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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Night Feeds

Good evening, everyone!


I hope I wasn’t missed today! With the veto comp set to be a fairly long one (2-3 hours), I decided to step away for a few hours this afternoon considering I knew the house was just going to be sitting around waiting for the comp to begin.  I didn’t realize the comp would start this late (4:30 pm) which means feeds won’t be back until possibly BBAD.

Before I begin, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far this season. It means a lot and I really appreciate it!

Back to the game – it’s a huge night for level 6 as Kaycee’s hard work of winning the PoV could be for nothing if half of the people playing end up winning the PoV. For the second week in a row, the person removed from the block was picked to play and not by the hacker which means Kaycee will join Angela, RS, and Haleigh in addition to Tyler (hacker pick) and Fessy (picked by RS).  Seeing as the veto competition is OTEV which is around 75% luck and 25% skill, anyone playing can win – even Rockstar.  Sure, if it came down to a foot race, RS has no chance, but if she gets lucky every round and finds the right answer to the question, she can win.  Less athletic people have won this competition in the past.


Personally, I wouldn’t put my money on it. I think odds are great that we’ll see Tyler or Haleigh with the veto when the feeds return, but I’m just saying don’t count anyone out quite yet.

The scenarios are pretty simple, however:

  • If RS, Fessy, or Haleigh win = RS gets taken off and KC or Tyler up
  • If Tyler, KC, or Angela win = They can use the veto but it’s irrelevant if they do. If Angela comes down, KC or Tyler go up.  Tyler can use his cloud, but then KC definitely goes up.

Pretty simple outcomes here.


Let’s get to the updates:

  • As mentioned above, feeds down for veto at 4:30. Don’t expect them back until at least 6:30 or later
  • 6:40 pm – Feeds back
    • KC and Tyler seem happy
    • Pretty sure a member of L6 won. May be Angela
    • Sounds like Tyler won
    • RS may have had a legit chance to win but screwed it up somehow
    • RS keeps walking around calling herself a fucking idiot
  • 7:00 pm – Upstairs, Haleigh is prepping to talk to Tyler
    • She is going to try to get him not to use the veto I think. Tyler doesn’t have to use the veto so he’ll probably agree to it
    • Haleigh keeps hinting to RS that she just wants to listen to music
    • Haleigh puts on her headphones anyway and RS keeps talking lol. I would snap. I hate when people talk to me when I have music on
  • RS is downstairs talking to Tyler
    • RS is pushing her “you wouldn’t have been up there if it wasn’t for me” thing to Tyler and he isn’t biting.
  • 7:15 pm – Fessy heads upstairs
    • Haleigh immediately says “why the fuck did she show him (Tyler) the answer”
    • Haleigh tells Fessy that she trusts Brett and also that she’s loosely working with her and Scottie.
    • Hay says that is the dumbest thing she’s ever seen in the history of BB (showing Tyler the answer)
  • 7:35 pm – Sam is downstairs on a high saying she feels good today. This girl bounces back and forth
    • Back to Fessy and Haleigh.  She tells him that there are times she doesn’t even trust him. He gets butthurt and leaves
  • Scottie heads upstairs
    • Haleigh is convinced that Angela and Tyler only began working together last week and only because she wanted Bayleigh out
    • Scottie points out that it could have started sooner but Haleigh is in her own world
    • Scottie believes that he’s Tyler’s #1… poor guy
    • Hay tells Scottie what she said to Fessy. Scottie says “nice move, I love the recklessness”  lol
    • Haleigh guarantees her pitch will be better than anything Angela can pitch – she took speech for 4 years. Oh boy!
    • RS is up now and she mentioned – once again – how she is not here for IG followers or a modeling career, etc, etc. This is RS’s goto line.
    • RS says “I’ve been real honest to all of you why the fuck I’m here” and Haleigh says “I know, Rock, but you need to stop because some people get offended by that. Everyone is in the house for a reason” (and she’s right. It’s SO annoying when people think their reasons for playing the game are superior because they have kids, a family, bills, a pizza delivery job, etc)
    • Haleigh’s best bet right now is to put JC up but she obviously doesn’t know that because she thinks JC is on her side
  • 8:25 pm – Mark is down, if RS goes home on Haleigh’s hoh, she’s going to self evict   (she won’t)
    • Haleigh believes Brett is in the middle with JC  lol
    • RS has left the HoH room. Going to step away from computer to take strain off eyes. Be back shortly
  • 9:00 pm – Haleigh and RS are still talking. Haleigh says she can’t trust Scottie
    • Oh, we’re back on Angela not needing the money
  • 10:00 pm – Tyler finally makes his way upstairs
    • Haleigh tells Tyler he looks cute and then does a flirt way to hand the cup of wine to him
    • RS pulls the ‘if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have the right answer’ and Haleigh says “he might”  lol what side is Haleigh on?
    • The girls mention how quickly Angela threw Rachel under the bus but then Haleigh justified her voting Bayleigh with “both of my best friends were on the block”… well, Angela had to choose between Rachel and Brett lol
    • RS is the only person to have Sam (lol)
    • The girls promise a whole 3 weeks of safety to Tyler!
    • Here is a Tyler pic because this thread is full of Haleigh
    • RS is a competitor because she’s sat on the block.  Oh
    • RS fell asleep and woke up to Angela fake giggling. RS can’t play that game.  — RS, you don’t NEED to lol
  • 11:00 pm – Haleigh is alone with her pitch which isn’t any better than it was when RS was in the room.  This is going nowhere other than Tyler gathering a TON of information for his alliance.  Haleigh is screwed

