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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Recap

Good morning and I hope you’re having an amazing weekend. I worked on that ‘to do’ list I mentioned yesterday. Yeah, it’s only the list and not the actual work but I’m a planner and like to pace myself. (that sounds good, right?)


America’s Favorite Houseguest campaigning is all over social media. This is the time is starts going into high gear and with Haleigh’s eviction, I’ve noticed it even more. Rachel and Kaitlyn are really pushing for her to win it the way Jessica did for Cody. Nothing against these two ladies but Jessica had a hook, which was that Cody went against Paul. (Alot of people who voted for Cody did it because Paul was convinced America would hate him, not because of anything Jessica said) Kaitlyn was still supporting Tyler a lot after she was evicted but she unfollowed him on all his social media after the ‘I love you’ talk between Tyler & Angela. She said she plans to call him out for his “emotional manipulation.” (Is that anything like claiming you talk to his deceased father? Just curious?)

If  Haleigh is your fave, knock yourself out but I don’t think Kaitlyn and Rachel will be the reason it happens. I’m sure Swaggy think he or Bayleigh will get it, at least that’s the way it sounds. (I thought once people left the house, clarity set in, maybe not for everyone) Everyone is eligible to get it this year, even the top 2.

My opinion won’t be the popular one and that’s ok with me. I’m sure it won’t be the one Steve and BBJ endorses either. KC and Tyler are my favorite Players but JC is still my favorite Houseguest. I’ve said before, it doesn’t mean I approve of everything he’s done or said this season. In fact, I strongly disapprove of those things. However, he’s played the game and to be a fave of mine, that factors into it. He’s given me the most entertainment and been the most fun to watch on the feeds. He’s also been the most interesting person to ‘get to know’ this season. (I’m pretty sure CBS won’t let him win it, regardless of the votes but then again, Cody was problematic and he won) If I’m voting for “houseguest” rather than “player,” JC is hard to top, for me personally. (I don’t go crazy voting, so if you don’t want him to win, I doubt what little effort I make will affect anything, so don’t worry)  This has been a great cast as a whole and I could see people having good reasons to vote for quite a few people.


Let’s move on to the recap for yesterday:

