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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Recap

Good morning, I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I started with a pic of JC for two reasons. He’s the only person left in the house who hasn’t won a comp and because I like him. I got up super early to type this so I get to choose. (not really, Steve can delete half my post if he wants to) Steve gives me this great place to recap BB and I thank him for it. (need to do a little sucking up here so he leaves my pics alone)


We’re about 2/3 through the season and it hasn’t slowed down yet! It took until around day 60 (not sure what yesterday was) for Sam to actively start playing the game, ask NOT to be sent to the “little house” and for the hg’s to notice the kitchen island was on wheels.

Before the veto comp:

  • After the veto draw, Fessy pulled a Jason Roy and checked to make sure all the name chips were in the box…they were.
  • Tyler checked in with Sam to make sure she hadn’t told anyone about his cloud app. He said he hoped not to use it and didn’t want people mad at him. (He knows Sam made a 3 person thing the day before w/Brett & JC so he may have been a little uneasy) She promised not to say anything.
  • Fessy checked with Tyler to make sure he won’t use the veto and he says he won’t. Fessy says he trusts him and feels good about him when they talk. Fessy brought up when Scottie raised his hand and Brett was slow to do it. Tyler said he was probably reluctant to admit he voted KC out with her in the room. That seemed to work for Fessy. Fessy admits they may have problems if Hay wins veto so he’s at least aware of something.
  • Fessy wonders if his new app is getting a bunch of downloads because he’s getting all this exposure from the show. Hay said she plugged it during her hoh Twitter Q&A.  (I checked yesterday, Fessy Fitness had 100 downloads and 11 reviews at that time so I’m gonna say, no) For comparison, the simple app I use for my grocery list has 5 mil.

During the veto comp:

  • Most of us were chatting and complaining about how long the feeds were down.

After the veto comp:

  • Brett said he never looked for any vetos, he used the time to barricade his own with more mattresses. (good strategy) He was VERY happy and ready to stick it to Fessy in his next speech. Lol
  • Scottie made most of the stupid mess. He dumped out milk and poured it on people’s clothes but once Fessy saw the milk, he said he thought it was what they were supposed to do so he dumped out the sugar. The coffee was poured out into the oven, not sure who did that one. Scottie also poured oil on the floor so people would fall. Later, Angela commented “that’s some Nancy Kerrigan shit.”
  • Sam was upset, didn’t help clean up, sat alone and tried to fix her broken dreamcatcher. Sam after comp:
  • Tyler hid his veto in Sam’s closet. He didn’t think anyone would have the balls to touch her stuff….they did. Tyler told her it was all folded and put back for her but she still checks out the damage:
  • Fessy went to the hoh for a shower while most everyone else cleaned. JC followed to see who he would nominate. Fessy asked JC if he should help clean, JC said yes and “he was a contestant.” Fessy said he was the hoh and JC reminded him he wouldn’t be after this week. This was Fessy half the time they were cleaning:
  • Fessy and JC went downstairs and made a piss poor effort of helping and mostly stood around.
  • Scottie scrubbed the floors. (he should’ve since he made the mess)
  • Sam was called to the DR, Hay commented on how long she’d been in there and Angela said maybe she was self-evicting again. Lol
  • Sam came out and said she went off and let out her frustrations. (She came back a different person.  I’m guessing happy pills were included with the venting process) Sam after DR visit:
  • Zingbot called Sam crazy. Yikes!
  • JC said he’d have won the comp if he played because he hid a box of Kaitlyn’s chocolates a long time ago and has been eating them. He checked and they’re still hidden.
  • Fessy asked JC for nom suggestions. He pushed Angela or KC. Fessy plans to do “damage control” with Brett. (good luck) He obviously uses the same game play book as Haleigh…put them on the block and when they don’t go home, just say “Oh come on now, that was last week. It doesn’t count.”
  • Fessy talks to Tyler and says he wants to meet with Tyler and Angela together tomorrow. He says the have to squash some things but he needs a team.  (he keeps sending his team to jury, that’s why he needs a new one. Fessy talked to Hay about a F4 with them the night before and that’s what he wants to pitch to him.  He needs them to “squash” things with Hay so they can be one big happy double dating alliance, right?)  He also asked Tyler for renom suggestions. He told Tyler that JC suggested everyone’s name as a renom except Tylers. I guess Fessy thought that would make Tyler feel good about JC. (Why doesn’t Fessy ask himself WHY JC suggested everyone but Tyler? Nope, no light bulbs going on there)
  • Brett told JC that Fessy didn’t even talk to him about things before putting him up. JC said he’ll talk to him now. Brett says he’s sure he will since he won. JC told him to “calm his titties.”

