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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s the second to last Saturday inside the Big Brother house (!!!) and we’ve reached the point where I’m sitting there watching Tyler eat a bowl of cereal because it’s either that or watch Sam in the bathroom doing stuff to her face.

A random thought came to me yesterday when I was browsing my Twitter feed and saw Swaggy interviewing Baleigh’s mother for his ‘Swaleigh’ Youtube channel. That thought is – holy shit, what is Bayleigh going to go home to??


Look, everyone knows I’m not a fan of the way BB pushes showmances on us every single season. However, I do accept that they happen because they’re bound to happen when you throw a bunch of single people in a house together for 3 months. Even showmances you never thought possible end up happening the longer they stay alone.. Austin and Liz, Natalie and James, Sam and a camera. Stuff like that happens, it’s life.

The part that is crazy is when you meet someone in the house and only hang out with them for 3 weeks and they leave the BB to go to your house and basically move in with your family! Think about this for a second.. Bayleigh only knew Swaggy for 3 weeks. It will be more than 2 months since she last saw him by the time they finally reunite which is roughly 3x the length of their relationship. She’s going to go home to not only find out that he still loves her (which was expected and mostly normal), but that he’s basically moved into her parent’s house and does Youtube videos with your mom on a channel you are going to be forced to be part of.

She’s all sitting around jury house having the most relaxing summer ever thinking about things like how they’re going to handle a long distanced relationship and how soon after the show will she get to spend serious time with him and little does she know that he’s hanging around your house the past 2 months!

Disclaimer – I don’t know for certain that he’s been living there the entire time but math tells us he has been. Unless he was lying about his finances, Swaggy needed to make it through jury to be able to afford to make his move to the west coast. That means he isn’t rolling in it so the chances of him hopping on a plane to visit her family multiple times is slim but even slimmer would have been him paying for a hotel or something for the last 2 months near her parents. The only other option is that Bayleigh’s parents have footing the bill for him to keep traveling out.



  • 2:30 pm – Everyone is doing nothing
    • The biggest thing would have been the conversation JC had with Tyler earlier about plans moving forward.
    • It’s almost sad listening to him plan with Tyler because we all know what will happen yet JC is still somehow in the dark and thinks he’ll go to the finals with him
    • Sam is likely the target this week which does give JC another chance next HoH.
    • Veto is completely irrelevant this week other than to possibly switch target to JC. There is zero chance that L6 leaves this next eviction unless they flip on each other. Angela is the tiebreaker so even if JC or Sam win veto, the other is still leaving.
    • Next eviction will be the big one where JC or Sam can screw up L6 by winning HoH or veto which will guaranteed send out Tyler, Angela, or Kaycee.  We won’t even get to see that play out but we’ll likely still get spoilers and keep you updated.
  • 2:40 pm – Feeds down for irrelevant veto
  • 4:30 pm – Feeds still down. Could be face morph which could take some time
  • 6:00 pm – Still down
  • 6:40 pm – Kaycee won the PoV
    • Pretty bad move on her part if she tried hard. I know she’s competitive. I get that.  I just think people are going to realize that she’s won 4 out of 5 vetos in a row and may be considered a major threat to win this game now.
    • To be fair, fans have been calling Kaycee a winner for a few weeks now, but if she’s in the final 3 and loses HoH, either other person next to her will go down as the dumbest player in BB history if they take her to the final 2. All these comp wins and nobody in jury is pissed at her. I think she could possibly beat anyone in the house 7-2 or even 8-1
    • Which is great for her, don’t get me wrong. I’d much rather see a Kaycee win than someone like Josh or Nicole (although Nicole deserved it a bit more than Josh)
  • 8:10 pm – Sam is bundled up in the HoH room reflecting on life.

Update – Another amazing person donated today and told me to split the donation with Mel and NK and I feel like such an idiot for not even thinking of NK earlier. Rather than split it with them, I’m splitting it between them today and until the rest of the season (NK, return my email so I can get your PP info). Any donations you make will be split 50/50 between Mel and NK as the website is paid for at least until Celeb BB. I want to thank those two ladies and everyone else for another amazing season on this site.  Oh, and for everything donated, I’m going to match up to $100 to split between them as well!  So, get your donations in here because I want to match that full amount!  And again, NK, email me!

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