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Big Brother 20 – Monday Night Feeds

Good evening, everyone! It’s another fine summer night in the Big Brother house – for all but two people really.


The week has been locked in and now it’s the very long wait for Thursday night that is sure to see plenty of Kaitlyn tears, Rockstar whines, and plenty of lies. The big debate of the week is who they’re going to keep, and it really is tough because they also do have to factor in the chance to come back. They can either keep the wildcard shield that is Kaitlyn or the more stable but useless Rockstar.

Fez’s wild week is also going to continue because as of right now he is planning on voting to evict Kaitlyn. This is after he promised to save her with the veto (which he clearly didn’t), and after promising to vote to keep her (which he may not). She’s already on the verge of a breakdown for trusting a guy (or many guys in her case) despite being a ‘strong empowered female’. Maybe I don’t really know what the definition of a strong empowered female is, but Kaitlyn is currently one of the last people in the house I would give that label to.

Anyway, time to jump into the feeds to see what’s going on tonight…

  • 5:15 pm – Rachel, Bayleigh, and Kaycee are in the HN room talking
    • They are trying to decide who to keep. Rachel brings up the point that Kaitlyn is a big target if she stays which gets them one week closer to jury
    • Rachel also says she looks at it like who she’d rather sit next to in the future and Kaitlyn is once again her choice
    • Bayleigh says she doesn’t care as long as she makes jury
    • They point out how Kaitlyn coming back is bad for everyone
    • Rachel thinks that Haleigh may want to get rid of Kaitlyn
  • 5:30 pm – The girls are still talking about what is going on this week and Bayleigh is talking hopeful that she will see Swaggy on Thursday. Nope
  • 6:30 pm – Browser crashed and now flashback not working. Moving on to RS outside
    • She is crying and Rachel talking with her
    • Rachel is pumping her up but not very interesting of a conversation
    • And for the ladies
  • 6:45 pm – Brett, Angela, and JC are in the Jenga room chatting about the possibilities of Swaggy or Winston coming back
    • Meanwhile, Rachel gets pulled aside to talk to her new BFF Rockstar
    • Rockstar is chatting her ear off while Rachel is acting like a good sport and listening
  • 7:00 pm – In the Jenga room, Tyler and JC are talking
    • Tyler tells JC that Bayleigh likely wants him gone from their fight
    • Tyler says that Kaitlyn is loyal to him but JC tells him that she told Fezzy the same thing
    • JC says she’s smarter than the both of them together
    • Tyler says he has control over her. JC denies it
  • 8:30 pm – Sam is now crying in the storage room.
    • She’s not a fan of how the week went. She doesn’t like being HoH
    • She is talking to JC in the storage room and calling him her best friend.  Weird
  • 8:50 pm – Kaitlyn is lecturing the camera on following JC around rather than focusing on her and Rockstar
    • Here she is yelling at the cam not realizing she’s the one on the feeds and she’s always on the feeds
    • RS keeps talking about how she’s going home. This is going to be a long week of pity parties
  • 9:30 pm – Angela, Rachel, and JC are in the backyard talking
    • Angela says that Sam asked her what she would do about the vote and she said she’d nominate the biggest bully in the house – Rockstar lol
    • She also told Sam that Rockstar shouldn’t be in jury. If she gets evicted, it should be before jury so she can be home with her newborn
    • JC points out how going to jury guarantees her a few thousand dollars and Rachel said she’s not there to just give others money
    • Rachel is re-telling the conversation earlier how RS had two long talks with her
    • They talk about how it’s ridiculous how her and Swaggy tried to play the pity party card for being big fans
    • Angela mentions how Swaggy and his alliance likes to shoot air guns and it pisses her off because the state of the country
  • 10:30 pm – A little recap of the last hour
    • Brett, Rachel, Bayleigh, and a piece of furniture (Kaycee) were having a conversation
    • They were just joking and having fun
    • Rockstar comes in and gives the depressed act again
    • She is looking for Sam but they think she locked herself in the HoH room
    • RS stood in the doorway for awhile before leaving
    • Rachel couldn’t help control her laughing at the awkwardness of the whole situation

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Awesome to see Rockstar as the b/d nom. Flip a coin…fine with either leaving.

