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Big Brother 20 – Rockstar’s Campaign Week

This week has been turning into an interesting week on a tactical level. While everyone knows the person leaving on Thursday night has a chance to return to the game, neither Rockstar nor Kaitlyn are just sitting around waiting for said chance. Unlike other seasons (like Lawon!), they know there is always a super real possibility they remain out of those doors once they leave and they just don’t want to risk it.


Kaitlyn has been doing her best to prove Sam’s reason for nominating her correct, and that was that Kaitlyn is using her sexuality to her advantage. Since Friday, Kaitlyn has been rubbing up against almost every guy in the house (like a dog in heat) except for I think Scottie. People are going to say – Well, what about JC? She had that covered! Yesterday she hopped into bed between Tyler and JC and snuggled up next to him before he had enough of that and left the bed. I think Scottie really is the only guy remaining in the house that she hasn’t flirted with this week – unless I missed her doing that.

Meanwhile, Rockstar has been taking the pity approach with everyone. Her goal is to guilt people into keeping her by mentioning how much she is struggling financially and how she’s a big fan of the show. She wants to at least make jury which guarantees her at least another $5-6k (they get paid around $1k/week for being on the show). I mean it’s an understandable goal to reach, but nobody really cares because they’re not going to make decisions against their own interests just to give someone a few thousand dollars. Swaggy C already tried that approach and the house didn’t do anything about it.

With that said, I am glad to see both people at least trying. Whether I agree with how they’re campaigning or not, that is a serious step up from recent seasons when the nominated houseguests would just spend the week in bed waiting for Thursday night (Swaggy did this as well after his pity party attempts quickly failed). This season continues to surprise me with how these people are all actually trying, but if you compare it to last season’s disaster, anything looks better.


Updates –

  • 10:40 am – Rockstar has cornered Kaycee and is making her pitch
    • I think Kaycee is surprised anyone even remembered she was in this game
    • Rockstar claims how loyal she is (but she’s on the other side of the house)
    • RS is justifying her craziness toward Brett because she couldn’t dance off her anger
    • She doesn’t seem to understand – In order to negotiate or campaign, the other party has to have something to gain. Right now the only thing RS is offering is something Kaycee already has which is temporary safety. If she was a ‘student of the game’, she would know this.
    • Her offer is that she’ll be happy to be a pawn after jury
    • And RS just offered “I have friends who like girls”… wut?  Does she think Kaycee is going to need a matchmaker after this?  C’mon RS
  • The conversation breaks
  • Haleigh and Angela are talking
    • Haleigh tells Angela that RS wants to talk to her but she was intimidated. Angela said she was intimidated by RS
  • 11:30 am – Rockstar has trapped Tyler in the bathroom
    • She starts with the “I’m not a threat” approach
    • She never saw herself winning. She just wanted to be involved and be in the jury. Way to reach for the stars
    • Tyler tells her no matter what happens, it’s in his best interest if both stay
  • 12:20 pm – Rockstar has pulled aside Angela
    • She is using the typical speech and they are having a decent conversation where Angela is actually responding
    • Doesn’t mean Angela will keep her but she’s not just humoring her like the others have
    • RS mentions how she wouldn’t have a home to go to if she acted like Kaitlyn.
    • Speaking of, this morning around 7:25 am, Brett jumps into bed with Kaitlyn and it’s pretty clear that she was grabbing his junk multiple times
    • The conversation actually may have made a slight difference as she said something that stuck with Angela. She offered to nominate Tyler which is something nobody wants to do
    • That’s what RS has to do. Offer to do other’s dirty work. Begging to stay doesn’t work. Giving something in return works.
    • I’m not sure if she’ll succeed with this campaign but it’s a basic tactical move. You need to offer something when you negotiate. Both sides need to feel like they’re benefiting
  • 1:30 pm – Rockstar is now doing her speech to JC. Stepping out because I don’t know if I can take all day of this
  • 5:45 pm – Back for a few hours before another errand
    • Looking very slow in the house. Going to flash back to see if anything happened
    • I just noticed there is a Big Brother Junkies chat in the live feeds. Be sure to jump in!
  • 6:10 pm – JC and Tyler are in the pantry
    • They are going back and forth on Kaitlyn. JC really wants her gone but Tyler is saying RS is the bigger threat because she can’t be controlled.
    • JC thinks that Tyler has a crush on Kaitlyn and that’s why he wants to keep her but that’s obviously not the case (other way around)
    • Tyler wants to keep Kaitlyn because he knows there is zero chance RS would ever flip to their side. Kait is already there
    • Tyler is getting frustrated that JC doesn’t know everything Tyler knows (mostly about how much influence Tyler actually has in the house)
  • 6:55 pm – Tyler is outside talking to Haleigh
    • He asks who RS would target if she stayed.  Haleigh said it would definitely be Brett, probably
  • 7:10 pm – Kaitlyn tells Scottie that she wants him to give him a code if he’s voting her out so she can be prepared
    • Isn’t she psychic?
  • 11:35 pm – Looks like I got back home just in time. Haleigh and Kaitlyn about to have some talk
    • Kaitlyn starts asking about the final 2 she thought they had
    • Kait is upset that Haleigh has been going through pros and cons to keeping her. She doesn’t understand the difficulty of Haleigh’s situation
    • Haleigh says that she’s worried that Kait may take a shot at her because she took a shot at her own alliance already
    • Haleigh says that Kait and Tyler have a much stronger relationship than those two. Kait denies it
    • Kait brings up the promise Haleigh made that they’re both going to be safe this week
    • Kait says that she has legit voices in her head so she’s usually busy all day.  Hmmm
  • I expected a bit more heated of a conversation but this is just going back and forth with Kait basically being upset that Haleigh didn’t automatically side with Kaitlyn

