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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s Saturday in the Big Brother house which means it’s veto day!


It’s a very important day if you’re a fan of Tyler because he needs to win (or his allies) or he faces a serious risk of eviction. Luckily he’ll have 4 people playing for him, so the odds are in his favor, but there is still a huge risk.

Kaycee was apparently picked as the hacker pick to completely throw everyone off, and Brett and Scottie were chosen as well. This means Tyler has Brett, Angela, and Kaycee playing for him while RS has maybe Scottie and herself. Seeing as there is only 1 person who possibly wouldn’t use the veto (Scottie), odds are extremely high that RS and Tyler won’t be the final noms come Thursday night.

My guess is that it’s going to be a relatively quick POV today as it is likely the one that was supposed to be used between the two HoH comps during double eviction. Comps like that are usually pretty skill based with a lot of dexterity or athleticism required. Needless to say, I’ll be shocked if Tyler is still nominated come Monday and even more shocked if he’s evicted.


Let’s get to some updates…

  • 11:15 am – As I said above, veto players in addition to the normal are Kaycee, Brett, and Scottie
    • Brett is actually chatting with RS in the Jenga room which is super weird. They’re having a normal conversation but it’s weird seeing them talk
  • 12:00 pm – Sam is describing ‘curbstomping’ to JC. I think he’s now terrified of Sam
  • 12:20 pm – Feeds down for veto!
  • 2:30 pm – Feeds surprisingly still down for veto
  • Feeds back!
    • Angela has won the POV
    • Scottie won $5,000
    • Kaycee may have a unitard punishment
    • Scottie was apparently trying to get the veto bad for some reason but Angela kept it over the $5k
    • Tyler is acting pissed about the whole thing
    • Rockstar comes in confused. Tyler tells her this probably saves her because it seems like Angela has a different target
    • Sounds like Tyler may have won and took Brett’s Honolulu trip rather than veto
    • This means Kaycee and Brett should be in punishment
    • Brett got some ‘insta-gram’ punishment
    • Scottie is crying because he’s tired of people making him swear on the bible (Bay)

Updates to the veto comp when I learn for sure

  • Angela – POV
  • Scottie – $5k
  • Tyler – Trip to Honolulu (not confirmed, but 90% sure)
  • Kaycee – punishment (some outfit)
  • Brett – punishment (Insta-gram)
  • Rockstar – ??

Back to feed updates

  • 2:55 pm – Scottie, Angela, and Tyler are up in the HoH room. Scottie is stressing
    • Meanwhile, JC and Brett are in the HN room. Brett is annoyed alliances were exposed during the comp
    • Brett is pretending to be mad at Tyler for not taking the veto from Scottie (maybe not pretending, but I think he is)
    • Feeds are wild, back and forth. Brett maybe acting upset. Scottie may be acting upset, or they may really be upset
  • 3:40 pm – Quick dinner, I’m back
    • Bay alone in the Jenga room.
  • Jumping back to 3:25 to see Tyler get a one on one with Brett
    • Brett immediately smiles and they hug
    • This was indeed all an act to make it seem like Brett was alone.  Brett is acting pissed even to JC
    • Brett did get annoyed because Sam jumped in and told him to take KC’s punishment
  • 4:05 pm – Bayleigh makes her way up to the HOH room to talk to Angela
    • They talk a little then Sam comes up and blocks the conversation (not purposely, I don’t think)
  • 6:15 pm – Tyler and KC head up to the HoH room
    • Tyler is wondering if Bay can change the nominations before veto, too.  Plus wondering if Scottie is their informant
    • They keep talking without even realizing that Bayleigh is not the hacker lol
    • This game shows how crazy people can get after a few months in a few with nobody else to talk to. Tyler is really wondering if Bayleigh can still change noms
    • Meanwhile, Angela thinks RS is acting too calm
    • If there is one thing that will undo level 6, it’s overthinking
  • 7:20 pm – Bay, Hay, and RS are in the bedroom
    • They are speculating on the game. Haleigh says that if she won hacker comp, she’d definitely tell the girls
    • Bay is lecturing RS about snapping on people — lol
  • 8:30 pm – Kaycee is now a peanut!
  • 9:15 pm – Guys are outside playing corn hole.  KC and Angela are chatting privately
  • 9:30 pm – Bayleigh comes up to propose some alliance
    • Bay suggests that Scottie go up next to Tyler
    • Bay is telling Angela that she thinks something about the apps being better based on how well the people know the houseguests?  And that’s because they decorate the apps more?  She’s weird
  • 9:50 pm – RS comes out with her punishment
    • She says every time Jessie comes on, she has to cook and do whatever he says for fitness
    • He immediately comes out with his first order: She has to make a smoothie and then sprint for 1/4 mile
    • Meanwhile, Haleigh has a weird thing going on here

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    It would have been so great if Sam was picked instead of Scotty. I can already see Hottie dancing in the SR celebrating. Yuck

  2. Ritchie

    If Bayleigh gets renominated in case Tyler comes down I wonder if she will throw a hissy fit or just fold up and call it a day?