Later in the night (crazy talk time):

  • Sam went to the hoh room (where Fes stays all the time btw) and asked NOT to be put otb. She wants a chance to play in veto when “it’s her time.” He told her he wouldn’t but said people were probably going to suggest that she go up. He said to keep her mouth shut (JC rubbing off on him) and she’d be fine. (Fes told Hay earlier he planned to tell Sam people would want her up so she would be grateful when he didn’t do it. Hay asked him not to and that Sam would think Hay was the one saying it) Sam asked to read Fessys letter from home and teared up a bit. She talked to him about “the Haleigh thing.” She’s so confusing but I think she got why he put Scottie & Brett otb.
  • Hay said she’s a jealous person and now she’s annoyed with Angela. She told Fes she was mad when Angela kept saying nice things about Fessy. (They were game related compliments about respect, etc) Hay said she wishes Angela and Tyler were in a shomance so she wouldn’t mind Angela talking to Fessy. She said she didn’t ASK Angela’s opinion of Fessy and Angela can shut the f**k up. (we may have to slow down our jokes about Fessy being the stalker, they’re both nuts) She doesn’t like the plan to work with Tyler and Angela anymore. Fessy asked her what the other options were.
  • Fessy wants to know if a shomance ever made the F2 and she said Jeff & Jordan did a long time ago. (I missed that season, I guess)
  • Tyler told JC about Fessy proposing Ang & Ty work with Fes & Hay. Tyler said he’d take the deal to stay off the block this week but he wanted JC to know about it. They assured each other of their F2 again and JC said he was a little worried about going to the end with their side alliance. (L6)  JC thinks it might be better to let Fes or Hay stay long enough to take one of them out for them. Tyler said Brett would probably need to be the one to go out of that side but asked JC not to repeat it.
  • Hay got more irritated Fessy already told Sam he wouldn’t put her otb this week. She said “it pisses me off she came up here and was like hey, don’t put me up” and ” I want her gone Fessy, I want her gone.”  She also told him JC and Tyler were whisper talking. It worries Hay but Fessy thinks it’s a good think. (Wow, they suck at this)
  • JC went upstairs after Fes and Hay went to bed. He threw a towel and pillow at them trying to wake them up to play but it didn’t work. (How do they think the shomance is hidden? L6 knows she sneaks downstairs early in the mornings like Fessy did last week. That makes it look worse. She’s barely taken off his hoh robe too)
  • Sam told Scottie about having no one since RS left just like she’s told Brett, JC and Fessy. She said she already has her “self eviction speech ready.”
  • Brett, Scottie and Sam hung out for a while. Sam suggested Brett use the veto on Scottie since it’s only been done once before. Brett explained the person who did it, went home. Sam thinks that’s lame.
  • Scottie confirmed to Sam that Hay didn’t like her. Sam doesn’t know why. (um, I don’t know, maybe calling her a whore on national tv?)
  • Scottie feels betrayed by Hay and Fessy and says Hay had to know he was going otb. He thinks he should’ve listened to Tyler, Angela and KC about them. He plans to tell Fessy about his F2 with Hay. Sam feels confident (very confident) she can get Fessy to put Hay otb. Brett thinks this is hilarious. Brett told Scottie the real reason they went otb is because they hang out with Hay so the rest doesn’t matter.
  • The “get Hay otb” plan goes further and Scottie comes up with things to throw her under the bus over. Sam says she won’t lie but will back up his lies. At one point, I think it was suggested someone put on Angela’s extentions, “pretend to do stuff” with one of the guys and convince Fessy it was Hay that he saw doing it.
  • Sam wants to do Naked & Afraid. She thinks she’d be great and would do Survivor except she thinks it’s a beauty pageant like BB.
  • Tyler and Sam discuss their F2. She asked again if Angela has replaced her in the trio with Tyler and KC. He reminds her AGAIN it’s better if they see him as an pair with Angela. She tells him he won’t win against her since they all like her and he says he’s happy with 2nd place.
  • Sam thinks someone “put it in her head” that Fessy was gay and that’s why she’d been thinking he was.
  • Sam told Brett more details of the girls alliance but said she wasn’t into it. She told him she didn’t think this part of the game (non comp time) was really part of the game. She said she’ll be gone soon and doesn’t want to be there. Brett said she’d be there awile. He also told her that she wants to be there. (Brett’s thought Sam wanting to go home was strategy for some time)


