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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Night Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone! It’s an interesting day in the Big Brother house as it’s veto day and will give us a better idea on who will be the final noms come Monday.


The players picked for the veto competition were JC, Tyler, and Sam which means… well, I don’t know what it means, really. The problem is there is no real structure to the ‘other side’ of the house so you have situations where Bayleigh telling Rachel secrets she probably should have kept to herself (like revealing her power). I’ll probably create a long rambling thread on the weird dynamics of the house soon enough so I don’t want to get into it here, I’ll just say that the non-l6 side of the house is just confusing.

Because of the lack of organization, it’s really hard to say who will do what if they win. I’d assume JC would keep the noms the same, and Tyler will probably throw it if he can, but Sam would likely save Brett over Rachel if she were to use it at all. The biggest move will be if JC wins and saves one of them which all but guarantees Scottie goes on the block and likely home, but I’m just not sure JC is ready to show his cards yet – if he even has cards.

Let’s roll with some updates…

  • 5:20 pm – I had this ready to go a few hours ago but the feeds are still down
    • I figured I’d give people a new thread to discuss the show on
  • 6:22 pm – Feeds back!
    • Brett not happy
    • Tyler won the POV putting an even bigger target on his back. I wonder if he tried to throw it but failed? Makes no sense for him to try
  • 6:40 pm – Rachel is talking to Brett in the HN room
    • She thinks JC has the power because he said he did (which is against the rules)
    • Tyler comes in and says he’s happy because he thinks he was being backdoored
    • Tyler leaves, KC comes in. Brett keeps saying that Tyler has to use it even if it pisses off Bay
    • Rachel is sure that Bay won’t nominate Angela
  • 6:50 pm – Tyler and Bayleigh are up in the HoH room
    • Bayleigh is congratulating him on winning. This is going to get messy if he uses it
    • She wants him to keep the noms the same, but she knows Brett is going to want him to use it
    • Tyler says that Scottie is his only friend in this game lol
    • He is doing this so he can pretend Scottie was talking behind her back and giving secrets
    • Bay tells Tyler how Fessy lost it when she said she was considering JC for the block
  • 7:15 pm – They are still talking and Bay really wants to have an alliance with him. This is going to get ugly when he chooses a side
    • Ty hints around and asks what she’ll do if Brett has a power and saves himself (wink). She says she’ll put up Angela. Oops
  • 7:50 pm – Rockstar and Scottie talk about Tyler
    • They say how weird he is. How he doesn’t tell anyone anything. He’s like a super floater but he wins comps
    • They talk about what they would do if they won HoH
    • Rockstar says she’d put up Angela and Tyler while Scottie says Angela and Rachel
    • Scottie mentions how he’s shocked that they’d keep bashing Cody and Jess when they were gone. He never understood why
    • They were apparently making fun of Kaitlyn as soon as she left.
    • He says that for his credit, Brett wanted nothing to do with that, either. They praise how Brett is a good guy but he screwed up by going after RS
  • 8:15 pm – Scottie is up in the HoH room talking to Bay
    • Scottie tells her about RS’s plan to backdoor Tyler. She asks him how he feels and he’d like Tyler to stay around as long as possible
    • Bay confirms that she’ll likely put up Angela if the situation presents itself
    • Bay spills to Scottie that Rachel wants Scottie up.  Sounds like Angela will be the replacement nom
  • 10:20 pm – Angela and Rachel are talking
    • Rachel is telling Angela that Tyler is working with Scottie.
    • Get this – Tyler told his alliance that he was going to go praise Scottie. He did that (to Bayleigh) so well that his own ally (Rachel) believes that Tyler is with Scottie. Unreal
    • Rachel is losing it
  • Kaycee enters
    • They ask her opinion and KC backs Tyler
  • 10:50 pm – Haleigh and Rockstar are talking and Haleigh says she really wants to get Sam out soon.
    • She calls her snotty and bitchy and pops off too easy

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  1. Mr. Beardo

    Gotta be wrapping up soon. Don’t they normally cap individual timed comps at 30 mins? And say 15 mins for production to reset the game. That’s 4.5 hrs.

  2. danmtruth

    Thanks Steve With so many people having 2 people alliance these “teams” are not that set We have Bay trying to set a new group up away from FOUTE TY is in so many 2 person alliances its hard to keep track Fessy the angry inch man bun has no idea who to trust Captain Underpants is playing the same game as TY with other some of the same people Scottie is the living example of I am a rock I am an island

  3. Alda

    Over five hours now.What’s the record longest time for a VETO comp?

