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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s the second to last Saturday inside the Big Brother house (!!!) and we’ve reached the point where I’m sitting there watching Tyler eat a bowl of cereal because it’s either that or watch Sam in the bathroom doing stuff to her face.

A random thought came to me yesterday when I was browsing my Twitter feed and saw Swaggy interviewing Baleigh’s mother for his ‘Swaleigh’ Youtube channel. That thought is – holy shit, what is Bayleigh going to go home to??

Look, everyone knows I’m not a fan of the way BB pushes showmances on us every single season. However, I do accept that they happen because they’re bound to happen when you throw a bunch of single people in a house together for 3 months. Even showmances you never thought possible end up happening the longer they stay alone.. Austin and Liz, Natalie and James, Sam and a camera. Stuff like that happens, it’s life.


The part that is crazy is when you meet someone in the house and only hang out with them for 3 weeks and they leave the BB to go to your house and basically move in with your family! Think about this for a second.. Bayleigh only knew Swaggy for 3 weeks. It will be more than 2 months since she last saw him by the time they finally reunite which is roughly 3x the length of their relationship. She’s going to go home to not only find out that he still loves her (which was expected and mostly normal), but that he’s basically moved into her parent’s house and does Youtube videos with your mom on a channel you are going to be forced to be part of.

She’s all sitting around jury house having the most relaxing summer ever thinking about things like how they’re going to handle a long distanced relationship and how soon after the show will she get to spend serious time with him and little does she know that he’s hanging around your house the past 2 months!

Disclaimer – I don’t know for certain that he’s been living there the entire time but math tells us he has been. Unless he was lying about his finances, Swaggy needed to make it through jury to be able to afford to make his move to the west coast. That means he isn’t rolling in it so the chances of him hopping on a plane to visit her family multiple times is slim but even slimmer would have been him paying for a hotel or something for the last 2 months near her parents. The only other option is that Bayleigh’s parents have footing the bill for him to keep traveling out.


  • 2:30 pm – Everyone is doing nothing
    • The biggest thing would have been the conversation JC had with Tyler earlier about plans moving forward.
    • It’s almost sad listening to him plan with Tyler because we all know what will happen yet JC is still somehow in the dark and thinks he’ll go to the finals with him
    • Sam is likely the target this week which does give JC another chance next HoH.
    • Veto is completely irrelevant this week other than to possibly switch target to JC. There is zero chance that L6 leaves this next eviction unless they flip on each other. Angela is the tiebreaker so even if JC or Sam win veto, the other is still leaving.
    • Next eviction will be the big one where JC or Sam can screw up L6 by winning HoH or veto which will guaranteed send out Tyler, Angela, or Kaycee.  We won’t even get to see that play out but we’ll likely still get spoilers and keep you updated.
  • 2:40 pm – Feeds down for irrelevant veto
  • 4:30 pm – Feeds still down. Could be face morph which could take some time
  • 6:00 pm – Still down
  • 6:40 pm – Kaycee won the PoV
    • Pretty bad move on her part if she tried hard. I know she’s competitive. I get that.  I just think people are going to realize that she’s won 4 out of 5 vetos in a row and may be considered a major threat to win this game now.
    • To be fair, fans have been calling Kaycee a winner for a few weeks now, but if she’s in the final 3 and loses HoH, either other person next to her will go down as the dumbest player in BB history if they take her to the final 2. All these comp wins and nobody in jury is pissed at her. I think she could possibly beat anyone in the house 7-2 or even 8-1
    • Which is great for her, don’t get me wrong. I’d much rather see a Kaycee win than someone like Josh or Nicole (although Nicole deserved it a bit more than Josh)
  • 8:10 pm – Sam is bundled up in the HoH room reflecting on life.

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  1. mona77450

    If Sam gets evicted this week do you think she will still tear the hinges off the doors on her way out? JC’s reaction if he gets evicted scares me as much as Sam’s.