Julie gave her weekly Q&A interview and said some not so nice things about Angela. She was asked what she thought of Angela and Brett’s goodbye msgs. She said Brett was doing it for the cameras but said Angela was a mean girl who was an unhappy person. She said the things Angela said in her msg was more a reflection of who she is as a person. I get that Julie’s probably had some stress lately but damn girl! In her opinion, what Brett does is for the cameras but what Angela does is because she’s a mean person? Maybe Julie should stop and realize half of what Angela said was repeating the words Rockstar said about Angela. Julie’s never had a clue what going on in the house and that’s fine, she isn’t into it or a feed watcher. Since she isn’t, I don’t think she should be saying such nasty things about any of the hg’s. (trash their games, sure) Yeah, she hosts the show but it doesn’t mean she knows anything going on in the house. She’s said her families favorite player of all time is James from seasons 17 & 18. That alone proves to me she should stick with saying “But First” and leave the personality assessments to someone else.

Have a great Sunday!


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  1. Avatar

    So it seems like Scottie will be evicted

  2. AIO_7

    ” ” I want her gone Fessy, I want her gone.” ”

    I agree with HaHo.

  3. ElaineB

    I have been supportive of Sam but the frequent ‘self eviction’ threats, to now telling Fess to keep her off the block, because she wants to have a chance to save herself is on my last nerve. Even though the person who goes up, also won’t be able to save him/herself, at least the other HGs have been playing the dam game! I hope it is too little, too late for her and soon she is gone. I agree that since Fess wants Scottie to go, putting up Sam is an uncertainty as to votes. If a L6 goes up, Scottie will more than likely go. Oh Scottie, I was liking his game play until recently. He has overtly jumped from one side to the other too many times, and cozying up to Hay was just dumb! At this point, if he goes, he deserves it.

    • AIO_7

      Nice guy, but I won’t miss him.

    • Sassy

      I won’t miss him either! He could have and should have done a better job playing the middle. I’m glad they aren’t ignoring him and shutting him out for the week. Most of them have tried to engage with him, he was choosing to seclude himself, probably to strategize in his own head. I like seeing everyone have fun together.

    • Mel

      Completely agree with everything. Even if Sam starts to play, it’s too little to late for me to be a fan. (unless we later find out the whole thing was intentional…she can prove it sith Dr footage or something)

      I also agree Scottie did this to himself. He was too obvious every time he switched sides.

  4. AIO_7

    “Sam suggested Brett use the veto on Scottie”……

    Man ‘O man, suddenly I’m in the mood for some Cacao Puffs.

  5. Sassy

    I want to see the attempt to get haha OTB! If that works, My opinions of Scottie and Sam might improve. I might even be able to start liking MF. I would like to say that it’s impissible for this to happen, BUT I have said several times that I didn’t think he could be that dumb and he has proven me wrong. MF and Haha don’t trust each other, and she was going to go against his wish this week if she won Veto. If he sends her out this week, she won’t have any guys fawning over her and he can play the game without having to worry about her for a week. He can go to jury next week to watch over her before the other guys get there. Haha isn’t going to have friends in the jury when Scottie tells them how this week went.

  6. danmtruth

    Sam had a great talk on the couch with Bret & Scottie No bizarre talk of love with Bret Just making good sense If she can help Scottie to get Fess to nominate HaHo THAT will be an EPIC game move
    Fess did have some smart logic in wanting to put KC up ;looking at the votes from last week she will get the same number this week against Scottie Finally some good game management from Fessy

  7. Holla Derrick

    Is it possible that Brett and Angela are being the mean kids as part of strategy? Will the other houseguests look at them and decide they want to sit next to one of them at finale?

    I dont think its a great strategy to win Big Brother but if you dont think you can win the final comps, you need the person that does win, to want to take you to f2.

    • dfdsgs

      I disagree that they are the mean kids. Yes, Brett has been a bit of an asshole but very rarely outright mean. Honestly, if we are being truthful Rockstar, Bayleigh, and Haleigh have talked more trash and tried to separate and exclude people way more often than Brett or Angela have.

      • Holla Derrick

        I don’t think they are the mean kids either in comparison but I dont think they are going out of their way to be nice just to get votes.

        Even Tyler claimed to not give a damn for Bayleighs vote. But made an attemp in his goodbye message.

      • Avatar

        The meanest part we see of them have been in their goodbye messages, and only the evictees see those. So since telling jury members off is not a good strategy, I can’t see it being a part of either’s strategy..

      • aka beachgirl

        I think Brett is just having fun. Playing a role. He normally has a pretty good smile on his face as he saying these things. Enjoying himself. Not taking it all so serious. However, Angela kind of showed her mean girl personality back when Rachel was on the block. Her best friend in the house and she suddenly wanted her out the door bad. And that goodbye message was classic mean girl.

