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Big Brother 20 – Round One Of HoH Competition Results

Good evening, everyone!


The final 3 is locked and loaded and I’m going to be breaking down the chances of each person winning depending on how the first two rounds go.  Put simply, if JC loses both rounds 1 and 2 of the HoH comp, his odds of winning BB20 drop to about 0% because Tyler and Kaycee are taking each other almost guaranteed.

If this is your first season with Big Brother, let me explain this process now. The HoH competition will be played in 3 stages:

  • Round 1 – All 3 play in what is usually an endurance style competition.  The winner moves on to round 3
  • Round 2 – The two losers from round 1 face off in a more veto style competition that typically involves memory and physical ability. The winner moves on to round 3
  • Round 3 – The winners from the first 2 rounds face off live on finale night to determine the winner of the final HoH
  • Final HoH – This person decides who he or she wants to sit next to in the final 2. They decide who is guaranteed at least $50k and who is guaranteed nothing more than any other jury member

So, if you’re wondering, the loser of round 1 and 2 can still sit in the final 2 so long as the final HoH picks them to sit next to. Round 1 (tonight) guarantees nothing but the winner having a 50% chance at winning the final HoH


Got it?  I explain this every year but I don’t think it gets any easier to explain or I at least don’t get better at explaining it. I’m sure there is a much easier and less confusing way but that’s that.

  • 11:00 pm update – I created this post about an hour or two ago thinking feeds would be back up soon. They’re still down. I’ll update when they return or Vegas updates us whichever comes first.  The BB season has once again conditioned me to be a night owl just as I was getting back to a regular schedule
  • 12:00 am – Feeds still down. Going on longer than I thought and I’m more tired than I thought. That last hour crept up on me. I guess we’ll find out who won round 1 tomorrow!

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  1. Avatar

    I think you did an excellent job of explaining actually!!!

  2. FW aka CY

    I grasped it better than I grasp some things… heh

  3. FW aka CY

    I am very glad for this board and the spoilers as I am evidently the last damned person in the world who gets to watch the episodes. Some thoughts on the episode as I wait for some… words from above.

    The maze comp: Much as I am often suspicious that Production tries to construct certain comps to favor the chances of certain players winning, I have to say that one put JC at kind of a real physical disadvantage. So, I’m glad they’ve thrown in some mental ones where he can have an even chance with the rest of them.

    The way Sam walked out to meet Julie after eviction was kind of like watching a bumper-stunned, headlight-bedazzled deer wobbling its way away after getting hit by a car. She was walkinging gingerly – like she was 10-feet tall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WANNqr-vcx0

    As a side note, Julie’s pink dress looked good on her (thank god), but the scalloped hem made her look like an upside-down cupcake.

    The black one made her look like she was trying to copy Angela’s style. Unsuccessfuly.

    JC was, predictably, kind of a shit as HOH. I know many find him adorable and entertaining. *shrug* I see a skeevy, evil dwarf. Nuff said.

    Could T&A have and L6 have avoided this delimna? I think yes. If Tyler had spent more time managing and interacting with Sam she might not have gotten so loony that they felt they had to punt her before JC. If JC felt more secure, he might not have striven as forcefully to win a comp. Notice how, when he feels comfortable, he completely blows the next one. But, coulda, woulda, shoulda. It is what it is.

  4. FW aka CY

    The jury house. Haha, Fessy is not loving being Bayleigh’s punching bag. He came off as less of a meat head. Bayleigh as a really nasty bitch that’s getting on everyone’s last nerve. Rockstar has at least learned to STFU rather than try to be Bayleigh yes… creature. I think she might be getting tired of being called stupid, white, ignorant, etc.

    Scottie – almost as oblivious as Sam, but in a different way. I have increased appreciation for Hayleigh, now that she’s gone to jury. She seems the most intelligent and level-headed of any of them. She came off as a lovely girl and you wonder how she fell in with that bunch of fucktards. I never did think frat boy Brett was anything deeper. I am glad he and Rockstar have been inflicted on each other. Sam… I wonder if the actually released her into the Jury House – or just shot the segment, then bundled her off to a nice padded room somewhere.

