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Big Brother 20 – Monday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


Welcome to the last PoV Monday of the season. Where has the time gone?  We’re midway through September already and winter is right around the corner. Not cool.

This season blessed us with quite a few exciting Mondays as The Hive was routinely blindsided on this day throughout the season. The last few weeks haven’t been nearly as exciting as Kaycee has had control of the veto for roughly the last month (excluding the double eviction veto) and didn’t use it at all. That trend is expected to continue today unless she has a crazy moment and decides to flip on her alliance.

There won’t be a veto meeting next Monday as they’ll be down to the final 3 and in the middle of their 3-part final HoH competition.


Alright, let’s just jump into the feeds because there isn’t much to talk about other than Sam’s weird rage last night that Mel covered this morning


  • 11:15 am – Feeds return from veto meeting
    • Veto not used. Sam or JC leaving next
    • Sam is in the HN and chats with her showmance
    • She asks if everything is working on you (the camera). She’s asking if all the buttons on the right hand side are working.
    • She turns to the other camera and asks if this camera works okay and waits for an answer.
    • It doesn’t answer
    • Cameras can’t answer humans. It doesn’t work that way
    • Sam begins to talk to herself again. Everyone else is out in the kitchen
  • 11:40 am – Sam has been talking to herself for that entire time before the feeds finally switched off her
  • 1:00 pm – Feeds down for some unknown reason
  • 2:19 pm – Feeds back
    • No mention why the feeds were down
  • 3:10 pm – Sam is in the shower while JC, Tyler, and KC hang around the kitchen.
    • JC is playing drums on the counter
  • 6:30 pm – Sam has been walking around the house going into every room and just looking around
    • She isn’t saying anything. Just looking around. I have no idea what to think about this
    • Sam goes to bed and holds her arm up for some reason and begins talking to herself
    • She is having a conversation with herself
  • 9:40 pm – Kaycee is chatting with JC about random stuff while Tyler is playing with his hair
    • I am so over these people. They’re all still decent people and I still actually like them all, but wow is this one of the most boring 4 people in the world if you exclude JC. And JC is really only entertaining when he has someone to joke with like a Brett.
    • I can’t remember feeling like this toward a cast. I typically can’t stand a solid 2-3 of the final 5 and just wish the season would end so I had to stop seeing them but I don’t feel the way with BB20. Good people, just boring.
  • Looking back…
    • BB19 had Christmas, Alex, and Josh who were terrible.
    • James was awful in BB18 but the rest of the final 5 were okay. Natalie was awful but she was final 6.
      • Note – Paul was growing to be annoying with his ‘friendship’ thing and Corey was boring as hell but I didn’t dislike them
    • BB17 was meh. Vanessa grew old quick. Liz was a whiner. Austin was pathetic.  John was awesome though so he made up for a lot
    • BB16 had Frankie who was just terrible to watch. Derrick, Cody, and Caleb were all decent though. Victoria was just SUPER boring and entitled
    • BB15 had GinaMarie, Andy, and Spencer…
    • BB14 had Ian who was super annoying to me. Unpopular opinion, I know. Although he redeemed himself a little at the end when he had the balls to take Dan rather than Danielle. JennCity and Joe were complete wastes of space that season and they made it WAY too far
    • I’m rambling to fill time now because they’re not doing anything in the house

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Sam has lost her mind! Can’t wait to see her go this week!

  2. Tinkerbell

    She, Sam, hasn’t fooled me for one minute from the very beginning……I have not liked her from the very beginning. She’s crazy alright……crazy like a fox. She thinks she’s cunning, she is not. She’s sneaky, calculating, bizarre…..all her pathetic act. Loves attention, narcissist, wants complete focus on herself, hates women, loves to TRY to freak people out……not working, Bitch! Her presence in the house – Pisses.Me.Off. It’s on you production…..major F-up. Shame on you for casting her, and for not booting her early on. Big waste of BB space for someone who deserved to be there, someone who is there to play the game, someone fun to watch, someone who loves the game….and isn’t there for their own individual attention. I realize Sam has alcohol and drug problems, that is no excuse for anything. I give her ZERO passes for any of her behavior, no passes. She knows EXACTLY what she is doing, and has all along. We all have choices, we are responsible for our choices. I haven’t bought a single second of her crap in the house. Production, you are a screw up for so many things this year…..but Sam is #1.