Interesting day today.  The week is not over for L6 yet but they did everything they were supposed to this weekend. The biggest challenge now is getting Sam or JC to vote out RS.  By wiping out Fessy’s vote, the vote is either going to be 5-1, 4-2 RS gone or 3-3 tie with Haleigh breaking and KC going.


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  1. Avatar

    Kaycee wins it, pulls angela off, Tyler sits on the cloud, JC(?) goes up, RS leaves

  2. Avatar

    cmon HIVE, its time level 6/5/4 took another hit. cant wait to see angela gone

  3. Wizard

    I thought I read it wasn’t OTEV for the POV comp in the comments on the last thread, so is it definitely OTEV tonight?

    I hope KC wins veto, pulls off Angela, and Ty uses his cloud. Then, Hay puts up Sam, so they can mercy vote her off.

  4. caRyn

    YouTube July 25th: JC & Sam Get Into Argument In The Kitchen – Big Brother 20 Live Feeds

    Sam is too much – poking the bear.

  5. Helen

    If Tyler wins veto poor Fessy will not be getting his bubble bath with Hayleigh tonight…Tyler will. Lol

  6. NKogNeeTow

    See, I told you my dumb ass would be commenting on the old thread….Anywhoo…..

    HeidiHo and Peabody have already told BlockStar that they are throwing the comp to her so she can win. The plan is, anything that they get, they give it to her so she can get credit for it. I asked on the last thread if this was legal but we got so carried away talking about other things, I don’t think it was answered

  7. Patty

    What’s the comp? Spelling?

  8. leafhopper

    just watched a few of the past OTEV comps on you tube and I don’t know how they would be able to throw it to RS. The problem is going to be getting back up the slide/hill. I am not sure she will be able to do it as quickly as Angela, Ty or KC.

  9. HappyHippo

    This is one comp I really enjoy watching so I’m excited to know who wins tonight but I really look forward to the cbs episode too
    Come on level 6/5/4

  10. Mel

    I read last year’s OTEV comp had the feeds down for 2.5 hrs. I don’t know for sure if that true.

  11. Shivani33

    JC , Scottie and Sam get to watch. It will be fun to watch them watching. Two of them might get carried away and maybe say too much.

  12. Wizard

    How many more weeks does Ty have to use his power?

  13. Colby

    Feeds back. HOH room not happy!

  14. Helen

    Not sure who won. Don’t see anyone wearing necklace

  15. HappyHippo

    Nobody wearing necklace who won? Angela?