  5. NKogNeeTow

    Feeds are back. The Chatters are saying it looks like Tyler won. I’m not sure yet because he hasn’t said anything, but I know JC didn’t because he sounded a little disappointed.

    Tyler just told JC that he(JC) was so lucky that he (Tyler) didn’t break up with him on national TV.

    Yes, Tyler won Round 1.

    JC has gone to take a shower. Tyler and KC in the kitchen talking about the comp while waiting for food to warm up.

  6. FW aka CY

    Yeah, the “Holes in the Wall” comp ought to have been readily winnable by JC, yet he was completely flummoxed. He’s done his damage. Good Lordy, KC. I hope you go for American Ninja Warrior next year. Let’s Go!

  7. FW aka CY

    That was a nice comment Tyler made about what fine examples of LGBT JC and KC are. He was half right. Tyler and Angela’s love seems mature and adorable at the same time. I felt bad for KC having to cast the eviction vote. She seemed genuinely pained. Angela telling Julie that she was surprised to be evicted was total bullshit. She knew. She asked for it. She waxed her lip ahead of time in anticipation. SED (Skeevy Evil Dwarf) gave and got very perfunctionary hugs. They are not going to be “forever friends.” It will be great to see T&A on Amazing Race.

  8. NKogNeeTow

    Sounds JC fell first on whatever it was. Tyler and KC are pumped up.

    JC yells from the shower and tells them that there was no official showmance this year. Tyler tells him that Bay and Swaggy were official. He says that Swaggy told him everything and begged him to send him to the JH with Bay. Tyler found that amusing.

    KC and Tyler meet in the blue room and are talking about the comp. They are talking about the signals they gave each other during the comp. Tyler tells her not to worry, she’s got the next one. She says yes, she’s got it and told him he did good.

    She said she started whistling during the comp to f*ck with JC and it worked. They speculate what the next comp will be. She says the last one, you will have to know the people and think of what they would have said. She says on this one, her arms were killing her but she knew if she siked JC out, he would fall first.

    They keep congratulating each other and Bob tells them to “Chill out”. They laugh and KC says they are going to make JC open his other champagne. She says she just needs to keep getting in his head.

    Tyler said this was his comp. He said he knew he had it. He then says he wonders what Angela is doing. KC says in a hotel being relieved from all the stress.

    KC is looking for something to change into after she takes her shower. JC is in the shower complaining to Tyler that the blue dye won’t come off of his foot. He says when he comes out of the shower, he’s going to drink champagne and sleep so good tonight.

    Tyler is waiting around the bathroom, so he can shower next. JC tells him that he’s going to open the champagne with the 3 of them. Tyler said he thought JC said he was going to drink it without the 3 of them. JC tells him to shut up and asks him “Is that what you think of me?”.

    KC comes in and asks Tyler if he wants to shower first, he says no. She says she feels like she’s partially paralyzed. They laugh at her. JC gets out of the shower and Tyler tells him to cover his butt.

    • LynnD

      Actually on another camera JC was in the shower and yelling about the blue not coming off. He kept saying (something like) “what kind of shit did you throw on us, this shit won’t come off, this is bullshit!!” Then “Bob” goes over the intercom “CHILL OUT!” so JC tell him “YOU CHILL OUT BOB! THIS SHIT WON’T COME OFF” It was pretty funny.

      • kneeless

        If it was blue, JC must have looked like a Smurf.

      • Jenny

        kneeless… years ago I worked for a company that made screws that would be treated with various coatings to keep them from rusting. One of those was bright blue. My first day someone pointed out “the little blue man” and he WAS blue! He was the guy who sprayed the blue coating on the screws. Looking back on it, you’d think OSHA would have something to say about his skin having a bluish cast to it from his work…
        he was alternately referred to as Little Blue Man and Smurf.

  9. FW aka CY

    Bob is the house version of NK. I have sympathy for both of them. *L*

  10. NKogNeeTow

    KC is in the shower grimacing and sounds like she is in pain. She keeps moaning a bit but laughs a little.

    JC and Tyler are setting up the champagne and glasses on the kitchen island. Tyler tells him that his face looks so happy right now. JC says he’s not happy, he’s just tired.

    They pop the cork (Korbell) and KC yells from the shower that she heard that. Tyler tells JC to take her glass to her and make her take a drink. JC yells and asks her how’s her arm.