    • Avatar

      My guess is the entire production team along with Julie Chen Moonves will all be on the unemployment line after finale night.

      I am not certain CBS will have BB 21. This was Julie’s show and we all know who she is married to and what hot water he is in. I think the show might be signing off for the final time on Sunday.

    • Shivani33

      To be sneaky, calculating and bizarre can be very symptomatic. None of these qualities or displays indicate that Sam is stable or in control of herself. She is unlikely to be trying to fool anyone. Her “game” as a mental and emotional enemy of herself will need to be faced, but not on BB, not on national tv. These very exposed conditions have caused her to allow herself to deteriorate more profoundly.

      Recruited from Instagram as a lovable country individual, she slipped through the psych evaluation. Type-casting failure as female Donny has been sad and unfortunate for Sam. She has been disassociating and disintegrating all summer right before our eyes. Overlooking her desire to self-evict and keeping her in the game in her condition has shown an organizational lapse of humane integrity, just to fill a seat on a reality gameshow.

  3. Tinkerbell

    Steve, Mel, NK…..love you guys. You are spectacular, fabulous, fun-n-funny XO

  4. Avatar

    This was the best chance Kaycee will ever have to split up Tyler and Angela. She should have done it. Not doing so might cost her $500,000. The only way she wins BB now is if she wins Final HoH.

    • Avatar

      Is she too loyal? She needs to take her chances with Sam/Angela/JC. Cut Tyler loose.

    • Sassy

      I think she wins over everyone in the house, so it doesn’t matter, she just needs to be in the F2.

      • Avatar

        Here’s the thing. No one is going to pick Kaycee to be in the Final Two because they know she will get most of the jury votes. Her only realistic path is to win Final HoH. Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee are the Final Three. Each of them is a very good comp player and each one probably has about 1/3 chance of winning the Final HoH. Tyler and Angela would both pick each other. So now Kaycee really only has a 1/3 chance of making it to Final Two while Tyler and Angela each have 2/3 chance.

      • danmtruth

        The final 3 comp usually comes down to first a physical comp Than the remaining two do a mental comp with the final for the last two standing a mental comp Yes I don’t see Angela or TY taking KC to the F2

    • hogwild

      Could have should have didn’t I suspect this may very well bite her in the ass we will find out soon enough.

  5. Avatar

    “Go sell crazy somewhere else….we are all full up in here”….

    Sam and her wacky road show will be off to the Jury House this week. Question is will Julie Chen Moonves be the host. I am sure she will but I am sure someone at CBS has already has spoken with her and read her the riot act. Lets see if Ms. Moonves can take orders or if she flashes her wedding band again and signs off as Julie Chen Moonves.

    My guess is if she takes another poke at CBS she will not be the host of the Finale night. We might be looking at Dr. Will Kirby, Dan Geesling or perhaps Dan L or just the voice over dude and then Dr. Will doing the interviews.

    So this will leave us with Tyler, Angela, KC and JC. If ever JC was going to win a comp the HOH Thursday’s HOH would be the one. That would get him to the final 3.

    If anyone other than JC wins bye bye JC.

    F2…. *Angela vs KC = KC Wins
    *Angela vs Tyler = Tyler Wins
    *Angela vs JC = Angela Wins
    *Tyler vs KC = KC wins
    *Tyler vs JC = Tyler Wins
    *KC vs JC = KC Wins

    Bigger question’s that loom after the final episode before the Amazing Race starts..