  16. Yael Sara

    Yah, was Tyler. Fessy just said “if HE uses it”

  17. danmtruth

    Unconfirmed Twitter report TY won POV

  18. HappyHippo

    He was saying something about getting one wrong though…

  19. HappyHippo

    Dang he’s so modest we couldn’t even tell! I hope that’s right hell yea Tyler!

  20. danmtruth

    No smack talk by BlockStar Have a fun time drinking your wine of defeat She lost to TY on the last question How great is THAT

  21. LO1004

    The way RS is talking, sounds like Tyler won

  22. HappyHippo

    And he gets to keep his power under wraps!

  23. Avatar

    Question: Are we in Week 8? Because Tyler’s power app was good for the first 8 weeks of the game.

  24. Alda

    Blockstar is the bridesmaid again!

  25. HappyHippo

    I’m surprised she got that close

  26. Wizard

    Block Star should thank Jesse’s fitness program for that second place spot.

  27. HappyHippo

    Angela just said this episode is going to be unreal sounds like a pretty exciting comp. Cant wait to watch it

  28. Wizard

    Can Ty use his app to save KC?

  29. Mel

    Sounds like this happened: Tyler may have been knocked out in the 1st round but RS double checked an answer with him which made him realize his was wrong. Haleigh went out on that round. I’ve heard she told him but also heard he saw her answer so don’t know. I do know players don’t normally go up and down the ramp trying to get the right answers. They usually know the answers, finding the names is the challenge.

  30. danmtruth

    Blockstar is claiming 1) it was a trick question 2) she told TY he had the wrong answer
    Hay & BlockStar are thinking of ways to trick TY into using the veto on her GOOD F*CKING LUCK Now TY and BLOCKSTAR are best buddies so phony Reminding him he got an answer wrong also ?

  31. HappyHippo

    BS crying to Tyler everybody thinks I’m weak

  32. Avatar

    Seems like the best option would be to leave Angela on the block like they did Brett that one week… if they can get JC’s vote, then they have Brett, Ty, KC and JC and that is enough to send RS home.

  33. Helen

    Rockstar thinks it is a silver lining that she helped Tyler so he owes her

    Yeah he owes you Rockstar. Owes you a trip to jury house

  34. strwar1

    Fuck Yeah!!! Sorry for the language but Thank God Tyler! Now he will definitely use it to save Angela and I guess he will protect t himself by using his power app if Haleigh is stupid….ah who am I kidding sure she is smart but God her face when Tyler reveals his power app will shock her and I think Rockstar will be evicted. Lol sucks ah Haleigh. Go Tyler!! Man he is a beast comp

  35. Avatar

    Angela is a big threat. They should definitely get rid of her now if they’re smart. She will be hard to beat at the end.. time for alliances to start breaking and playing for themselves

  36. NKogNeeTow

    I just love grovelers. Three hours ago BlockStar was talking BIG shit. Now she’s talking to Tyler and borderline begging and trying to explain why she’s always OTB and others are just floaters….LOL. Sorry, after listening to all that trash talk a few hours ago, I’ve got no sympathy for you.

    Oh and she’s crying now and talking about her kids….NOOOPE! Still no sympathy. Even if he let her stay, next week she’d be talking the same crap about him like she did this week.

    I can’t WAIT to listen in on House Of Horrors tonight.


    • Avatar

      LOL love this post @NKogNeeTow

    • HappyHippo

      You’ll have to keep me posted in the comments before Mel does her recap of tonight NK cuz it’s getting late here on the east coast

    • Jenny

      I still have trouble with the fact that she left a baby at home to do this show. Last week she was crying about wanting to see pictures of her kids, and how she doesn’t know if the baby has hair, and if he does, what color it is… I feel for her but I also kind of want to smack her and tell her maybe she should have stayed home to watch that baby go through all those important milestones! I don’t have kids but I wouldn’t even be able to leave my DOG for the summer. Can’t imagine being away from a baby for that length of time.

