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Big Brother 20 – Nomination Spoilers And Feed Updates

Good evening, everyone!  Today was a late nomination ceremony and it could have something to do with Bayleigh staying awake until 6 am and production being nice. Maybe. Who knows?


It was an interesting afternoon on the feeds as Bayleigh randomly decided to trust Rachel enough to tell her the power she has and that trust was confirmed by Rachel keeping the secret against her alliance!  Just kidding. No more than 10 minutes later, she was telling Angela about the power and they were trying to figure out a way to use it to their advantage. On Twitter, it was widely considered a pretty terrible move on Bayleigh’s part to reveal that to Rachel of all people, but what’s done is done. She threw away her element of surprise in exchange for what?  Putting Rachel on the block a few hours later?

I know that Rachel is the “pawn”, but let’s be real here, nobody likes to be a pawn and they don’t forget it. Even the people who volunteer know that the hoh is happily willing to risk their game if things go bad. Notice the hoh rarely put real friends on the block as pawns?  It can happen but what mostly happens is the hoh puts up someone the house “likes” (aka – the person nobody in the house is actually scared of). If you put a pawn up, you’d better be willing to accept that person may come after you sooner than later just because of that move. To tell someone your secret just before you make yourself a target is pretty foolish.

Here are some Friday night updates –

  • 6:10 pm – Feeds return. Rachel is crying for some reason. I guess it still hurts even when you expect it
  • I forgot to mention it above – Rachel and Brett are nominated
  • 6:30 pm – Rachel is talking to Bay
    • Bayleigh tells Rachel part of the reason she put her up is to make it look like they’re not working together
  • 7:00 pm – They’re around the kitchen. Scottie is asking weird
    • Someone mentions Maze Runner and Scottie runs away and does a weird jump. Very angry. Hates that.
  • 7:30 pm – Rachel is overthinking this nomination
    • She is guaranteed that Scottie has a power (he doesn’t) which is going to send her home if Brett takes himself off
    • She is now in the pissed stage of grieving
    • Rachel and Kaycee are doing some Scottie bashing. How annoying he is (and they’re not wrong)
    • Kaycee is having a staring contest with the cam
  • Rachel finishes up stressing and is now wandering around the house acting weird
    • She’s killing herself with this
    • Bay, Haleigh, RS, and Angela are upstairs wondering what they would do with their kid if they were going to turn into zombies
    • Haleigh said she’d give her baby to a zombie family to raise lol
  • 10:20 pm – Came back to find Angela talking to Tyler in the HN room
    • Angela tells him that Bay is going with the all-girl thing.  She’ll also throw the veto to Rachel
    • Rachel comes in and is still pissed that she got put on the block because people are worried that JC would run around all crazy
    • For some reason, Tyler told Angela and Rachel that Bayleigh considered putting him up which is something she never said
    • Angela tells Rachel to blame anything on Kaitlyn moving forward
  • 11:00 pm – Many are off to bed, as am I!

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  1. SammyD

    I am surprised that JC wasn’t nominated?

    I wonder if there is a backdoor plan in progress?

    • ElaineB

      From what I could tell of her reasoning, JC is liked by everyone, and/or Bay didn’t want to take the chance of him freaking out and being in her ear all week. If there is a backdoor plan, I think Scottie is her choice.

      • danmtruth

        Beside being scared of him talking about her Also she afraid he might have a power app So what get it out She still has her app to save safe next week

      • Sassy

        I guess I don’t understand Scottie being the replacement. She at least has a chance of him being loyal to her since he is in her alliance.

      • ElaineB

        Does it have something to do with her knowing that he flipped the Chris vote, while wearing a ‘Swaggy C’ shirt?

      • Sassy

        Ah, your right. Thx Elaine.

      • SammyD

        Elaine: you could be right about the Scottie plan. But for that to work she is putting up a huge risk because Brett could win the POV competition and the alliances could swing to rid of Rachel instead of Scottie. At least that is where my head it at.