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      Oh my goodness! Since when is telling people, who have constantly been hateful to you and said nasty things about you to others, that you are glad they are gone, being mean? Where is this narrative coming from? Maybe I’m as BSC as Hazel and Chakra, but I just don’t understand. Should they have blown Crayola kisses?

    • Mel

      I don’t even think the thought process was that deep. They are both loyal to L6 and it was just a gloating moment to rub it in to the other side. Along with that, Bretts had a rivalry with RS forever so for tv, he probably fells like it fits and will be funny. Angela and RS have never liked each other and neither have hidden it. RS would have gloated too if it were reversed. I did hear Angela and Brett talk about maybe needing to tone it down some and start thinking about jury. Lol

      • aka beachgirl

        I will admit that Angela’s goodbye message to Rockstar was not necessarily mean girl (although she did have the mean girl tone of voice and I know this because I can get the same tone of voice going). She was basically just repeating everything that Rockstar had been saying about her. And I think Rockstar knew that. I don’t think that either of them hurt their chances of a vote from Rockstar if they make it to the end.

  8. Avatar

    What the heck?! Angela is playing the game, she hasn’t gotten personal, she talks about gameplay. Whereas RS and Hal both went nuke personal on Angela! When Angela made comments about Rachel, it was because she thinks Rachel betrayed her. Seriously, why is it when a woman plays the game strategically she is a mean girl? Julie needs to check herself, that is way out of line! BTW I love JC, he knows he can’t win comps but is playing the best social/mind game, and he brings a little sunshine and comedic relief. Hope he gets America’s fave.

  9. Avatar

    What is worse than Brett & Angela’s goodbye messages to Bay and RS? Scottie hit the nail on the head last night when it was just Sam & him over in the smoker’s lounge of the back yard.

    Scott said something like, “RS is going to be very pissed when she sees Scott enter the jury house, and finds out that it was Fester that sent him packing.”

    That is 3 votes that Fester & Hay will lose if one of them makes it to the final 2. Of course, Fester has a better chance of getting hit on the head with a meteorite than he does of reaching the final 2. Same goes for Hay.

    • Sassy

      I said the same thing. It will be hard for them to deny, haha was their downfall. She is the one thing all the evictions have in common. She was BFFs with each of them. I feel sorry for whoever is her BFF this week!

  10. Avatar

    On the subject of the Fessy Fitness app, there have been recent downloads made since he put Scottie on the block for the sole purpose of giving the app 1 star. Many other reviews make mention of cheering for L6. Fessy May be dumb, but he hasn’t been a mean spirited person in the house, so not really any reason to mess with his livelihood outside of the house even if he just wants a little celebrity this season.

    • Sassy

      I agree, MF, unlike the girls in his group, he has been nice to everyone. That’s why he hasn’t really been a target. I dont think ANYTHING that is said or done in the house should affect you outside the house. It’s a game and viewers sometimes take it personal as if they will benefit from picking the right person. People need to keep this in context, we don’t win or lose by what happens, it’s solely for our entertainment.

    • Mel

      I agree. I didn’t bother to list the 1 stars in the recap for just that reason. I WILL make fun of him for going on my favorite show for reasons other than winning the game. I WON’T try to mess with or damage what those reasons are, especially if it’s trying to make some dough. I’m self employed so I get it…but if I ever went on BB only to try to promote my business, I’d expect all you guys to trash the hell out of me for it. Lol

      I can name a few of you who’d throw out some insulting song lyrics to attach to my game…Ya’ll know who you are. Let’s be real, if I ever got put on the show, I’d have to do alot of shout outs to BBJ, Steve and a lot of you guys very fast. I wouldn’t have much time because I’d probably be evicted 1st or 2nd.

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  12. dfdsgs

    If Fessy puts Haleigh up OTB, it would be hilarious. Especially since I don’t think L6 would send her home since Scottie is the better player.

    • Sassy

      I think they might send her home. They KNOW there isn’t one person other than MFshe will work with and they aren’t sure she’s loyal to him. They know Scottie has been pretty loyal to his group, because they are the ones that made up the lies to get him in this spot. Some of them may think they can work with him. They have to think not only about the alliance but also about when the alliance HAS to start fracturing.

  13. danmtruth

    OH my god Sam is pitching to Fessy about putting HaHo up The thing is HE IS LISTENING Even more crazy is SAM is making smart points Promising to quit smoking Telling him he will go down in BB history Lets see if he says anything to HaHo about this What a BLINDSIDE

  14. danmtruth

    Telling him HaHo will do the same to him like she has done to all her other partners

    • Colby

      But she is trying to make him commit to it right now.
      He says wants to think about it. I personally don’t think there is a chance he will, just doesn’t want to tell her that.