      • HappyHippo

        There’s no way I would personally leave my kids for that long with no contact especially that young(mine are 6 & 1) they grow too fast at this age…

      • ladycobra

        The same woman who left her baby to hopefully make their lives better by winning a game is also the same woman that last week was campaigning for Bay to stay. She leaves a baby, then throws her family utb for someone she has known less than 3 months. Those kind of choices are why she hates anyone she thinks has money.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Okay, I can’t believe I’m about to say this (I’m about to partially defend her AGAIN). I think any good parent wouldn’t want to leave their child, especially if it was a small one. That being said, I’m trying to look at it from her perspective. In other words, what reason would she have to leave her small children. The answer is money. As much shit as she talks, we don’t really know what her financial situation is. Does she get child support? If so, how much? Is it enough to take care of 3 or 4 kids? $500K isn’t a lot of money after taxes, but more than likely it’s way more than what she had. Whatever the net amount is, it might be more than she makes in a year or 2 or 3 maybe. I’m sure it will afford her the ability to do more for her children as well as herself.

        Then playing devil’s advocate, she could have just wanted to get away from a house full of screaming kids. Or wanted a mini vacation or just wanted the experience of being on TV (she did say that the exposure would be good for her social media and possibly her career…whatever that is).

        I’m not pissed at her because she left her kids. That’s something she has to live with, not me. She won’t walk away with $500K, at least she’ll walk away with something. I just hope it was worth it.

      • LO1004

        Agree w NK. I’ve said it before, we can’t judge her for taking this opportunity. I know I wouldn’t pass up a shot to be on BB. The exposure will surely help her after the show and the child is so young, he won’t remember her being gone.

        I understand not all mother’s would do this, but we have no idea what her situation is. I know people who have to work multiple jobs to get by and never see their kids. It’s no different.

      • Jenny

        No, I get it. I’ve been broke and I know how desperate that feels. And I realized after I posted that, there are so many people in the military who have to leave their children for extended periods of time… so you’re right, I shouldn’t judge.

      • HappyHippo

        Oh definitely not judging those that do, just saying I couldn’t 🙂

    • ElaineB

      Am right there with you NK……#NEVER CARED. Suck it up, Buttercup!

    • Avatar

      If she goes, she won’t be on the block anymore lol

  37. HappyHippo

    Oh man Brett is pumped about making his RS goodbye message smh

  38. Avatar

    Does the house know Kc is the Hacker?

  39. HappyHippo

    Brett Angela and kc talking saying pull Angela down and RS goes home on hays watch

  40. ladycobra

    If JC continues his thoughts that the sides should be even then he should go along with voting out RS. From JC’s view the sides should look like this…RS, Hay, Fess, Scottie, Bret other side KC, Ty and Ang Sam and himself in the middle. Even if he sees Bret in the middle the Hive still has 4 to L/4/5/6 3. Voting out RS evens up the playing field.

  41. danmtruth

    Hay and Fess done with BLOCKSTAR Hay does not want her up in the HOH all week They think Jc will vote to keep to keep BLOOCKSTAR Scottie they STILL don’t trust But she trust BRET Theres that FOUTTE / HIVE THINKING

  42. HappyHippo

    Hays telling Fessy Brett’s working with her lol delusional!

  43. Jay H

    Anybody know why some of the houseguests drink out of weird containers? Tyler drinks out of a peanut butter jar. Someone drinks out of an old vegetable oil jar. Looks like KC is drinking out of a peanut jar…

  44. Jay H

    I wonder why RS doesn’t wear her glasses that often. They’re very flattering on her and are sooooooooo cool.

  45. Helen

    Haleigh says Tyler pinky swore if he won hacker/POV he would do what she says. Haleigh promised not to nom or BD him. Faysal doesn’t think he will honor it

    I believe what Tyler actually said he would do what is best…

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Guess there will be no slap and tickle going on in the House Of Horrors tonight.

