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Big Brother 20 – Monday Recap

Good morning! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. The hg’s got to have a Labor Day party yesterday, do some grilling and relax.  I was only listening to the feeds while doing some other things. I heard Angela and Haleigh talking, looked up and Haleigh was wearing a trash can (?) on her head. The boredom in that house is real! Along with boredom, people are really starting to get on each other’s nerves. Several of them mentioned it yesterday. They’ve spent about 2 and a half months together and they’re sick of each other. I can’t imagine doing it because I have to have my alone time. The only thing I’d enjoy about the house is not having to be attached to my phone constantly. Being self-employed, if you miss a call, you miss a job so it’s permanently attached to me.


Random: This is Haleigh sleeping with her eyes half open. My son used to do this (maybe he still does, don’t know) and it used to give everyone the creeps. Maybe she’s just staying alert for a backstab even in sleep?

The activity in the house has slowed down and I’ve seen Foutte fans complaining that it’s because all the “fun” people have left. Actually, half the house has left so it always slows down. We’re also dealing with the aftermath of a battle back which traditionally puts the brakes on the game for a bit.


There’s been more plotting going on than I thought we’d have so it could be about to pick up again. JC & Brett are talking about making a move, Angela’s tired of JC and Haleigh could mix things up. (assuming she stays and doesn’t go after Sam)

Here’s  what happened yesterday:

  • KC told Tyler she’d comforted Hay the night before. KC said Scottie told Hay that Tyler had said he was the pawn so she was crying. KC said she felt bad for her.
  • Brett joined them and told them he was still catching Hay in lies so not to fall for her bs. Hay had told Brett his BIG speech didn’t sway any votes because he didn’t say anything they didn’t already know. Later, she claimed she didn’t know about Bays power app or that Rachel was a pawn. He told them Hay had a F2 with everyone in her group. KC went back to thinking Hay is fake. (It’s what she’s always thought before)
  • Brett talked more about how he’s the most hated in jury and asked them not to send him there. He said he’s scared because they have real knives in the jury house. He makes jokes but he’s really reminding them he should go to the end because he’s hated.
  • Brett went to JC and suggested they reel Sam in and said Hay is already alone. JC thinks Sam is too risky. They discuss Angela not going to bed until 6 am and if they should put up Ang/KC if the win the next hoh. Brett said he knows the other three (L6) would all take each other over him to the end.
  • Hay told Tyler what Scottie said about being a pawn the night before. He told her he didn’t say it. She asked if she let him think he was a pawn and he said he sort of did but he needed to. He told her she needed to calm down and chill out. She said it just freaked her out and when she heard Scottie say it, she thought “f**king Tyler!” (Hay’s been trying to convince Ty she trusts him so questioning him so much will show him she doesn’t and show him that she’ll still target him)
  • Brett found out Level 6 is a “thing” on Twitter because Tyler saw it on his hoh questions. They joked that Winston runs one of the “Level 6” accounts. (He didn’t mention the “Tangela” accts) Tyler decided his use of olive oil for tanning is where the oily reference from Zingbot came from.
  • Scottie found a loofah by the pool and joked about getting some soap and bathing in it since he’s a have not. Here’s Angela in an ad for Spirit Halloween costumes dressed as a loofah. I think I heard her tell Scottie in a later conversation that she couldn’t do certain types of web ads anymore because her face will be more known. This may be the type she was talking about:
  • KC and Hay ate the cinnamon rolls they hid last week. (I’m not sure why I think that’s important info but hell, neither is the loofah ad…)
  • KC told (Brett, I think) she wishes Hay would sleep in her own bed since they have plenty of them. It’s starting to annoy her and so is Hay following her and Ang around. She conceded that they sent all Hays friends home so she guesses Hay doesn’t have a choice. She’s all they have to hang out with. Hay and KC had a lengthy talk about babies, becoming mom and how many kids they’d like to have. Hay will freeze her eggs in her early 30’s if she hasn’t had kids by then. KC wants her kids to enjoy sports. Here’s KC cradling the heating pad, pretending it’s a baby. (Remember the boredom I mentioned earlier?)
  • Sam and Brett had anot her wierd exchange. She was laughing at herself. He came in and she asked if he came to make fun of her. He said no. She asked if he came to make fun of her making fun of herself. ??
  • Scottie jammed out to some tunes in the hoh room. One picture can’t describe his funny dance moves but how I wish it could. They were as unique as Fessys. (Actually, I think Scottie’s the better dancer)
  • I don’t know what the veto meeting speeches were but they must have been good. Sam said Brett had set a high bar but Hay and Scottie smashed it. Sam seemed to enjoy them so she probably wasn’t thrown under the bus for once.
  • Steve already gave you the shots of Sam standing on things in the yard yesterday. (I thought she was looking for an escape route at first but remembered she’s always better once the noms are set for the week) Sam was still Sam though and she put vaseline all over her body because she said she didn’t have any lotion. With vaseline, the use of olive oil for tanning lotion and people laying on beds after messy comps, no wonder Sam washes the sheets so much! She also used a wine opener as a makeshift screwdriver/drill for a project. I think it became a hummingbird feeder.
  • Hay told KC if she’s leaving on Thursday, she wants to go out classy. She said she has about 14 shout outs she wants to do. They talk about ratings for the show and Hay says it’s the first year it’s being shown in Canada. (Not true, I told you she was my pick this year for incorrect BB info)
  • JC questioned Tyler and wants the truth about Angela. He said he didn’t do so much work for Tyler to take “the love of his life” to the end. Tyler says he is but let’s him know that person is JC. (Tyler’s trying to be cute here. Lol) JC tells him Brett really is worried about it too and he isn’t making it up. He said he knows what’s going on because he heard Angela run from the bed and across the room before he came in. He said she was breathing heavy when he came in. (True)
  • They had a backyard party and Brett worked the grill. They were excited the have nots got to eat and drink alcohol.
  • Brett told JC he feels awkward when he goes to the hoh. He feels like he’s intruding on Tyler and Angela. (I honestly don’t know if he’s messing with JC but I think he’s ready to make a move. I just think he wants JC to make it and JC wants Brett to make it. Brett says they have to backdoor Angela because Tyler and KC would both use a veto on her.
  • Scottie thinks Bayleigh will get AFP because she’ll have Swaggy getting fans to vote for her. (I have a different opinion on that)
  • Angel and Haleigh talk about how annoyed they’re getting with JC and Sam. Hay brings up thinking Sam’s on medication, says she didn’t go to the DR every morning until after her meltdown and says she’s the type of person who would need it. (I wondered if the same people who bashed JC for talking about it were offended last night when they heard Hay say it, probably not) Hay also admits she was the person who messed up Sam’s things (her craft stuff) during the hide the veto comp.
  • Tyler told Angela that JC heard her running from the bed earlier. Angela wondered if they’re screwing things up with their group. She also wondered if JC should go before Hay. Tyler isn’t on board with this but doesn’t come out and say it. He tells her she needs to be careful about how much time she spends with Hay because it worries JC and Brett. (I think it worries Tyler. Brett and JC have an issue with Angela and KC together) They have some mushy high school talk too that’s really getting annoying.
  • Brett and Scottie stayed up late and Scottie told Brett everything he knew about the game, the Hive and everything else he could think of that had happened in the house. I know everyone plays differently and I suppose…that’s one way to do it.

