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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Recap

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Good morning! I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and hope it’s more exciting than what I’m going to recap. As Steve said yesterday, it’s a repeat of last week. This is why I don’t like the battle back. It adds a couple minutes of excitement to the show but in exchange, we have to sit through a dull week. It simply isn’t a good trade imo. If Scottie or Haleigh had won, it would be the same.


KC won the veto, JC lost his dinner, Angela & Tyler wanted alone time and the hg’s had a face mask & nachos. Let’s go:

Before the veto comp:

  • JC said he hoped he didn’t get picked to play in veto. He asked Tyler not to make him a have not. Tyler said it was his turn so he’d have to do it.
  • Tyler told KC he’s annoyed with Brett & JC because they both keep telling him the same things about Ang & KC being too close. He said they both say the other one is bringing it up. He thinks they’ll have to be dealt with soon. (not this week but soon) They agree KC should spend a little more time with them.
  • Hay was still mad over Sam not cheering for her during the hoh comp. (This is getting so annoying to hear, can’t imagine how the hg’s feel. It’s not complicated, people cheer for their team, her team’s been evicted)
  • Veto players were picked and everyone was chosen except Brett and Angela. They both really wanted to play.  JC isn’t happy to be playing.
  • KC still feels nauseous from the hoh comp, it’s why she was in bed so much.
  • Hay had to stop bashing Sam for a while because she needed plenty of time to repeat that she couldn’t win the veto comp. Angela & KC gave her pep talks. (Remember when Hay talked so much crap about Rockstar when she kept being put on the block? Rockstar was stressed about it and Hay had zero patience for it)
  • Brett and KC discussed whether or not JC would even try to win the veto. They’re tired of him feeling like he’s safe either way. KC thinks maybe it’s time for his butt to be the pawn.
  • KC told JC she was worried about Scottie winning and staying this week. She made sure he knew Scottie would probably put JC otb. (that’s one way to make him try)
  • Scottie told Hay about the jury plan they’ve (Bay, RS, Scottie and now Fessy) came up with to intentionally be bitter jurors.

Here’s the plan: They (Foutte/Hive) think they’ve figured out that 6 people have been working together. (L6 plus Sam and JC) If all 5 Hive people are in jury, they’re each going to pick one player they don’t like. The player each one of them gets to choose, gets eliminated as a potential winner. After the 5 Hive players have picked their one person to eliminate, the one remaining person out of the 6 will be the winner. (I’ll give you my thought on this bull shit at the bottom because if you only want the recap, I won’t put you through it !)

  • Between Hay and Scottie, they manage to tell half the house of this plan. (Foutte/Hive was such a terrible alliance, they’re able to continue making mistakes from the jury house. Unbelievable!)
  • Tyler/ Angela talked about the jury plan. They can’t believe people would want to vote that way. They start wondering if they’re the good side or the bad side and if America has rooted for them. (I always get annoyed when people talk about this, Foutte used to say it a lot too)
  • Tyler told Hay he’d never get in a shomance. He let her know what a mistake he thinks it is. He’s partly covering his situation with Angela and also trolling Hay a little. Hay denied her shomance the night before but he knows she’s lying. She told Tyler no one liked Angela and said at least no one on her side of the house liked her. She assured him she loved Angela. She asked Tyler if he was close with Sam. (She used to think they had a F2) He said he isn’t and said Sam would’ve cheered for anyone against Hay because Sam knew Hay would put her up if she won. They talk about being even now since Tyler’s put her up. (Hay keeps wanting assurance about it) This must be the shomance Tyler won’t be a part of:
  • Scottie told Hay he kept getting put otb by people he wouldn’t go after.
  • Hay wants to travel with JC after the show. (I think she’s impressed by how many places he’s been. I am too)

After the veto comp:

