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Big Brother 20 – Monday Recap

Good morning, I wish I could say “holy crap, you won’t believe what you missed last night” but I can’t. How about “wow, Sam hasn’t destroyed the house with her lead pipe and the house is peaceful?” That’s the best I can offer this morning but hey, it’s something good at least.


We complain about how bored we are near the end but the hg’s have it so much worse. They’re bored out of their minds and can’t even go outside so they’ve entertained themselves the best they can. This is where Angela and Tyler are lucky. When you’re in love, you can be content doing nothing, talking about your childhood, your friends, etc. so they definitely have it better than the other three. These two are happy just laying around looking at each other.

Swaggy’s tweets crack me up because he’s so delusional and he overvalues the role he played in the game. A recent one said he was happy for Angela and Tyler if they were really in love but they couldn’t be if Tyler would cut her in the game. He said he’d never have done that to Bayleigh. (No, he’d just describe their sex in way too much detail to Fessy and people watching feeds. That’s sooooo much better than flowers, right?)  See, this is the kind of thinking that made Swaggy a bad game player. I don’t know if Tyler cuts her or not but if they’re mature, it doesn’t have to matter. Here’s a tweet about Brett. It’s his response to someone saying Brett had the biggest blindside so far:


If you listen to Brett, Angela hasn’t done anything all season anyway. The interviews they do after they’re evicted vary as the day goes on. I read the most recent one yesterday. When you read these, you can almost see people slowly snapping out of the fog of the game. Sometimes they’ll give conflicting answers in different interviews but it’s because they’re still confused. Everything they say can change once they get to the jury house anyway so I don’t put too much stock in them but they can give us a little insight. Take someone like Rockstar for example. If she says in interviews how bitter she is, I’m more inclined to think it will stay that way because that seemed like her nature while playing the game. Brett wasn’t very impressed with Angela in any of his interviews so that makes me think, he may continue to think like that. He also seemed to have a bit of a chauvinistic attitude in the house and I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s someone who doesn’t give a woman enough credit in the end. If Angela gets there, he may think her boobs got her there.

Brett said “Angela didn’t play the game.” He said she’s pretty and that’s why she got so far. (She’d won 2 hoh’s and 2 veto’s to his 1 veto before he left so…shove it Brett) He contradicts himself because he also said she controls Tyler 100%.  He said he’d be fine with seeing KC at the end but he thinks Sam and JC are playing the best and are hoping it’s them. (This is the bitter part because Brett NEVER thought Sam was playing before) Even someone in L6 is acknowledging that L6 better take each other to the end. They could all lose to Sam or JC.

Yesterday was slow and almost all of the recap is random conversations the hg’s had with each other:

