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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Overnight Recap

Good morning everyone on this Monday eve! I got in a little trouble for getting “two out of three ain’t bad” stuck in your heads so I tried to give you a new one last night. Lets have the lyrics  “torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool” stuck there until somebody does something to give us a new song. I’ll go through the day and (as usual) overlap some of what Steve told you yesterday.


After the veto comp, Fessy spoke with the ladies. He was also getting some pressure from JC saying not to use it, assuring him Hay will be safe. Fessy listens to JC a lot and JC’s been trying to steal Fessy away from Kait for a while. Tyler is encouraging Fessy to use the veto (quietly) and I’m enjoying watching Tyler and JC be on opposite sides of a game move for once. They work well together but JC doesn’t know about the power so he and Tyler aren’t together on this one. I don’t think Tyler wants to vote out anyone he’s good with knowing they’ll be back. RS is after him anyway so it doesn’t hurt him to vote her out. (I know it’s only a chance but this is CBS. If Kaitlyn is evicted, her puzzle will probably be 3 pieces…they aren’t letting that crazy chick out the door, she’s too good for the show.)

  • Fessy/Kaitlyn: She whines, guilts and does everything except flash her boobs at him. He says Hay, Bay and RS are still upset over Swag and she says that’s why she’ll go home if she’s otb. Fessy tells her it hurt his game when Swag left and she should have told him. She tries telling him she threw the comp to him which he isn’t buying. She said “I f*****g did! Are you out of your mind?….” He throws Tyler up to her and in her baby/mouse/laryngitis voice, she says “I dont even like him.” Fessy tells her he doesn’t have to talk about options with her because she didn’t with her game moves. He accidentally calls her Hayleigh. This is around the time she got up and said she wanted to go home. She left for the DR. She was saying “I can’t do this.” “This” being not get her way one time in the game. (Frankly, I don’t know why she didn’t see this coming with one of her hits, I’m a little confused)
  • Fessy/Bayleigh: Fessy wants to know how Hay is doing. Bay tells him Hay would understand if he was torn and didn’t use it except he begged her for an hour to choose him to play. Hay said she’d have picked someone else if he was going to be torn afterwards. Fessy asks what Bay thinks about Kait, Hay and himself. She says he can do better than both of them. Bay tells him Kait WILL pick Tyler over Fessy and says Kait has told her as much, says she hates to watch him get used by Kait. Bay said JC is upset watching it too. Fessy tells Bay that Kait did what she did on week 1 (Steve vote) for them. Bay reminds him its not true and not what Sam’s power app was. Fessy desperately suggests maybe Sam is lying. Bay says NO. She tells him Kait has done him wrong, embarrassed him, etc.  (Did Kaitlyn sage Fessy and was there a little something extra mixed in with the sage?) Bay says he should use the veto on Hay if they can get confirmation from Sam that Bay won’t go up as a replacement nom. This was good work from Bay. (Being embarrassed and played by Hay or Kait is a big deal to him)
  • Fessy/Hayleigh: Fessy told her she needed to trust him and eventually tells her he’s using the veto on her. He says he needs her to ride with him, no more playing. (Translation: No more Brett)

Surprisingly, Kaitlyn hung out with JC, Kaycee and Rachel playing Jenga for a while and made jokes about being otb. JC told twisted fairytale stories that were pretty funny. He started one about little red riding hood needing saved but the wolf was going to save his other friend instead…She stopped him and asked for a different story. (JC really is sick of her) He was also helping Kait take out her knotted up braids. He didn’t hesitate asking for scissors when he couldn’t get it loose. Rachel took over before JC could chop Kaits hair off. JC started a story and named a character Fredericka. We know it’s all got to be about Kaitlyn so she asked if they knew about the girl named Fredericka in her 10th grade Spanish class. (Sure Kaitlyn, that shit just comes up when people are getting acquainted!)