  • KC won and L6 is very pleased but Hays poor fingers are not.
  • Brett was pissed because he said he watched Sam throw it. He said she didn’t even try. He said JC almost won so he does feel like he tried to win.
  • Tyler told JC he had to start doing better in comps and he needed to stop telling people he didn’t want to play.  JC said it would’ve been bad for him to win before now because they wouldn’t have been able to accomplish some of the things they’ve done. He said if he’d beat Hay in the HOH she won, he’d have shown his cards by having to pick a side which would’ve ended his influence with the other side of the house.  (JC is the only person left in the house who hasn’t won a comp but I agree with him. Scottie wouldn’t have gone otb during Fessys hoh week, Angela and Tyler would have. They can’t have it both ways) He needs to stop throwing them at this point but L6 has benefited from it all the weeks before. It also sounds like he came in 2nd in this one.
  • Scottie tolls to Angela about the bitter jury plan. (You know, just in case there’s one person left in the house who hasn’t heard!) Scottie told her she has no votes at this point so she needs to make sure almost all of the people leaving from here really like her. She asked if they don’t like her for game reasons or personal reasons. Scottie said it didn’t matter because they aren’t planning on voting for game reasons. (From what I gather, it sounds like Scottie was in on the plan at the jury house but he’s trying to remove himself from the situation when he talks about it now)
  • Hay told KC how terrible of a person Fessy was and she didn’t like the way he talked to her.
  • Hay played with Brett’s hair and gave him a Fessy top knot. (top image)  She told him to get off of her if he heard Sam coming.
  • I noticed Tyler looking away when Angela was in the hoh showering and he went into the bathroom. It reminded me of Fessy bragging to Tyler about being tall enough to see over the shower door.  He always tried to whisper and talk game to Hay while she was in the shower. I remember her getting mad and telling him to back up.
  • Tyler shared his hoh beer with L6 and JC. I think he may have had other plans but Angela got stuck downstairs with Hay. He had a coast to coast toast with KC when they were alone. He had his moment with Brett too and you know, JC wasn’t going to be left out.
  • L6 (minus Angela since she had Hay duty) talked about Scottie revealing the jury plan. They agree no matter what, L6 has to go to the end together. Hay can’t get anywhere near the end or she will win. They said after Scottie, it needs to be Hay, Sam and JC. (in that order)
  • Tyler made sure Angela knew Hay talked about her badly during Hays bathtub pitch. (I think this is insurance since Angela’s spending time with Hay)
  • JC was pissed because he couldn’t find his dinner. He thinks one of the women did something with it but I think Scottie threw it away. Brett made him a new dinner.
  • JC told Tyler again not to make him a have not. He said Scottie should do it. Tyler reminded him Scottie was still a jury vote even if he was being evicted. He told JC he was doing it.
  • Face masks were delivered by Pop TV and they all did one. Have nots ended and they also had nachos.
  • Production put beer and wine in the storage room the hg’s didn’t know was there. I don’t think they ever saw it.
  • Tyler and Angela believe Scottie will go after them. They think Hay will too but is more likely to only put up one of them so she can also nom Sam. They feel Scottie is the safer choice to leave this week.

I’m so annoyed with the jury talk from Scottie that truthfully, I didn’t even feel like doing a recap this morning. I don’t care who wins and I never have. I have people every year that I don’t want to win and even if they win because of a bitter jury, I can (usually) accept it. I’d love it if the players didn’t have feelings and the term “jury management” didn’t have to exist but that isn’t realistic. Many people didn’t think Josh earned his win last summer and felt Paul played a superior game. Many of those same people will admit Paul did a terrible job with the jury. He lied about the game as players were leaving and kept lying on finale night. He left the players feeling bad about him and bad about themselves. This is the recipe for a bitter jury.

Is what we heard yesterday the same thing? I suppose it’s debatable but I think it’s different.  It’s one thing to feel bitter because you can’t help it. I feel that creating a detailed plan to INTENTIONALLY give the prize to the person you collectively hate the least on a PERSONAL level is bullshit and a disgrace to the game. Why have games moves and competitions at all? Why not do what Sam wanted and have picnics and ‘get to know each other better’ activities? I mean, that’s the best and most thorough way to determine who you like, isn’t it?


This idiot alliance has given us a lot of laughs. They weren’t ever going to be known as good players but they could be known as that terrible alliance that entertained us all summer. Something about them being so consistently awful made them more likable. They also have the chance to show up last year’s jury. (It doesn’t matter if you thought Josh or Paul should’ve won. We know the jury voted bitter, it isn’t a secret) They could have the moment of saying “we screwed up the game but we got it together in the end to picked the best winner. Our final decision was a smart one.” It’s made even worse because from the things they’re saying, they know they were outplayed and are acknowledging it. They just don’t care.

I understand it’s early and it could just all be talk so it may change. I don’t feel super good about the odds of that happening and that’s why I’m so annoyed by what was said yesterday. Bayleigh and Rockstar played with a bitter and personal mindset while in the game so I’m not holding out too much hope their personalities change while in the jury house. Haleigh and Fessy had a lengthy conversation last week about their plan to vote bitter on purpose. I gave them the benefit of the doubt at the time and thought maybe they were just mad but would get over it. If they have Rockstar and Bayleigh validating those feelings and plans, I’m not so sure they will.  I’ll get over how I feel today and go back to hoping this won’t happen but for today, I’m pissed.

This was such a stupid thing for Scottie and Haleigh to spread around the house. I’m assuming the reason was to convince people not to fill the jury with Hive people or they’re just idiots! All they accomplished was to have L6 double down and be even more determined to have two L6 people at the end. Bonus point for Scottie & Haleigh: They may have helped Angela get closer to a F2 seat which wasn’t anyone’s plan before.

Hopefully Steve will be in a better mood than me when he updates for you today. I’m going to pout a while, shake it off and be better tomorrow. Hope you all have a great Sunday!


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