I know JC is possessive over Tyler but he’s justified in questioning him about the situation. If you’re JC and you really have a F2 with Tyler, it doesn’t make sense not to split up Angela & KC next. Hay and Sam hate each other and arn’t going to work together. This should be a huge red flag for JC. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what he’s going to be able to do about it unless Hay wins the next hoh and he works on her. Brett sees what’s going on but he has L6 for now so he knows he has to be careful. If everyone want their shot to win, Tyler is the one they need to get rid of, not Angela but I don’t know if they can see it. It’s time to make a move but the path to do it isn’t clear. It should at least get very interesting. Have a great Tuesday!





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  1. Mr. Beardo

    Thanks Mel!
    I think this accurately sums up JC’s feelings for Ty. Lol


  2. Joy

    Thanks Mel! Great recap, I have never seen or signed up for the live feed, I think it would over take my life. I’m very tired of Sam and JC. I just want someone to make an unexpected move it has to be done and I would like it to be now. I didn’t enjoy BB19 because Christmas should have been removed from the game after broken foot/ankle accident but wasn’t so that screwed up everyone else’s game, I blame production. It seems production is screwing up this season for the viewer this year. I am disappointed.

  3. danmtruth

    JC is just plain annoying the FU out of me Between YELLING half the time Disregarding rules Being rude to HG & production You think he was some special guest star Yet to his credit if people let you get away with it Funny how he made a big deal out of the chips Bay grabbed out of his hands Yet did not think twice about drinking out of Brets beer just rude This is when little things get big and become reason to evict some one

    • Ann

      I’m still boiling, just thinking about that twerp putting his gross mouth in somebody else’s drink. Have I said how much I hate that slimy slug lately?

      • Wizard

        We noticed on Sunday’s show that production actually showed JC using Ty’s water cup with Ty’s name on it. Sadly, that’s the worst thing production has shown of JC, and most non-feed viewers would probably miss even that. I hope he goes soon.