    • Jenny

      She’ll probably use a butter knife as a screwdriver to carefully remove them from their hinges, put all of the screws and the butter knife in her bag to be used later for crafting, and tuck the doors under her arm on the way out. You know, to make a table top or some nice end tables when she gets home.

  2. Jay H

    I want to give a plug for BBJ. I spend hours and hours here during the summer, and I get so many laughs and enjoyment from it. I love all the posters here. It doesn’t feel like some faceless operated website. The people who run it are passionate and take it very seriously and maintain that it’s up to date and that people are respectful.

    With that being said, if you have the means, we should donate. The work that Steve, Mel and NKog put in is incredible and appreciated. It would be a real loss is I didn’t have this site for entertainment.

  3. Avatar

    I don’t know if the Veto is Entirely Irrelevant. I mean maybe? But Thre might be drama is Sam or Sam somehow wins? Because Angela would then have to put up someone. And that would unless one of them volunteered show who Angela was likely to final 2 with. Further if Samof JC is up there with KC you know Jc will be doing Everything in his power to get them to vote out KC, and if he brings up the fact that NO ONE can be Kc in Jury. Well there’s a snowballs chance in hell that he Might convince either angela or Tyler to vote KC out. So I think The Veto COULD be relevant. Though its unlikely.

  4. Jannie

    Holy Crap on a cracker is Bayleigh’s mom that stupid? Or fame hungry? Or what?
    I remember Bay saying that her dad was quiet and she was a firecracker like her mom. But to just let Swaggy move in…what an idiot.
    The dad is probably brain dead from years of being henpecked.
    What a freak show…

  5. AIO_7

    My avatar’s theme song …

    “The Lamb seems right out of place
    Yet the Broadway street scene finds a focus in its face
    Somehow it’s lying there
    Brings a stillness to the air”….


  6. Helen

    What would the chances be for Sam to win veto if it’s say face morph? She knows the housepets pretty well…

  7. Alda

    I would love to see JC finally win one! I would rather he win the next HOH.

  8. Apopkedave

    Kaycee wins another veto in a maze comp. Who is going to go bat sh#t crazy first, Sam or JC?

  9. LynnD

    JC goes into the HN room to wake Sam to let her know they’re all going to sit around the table and have dinner together if she would like to come join them? But no Sam is laying there and she doesn’t feel very good because apparently she is the only person who is ever been put on the Block. Boo Hoo Hoo.

    I know I sound like a bitch. I just really cannot stand Sam being the poor pitiful viictim. It’s a game and somebody has to be on the Block. Granted I haven’t watched much feeds the last 2 days but from what I’ve just seen it seems like JC’s taking it pretty well. I know he has been told he safe but I still think this is pretty good for JC

  10. LynnD

    Does anybody know what it is they cooked in are eating with the bananas? And then Casey put hot sauce on it. I’m very confused

  11. hogwild

    Kaycee could make a move here she pulls Sam or JC down the only one who can go up is Tyler she gets Sam and JC to vote with her and take him out Angela does not play in the next HOH she can take her out and go to the final three with Sam and JC she would be the favorite to win that and could beat either of them in the final.

  12. Shivani33

    Sam knows the secret about Tyler’s power app. She is easy to influence and manipulate but not useful to deploy at all. JC can still have a use, if things work out a certain way. Sam isolates herself a lot. She is an untenable ally. It makes sense to get her evicted now. One consideration is that she has made a big deal about bonding with the soon to be deceased evictee, almost every week. Twice she voted “against the house.” She is no one to chance taking further because of how many in the jury might decide to vote for her. JC can still be turned like an asp, if the need or opportunity arises before he (maybe) goes out the door next.

  13. Supmomma77

    I have been coming here for a few years now, I love reading all your comments, I look forward to coming here everyday. You are all amazing, thank you for all the laughs!!

  14. LynnD

    Sam AGAIN sitting/eating on the stairs. This is just 50 levels of crazy. It’s almost like a game just when you think Sam can’t do anything more bizarre or crazy she’s like “here hold my moonshine.

  15. NKogNeeTow


    Sam was crying while laying in her cocoon.