    • Sassy

      It would be interesting to see whether Foutte would save RHS because she’s slightly more tolerable and has come close in a couple comps or Bay the tyrant who won a luck comp.

  3. danmtruth

    Scottie im not sure will use the veto to save TY Not sure how much he is buying into the best buddy thing Also he is a bit taken with Hali-Ho
    Hopefully it won’t be a concern

  4. danmtruth

    Need to check in with Helen the head of the speculation department Will they add a temptation like Never slop or money Just to spice things up I could see RS going for it

  5. Shivani33

    Angela was discussing having a fake fight with Brett to distract people from thinking that she is after Bayleigh. Brett is tricking AngieRS by chatting with her privately while everyone else observes it. He favors devious strategy and wants to keep Angie’s dwindling allies mad at her for having a fakenews secret alliance with him.

  6. Sassy

    Can someone tell me how to post a picture please?

  7. HappyHippo

    Come on Tyler and allies! I’m hoping to see the veto necklace around his neck when feeds return

    • Sassy

      Me too! But Scottie is a real competitor. If Scottie really wants Ty off the block, his best way to do it is throw the comps. If he pulled him down, it would anger his alliance. If he wins, he will not use it.

  8. Mel

    I sort of want Tyler to win so the twist is useless and it goes back to what was happening before the twist. We’ve already had Kaitlyns not impact the game so I’d like to make it 2.

    I sort of want Brett to win and be unsure if he should use it since Tyler didn’t use the veto on Brett. Added bonus: He could give a speech about his best friend RS and whether he should save her.

    I sort of want Angela to win for them same reason as Tyler.

    I sort of want Scottie to win just so I can finally known if he’s going to work with Tyler or if he was lying to him the same was Tyler’s lying to Scottie.

    I sort of want RS to win. Yes, I said it. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bay take RS’s place otb after Bay was such a jerk to her. Added bonus: Tyler vs Bay otb could be interesting. Fessy would have to choose between his alliance and JC.

    Kaycee is the only dull result for me today but I like her so I wouldn’t hate it for her. I’ll just be bored.

    • ElaineB

      I would want Kaycee to win because she was Hay the Hacker’s pick.

      • Mel

        Elaine, I totally blanked on that and forgot!!!
        NVM, there is no bad result for me. How often does that happen? Lol

      • Helen

        I want a KayCee win because she has been my top pick for finals and I feel like she needs to step up her game…she ain’t gonna win if she keeps losing comps!!

    • Sassy

      I’ve thought the same things! It would be funny to hear Brett regurgitate Ty’s reasons, except Ty was working to keep Brett safe and there is no way for Brett can save Ty if he’s on the block.

  9. Avatar

    Does anyone know if Tyler was in the DR before the cloud popped on the screen?

  10. Mel

    I miss Gerardo. (Insert sad face here)

    • ElaineB

      Me too. Wish there was someone who had a connection to him, so he could find out how much we need him!

    • Sassy

      I’ve said that before too! Where O where is Gerardo? I miss the #STFU’s…

      Also, I can’t remember the guys name, started with an F, but I keep wanting to say Fessy and it’s not… He was from FL and funny.

    • caRyn

      I miss him and Lindsy and Amber.

      • ShoeLover

        I do as well, Caryn. Missing Lindsay and Amber! Has Gerado even popped in at all???

      • ShoeLover


        Was Gerado any where near the hurricane that hit Florida last summer?

      • caRyn

        I was here (Florida) during the hurricane and it didn’t hit us as bad as they predicted. I’m on the east coast and was directly in the path. If he does live in Florida hopefully he pulled through just fine.

      • HappyHippo

        I think he got a lil bit of it but came out ok. I remember cuz I got hit real bad & was paying attention to his comments. We Lost power for a week. Hope this hurricane season is calmer!

      • caRyn

        We lost power for 11 days and there was a gas shortage. Minor when looking at the big picture.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Both Lindsay and Felts posted once at the beginning of the game, but I don’t think they have since. But then you never know, they could be here under another name, you never know. If so, then I’m glad they’re back. No matter how they got here.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Shoes, was that Gerardo or Felts? I know Felts was in Fla because we were worried about him when the hurricane hit last year. I’m not sure where Gerardo was. I want to say somewhere down south or east coast maybe?

    • Jenny

      Anybody hear from Franko? I worry about him every year.

      • JD

        I worry about Franko also

      • NKogNeeTow

        Not a peep this year Jenny. And the last time he was here he was really sick and about to go back into the hospital. He spent quite a bit of time in and out of the hospital for the last 3 years.

      • kneeless

        early on, someone named Frank posted one time. IF I remember correctly “Frank,” posted that he had been on this site many times in yrs past. I asked if this person was Frank, as in Franko. I don’t think he replied & I haven’t seen anything more. Hoping he is OK. I lnow he had health problems.