  • Kaitlyn tires of Jenga and makes the rounds to tell everyone AGAIN about her dad’s bank vault being robbed and how they really need the money. RS reminds Kait of what Kait told Swaggy. (The stuff about this just being the beginning and not to sweat getting evicted early because he’d make it big anyway) RS basically tells her to take her own damn advice.
  • Bay cooked dinner with Sam for the have not release feast at midnight. They started it early and had time to kill before they had to finish it.
  • Sam and Tyler talked in hoh room. He tried to get a name (mainly RS’s) out of Sam but she wouldn’t give it up. Bay joined them and cried and vented to Sam. Sam gave her a pep talk because Bay was frustrated over people seeing her a way she isn’t and not having a #1 anymore. I don’t know what made her cry to begin with or if it was anything. She may have been putting in a lot of work to stay off the block. Bay is cooking, cleaning and telling Sam personal things about her life….you know, all the crap Sam likes. Tyler chimed in with a few sentences but mostly sat there like a deer in head lights. (A live deer, not a dead one Sam probably already stuffed) It was all 3 power app holders sitting there together, too bad they don’t know it.
  • Fessy/Kaitlyn Round 2: She’s still trying to convince him she took Swaggy out for Fessys benefit so he wouldn’t be a target. Too bad she also talks about doing it to stand up for herself at the same time. He says the stuff Swaggy said about her and about being the group leader wasn’t a big deal. Fessy remembers everything Kaitlyn’s ever said to him and he throws it up to her during this conversation. When she starts the pity party about her family needing the money, he reminds her she told Swaggy she couldn’t base a decision on those reasons. He tells her he doesn’t believe it anyway and reminds her she offered to write Swaggy a check for $5,000. (Swaggy is all over Twitter and watching feeds, you know he’s living for this conversation) He says he knows she has a F2 with Tyler.He calls her out on being overly emotional and all her other bullshit. I think she tells him she’s in love with him but my screen froze and am not sure. Kaitlyn shouldn’t have gone all over the house making people hear about her many BB accomplishments and how amazing she was 100 times because Fessy has his facts straight. (Where’s that damn sage? Kait need it…STAT!)
  • RS made sure Sam knew that she tried to apologize to Brett and that he wouldn’t talk to her. RS still thinks she can get Brett put up as the replacement so she’s laying the groundwork… isn’t going to work.
  • Bayleigh and JC talk about Kait. Bay says she thinks the pictures Kait had in hoh room were of her brother and doesn’t think she has a BF. JC didn’t know why she’d lie about it and Bay said because it would make her forbidden fruit. (More coveted, I suppose) JC said instead of forbidden fruit, it was more like a rotten apple. Lol They do some whispering and it sounds like Bay was telling on Kait for something that happened between Fessy and Kait before the feeds were on. (Remember when Fessy was mad and told JC he knew something on Kait that he didn’t want to tell but would if she pushed him too far?) I think they hooked up based on these two conversations but I couldn’t make out all of what they were saying and I absolutely don’t know it to be true.
  • JC did Hayleighs make up and I think he channeled his inner Raven to get it done. It was a mess. Kait, not wanting to be outdone wanted hers done next.

Some random thoughts on Sam and Swaggy before I wrap this up:


We may have finally figured out the reason Sam plays the game the way she does. It’s been so frustrating to watch her refuse to talk game or let anyone else do it around her. During her pep talk to Bayleigh, she kept telling Bay to channel her frustrations and save it for when it’s “time to play the game.” She said it didn’t belong in the house and should be used during the comps when they were “playing the game.” She made it sound like anytime other than during comps was their free time to regroup and take a break from the game. She gets irritated when “the game is over” and people want to keep bringing it into their life in the house the rest of the time. This isn’t word for word but I really think this is how she sees the game of BB. If so, it explains a lot. She’s really misinformed if this is what she thinks but she does seem a little less kooky to me now.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Sam has endearing and often quality advice for people even if it’s condescending. However, I wish she could make her point, give an example and move on. She beats a dead horse (and probably stuffs it too. Sorry, not ready to let go of taxidermy jokes yet) and goes on and on and on to make one point about something. (Similar to the way I write sometimes, huh?) I think Sam has a beautiful old soul, as my grandmother would have said. Having said that, she isn’t as nice as many people think. She’s curt, rude and bitchy to people quite often and has been since the beginning. People were worried about getting on her bad side long before she was hoh. I also think she has a very low tolerance for stupid. She doesn’t understand people who can’t realize if you don’t was towels, you’ll run out of clean ones. If BB didn’t control the lights, she’d complain about people leaving lights on in empty rooms. She complained last night about people leaving curling irons in the sink and plugged in, saying it’s a good way to get electrocuted. She’s right and I’d probably really enjoy her as a friend but her game is just plain nuts! Am I the only one who thinks she talks like she’s sucking on a cough drop or has chew in her mouth?

I’ve mentioned Swaggy is all over social media. He has some funny things to say but I think this is a missed opportunity for him. He’s still so bitter that he’s often very negative. More fans would love to chat with him if he could keep it light, accept the loss and enjoy it along with us. He reminds me of Hamza from BBCAN 6. People loved Hamzas full throttle style of play even if it was bad for his long game but he turned people off after his eviction because he was so bitter and couldn’t let it go. I think Swaggy could get the following he wanted when he went into the house if he’d play it a bit differently.

Steve Arienta tweeted a video of himself barbecuing and said that was his new summer plan since being evicted.