    Tyler, JC, Angela, and KC have a celebratory dinner of quinoa steak fajitas.

    The Fab Four clean the kitchen.

    KC and JC have a tea-totaling session at the kitchen island.

    Angela lying in HOH bed listening to music.

    Sam is now sitting on the stairs crying and talking to herself. *She KNOWS she’s going*

    Tyler in DR.

    That’s almost 2 hours of BBAD. *I’m in fear I may have a heart attack from all this excitement*

  16. jimbo

    You can’t say Tyler played a smart game and deserves to win because if your plan was to make four FINAL 2 deals, it’s a strategy that is bound to crash and burn (see Paul). Also, it was a way bad move in winning the veto in the double-eviction episode — he was in ZERO danger of being put up, and certainly never would have been voted out. So, then why win? All it did was putting a FLASHING SIGN up to Brett that he was being double-crossed by his ride-or-die Final 2 person, Tyler. So, all it did was force Tyler to be outted as a liar to Brett about the Final 2, and his STUPID “two steps ahead” speech made no sense, because Brett was with Tyler to the end! What the hell are you two steps ahead of, Tyler?! And this is somehow good gameplay? KC wins hands down in the finals, and deserves it — hardly any blood, liked, and comp wins. Brett actually was right in telling this to Tyler, but instead he flipped on him, and chose the wrong side for HIS game. Knocking KC out right then and there was the move, or Angela. But, everyone on the end will defeat Ice Queen, the hated, Angela. Tyler needs to be next to her to win.

    • FW aka CY

      I think Tyler is going with a plan that’s intentionally a bit amorphous/flexible early on, but rapidly crystalizing now. If he finally has to commit to an F2, it will be with Angela. If KC wind’s up Queen of the Mountain, it’s very likely she will take him to F2. If Angela wins final HOH, I think she’ll pick Tyler to accompany her. Same if, by a bizarrely massive spasm of kismet, Sam somehow pulls one out of the Crazy Space. Also, JC, if he were to incredibly find himself the final HOH is probably going to succumb (as it were) to Tyler’s charms a final time this summer. So Tyler’s the runner-up in almost every scenario, but has a slim chance of nabbing the ultimate prize unless he’s sitting next to Angela. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDclH7Orez8

  17. NKogNeeTow

    Sam says she feels like a panic baby dear, stuck. She’s still crying.

    She said something like “I don’t know how yall gonna make that funny because it wasn’t funny, me cursing and falling all the time”. *She must be talking about the comp*

    She says she thinks it’s hard for her in there because there are so many times she thinks she just wants to punish someone so she just punishes herself.

    She sits there mumbling something to herself and hears Tyler walking and tells him that she’s on the stairs and don’t be scared.

    She asks him if he’s going upstairs and he says no. He asks her what she’s doing and she says nothing.

    JC is in bed, in the dark, staring.

    She just sits there quietly. Like she’s listening to the sounds of the house…or non-sounds.

    She’s mumbling something about there’s no wood to chop, there’s no hay to throw, there’s no wall to beat.

    She gets called to the DR and says “You say jump, I say when can I come down”, gets up and leaves.

    Tyler’s in the bathroom picking his neck. KC is asleep. JC is still laying in the dark staring into space.

    Tyler emptying the ice tray, then putting the empty tray back in the freezer like he always does. Then goes upstairs.

    Angela is coughing a lot. She asks him if Sam is still on the stairs. He says yes. She says she’s been acting crazy all day.

    She says Sam is acting crazier than usual. She said she was making some food and talking to herself then put her head in her hands and acting like she was crying.

    She tells Tyler that she knew he was coming because she heard the freezer close then the camera move so she knew he was coming.

    Angela is mad that Sam sits on the stairs. She says she’s going to smear fish and chicken juice all over the stairs so she can’t sit there.

    She said she is going to slip and fall down the stairs one day and it will be all Sam’s fault. Then she has a coughing spasm. *See Angela, God don’t like ugly*

    They are entwined in bed in the dark again. Tyler told her that they are calling everyone to the DR tonight. She says she doesn’t want to talk, then tells him that Sam is going to go crazy in there.