      • ElaineB

        True. Just because an HOH wants a backdoor plan, there is no guarantee on where votes will fall. Bay told Sam that her focus is on the noms, with hopefully a veto not won/used. The re-nom, if necessary, can change several times in the course of the week.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yep Elaine, she mentioned it earlier (Scottie and the shirt). She is still a little pissy about it.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Sammy, that’s what she told Kaycee earlier. She was afraid that Scottie may be kept over Rachel and that would be bad for her girl alliance. If Scottie goes, the guys would be mad at her because she thinks they like him better than Brett.

  2. Helen

    So…Rachel,Faysal and Angela now know about Baylieghs power app…did Rachel also tell Brett? I thought I saw on last thread that now Brett knows ….?

  3. ElaineB

    I am fine with Rachel leaving. I was starting to like her game play more, but not now. She started hanging more with Bay (even before HOH), can’t keep her mouth shut, and may be a liability to L6 (-1) or L5, if they have officially changed their name.

  4. danmtruth

    Was Rachel not more align with Driftwood than L6/5 Also Bay feels she has a new alliance with Bay Kaycee,Angela, and Rachel She knows that she was never part of RHS plans

    Despite her outward carefree audited She has talked about her problems in the past Also her battle with confidence So I see why she has broken a bit and cry no shame their She is a fan of the game and knows nothing is guarantied

  5. caRyn

    Tyler: The Cloud
    The Cloud ensures immunity for Tyler at a nomination or Veto ceremony during the first eight weeks and he must use it before the HOH reveals his or her picks. It’s a great “get out of jail before you’re in jail” card, but Tyler must also be absolutely sure he’s about to go up on the block.

  6. Alda

    I like Scottie,but he does do things to put a target on his back.I think he would be an easy backdoor,sadly.

  7. caRyn

    Bayleigh: Identity Theft
    This is basically the Coup d’Etat (or as Jeff would say, “coop det tat”) without having to expose yourself. Bayleigh can overthrow an HOH’s nominations with her own secret nominations any week until eight players are left. She cannot control the replacement nominee, however. Bayleigh has also said on the live feeds that if she uses it, the HOH cannot explain that the nominations were not theirs, which, if true, would make this app too powerful.

  8. mm22

    If that’s true what Bayleigh said about her app the HOH can’t explain the noms not
    theirs how stupid cam u be to tell anyone-Tyler keep your mouth shut about your
    app so far your my fav

  9. mm22

    Thanks colby but Bayleigh your still stupid for not keeping your app secret
    this is a game don’t show your hand

  10. Sassy

    I’m watching last nights BBAD and Adrianna has smiled twice already! Maybe BSC drained her energy and she is starting to recover.

  11. Ritchie

    It’s amazing that Bayleigh still has a part of her game attached to the crazy notion that somehow Swaggy can battle his way back into the house. Putting her emotions aside for a moment (which she should do), why would she want to realign herself with a guy who didn’t even follow her sound advice to him when she advised him to get rid of the swag and lay low.

  12. Ann

    I am so far behind because I had my grand babies for 2 days so I’ve been watching cartoons for the past couple of days.
    Is Bay going to keep her HOH room private like Sam? Is she still planning on going after Tyler?

    • Sassy

      No, she said her room is open and took some jabs at Sam in her speech. She told Ty she is not coming after him this week because she thinks he’s devastated after losing BSC. But told someone else, he’s fair game.

  13. Helen

    How long before Rachel tells Kaycee about Bayleighs app?? Lol

  14. Helen

    I don’t know what the hell driftwood is sucking on but I wish she would stop!!!!

  15. ElaineB

    Seems like the whole house is having BSC withdrawls. So much energy (especially by Ty) was spent on keeping up with and keeping hands on the ‘crazy one’, that they don’t know what to do with themselves.

  16. Helen

    We’ve got JC kissing Queen Bayleigh’s azz in HOH on 2 cameras and we have driftwood and company chewing their cud (loudly) on the other 2….must be time for me to shut it down for the night before I go to studio city to scream STFU…….