        Miss Gerado & Felts too.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yes Knees, that was him. He said he had trouble signing on as Franko and had to change it to Frank to get on.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I really miss G too. I also miss the ability to send private messages. I’m sure a lot of people who don’t post any more or much, still read the blog and comments. Some of them use to leave messages even if they didn’t post publicly. I’d like to think that maybe Gerarado would have kept in touch with us that way. Damn system crashing, ruined everything. 🙁

      • HappyHippo

        Your right it might have been feltso in the hurricane NK

      • ShoeLover

        Yes NK, I was trying to remember between G and Feltso and their location. As for the others staying quiet on the BBJ threads, I noticed myself reading more than actively commenting last year and this year. It’s been a rollercoaster and I haven’t really been able to stay awake past midnight. Hahahaha!!! I definitely miss those late night chats during BBAD!!!

    • JayP

      I miss that dude

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  12. Sassy

    I am anxiously awaiting the veto results! This might be the first time I have ever been worried about it.

  13. Alda

    If Angela wins,she can just pull Tyler off and put up the Queen.Easy,peasy.

  14. caRyn

    I find comfort in knowing that if Tyler does leave the BB game early we will see him again on CBS – Survivor, The Amazing Race or BB.

  15. danmtruth

    Have been down a LONG time

  16. Jenny


  17. Jenny

    lol sorry what I meant to say was…. I would really like to see Tyler stay in the game.

  18. AIO_7

    Feeds back.

  19. danmtruth

    feeds back it was a pick a block Sounds like Angela has POV

  20. AIO_7

    A female won, I’m not sure which one.

  21. Avatar

    YES, ANGELA WON, Ty should come off

  22. ElaineB

    Phew! (Wiping brow). Hmmmm, who will go up next??!!

  23. AIO_7

    I think it was the comp. where they keep handing down the prizes.

  24. kneeless

    Anybody figured out why they’re all pissed?

  25. danmtruth

    Not sure why they think they need to keep the alliance a secret now Trying to save a way to save face for some reason

  26. Alda

    Rockstar will be safe again.Lol Goodbye to the Queen,Hooray!!

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  28. Alda

    I hope Hayleigh will be proud of herself getting rid of one of her closest allies and bestie!!

  29. danmtruth

    Jc the spy in the house of love (pink) planting seeds Confusing Fess, Hali-ho, and RS THE GUY IS A MASTER

  30. danmtruth

    Bret is but hurt that he got stuck with a crap app because Scottie kept 5g$ Jc trying to work his magic on him

  31. Painter1

    Need to get Bay to explode so putting her up makes sense to everyone. Take a page out of Vanessa’s book. She will sit on the block and everyone will vote her out.

  32. Avatar

    Haleigh tried to get a big player out and did not make the move for anyone else but herself. While I really like Tyler I still think this is the best thing she has done all season as far as gameplay.

  33. WhereisPablo

    Well yes, it’s pretty much the only thing that she has done.

  34. AIO_7

    I haven’t seen Bayoch on the feeds since they came back.

  35. ElaineB

    I do have to say that it has been nice to see the feeds, without Bay hogging all the air space. I won’t miss her if she goes.

  36. Shivani33

    Tyler took a prize won by Brett, from what I’m hearing, a Hawaii trip. Also hearing that Tyler could’ve won this veto but chose to let Angela win it. He trusts her and he has 3 wins already, is trying to reduce his threat level. My guess is that Brett is pretending to be all pissy, as pre-arranged by his alliance, to keep fooling Bayleigh about her possible trip out of the game.

    I understand Scottie not wanting to swear on Bay’s Bible. I might stuff it down her throat if she tried that hypocritical shit with me.

  37. Avatar

    apparently Scottie is pissed at the Hive, he found out they were using him to get out Brett during his HOH, and will most likely align with L6/4

  38. Helen

    FYI. Haleigh is not good at hacking. Don’t hire her.

  39. danmtruth

    I must eat some humble pie and do 30 days in the hole for doubting Bret He was acting Plus they now have Scottie As Ice Cube would say : it’s been a good day

  40. Mr. Beardo

    Today I didn’t even have to use my AK..
    Very nice Dan!

  41. Avatar

    so is Bayleigh the target

  42. Helen

    Sometimes I wish JC would just STFU!! He is not all knowing….FFS. Your down to 11 people…you think it’s really that difficult for people to see who is working with who? Plus…I think JC flatters himself about having Fessy…Fessy has never done anything JC has told him to do so why he thinks that is beyond me…
    Oh. BTW Miss Smarty Pants Hacker….you will be the reason your BFF Bayleigh is shown the door…not only did you f up the replacement nom by putting a strong veto player OTB, you chose a poor veto replacement….
    Hope you join your friend in jury house soon…

    • Avatar

      so is bayleigh the target

      • Helen

        As far as I know…she is at the moment…but you know how things can change quickly in this game…if it slips Haleigh is hacker..who knows..she could change Angela’s mind

      • ElaineB

        They need to get Bay, her Bible, and power out da door! RS has no power (literally and figuratively).

      • Alda

        Yes,Bay is the target.They said regardless if she is the hacker or not.She has that app. and they want her gone next.