    He asks her if she noticed how different things were 75 days ago until now.

    They start talking about previous HOHs, when everyone slept upstairs. She said she so didn’t want Rachel to sleep up there.

    He tells her he totally had a crush on her before she had one on him. She says she had one first. He says it doesn’t matter how it happened. She just said she’s just glad it happened.

    He said he didn’t want to get into a showmance so he decided to wait until the show was over to tell her he had a crush on her.

    JC still saying in the dark, staring. He has a very worried look on his face.

    Angela has another coughing spasm and says “Please don’t call me to the DR, I’m dying”. Tyler says “What did you do to Angela, you broke her”.

    He asks her if she swears she wasn’t sleeping (before he came up). She said no, and if she was she would rather he wake her up.

    JC is finally drifting off to sleep but he keeps fighting it.

    Angela says she can’t wait until everyone finds out about the two of them. He says it’s at the top of his list. He says JC will be pissed. She says JC and Brett.

    He says he just feels like Brett will say “I knew it”. He said Hay and Scottie are going to say the same thing.

    JC is still awake.

    Angela and Tyler think KC knows about them.

    Angela says JC is acting so much better than he was. Tyler tells her something JC said (I couldn’t make out what it was). She says that was funny and that JC is an angry little man.

    She starts coughing again and he asks if she wants some tea. She says no.

    JC still awake.

    Let me just take a moment here to say that at this point, at this very minute, I would pay Production to send Josh and RockStar into the house with the biggest pots and spoons they could find. *rolling eyes*

  18. Avatar

    Honestly I think KC winning the veto might be a smart move. IFfshe didn’t there was a chance, whoever small that JC MIGHT be able to talk Tyler and Angela into back dooring her. I mean its not likely I know, but after brett just broke ranks a lie from JC might be able to do it. Now Angela and KC are guarenteed a spot in final 4, and Kc has a chance to be HOH, so I think she’s in a good position. Kc Could make a power moved and pull down one of them, to try and get Tyler sent home. But honestly everyone left in the house loves Tyler So i don’t see that even occurring to any of them.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    Angela and Tyler wonder what the pre-jury people think about what’s going on in the house. She says she was wondering about that too.

    She says she always thought that out of everyone, she always thought Tyler knew everything that was going on in the house.

    He tells her that JC’s plan was to even out both sides of the house. She said she didn’t know that. He said that’s why JC was so mad at him because he kept trying to keep everything under control. She said she never knew that. He told her he thought she knew.

    Angela said she just thought JC was mad at him because he was in love with him. Tyler said JC was mad because JC thought Tyler was trying to even up the sides with him, plus he liked Tyler, plus Tyler put him on the block.

    Tyler said he had to fight JC a lot. She said she never knew. He said he told her. She said he didn’t.

    JC still awake.

    Tyler said JC got so mad at him, he stopped talking to him for two weeks. She said whenever she talked to JC she acted really dumb. She said then he would tell her what to do and she’s know where his head was at.

    Tyler said you had to scare JC sometimes and JC is very, very smart. Angela said he has street-smarts and he was a little schemer.

    Tyler tells her again that he told her all this. She says sometimes when he’s talking, she’s not listening because she’s busy looking at him. *I’m SO glad there is only 20 minutes left of this*

    Tyler says the moral of the story is that JC is going to punch him in the balls when he votes him out, and never talk to him again. He says he’s going to leave his first born child.

    Tyler says he wants to be the one to tell JC. Angela laughs and says the face JC’s going to make. Tyler said JC’s face is going to be so mad that his nose is going to go into his forehead.

    Tyler said JC is almost at the point where he would put Tyler up. She doesn’t believe it. Tyler says JC is furious with him and only talks to him when other people are around. Tyler says he almost wants to ask everyone to please don’t leave him alone with JC. Angela laughs and says JC is such a cute angry little man. Tyler laughs and says “Nooo”.