    Meanwhile the fool on the hill (HeidiHo) is telling Messy Fessy that she’s going to talk to Tyler to try to save BlockStar…My favorite line for them: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    She asks Messy Fessy who she should put up next to Blocky. He’s so mad about something stupid Blocky did, not once but twice, that he can’t even answer her. He says now she’s going to be up there (HOH) all week. Heidi tells him she’s not going to let her. *Ahhh what a friend*

    She still thinks Brett is going to vote her way, but she doesn’t know about Peabody (Scottie). She says Sybil will vote to keep Blocky.

    She wants to put KC up. He tells her to do it. Then she says “But what if she has a power and she uses it and I have to renom someone else anyway. He tells her to not worry about it, just do it.

    He says that the good news is Tyler won another comp which is 5 now, so he goes up next week.

    They go through who she can put up. She says the only people left are the ones on their side (LOL). He asks what about Brett? She says no because Brett is working with her. He says angerly “What does THAT mean he’s working with you”? She says he likes her. He is clearly frustrated by this.

    She says that Blocky made the dumbest f*cking blunder in BB history and it’s embarrassing. He says it was just stupid. They said she (RS) told Tyler the right answer (LOLOLOLOL). He said Blocky showed something to Tyler and asked him “Is this what you got”? Tyler said “Shoot, oh no”, then ran back and got the right answer that Blocky just showed him(LOLOLOLOLOL).

    She keeps saying that she doesn’t want Blocky up there because she doesn’t want to listen to her complain.
    She starts to tell him something that Scottie told her. It pisses him off (he doesn’t trust Scottie and starting not to like him).

    In the middle of all this, he asks her “Can we still have fun this week”? *This horny little toad never gives up!
    She tells him Noooo, my best friend is leaving this week. *The same friend she just trashed and said she didn’t want up in the room so she won’t have to hear her complain* Again…AHAHAHAHAHAHA

    They begin their nightly bickering ritual. She says she’s going to tell Blocky that she wants to sleep by herself tonight. She says that if there is anything she wants to get out of her HOH is her alone time. She says that she told Blocky last night that she wanted to sleep alone and she was called to the DR and when she came back Blocky was in her bed. *This is partially true, Blocky did come up and get in the bed while she was in the DR, BUT, she’s the one who told her that she could come up there and sleep whenever she wanted to. In fact she told her the other night that she expected her to come up there and stay with her.

    MF said that he’d put Scottie up (lol). She almost blows a gasket.

    Okay, I need at least a 5 minute break from talking about them.

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, the bloom is off the rose. Heidi told Fess that she didn’t trust him and he jumped up and stormed out the door. She kept saying “Come here”, like she’s calling a dog. He does NOT come back.

    NOW…5 minute HeidiHo/Messy Fessy break!

  48. caRyn

    Where is Sam? Has she made this about herself yet?

  49. Avatar

    Ty saves Angela, KC goes up, JC and Kaycee are pretty close iirc, and better for JC’s game

    RS is gone

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Well that didn’t take long, HeidiHo just threw Messy Fessy under the bus to Peabody. She just told him how when they were going through who to put up, MF told her to put Scottie up. She said she told him no. She said it’s not that MF doesn’t like him, it’s just that he doesn’t trust him. Scottie says MF doesn’t trust anybody. She orders Peabody to FIX his relationship with MF.

    Peabody says if he wins HOH next week he is putting JC up. They are trashing JC now. They say that he has too much power over MF.

    She tells Peabody that she just told MF that she doesn’t trust him and he left mad and probably won’t talk to her for the rest of the week and she doesn’t care. Peabody says she’s badass.

    She is whining to Peabody that next week everybody is coming after her. *He just got catched, as they say in the islands* He now feels like he is her protector (which is EXACTLY what she was trying to accomplish).

    Let’s face it, the female alliance wasn’t the maneaters, this chick is! I don’t know if its because she’s only use to handling college boys and the mentality of some of them in the house is college level or below, but she honestly and truly thinks she has a certain power over men. This could only happen in the BB house because in the real world, a real man would chew her ass up, spit her out and have her crying like a baby 24/7. The men in this house are giving her a false sense of security. Too bad, this is not helping her, but will only hurt her in the future.