  2. Ritchie

    Here’s hoping that Fessi knows nothing about the evicted houseguest automatic chance to come back in with a self timed type of comp. I hope he spills the beans or some cock-and-bull story to Kaitlin on the goodbye video message, and how awesome would it be for her to come right back up in the house with that look of death she would most likely give him.

    And I’m also curious on how many votes she gets and will she tie in the fact that Tyler as well would have cast a vote her for her eviction.

    To cap it off for some real drama and effect, how great would it be for Kaitlin to win head of household and then Power Trip her way through next week. She is super annoying but she is good for drama Television right now!

    • Colby

      They won’t show the goodbye messages before the test to come back. From what we have heard it will be done immediately upon eviction. And even if the person doesn’t get back in, they probably won’t have time to show them.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I was just about to say, I couldn’t see BB showing goodbye messages knowing that that person might be going back into the house. And the other person would already be in there. I do get the feeling that Production will have them record them anyway.

    • Sassy

      I don’t think they will show them to her before her competition. It would be unfair for her to see that, then return.

  3. Charlotte

    I don’t post too often, but believe me…..I read this blog every day! Thank you to all the regulars that keep us up to date on the shenanigans in the B.B. house. I’m curious, will the evicted person still go out like normal, and Julie tells them about a challenge?? Or since they know about it already, would they go immediately to that puzzle room y’all have talked about?? On another note, a few days ago several were talking about the ages of these bloggers. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a bunch are over 40! I, too, am of the older generation. (54). I’m so glad I’m not alone in my love for this crazy show! Love it or hate it at times, we still watch!

  4. Avatar

    She’s 90% Namaste and 10% Go F yourself!

  5. hogwild

    I would probably keep Kaitlin just for the fact if you ever felt like you were in danger of going on the block she would be a great person to toss out there as an alternative. She is annoying as hell but could be a useful idiot.

  6. ElaineB

    BB math: Is this a week that Production needs for a HG to return (no matter what the ‘chance’) based on the total number of weeks?

    • Zach

      I’m fairly certain that we see a jury battle back this season. So even if they don’t see a empty eviction this week, it will still happen in a few weeks.

    • Colby

      You can’t tell based on the number of weeks left because we have no idea how many double evictions they are planning, or if they plan to do a jury battle back.
      But it is pretty certain that they want everyone to stay this week because since Sam didn’t use it, it automatically goes to the person out this week. Otherwise they would have just let it expire.

    • ElaineB

      Good thoughts. Thx. Guess I didn’t want to give up extra energy (in this summer heat) rooting for one of those two nimrods to be gone, if fact is, they both will stay. Darn.

      • Colby

        I guess the good thing about it, if we have to find one, is that this will shake up the game. Different battle lines may be drawn among them and it may even change our opinions on who people are rooting for.
        I love Tyler, but he is fighting really hard right now to keep Psycho. Even though I know he is worried Rainbow will put him up, it is making me question if he really wants Psycho out, or if he was just telling others that to cover an alliance with her.
        I guess we will see in the next few days.

      • Colby

        I meant to add that unless it is a ‘luck’ competition, chances of Rainbow winning HOH are slim to none.

      • Sassy

        Colby – I think it’s a little of both. He knows unicorn vomit is gunning for him. It would be best for his game to have her out. I think he wants BSC out soon but he has some control over her and she would never try to get him evicted.

      • Colby

        I hope so Sassy.
        I want to keep liking him, but won’t if it turns out he really does have a F2 with her.

      • Sassy

        It would be to much work keeping her to the end, but he would win over her, so not the worst idea… Tyler has been my favorite from the start. I won’t hold it against him for having a final 2 with her, but if they become a couple, I will lose ALL respect.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Colby, I kind of think that although Tyler really wants he gone, he is using the same logic as Rachel…if BSC stays, she will always be the bigger target you can hide behind.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Colby, I think the only way he’d have a F2 with her is because he knows no one likes her and thinks he could beat her in the end. I can understand it. I don’t like it but can understand it.

      • HappyHippo

        I agree NK but pleeeeeease don’t make me listen to that baby voice all summer! If he went to the end with Kaycee he would most likely win too…let’s just do that, she’s quieter

  7. Tinkerbell

    Psycho is extremely calm and mellow right now. More so than all of her days in the house. I would bet all the money I don’t have thet production has given her some heavy duty meds. She is dedinitely highly drugged. Good thing so she doesn’t murder anyone when the lights go out tonight.