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    I think Crazy Art’s time is coming to an end

  2. hogwild

    As I said on another thread I would probably keep crazy chick one at least she could be a useful idiot how useful that’s whole other thing.

  3. danmtruth

    Sam explain EXACTLY what the power was to Rachel or as they say Sam LITERALLY told her what was said on the power app Surprise surprise Rachel still got it wrong

    RHS has started to campaign by getting other people to to campaign for her WHAT ?!?

  4. JD

    I was thinking. Didn’t Julie mention to them to pay attention to things in the house or something to that effect? Maybe the comeback game is to answer trivia things around the house. At one time the HG’s were doing that but have since stopped. Seems like a couple of people need to be doing trivia practice besides just campaigning. Just a thought.

    • LO1004

      Yes, she mentioned the amount of gummy bears in the giant bear over the fridge. As far as I’ve seen, no one’s even given it the time of day. I don’t know about anyone else, but if a giant bear was sitting over a fridge I’d would be super curious and be investigating it ASAP.

  5. Mel

    Stwve, Kaitlyn napped with Scottie a lot when he was HOH so she got him covered too. I agree Kaycee doesn’t need help from RS with dates. Bayleigh is throwing herself at Kaycee lately. I also agree the guilt campaign never works. People don’t want to hear what they can do for you. They want to hear what you can do for them. She’s isolated herself with the 5 people she though we’re worthy of her attention and because of that, she can’t do shit for them.

    • Mel

      “Steve” Good grief!

    • Avatar

      so you think RS is done?

      • Helen

        I don’t…As Speculation Director I am speculating that it will be a tie vote with Sam sending Psycho out the door only for her to reappear for the HOH comp…

      • AIO_7

        Hey, maybe that’s the comeback competition; that they HAVE to win HoH.

      • Mel

        No but I could see Bay and Scottie being afraid to be on the wrong side of the vote and not force the tie. They still could, just not sure. Some of them think there’s a battle back too and Bay would rather Swaggy go against RS than Kaitlyn. That’s another reason. Also Bay doesn’t want to go against KC, Angela against Rachel so there are reasons I could see her voting out RS.

      • Sassy

        Tyler should use that strategy when talking to Foutte. Tell them there is no chance of RS winning the battle back and it’s one less person for Swaggy to worry about… Use their ignorance and hope of seeing their leader again against them!

  6. Helen

    Someone send help….I am on the verge of feeling sorry for CrayonHead….

  7. danmtruth

    Hay campaigning big time for RHS Doing a nice job on Tyler Need to see after the Fess, Tyler Jc talk That will be the interesting talk

    Poll question for the class WiTCH is the messiest room The Pink or The Blue ? My vote is Pink Beside nothing it seems is put away The garbage on the floor Water bottles tissues old makeup CLEAN UP ! ! !

  8. AIO_7

    “Kaitlyn is using her sexuality to her advantage.”

    Uhhhhhh, what sexuality? My guess is that she doesn’t arouse a single guy in that house.