  • JC and Tyler finally talked in more detail about what happened in the DE. JC was still very upset with Tyler and explained Tyler’s move will make JC go out 4th. He said he wouldn’t have ever used Tyler as a pawn. Tyler admitted that he had to because JC wouldn’t go along with the plan but KC would.
  • JC explained why KC needed to go this week and reminded Tyler their plan was for F2, not F3. Tyler said he wasn’t afraid to go to F2 with JC so he didn’t have to be sold on it. JC feels they have to bring Sam to the F3 because of the stupid move Tyler made. (Lol) JC is worried Angela could make Tyler the replacement nom and told Tyler he needed to make sure it didn’t happen. Tyler asked if he should “pull a Kaitlyn” and JC said “yes, pull a Kaitlyn.” JC said he felt a little better when he thought Tyler got rid of Brett over jealousy. Tyler said ok, he was jealous. They hugged and made up.
  • Tyler told KC about his talk with JC. Tyler said JC had no idea what was going on and KC said Angela didn’t either.  (They weren’t saying it in a crappy way, just stating the facts) They also talked about the F3. KC thinks Angela would take Tyler but he doesn’t. (insert eye roll here)
  • Angela, KC and Tyler all studied for the face morph comp. I think KC was most convinced it may be that one. She was studying the pics here:
  • Sam held up the remains puppy chow in the container and said it was all they had left of Brett. JC called it “Bretts ashes.” (This cast really likes to have memorials for past hg’s which is nice and a little morbid at the same time)
  • JC and Sam had a convo and she said she thought Tyler was “for me” and “on my team.” She asked if he wasn’t. JC said he mostly is but said Angela has a lot of power this week. He was explaining how important is was for one of them to win veto and come off the block. He ended it with the usual “keep your mouth shut.” (It’s funny and I’m aware it’s just JC’s way of speaking but he’d tell me that one too many times and I’d have to kill him…or at least stuff him in a cabinet in the storage room)
  • KC won the veto and it was some kind of maze. There was a smoke machine or something and some of them coughed a lot the rest of the night. KC hasn’t broken a record for most veto wins in a season but she has broken the record for most veto wins for a female in a row. She broke it last week with 3 and she may be tied now for most in a row, male or female. (I need to check to be sure so don’t hold me to that yet) I saw this pic on Twitter. It’s an air shot of the comp and. I don’t know the source and can’t swear it’s legit but unless someone nearby has a weird backyard, I’m gonna assume it is.
  • Tyler, KC and Angela shared a bit of “we’ve won 10 in a row” talk with each other. Tyler said she went from not winning anything to winning everything.  (KC didn’t play in many early in the season) They had a congrats hug in the storage room:
  • JC’s plan was completely shattered when the comp was over. When you need to split up Angela and KC, one wins hoh and the other wins veto, well, it suck to be you.
  • JC was pissed because he knew he had to go to the F4 with Angela and KC so the anger with Tyler started back up. He told Tyler he was an idiot, he would go home 4th and it was Tyler’s fault for making a stupid move during the DE. He said he was very mad right now but he would explain to Tyler why it was such a bad move.
  • If I heard correctly, I don’t think Sam was able to complete the maze in the time allowed.
  • JC talked to KC and they did the congrats on F4, said they felt bad for Sam, etc. JC said he was happy for her but he was down on himself for not winning anything yet. (I’ll give JC that much, he isn’t trying to be carried to the end. He really has tried to win comps the 2nd half of the season) JC said if everything went ok this week, 50% of the F4 would be gay. JC said it was 75% if they wanted to get technical. (They laughed because of the jokes over JC trying to convince Tyler he is too) They said they hope it’s a short week so they don’t have to wait until Thursday. (It will be)
  • Angela told Tyler she felt like she was competing for Tyler with “a little gay man” and said it was strange. Tyler said JC was furious with him but Angela wasn’t convinced. Tyler said he talks to Tyler differently when they were alone and asked Angela not to leave them alone together. Angela thought it was funny, said she liked it when JC got mad at Tyler and said she’d like to see JC trying to kick Tyler in the balls. Tyler told Angela more info on his game relationship with JC. He told about the plan for the two of them to keep the sides even and how hard he’d worked to keep JC from going after L6 people. Angela was surprised and said she just thought JC was in love with Tyler and that’s why he did what Tyler wanted in the game. Tyler said L6 knew how he was working with JC but she said she didn’t. He said he’d told them about it. (Yes and no, they knew but not the extent of it) She asked if he thought she was “pulling a Kaitlyn” on him in the beginning and he said he didn’t. She also said she couldn’t imagine spending the entire game not knowing what was going on. (It’s called being a member of Foutte)
  • Sam had a rough evening with back and forth emotions. She smiled to the camera and said “I wish you were in my saucer.”
  • Sam started talking about someone in a gray tshirt and said “maybe that was him.” She said maybe he was with the women at the door and I thought she said something about Heath. (Heath Lumen does the comps but I thought Mike was the guys name she likes or thinks likes her) I’m so confused because sometimes it sounds like she has a crush on someone specific and other times, it sounds like she’s been told someone has a crush on her and she’s trying to figure out who it is. Anyway, she was told to “stop talking about production” but in this case, they could’ve said “stop talking about your love life.” Sam got mad, got up and stomped off. She took some food to the stairs to hide from the cameras. She said she was in the mood to punish something in here sometimes so she just punished herself. She talked about how bad she did in the comp and said it was like a panicked baby deer trying to get through the maze. She said hate was a strong word so she didn’t hate anyone and then said she was just irritated. Tyler and JC came by and asked if she was ok. At times, I think she’s on the stairs to hide but it also seems like she’s monitoring how much Tyler goes up to the hoh room.
  • Tyler isn’t worried about being in the bed with Angela anymore and everyone went to bed fairly early.

Someone on Twitter made a joke about Angela and Tylers 1 step and 2 steps ahead speeches. I couldn’t find it again but thought it was funny. They said if one or both are in the F2, when Brett goes to vote, he should say ” this is what’s called being 3 steps ahead.” I don’t know why but I thought it was funny, maybe because it sounded like something Brett would say.