    *Does the new head of CBS renew Big Brother for Season 21?
    *If they do does Julie Chen Moonves come back as host or is she terminated by CBS?
    *If not do the sell the rights to Big Brother to another Network, similar to American Idol?
    *If it does get sold to another Network does that network hire Julie Chen?
    * Is Julie Chen career over on network TV for standing by her man?

    • Seattle Kari

      Like I said before what happened with Julie’s husband was before they got married they have no right to punish Julie for standing behind him. I’m so sick of people blowing shit out of proportion just to get attention in the media.

      I’ve had things happen to me in the FAR DISTANT past by somebody that is fairly well known here in the Seattle area and am I going to go to the meeting and tell him about it just a blow their life up? Hell no. It happened so what it’s over it’s done within people just need to bug off.

      I’m sorry I’m just sick of it.

      • Seattle Kari

        *media ( not medium)

      • LO1004

        I agree with this. I think blacklisting Julie for something her husband may or may not have done 20 years ago and before she met him is in exact contradiction to what the #metoo movement stands for.

      • Avatar

        Kari I am right there with you. But CBS and all Networks want to stay clear of this stuff and the “ME 2 Movement” has a lot of power and momentum right now and they are ticked with Julie now. CBS may have to cave in to public opinion and let her go.

        If she just kept her mouth shut and signed off as Julie Chen nothing comes of it but she made a point to show off her wedding ring and sign off as Julie Chen Moonves so she stirred the pot.

        You can do that on Netflix and maybe Fox not CBS, NBC or ABC.

      • LO1004

        She has always showed off her wedding ring. I think people need to stop punishing Julie and if they do let her go, I hope she’s sues the shit out of them.

      • AIO_7

        …..”something her husband may or may not have done 20 years ago and before she met”…..

        Her husband “may or may not have” used the type of harassment he is accused of 1, 5 or 10 years ago for all we know. People with that kind of power, money, and corporate power and money behind them have a powerful stick to keep people quiet.

      • LO1004

        And how is this Julie’s fault? I’m so tired of guilty until proven innocent. I’m done w this. #ISupportJulie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ladycobra

        I don’t think she should be punished for what her husband did either, especially something that happened a long time ago. Some have said she should not have stood by Les but we have had a lot of famous people who have stood by their husbands and they did not catch the crap that Julie is getting from the #metoo movement. If anyone or any group is being a hypocrite it is the #metoo movement. Hilary chose to stand by Bill and I don’t begrudge her for that. It is their personal choice and if they can live with that decision than so can I. Seems the thing to do these days is judge people by what we think is acceptable and right and we want to force them to make choices that we deem they should. Until someone stands in Julie’s shoes they have no idea what they would actually do if faced with the same decision. What ever happened to forgiveness and moving on. I would be in a very bad place if I had not let go of things that happened 20 years ago. I may never forget those things but I have forgiven and moved pass them.

      • hogwild

        I don’t believe the network would or probably could do anything to Julie if she leaves it will be her choice to do so as a sign of support for her husband.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Cobra, I’d give you 10 thumbs up if I could!

      • Avatar

        I agree with you! Kari B Julie made a statement. She is standing by her man! She will be back on The Talk AND Big Brother! She is afterall, Mrs Moonves.
        aka Julie Chen Moonves. Can’t punish her for what her husband “allegedly” did some 20 years ago!

    • delabear

      Sorry, Doug, but I don’t agree about Julie. She used her own name, made no statement on the show about her husband and did nothing that would warrant being fired. I think they would have a much bigger problem (with fans and a possible lawsuit from her) if they fired her now instead of waiting until the season is over and not renewing, if that is what they want.

    • Avatar

      She can call herself Julie Chen Moonves if she wants to. Anyone that disagrees needs to get a life!