  9. AIO_7

    Anyone else having trouble getting CBS All Access to open?

  10. Shivani33

    Is it too much to wish that the anti-Chakra gets voted out and has to complete a Kama Sutra puzzle to get back into the game?

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  12. Shivani33

    Hahaha. “Plating” Big Brother. It’s a homerun. Gurl is looking like a owl face runt. Ssssexxxy with an ex and a hiss boom bah. A banging time had by all, or owl.

  13. hogwild

    After this week I’m ready to see Angela go on the block if she didn’t vote during eviction you wouldn’t know she was in the house.

    • Helen

      I want both Angela and Rachel OTB. Lol

      • hogwild

        At least Rachel has been competitive in some challenges I can’t recall Angela even coming close to winning one.

      • Sassy

        She came close the first week. I think she’s intentionally throwing things and laying low right now, trying to stay off the radar.

      • hogwild

        Could be the downside to that is you do it to long people can start to see you as liability. As goofy as crazy chick one is she has been pretty good in comps.

      • Ann

        I would love to see everyone just turn & walk away without saying a word every time psycho starts that baby talking, crying, whining or flinging her boney ass all over the men. I mean just walk away & don’t look back every single time she does it.

  14. HappyHippo

    Is it just me or is it completely awkward when Scottie calls kaycee daddy?

  15. Helen

    I think Rachael is making a huge mistake openly aligning herself with probably the least liked or trusted housepets…Psychochick…..

  16. Ann

    Lindsey, I fell asleep on you this morning. I was up all night because BB has my internal clock all kinds of screwed up & backwards. I sleep during the day & stay up all night.
    Anyway, I’m an hour & a half south of Houston.

    • Lindsey

      We’re pretty close! I’m about an hour & a half east of Houston. Well that’s fun 🙂 I love reading your BB commentary. This is the first year for me to have the feeds, but I can’t stay up all night with 2 kids & a full time job, unfortunately. My favorite thing to do in the mornings is reading all of the comments from y’all… your commentary is great lol

  17. danmtruth

    Did BSC just say to Kaycee when she comes back she will know who she centrist by the vote So its important that from here on they need to trust each other Because she will not trust people who voted her out

  18. danmtruth

    Smart move RHS tell Jc that she would put Tyler up otb after he told her he was one of two swing votes No he will never say anything

    PintrestSam is now making wind chimes

  19. Helen

    Must be going to be a quick luck based HOH comp this Thursday…it’s tuesday afternoon and backyard is still open so no elaborate build going on….

  20. Avatar

    yeah, I think RS will go this week

    • Helen

      I don’t think anyone will go home this week …RS is more likely to not be able to do a puzzle but I just don’t see production making whatever it is all that difficult…obviously they want whoever it is to go back into the house…

  21. Mr. Beardo

    I’d like to see a JC or Brett HoH next week. Brett’s noms might be more predictable but I think either would give us good feeds. I know the fellas have taken note of the gender ratio in the house but they need to keep that at the forefront of their minds lest they end up on sorority row..

    • Helen

      Faysal is very aware of what has been going on with all the guys leaving…he wants to put two girls OTB because he’s tired of them doing nothing and running the game….I want Faysal as HOH….

      • Mr. Beardo

        He might be good too. I just worry he’s too easily manipulated by female attention. He needs an HoH shower to rub one out and get his mind right. Lol

      • Helen

        Brett is too much with the girls imo….he’s not a guys guy…don’t get me wrong,I have nothing against girls,I am one …but I don’t like this group of them…

      • Mr. Beardo

        Agreed but I think it might just be pandering on Brett’s part. His doctors appointments (drs) show a different side of him. I think if any of the dudes were to completely throw in w the ladies it would be Scottie. Kaycee is def my favorite female followed closely by Sam and Rachel interchangeably. I wasn’t sure about Rachel at first but her goofiness and insecurity kinda endear her to me even if she is annoying at times. Sam is like mama said, a box of chocolates.

      • Helen

        Kaycee has been my fav from the beginning…sam I like but she is irritating at times ….Rachael….can not stand her…

      • Sassy

        I would like to see a Fay HoH, but I’d prefer to see a Brett HoH to draw out Bays power.

  22. Mello_One

    Does anyone have any idea about what the Secret is that JC wants to tell Sam on Wednesday???

