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Big Brother 20 – Quarter Season Grades

Pre-season prediction:Compared to Victor throughout the season
Reality: Faysal is a huge Big Brother newbie and it has showed so far this season. He has had a really good social game but terrible tactical game and is currently on the outside of nearly any alliance he’s in. He’ll stick around for a bit because people will use him as a tool to win comps and vote their side but I think he’ll be one of the first to go when in the top 8
Prediction: He’ll hang around for a bit but should barely make top 8
Grade:  C+


Pre-season predictionA lot of attention from the guys. Possible final 5
Reality: As I predicted, she is indeed getting a ton of attention from the guys – especially Faysal – but doesn’t seem to be interested in any showmance. She has been playing a flirty floater type of game in public but is really in the mix with anything going on in the house. She is close with a lot of people and that should help her advance some
Prediction: Haleigh very well could make top 3. Maybe more top 5 but I expect to see her around for a bit
Grade:  B+

Pre-season prediction: Jury likely
Reality: JC is having a solid game inside the house, but outside the house is a bit different. He’s been in the center of all the controversies surrounding the cast from using the n-word to grabbing Tyler’s penis. Inside the game, he is very well liked by all sides of the house but that may come back to bite him when he doesn’t want to pick a side.
Prediction: He has the potential to make final 3 and maybe even win the game
Grade:  A

Pre-season prediction: If she survives first 3 evictions, she’ll make it far
Reality: Kaycee is in a great position as she’s playing the Angela role. She is laying low but has picked a side so she has protection but hasn’t had to get any blood on her hands. She hasn’t had the need to show off her physical side yet and she may hold it back for even longer. She’s never talked about as a nomination option so she’ll make jury and probably top 5
Prediction: I think Kaycee is a strong candidate for a final 2
Grade:  A


Pre-season prediction: Sides with the ‘cool’ people of the house
Reality: Rachel’s game has been a bit different than I expected. I actually expected her to be the bitchier one in the house who causes a lot of drama, but her social game is actually really good. She is getting along with both sides of the house fairly well and has a lot of tight bonds with people.
Prediction: Cruising right along, top 6
Grade:  B

Pre-season prediction: No set prediction for her
Reality: The robot twist hurt Sam initially but she was able to rebound and even got a treat with basically a safety for that week. I still don’t really know what to think of her as she has had some very weird interactions with people – notably Brett – and is playing a pretty mixed social game. Her goal is to cook and clean her way into the finals (at least for now) and almost refuses to talk game with anyone. I think her adamant floater position is going to hurt her with all these gamers this season
Prediction: She is the one person I still can’t figure out. She’ll likely make jury or even be carried to the final 2 like this year’s Victoria
Grade:  C

Pre-season prediction: Fan favorite but cut mid-game
Reality: Tyler is one frustrating player to watch because he’s so good at the game but it kills you to see him play so hard so fast. He has basically had an early Paul type of run where he’s controlled most of the HoH’s so far, but it’s not going as well as Paul and he made a mistake of publicly hitching himself to the loose canon Kaitlyn. He is in a good position with his ‘level 6’ alliance but playing all sides of the house this early is going to bite him.
Prediction: He had the potential to win had he remained under the radar then turned on his game midway through
Grade:  C-



Season Prediction:

The guys are being knocked out one at a time and will soon be severely short-handed once Winston or Brett leave the house. The girls are coming together, but there is still a lot of friction within that group so a solid 8 person girl alliance is not going to work. Angela and Rachel are close while Rockstar, Haleigh, and Kaitlyn are fairly close. Sam, Bayleigh, and Kaycee are kind of alone despite having friends. An all-girls alliance is going to form because there will eventually be mostly girls left in the house. Scottie, JC, and Faysal should be protected by the girls for a bit but Tyler and Brett/Winston could be the next two guys to go. Between those guys, the girls will likely let Sam, Rockstar, and/or Kaitlyn leave which should end up with a final 5 of say Angela, Rachel, Bayleigh, JC, and maybe Scottie.  That’s who I’m going with for now.