  51. ladycobra

    When you think the smart ones in HOH can be more clueless they are. They now think Tyler will use the veto on RS, KC has a power and she will use it if she is put back on the block. They know KC is the hacker and the reason she picked Tyler to play veto is because she has the power and is not afraid to go back on the block. WOW WOW

  52. Jay H

    Watching Hay, Scottie and RS formulate plans in the HOH, and I’m having a tough time paying attention because I’m so focused on RS digging at her toes the whole time.

  53. HappyHippo

    Hay “if my best friend leaves on my hoh I’m self evicting” ok if you say so gonna hold you to it!

  54. NKogNeeTow

    Now the crazy bitch wants to get Tyler liquored up before she talks to him, then try to make a deal with him. She’s telling Blocky and Peabody that if he takes that deal, she promises not to go after him for the whole summer. *And he should believe her why? She lies just as much if not more than Bay*

    Oh, and she also plans to try to turn Tyler against Angela by telling him that Angela just latched onto him 2 weeks ago and she has never trusted Tyler. *Good luck with that one Toots*

    She just told Blocky that if she loses her this week on her HOH, she’s going to self-evict. *I don’t believe you. I DARE YOU!*

  55. Seattle Kari

    MF? Peabody?

    Either I am a complete dumbass (probably) or I missed more nicknames..

  56. Patty

    I always have wondered if the poeple on these shows (Bayleigh & RS) ever realize that the majority of America disposed them… or if they are just oblivious to it after the get kicked off.

  57. Painter1

    So wiyh all the talk about Hay/Fess/ Block I was wondering hoe Angela is dealing with the Ty win and what is L 6/5/4 planning to do? You all are my live feeds LOL THANKS BTW.

  58. danmtruth

    Now Hay is giving advice to BlockStar blind leading the blind
    BlockStar does not understand why people don’t talk to her Well back up a few hours when you shit on everyone in the house The fact from the start your whole Foutte group did not want to talk to anyone else in the house You shit on people ALL the time

  59. Avatar

    Watching BBAD now. Just two days after Bay’s eviction, RS is back FYI using her normal voice. It will be really bad next week when the only person she has to talk to for a whole week is Bay, though!

  60. danmtruth

    Next Hay said you have 2 kids
    blockStar: 3 kids
    Hay: well actually 4
    what friends to have

  61. Helen

    Rockstar & Haleigh- Angela has money, a diamond necklace, drives a Range Rover, etc doesn’t really need the money while Rockstar came here because she has a family & needs the money

    I am so sick of her whining about this!!

  62. Yael Sara

    Are RS and Hay hearing themselves speak

  63. Yael Sara

    Why is Hay still sitting in that bath water? Is she that drunk?

  64. Helen

    Scottie has his marching orders for the week…don’t let Tyler out of your sight…lol. They already know your a traitor to their alliance Scottie…they have already discussed their plan …

  65. danmtruth

    Is it me or do I find it oddly funny to hear Hay MotherF*cking the hacker Bitch you were the hacker last week and so happy

    Will Peabody try to slink back to TY and L6 Giving them all the info that he can lol

    Back to the high ground that the Bay vote was because she was black

  66. NKogNeeTow

    JC sitting there eating that apple, reminds me of Mango on Saturday Night Live. I believe he was played by Chris Kattan. I you get the chance, check it out on YouTube.

  67. Shivani33

    Haleigh: Here I am naked and slightly schnockered in a bathtub full of blue 1,000 Flushes. Where are all the men?

  68. Avatar

    I couldn’t understand any of the Ty Brett conversation

  69. Helen

    RS and an intoxicated water rat doubling teaming Tyler in HOH….

  70. danmtruth

    Hay is drunk and screwing up BlockStars pitch These two are pathetic They have no clue to what is going on in this house and who is working with who TY is strong to not break out and laugh Spilling every thing

  71. Colby

    Blockstar is screwing up her own pitch. Making fun of KC and Angela is not an appealing pitch.