  • Sam told Tyler she wanted to leave on a good note and if it was her time to go, it was ok. She said she couldn’t compete with athletes and that wouldn’t change in a few days. She said she didn’t have anything bad to say about JC. She said she was at the end with the people she wanted to be with. (I don’t think so because she avoids all of them. If she likes them so much, why not spend a little time together?) She was down on herself for doing bad in comps. Tyler said she’d won the hardest one and she said she thought Haleigh hanging on the rope was harder. She said “Haleigh hung on like a hair in a biscuit.” (Sam does have creative sayings) Tyler said they’d talk again as it got closer.
  • KC and JC made up a song about Tyler and sang it for Tyler and Angela. JC used KC’s dumbbell as a drum. It was called “The Real Tyler” and some of the lyrics were “she’s just so beautiful…likes to flip her weave….maybe she’s in heat…..eats chex mix standing on her feet….loves flipping her hair….I love her so much.” (Like I said, they’re doing what they can to stay occupied)
  • There was a maintenance lockdown and they got to have some music. They were very happy about it and it may be what got the song writing started.
  • They don’t think Haleigh and Fessy were actually having a shomance.
  • Sam talked to the cameras all day. She also walked from room to room, pointed and stared as if she were doing an inventory of some kind. (This may have been around the time she tried to cram a coathanger into a crack between the walls, don’t know what that was about either) She told the cameras she was ready to go.
  • JC and KC talked alone and he told her he didn’t have any F2’s and she needed to be smart near the end. She said she was keeping him over Sam and he tried to get her to look past this vote.  He said he’d keep her if he got to decide or got the next hoh. He said if he was hoh, he would want Angela to go. (He’s trying to get something going but I don’t see it happening)
  • Tyler and KC confirmed their F2 again. KC thinks Angela assumes they’ll both take her to the end. Tyler said he doesn’t think Angela focuses beyond the F3. (This is really stupid of Tyler if he’s decided to take Angela to the end) KC said they’re playing the same game Derrick and Cody did. (Let’s hope she remembers how it ended)
  • Sam made the steak I mentioned yesterday so she knows she’s going. She parked herself on the stairs for dinner. Tyler wanted to go upstairs and tried to wait her out (I think) but gave up and went up anyway. (Sam likes to monitor who’s in the hoh room in case anyone hasn’t figured that out before)
  • JC, Tyler and KC have a bet over who has the 2nd power app. Whoever had it has to pay for the food and drinks when they leave.
  • Sam had a final day of craft time. (Unless she can squeeze one more in this morning) She ripped up a shirt so she could use the scraps and threads to make something. (Maybe she wants to leave them with a new oven mitt or a lovely throw pillow for their last week in the house. She’ll need more luggage to haul all the crap she’s made out of the house so she should’ve been weaving another duffle bag)
  • Here’s something I’ve never seen allowed to happen. Sam took one of the shelves out of a cabinet in the storage room to make herself a food tray.
  • Angela finally found the mayo in her face wash. Tyler tried to hide in the shower as she tried to throw it on him. She got him pretty good in the hair weave JC was singing about.
  • I heard Sam say that she was relatable and she’s every woman in America. If that’s true….Canada, her I come!

It was reported from several sources yesterday that Julie will be leaving The Talk, effective immediately. There’s supposed to be a video msg from her played or something. Basically, she’ll be giving a statement explaining that she’s leaving without putting herself in a position to have to discuss it. (Smart)  The reports also said she’ll continue with Big Brother. It didn’t say if she’ll continue beyond this season though.

No one can really be surprised by this announcement.The Talk is a different kind of show from BB. There’s no way she can be on there discussing the things they regularly discuss while her husband has the same type of allegations made against him. It would never work and it was never going to work after this happened. It isn’t about fairness or people thinking she’s innocent and shouldn’t be punished too. The entire structure of the show makes it impossible for her to continue, fair or not. Who says she even wanted to stay? We don’t know how she feels and she may be dying for Big Brother to end so she can get the hell off that stage too.  She is a professional and could only be finishing out this year.

It’s easy for people to say she should leave her husband and save her career but it’s more complicated than that. I believe the allegations for the most part because I don’t know what the people making them gain by making them up. I wasn’t there and don’t know what happened so that’s all I have to go on. It’s true, there’s been a power struggle for control of CBS for a while and it’s possible this was used as a way to get Les Moonves to step down.  However, I don’t know why these women would say these things just to help someone else get rid of him. That’s my opinion and it’s a fairly easy one for me to have. Who can expect Julie to share that opinion just because someone makes an allegation? Maybe she knew he was like this but thinks he changed when they got married. Maybe she doesn’t believe it at all. Who knows? I do know that I’ve been married to my husband for about the same amount of time as they’ve been married. If someone I don’t know or barely know said my husband did something like that, would I automatically start packing his shit and tossing him out of the house? If someone made an allegation against your spouse, would you just take the word of a stranger over your spouse? That’s why I say it’s complicated. If she believes him over other people, well, that’s what married people might do. Now, if a dozen people said that about my husband, I certainly wouldn’t dismiss it and you can bet your ass I’d get to the bottom of it. Forget packing his stuff, I’d probably burn it in the front yard and kick him out. I’m also not in the public eye and would have the ability to sort it out without people watching me do it. I’m only saying I don’t know how she should handle it and I’d imagine she’s handling the best she can. If these allegations are true and if she leaves her employment at CBS,  (no matter which side makes the decision) CBS didn’t cost her the jobs, her husband did.