That’s all I’ve got for today ya’ll, it wasn’t very much! Have a great Sunday and this is “Melbert” signing off…


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  1. Joy

    okay call me dumb ass (dumb ass) but I’ve been to cbs.com and can’t find where I vote for AFP. All I find is sign up for the live feed. I don’t want to, the season is almost over. Can someone ‘plain it to me. Sorry if I sound needed but I can’t sound ANY worse than Sam feeling sorry for herself (at least I hope). ‍♀️

  2. FW aka CY

    Good re-capping, Melvina! The only way JC is going to get rich this season https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqHCtItX06s

  3. Alda

    JC for AFP.He has kept me laughing all season.He might not have been HOH or POV winner,but he has done a lot mentally.When i watch BBAD I fast forward quite a bit till JC comes on.His mind was always on overdrive.

  4. Avatar

    KC’s veto streak ended during the DE sadly or she’d have 5 in a row now… but 4 of the last 5 isn’t bad at all either 🙂

  5. Shivani33

    Tyler is my favorite player, but Angela is my favorite person on the show. I know it probably doesn’t make sense, but that’s life. I relate to her the most.

  6. Painter1

    I like JC for AFP he never gave up PLAYING the game and for real the cards were stacked against him . He kept people laughing or irritated while others were just laying around and not doing much of anything.

  7. Shivani33

    Angela slipped trying to get past Sam, eating while parked on the stairs. Sam apologized and gave one of her big pain-in-the-ass excuses for blocking the stairway. One of her Whatever Happened to Baby Jane rationalizations, and Angela said it’s allright and she understands. Meanwhile, unRealvegas says there is a nurse on call to check how some people are faring from the smoke inhalation during the maze comp. I want to send them some good raw honey. It works magic in these situations.

  8. AIO_7

    Seems to me that KC could take out the biggest threat to her game this week, Tyler. Let’s see if this loyalty backfires on her.

  9. danmtruth

    My 2 cents JC has been a complete person this season Good or Bad he has always been true to himself Entertaining frustrating but JC was alway their So yes he can be Americas Favorite Houseguest

  10. Seattle Kari

    Either I haven’t been feeling all the greatest the last few days I’m sorry I have to ask this but my brain is in a major fog.

    Could someone please share the link where you vote for AFP? I too am going to go for JC.


  11. Sassy

    I used to think anyone sitting next to Angela would win, now I think anyone sitting next to Ty wins. The ONY way for either of them to win is if they are sitting next to each other. Everyone leaving the house feels most betrayed by Ty, but few of them every really liked Angela. So it would be a toss up between those 2. KC wins over everyone and I think JC wins over Ty and Ang.

    I would like JC to win the next HOH. My favorite players/HG are still KC and Ty, although his showmance has lessened my opinion of him. I’ve never been a fan of the showmance. I will probably vote KC, although I don’t vote often, I’d be ok with a lot of them winning.

    Hoping to be able able to watch tonight, but the hurricane has dominated all channels since Thurs and still taking over most programming due to the flooding… We are thankful that it is almost over and we are all safe with no damage. Although we aren’t worried about our house flooding, we can’t leave our neighborhood because of the surrounding flooding. We lost power for 9 hours, which is a small price to pay considering what others are dealing with. We continue to pray for all those who are affected by the floods and hope everyone is safe!

  12. yissa624

    Anyone know how Anglea and KC are doing after the comp. I don’t have live feeds but I noticed on POP they were both coughing a lot.

  13. Apopkedave

    As threatening as Sam has been how is production going to get her out of the house? She said that she is going to rip all the doors off and punch everybody in the face. Julie or who ever takes her place is going to need some bodyguards.

  14. AIO_7

    JC just spilled his guts to Tyler in the SR. Tyler rushes straight to the HoH to report to Three’s Company.


  15. Joy

    It was mentioned before, probably by NK on last thread, I was watching BBAD and in the last 15 minutes (or so) Tyler was telling Angela about when JC made the granny sweater say..”I angry”. She about busted a gut AND so did I. I think that was one of the best moments on the show. I remember seeing JC along with Tyler in the HN room laying in the saucers. JC was mad! but it wasn’t until Tyler explained it that I really understood the meaning of it. Honestly IT IS TOO FUNNY for words. I didn’t get to see JC say turtle or know if it is have as funny as this bit but it’s up there with the top season funnier moments.

  16. JD

    I was never a JC fan but I agree he was always playing the game. He didn’t really have any advantage during physical comps but mentally in the game he was always playing. If Ty had not fallen into a showmance he just might have stuck to his F2 with JC (maybe KC). Ty is just looking through love heart eyes now. So game wise Ty has gone down on my list. JC has won me over and for now I too will vote him AFP.

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