  23. danmtruth

    With Jc you never know if its true or just game play

  24. danmtruth

    Watching Fessy with women is painful The poor guy just gets shit on Just now Bay started to yell at him in the bathroom That guy just is at a loss as why he has NO game with these women All just keep lying to him and he falls for it

    • Helen

      Faysal should have snapped back and said…yeah well I think maybe under the circumstances you shouldn’t piss me off either…Faysal knows she has advantage and exactly what it is….

      • Mr. Beardo

        There are so many times I wish he would stand up for himself. I also love that he does his ritual every night.. washing his hands and feet and praying. I’ve never caught it being an east coaster and he’s a night owl.

      • Ann

        Exactly. He should tell her he will sing like a bird about her advantage if she ever comes at him like that again. I told you guys Bay is self entitled.

      • HappyHippo

        I see him almost every morning do it when I get up at 5:30 on the east coast.

      • Sassy

        It would be bad for his game to spill her secret. He needs an ally and there is a chance she could save him with the power.

      • Ann

        I’ll bet you if Fess needed Bays advantage she would not use it on him because she’s too self centered & all about Bay. Even if he didn’t tell anyone about her advantage he could bluff her so she won’t come at him all sideways talking crazy to him again.

      • Sassy

        Ann – I agree, she won’t use it to save him, but he still thinks the possibility is there. He’s so pretty…

    • Mr. Beardo

      Dude tries so hard to put off this player vibe but in “reality” he seems really needy and controlling.

      • Painter1

        Needy, big time.

      • John

        I haven’t seen him pray. I was just thinking I wish he was using the opportunity on t.v. to shake the bad stigmas of religion. I am so happy he is praying. I am not religious at all but love people sticking by their beliefs!

  25. Mr. Beardo

    Sidebar; sorry for changing my pic so much just wanted to check w the wife before I put her face out there. She’s a feedhead w me so a lot of the opinions I post are our hive mind..

  26. Colby

    Is anyone else having issues with the feeds freezing up momentarily every few seconds, or is it just me?.

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  28. Shivani33

    I love the pic with both of you.

  29. Mr. Beardo

    Looks like RS letting slip that she’s targeting Ty and Brett has sealed her fate. For now..

  30. danmtruth

    With the come back app this is sending the housepets into over thinking Which is always dangerous This will change back and forth till right before the vote Hell they keep coming up with crazy scenario for what will happen after the person is evicted This AFTER they as they like to say were LITERALLY told what it is As someone pointed out they have not been locked of the yard yet The battle back has to be quick We all think it is a puzzle So we will see

  31. Jenny

    Anybody else watch BBAD or the feeds obsessing over where they would hide the token or whatever in that challenge where the house ends up totally torn up? I keep thinking you could hide something under or behind one of the old monitors in the have not room. And then I had this flash of genius… I would hide it INSIDE the toilet tank!!!
    But then I’m wondering if that would be allowed. There have to be some kind of rules around it or people would be hiding them behind the fridge or underneath the oven and I haven’t seen anyone do that.
    Anybody know if there are rules about where they CAN’T hide it?

  32. Helen

    Is it wrong for me to want someone to start some drama and liven things up a bit? These feeds have been like watching paint dry today….

  33. Jenny

    Watching last night’s BBAD and I have to ask… why is JC wearing a “shirt” that’s just a collar and a strip of fabric? A tank top or muscle shirt makes sense. I can’t make sense of what he’s wearing.
    Also I love Tyler. Would love to see him win this thing.

  34. Jenny

    I think someone else mentioned this recently… about how whoever gets evicted only gets to come back in if they win the next HOH. Is that a real thing? Because I could swear that was a thing…somewhere… or did one of the commenters here just throw that out there as a “what if”? Or was this part of some other power or other twist?

  35. Helen

    Vegas4sure has already told us what the challenge is that whoever is evicted has to complete…they have never given a false spoiler so I am 100% confident that’s what it is….

  36. hogwild

    We need a drinking game this season every time psycho chick one or two cries everyone take a drink.

