Ohhh I can’t wait to see Swaggy’s reaction! Lol it is going to be funny.

  4. Helen

    My only hope is she sticks with it…might even make me like her a little more because she has the ballz to go for her target despite the backlash she knows she’s going to get…now if she would just stop with the need to molest most of the men in the house she could actually be a contender for good player…the person I most want gone after Chris is Rainbow …she is a nasty hateful woman who makes everything about race and choice of sexual preference…. no one dislikes Chris because he’s black..the dislike is he is an arrogant narcissist who sits in front of the camera and says F*ck you,America when he doesn’t get what he feels he’s entitled to…

    • strwar1

      Rainbow chick acts more sjw(social justice warrior) I think this is why she acts like that. I have seen ppl bring it up on Twitter and they hate her making it a race thing(which it isn’t at all) she is creating a divide house in BB which is already happening,but not the way you think. I hope she goes too,but I don’t know first I wanted Rachel or Angela to go up next,but then JC acts stupid about doing things he isn’t suppose to do. Now, rainbow chick? Yeah this gonna be difficult for me so far. We should have a vote on here.

      • HappyHippo

        I think Angela is more of threat physically than Rachel and she has zero personality…I vote she goes before Rachel but I won’t shed a tear at either leaving. I want Winston gone soon too though, he’s too high strung always following Brett around like he owns him.

    • HappyHippo

      Exactly. Well said Helen.

    • Avatar

      yeah, he is like a spoiled child, and it turns America off

  5. HappyHippo

    Well it cut to old episodes, hopefully it’s going down!

  6. HappyHippo

    Kaitlyn had said she was going to tell Fessy her plan a few min beforehand, I wonder if she did.

  7. hogwild

    I suspect production might have to put a new roof on the house if the veto goes as expected there will be one big explosion after it.

  8. Avatar

    I have CBS All Acess, but I purchased it through Amazon Prime video. Are the live feeds included in All Access? Or is there an additional charge? If it is included, how can I get to it in the Prime App?

  9. HappyHippo

    I’m getting impatient

  10. Helen

    On a side note…realvegas says Bayleigh was the runner up for power app this week ….so you know production is setting up a potential lovers torn apart scenario so that Bayleigh will get the sympathy vote for the next App Store vote….

  11. HappyHippo

    Who or what is real Vegas?

  12. Shivani33

    There are so many reasons that I hope Angie Lantry goes soon. One is that she gave birth Dec. 26, 2017 and is losing precious time with her baby. That is the polite reason!

  13. hogwild

    To quote a line from my avatar Deadpool this shits gonna have nuts in it.

  14. HappyHippo

    Kaitlyn playing the victim and begging for attention. Vomit.

  15. Helen

    Too funny. Faysal seems more upset than Chris….

  16. Avatar

    I think Swaggy will be evicted as Brett, Tyler, Angela, Rachel, Kaycee, JC, and Sam all seem like they are gonna vote Gaggy out

  17. HappyHippo

    Haleigh really does surprise me. Telling Fessy calm down, you can’t act mad in this game, good outside run, left something heavy, just chill out…

  18. Colby

    Is it just me or is everyone’s page (graphics) all wonky?
    Half of houseguest toolbar going down the page, big avatar’s, etc………..

  19. Sassy

    I wish I had the feeds for the next couple of days… I love that they are all playing hard! I think deals could be made this week to keep Chris safe because I don’t think Winston’s alliance cares about him as much as Chris’ alliance. If they slack off, they could lose a member or 2. I will be happy either way this week. I love that she went for 2 “self proclaimed” powerhouses, I won’t miss either of them, and either way it will shake up the game.

  20. Helen

    Really surprised at the lack of fireworks after POV…

  21. Shivani33

    We saw how easy it was for Tyler to influence UnChakra to give Chris backdoor treatment. And now she’s crediting her “intuition” for creating this move. It isn’t a good strategy, when she could shift some of the heat to Tyler.