      • HappyHippo

        I think it’s a great move, not just because I can’t stand her now but the power also. Every single one of us new the second she told Rachel she f’d up….it’s been proven now.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Can you imagine Haleigh around the house this week after she realizes that her hacking was a hacked up job? Talking about chewing off her nails, hell by the end of the week that fool will have gnawed her arm off up to her elbow.

    • Sassy

      I’m not convinced they are best friends. I think Hay is intimidated by her and doesn’t necessarily like her.

      • Painter1

        Agree Sassy , think others would call her out to but fear the house would think they are the crazy one. I know I would not let her talk to me like the way she has treated her team mates?

  43. Helen

    This is just weird. No one thought twice when Scottie was HOH and gunned for veto and won…
    Now Angela feels she needs to explain herself?
    She is HOH…Tyler was never her nomination…why wouldn’t she want to take him off the block ?

  44. HappyHippo

    I can’t wait to see bays face when backdoored if that happens! Yos!

  45. danmtruth

    Sam made all the beds in the blue room Production must LOVE her the kitchen is clean lol

  46. Avatar

    I would have thought it was hysterical if Hacker Haleigh had put up Fessy to get rid of a flirtation gone bad.

  47. Avatar

    First timer (Virgin!). To start things off I love Kaycee’s game thus far. It’s hard to play possum (and sometimes after an aperitif or two to even spell possum…it’s opossum isn’t it…damn). I also like Angela’s game thus far. All the hard assholes that come in with a strong game always seem to get the boot rather quickly so I’m a bit enamored by those who lay back and use strategery (go back to the W administration) a bide their time. As for all the Machiavellian machinations of Bay, please keep her for the entertainment value plus she can never win (see Paul from last year). Off to the bar with friends.

    • Sassy

      Welcome to the board Water.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Welcome Worx! And ummm, no. At this point, I will never want to keep Bay, even for entertainment purposes. Let the devil descend back to hell..lol

      • Avatar

        I agree Kog (ya, not sure of the correct diminutive here) that she’s abusive, manipulative and just a bit hostile (but I have a bunch of older brothers so I’m used to that) but just like Rasputin, she’s going to be hard to kill. Of course, just as I’ve said that she’ll be bd’d this week. Though I despise the bd and all the ploys the producers have thought up. The core of the game is fun so, naturally, I despise all the tricks of the trade the producers employ. I’m jiust a small,town boy from Gainesville that wants to see people lie directly to each other…shit, I’m a voyeur and I can live with that.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Everybody calls me NK except AIO. He calls me Nik which is fine too 🙂

  48. danmtruth

    Long way off but Thurs could be a 6-2 vote with Bay and RS on the block and Bay bye-bye
    we can all take a breath now

  49. Mr. Beardo

    I’m loving Angela right now! She was just bidding her time and gathering intel. Like a lioness in the tall grass. I think she’s taken over fav female from KC for me.. Kitty has claws.

  50. Helen

    This bunch is obsessed with the phrase “blood on your hands”.
    Can they think of something else to say?

  51. Shivani33

    Angela is thinking over her speech for the Veto ceremony. She said it’ll be long. For now, she has the intention of letting Bayleigh have a piece of her mind about the Bible business. This pleases me. I might have a White Russian to celebrate! But he has to behave very badly.

  52. Helen

    Good grief Tyler….STFU….you got some block paranoia going on
    Angela. If your worried about it at all. Go ask DR. Bayleigh cant lie about her app

  53. Sassy

    I just have to wonder whether RHS will Act out this week. She has said several times she would throw her game to save Bay, because a black girl deserves to win this year. Will she show out or find a new cause? These damn spoiled ass white rich kids are at it again! RHS is going to be devastated next week regardless of whether she stays or goes.

    • Helen

      Will be interesting to watch for sure

    • NKogNeeTow

      If you think that’s something, wait until she finds out Bayoch comes from money. She’ll throw her back out, her hip out, her neck out. Hell, she might just go throw herself into on coming traffic…lol

      • Jay H

        I doubt it. RS will view it that they had to work hard for everything they got, unlike the spoiled rich white kids who have everything handed to them.

    • Jenny

      I would like to see a black/person of color win this game… but Bay is a jerk. I’ve been saying for years they need a more diverse cast. I was thrilled to see a Muslim in the cast this year so the idiots in this country could see an actual human who happens to be Muslim is… a person. And I like that they are casting people who happen to be gay but aren’t over the top flamboyant, which is more representative of the general population. But there is still room for improvement. I work in IT and half of my coworkers are from India. I’d love to see an Indian on the show. Come on, CBS, give us a cast that represents the diversity that makes up this country!

      • danmtruth

        Its a shame that we have to think like that I often say I have no black friends no Mexican friends no gay friend I just have friends they might be black, brown,gay, trans does not matter They are friends first Thats why I can talk and get different points of views on things Funny how on most things we are more similar Thats my thing Look for the things you have in common before you worry about something as non choice as skin color

  54. caRyn

    If Bayleigh is the next to be evicted maybe we will hear less about Chris.