    She has another coughing spasm and she asks her if she’s okay. She says at one point she felt like she was tasting blood. *Bayleigh Syndrome*

    Tyler says the day JC asked Tyler if he had a crush on her was the day he arranged the Granny shirt that said “I ANGRY”. They laugh about it.

    JC still awake.

    Angela and Tyler are talking but their mics are muffled.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Alright, while we’re waiting for ANYTHING to happen, a few thoughts about the Feed Chat. I only go to 1 room so I don’t know about the others. When the feeds are slow, I just read the Chat. I don’t talk in there but I like to read and laugh at the conversations. I don’t talk in there because some of those folks are brutal. They are funny most of the time, but some are b-r-u-t-a-l!

    I was reading the Chat with people saying poor JC…poor Brett…poor Hay. Poor my ass! Everyone coming into that house had the same chance to win. Some just play better than others and some were just lucky. I don’t know about the Jurors, but the chat is pretty bitter.

    Some of the Feeders call the HG racist. That makes me wonder what group are they watching. I think some of the HG has made some off the cuff remarks but I didn’t see anything that indicated them racist. I hate it when they (Feeders) do that because it perpetuates rumors and innuendos about the HG that aren’t true.

    Some are still promoting “Footgate” saying Tyler stole that comp from Haleigh. Whether he did or not, it’s moot at this point in the game. GET OVER IT! Like it or not, she’s gone, he’s not. Some have also referred to Tyler as a drug addict, Angela as transgendered, KC as a transexual and Sam as an outpatient mental patient. Again, these are lies that can hurt one’s reputation. I don’t mind the nicknames they give them, heck, nobody does that more than me. But I don’t like it when they do hatchet jobs on their characters.

    Then there are the politicos. They come into chat and no matter what the subject, they try to steer the conversation into a political debate and get pissed when people start to mute them. Once they get started, the Chatroom erupts into a big political battlefield. That is exactly the reason why I don’t allow it here. One comment is made and this becomes an entirely different site. Noooope! The Mods there, eventually step in but by the time they do, the room has already gone to squat.

    On the lighter side, you have some Regulars there that remind me of our Regs here. They keep the witty banter going and can sometimes make the chat hysterical to read. There are times when I don’t know which makes me laugh harder, the comments or the screen names.

    Anyway…just a few thoughts while passing time. 🙂

    • Joy

      This (IMO) has been one of the best group of hg’s we have had. There was much more “racist” speak in previous seasons and I for one am glad to see very (usually by innocent mistake) little this season. As far as Tyler and “footgate”, it’s over, you could say it was “missed” but not called out. The bottom line was what he did was harder than keeping both feet on the disc. People that look for stuff like this in life will always miss the good stuff or the point.

  21. NKogNeeTow

    Sam comes out of the DR and leans against the wall in the dark at the entrance of the blue room. She then goes into the HN room and starts rummaging through her suitcase saying “Woe is me, oh woe is me”.

    She says she doesn’t know what to do then says she misses RockStar. *You and only you Sam*

    She goes into the bathroom, looks in the mirror and says it sucks, pulls out a tissue and stares at herself.

    She is having a streaming conversation with herself but you can’t hear what she’s saying.

    She’s now quietly taking off her makeup.

    The Lip Smackers look/sound like they’re falling asleep. They had a little makeout session a little while ago, complete with slurpy kissing noises and a wee bit of moaning. *I don’t think anything really sexual was going on, I just think they got caught up in the kissing*

    Sam’s brushing her teeth.

    Just checked back in on Lover’s Lane, and yep, looks like they are wrapped in each other’s arms and down for the count. *Relax yall, I mean asleep…lol*

    Tyler goes to the kitchen to get Angela more water. While he’s getting the water, he hears Sam in the bathroom. He slams the cabinet doors then goes upstairs and gives Angela her water, kisses her, tells her goodnight then leaves.