  8. LO1004

    I can’t wait for Thursday so they can stop speculating about this power. Tyler was the only one that had it, and now people are convincing him there’s a battle back for the first 5.

  9. Alda

    I think Tyler really likes Psycho.When she’s not up his butt,he’s looking for her.I know what he says to his alliance,but maybe he protests too much.

    • ElaineB

      Yes, he has moved from my ‘like’ list to my ‘annoy’ list, for that reason. I understand about keeping her ‘in line’, but he seems to seek her out/put up with her for long periods of time. It is one thing to keep her happy, and another to actually be enjoying it. C’mon Tyler!

    • LGJ

      I really want to dislike this post, but it’s seeming more and more true. Some guys like the crazy….. just ask my husband! Jk lol.

  10. Alda

    JC can see right through Psycho.He wants her out. I don’t think it’s going to happen.The cameras like her too much.Watching BBAD,she’s on 75% of the time.I don’t get it.

    • Seattle Kari

      This is a way out there kind of thought, but I’ve always wondered if a lot of these reality shows there might be people that are plants for the drama, paid actors and actresses.

      Like the bachelor and bachelorette shows, there’s always somebody that is so far out there there’s no way in hell it to be real. I would be lovely if K was one of those people and that’s why she’s being kept the way she is?

      I’ve always wondered if maybe the contestants have to sign waivers that they won’t talk about what production actually does..

  11. Avatar

    Does anyone know why Sam is freaking out? I missed the why, all I’m seeing is the breakdown on the live feeds.

    • Avatar

      She’s all alone in the storage room balling and saying she wants to go home. And knocking on the exit door.

      • hogwild

        Who knows personally I think sometimes these people just get cabin fever and go through temporary freak outs. I’m not sure how long my sanity would last being locked up with these people 24/7 day after day week after week.

      • ElaineB

        When RS was boo-hooing to her earlier, she said something about the game and Sam replied strongly “I am not playing the game”. So either Sam is going crazy or it is strategy.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Newbie, that sounds a little over dramatic to me. I think most of them play to the camera, America or both, at some time or the other. I don’t buy that BS. If they REALLY wanted to go home, Production couldn’t physically stop them. That would be the equivalent of kidnapping. Every so often some of them start whining and crying about wanting to go home. Then as soon as you put their ass OTB, they’re whining and crying about staying. I pay that idiotic sh!t no mind.

  12. Avatar

    Oh nevermind., she’s explaining it now. But this Jc and her conversation is showing her true colors. Guess she’s not so “I’ve already made up my mind.”

  13. danmtruth

    Bay just wants to know which way the house will vote Just so she can be on the right side of the vote for once Rachel was trying to say it might be a good idea to keep BSC because she would be a shield that people will always want to put up Bay did not want to hear it All she could think about was Chris coming back in Sorry not going to happen

  14. Tinkerbell

    I present to you Miss Kaitlyn Tammy Faye Bakker


  15. danmtruth

    Bay keeps talking about the other powers Knowing that she has the one Trying to see if someone will slip and say they have one Sorry don’t see Tyler making that mistake Just another distraction for this week trying to play safety with knowing the evicted might come back

    • NKogNeeTow

      She told Fessy about her power but Tyler has told no one about his. That might be the only beans he hasn’t spilled yet.

      • danmtruth

        That is what I’m saying I think she regrets that she told Fessy Seeing how easily he can be swayed While Tyler for his blind spot with BSC he has not told Kaycee or Jc both people he is working with without the other knowing

  16. NKogNeeTow

    I was sitting here watching JC and Rachel talking in the BY. Rachel was telling him that she’d rather keep BSC because she’s not worried about her because she knows she can beat her. They talked for about 10 minutes. Then, just before commercial, they showed Driftwood laying on the other end of the hammock. I didn’t even know she was there. She never opened her mouth the entire time they were talking. Now do you understand why I don’t bother learning her name?

  17. Helen

    Dear lord..
    Please production…explain in crayon drawings if necessary, that the person that is evicted gets a chance to come back into the game. Not the person who is evicted plus every houseguest that was evicted prior to them…..what is so difficult to understand here?

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Is there a chapter in the Bible called “The Adventures of Moses”? Because Rocky just told Bayleigh that that’s the chapter she just started…lol

  19. Ann

    Aren’t those the same clothes that Rainbow was wearing yesterday?