  72. Yael Sara

    Listening to the seduction in which Hay and RS are attempting with Ty is so hard to watch but I just can’t turn it off. It’s not just math that RS isn’t so great at.

    I am also even more impressed by Ty in watching this conversation. His containment in his responses is pretty well played. He feeds so well into them hearing what they want to hear while at the same time not joining in on the let’s bash and agree on their opinions

  73. Helen

    I hope Tyler uses that little bit that Hayleigh just gave him. She thinks Kaycee has an app to save herself if Angela comes off the block…Tyler could run with that one…

  74. danmtruth

    TY is going to have a great laugh after he leaves these two As they trash all the things Angela did Which are the things he helped plan out

  75. Avatar

    I like how they named everyone they are working with offering him safety, nut I think Tyler knew already.

  76. NKogNeeTow

    Tyler, Heidi and Block Star in the HOH bathroom talking. They are tag teaming him big time and he knows it. I don’t even know how he can sit there so long with a straight face. I would have searched for a window and flung myself out of it by now. The 2 banchees are driving an 18 wheeler back and forth over Angela. Block Star aka Pennywise is sitting there with this ridiculously stupid look on her face, co-signing everything Heidi is telling him. Then she (BS) has the NERVE to say “I’m on the block because there are a few floaters here who nobody puts up. I’m gonna put them on the block”. *Said the woman who can’t even sneak up on an HOH*

    Tyler is TRAPPED! He must be a saint, because who else could put up with this bullsh!t? Oh that’s right, his partner in crime, Angela…lol

    Hay should have stopped drinking hours ago. She has promised Tyler everything short of her first born child, which I expect to come up pretty soon. She’s all shits and giggles. Giddy with the fact that she thinks her bull is going over on him. Although I live for these moments, I need a break from looking at these 2 annoying women. Time for a snack.

  77. danmtruth

    Before TY came up Hay & RS were discussing who to put up as have nots UMMMM that ended This is so entertaining

    If one of them stays in the game they are coming after me -Hay UUMMMM Only one leaves and the OTHER stays

  78. danmtruth

    BlockStar is getting mad that the drunk rat keeps interrupting her speech

  79. Colby

    He is getting so much info out of this conversation it is laughable.

  80. Shivani33

    How can Haleigh and. RS be so out of tune? RS making dead on arrival bargaining noises with zero to offer. The two of them making insulting remarks about Angela to Tyler. If there’s a wrong way to go, Haleigh and RS leap on it. This is one of the funniest HoH dialogues ever.

  81. Colby

    Tyler really needs to leave the room soon. I don’t think any more smoke will fit up his ass, even if some of it is second hand smoke since they keep repeating themselves.

  82. Helen

    Scottie and Brett talking:

    Scottie says if Tyler does what Haleigh wants, he is safe, if he doesn’t (Scottie makes a popping noise)

  83. danmtruth

    Now haho digging a deeper hole TY Keeps bring up who was the hacker last week As she keeps saying he is not her target Than why did you put mr up last week

  84. NKogNeeTow

    Like I said last night, the one common denominator in every stupid ass argument in the house involves Heidi Ho.

  85. danmtruth

    What people is she thinking she can deliver to him this is great
    It is interesting that Hay & RS saying how Sam is now working with them yet has not told them of his power Lets see if TY talks to Sam and say how RS was laughing at her
    Hay trying to say she put him up last week thinking he would take himself down

  86. NKogNeeTow

    Scottie’s butt is going out the door next. And the irony of it will be that in spite of him being a # for the Hive, Messy Fessy would vote him out….twice if he could…lol

  87. danmtruth

    Hay just does not listen and think Hay was saying it piss her off that Angela said she had to get Bay because she had a power How lame is that It just tells me she need any excuse to get Bay TY was well that power is a big thing Hay was yeh well so ,,,, This girl is CLUELESS

  88. Helen

    Get the h*ll out of there Ty….enough…

  89. danmtruth

    OH God now Fess with the drunk rat in the tub She just smiles and bats her eyes This guy is CLUELESS and PATHETIC She is having so much fun because she now has her pretty plaything

  90. Yael Sara

    So do we think rockstar can hear what Angela and Ty are saying as she is hiding in the pink bed trying to listen to their conversation in the blue bed

  91. Helen

    RS in PR eavesdropping on Tyler and Angela talking….I think she’s hearing a lot of what they are saying

    • Sassy

      She at least heard some of it as she told Hay she heard them say hacker, KC, and something else, giggles, went under the covers, giggles…

      Ty and RHS having an awkward conversation in Jenga room.