    He bypasses the bathroom and goes straight to the bedroom like he’s trying to avoid Sam. *Some of the Feeders say that he hasn’t said anything to her since the Veto comp and that’s one of the reasons she’s sad*

    He goes into the bedroom, wraps a towel around his waist and puts on 2 pairs of underwear. *???*

    Tyler has now gone to bed and only Sam is up now. She’s still in the bathroom.

    Angela is in the bed having a coughing fit.

    Nothing else going on so I’m gonna call it a night. Can’t decide whether I want to read the chat or go to bed. Either way, I’m outta here!

    Have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    p.s. – Thanks Steve, I haven’t checked my email yet 🙂

    • Edsel

      NK, I don’t know how you are able to read the chat, it scrolls too fast for me and I haven’t figured out a way to slow it down.

      As for Tyler slamming the cabinet doors, was he doing that at Sam? If so, that is passive aggressive and petty as hell. Sam has been loyal to him. He and his showmance put her on the block and are sending her packing. I’ve liked Tyler but there is no need to be a jerk.

  22. FW aka CY

    Thanks NK. Tyler has proved he is aware of the mood and intentions in the house throughout the game – and his willingness to take direct action when he thinks it’s called for. I just don’t see him taking KC to F2 if he can avoid it. I can see her honoring their F2 if she’s the one with the power, though.

    I am so grateful to find your sultry whispers wafting through the pre-dawn. I hope you are feeling well again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b1I6lroTJI

  23. delabear

    I would love to see JC work on KC to help her realize that Tyler will NEVER take her to final 2. Her only hope is to use the veto and force Angela to put up Tyler and then vote him out. If that happens, KC is pretty much guaranteed to win it all. I know she won’t do it, but JC should at least try.

    • mm22

      KC says she is there to win the money if that’s really
      true you r right-deal up with jc n remove him from
      the block – ty goes up-vote him out! Huge blindside
      Angela would be pissed n KC would have to deal
      with that n win next hoh-my guess is KC is fiercely
      loyal n won’t but if she wants the money she needs to-
      Imo Tyler will take Angela to f2

  24. mm22

    KC could tell Angela her plan is for them to go to
    F2 so Tyler had togo and deny even knowing they had a
    showmance then blindside JC cause he can’t go to the finals
    a bitter jury could give him the money so don’t chance it

  25. Nancy McNamara

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! For years of entertaining me and keeping me updated. This is my first stop every day for updates and clear, unbiased information. It is refreshing to see different opinions in a respectful, witty manner and I know I would have a riot hanging with this group if the chance presented itself. I have only joined the ranks of commenting this year because I never felt I had anything to add…you all cover everything completely!

    Plus, I realized that this year I just had to make my appreciation known by leaving my “tip”. In my defense, I tried to join this site a few years ago and had a problem with the registration process. (I’m a grandma with no young-uns around to help with techie things.) I also had a thought after I read that you are now in the black with the costs……not that NK and Mel don’t deserve it, but, maybe Steve knows of a loyal member who just may need a little help after surviving the wrath of Florence. That may be opening a can of worms that no one should have to deal with, who knows. Anyway, I trust that you will handle it appropriately. Thank you again!

  26. Avatar

    I just wanted to say thank you for the great blogs this season. I have been reading your blogs for the past few seasons, but this year is exceptionally good. I do not have time to watch the feeds, and when I do, they are usually asleep. I appreciate you keeping us up-to-date as to what is happening. It makes the show so much better. I believe this a really good year. It was a good cast. While I am a L6 fan and hope they do make it to the final 3, this is the first time would be happy if anyone won. Thank you again for the great blogs!

  27. aka beachgirl

    Am I missing something? What I’m seeing on this post, is the exact same post from Saturday afternoon. It is now Monday morning and I’m not seeing anyone else posting so that’s making me question if somehow I am missing something? Is there a thread from Sunday afternoon? And if so, where will I find it? I am confused!

  28. LynnD

    AKA there are 2 more feed updates after this one. You may have to refresh your page. Or if you go to the beginning of the comments there is a link to the next Update.

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