  20. danmtruth

    The housepets have nothing better to do than come up with crazy ideas to show how smart they are Bay talks about what has happened on past BB like she is a big fan This from a person who never saw the game up until a month ago When her agent got her on the show Tyler has tried to tell people its just the one person Bay STILL thinks Swaggy is coming back and is planing for it People just keep letting there minds roam

  21. NKogNeeTow

    Hayleigh just says if she wins HOH she’s putting Sam up and going to give her a similar speech.

  22. danmtruth

    talking about keeping BSC as a shield is like what happened in Vanessas season They kept on wanting to get her out but every week she got the house to focus on someone else When you have a chance take that person out and move on

  23. NKogNeeTow

    JC is trying to tell Tyler/Rachel/Driftwood that you need to get the stronger competitors out first, that’s why BSC needs to go asap. Rachel and Drifty are still thinking that there will be a battleback between Steve, Swaggy and Winston and that Steve will win. Tyler says he doesn’t believe any of those 3 will be returning.

    JC is trying to indirectly persuade them to get rid of Kait, while Tyler is trying to indirectly persuade them to rid of Rocky. JC says “expect the unexpected and everyone is expecting a battle back”. I’m pretty sure he’s trying to tell them that because of that, there will be no battle back.

  24. danmtruth

    This conversation will be the same for the next 3 days Who should we get rid of God save us

  25. NKogNeeTow

    As Driftwood lays in the hammock and lazily swings back and forth, she tells JC/Rachel/Tyler that whoever goes on the block never evens come to talk to her. Let me add, that she says it in a slow lackadaisical way, making me think they probably thought she was comatose.

  26. NKogNeeTow

    Rocky in the bathroom talking to Scottie and Fessy, who is showering. She tells them that she is starting to get bitter. She said she was angry but its starting to be bitter. Fessy asked her if she talked to Sam and what did Sam say. She said Sam said she thought it was best to put her up a week where she had a chance to come back.

    In the meantime, Scottie keeps putting his hands up to his nose and smelling them. He kind of reminds me of that girl Mary Katherine from Saturday Night Live. She would cross her arms and stick her hands into her armpits, then smell them.

    Scottie and Fessy try to start a conversation with each other, but RHS keeps sighing like she wants the attention brought back to her. Fessy asks what’s the record for comps wins. Rocky says James. Then she sighs and says “Back into self pity”.

  27. NKogNeeTow

    JC is sitting in the bathroom eating. I just don’t get it. Why would someone want to eat in the bathroom. I know they have a sofa in there, but I don’t even see the logic in that. Who wants to hang out in a stinky, germy bathroom?

  28. Tinkerbell

    Scotty talking to Fessy as he gets out of the shower. Talking about Fessy’s hair –

    Scotty – It looks longer when it’s wet.

    Fessy – That’s what she said.

    Scotti says nothing, clueless. Can’t make this sh*t up, folks.

    Too boring in the house tonight for me. Peace out.


    • Tinkerbell

      P.S. Scotty showering. Why does he keep his glasses on? Poor guy must be really have poor eyesight. Nobody else in the bathroom, talking to himself the entire time. I want to like him so bad, and at times I do. However, he has to be the most awkard and odd person they’ve casted in a long time.

    • Seattle Kari

      okay I’m just now watching that scene so I might have to pay attention unless I’ve already missed it..

      I know I’m just being a cougar, but I love the way Fes is built. I just found a man with solid built more attractive than overly muscular men with the skinny waist.

      but why does he shave his arms? Why do men feel they have to not have body hair? I can see doing shaving if you have an excess of back hair or or something but not your arms

      • Ann

        Yes Kari, Fessy is very easy on the eyes. He’s not very smart but what the hell I’d give him a go. Lol
        He has a very nice smile too.
        Restraining Order……Lol

    • HappyHippo

      Poor Scottie lol!

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Fessy is telling Bay and KayCee that Swaggy has been locked up in a hotel room sequestered with just a DVD player for 18 days…LOLOLOL

  30. danmtruth

    Fessy – a lot of Mexicans in Cali right ? He’s so petty

    yes on Scotti and Mary Ktherian SUPPER STAR —

    Sam has locked herself in the HOH

    Kaycee understands the power app Bay just wants to believe that Swaggy has a chance so shoots down every body

  31. NKogNeeTow

    For Byleigh to claim she’s damn near a genius, WHY can she not grasp the concept of Sam’s power. Kaycee keeps telling her over and over again how it works and Bay keeps telling her that she doesn’t think that’s how it works since it’s expired. Fessy is just as confused as Bay. Kaycee finally gives up and says “We’ll find out real soon”. Bayleigh tells them that if the person comes back that it would have to be immediately so they can have a chance to play in the HOH. Her ass is giving me a headache. I’m ready for her to go too.

