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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Night Spoilers

Good evening, everyone!


Sorry about taking so long to update today. The feeds were down for a big chunk of the day for the PoV competition, so I went out for a bit.

Not a lot went on this afternoon other than Swaggy raging because he couldn’t host the PoV competition. He said if he’s given the power next week, he doesn’t want it. He’s upset he’s not the most popular person in the world right now basically.

Regarding the house, I don’t expect much drama until Monday afternoon when Kaitlyn is forced to play her cards. She started her backdoor plan, so she’s either going to be forced to put up her target (Swaggy) which will piss off that side of the house, or she’ll back out and put someone else up which will piss off the Tyler side. There is always the remote chance that the veto won’t be used.


Rachel, Faysal, and Tyler were picked to play along with Winston, Scottie, and Kaitlyn. That is good news for drama as only one person (Faysal) likely wouldn’t use the veto. The others will either certainly use it or can be talked into using it, so get ready for that.  I’m going to stop rambling here and post some updates…


  • 6:00 pm – Feeds have been down for about 3+ hours now for the PoV competition
  • 6:30 pm – Feeds still down. Running an errand, be back in about an hour!
  • 8:00 pm – I’m back and feeds are as well.
    • Tyler won the PoV!
  • Kaitlyn and Fezzy are in the HoH room together
    • He asks her what she wants and she said she is going to tell Tyler to use the POV on Scottie
    • She says she’ll probably put up Angela. Oh boy, Monday should be good
  • 8:45 pm – Tyler tells Kaitlyn that he feels bad about kicking out Swaggy because he likes him but that’s the game
    • Kaitlyn says “technically I’m going to be the one to break the alliance, sure, but he broke it the second he joined an alliance with me”  what??
  • 9:00 pm – Winston is having a small breakdown in the Jenga room
    • He is upset that nobody really said anything to him after noms .They all went up to Scottie
  • 9:30 pm – Angie is talking to Fezzy about how neither of them trust Tyler
    • She says he has to go home because he’s a comp beast
  • 10:25 pm – Winston is talking to Angela telling her how he’s not comfortable being a pawn

Check back soon


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  1. Avatar

    I really hope that Braggy gets out, he is acting like a mixture of Paul(Control Freak), and Frankie(Mr.WannaBePopular), and Raven(Bratty)

  2. Helen

    I think the longest time feeds were down for a POV was close to 8 hours

  3. danmtruth

    Is it me or have the house guest this season been covering or just plain not wearing there mike I have seen them cover the microphone with a hand Cover it with a blanket or clothes It’s bad enough with the whispering

  4. HappyHippo

    My live feeds aren’t back on, how do you know Fessy got it?

  5. Helen

    My wishful thinking is Scottie won POV

  6. Alda

    Listen,It came up on another BB site that Faysal won POV.Now,I checked back and they said administration took it down!I am so sorry for sharing this “fake”news!

  7. hogwild

    Has braggy ever seen BB before? He seems to be going out of his way to put a target on his back the size of a battleship.

    • Avatar

      he say’s he has been watching since season 8

      • hogwild

        Then he must be modeling his game after some of the dumber players who have played he’s doing everything but daring someone to put him on the block.

      • Colby

        He is trying to be like Paul.
        I went and looked at his bio and Paul is his favorite player. He thinks he was the best of all time. Even better than Dick, Dan, Derrick, and Rachael.

      • hogwild

        Few things he should remember about Paul first he didn’t win BB either time he played though he probably should have won 18 over Nicole second braggy is not playing with a cast as dumb as Paul had in BB 19 which he still managed to lose. He would have been better advised to play his own game instead of trying recycle Paul’s.

      • Ann

        Has someone informed him yet that just because he has Swaggy C ironed across every single t-shift he wears dont make it so. He’s still Chris, Asshole, major jerk., so full of himself thinking he’s the next best thing to electricity being invented.
        ThaT girlfriend of his is no better. I don’t care how much how she pouts & pretend to feel sorry for herself. All that crap is is self acclimation. She just needs too hear it from someone else, probably several times a day.