    • Mel

      I just posted this on the last thread because I didn’t know we had a new one. The longest running comp for the US is over 14 hours. it was in season 6 and it was the pressure cooker comp. They don’t do the ones like that anymore.

      The longest running BB comp ever was just this spring in Brazil: just under 43 hours.

      • Colby

        OMG. 43 hrs? What was the comp?

      • Mel

        They had to stand on a platform by a car. It spun around slowly. The comp was hard because they couldn’t sit down except 3 times max for 5 minutes each, no bathroom breaks, they were given something to drink at one point because they worried about dehydratuon. That’s why they stopped it.

      • Alda

        Thanks Mel.

  4. Cat Lady

    Boy the live feeds been down a long time.

  5. mm22

    I was wondering too what was the comp ? 43 hours is impressive ! Player really playin!

  6. Shivani33

    This comp is taking longer than my ugly ex-boss’s plastic surgery.

  7. Helen

    Tyler won veto

  8. kneeless

    They’re back! But who won

  9. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    This concerns me for Tyler.

  10. danmtruth

    TY won’t use it to keep Bay happy TY might see himself doing better against the women

    • Mr. Beardo

      Maybe he should just plant his flag as the alpha. I don’t think any of the other fellas can pose a threat to him.. He’s also kept his power hidden in his man bun and he’d hear it through the grapevine if he was ever on an HoH’s hitlist.

      • Helen

        Bayleigh told Rachel yesterday …Rachel hasn’t passed that part of “the secret” on to even Angela

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  12. Shivani33

    Bayleigh didn’t look happy, but what else is new?

  13. Mel

    Is everyone trying to out perform the others with dumbest moves this week?

  14. Mr. Beardo

    Brad is a joke.. Can’t win to save his life. It’s hard to root for someone who can’t perform. Fessy already painting a target on Ty’s back bc of his wins.

  15. Alda

    Tyler will use it on Brett.Damn!

  16. Yael Sara

    That’s great, she is making it to jury – I can live with that. But how about that plan to backdoor Bayleigh next week. This girl drives me nuts!

  17. Mr. Beardo

    I’ve decided that every time I post a comment I’ll give myself a . If you disagree w me tell me why. Pretty please

  18. Alda

    Psycho might be on here giving thumbs down! Lol

  19. ElaineB

    Congrats Tyler! Though I want more women to be evicted, and I definitely wanted Brett to outlast RS, I don’t see much passion, for the game, from him. Rachel has had so many ups and downs she is making me dizzy, but may be more deserving to stay. Since they are both from “the probably now defunct” L6, no need to use the veto.

    • Sassy

      I would not miss Benson if he left, but he is a number for Ty, so he’s worth keeping in that aspect. At least Rachel does enough to let us know she’s there, unlike her side kick Amelia…

  20. danmtruth

    Mr. Beardo the thumbs down troll just likes to be a [email protected] with no balls to stand up

    This is the problem with Bay she has no backup plan She felt as HOH everyone MUST do as she wants Even Martha Samert told her to plan on who she would want as a rename Advice from a person who changed her mind mid nomination To Bay-Heather anyone who disagrees with her is evil disrespectful and is now an enemy

  21. Shivani33

    Tyler has already started talking to Bayleigh about how good and wonderful Scottie is. He said that was his plan, so that Bayleigh will worry that Scottie and Tyler are too allied. If it works, he’ll lose her resistance to him using the veto, someone will become safe and Scottie will be the replacement.

    • Sassy

      I don’t think it will work. She see the house as 2 sides, and wants to even the odds.

      • Ann

        Are any of these men thinking about the fact that the men side is dwindling down? Haven’t they been warned about the possibility of there being an all girl alliance?

      • Sassy

        Yes Fessy has mentioned it several times. Brett and Ty were told by Rachel and KC about the girl alliance.

  22. ElaineB

    In a previous thread, someone mentioned that Nicole won because they were going to select a woman anyway. Is that truly the reasoning they gave? I bailed out of that season early, because it was awful, so I didn’t see the end.

    • LO1004

      Mama Da was basically the tie vote and she had said in the jury house that she would vote for Nicole so a woman can win even though she couldn’t stand her in the house.

      • Mr. Beardo

        The wife and I have been catching up on MTV’s challenge. Why on earth would they put Mama Day and Josea as vendettas and Paulie and Nat as vendettas? It shoulda def been paulie and day. Then Nat and Vic. Why was self proclaimed Jesus even on that show?!

      • ElaineB


      • Helen

        Nat and Vic were on the last one I think….