If and when BB is renewed, she may continue (but I doubt it) if it works for both sides involved. She may want to leave the network that got rid of her husband and they may want her to leave and go a different direction entirely. It could be either, both or neither. I hope she stays if she wants  to but I’d also understand if CBS wants to put someone in there who isn’t married to the person who just left. That’s just business and we don’t know Julie personally. Is she someone who everyone loves and can easily separate the situation from her job? Is she someone who’s known for being so raging b*tch when she’s pissed and would be hard to deal with moving forward? I don’t know.  Selfishly, I’m more concerned about the show being renewed than I am who hosts the show.

Have a great Tuesday!


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  1. Avatar

    I cannot believe Brett actually said Sam and JC are playing a better game than Tangela! HA! Bitter much? I think so.

  2. Joy

    Production has indulged Sam way too much, you don’t REWARD a spoiled BRAT. Lock the HN door WITH her stupid craft “basket” inside. I am so ready for this narcissist self absorbed hillbilly to be thrown out of the house. Too harsh?! I don’t think so. And please unless you are a doctor none of us can diagnose Sam one way or the other. I believe this behavior is truly a result of being overindulged. IMO

    • LO1004

      It seems like they are just trying to keep her quiet until her inevitable eviction today. Taking a shelf and a knife into the HN room, I would hope wouldn’t normally be allowed.

    • mm22

      Production has let both sam n jc get away with
      too much this season

      • LynnD

        They yell at JC. They allow Sam to do as she pleases.

      • mm22

        Yes production has been harder on JC
        than Sam-maybe we are the crazies n
        Bob does have a crush on Sam

      • Avatar

        mm22 I TOTALLY agree with you!!!! Those of us that just watch the game AND rely on the media to keep us informed as to what is going on behind the scenes, those are the same people who have for the most part been loyal to watching every single episode since the very first one, that are sick over leaks that CBS is allowing us to see or read about BUT nothing has been done!!!!
        (I apologize for the RUN ON sentence).

        IMHO I can’t wait to see the fat ass of Sam walking out the door. I also can’t wait to hear the insanity that will come flowing out of her mouth when she sits down with Julie for the small exit interview.

    • Avatar

      I agree 100%. SO. OVER. HER.

    • ladycobra

      I thought by this time in past seasons the HN room would have already been shut off. I think production has gone out of their way to try and keep Sam calm. I think production deserves some hazard pay even if they did talk her out of self evicting if she was really serious about it.

    • Betty Boo

      I looked Sam up on Instagram. Its easy to see why she was cast from some of the videos she has on there. Lots of personality that we have not really seen. I think the BB environment has affected her more than anyone could have ever guessed. So out of her element with the pretty, fit, healthy people when she is left wearing jeans and overalls.

      • Jenny

        She looks so different on the show than she did in those posts. The video of her singing especially – she’s wearing a lot of eye makeup (and looks great in it!). Wish BB would let her dress the way she wants – I think someone has mentioned how they made her stick w/overalls and t shirts when she really wanted to wear prettier things.

  3. Joy

    Oh, and as always thank you Mel, great recap.

  4. LO1004

    I’m curious about the McGregor situation. I would never think to soak beef in syrup and put it between pancakes. If it’s as delicious as McGriddles, I’d be all in.

  5. HappyHippo

    As always well said Mel! Let Julie do Julie. I’m concerned with BB being renewed too. I would be very sad if it wasn’t.
    And once again Swaggy STFU! That’s why we’ve hated you from the beginning. Man, the ego some people have!