    Sunday’s CBS show was given quite the Kaitlyn edit. She is very histrionic. How will she respond when her HoH limelight fades?

  22. danmtruth

    don’t mind the new page layout
    interesting that Kaytlin and Haylie are being the most level headed of the people right now In both there conversation they are staying on point The next conversation that should be interesting is Chris and Katlyn
    This is not the time for anybody to sit back People in the Winston should be reaching out to see what people on the other side are willing to deal It IS time to see if there is someone better to team up with
    Haylie is reading Katlyn well and is dropping hints that Bay is not trust worthy

  23. hogwild

    Has anyone seen Rachel’s punishment yet?

  24. AIO_7

    Chakra’s chakras must be out of alignment needing all of this treatment.


  25. danmtruth

    The one down side to Chris going is we might end up with the dreaded house unamused vote Hopefully strong personality won’t let that happen people in the middle of bottom Hi Keycee Scottie Jc Bay Make deals reorganize

    • Shivani33

      We’ll all be unamused at our house if the game turns into a steamroller of boring unanimous voting. Also, I was pretty certain that Tyler received the power app. Now it looks like it’s Kaitlyn’s turn for it next, since the more casual viewers have gotten quite an impression of her from the Sunday show. How long do we have to wait for the high and mighty to fall?

    • Sassy

      That’s what I’d like to see! Some reorganization with Ty, Kat, Hay, JC, KC, and Fessy.

  26. g8trgirl

    Steve, what’s going on with the page? Your updates are all unaligned and so are the comments. The avatars are enormous.

  27. LO1004

    The layout of this page is all out of sorts. What is the deal

  28. Helen

    Now that was disgusting…people cooking and eating in the kitchen and Bayleigh standing right in the Middle loudly blowing her snotty nose…. go in to the bathroom you nasty girl…were you never taught manners ?

  29. Sassy

    Big brother daily says,

    , “Swaggy- If I get a power app before eviction, I will flip out. I swear. If I get a power app before Thursday’s eviction, I’m using it and I will flip out. I will curse everybody out #BB20”

    Isn’t the power app after the HOH comp?

  30. Helen

    Faysal ,Chris and Bayleigh are all gonna work to get a tie vote and get Psycho chick to break the tie and send Winston home…..
    At this point I can potentially see Scottie flipping and voting to send Chris back to Bridgeport ….
    They are hoping Tyler will vote for Chris to stay and tie the vote…. gonna work on him

  31. danmtruth

    why do these people keep telling others what order they want to get people out
    where are the five votes that Faysel think Swaggy has ?
    Are Chris & Bay replaying the Jesica Cody script Did Chris really just say people DONT know he and Bay are in a showmance That people just think they are friends WTF

    • Helen

      Faysal thinks the votes for Chris to stay are: Faysal,Hayleigh,Baleigh,Rainbow and Scottie….they are hoping to get Tyler,Sam or JC to tie the vote and bully Psycho chick into keeping Chris over Winston…..

  32. Mel
    Mel (4550 comments)

    Finally, Rockstar told Kaitlyn at least a mild version of the truth. It may not be good for her game but I enjoyed it. Yes,she brings up touchy issues too often, is way too opinionated and left a small child at home to be on BB but I don’t give a shit. She’s funny as hell when she isn’t being annoying, she is who she is and makes no excuses for it, has a good read on the house (even if she isn’t playing the greatest by being too ‘who she is’) and my favorite player in 20 years left small children to play the game. I’d never leave a baby that young or even older to do it but that’s me and all families are different. She told Kaitlyn the truth and basically let her know she’s been playing with her vagina instead of her head…just not in those words.

    • Mel
      Mel (4550 comments)

      Ok, now she’s going too far! This might have been a bad time to defend Rockstar. Hahaha ha

      • Sassy

        I just can’t with her… She “may” be authentic, but I find it pathetic. I just can’t… She’s not playing a great social game and I don’t think she will be a great competitor. She will find it difficult to meld into another alliance. She’s to vocal with her opinions with no diplomacy.