    JC whispers to Tyler that his (J) comp is mental. They take their drinks into the shower and they toast while she’s in the shower.

    KC asks JC if he got all the dye out. JC says no, that the dye they used is the one they use to dye clothes. KC says she doesn’t feel like she has an arm.

    JC jokes that during the comp, he looked at Tyler and saw he had a resting bitch face so he decided he (J) should just go ahead and jump. Tyler says he feels like he could have lasted another hour. JC and Tyler congratulated Tyler.

    JC gets called to the DR. On his way, he looks at the champagne and yells to them that they still have half a bottle and asks them to wait until he comes back so they can finish it off together.

    Tyler says that the comp lasted an hour. They mentioned something about a rocket ship. She tells him that she’s almost finished her shower. He says, no rush, he’s just picking his face on national TV. He asks if BBAD is still on. She says probably. He asks when the Live Feeds ends. She says either just before or after the Finale.

    He wanders around the kitchen while she finishes her shower.

  11. NKogNeeTow

    Tyler and KC are reassuring themselves that KC has the next win.

    She is really suffering with her arms and can hardly lift them to do her hair. *Good thing the physical is over*

    Tyler is showering. JC is still in the DR.

    She is really struggling with her hair. She said she had never felt like this. She was going to wash her hair but her arms hurt too much. She says she feels like her arms are paralyzed. She says she knows she’s complaining and she’s annoying herself with it.

    She leaves the bathroom and tells him to enjoy his shower. She goes into the blue room, sits on the bed and drinks her champagne. She’s visibly exhausted.

  12. NKogNeeTow

    All is quiet at the moment. KC still sitting in bed quietly. Tyler still in the shower. JC still in the DR.

  13. NKogNeeTow

    The cam has a close up of KC’s face as she lays in bed. Even without makeup, she’s stunningly beautiful.

  14. NKogNeeTow

    KC was in bed drifting off to sleep. Every time she does, she opens her eyes and chews her lip. She’s like a child fighting sleep. She hears the DR door open then quickly closes her eyes like she’s asleep…lol

    JC goes into the bathroom and talks to Tyler, who is now out of the shower. Tyler teases him and tells him that when he looked at him after the comp, he was pissed. JC says because he wanted to do better.

    Tyler says he hopes they get that breakfast tomorrow. JC says yes but not before 11:30. Tyler says brunch. JC sits there and drinks his champagne. Tyler asks him if he’s going to sleep in the pink room with the wall open. JC says yes and he’s never going to close that wall again. He said it reminded him of that f*cking Swaggy trying to separate them.

    KC gets called to the DR.

    JC says they’re never going to see that house again. Tyler says he feels like he lives there. JC says he was feeling lonely moving to W.Hollywood, and missed his friends, and it’s crazy but he feels like it’s family here (in the house).

    Tyler tells him how he travels from country to country. JC says he’s never had friends like in the house. That he feels like he knows them and has never talked to anyone like he’s talked to the people in the house. He says he knows more stuff about RS than he does about any of his real life friends. He says he thinks of Tyler as a real brother now and no matter what happens, they are going to be friends forever. Tylers says ‘I’m stuck with you”.

    Tyler asks him if he knows the Days. JC tells Tyler that his trust in him is back to 100, that when Angela was there it was lower but it’s back up now that Angela is gone. JC says he really loves Tyler, then he calls Tyler a bitch for putting up OTB. Tyler says “You’re welcome”.

    Tyler says that even though he put him OTB, he would never put him out. JC says he knows, he was just mad because Tyler didn’t give him time. JC is still complaining about Angela. *Wait until he finds out how Tyler REALLY feels about her. He’s going to blow his little beanie off!*

    JC tells Tyler he knows he (T) was 100%, but he (J) was really 100%. JC keeps telling Tyler that he had to do all the damage control after he saw how Tyler was towards Angela and that Tyler was playing an emotional game. He said that Tyler saw that he was having to much fun with Brett so he decided to get rid of him. Tyler said he got rid of him because he had to go. JC says no.

    JC tells Tyler that he has no idea how much he jeopardized his game just to save him. Tyler tells him he believes him, but that he did the same thing with JC. JC is determined to make Tyler feel that he owes JC his game. It’s not working.