      • danmtruth

        Sam is more confident in her salesmanship than she should be the pinky promise was pushing it to far Fess was having nothing to do with it

  15. Shivani33

    Behind Sam’s “game ideas” is her same old song and dance. She wants to keep herself and the fellows together and to extinguish the ‘hos. Her idea of ‘hos has something to do with her own feelings being projected unto other women with whom she feels that she cannot compete. She nominated Hay and Rachel and still is uneasy with Hayleigh. Sam doesn’t know what to make of Angela, who is sitting in the womanly catbird seat. Angela sleeps and canoodles with Tyler, the demi-god. Angela has stayed kind and also rather clinically uplifting to Sam. Sam cannot find a way to approach attacking Angela yet, but she can use Hayleigh as a substitute to try to expunge.

    Sam is continuing to play a personal game, somewhat aimlessly beginning to clothe her motives in game tactics. But with Fester as the already losing HoHitis boy, who put up 2 competitors because each had interactions with Hayleigh, Sam isn’t the only one playing a personal game while wearing a transparent disguise.

    Brett did tell Angela and Tyler about Sam’s bizarre talk about him being her secret husband who is in love with her. Finally he had a chance to let them know about it last night. None of them were scornful or nasty regarding Sam while discussing her miscomprehensions about Brett. All three are concerned for her well-being, yet none were without a sense of humor, as far as dealing with Sam.

    Tyler and Brett communicate well together but are like two tigers pawing the ground while circling one another. This amuses me. Kaycee and Angela are back to being furniture, more or less, for the moment. At least Angela uses certain occasions to give us one-liners about how absurd things are. Yet also, and quietly, Angela has 2 men and 1 woman eating right out of her hand. Tyler, Brett and Kaycee. Or does she?

  16. danmtruth

    Sam is hard time selling He has NO ANSWER to shut it down

  17. Colby

    Sam reminds me of a used car salesman with her pressure of committing ‘right now’.
    But I really think it is going over like a turd in a punch bowl. He just doesn’t want to tell Sam that.
    He will go tell Hay and then she will really be after Sam more than she already was.

  18. danmtruth

    new thread from Steve

  19. Avatar

    My brilliant adult son started hearing voices speaking directly to him “in his brain” about a horrible conspiracy against him that he completely believes is real. He is threatened by ‘them’ with harm to him and his family, and has been in several hospitals/had several psychiatrists and has taken just about every medication available. Meds make him better able to handle the fear, then he starts to hate the physical and mental slowness side-effects, so he stops them, only to crash again in fear and paranoia. We go in increasingly devastating cycles of madness/sanity. Thankfully, we are in a good place right now. I’ll take it and hope it lasts! But we will deal with the bad when it comes. I cannot imagine this happening on national television and 24-hour live feeds.

    Does production really know the details of the behavior we are seeing in the BB house and are they keeping a close eye on it? I hope they have Sam’s best interests at heart, as she may not be able to make the right decisions for herself now. Daily meds and psych consults could be enough to calm her demons, but in a game that is paranoid-inducing by its nature, allowing this situation to continue does not seem right. I really hope this is not the devastating illness my son has, but if she’s acting, it’s a very convincing portrayal. Also, as I tell myself often, it is a very low number statistically of patients who actually carry out the violent acts they are ‘hearing’ in their minds.

    On a more positive note, I still think this has been a great season, finally! Still rooting for Tyler, he’s smart, friendly and, thank goodness, devious! but he hasn’t been hitting people over the head with it. I’d also be good with an Angela win. Hugs to all of you who have given me so many laughs this season in the blog and comments. I look forward to it every evening. Today’s big laughs for me were the “nope, no clues here” and ‘wow, they suck at this”. LOL! (Sorry for the length of this post.)

    • Jenny

      Vic… I am so sorry about what is happening to your son and your family. I have a family member with schizophrenia. He’s a wonderful kind person but the illness makes him someone else. I’ve seen him lucid and I’ve seen him delusional. He is now happily married to a woman he trusts to tell him what is real and what isn’t. Being betrayed by your own brain is devastating. Your son is lucky to have a supportive family.

      • Avatar

        I appreciate hearing that, Jenny. My son is just starting a relationship after four years, so we’re cautiously hopeful. Watching BB the last few days, Sam seems to be doing better. We’ll hope for the best for her, too. Thanks for your thoughtful message, sweet lady.

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