    • Avatar

      I honk JC beats Tyler- jury hates Tyler and Jc was kind of friendly/funny

    • Avatar

      Aside from all the talk about Julie, I’ll just comment on your F2 outcome predictions. I think they are spot on, except that I’m not positive about Angela vs. JC. As much as I do not like Angela, I do think she would deserve it the most. However, she is extremely disliked in jury. IF (huge IF) JC can convince the jury of his behind-the-scenes role in the house to make up for his lack of competition wins, and if the jury is SUPER bitter, he could beat Angela. I think this is all moot though because there’s no way they would get to F2 together unless JC wins out (HA!) and recognizes that Angela is his best shot.

    • delabear

      I really think that Tyler’s social skills devolved as he spent more time denying, hiding and deflecting attention from his showmance. My desire to see him win decreased as he became closer to Angela and lost focus on the other HGs who would become the jury. I really hope Kaycee wins now. She has played an increasingly good social game as the season progressed and is killing it in comps. I just pray she is able to bring it and win HOH when it counts.

      • Jenny

        Same here. I hope for his sake that this is real love and things work out. Because it would SUCK to lose the game over her and then have it fizzle out when they get back to the real world!

      • Jenny

        That being said, I’m still amazed that he could hide it so well. Sure, spending too much time together in the HOH room gave it away, but even now, watching them w/the rest of the HG’s, you’d never know they were so nuts about each other. In front of everybody else, they show amazing restraint.

      • JD

        I agree with you 100%. His showmance started clouding his game. If he was going to stick to KC as F2 I think he would have told her about the other F2 deals as he wasn’t serious with those. KC tells him everything. Tyler keeps things from KC. I see him taking his crush to F2 for love not because he knows he could beat Angela.

    • Avatar

      THE major question is DOES CBS HAVE CAMERAS IN THE JURY HOUSE???? Because they are going to need them if Sam goes FUCKING bat crazy on people who don’t like her and she DOESN’T LIKE THEM!!!!! OMFG ~ I hope that Brett can calm her down BIG time!!!!

  6. mm22

    Is that JC or Mr. Magoo ?- pic is hilarious

  7. Avatar

    As much as I don’t care for the Tyler/ Angela showmance, I think they would be fun on the amazing race. I liked Tyler individually in the game and Angela was ok.

    • Joy

      What I am about to say is shocking not only to you but TO ME. I’m starting to like me some Angela. I am not going to defend it or excuse it, the girl (not her and Tyler) just her is starting to grow on me.

      • Seattle Kari

        I’ve never really disliked her. I don’t see what others have seen in her at all. She seems to genuinely like Tyler, she’s a beautiful girl, and maybe she’s a little hard Edge but there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve not heard her say anything mean but then again I don’t watch the feeds. Just want to read about hair and pretty much everybody that’s ever played big brother has said done or said something stupid

      • LO1004

        I like her. She gets a bad rap for her cut throat style of playing, but it’s entertaining for us to watch. I think she’s got a hard exterior, but she’s not an asshole like some other HGs (Kaitlyn, Sam).

      • LynnD

        I have always liked Angela. I have never had a problem with her. I don’t have a problem with her game play her social game none of it. The only person I have a problem with in the house at the moment is Sam. Which I’m sure everybody in this group has figured out by now LOL. I truly like the whole Top 4. I’m actually rooting for all of them. And I am excited to see who takes the money home. I can honestly say I will not be sad to see any of them take it KC/Tyler/Angela/JC. Let the games begins. Just take Chatty Cathy out 1st! And make sure there is a police officer and doctor on standby

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jackie, I felt the same way about Cody and Jessica. I hated them on BB but absolutely loved them on AR. I don’t always watch AR every year but when I heard they were on it, I watched thinking I’d continue to dislike them and hoped they would lose. Just the opposite happened. The more I watched them, the more I liked them and was on needles and pins every show, scared that they might be eliminated. They were wonderful together. I still stand by not liking them on BB, but I did see them in a different light on AR and was jumping up and down when they won.

      As for Sam, I’ve tried to defend her but she makes it harder and harder with every day. For some odd reason, I still like her though. I too now believe that BB isn’t the game show for her. Maybe that new craft show/competition “Making It” with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, where the contestants create things would be a better fit.