    • HappyHippo

      I think he’s just that full of himself. In real life and the BB house, he’s just too dumb to realize it will only hurt his social game. I mean he came with shirts already made..
      Sadly it looks like I have to go to bed before the feeds even come back on. Ugh for long competitions. Will check yalls updates in the morning.

    • Mel

      I think his strategy is to be so intimidating that ppl will be afraid to make such a big move and put him otb. I get the idea behind it but it isn’t going to work. Remember, he’s a Paul fan and that’s what happened in a way last year. He doesn’t realize it was a different dynamic last year and Paul also played with mostly morons.

  8. Helen

    Thinking it must be an individual timed comp….after 30 minutes they time out…best time wins POV…those always take forever because they have to reset everything in between each player

  9. HappyHippo

    Checked one more time before calling it quits….Tyler won!

  10. Yael Sara

    If the votes are in fact there, I think the plan that Tyler is considering is best for his game. (and i’m team tyler, so…) If he takes down Winston, it unfortunately reveals Tylers game and he loses a lot of the other sides information that helps. But if he takes down Scottie, which shows allegiance to the other side but in plan to put up Swaggy and have those numbers to vote Swaggy out. Love that plan!

    • Helen

      Me too. They easily have the votes to take Chris out this week but Psycho Chakra is already trying to weasel out of it. I just don’t see her doing it….

      • Yael Sara

        As long as she doesn’t seek other peoples thoughts on what she may do then I think she will go for it. As either way Ty will use the POV and Chakra will not have had anyone else in her ear to think to put any other replacement up besides Chris. (fingers crossed)

  11. Helen

    Originally she told Faysal she was going to put up Angela as a replacement…when Scottie came off the block. So we will see…it will be a big mistake on her part because Chris already said he is putting her up next week if he gets HOH…..people do this every year. They are afraid to make a move early and take out the threats when they can…Cody last year was an exception and I think that’s why a lot of people liked him. He wasn’t afraid to make his moves…

  12. Helen

    In HOH Fessy having private convo with Kait. She lies to him telling him she’s going to take down Scot (truth) & probably put up Angela

    I don’t think she is lying about putting up Angela….

    • Sassy

      It would not be a smart move for Tyler to take Scottie off the block. He will lose the confidence of his alliance, and the other side doesn’t trust him already. If Chakura puts up Angela, the level 6 will tell her secrets and betrayal that she has been able to keep secret this week. She’s really screwed either way, she’s bottom of the barrel for both sides… I can see why she would put up Angela or Rachel because they are so rude to the other girls, but for her game, she needs to make a decision and stick to it.

  13. danmtruth

    When Chakra was talking to Faysel She said it might be Angela The name they all want The conversation changed and Faysel walked into a trap Saying Kaytlin was his number one Even tho Swaggy was his boy he knew Swaggy would pick Bey over him Quickly Charms said so I’m your number one only because Swaggy has someone else right now He tried back tracking saying Charms hD Tylor now She was not letting him off I do think she might put Swaggy up Looking at 7 votes Tylor, Rachel, Angela, Jc, , Sam, Kaycee , Bret So go for it

    • Sassy

      It would make for a great few days if she did. The house would be in chaos and Swaggy will not go out quietly! But if he’s against Winston, it might be a close call. He isn’t very nice to Sam and she or JC could go the other direction.

  14. Sassy

    If Tyler takes Scottie off the block, he will need to quickly form his own group of misfits because neither alliance will be loyal to him.

    • Colby

      I’m pretty sure he has told L6 that he is taking Scottie off, hoping to pull him to their side.

      • Sassy

        Bad idea! Put 2 people from their side up and 1 is guaranteed to go home. Most people prefer Scottie over Swaggy. But Swaggy v. Winston can go either direction. Pawns do go home.

      • Sassy

        I don’t care if Winston goes home, I don’t like him or Swaggy, but I love Tyler. I just think it’s bad for his game.

      • Colby

        I agree. I think he is still trying to play both sides, but they are on to him, he just doesn’t know it yet. It is gonna bite him in the butt if he is not careful.