      • Mel
        Mel (4550 comments)

        Agree, that’s why I say she says very funny things when she isn’t talking about all the social issues. On that note tho, one thing I don’t like at all is they way she judges people she doesn’t really know but she can’t stand people being judged that ya don’t know.

      • Mel
        Mel (4550 comments)

        Yes, She will find it very hard to find a new place in the house when things shift.

      • Sassy

        I can see why some people like her. I get that it’s helpful to lie at times, but she takes it to far…

        “Rockstar- They are like the guys that were mean in college. Winston is like a Trumper. I feel like he has a confederate flag in his house. Kaitlyn- I believe that as well. Rockstar- I feel like he tried to bring it and they told him not to”

        She’s all about social justice, even when it’s all made up in her head, and turns around and calls JC a troll and a lil gremlin. Either you are or aren’t about the SJ…

  33. Helen

    Chris is going to go talk with Psycho Chick….ummm little late to finally start talking imo…..he should be talking to the other housepets..They have the power now….once that veto ceremony is held HOH is pretty powerless to control how people vote….

    • Sassy

      They seem to forget this every year. The HOH can’t do anything from this point to eviction, unless there is a tie. Although the HOH still believes they have the final say, they don’t…

  34. AIO_7

    Chakra pleading her cause to Crayon Blast …


  35. danmtruth

    That is the funny thing people forget Once the veto is done HOH is just the keeper of the room
    Mel thats Angie problem she starts out talking reasonable Than the longer she goes the meaner she gets Than its just out right lies
    Chris is saying he might try the water works

    • Helen

      He’s up in the HOH now…working on sympathy from psycho….like dude. It’s too late…your OTB
      I can’t listen to the conversation….psycho crying. Telling Chris. I didn’t want to do it…..

  36. hogwild

    Given the cleavage Kaitlyn is showing off I can see why the camera is obsessed with her today.

  37. AIO_7

    I’m glad Tyler showed up to moderate this conversation.


  38. Sassy

    I know this is late, but I was surprised BBAD let Chakura do such a long plug-on the clothes she was given to wear on the show last night. I’m also surprised at how much they talk about production without being scolded.

  39. AIO_7

    Swearing on his Dad’s grave is another reason Swaggy has to go. I disrespect anyone who swears on anyone’s grave.

  40. Helen

    if I were Psycho chick I would just say…look,nothing personal…this is a game for half a million dollars and your a threat to my getting to the end…

  41. Sassy

    Big Brother Daily’s:

    “Swaggy to Kaitlyn/Tyler- You were right from Day 1. Bayleigh is not my sister. That’s my girlfriend. If I leave this house in 19 days of knowing her…I genuinely like Bayleigh…if I leave on Day 19, I cant spend summer with her #BB20”

    Why should she or we care that you aren’t going to get to spend the summer with your girl? If he thinks this is a good argument, EEK!! Bye Chris!

  42. Colby

    I really hope they aren’t falling for the smoke he is blowing up their butts………

  43. Helen

    Dear lord…can this circle jerk conversation end?

  44. Sassy

    Another quote from BB Daily:

    “Tyler to Swaggy- Rockstar and Haleigh knew she (Kaitlyn) thought you were the main source. They didnt tell you that. The fact that they told you not to go talk to her… #BB20”

    Some things he should keep to himself!

  45. Sassy

    What is it this year with people offering to share their money. Rachel made a pact with a few people that if one wins, they all go on a cruise at the winners expense… I would not hold up to that deal.

  46. danmtruth

    Yes there is a rule about offering to split winnings
    Good thing Tylor was there to talk Katlyn back Yes Swaggy DID use the words Katlyn is a loose cannon Was untrustworthy a liability Enough said Said keep him all is forgiven They can work past this After Thur if he is still there he will go after the other side first Chris talk to Angie &Haylie to say he told Tylor & Katlyn they would NOT be the alliance targets First thing out of Angie dame strate I’m going after Tylor

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