    • Joy

      HappyHippo – I agree 100% regarding Swaggy this guy has such a over inflated sense of self to the point where it’s laughable. SOMEONE (his family or Bayleigh’s) need to sit him down and speak slowly to explain the situation to him. NO ONE has even thought about him since he walked out the BB door. I don’t care how much or how often he tweets he will never be relevant. Uh Swagg…I mean Chris can you please sit in the last row and wait for someone to call on you? In other words STFU.

  6. LynnD

    Mel when I read: “I heard Sam say that she was relatable and she’s every woman in America. If that’s true….Canada, her I come!” I started choking on my food. Thank you for that great laugh.

    Swaggy…….WHY does he think he is still relevant? Most HG voted out week 2 are long forgotten by now. His ignorant tweet tells me that he is living in “Sam Land” I’m not sure what show he has been pretending to watch but Brett’s blindside on a DE night has got to be the best (and most heartbreaking) move all season. (I will not say BB History bc I do not belong to foutte/hive)

  7. Avatar

    The past weeks were filled with “oh my God, Hayleigh is up up everyone’s ass kissing up to them. Leave them alone! Go be by yourself! No one likes you!”

    So we have a person that is all by themselves and isn’t camped out in the HOH room. “Oh my God, Sam is crazy! She is talking to herself! Get her out of here so that we can watch Tyler and Angela just stare at one another while everyone else naps!”

    • Sassy

      I’m tired of watching Angela and Ty. I’m done with feeds until next season, hopefully there is another season.

    • mm22

      She’s a wack a doodle not just because she talks to
      herself there’s a long list of things

      • Avatar

        I agree she is annoying, but it’s for this reason: she’s a floater. No one likes floaters. If this was the basis for the criticisms, I would be on board 100%.

        She should have never been cast, but that is productions fault. I do not find her personality any more annoying than Bayliegh, Rock Star, Scottie or Fess.

        Blame Tyler. He drug this floater this far (fantastic game move).

        I also agree with Sassy 100%. Tyler and Angela have turned themselves into FOUTTE. They sequester themselves in the HOH room and it’s not entertaining.

      • mm22

        brs1-I never thought about Tyler dragging Sam along with that f2 deal
        so now I agree I’m blaming Tyler for her being here this long I’m
        also blaming production for talking her down off the ledge
        when she wanted out of the house

    • LynnD

      I have NEVER made a statement about leaving the other HG alone and not being up their ass’s. I also have not made comments regarding Ha kissing up. I, as a human, don’t like to see individuals excluded esp when there are only a few people in a confined space. (unless they choose to be excluded ex. Sam) The HG have tried to keep Sam included in what they do (especially JC) she chooses to exclude herself and hang out with her imaginary camera man/boy friend and have full conversations with him. YES that is crazy!!!

      • Avatar

        Lynn, I never said you did. I do get it though, you hate you some Sam. It’s all good, the world is still spinning.

      • LynnD

        Yes it is. And it will be spinning with a smile on my face when I watch tomorrow nights episode (hopefully) 🙂

      • Avatar

        I felt the exact same way about Kaitlyn with her bullshit and the whole way that CBS tried to shove Swaggy down our throats. Those freaking t-shirts were stupid as hell.

        I’m not a fan of Sam either. She had the game by the balls after getting the most trending for being a robot. Then she did great in her HOH by nominating Kait and Hayleigh.

        She should have been voted out at the 2nd jury pick. But, Rock was the target. Rock was also the better house guest.

        Sam is a floater. So is poop. Both need flushed. 🙂

      • LynnD

        brs I completely agree with you about Kaitlyn (BSC) as I so loved to call her. Swaggy and his shirts can be flushed with that poop you speak of. 🙂

      • feltso gudinya

        glad u could work things out…….