  55. caRyn

    So there are 4 from one side of the house and 4 from the other side and 3 floaters. Right?! Although Sam votes with Tyler. Either side can form a new alliance with a floater and not mention to them that they are already in an alliance. That floater would be at the bottom of the new alliance and could be a cushion. Scottie might do it. It is something to consider.

  56. caRyn

    If Bayleigh is evicted next who will be the leader of that “alliance”?

  57. JayP

    “I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.”

  58. Helen

    Angela has been talking about her tv not working for two days now….she does know if she takes 5 minutes and walks down to DR and asks them to fix it that they will probably do that doesn’t she?
    I agree with Stevebeans…overthinking things will be L6 undoing…..
    Angela going to invite Bayleigh for sleepover and ask her advice….lol. Ooookkkkk

  59. Helen

    Bayleigh is going to go to bat for RS with Angela…she thinks Angela should make a big move and leave Tyler OTB and take RS down….

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hope Drifty tells her exactly what she wants to hear. Then uses the Veto on Tyler. Makes a speech to Bay like the one she made for Rachel, drops the mic and walks off.

      • Helen

        Me too! I think Drifty is smart but sometimes KayCee has to talk her off the ledge

      • danmtruth

        Bay mention her app again about changing the noms if someone they don’t want wins HOH Angela ask So if I’m put on the block will you use the power to take me down After stuttering Bay started to change the conversation and never answered the question Both Angela and KC new she ran away and ignored the question

  60. Lynn

    So I must’ve missed it, how did we find out Hayleigh was the hacker?

  61. Helen

    Omg. I just can’t with the Rocky Horror and her girls alliance again!!

  62. g8trgirl

    Ms. Thang is going to be the first one in the jury house? Oh Lord help us. You know she’s gonna makes the rules and make it out to be like it’s HER hive and all that enter after are there to wait on her. This may be the first year I DON’T want to see what goes on in the jury house.

  63. Shivani33

    Brett received a one day punishment from the latest comp called Granny Pants. Kaysheep has earned a week’s booby prize of having to eat a lot of peanut butter and must wear some kind of appropriate peanut costume. AngieRS was put on a healthy diet and has to do workouts all week. Apparently that dreadful Mr. Pectacular was hosting the comp.

  64. Helen

    I might just have to tune out until veto ceremony on Monday!! I will not stop feeling anxious until Tyler is safely off the block and Bayleigh is sitting up there next to her BFF RS…..when they all get together and start flapping their gums about a girls alliance with KayCee and Angela my anxiety will go through the roof!!

  65. Mr. Beardo

    Just got a Easy E and Straight Outta Compton reference from Sam in the kitchen to KC in the bathroom area. Manifest destiny Dan..

  66. Avatar

    No, no, no. By being the agent provocateur QueenB has actually placed herself in a fairly good position. Players fear her (yes, unjustifiably but still a reality in the house). Angela and/or Ty are the two players who won’t fall for her shtick ( yes, I’m a bit proud of myself for injecting Yiddish into the conversation) and also Kaycee but she has yet to reveal her behind the scenes presence.

  67. NKogNeeTow

    Bayleigh is in HOH trying to cut a deal with Drifty about using her app.

  68. Avatar

    so is Bay the target or no

  69. NKogNeeTow

    Now Bay is proposing to Drifty and KC that in their group, nobody is the leader. That they all just make suggestions and all agree. *This coming from someone who demanded to be cowtowed to last week* AND she is leading the conversation like she’s still in charge anyway.

    • Helen

      Angela and Kaycee are not doing themselves any favors listening to her and letting her believe they are buying the s**t she is trying to sell….all’s its going to do is cause her to be a bitter juror towards them if they make it that far…Angela just needs to shut her down and say. You know. It’s been a long day and I’ve got a lot to think about

      • NKogNeeTow

        I think they are trying to appease her so she won’t run to the DR and use her app. It’s hard to tell with this group. I do think that they are also trying to make her feel secure so she won’t spook before Veto. It will be bad enough having to listen to her once she’s nominated. Who wants to hear all that before they have to.

      • Helen

        I know she told Rachel that she had no control over veto renom and she told Others it had to be used before initial noms…don’t they know she has been declawed ? At least for this HOH…pretty much for next one too lol with hacker app

    • Helen

      Drifts…shut this fool down..please!!!!

  70. NKogNeeTow

    She(B) is trying to throw JC under the bus as a replacement now. Earlier she brought up Sam’s name then proceeded to go through everyone except the 3 in the room, Tyler, Fessy and Scottie. Then she eluded to Scottie . This chick never quits.