  8. Betty Boo

    I don’t understand strong independent women NOT kicking their men to the curb when it their true character is revealed. No matter how long it takes to come out. Hillary Clinton is another example. She stuck by her man. There’s more to life than money. Living with a jerk every day is not a good life.

    • Avatar

      There is no such thing as “independent” and married. When you are married, you are in a partnership with someone. What do you know about Julie Chen’s marriage? They may have a great marriage and really love each other. If that is the case then Julie should be applauded for supporting her partner.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think it’s anyone’s business whether a woman decides to stay with a man or kick him to the curb. I think it’s disgusting that Hillary got blasted as much as (if not more than) Bill because she didn’t leave him. Short of actual physical abuse towards herself or a child in the household, I will never fault a woman for wanting to work through infidelity or other issues. We don’t know their marriage.

    • ladycobra

      This happened 20 years ago. I am not the same person I was 20 years ago and I am sure Les is not either. Sometimes being strong means sticking it out and working on the problem vs running. Until I found myself standing in almost the same shoes Julie is in I felt the same as you and I am a very strong woman but what I went through made me stronger not weaker. I got a divorce when my son was 3, owned my own home, had a very good job, put my son through college and re-married after my son was on his own so I was a strong independent women back then and still am. I made my decision with a lot of thought not just emotion. It would be a lot easier for Julie to duck and run than to stand by Les.

    • aka beachgirl

      It might just take a strong, independent or not, woman to stand by her man. The weak thing, the easy thing, would be leaving.

    • Joy

      I guess it just comes down to the jerk your are use to. You can always end up with one that is worse.

    • feltso gudinya

      my wife lives with a jerk and we laugh all the time…..when we go out to eat my granddaughter says, “grandpa, don’t be a jerk”…….my father in law is definitely not a jerk……yet he bores us all to tears…….

  9. Avatar

    Sam is currently in the Bathroom shaving her eyebrows, beard, & moustache…That girl is gonna regret all that face shaving when Menopause hits her, because she is gonna have one very Hairy Face.

    Also I just read on a Newsweek Link that BB will be shutting down the feeds on Tuesday for a taped eviction. And after Sam’s actions of last night in the Have Not Room, I think it is best that they get her out of the BB House, & in to Jury ASAP!

  10. LynnD

    Angela just got called to the diary room. When she gets up she says she wants to fix herself a little. Tyler tells her that she looks beautiful. She tells Tyler I think I look a little shiny. It must be because of the Mayo. LMAO

  11. Ritchie

    Let’s assume it’s Tyler, KC, and Angela on finale night, and KC wins the final challenge giving her the decision to keep one of the remaining two, am I wrong in assuming that it would be better for her to keep Angela over Tyler?

  12. Ritchie

    Is Angela hated more than Tyler and his false promises to everybody that has left the house if it came down to Tyler and Angela? I trust the opinion of BB junkies because I’m placing a friendly wager of a dinner with a friend, and right now I’m trying to see if Tyler can actually win this thing which is who I’m leaning towards?!

  13. LynnD

    I really can’t stand this never ending horror movie we have been watching starring Sam as Michael Myers. I will be so glad when it is over.

    From RealVegas:
    Therapist or psychologist (“MA., LPCC, NCC, CCMHC” after their name) is on sheet for today & tomorrow but no arrival listed. Could be either or both since no times locked yet.

    No HGs or sessions listed; usually has time slots scheduled if seeing all HGs.

    #BB20 #SaveBBUSA

    • LynnD

      My guess is that the therapist/Dr/counselor or whatever it might be is probably going to be there tomorrow when she gets evicted because they know it’s not going to be pretty

    • Avatar

      You’re still watching the feeds? Really? I can’t sit and watch people do nothing. When I am watching, I am already doing nothing myself.