  37. danmtruth

    When do we get the Jc, Tyler, Fessy conversation ? that is what we need to get things moving tonight
    RHS keeps up with this I was loyal to 5 people and I will keep playing a loyal game Just is not getting any takers
    Have not seen OintrestSam what project is she working on now Oh there is SmokenSam

  38. Shivani33

    Just watched Rachel singing “Nobody Does it Better” and a few other numbers. She is a girl after my own ♡heart♡. Not so much as a player yet but in most other ways as a dear soul. She keeps relating to everyone, has showbiz in her blood, wonderful alto singing voice and can raise it to soprano w/o too much trouble. She can be catty but eludes being unkind. Sometimes her hair can be puzzling, but what the hell. Probably some watchers don’t like her, but I’d bake Rachel a mango pie. We would sing and dance. That’s what I like. That’s what I like. (Can you hear it?) Music everywhere, dancing in the streets!

    • danmtruth

      Shivan133 I agree she has a good grasp on who she is I enjoy the spottiness burst into song Even if production doesn’t She IS trying to play her game good or bad Nice way to end your in song

  39. danmtruth

    Jc is spending a lot of time in the HOH also with Sam Now he is telling Sam his big secret Is BSC telling both Tyler & Fessy that she has REAL feelings for them Jc feels this is wrong to say this to them while she has a boyfriend outside the house

    • Shivani33

      Whoa. Big heap dirt. Every woman in the house is hip to Kaitlyn’s trip. Except maybe Sam, as she pretends to be the flying nun. Hahaha. The majority of men see Kaitlyn working the troops, too. Who could miss it? Let’s hear something juicier. That chewed on and spat out tidbit no longer qualifies as a secret. Where’s the salsa?

    • Sassy

      Huh, that’s not a secret!

  40. Yael Sara

    It’s actually amazing and impressive of a season to not see it so obviously. But, have missed the feeds for a good day + Where are the votes likely sitting right now with each?

    • Shivani33

      Could be half/half with the votes. Whatever the concensus is, it’s still a work in progress. It is like watching 2 or 3 schools of flying fish collide. Sam is nervous about having to break a tie. People are watching and listening yakking and waiting. Right now, it seems like AngieRS has less hope, but that could change on a dime. That is one fine thing about BB20. Thank our lucky stars.

    • HappyHippo

      Yea I can’t tell. What I have seen is pretty split with a couple that could go either way….bring on Thursday!

  41. Helen

    Tyler just told Psychochick Hayleigh is voting to evict her..made her pinky promise not to tell anyone…then listed off the L 6 members keeping her.

    I don’t care who believes it…this dude has a F2 with her and is keeping her safe…don’t care what he says to the others…

    • Colby

      I am starting to see that too. I’ve seen hints of it for a while but just didn’t want to believe it, I guess. That moves him way down on my list.
      I would like to see them on the block together, and neither of them win the veto or get taken off the block. That would be a real drama week.
      They would blow her butt out of there and maybe he would start thinking with the right head.

      • Helen

        There is no reason for him to tell her the things that he does in private conversations other than them working together..after listening to them tonight it just is too obvious. He does not want his other “alliance” members to know because he knows it will paint a huge target on his back…that’s why he tells them he is just playing her…
        I want them both OTB together too…
        Go ahead…keep her Tyler. She will be your downfall….

      • Shivani33

        Tyler is playing her. He tells other players that Kaitlyn needs to go, but I think he sees AngieRS as more obviously against him. He knows what’s happening with this potential noneviction week more than most of the groundhogs. He sees Kaitlyn as staying, not going, and can use the hell out of her, at least until she gets nominated again. Tyler used Kaitlyn as a battering ram to get rid of SwagDawgyDog. Now he could be planning to get this female version of a gigolo to set her relentlessness against Faysal or that other Napoleonic bigmouth, JC.

        I think that Tyler is still using his “I’m your best friend” technique with everyone, across the board. With Kaitlyn, that involves bearing with her baby voice, seemingly unconscious promiscuity, boo-hooing, spats and clinging. Telling her about Haleigh siding against her could turn into a Haleigh rescue mission designed to really go after Faysal the cad. I hope Tyler drives Kaitlyn til her wheels fall off.

      • Colby

        I wish Sam had put him up as replacement nom. I think she actually thought about it, but she promised him she wouldn’t put him up in the HOH comp.

      • Colby

        I thought the same way Shivani, but he spends more time with her than he has to and tells her things he doesn’t need to.
        I do see that he wouldn’t want her to end up staying knowing he voted her out, and that Rainbow will target him. I get it this week.
        I would love to be wrong, but there are just too many little things that suggest there is more to it.
        And I worry about her making it to the end by being one of those people that they think they can always get out later.
        So for now he has moved down on my list until I see proof otherwise.