  71. NKogNeeTow

    OMG, Rocky had to drink protein shakes, run 1/4th mile back and forth in the yard and jump hurdles. It’s the hurdles I want to see…muahahaha

  72. NKogNeeTow

    They gave Rocky a food processor to blend her shakes in. The house is excited. They are talking about all the things they can do with it. *Sam is probably thinking of using it as a wood chipper so she can build a dam in the swimming pool*

    Sam keeps trying to use it and Production keeps calling her out. *I don’t think anybody is suppose to use it except Rocky to make her gruel*

    • WhereisPablo

      “Sam keeps trying to use it and Production keeps calling her out. *I don’t think anybody is suppose to use it except Rocky to make her gruel*

      I wish production would let them all use it (as intended of course Sam) so I don’t have to listen to them clink and clank their spoons incessantly. Are they making butter? How long does it take to dissolve powder?

  73. NKogNeeTow

    Sam is reading the ingredience to Rocky as she makes her shake. The recipe called for half a lemon. Sam had her cut it in half, pull the peel off and drop it in. Usually 1/2 a lemon means “the juice of”…lol. That drink is gonna turn her head inside out…LOL

  74. danmtruth

    Hazel is so excited about new kitchen equipment to use and clean

  75. danmtruth

    Hali-Ho made a salad with fish in it sat on the hammock with Bay and offered her some The Queen said she does not eat fish So Hali ate all the fish than gave her the salad WTF ! ! !

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  77. Helen

    Faysal talking to Haleigh in the bathroom… Faysal says he’s worried about this week and Haleigh says “We’ll Be ok this week, do you trust me, then says,

    As I scream at my iPad…..she’s delusional Faysal

  78. NKogNeeTow

    Rocky actually did pretty good running her laps. JC cheered her on, and of course Bayoch gave her directions afterward. Telling her how many times she needed to walk back and forth before sitting down and resting. She told her that if Production wakes her (R) up in the middle of the night, to wake her (B) up and she’ll come outside with her.

  79. Helen

    I want to see a conversation between KayCee and Angela to see their reactions to Bayleighs squirming speech….Haleigh seems overconfident for just having the ability to null 1 vote!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I want to hear it too Helen. They are in the kitchen now but Drifty is trying to schmooze Hazel/Sam, who is feeling sorry for herself again (poor little me, I always feel left out). Peanut (KC) is walking around in the background. I wish Hazel would take her azz to bed and let the grown folk talk (D & P).

      • Helen

        I sure as heck hope Drifty isn’t thinking of doing something as stupid as what Bayliegh,Hayleigh and Rocky are trying to sell….their alliance has been so strong..why screw it up now?

      • Helen

        I am getting a bad feeling about Angela maybe actually thinking seriously about Baleighs pitch…I don’t like it!! The more she listens the more I see her considering it..
        Tyler you best get your ass to work!!!

      • Sassy

        If she leaves Ty on the block no one will trust her from either side and she will be OTB next week.

      • WhereisPablo

        Hazel sleeps? Shocking! I’m sure there are things left to do. Now I know why she scrounged behind the HOH bed. She was shampooing the carpet.

  80. Helen

    Poor Sam….

    Angela tells Sam she hasn’t decided what she’s going to do but Sam’s not going up. Angela says the girls are trying to start an all girls alliance not including Sam. Angela says she was them (Hive girls) to feel comfortable but they are trying tostart something that didn’t work before. Angela says everyone who voted to keep Sam has her back 100% including Brett. Sam looks really upset like she will cry

  81. NKogNeeTow

    Rocky got an order over the PA system. She is to make cupcakes while curling. She goes to get the ingredients from the SR. It’s for carrot cupcakes. Bay take the items out of the basket and reads them as she’s taking them out. It is at that moment that I realized I hate her voice. She sounds like someone holding their nose while talking. Bayoch…STFU!

  82. danmtruth

    Old feeling of being pick last in school Sam is having flashbacks ” I’M NEVER ASK TO JOIN” once more Sam Rudolph never gets to play in those reindeer games

  83. NKogNeeTow

    Fessy is outside bitching to Brett. He sounds pissed because he feels he’s been played. *Maybe if he started playing the game instead of playing around, he might not get played*

    He is ranting about how everyone tells him they are voting one way then vote another without telling him. He says it shifts every week. He is steaming. It is funny. Ninja Bun still hasn’t learned his lesson yet.

    He is trying to convince Brett he isn’t the hacker, then ask him how he feels about this girl stuff.

    Meanwhile, back in the pink room, Bay and Hay are having a pow wow in the corner bed. Bay is telling her about her HOH convo.

    Damn commercial :-/

  84. Avatar

    Has anyone admitted to being the hacker yet?

  85. danmtruth

    This is more of a punishment for Hazel not being able to make the cupcakes Watching RS verify her kids must eat a lot of takeout or fast food Because she sure does not know her way around the kitchen

  86. NKogNeeTow

    Bay is bashing Sam to Hay. She just told Hay that Sam is getting on her nerves. Bay tells her that without them winning HOH, there is no power, then her evil ass pretends to read the Bible.

    Bay whispers to Hay that Sam has to go. Then she tells Hay to tell Fessy that they (B & H) are making a deal so that he won’t go up. Bay says that Hay should go up and talk to Drifty but not let her know how close the 2 of them are (B & H) or how close she (B) and Rocky are.