  4. Joy

    Oh and thanks for the pic of Angela actually standing up. Otherwise all pics above show her as always laying down, in the bathroom, in the HOH room (I know she was getting up to move to couch because of JC’s entry) and then in the hammock. I’m tired of her too.

  5. Jenny

    I watched some of the party on BBAD and noticed Sam grabbed a beer and then when straight for the wine and even said she was drinking both. Looked to me like they had just enough for each to have either one beer or one cup of wine. I heard them yelling at JC for trying to take more than his share but didn’t see anybody say anything to Sam. It was making ME mad and I was just sitting on my couch watching!

  6. Ann

    Jay H & any of my other friends on here who have sent me messages & I didn’t answer, please don’t think I’m being rude or ignoring you guys, I just don’t know how to work this thing. I can see the subjects but I haven’t figured out how to make the whole message come up so I can read & reply to them. I’m not good with computers & if it’s not something that I have worked with a lot then I forget how to use it. Ijust happened upon the messages & some are pretty old & I apologize for that. I think there are 2 from a couple of perverts but I can’t read them.

    • Jay H

      No worries Ann. Wasn’t important, but didn’t want to ask publicly. It wasn’t perverted, but since you did say ‘if you got it, flaunt it” a couple weeks ago, I/we might want to see some pics of when you flaunted it

      • Ann

        Jay, I wish I did still have it. Trust & believe in my younger days I flaunted it. If I tried to flaunt something now I think you guys might have nightmares. Lol

  7. Sassy

    I’m looking forward to them going after each other, but I’d like Hay out first! If the double is next week, it would be a good time to take a quick shot and split the house. Here’s the problem, Brett is choosing JC and Sam as his side, Sam will not go against Ty, neither Sam or JC can win anything other than luck. Is that really where he want to be? If that’s the case, try to flip the vote this week. Keep Scottie, he may be a valuable ally for Brett.

  8. Ann

    Mel, did Sam or one of the 15s get pissed at Hay for messing up their bed?

    • Joy

      yes, do tell.

    • Mel

      When do you mean Ann?

      • Ann

        I could be wrong Mel but I thought Hay messed up Sam’s bed last night. I might have read your recap wrong this morning. Lol

      • Ann

        Maybe it happened when they did the comp tearing up the house.

      • Mel

        Ok gotcha, I don’t know anything about the bed last night but I could’ve missed it. The recap referred to her trashing Sam’s craft stuff during the hide the veto comp. Hay was admitting to Angela last night that she was the one who’d done it.

      • Ann

        I can’t find where I read that now Mel, I guess I need to be medicated now.

      • Sassy

        Ann – it might have been in comments last night. I remember reading it too. Something about Hay tore Sam’s bed apart to take the mattress topper leaving her blankets on the floor.

      • Ann

        That’s exactly the one I meant Sassy. Thanks & Thank you too Mel, I read that one too.

      • Shivani33

        Very late into the night, Haleigh tore apart Sam’s usual bed to take her mattress cover. Sam had left it neatly made and isn’t using it now, as a have-not. Haleigh was uncharacteristically rough, pouty and mad and left a crumpled-up mess behind. It seemed as though Haleigh was upset that she had no one volunteering to share a bed with her. She moved from the blue to the pink bedroom while many were already in bed, except for the 2 in the morning barbecue boys and JC, who were all in the yard.

        I went to bed and didn’t see Haleigh clean up the mess that she made, but perhaps she did. Why she dug up Sam’s bed and made off with her black mattress cover, I don’t know, unless she was letting off some hostile steam.

  9. Cat Lady

    I heard Ty tell Angela production knows..does that mean they got caught doing the deed?

    • Mel

      No, I forgot about that. The dr asked him about the kissing and he said he was annoyed and tried to figure out how they knew. He was either playing dumb to Angela or he’s gone stupid too. He knows the cams pick up stuff in the dark.

      • Joy

        yeah but if she saw how surprised Fessy was when asked about him kissing Hay on the Off the Block with Ross and Marissa I can believe it. Fessy couldn’t wrap his head around the fact we saw him and Hay kissing. It makes me wonder about how little (some of) the HG’s don’t watch enough BB to know that the live feed shows everything and then passes it around.

      • Mel

        I agree but Tyler is VERY familiar with it. That’s why it didn’t make sense to me.