    JC says when he was ready to get rid of Scottie, he knew that Fessy was playing an emotional game so he just pushed the idea into Fessy’s head about Hay and Scottie. He said he also kept Fessy and Brett at each other. *According to JC, he rules the world*

    They go into the kitchen to finish off the champagne. JC says he doesn’t want anymore after this, then belches loudly. *the bottle is empty anyway*

    Tyler goes into the bedroom and puts on Angela’s jacket. When he comes back into the kitchen, JC looks at him and says “Seriously?”

    JC says he and Tyler are like Derrick and Cody. JC tells Tyler that between the 2 of them, he’s the smarter guy. Tyler tells him it’s about time he won a f*cking competition. JC says he wasn’t on the block this whole season. He said Tyler *f*king betrayed him. Tyler tells him he has no idea how hard the DE was for him. He tells JC that he was in the DR crying because of him. JC tells him “Oh my God if you were in there crying I’m f*cking going to marry you.”

    JC starts talking about Angela again. He says he’s f*cking glad that she’s out of the house. He then thanks Angela for getting out of the f*cking house. *His words, not mine*

    Tyler asks him why he hates girls. JC says he doesn’t hate girls, he actually liked Angela, but when she and Tyler got close then she threw him (J) on the block, that’s when he stopped liking her. He goes off on a tirade about her. JC keeps talking about how many times he’s saved Angela. *And this was???*

    JC is now laughing about putting Tyler OTB. They start going over who put who upon their HOH. JC says putting Angela up was the best feeling ever. Tyler talks about getting Brett out. He tells JC that Brett was coming after him (J). JC doesn’t believe it and tells him that he’s just jealous. Tyler keeps telling him that Brett came to him to get JC out. JC keeps telling him that it isn’t true and still says Tyler was just jealous.

    JC says he and Tyler are going to be best friends when they get out of the house and JC is going to tell him what to do. Tyler says it’s going to be the other way around. *Once Tyler gets back with Angela again, JC’s might not talk to him for a while*

    They go back to talking about the comp again. *Basically the just keep repeating the same convo over and over again*

  15. Avatar

    JC and Ty drinking in the kitchen. The moreJC drinks the more remarkable his feats are for the season. All the people he thinks. Got rid of. This guy is dilutional!

  16. NKogNeeTow

    JC says maybe KC will win pt.2, maybe she’s lucky.

    Tyler says they are going to get drunk at the Finale. He says they never got to see the JH. They think that’s funny.

    Tyler says JC was the first person he laid eyes on when he came into the house and Steve was the second. He says that he saw his first and last people out. They laugh.

    KC is out of the DR. Tyler tells her that the champagne is quality sh*t. He says it’s not bottom shelf. JC asks him what is he talking about, it’s Korbel, the bottom of the shelf. He says it’s like $10.

    KC asks if everyone is cleaned up. JC yells “Sam, come clean up. Go clean up the bathroom”. They laugh. KC tells Tyler he looks so tired. Just as she says it, he’s called to the DR.

    KC tells JC that no matter what, she thinks she can beat Tyler in pt.2. He says he thinks he can beat him too. She says in pt.3, she knows the people like the back of her hand. He says he does too. JC say you have to give Tyler credit, he’s a life guard and he has stamina.

    KC says she hopes the next comp is like asap. JC says they have to have time to change the backyard. KC laughs at him and tells him he’s drunk and to look at his eyes.

    KC tells JC she thought she had that comp. He said he thought he had it to. She tells him that she feels the 2 of them have the best personal game and were the most sociable. KC says the next one might be either Faces or Days.

    JC runs down everyone from BB19. He says he had no use for Mark, bye. Elena, bye. Christmas with her f*cking broken leg, bye.

    He said during the comp, he wasn’t tired and that he had no idea she was going to fall 2 minutes after him. He said he thought she had it. She said she did too. She told JC “Me and you, part 2”. He says even if he goes home 3rd, then he starts to say something about the Producers and gets fished.

    JC say’s they’re Final 3, then he and KC looks at the wall and JC calls them bitches and runs them down. KC said they’re good, they’re almost out of there. She said it bothers her that she didn’t win pt.1. He tells her she’s good.