    Hay tells Bay how she knows she’s not a great competitor but she’s just looking for a group that she can trust. Bay then gives her her marching orders to go send Fessy in. *This bitch still thinks she’s the queen*

  87. NKogNeeTow

    Sitting here wondering why Rocky is grating the carrots by hand when she has a food processor.

  88. danmtruth

    who did not see this coming Fess and Bret power lifting and working out Bret is pumping so much smoke up Fess rectal duct Fess has forgotten all about his jealousy of Bret over Hali

  89. NKogNeeTow

    And the queen is now giving Fessy his marching orders. Feeding him what to say to Driftwood, word for word.

    Fessy was excited when HaHo told him to go talk to Bay so that she can fill him in on the plan to keep him off the block. He kissed her on the cheek and told her how sweet it was for them to look out for ya boy.

  90. Helen

    They are just relentless on Angela tonight!! And she just won’t shut them down!!
    Bayleigh back at her again…..
    And Tyler has been MIA for hours now….
    KayCee who is the voice of reason nowhere around

  91. NKogNeeTow

    Bay is HOH telling Drifty that she was reading her Bible when Fessy came running up to her and told her he was nervous about what she (D) was going to do. Drifty got pissed and asked why didn’t he come to her. Bay says she told him that she would discuss it with Drifty.

    Bay then tells her that she felt the day she came into the house and saw Drifty, she knew she would be her ride or die. Drifty tells her she felt the same way when she saw Bay. Bay tells her “it’s literally me and you”.

    Drifty tells Bay that Sam was feeling that she’s left out. They are talking about Sam now. Bay tells her that they need to figure it out (Sam) because Sam has a F2 with Tyler and one with Scottie that when she had her power, Tyler was the only one she told.

    Bay says she’s been going out of her way to be nice to Sam and she has been snippy to her. She also tells her that Tyler and Scottie has the nickname Skyler. She tells Drifty that she has her back and she can make Fessy have her back too.

    • Helen

      I need some encouragement here NK….is Drifty slipping away?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Dammit Helen I just can’t tell. If not, she’s a good actress. I’m on needles and pins. I need a drink.

      • Sassy

        She HAS to be acting. She’s to smart to ditch her alliance for a fake one. They tried the all girl thing, didn’t work. Bay has already shown, she will be more loyal (Which isn’t much) to the hive. Drifty will stick to the plan, although I’m not sure if she will or should give the intended speech.

  92. NKogNeeTow

    Bay is selling Drifty that Sam is probably America’s Favorite Player and could walk away with $40,000. Then she told her that Tyler already has a trip to Greece and $5000, She says that it just sucks that Tyler and Scottie won money and a trip. Drifty is sounding like she is starting to buy into it. *I hope it’s just an act*

    HaHo “just so happen to come in..wink wink*. Bay decides to fill her in. Bay, who has constantly lead every conversation she’s been involved in, proceeds to “fill” her in. Now B & H are tag teaming her.

    Hay raises doubts about working with Sam. Bay tells Drifty that the power is all hers *HA!* She says that she will do whatever she wants but the next HOH, she’s gunning for it. Hay is bashing the women in the house. Bay start to talk up Fessy and his loyalty again.

    I’ve got one word for Drifty: RRRUUUNNN!!!

  93. Mello_One

    After the Veto was won, Bay kept saying, “no one has spoken to me for 3 hours.” Then Bay went into the HOH room with KC & Angela, and there were long pauses of silence between conversations. Idk…but Bay knows something is up, but she still does not realize that its her they want to kick to the curb. Bay thinks they want Fessie out. If Bay is Evicted on Thursday she has no one but herself to blame.

  94. danmtruth

    Helen step away from the edge none of this is changing her mind she is more ELSA ice queen

  95. Helen

    I just can’t anymore tonight….if Drifty is so dumb that she can’t see how desperate they are then there is no hope…
    They never gave her the time of day until now….
    I’m so pissed at Tyler for not getting that veto for himself and trusting someone else to take him down I could spit

    • Sassy

      She will hold to the level 6/5/4 plan. I have no doubt, she is not falling for the BS.

    • Wizard

      I agre with you Helen. Tyler just pulled a dumbass Marcellis move by not taking the veto! Seriously Tyler, how stupid can you be?!?!? Tyler is my favorite player this season, but if he goes home this week, I won’t feel sorry for him because he made such a dumbass decision!

  96. NKogNeeTow

    Bayoch just left and HaHo is there talking to Drifty. Drifty ask her who she could work with. HaHo goes in on Tyler and how he stayed up in the HOH when BSC was there and how she believes he was part of Swaggy’s back door. She says she has a strange relationship with Scottie but she believes she can trust him.

    Drifty says that with the Hacker out there, she doesn’t want to put up her best friends. HaHo says she’s scared too *I’ll just bet she is…and she should be*.

    HaHo tells her that if she (Drifty) has to put someone up, Scottie might be the easiest, but that she believes Sam is working with Tyler and Scottie, but she believes Sam’s loyalty will go far.