  92. Helen

    RS now has Ty in Geo room….good lord..how much abuse can this guy take in a night?

  93. Avatar

    How long can you stay in the bathtub.

  94. danmtruth

    went running up to Hay and cock block Fess A new nickname for her lol

    Hay and Fess STILL cant figure out who flipped the vote EVERY WEEK the same question Why do they keep bring up things that happened weeks ago
    NK MEL god love you if you can get thru this Not to mention RS telling TY that its good we don’t blow smoke up each others ass

    • NKogNeeTow

      Dan I got so bored watching those 2 idiots that I dozed off, woke up and he was on top of her. Dozed off again and woke up to Tyler, Angela, Brett and KC talking in the bedroom, Sam walks in and they all they all put pillows over their heads and pretend to be asleep, except KC who is sitting ackwardly in a chair across from the bed. Now that was too funny.

  95. danmtruth

    Fess on top of Hay pinning her to the bed going in for the big kiss Nope he brings stuff weeks ago aaand the moments gone Still trying rolls off this guy is 10 years old

  96. danmtruth

    CockBlock BlockStar back up with Fess & HaHo laughing that they were so good TY was buying there story BlockStar is so happy that TY said they have nothing to offer like you did He is not falling for Angela giggling at him Laughing what a dumb ass TY is As they pat themselves thinking they have him

  97. Sassy

    Hay keeps saying, she wants the opportunity to show him that she is not coming after him, he is not the enemy, and he can trust her. He should just say, then when I take Angela down, put MF up. I’ll keep him safe and then I’ll trust you.

  98. Sassy

    RHS was willing to go to jury last week to save Bay, her best friend. So why isn’t she excited to leave this week to spend time with Bay?

  99. Sassy

    When the time comes for the comp that players have to guess the day things happened, MF will kill that comp!

  100. NKogNeeTow

    The backyard opened about 30 minutes ago. Messy Fessy looked in the washer or dryer for some reason, and found gray crew neck tee shirts for each of them, with their names on them. He brought the shirts inside and started handing them out and everybody in the house got excited and we got FISH and feeds have been down every since.

    One reaction that tickles me everytime is the Live Feed Chat. Most of the time it moves along fairly well (still a little fast for me most of the time). When something happens Chat explodes and all of a sudden the chat is out of control and rolling at a pace impossible to read. The burst will usually last a few minutes then they finally calm down. They lost their minds when MF found the shirts, and I was once again able to get my jollies laughing at them. I’m not telling you this in reference to anything. It’s just a random thought.

    And since the feeds are still down, I’m gonna thought my ass right to bed. Madame Mel will give us all the good stuff tomorrow. Que the National Anthem, flying military tribute, wave the flag as I march off to bed like a good little soldier.

    Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  101. kneeless

    Watching BBAD, glad I read comments & knew what I was in for. Haho not only has a case of HOHitis but she has a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth.

  102. AIO_7

    If I were Tyler I might try to make a deal with Haho to take down Angelica and put up Martha. That would be a good compromise and Haho could keep Blockbuster.

  103. danmtruth

    AIO don’t deprive me from seeing my favorite Thursday moment The HIVE’S version of the steps of grief 1) Shock not sure what just happened 2) horror 3) anger at the other side 4) anger at each other accuse each other of flipping 5) blame Scottie

  104. Ann

    I can’t wait to see JC’s little ass otb.

  105. Yael Sara

    Well I fell asleep with the live feeds on. When I woke up around 2:30a pst, the tv didn’t time out and woke up to see Fessy and Hay making out. I went back to bed, not sure they did

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