      • LO1004

        They had Natalie and Victor as vendetta’s on the previous season. I don’t think he liked the show and it seems like he didn’t want to do another season. They paired Paulie w her this year because of their fight when he told her she ‘was as fake as those things on her chest’. Jozea just came off of Champs vs. Stars. He’s just trying to stay relevant.

      • Mr. Beardo

        I read spoilers and they said Nat and Paulie claimed third place. Also Nat was fighting being outted as a bisexual all season. Good for hear. Fuck James

      • LO1004

        Yes, she made a new vendetta in Kayleigh last season. Nat had a thing w Bananas and mid season she found out he made out w Kayleigh. Well, this created drama so Kayleigh outted her on social media. She calls herself Pansexual. I don’t know.

  23. kneeless

    Good God, RS! She is admiring herself as much as Fessy. Those glasses & cap need to go!

  24. LO1004

    I don’t know how Rachel hasn’t gotten any kind of consequence for her singing yet. I’m so tired of it, she blatantly doesn’t care.

  25. danmtruth

    TY needs to walk a thin line This house is the house of a thousand flips Its a long way to the veto meeting Than even longer till Thursday Just cant wait to see what crazy they will come up with

    Bay-Heather with her never resting bitch face
    Captain Underpants with his 100 words a minute bull hockey to One inch man bun Fessy That dazes him into submission
    Martha Samert now making dream catchers out of Purple Emu’s rag bun hair extension
    these housepets have plenty of drama left in them With new twisted plans

    • Shivani33

      You just painted with words. Wowza! The inmates are running the institution again. This is going to be a long flipping week. Even Rockstar has been allowed to come out of her room, and she’s been trashing Brett and snaking her way to a Tyler backdoor. Pitching it to Scottie. People forget how close he is with Foutte (in mouth disease.)

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  27. Alda

    I read tonight that the fall season of Amazing Race will have some of our former BB players on it.Ian Terry,Rachel and Elissa Reilly,Da’Vonne and Bridgette made the cut.Shockingly,Paul,Josh,James and Corey and Caleb did not.

  28. danmtruth

    Poor lonely Maytag man Scottie is trying to explain when the double eviction is going to happen Also how it will happen Than what comps are coming and who should win Choosing themselves or Angry Inch Man Bun

    Also why has Martha Samert become Bay-Heathers personal servant Bringing up food and drinks

  29. Helen

    I just can’t with this group of women much longer…

  30. danmtruth

    Bay-Heather has her handmaidens Hay , Angela and the Purple Emu talking about the dumb boys The HOHitis of watching the spay cams is in full effect Shock of shock they see Martha Samert sitting with the boys at the dinner table having dinner and talking Oh the treachery The girls are scared she might flip Bay-Heather says she never talks game with Sam — Maury the envelope says thats a lie — They do send the Purple Emu out quick Hay just stands and stares at the TV chewing her nails The talk of the all girl alliance turns odd As Bay-Heather points out how Sam says Jc is more fem and Kaycee is more male WTF??? Bay-Heather refuses to think of a rename as she KNOWS TY won’t use the veto That is probably true he won’t but she needs to think about it

  31. Shivani33

    Three people who plan to backdoor Tyler next week and are communicating about it are Bayleigh, Scottie and Rocks. Scottie and Bayleigh solidified their personal side-alliance. Tyler has little time to change these dynamics. He’ll have a very hard time getting a rise out of Bayleigh regarding Scottie. Tyler might need to change gears.

    • Helen

      Problem is…no one is telling him…

      From jokers site…
      9:02 pm-Bayleigh tells Rachel Tyler wanted Angela up as a replacement. 9:03 pm-Bayleigh tells Rachel she will put Tyler up next week if he uses the veto
      Bayleigh is the one who told Tyler she would put up Angela when he asked her who would be her replacement nom if someone used a power to save Brett….

      • Shivani33

        Rachel is so far gone, after days of agitation, that she doesn’t have much critical thinking ability. She has a puzzle piece and needs to give it to Tyler. And that is how and when Bayleigh told her about her Power app.

      • Helen

        She told Angela and I think Brett too (Rachel did)….you would think one of them would spill the beans…but they are keeping it to themselves….Faysal also knows and as much as he is freaking out about the dwindling guys he too has been silent…

    • Helen

      Rachel is fuming in the have not room as she continues talking to herself… “f**king snake” (about Tyler)

      Not good Tyler…not good at all…

  32. Helen

    Level 6 is as good as gone…bayleighs side is as strong as ever…

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Think I’m going to turn in. I”m going to try to watch as much of this as I can and anything I miss I’ll watch in the morning. Look forward to reading all your good comments (you guys have better strategies than the people in the house). Ms.Melissa, definitely looking forward to your recap tomorrow.