    Drifty tells her that that’s what’s scary about Sam, that anything you tell her, she remembers. It stays in the cloud. They do agree that Sam is loyal and that can go a long way.

  97. danmtruth

    Angela knows that Bay and Hali both were going to send her home as soon as they could Just as she stayed calm and did not change with Rachel She is just letting these two talk To make her speech more stinging When Angela stabs you its in the front deep and hard

  98. NKogNeeTow

    I swear with all that ass smoke blowing in the HOH room it’s just as smoky tonight as it was last night. At the rate they’re going, they’re going to have to keep a fire truck parked outside the door.

  99. NKogNeeTow

    Brett just shotgunned a cupcake…lol

    Damn, KC went to bed. I was hoping she’d get a chance to talk to Drifty so we could find out what is really going on.

    These goddamn people are going to make me sign up for feeds tonight… and I need my sleep!

  100. NKogNeeTow

    And with that, BBAD is OVAH!

    Guess I’ll mosey on over to CBS and get the feeds….DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL!!!!

    Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  101. NKogNeeTow

    DAMMIT! Just signed up for feeds and immediately got fish! F*ck my life!

  102. danmtruth

    Sam is all sad Hali offered her a mask but she just wants to stay sad

  103. NKogNeeTow

    BY: HaHo is telling Fessy that she talked to Drifty and he’s not going up. She says he needs to start paying attention to her (D) and tomorrow he needs to go up and talk to her and she’ll tell him what to say.

    He says that he can’t believe that Drifty would take Tyler off, put Scottie up and send him out. He says that if Drifty did that, it would be the biggest move in BB history.

    KC comes out to do laundry and the talk stops.

  104. NKogNeeTow

    Ok, I’m confused. On cam 2, HaHo is on screen, but on the main screen, she’s in the kitchen.

  105. NKogNeeTow

    Sam is in the bedroom telling HaHo how to make cheesecake. Time to change rooms

    KC, Tyler, Brett in the kitchen eating.

    Bayoch, HaHo and Fessy in the bathroom talking. They are talking about tag teaming Drifty. HaHo told them that she told Drifty that by her changing noms, she’s going to upset 2 people but she’s going to make 6 people very happy.

    Fester calls them his little sisters and thanks them for helping him. Bayoch says she’s glad he came to them for help because she’s aware of his communication problem. He says he’s bound to mess up. Bayoch tells him she hates him but she loves him.

  106. NKogNeeTow

    SOMEBODY NEEDS TO GO UP TO THE HOH Ok, so maybe live feeds aren’t the best thing for me. I think my blood pressure is going up.

  107. danmtruth

    Monday is going to be GREAT

    I notice when Angela talks to them about being loyal and people she can trust she never mentions them just leaves it open

    with that it is 2:25 in Chicago and I need to get some small amount of sleep

  108. NKogNeeTow

    JC lying in bed looking like he’s in deep thought.

    Brett, Scottie, Tyler in kitchen eating. Brett and Tyler are talking about breakfast. Scottie is being unusually quiet.

    Fessy just went outside (HaHo is lying in the hammock). He is telling her that Drifty will be a genius if she can pull this off. He can’t believe it and is highly elated. She tells him that he can’t say a word because she doesn’t want Scottie to get nervous. He says if she makes that move that no matter who the Hacker is, she (D)will go down in BB history. *So apparently he doesn’t know that he’s actually talking to the hacker*

    Fessy says he doesn’t care who goes home, what Drifty is about to do is blowing his mind.

  109. NKogNeeTow

    Nope, Fessy has NO idea who the hacker is. He still thinks it’s Scottie, maybe Tyler.

  110. danmtruth

    I am worried about Sam she does seem to go into deep depression over little things Often just made up in her mind Angela was just trying to lay some padding for when she put her Queen on the block Angela knows Sam feels close to Bay so she just wanted to ease the blow Sam ran in another direction thinking she was going on the block Angela was stuck trying to move the conversation Sam go back place is she has no one in the house She is not loved Might be a plan but it seems awfully real

  111. SammyD

    I have two questions about this weeks eviction noms:

    1. Doesn’t Tyler have the “cloud app” to use that will save him from potential eviction?

    2. Does Tyler have the votes to stay in the BB house without using the “cloud app”?

    • Sassy

      He can’t use the app while on the block. He has to use it prior to being nominated. I believe he has the votes to stay, but I expect Angela to take him off the block.

      • danmtruth

        Our dog is a mix lab and beagle got him from a shelter Is scared to death of water will not go near the pool or lake The dog I grew up with a mutt you could not get out of the water Thats why I love your pic

  112. danmtruth

    This is whats so FRUSTRATING about the live feed All 4 feeds in one room of people sleeping While at the same time you have Sam& RS up having conversation in the kitchen GO THEIR WITH ONE PLEASE !!! Finally did

    Shoe Lover nice new profile pic

    SammyD no TY had to use the app before the noms Yes he has the votes to stay KC, Sam, Bret even Scottie and hopefully Jc He should be pulled down and Bay will go up so it should not be an issue

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