  17. Colby

    Is Queen B just going to have 1 on 1’s all week long? She had them before the noms, now after the noms. IS she going to have them when veto player’s are drawn, then after veto is played, then after the veto meeting and on, and on, and on…………
    She seems to like to talk a lot and is a know it all.
    She certainly is relishing in being in power……

    • ElaineB

      I don’t think I remember the HOH having ‘appointments’ with so much frequency. Usually 1+ HGs show up in the HOH room, and the convo is tailored accordingly. Geez, if these folks had pen and paper, there would be a sign in/sign out sheet.

      • danmtruth

        HOHitis Bay got the fever Kaycee is playing her perfectly Keeping Kaycees alliance members safe Yet laying the ground work to get Captain Underpants out as a replacement nom Throwing lots of shade at RHS

      • NKogNeeTow

        I noticed she keeps the door locked. She and Kaycee were in there talking, she looked up and saw Martha Stewart coming to the door and said “Oh shit”. Martha knocked and Kaycee got up and let her in while the queen lavished in bed.

    • NKogNeeTow

      She told Kaycee earlier that no matter what, she wants to keep the noms the same. She said if someone else wins, she’s going to meet one on one with everyone to make sure they collectively keep Rachel.

  18. Ann

    Are they trying to find out who threw that 1 hinky vote Psycho’s way?

  19. Ann

    Did anybody just see Bay stick her nose over Kaycee’s bowl like she was smelling her food? I hate to see someone sniffing over food & we all know about Bay & her nose problems. Yuck……

  20. LynnD

    Am I the only one irritated that Rachel has been in that ridiculous gray dress all day? Go change your clothes……… PLEASE!

  21. Avatar

    Kailun’s Twitter is back up & she did post a note apologizing & asking for space to heal.

    • Ann

      Does she need to heal because her boyfriend dumped her, because she now knows what people think about how she acted on national tv or maybe it’s because she couldn’t put a simple 6-8 piece puzzle of herself together after seeing it already assembled right in front of her face? Huh, go figure……

      • Colby

        She needs to heal because of everything everyone did to her. She doesn’t do anything wrong. That’s just the way she is.
        And what is she apologizing for? Because her Twitter was down?

  22. Ann

    It’s funny because Rachel is not bouncing her ass around the house & throwing herself at Brett now.

  23. NKogNeeTow

    I fell asleep and they all were talking, just woke up and it looks like everyone is in bed except Martha Stewart. What the hell is she making now? For a minute I thought she was going to recite Good Night Moon.

    • Ann

      I was wondering what in Sam Hill does Martha Stewart have in those jars that she has in the closet? Also, why is everyone gone to bed so early? Is it because the Psycho is gone & they all feel calm & safe without her?

      • NKogNeeTow

        I was wondering about those jars too. And bothers me more is that they are hidden in the closet. Don’t let mind out that BSC was a Soothsayer, but Sam’s a witch. Yikes!

      • Ann

        Maybe she found those crickets she was looking for outside the other night. That could be what’s in the jars but then again wouldn’t they be making noise.

      • Helen

        She keeps spiders in the jars I think

  24. NKogNeeTow

    The Captain seem s to be the only one up… and talking to the camera…lol. Not wearing his mic though. And not getting scolded for it either.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    I am SO glad I’m not paying for the feeds right now. They’re fine as long as they’re talking.

  26. NKogNeeTow

    JC is huddled in the corner eating ice cream like he didn’t want the camera to see him. Guess that must be one of those hiding places he talked about.

  27. NKogNeeTow

    Welp, BBAD is over and not a minute too soon. Now I can imitate them and officially take my ass to bed.

    Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  28. mm22

    Martha Stewart haha cause she’s always making something out of nothing “and its a good thing”
    The spiders in the jar (if thats what’s in there) is for what? Release back to
    the wild or someones bed? I really wanted to like her but…..

  29. danmtruth

    With Martha Samert it could be a lot of things Spiders to catch flies and mosquitos Moonshine Secret stash of food for have nots The list can go on

    As I understand both TY and Bay powers are basically the same Both must be used before the noms are announced Either at the first nom or POV nom The big difference is Bay gets to chose the replacement nom Both of the first two if she does it then Or just the replacement nom if she holds it till than With just BB big voice saying that a power has been used

  30. g8trgirl

    I think she has moonshine in them there jars.

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