  32. NKogNeeTow

    Bayleigh just told Kaycee that she doesn’t like talking over people. Guess she doesn’t view JC as a people…or anyone else for that matter.

    BatShitCrazy is running around the kitchen with Rachel, claiming that she found Winston and he wasn’t gone. It looks like she has a wooden spoon, but who knows with that basketcase. Someone on this board mentioned that they wondered if Production said anything to her about the power because she’s so calm. I’m beginning to wonder the same thing myself. She’s running around the place laughing and joking like she hasn’t a care in the world…like she already KNOWS something…just my opinion. While Rocky is on the verge of a psychedelic breakdown.

    Sounds like Bay wants BSC to leave and Kaycee wants RHS to go. Kaycee is telling Bay that she honestly thinks it would be good if Kait did stay. She’s gently trying to nudge Bay in that direction but Bay is not convinced. I’m wondering what happened to Bay these last few days. When Swaggy first left, she became more sociable and started hanging out with other members of the house. Seems to me that for the past few days, she’s been lying around in bedrooms and only socializing with whoever comes into the room.

    • Ann

      I can’t stand Bay & hate the sound of her voice. She’s a spoiled, self entitled little brat who thinks it’s all about her. I can’t wait for her to find out that idiot boyfriend of hers is not coming back.
      Psycho is right up there with Bay on my shit list. I just want somebody to tell her how ridiculous she makes herself look & she needs to stop with the crying & baby talk bullshit. That girl is a little too upbeat tonight for someone who is still otb after all of her crybaby boo hoo hoo crap when she was first put up. Production has to have something to do with it.

    • Seattle Kari

      there might have been other people, but I think I might have been one of them that mention noticing how calm she was after returning from that room asking to south of it. If she even did ask that. I’m sure production tells them way way more than we are ever allowed to know.

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Bayleigh and Hayleigh were in the Jenga room getting ready to get into a good convo about the house. Hayleigh says every week their side is getting smaller and smaller. Bay says pretty soon there won’t be anyone but the 2 of us, that’s why after last week I was thinking of voting with the other side of the house. Just as they start to get into the conversation, Driftwood opens the door and floats into the room and lands on the couch…as driftwood does.

    Fessy is in the hammock with BSC. He told her that she wasn’t cool with Drifty but now they are like friends. BSC tells him that she is kind of cool. She starts to count down the votes of who’s keeping her. She counts Fessy, Tyler, Drifty(Angela-Ashley), Brett, Rachel and I THINK she said a name between Fessy and Tyler but people in the background were being loud and I couldn’t hear it. She asks Fessy again if he’s going to keep her. He never actually answers her. She says Rocky sounded like she was prepping her to go home and it makes her feel like everyone said something to Rocky. He says nothing. She says “You don’t want to respond’? He tells her that he doesn’t know how people are suppose to act on the block. He says she should know, she’s the superfan. She says she’s not a superfan, she’s only watched season 16-19. He tells her “That’s more than I watched”. *First she badgered his ass about the Veto, now she’s badgering him about who he’s voting to stay.* She is laying every guilt trip on him she can think of.

  34. NKogNeeTow

    That Goddamn Kaitlyn grills people like she’s the head of the Gestapo. Who the hell does she think she is? She first badgers Fessy, then berates him. She just told him to shut up and is trying to guilt him again. I must confess though, that is this point, I’m madder at him than I am with her. My Aunt and Grandmother use to say that “a man/woman can’t do any more than you let them”. He LETS her treat him like that. Tyler LETS her treat him like that.

    Another thing they use to say is “if you make it too easy, they won’t want it”. I may not have gotten the quote exact, but you get the picture. I was using this in terms of Hayleigh. I think that’s the reason why Fessy wants her so much. She doesn’t make it easy for him or take it easy on him. Like when he tried using the Veto over her head and she wasn’t having it, even for a save. He wound up using it on her. He has made demands before about who she hangs out with. She completely disregards it and hangs with who she wants to. Him not being about to control her makes her even more desirable. He wants it, she knows it and she makes him work for it even if she’s not going to give it to him. I like that.