      • Shivani33

        Colby, I am hoping Tyler is not some kind of a sap. Maybe he sees her as a sure person to win against at the end of the game? On the other hand, maybe Tyler is hot for fame and has fallen for all of her tales of having clients who are famous. She namedrops. She said that Marissa, the Celebrity BB winner, wished her good luck as Kaitlyn was getting ready to “audition” for this Season. She would do more boasting if she could get away with it, but it’s been curbed by production. Who knows what she might have told Tyler? I don’t want to feel compelled to start calling him “Toilet.” Damn it!

  42. Helen

    If they vote out RS how much ya wanna bet she comes back in and wins HOH?

  43. Helen

    If I hear battleback and Swaggy mentioned much more I am going to scream !! They won’t let it go…

  44. Shivani33

    Kaitlyn told Haleigh that Haleigh is her best friend and that she could see her becoming a bridesmaid at the anti-Chakra’s wedding. Ooh!
    Is there going to be a WEDDING? Haleigh now knows that if Faysal votes to evict Kaitlyn and if Kaitlyn remains in the game, she will “take a shot” at Faysal. Kaitlyn is trying to pry Haleigh away from Fessy. Let’s see what Haleigh does with all of this.

  45. Shivani33

    Kaitlyn said that she moved to L.A. in November. How Encino must miss her. She said that she listens to spirit guides in her head and often isn’t “here” a lot. (As told to Haleigh, after she called her an old soul. Kaitlyn was using a method, slang-named “love-bombing” on Haleigh.) Also, the ever-aware Kaitlyn is working on the wrong people to change their vote. What a surprise, given her invincible track record.

    • Helen

      Tyler told her unsure votes were bayleigh,Faysal,JC and Hayleigh was voting against her….she pretty much targeted Hayleigh and Bayleigh today after that to manipulate them…she was looking for Faysal but he has been making himself scarce and happened to be in DR was she was stalking victims

  46. Helen

    New speculation…
    Whoever is evicted gets a “chance” to come back into the game…it is a puzzle game..
    They haven’t closed the backyard this week to prepare for HOH on Thursday..
    So…whoever gets evicted,if they complete the puzzle, comes back into the house and becomes the new HOH…

    • HappyHippo

      Very interesting….but gosh I hope that’s not true lol

    • danmtruth

      I hate to disagree in public with my commander in charge of the department Im not sure General Speculation that even BB would give a returning player that much power Without giving the other players a chance But with the backyard not being closed down yet it will be a quick HOH also

    • Sassy

      Eewww, I don’t like that powet HAS to be used. I like it having an expiration but Sam should get to choose whether to let it expire or use. As for the evicted getting HoH, that would be messed up! Hoping speculation department is a little off on this one.

  47. danmtruth

    This vote is a strategic one for some Also a battle of wills between Jc and Tyler I hate to say teams because I don’t see Jc being loyal to either Yet now the best campaigner to keep RHS are Jc & HayBae Jc because BSC has mention him as a nom While HayBae because she can’t trust or use BSC Say what you want Jc knew what to say to Sam to sway her vote if need Telling her he agrees that BSC using her sexuality and lying to both Fessy & Tyler that she loves them and has true feeling for them Cross a line to Sam That is why he played that HayBae was working on Bret and he loves the female attention The needy female is his specialty This feeds into his ego and Hay is buying him it Bay is a different story She just wants to be on the right side of a vote She is taking a lot of advice from Kaycee The fact Kaycee acted surprise to hear that Scottie was the one to vote Swaggy out was great Tho I think she was more surprised that he told Bay and she was not freaked out Still say its a long time till Julie ask them what there vote is Many of these player have there own agendas so nothing is certain yet

  48. Russell James Yost

    Easily one of the more frustrating weeks of the season for me and it is all because of this stupid power app. I find both of these HGs annoying and both are very emotional players and I’d love to see either of them go home. However, I tend to root for interesting and conflict so I hope Kaitlyn stays.

    If I was on the show, then Rockstar would be the easy choice to keep. She does not seem to be that competitive in comps. She is also a highly emotional player who makes decisions based on those feelings while Kaitlyn tends to react emotionally but makes logical decisions and is willing to make big moves. Swaggy was not an emotional decision but she used emotions to justify her decision. I don’t believe Rockstar has that ability.

  49. Alda

    I want Psycho Ho to go,and not come back.RockStar can’t win a comp.She can go next week.

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