#Summer of Steve 20-18!

Have a great Sunday!


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  1. SammyD

    At first, I was a Swaggy fan. He seemed to have a planned strategy, but he didn’t follow his advice. But his larger-than-life mouth began spewing his “I love me” rhetoric. I lost confidence and respect for Shaggy and his game quickly after that.

    Kaitlyn, despite her questionable life coaching skills, has been a disappointment and irritation to the BB game. Personally, I would have enjoyed her exiting the BB house before Shaggy. Kaitlyn is a natural liar which may be the only gameplay she has to offer.

    • Tinkerbell

      Agree completely on Swaggy and Psycho. Swag killed his own game. He can only blame himself…..but he doesn’t. The main thing that killed Swaggy for me is when he had his “kiss and tell” session with Fessy. On live 24/7 feeds for everyone to hear. Bye Swaggy! STFU. I feel sorry for Bay. She is going to drop him like the rattlesnake he is when she finds out he told all, in detail, about their intimate moments. He’s a dog!! Sorry to insult the dog population.

      Psycho is not a life coach…..only in her mind. She worked in a tanning salon, and now doesn’t even have that. The men in white coats need to be waiting for her when she exits the house. She will be stalking and harassing Fessy and Tyler for life. I don’t feel sorry for either of those losers, they allowed her to control them. Enablers. She is batsh*t crazy on her own, ahe doesn’t need encouragement. As much as I don’t want any of them to make it to jury, I would love for Fess and Ty to be locked up with her. Throw in Purple Hair for good measure. Let the 911 calls begin.

  2. ElaineB

    Kait was telling Fessy how easygoing she is outside the game/house and she lights up a room (paraphrase). Having watched her go after Fessy, it may be that Kait threatens others in her life, if she doesn’t get her way. “I will never talk to you again, unless….” BS. It seems odd that she would be confined in a house, in which the others have control of her destiny in the game, and say crap like that, unless it really is a part of who she is. She might do it more subtly, but I doubt that Kait is the ray of sunshine she professes to be.

    • ElaineB

      P.S. Fessy should keep noms the same, turn it over to the HGs to vote, and let the chips fall where they may. Plus, I don’t trust Sam with a replacement nom.

    • Mel

      I think she’s an example of why restraining orders were invenred.

    • Tinkerbell

      The reason BEDLPC eyes are so brown….she is completely full of sh*t from the top of her brainless head to the bottom of her pigeon toed feet. Bug Eye Duck Lip Psycho Chick.

      My favorite time to see Sam on feeds is morning. She isn’t a morning person and doesn’t talk much. However, her silence is very-very short lived. I switch cameras on her, Purple People Eater, and BEDLPC – but for different reasons. Sam drones on and on and on with her boring stories and advice. Toooo many words. Squeaky gravelly voice. STFU. It drives me insane. I also seriously think her accent is waaayyy over exaggerated, fake. On her hometown visit her Dad, Mom, brother, and others, barely had accents. She’s a trip, not a good one. I’ve gone back and forth on her, but now I officially don’t like her. I’m done with her dorm Mom mentality. Stop with the gushy sweet know all, be all. Cook, clean, mend, mental health counselor, etc. Over it!

  3. Avatar

    So Sam will put up Crazy Art if veto is used, I am a bit confused

    • Helen

      I don’t think that is the case anymore..
      Sam is one of those kind of people that I find very irritating…she wants something (Psycho chick out ) but falls onto the “I don’t want to tell people what to do “ mantra,expecting people to think and come to the same conclusions as she has without saying a word.
      It would not surprise me to see her put Rachel OTB if Hayleigh comes down…

      • ElaineB

        That is why I don’t want Fessy to use it. I was all for it, when the talk of RS going up was happening. Seems like Sam has changed her mind, and I don’t want someone from the Level 6-1 side going up.

      • Helen

        Me too Elaine…If she thinks putting Rachel OTB will guarantee Psycho going home she is sadly mistaken…JC does not like her and I think Tyler would keep Psycho over Rachel…CrayonHead is her best bet if she wants Psycho gone in the event Hayleigh comes down but in Sams mind who knows…she feels like CrayonHead hasn’t had her “chance to shine”….

      • Mel

        I don’t even get why Sam’s so secret about it or concerned. She has the power and KNOWS NO ONE is going home. Lol

      • ElaineB

        If it is such a slam dunk that the evicted HG will win the comp, then why compete to go back in the house? I thought it was listed as a ‘chance’. If it is a guarantee, just cancel the eviction.