    I hope Bayleigh is gone in the morning (wishful thinking). Have a good night everybody 🙂

  34. danmtruth

    Got to hand it to Bay-Heather she was push the down button on TY game Bay-Heather has used telling Rachel about her app as the proof every thing she tells her is true Now Rachel is bringing those lies down to Angela and convincing herVery bad for TY game KC is trying to be the voice of reason
    As I said these people let paranoia run wild

    • Shivani33

      I have a sense that this is going to get cleared up amongst Tyler, Kaycee, Angela and Rachel, if Tyler hears that Bayleigh deceived Rachel by throwing him under the bus. So often the plans of the HoH fail exactly because other people communicate and get the story straight. Strategically, Bayleigh tried to sow rancor between Tyler and these women. I don’t know if she can juggle as well as Tyler has proved that he can.

  35. Mr. Beardo

    I’m just hoping for a jing and jang moment at this point.

  36. Cat Lady

    Rachel & Angela are stupid. Tyler is trying to work it out to save both team members. He told Bay that Scotty was his best friend so that she would put him up and not one of his alliance members. the girls are going to screw everything up

  37. Mr. Beardo

    Watching Ty and Kaycee chatting in their matching black tank tops and top knots with bandanas made me laugh. Twin twist.

  38. Shivani33

    Tyler telling Kaycee that he doesn’t really want to use the veto. He said that he has to pretend that he’s trying, though. He told her that’s why he’s been talking up Scottie. Tyler told Kaycee that Angela needs to “calm the eff down” and that “Rachel has to STFU.

  39. Shivani33

    Also Tyler said that he’s worried that if Scottie gets evicted this week, he himself will be evicted next. Tyler is even a tad snappish. Every bit of what he’s been saying has to vary according to who else is in the conversation. So almost everything he’s doing could be an act.

    Kaycee must feel a little nonplussed, because Tyler encouraged her to beef about Scottie to HoH Bayleigh, and Kaycee carried out that mission. Bayleigh didn’t take it very well. And now Tyler is singing a different tune. After Kaycee talked on his behalf against Scottie, even though personally, she wouldn’t have done it.

  40. Shivani33

    And in like a flash, Angela and Tyler tell one another that Rachel has got to go. Angela pointed at Rachel’s bed and told Tyler that she isn’t loyal to that one, she’s loyal to him. She asked him if they have the votes to keep Brett. She tells him essentially that Rachel’s a troublemaker, and she can’t stand her anymore. Tyler told Angela that they have to keep it from Rachel all week that they’re evicting her.

    Sleeping Beauty has awakened to take her second female skull. Whenever she’s awake, she really gets around. Angela helped get rid of Kaitlyn. Now it’s Rachel’s turn. The plot keeps turning. Angela seems to be making a big move.

  41. Apopkedave

    Why do some players have a brake down when they get nominated? Do they think that they are going to get to the end of the whole game and never get put on the block?

    • Ann

      Exactly, they act like they have just gotten a jail sentence. It’s only a game, a $500k game but nonetheless a game that they signed up for. Most everybody gets put otb at one time or another unless you’re Derrick L. from season 16 & can play as flawlessly as he did. Anyway, suck it up buttercup & STFU & play the game or be a baby about it & quit & go home.

  42. danmtruth

    As a fan of BB and having seen how quickly the target and votes change It is understandable why Rachel is nervous Yes Angela is showing another side She is using TY as well as she can Keeping the Bay-Heather power app to her self till she needs to She understands that Bay has used that slip up to her advantage with Rachel
    If Rachel would just slow down and think what all that Bay has said to her She might understand she is being played by her Bay has gone to great lengths to tell her and most people she has no venom in mind The fact TY was pitching the Scottie rename to Bay and she shot it down Than she threw Angela name out their Should tell her something 1 That she sees TY and Angela as working together 2 Angela is not as safe as she thinks 3 Bay is not into the all girl alliance as she leads on
    What would happen if TY went and said he was going to use the power on Rachel Than who would Bay say was putting up The girl alliance would want a guy The only possibility’s are Angry one inch man bun Fess Her one time ride or die Captain Underpants who Bay thinks has a power app Scottie the evil lonely Maytag man who is her new partner in crime
    Stay tune to the same batshit crazy channel for more flip-flops

  43. danmtruth

    ** renom in mind **

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