  8. Shivani33

    From several pieces I’ve read in the press, Les Moonves is not as “disgraced” at CBS as it looks at first glance. He has, one way or another, ended his position as CEO of the network. However, it is being reported that he maintains a position as “consultant” and has an office, plus a security detail assigned to him. His consultant work will last for a year according to some sources, but some say it will last for two years or even longer. More detailed reports about his contractual status during his employment transition claim that Moonves is not paying the $20 million donation to “#MeToo” out of his own pocket or from his awaited “retirement package.” The donation may have come, instead and more realistically, from CBS itself. One could say that some sleight of hand is being used, perhaps. What else is new?

    For those interested, here are 2 descriptive articles. From Fortune, Sept 11. 2018: Les Moonves May Be Out as CEO But CBS Isn’t Cutting Ties to Him Entirely.”
    From London Daily Mail, Sept 10, 2018: (get ready for a long-ass, British header) Les’s long goodbye: Moonves WILL stay on as adviser at CBS for two years with an office and security detail paid for by the network – who are also covering his $20M donation to “#MeToo charities.” The Daily Mail piece is longer and more thorough, glorified tabloid though it is.

    Finally, Alfred E. Neuman, the godfather of Mad magazine, called from another planet and mentioned that he wants receipts for that that $20M donation. He said there are questions about WHERE the money is going. He also asked why someone put a zero after the two million dollars and made it into a twenty million dollar donation instead. Okay, I’m halfway kidding about what Alfred said, but you get the drift. Driftwood.

  9. Avatar

    Is it Wednesday Night yet?

    • Joy

      I am tempted to agree with you, but I can’t because I do not want to wish away any time I may have on this beautiful planet on which we all live. Holy moly, I don’t even know where that came from, but it is true.

      • Jenny

        Joy I am SO with you. My dad died almost a year ago and ever since I am acutely aware of time being limited. I was just thinking about how fast the weeks go by and how precious time is. If you have clean water, food, and a safe place to sleep, life is pretty darn good!

  10. Avatar

    I hope the show continues and Julie continues to be the host. However if she doesn’t, I think CBS has great options for a replacement. Jeff already does BB interviews, he could easily fill Julie’s slot. Maybe it would be nice to shake things up with a new face. If Jeff wouldn’t be suited to do it solo, they could add Britney Haynes or someone else that’s a fan pleaser and have two hosts that play off each other. They’d have to pick someone with personality but not the ego that just wants to recap their season all the time and talk about themselves. There are some good non-big brother player options too.

    It would be a shame for this to be the last season of Big Brother. If next season is the last season, All stars would be the most interesting for me. Dream all star cast of 12 for me would be: girls (Janelle, Chima, Rachel Reiley, Britney Haynes, Danielle Reyes, Nicole) boys (Dan, Will,
    Enzo AKA Meow Meow, Mike Boogie, Howard Overby, Frank Eudy). Although if it’s a final season and an all star season, a cast of 16 would be better. I’d want a Double Eviction and a Fast Forward and a Pandora’s Box so you need more players, lol. I think they should have used Pandora’s box this season to help shake things up but it seems too late for that.

    • Joy

      Okay but me thinks Will and Boogie are a little too old for this show and probably wouldn’t want to play again. I know at my age it’s one thing to sit and watch others it’s a whole nother thing to be in there locked done for over 90 days….I would hurt somebody.

  11. FW aka CY

    Somebody last thread was asking about JC and his hair. via GIPHY

  12. Avatar

    I’m hoping that Sam goes ballistic and physically attacks someone after Julie announces that she has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

  13. LynnD

    Feeds are already down. Looks like they have been down a little while already. How funny would it have been to hear “Bob” get the HG up this morning with….”WAKE UP YOU LAZY F**KS! ONE OF YOU BITCHES GET TO MOVE TO JURY TODAY!! LETS MOVE IT BLOCKSTAR & BRETT ARE WAITING!! 🙂

  14. Jannie

    The Talk showed Julie, via videotape on the set of BB, officially resigning her seat on the show.
    No mention was made of BB.

  15. AIO_7

    New thread, Y’all.

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