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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


I said I was going to have an update this morning, but a strange thing happened last night around 2:30 am. My power went out. No big deal, right? Well, still out this morning so I knew something was wrong. I took a ride and saw a pole down on my street and the electric company working on more down wires around the corner.  Turns out someone slammed into a pole last night and took everything out on our street. Unreal.

Once the electric company was done, the cable company had to re-wire the street which took even longer than the electric company.

That was my day. Had I known that I wouldn’t have internet until nearly 6, I would have worked this afternoon rather than watch my bank account slowly empty.  Alright, enough of my problems, time to check in on the feeds…

The biggest news of the night is that most of my original ‘cool kids‘ finally made it official with their alliance called the ‘Level 6’.  This alliance consists of:

Brett, Winston, Tyler, Angela, Rachel, and Kaycee with JC as the 7th wheel

Four of those people were on my list to align and Tyler was on my list to be a wildcard going in either direction. The biggest surprise so far is that Hay and Bay are not part of that alliance and that Kaycee is. I really thought that Faysal was going to swing with the cool kids as well but I guess stuff happened during the first week to pull him away from that group (no rumors, just my theory).


Daily reminder – Sign up for the feeds right here! You get a free week. Boom.

Updates –

  • 3:20 pm – Rachel and Kaycee are hanging out in the bathroom while Bay is hanging with the hippies near the jenga board.
    • Bayleigh and Rockstar have already synced up their periods. That is when shit gets real
    • Kaitlyn is talking about Faysal’s zits and saying he’s not so pretty any more.
  • 3:55 pm – We’ve currently hit a point in the week where the house is just anxiously waiting to go outside. I can’t wait until the backyard opens up
    • Kaitlyn does a little cam talk and says she’s intimidated by the beauty if this house but she’s doing okay
  • 4:00 pm – Backyard finally open!
    • Faysal wastes no time
  • 5:45 pm –  The house has been spending the majority of the open air time hanging out, working out, doing yoga, etc.  Game talk is at a minimum.
    • Sam made her way outside. They showed the feed through her camera which was cool to see
    • If you’re on IG, be sure to follow our dedicated Big Brother page
  • 7:10 pm – Tyler and JC playing some pool while a bunch of people are hanging around the kitchen and snacking.
  • 8:00 pm – Angela, Kaycee, and Sam are in the bathroom talking
    • Sam is trying to get some info and Angela tells her that Swaggy is anti-Sam and if they tell her otherwise they’re full of shit.
    • They (Angela and Kay) tell Sam that Swag wants to keep Steve
    • Sam is confused why they would want her out when they’re so nice to her
    • Kaycee tells Sam to apologize to Kaitlyn (for making fun of her career apparently)
    • Sam asks if she can trust Tyler and Kaycee tells her yes
    • Kaycee tells Sam that they’re trying to keep her
  • JC and Rachel enter
  • 8:15 pm – Kaitlyn is having a little talk with Sam. So weird seeing it from Sam’s PoV
    • They head into the jenga room to talk until Kait’s water boils and everyone freaks out to call her. Weird
    • Sam asks Kait what she thought of the competition yesterday. Kaitlyn bitching about the competition and how it hurt them
    • Sam bitching about the punishments. Like Faysal being forced to eat ham and her in the robot
    • I do like how Sam is actually campaigning right now to Kaitlyn. It’s good to see these people trying to play rather than throw in the towel
  • 8:50 pm – The talk continues
    • Sam is still campaigning to Kaitlyn and talking about the veto
    • She keeps asking who Kaitlyn would want to send home but Kait keeps dodging the question.
    • Sam does drag out that Kait wouldn’t mind Winston going home. They are trying to figure out who would be a better option for Sam to go up against if Steve were to be taken down
    • Sam wants someone who would be a big target and get evicted over her
    • Kaitlyn tells her that if she is evicted, she will be part of het battle back that she assumes will happen.
    • They wrap up. Sam seems to feel better about the two now
  • 9:10 pm – Steve is outside talking to Fay and Hay
    • They are realizing that Tyler is playing both sides. Uh oh
    • Fay is pretty confident that his group is better in all aspects of the game than the other side. They have the numbers, too (according to him)
    • Haleigh said out of the bros and that crew, she’d prefer Winston gone
    • Steve is saying if he wins HoH, he’ll put anyone up because he’s not a pussy

Alright, I’m tired. You’ll have to keep up in the comments with the overnight.  Hopefully nobody hits a pole tonight and I can have internet longer tomorrow.




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BB24 Michael Bruner
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