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  1. Jenny

    I’m hoping that Tyler’s popularity with the viewers will result in some magical “twist” that keeps him in the game even if they try to vote him out. I mean, not that Production would interfere to keep a certain player around even when it’s clear they should be going home… but this would be one time I’d love to see it happen!

  2. danmtruth

    Well that did not take long Fassy and Winston now talking about the all girl alliance What a brain trust in Winston and Fassy With Winston taking advice from Fassy Aren’t they both pretty

    Winston back to the old reliable blue mug

    Bro,s making the rounds separately

    Soooo many groups being made Lots of overlap

    Jc and Bay seem to be talking no issues

  3. HappyHippo

    Solid predictions. But I still love Tyler dang it!

  4. Mel

    Question: Who would make a worse jury member?

    Kaitlyn or Sam

    *No one likes Kaitlyn but as far a game logic, they are pretty even imo.

    • HappyHippo

      Oh my gosh I haven’t even thought about it….both! But if I had to pick one I think Sam….she’s too nice and wouldn’t consider how well they played I think. Just whether they betrayed,lied,cheated,stole,etc. great question!

    • LO1004

      Kait would be worse. She’s flighty, irrational, self-centered, and far too emotional to handle being a juror. Sam would be able to have logical conversations with other jurors, I think. (if she’s not high on Ambien).

    • Colby

      Psycho would be worse.
      I think Sam is a lot smarter than she is getting credit for.

    • ElaineB

      If Sam makes jury, in the interest of fairness, she will do “Eenie Meenie Minie Moe” to make her selection.

    • Mello_One

      Hi Mel….But if “Someone” in this cast was smart, they would want to sit next to Kaitlyn in the F2…Because your Premise about no one trusting, or liking her is so on Point! But, Kaitlyn is a double edge Sword, she can Blow Up your Game, & hers too!!!

  5. LO1004

    I can’t wait to hear Brett’s speech tonight that got Kait all twisted.

  6. danmtruth

    BSC Kait would be the worse She would be looking more into how to get more air time Sam would do better I feel because she will at least listen to what is going on Her logic might not be the best but she will try

  7. hogwild

    I’m going channel psycho chick one and give everybodys aura a grade of Q.

  8. AIO_7

    Who is watching the CBS show?

  9. AIO_7

    ABBA is making a come back … who knew?

  10. HappyHippo

    The edits they give cuckoo Kaitlyn are way too generous!

    • HappyHippo

      I typed that before the blowup lol

    • AIO_7

      I don’t believe for a minute that she had a vision. Common sense would have informed her what the smart move for the Bros would be.

      • Jenny

        it’s possible she sub-consciously noticed how they were acting toward her and her “vision” was just her little brain putting pieces together.
        All I can think of when she starts babbling about her “visions” is Psych and how Shawn Spencer would mock her.

    • danmtruth

      That “vision” happened 10 min after she was told that the Bros were trying to make a deal with Scottie Than she went back upstairs Also notice how Haylie slipped out of the HOH room before BSC Kaitlyn started her yelling

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  12. HappyHippo

    Exactly, I can’t stand her.
    Also, no shirts for the veto meeting?? Get over yourselves bro!

  13. Ann

    Tyler is on TKO right now.

    • Jenny

      I watched it! Love how he knocked people out but felt kind of bad about it too. And he kept on smiling even when he didn’t win. Can you imagine Winston doing that?

  14. Zach

    I have to disagree with most of your grades and predictions. From what I’ve seen in the feeds and during the shows. Angela doesn’t do anything or even talk game much. I don’t know how you can give someone an A for that. This house is fairly weak, and most of them are easily manipulated. If Angela is playing an A game by those standards then so is The Fez, after this week both alliances will have lost one of their stronger members.

  15. Avatar

    I think several of these predictions are based on wishful thinking. Placing so many girls as a potential top 5 because you want an all girls alliance just isn’t going to happen. This is Big Brother, and the type of woman who is cast for this game is catty to other women. It hasn’t happened yet, but as we approach the midgame, the crazy is going to start coming out.

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