    Back on the hammock, Assolina is still harassing Fessy.

    Back in the Jenga room Kaycee/Rachel/Bayleigh/Hayleigh/Driftwood are discussing who they are keeping. So far they are divided. They make valid points as to why each should stay/go. *Sidenote: I now hate Rachel as much as Bayleigh when it comes to whispering. These bitches don’t whisper, they pantomime. I HATE THAT. They might as well speak in sign language. At least I use to know a little of that*

    BBAD is OVAH! And not a minute too soon. I never saw Sam and Rocky HorrorShow disappeared after no one paid any attention to her in the bathroom.

    Steve, Mel with 1 L, looking forward to reading your take tomorrow. You two pull all this crap together and make this slow night BS worth reading.

    Good night everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  35. Shivani33

    You can see some of the inevitable turning of the tide against Sam, with some players telling each other not to share info with her. Rachel, Angela, etc. talk about helping to get Sam nominated. Sam has antagonized them by sounding holier-than-thou. Sam so often tries to foist responsibility away from herself by appearing to grandiously bequeath it to someone else. She’s like a cloth doll with only basted seams, not stabilized.

  36. Seattle Kari

    Interesting t-shirt JC..

    You know, he’s got a pretty nice build.

  37. Seattle Kari

    what the hell is people’s obsession with twerking? It is so incredibly tacky.

  38. Seattle Kari

    Dear God, somebody reach over and bitch slap me please? I’m actually sitting here watching Kaitlyn berate Fes, demanding an apology and then when he doesn’t do what she says she’s heard saying he’s going to be embarrassed about the way He is treating her when he sees it.

    The only thing he might be embarrassed about is not getting off his damn ass and leaving her in the hammock. Better yet flip her off of it. Grow a backbone Fess!!

    PLEASE, if she comes back this week please please please let there be a double eviction next week so we don’t have to put up with the drama anymore. She is disgusting. I know we’ve all been through all this before but I just had to do my rant..

  39. Tinkerbell

    Couldn’t sleep, watching feeds at 2:50 here on the left coast. How pathetic am I?! 2:30 here on the left coast, and we have a new and improved Purple People Eater. Makes me want to sing – “Isn’t she lovely.” Also makes me want to barf. As scary as she is, she looks 200% better with the cat mask on. A good possibility it belongs to someone else because she is Raven’s twin and “borrows” cosmetics of others. Man, she is a dirty nasty person. I could have missed it, but I’ve only seen her shampoo her hair once, and she always has those rugs wrapped around her purple and gray Princess Leia hair. Gross! I’ve only seen her shower three times. Probably more, but haven’t seen it. Last week she wore the same clothes for three days. Her current outfit two days…..will probably be three days because she says she’s pulling an all-nighter and just going to drink offee and do her make-up. What is that smell?! Disgusting person. Right now she’s sitting in the bathrooom, blouse pulled up, looking at her stomach. Last but not least on my Rocky Horror rant, she is always-always picking on her feet. Yikes!


  40. danmtruth

    With jury in sight this is when these people get more desperate and more irrational In RHS case also more smelly Poor Sam her HOH coming out party has been a disaster Its not that people don’t like her Its just people don’t feel like they can judge what she might do Worse yet that she went share what she is thinking

  41. Avatar

    I got a strong inkling that Crazy Art will be the one evicted tonight

  42. Avatar

    I don’t understand the absolute hatred people have for rockstar! If you don’t like her gameplay it’s one thing but attacking her because of the way she is as a person is plane wrong imo. Questioning her as a mother is so wrong. Calling her disgusting because of her personal hygiene is another wtf moment for me. I haven’t seen most of the house take a shower. She has had a rough time in the house and people react when when they are attacked and isolated. Being forty minutes from Sams home town I can tell you she doesnt think of herself as holier than anyone. It’s the way people talk around here. We try to understand people and help people with the lessons we had to learned the hard way. I don’t remember the comments being so harsh but then again maybe this is just the first time I’ve really disagreed with it.

  43. Mr. Beardo

    As a southerner (Atl GA) I keep trying to like Sam but she really needs to chill with all the judgy MeeMaw wisdom. You’re 27 girl STFU..

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