  10. mm22

    I would like to see L4 stick to their original
    plan to evict all hive first. They can’t take Scottie
    to the end or he’ll win over any L4 he sits next to.
    I think if he leaves after Haleigh it could be a good
    time for a big move. Would be funny if Brett all of a
    sudden became a comp “beast”

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  12. danmtruth

    So is Hay trying to push Sam into a rage to cancel an eviction ( will just eliminate the need for a double) or to put Sam on more peoples target list Like Sam is not already high on that list for most Just behind her and Scottie

  13. mm22

    Why would Scottie even mention the bitter jury-seams like he
    should have kept that info to himself being a “big BB fan”
    Such a stupid move on his part – a returning player is already
    a target he could have played it so different

    • Mel

      He thought it would have the opposite effect. He thought they’d be afraid to have 5 Hive people in jury who were planning to vote for a weak player. He didn’t get that it just made them more determined to let them have their 5 votes but have to choose between 2- L6 ppl. Dumb move, no one wants to go to the end with someone who already has 4 votes lockes. Lol

  14. HappyHippo

    Thanks for the recap Mel! Ive been a Tyler fan from the beginning but the past few weeks he has been losing focus. So between that and Brett really growing on me I’m kinda of interested in seeing him (Brett) and jc make a move. They have to if they ever expect to make it past the 3 ty, kc, ang. Jc might do annoying stuff but game wise he has had some pretty good moves. Sam, hay ho, kc, Scottie And ang are the people I really don’t want to win. Like you said it should start to get interesting! Dang battle back is holding shit up…ugh cbs!

    • Sassy

      I would like Hay to leave before they go after each other. I would not mind seeing Ang leave after Hay… I think it would be a mistake by Brett if he tries to takes out Ang before Hay, although he hasn’t won much yet so he might not get that option. Hay winning the next HOH, is the only possible way to make that move and not have it come back to haunt him.

    • Colby

      If Brett is just playing JC he should be telling L6 about it when he gets a chance.
      If he doesn’t, I think Tyler would be smart to tell him what JC said, and do it in front of Angela and KC.
      I do like Brett, but I think it is too early to make that move.
      Sam will never go against Tyler, JC is only out for himself, and Haho will flip flop.
      He needs to quit throwing comps and actually win something. Neither he or JC want to win and have to show their cards.

  15. Avatar

    I can’t believe I am going to say this but I am really starting to root for Brett and KC. Brett makes me laugh and KC has defiantly picked up her game! I called her a follower at one paint and I am going to stick by that (she is also super loyal), but she is starting to play in comps and win. I would also very much like to see something totally unexpected to happen. I have loved this season but now that it’s so close to the end it is becoming predictable. Thanks for the update! I was out of town all weekend! Have a great week everyone! <3

  16. Helen

    Wow!! They just showed a camera shot of the table…lmao. Nobody could sit there and eat if they wanted to…Sam has totally taken it over with her crafting supplies…
    I didn’t realize it was that bad!!!

    • Colby

      It may be like that because she was working on her bird feeder yesterday.
      She had gotten so she kept all that stuff in a basket on her bed.

    • Shivani33

      This is how come Angela joked to Haleigh last night during their bashing session that BB casting must have found Sam from the Hoarders show. Sam has more than one common space taken over by her ramshackle piles of potential craft paraphenalia. Her specialized, big and little towers of what looks like trash are bothering some people.

      • AIO_7

        That’s one sick girl there. The small bit of BBAD that I watched last night was her saying what you described on the last thread. That she could, basically, shoot someone on 5th Avenue and the people back home would still lovingly love her. Yeah, right; those folk back home probably know better than we do that she should be committed.

      • Helen

        For a long time I had only really seen the one basket type thing that she had packed full of “stuff”…..it has grown!! To more than one basket and okay I’m gonna say the “l” word…literally the entire small dining table!!
        While I don’t mind her being “crafty” after all what the heck else is there to do,I agree she needs to clean up after her projects….

      • Sassy

        I could not live with her. I can’t stand stuff sitting around for to long. You want to have a junk room or craft room, fine, but all over the house, NO WAY!!

    • Malia

      I TOTALLY understand why that would drive everyone else crazy. It would me too. I don’t recall another hg ever doing anything close to that! Sam is certainly unique. Having said that, it really pissed me off last night when Hay said she threw that stuff on purpose during the veto. That is not ok, regardless of how you feel about a person. And I was very disappointed when Angela chimed in on that. Helen you are right about Hay bringing out the worst in her. I like Ty and Angela together but I do think it’s pulled their attention from the game. Brett and KayCee have gone up in my book! I would like to see L4 in the F4 and let the best man/woman win.

      • Wizard

        Hay is mean spirited. I think it took a little longer for everyone to notice because Hay isn’t to the malicious level that Bay is though, so Bay kept Hay off the radar in that respect.

  17. HappyHippo

    I don’t see the problem with Sam crafting. It gives her something to do. I don’t think we could even imagine how boring it gets in that house. Hay ho needs to shut up. I’m over her and her mean girl shit. One could talk just as much shit about what she does when she’s bored….lays all over the guys. I bet fessy is sweating bullets just thinking about it.

  18. AIO_7

    New thread, Ya’ll.

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