    She says that comp was a great ass workout. She says she feels it in her shoulders. He says he feels it in his toes and his legs.

    They start talking about who won what in the finals of BB19. He asks can she imagine getting all the way to the end with a broken leg. He says she (Christmas) should have been disqualified.

    JC says he’s hungry and does she want to make food. She says she’s to tired. He says he’s drunk and this is the drunkest he’s been in this house. She says she’s tireds and is going to lay down after she brushes her teeth. He said he’s tired too. She said was mentally and emotionally draining. She leaves to brush her teeth. He goes through the snack basket looking for something to eat.

    She leaves and goes to bed. JC cleans up the kitchen. He mumbles that he’s so hungry, then eats a Ferrero Rocher. *Thought he didn’t like sugar* He starts to snack on crackers and cream cheese.

    KC is out as soon as her head hits the pillow. JC in bathroom, then back to the kitchen for more crackers and cream cheese. *Sorry folks, I have to work with what I’ve got 😀 *

  17. NKogNeeTow

    Tyler out of the DR and eating cheese and crackers with JC. *Now I want wheat crackers and cream cheese*

    JC says he’s going to brush his teeth and go home. Tyler laughs at him and he realizes what he said and laughs. Tyler tells him to take an Uber (*Subliminal shout out to Steve Beans*)

    Tyler goes to brush his teeth. JC rinses out a few dishes, gets himself water then goes in the bathroom and tells Tyler that he really doesn’t like drinking that much anymore. That he literally doesn’t feel good. He says he’s going to stop drinking when he gets out of there. He says he’s going to me soooo different. He says he’s going to get married, start a business. Tyler asks “you’re going to get married?” JC says no, that’s against society.

    Tyler asks JC will he come to his wedding. JC says you’re getting married. Tylers says yes. JC says “I’m going to marry you”. Tyler laughs.

    JC says something about 2 bottles of champagne, then says “What the f*ck”. Bob says “You’re welcome”. JC laughs. He says he’s drunk off of 2 glasses of champagne. He then says he’s just f*cking glad that Angela is not there. Then he says “And Bob, I know I say I’m not going to miss you, but I’m going to miss you. I’ll miss literally waiting for you to talk”. *JC is a little bit tipsy*

    Tyler is in the blue room with KC. They are taking the mattress topper off of Sam’s bed and putting it on his. They are laughing at JC being drunk. KC says he’s such a lightweight. KC asks Production to please turn off the lights before JC gets in there. Production turns off the lights and they laugh. Tyler says “I think we made it”. They whisper that they’re so close, then KC says “Let’s go”.

    They hear JC coming and pretend like they are asleep. JC curses and says only 3 people in the house and they turn the lights off. They laugh. JC hands them all something for their pain (ice packs?). He goes into the pink room and Tyler tells him that his (T) pillow smells like Angela. JC says yuck.

    JC goes and lays at the bottom of KC’s bed. Tyler tells him to sleep in there with them. KC says he can get in bed with her. Tyler says, that way they can kick him into the crack.

    JC says he’s no longer a lightweight, he’s a no weight when it comes to drinking. They laugh at him. He then tells Bob that he better not f*cking wake him up in the morning. He keeps singing and getting warnings. He laughs everytime Bob warns him.

    JC goes into the pink room and climbs over the headboard and tries to take Tyler’s pillow and tells him to stop smelling Angela. He tells Tyler he doesn’t want him sleeping with Angela. He then climbs back into his bed and tells Production to turn off the lights. They laugh at him because the lights are already out.

    JC starts mocking Angela talking to Tyler. He says “Oh I love you soooo much. So much, you make me sick. I puke every morning. That’s why I’m so skinny”. KC and Tyler are cracking up. Tyler tells JC he’s so lucky he didn’t break up with him on live TV.

    JC keeps talking about Angela. About how her speech was so sweet. He says that he’s glad he didn’t eat before the show or he would have thrown up right there on national TV. They keep laughing at him.

    JC won’t stop talking or singing. Now when he sings, we get fished. He says he’s been drinking for like 5 hours. Tyler says something to him and he tells Tyler to shut up, at least he didn’t fall in love with some girl on TV and look like a f*cking fool.

    JC finally quiets down and falls asleep. Tyler and KC have also fallen asleep.