  15. LO1004

    It sounds like Cody and Jess hosted the Veto. The house keeps talking about them.

  16. Shivani33

    Kaitlyn said that Cody and Jessica didn’t like her during the veto comp. She said when she spoke, Cody just stared at her. Of course he did.

  17. Shivani33

    She also said to one of her houseboys or Tyler, “you’re like my forever.” I started singing lalalalala rather loudly and tapdanced away from the screen lickety-split.

  18. Yael Sara

    It just struck me how much I am not a fan of Haleigh.

  19. Helen

    I sure wish someone would leak the advantage….you would think if it was something good Tyler (if he has it) would hint around it to Psycho Chick to reassure her.
    It just may be that this weeks advantage was something lame…like you can’t be made a have not…(which I think might be the upgrade app)
    It’s gonna drive me crazy….where’s a good spoiler when you need it!!!

  20. danmtruth

    Bret must have some magic fingers Is there any women he has NOT given a massage to Doing Kaytlin now

  21. danmtruth

    Funny Faysel and Rainbow bright mommy are talking They do not like Tylor Saying if he does not take Scottie off the block It would just show how shady Tylor is for telling him he would use the veto on Scottie and than not do it Strange isn’t that what Faysel do to Steve The other thing is Faysel and Rainbow mom STILL think Tylor and Katlyn are with them

  22. Mel

    It’s a little ironic that last week Kaitlyn didn’t need to do what she did by flipping but did it anyway. This week, she actually needs to do it but she could back out.

    • HappyHippo

      She’s too off the wall and unpredictable. To have only had one eviction a few of these players are starting to show too many of their cards too early. I really hope Tyler looses Kaitlyn, I think she won’t help his game at all. Loose lips, starting to really dislike her!

  23. Seattle Kari

    Nothing like an immature little hissy fit when you’re not getting enough attention. Grow up BRAGGY!

  24. Seattle Kari

    my goodness where did everybody go? *Checking my armpits for smell!* 😉

    Turned on After d
    Dark for just a few minutes and, yeah, had to giggle a little bit about the ironic aspect of Hailey and Bailey having the same hairdresser.. “Shut uppppp!!” LOL.

    Good night y’all

  25. Helen

    I don’t have playback capability on my iPad so I’m gonna throw this out there in case someone does and wants to go back and check…last night after POV comp (sorry no time stamp) JC,Winston and Brett were in the room where they play Jenga. JC was talking and sometimes it’s hard to understand everything he’s saying…but I swear he was talking a mile a minute and said something to the effect of “being in the cloud”….was pretty random and then he immediately told Winston not to worry he was safe,they had the votes…
    Did JC get the advantage and did he choose In the Cloud? Gonna find out tonight!!!

    • HappyHippo

      I don’t have playback either, that’s why I rely on you guys for updates in the morning! Can’t believe we don’t know yet who has it. I’m starting to think it may be something not that awesome…..

      • Helen

        Yeah. I don’t think it is really anything that will help anyone this week….not every advantage will give any type of saftey….I think at least one is a never not pass….also one I think is a redraw of veto players…one might be something like Christmas had last season,the ability to switch places for a veto ….

  26. danmtruth

    General information good pick up on the apps I also wonder if they all are only good for while the store is in play So only good for the first 4 weeks
    One way or the other the veto meeting will be interesting

  27. Colby

    A couple of interesting things I found when checking out overnight stuff:

    The crap app is that someone will follow Rachael around and yell at her. She can yell back, but no touching.

    Rainbow and Haleigh talking said Rachel is bi and they think she wants KC, and that is why she isn’t interested in the guys. Also said she isn’t open about it because she doesn’t want her parents to know.
    So really? Let’s help her keep that secret by discussing it in front of America? LOL. What is wrong with these people!

  28. danmtruth

    This is what bothers me about rainbow She true to start personal controversy about people . Like Katlyn is going after the gay or black people . The bro’s are intimated by Chris because he is black Says this to people in hopes they will say something in front of others She is using the hi comit Knowing Hailey won’t keep quiet about it To hopefully distract Rachel and or Kaycee

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