      • LynnD

        I actually have them up and running on my ipad. However, at this point I am not just sitting and watching diligently. I am cooking dinner, watching tv, cleaning the house. I just glance at it as I go about my evening. If something looks interesting I stop and watch. (sometimes a little too long)

  14. leafhopper

    I have a couple of questions…. did Tyler approach anyone about an F2 or did everyone approach him?

    Does Angela have an F2 with KC also?

  15. caRyn

    As far as Julie goes, I care about her personal life as much as she cares about mine. Zero. Never cared. As far as her hosting BB – neutral. I do not pay attention to her. And I am not saying any of this in a rude way. I wish her good health and happiness.
    My F2 for BB20 has always been and always will be Tyler and Kaycee, but I would be happy for Angela if she won.
    In the beginning of the season didn’t Tyler play a huge role in being the mole for L6? Tyler’s social skills were/are just as much his BB game as his comp wins. Tyler’s social skills- good earlier on and perhaps not so good as the numbers of hg decrease. His social skills at the beginning of the game vs. his social skills towards the end of the game maybe should have changed a bit. Evolve.

  16. LynnD

    Am I mistaken does she have a pair of scissors? They can’t have a real knife and use a plastic knife to cut food but it looks like she has scissors?

    Can they just do the eviction tonight and put both Sam and all of us out of our misery NOW?

  17. mm22

    Jenny I agree -if Sam asked to leave production
    shouldn’t have talked her into staying they should
    have let her go no questions asked. Production
    didn’t want Sam leaving to mess with there schedule

  18. hogwild

    People need to just relax about Sam she knows she is out I don’t think it really bothers her to me she is just passing time and amusing herself at this point what else is there to really do in the house? There is no game move for anyone to make right now these five have been in that house togother now for almost three months at this point I imagine they have all probably run out of things to do and talk about I know I would have.

    • Avatar

      Exactly Mr. Wild

    • LynnD

      Yesterday production actually allowed JC & KC to sing. Granted they were coming up and creating their own song called: “The Real Tyler” this went on for quite some time. I think I can even remember all the words today. At one point they were bragging how great it was. Then “Bob” aka production came over the intercom & said: “You have got to be kidding me” so they then were laughing at Bob. My point is even production is bored (they were probably singing along with them at one point) but bored should not equal psycho. Sam is just getting all kinds of creepy.

  19. amareels

    I can see Sam on a cable channel where she can be the star in “Hillbilly Crafting.” She will make $50k per show and it will be on for 5 years. Martha Stuart will guest star. She’ll do pod casts for Esty and Pinterest. That’s my prediction.

    • hogwild

      I might be way off but I don’t see Sam as someone who will try and use this to start a tv career or get on another reality show I think she will go back home and be happy to leave the spotlight behind.

  20. Avatar

    If you are expecting them to renew BB, I don’t think bitching about how bored you are is going to encourage the renewal of next season. Sam is a case for the couch – JC is just a disgustingly gross little person, KC is an amazing athlete, I hope she gets something more out of this than 15 minutes of fame, the other two are in love and it is what it is. I think your personal negative opinion is not necessary on a daily feed. I think you would want to give the reader something more, so they want to read what you have to say. It gets old.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Everyone: DO NOT RESPOND. If you don’t feed it, it won’t grow.

      Pepper, if you don’t like someone’s comments, either state why you oppose them or just move past them. Degrading them for their views is just unnecessary. Going after other board members isn’t allowed here.

      Thanking you in advance.

      *The only reason the above comment wasn’t removed is because it’s attached to the others above and they might get delete with it. I am by no means showing favoritism by not removing it.

  21. Shivani33

    News has broken everywhere that Julie Chen Moonves will resign from The Talk on Tuesday (today) via a videotaped segment. She is described as intending to keep her position as BB host ” for many years to come.”

  22. NKogNeeTow

    A thought on the pic Steve posted of Sam at 6:30, she looks like she’s holding someone…an imaginary boyfriend?

    Earlier KC and JC wrote a song and was trying to make a video but JC kept messing up the words.