      • Mel

        Is is a chance but it’s BB and you know if they want someone back, they come back. There was only a chance someone would take $ last year for Paul to come back but not really. He WAS getting into the house. This also replaces the battle back so they probably need them to come back so the episode weeks line up correctly. Technically, anything could happen but I’d bet a lot it’s something simple and easy to accomplish.

  4. hogwild

    I have said this before but please get rainbow hair on the block with crazy chick I would pay for the live feeds to see that train wreck.

    • Avatar

      I haven’t used live feeds for a while, I do use it when my friend visits, as they have it

    • Tinkerbell

      My fantasy is for double eviction with Psycho Purple Hair and Psycho Duck Lips on the block together. Oh yeah, and both of them have nots the week before eviction. I would put a big charge on a credit card for a front row seat.

      Can these knuckleheads ever stop singing?! Worst season ever for fish. STFU!

  5. ElaineB

    As for Sam, she is making herself a valuable commodity in the house…cooking, cleaning, counseling. I agree that she goes overboard with the counseling part. One can get a sugar high, from listening to multiple conversations with her overly-sweet homespun wisdom. I am glad that her power app is ending, so she doesn’t have to be ‘tortured’ by it (i.e. a good thing) that happened to her in the game.

  6. Mel

    New have nots will start today probably when the get up. Everyone will have been a have not as of today. The last 3 remaining: Bayleigh, Kaycee and Rachel plus Scottie- hws already done it.

    Sam continued to remain a have not even after Thursdays hoh win. She wanted to be “fair.”

  7. Alda

    I have a feeling Sam has set her sites on someone other then RockStar to go OTB.Who that is,I’m not sure yet. Watching her convo with Tyler,I think she has somone else in mind.

  8. danmtruth

    As always Mel loved your well informed take on the events of the day One song Fessy WONT be singing any time soon is 99 Problems but the bitch aint one

    Sam is lovable but yes it is her way She also seems to keep a grudge for a loooong time She also has no time for people trying to play her Was not happy that Tyler told people that RS was her renom As much as Tyler scrambled first trying to say she told other people Than maybe Rachel told people Sam was not buying any of it

    Bay has decided to start her full game play She is leading Fessy around Still using her status as Swaggys queen to hold Hay & RS in check Now she is laying it on thick to Sam in hopes of tugging on her heart strings

    Sam & Tyler not revealing the chance for the evicted to come back is keeping everyone scrambling

    For Fessy its the song Black Widow — You call me at your beckon call set me up just to see me fall

  9. Tinkerbell

    What a numb nuts drip Angela is. She’s like the Walking Dead. She can barely move her body as she slither walks around. Emotionless, and no smiles. I cannot stand how she eats. Such a fragile little bird. Barely anything on her spoon and she chews forever. Have to keep that bikini bod perfect. Angela, go away.

  10. danmtruth

    tired of people coming in with dietary restriction Bay is on slop but is a vegan (?) so has to have plant base protein She told people no one can have HER mix Being vegan is a choice not a medical condition

  11. danmtruth

    Wow Angela just made a great moment to Sam to undermine RS game She told Sam that with jury coming up Its unfair to keep RS around even tho she won’t win Then she is in the jury house away from her kids even longer Sam was buying into it Saying yes that would help RS and her family

  12. Avatar

    I originally liked Sam. After watching for the past several weeks, I have found her to be extremely judgemental of the other players appearance, lifestyle, etc. I don;t like the way the ladies throw themselves at the guys either, but picking apart the way they dress, etc. is stupid. With that said, I wouldn’t be sad to see Kaitlyn go. She is a piece of work.

  13. WhereisPablo

    So Bay was mad that people think she is mad?????? Here’s a thought: try something called a smile a couple of times a day and see if that helps.

    • danmtruth

      Bay not the most cheerful person Even when she is with her ” crew” Even when they were doing the games Or when she was leading discussions she always comes off as pushy and bossy

      they need to give BSC a penalty vote

  14. Ritchie

    As much as this is an opportunity for Fessi to man up and leave the nominations the same, I get the feeling he’s going to simply fall on the sword for Haleigh and let her off the hook by removing her from the block.

    It’s very clear if the shoe was on the other foot there’s no way in heck she’s bailing Fessi out.

  15. danmtruth

    Bay offers Sam to sleep with her in the pink room Because it is dark There is no way Sam could stand walking in that room With all the clothes out on the floor On the furniture All the garbage on the floor Sam HATES a mess Has anyone told Sam she gets her laundry done

  16. Tinkerbell

    I would pay money to be in the room with Psycho when she has access to all of her social media, and finds out Joe went bye-bye as well. They better have the men in white coats standing by. She thinks she is so loved and adored, and that everyone thinks she is so brave and strong – for standing in her truths. Delusional twerp.

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