    Looks like that’s it for the night folks.

    Have a GREAT day tomorrow! 🙂

    • HappyHippo

      Thanks NK! Those convos actually made me giggle quite a few times. Great final 3 group, I’m rooting for all of them! Loved Tyler from the beginning but dang I love me some jc too…it’ll take a miracle for jc though

  18. Avatar

    I feel like this is the first season that the final 4 were the 4 who most deserved to be there. I really wouldn’t hate any of these 3 winning but I am hoping KC or Tyler take it.. KC would beat anyone in the end IMO.. She played a great balanced game and never got personal or stressed out over anything.. Her head was in the game constantly. She didn’t let anything distract her.. Not only can she win this thing she has a real shot at AFP.. Has anyone ever won both?

  19. Avatar

    I feel like this is the first season that the final four were the ones who most deserved to be there. I really wouldn’t hate any of these 3 winning but I am hoping KC or Tyler take it.. KC would beat anyone in the end IMO.. She played a great balanced game and never got personal or stressed out over anything.. Her head was in the game constantly. She didn’t let anything distract her.. Not only can she win this thing she has a real shot at AFP.. Has anyone ever won both?

  20. mm22

    Surprised KC chose Tyler instead of Angela-I get the f2 n her loyalty but
    if she wants to ensure a win because she wants the money for her family
    I would pick loyalty towards my family who have loved n supported me
    all my life over loyalty to someone I’ve known for 3 months. Of course
    I’m not in the bb house but I’m sure I would choose my family! KC still
    think you should have taken Angela n not Tyler!!!!!

  21. LynnD

    I was playing reruns of BB last night while packing (before I watched last nights episode). My daughter was in my room watching them and questioned me through both episodes. So guess who stayed up with me until 12:30 watching last nights episode? I now have someone to watch them with (now that the season is over) 🙂

    I’m watching last nights live feeds while I am working (shhhhhh) and I am enjoying them. The interactions are very entertaining.

    I have to get some work done before I get out of here. Everyone have a Great Weekend. I hope I don’t miss too much.

    • feltso gudinya

      shhhhhhhh…i am working to…i am only 4 miles from parkland, the kids and parents here r pretty pissed off…many of the kids have volunteered to double up on assignments so they can volunteer to register voters and campaign for gun control candidates….hardly anyone here today……u have to respect these kids…they r really walking the walk……

      • Shivani33

        Amen,feltso. Schools have changed security procedures throughout Florida. We have police presence during drop-off, the whole school day and during parent pickup at the end of the day. It is sickening that it has had to come to this. Yet it has come to this, even for those of us who have never touched a gun in our lives.

      • LynnD

        Cheers to you Feltso & Shivani. I live 30 miles north of Parkland. There was a shooting at one of our High School Football games just a couple weeks ago. I totally applaud those kids and I have the up most respect for the ones who have stood up to make a change in the way they have been forced to live their lives. I also give credit to the ones that are not just talk but have actually taken upon themselves to make a difference by getting out there and encouraging others to register to vote. I don’t care which party you belong to, I feel you have no right to bitch about anything if you do not stand up and make your own voice count!

        I stand behind #ParklandStrong

  22. Avatar

    I enjoyed the feeds of “LOOSER” House oops I mean Jury House. It was funny to listen to beotch Bayliegh gripe and snipe at Faysal. Need we reminder her ass was the first to be sent to loserville.

    Is it just me or has “Blockstar” lost some weight since she has been in the JH?

    It was funny to hear Scottie figure out 1,2,3,4,5. Yes, Scottie your entire Alliance is all nice and comfy in JH.

    No one other than Brett of L6 could handle going into the JH. He is a big personality and king of insults and jabs. You can tell Blockstar was happy to see him.

    By the sounds of it they all want to hand the money to KC and fry Tyler except for Hayliegh. She is the only one that sees this as a game and recognizes that Tyler has played an excellent game.

    Bayliegh is very salty and had to make the comment that the people in the house all think they are great players. Here is the news Bayliegh boo. YOU LOSE! They are excellent players. Best over 4 people Alliance in Reality TV show history.

    Bring on next Wednesday night so we can say goodbye and good riddance to all the losers in JH.

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