    JC went to check on Sam. She said she’s okay. *That was nice of him*

    In the kitchen, JC uses the large dumbbell as a drum and is pretty good with it. I’m afraid I’m going to have it stuck in my head now.

    Sam was having a personal pow-wow with herself in the HN room. She went into the SR, took a shelf out of a cabinet and took it back to the room and using it for a tray on the bed.

    JC and KC in the Jenga room exercising and singing. He tells her that Sam was being mean to him. *She wasn’t*. He said when he went to ask her if she was okay, she said yes (with an attitude and rolled her eyes. *She didn’t. That WASN’T nice of him*

    The lovebirds are in their tower. She’s in bed cause, where else would she be? He just got out of the shower and is now in bed with her cause, where else would he be?

    In the Jenga room, KC and JC are talking about the Hive in JH. He is also venting about Tyler a bit. He’s still mad he could have gone home over Brett and says that was a bitch move. He says he can’t even win HOH and now he’s OTB.

    He tells her he’d rather get out 4th and get out playing the game he’s played. He said he doesn’t have an F2 with anyone and he hasn’t talked to Tyler and Angela at all.*Like she doesn’t know better*. He said he’s going to be cool and not say anything stupid because he’s not stupid.

    He says he just needs Tyler to give him his vote but ask her not to tell Tyler he spoke with her. He says if he gets HOH he will be fine and she will be fine. He tells her to just be smart.

    He asks her please don’t tell them that he told her where his head is because she knows he doesn’t have private convos with Tyler. He said he doesn’t have any affiliation with Tyler and Angela like he has with her.

    He does a little Sam bashing, then changes the subject to wondering if there will be a twist.

    Tyler comes in and starts to talk to KC while JC sings. Tyler and KC say they like hanging out in there. JC says it’s the worst room to be in. They discuss the decor of the room. One of them notes the grease stain on the wall is from Fessy’s hair.

    JC says he hates this house. Tyler says the room reminds him of day 1 when they were trying to get Swaggy to save them. JC says that Swaggy was just trying to save Fessy and that’s what got Swaggy out.

  23. Seattle Kari

    Unless a “miracle” happens for JC I think our F3 is going to be Tyler Kaycee and Angela.

    I really would like to see Kaycee pull it off..

    Your thoughts?

  24. NKogNeeTow

    In the Jenga room, JC told KC and Tyler about his routine in real life. Tyler tells about his routine in Australia. Tyler said Sam was saying how she misses going to work. Tyler said he was like ‘fuck no’, but he misses going to the beach.

    KC asked Tyler if he’ considering moving here (CA) and he said yes. He said that at first, he was trying to decide if he was going back to school or move to another country, but there seems to be a lot of opportunities here. He said he doesn’t want to be like a lot of his friends and go to school then be stuck in a job he doesn’t like. *So much for ambition*

    JC says he likes it here because he likes the air and going to the beach.

    In the HOH, Angela is sitting on the bed, eating candy and watching Sam on the monitor.

    In the Jenga room, JC is saying how RockStar left her 6 month old baby. Tyler says the baby is going to be so grown when she gets back and will be crawling or walking. They say she must miss her baby.

    JC says maybe they let her see her baby while she’s in the JH. Tyler says no. They start to joke about how when she sees him, he’ll be talking. JC says maybe they let her have the baby for 1 day. Tyler says no. JC said ‘What are they afraid of, that the baby is going to bring her outside information on the world?”. *lol, who else but JC*

    They are back on the secrets kick again. KC and JC think Tyler has the 2nd App. He says he doesn’t. KC says if they find out he does when they leave the house, Tyler has to drink a gallon of milk.

    JC says that if he (JC) has the 2nd App, he will buy everyone drinks all night, but if he doesn’t have it, they have to buy him food and drinks all night.

    They discuss what drinks they want. JC says he hates beer and only drinks it in there in the house. He said once he leaves the house, he’s never drinking it again. He also says he wants to take them to a few gay bars.

