Good evening, everyone!  Today was a late nomination ceremony and it could have something to do with Bayleigh staying awake until 6 am and production being nice. Maybe. Who knows?

It was an interesting afternoon on the feeds as Bayleigh randomly decided to trust Rachel enough to tell her the power she has and that trust was confirmed by Rachel keeping the secret against her alliance!  Just kidding. No more than 10 minutes later, she was telling Angela about the power and they were trying to figure out a way to use it to their advantage. On Twitter, it was widely considered a pretty terrible move on Bayleigh’s part to reveal that to Rachel of all people, but what’s done is done. She threw away her element of surprise in exchange for what?  Putting Rachel on the block a few hours later?

I know that Rachel is the “pawn”, but let’s be real here, nobody likes to be a pawn and they don’t forget it. Even the people who volunteer know that the hoh is happily willing to risk their game if things go bad. Notice the hoh rarely put real friends on the block as pawns?  It can happen but what mostly happens is the hoh puts up someone the house “likes” (aka – the person nobody in the house is actually scared of). If you put a pawn up, you’d better be willing to accept that person may come after you sooner than later just because of that move. To tell someone your secret just before you make yourself a target is pretty foolish.


Here are some Friday night updates –

  • 6:10 pm – Feeds return. Rachel is crying for some reason. I guess it still hurts even when you expect it
  • I forgot to mention it above – Rachel and Brett are nominated
  • 6:30 pm – Rachel is talking to Bay
    • Bayleigh tells Rachel part of the reason she put her up is to make it look like they’re not working together
  • 7:00 pm – They’re around the kitchen. Scottie is asking weird
    • Someone mentions Maze Runner and Scottie runs away and does a weird jump. Very angry. Hates that.
  • 7:30 pm – Rachel is overthinking this nomination
    • She is guaranteed that Scottie has a power (he doesn’t) which is going to send her home if Brett takes himself off
    • She is now in the pissed stage of grieving
    • Rachel and Kaycee are doing some Scottie bashing. How annoying he is (and they’re not wrong)
    • Kaycee is having a staring contest with the cam
  • Rachel finishes up stressing and is now wandering around the house acting weird
    • She’s killing herself with this
    • Bay, Haleigh, RS, and Angela are upstairs wondering what they would do with their kid if they were going to turn into zombies
    • Haleigh said she’d give her baby to a zombie family to raise lol
  • 10:20 pm – Came back to find Angela talking to Tyler in the HN room
    • Angela tells him that Bay is going with the all-girl thing.  She’ll also throw the veto to Rachel
    • Rachel comes in and is still pissed that she got put on the block because people are worried that JC would run around all crazy
    • For some reason, Tyler told Angela and Rachel that Bayleigh considered putting him up which is something she never said
    • Angela tells Rachel to blame anything on Kaitlyn moving forward
  • 11:00 pm – Many are off to bed, as am I!

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