    In the kitchen, Sam is cooking her dinner (or supper, as she calls it). She’s either talking to herself or her food. It’ marinated steak and baked potato with BBQ sauce. She laughs and says she cracks herself up.

    Tyler, KC and JC go into the kitchen. KC and Tyler make small talk with Sam while trying to decide what to eat. KC decides on chicken with salsa and a protein shake. Tyler is making some kind of avocado mess. JC is taking a shower.

    Tyler, KC and Sam discuss JC’s song.

    Sam tells KC she could catch her Mom in the Philipines when she leaves the house. Apparently, it’s been almost 10 years since her Mom petitioned for her Visa. *Did anyone see the typhoon that hit China and also left 64 dead in the Philipines? I hope KC’s Mom is okay*

    While waiting for her steak, Sam tries to make small talk. Small convo about how Brett cooked steak. Convo is sparse between the three of them.

    JC out of the shower; KC getting ready to take a shower; Sam on the steps with her gourmet dinner.

    JC fixes a protein shake while watching Sam on the stairs. He tells her that she should move the yellow thing on the steps where she’s sitting. She said she doesn’t care if anybody steps on it. He says, so no one will trip over it. *In the chat room the other night, they were saying that she deliberately tripped Angela on the stairs*

    Tyler comes into the kitchen and tries to help JC decide what to eat.

    Tyler finally makes his way upstairs. Angela is in the dark. He climbed into bed and they start to talk. He asks if she talked to Sam today and she said yes. She ask if JC knows he’s moving there and he says yes. She asked him how did JC know. He said he told him. She asks what JC said about it. Tyler said nothing. She said she only has room in her apartment for one other person. He says “JC?”. She says NO.

    In the kitchen, JC and Sam have a mini convo about dinner/supper. He’s really not talking to her that much. He goes into the bathroom and ask KC if she wants him to put the water on (for tea) and whispers something to her about Sam (sorry, I couldn’t hear it).

    Sam finished eating, off the stairs and washing dishes.

    In the HOH, same ole, same ole…sloppy kissing sounds and whispering.

    Sam has left the kitchen and JC and KC are sitting at the table singing their song.

    In the HOH, things are getting tense. Excessive noise on the mics and movement under the covers.

    In the kitchen, KC and JC are playing a game of naming things that start with “S”.

    In the HOH, makeout session over.

    While KC and JC are playing their word game, KC keeps looking upstairs.

    JC and KC have gone to bed but still playing their game. They’ve decided to play until they can’t think of anymore words. The first one that can’t think of a word, loses and the game will be over. *They will go on to play this game for almost 2 hours*

    Tyler comes down, puts on his 2 pairs of underwear and goes to bed.

    All are asleep.

    I stretched it out as long as I could. For all who are glad, thank you. For all who aren’t, I apologize.

    Have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  25. FW aka CY

    Thank you, oh smooth-legged sylph of the shadows.

    What’s with the double underwear? To disguise the telltale seepage from the nocturnal emmisions? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJzp4ljVDi0

  26. Betty Boo

    Do we think Tyler will really pick KC over Angela for the final 2? Also, I found pics of JC with hair on the internet and it looks so cute! I don’t remember him having hair in the BB house at all.

  27. Avatar

    Steve, I think the issue with B.B. is that it becomes very boring at this stage of the game, especially for live feed watchers. It isn’t particularly exciting for TV, either. The producers (whoever they may be next year) need to speed the game up after final 6.: Two evictions per week, or perhaps 3 every two weeks. It was proven this past spring that it could be done with Celebrity B.B. And if producers are worried about a shortened season because of this, add a couple more guests to the start of the season. Really make it “the biggest B.B. ever!” and start with 20 houseguests.

  28. mm22

    I would like to see them speed it up towards the end too but I would
    like them to also get rid of all battle backs or rewind weeks once a player
    is voted out the bb door slams shut n locks!

  29. mm22

    But I would open the door for Brett-just sayin

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