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Big Brother 20 – Saturday Recap

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Good morning! Yesterday may have set some records but I can’t be sure because I didn’t have time to do the research. Hg’s have said things will make “BB history” a lot this season but I may have witnessed the worst pitch in BB history last night. We may have seen the longest bath and from the way hg’s are describing the veto comp, it may be the hardest time they’ve ever had getting the OTEV answers correct.


The day started with an argument not shown on the feeds so maybe we’ll see footage on the episode. I’m just going to call Foutte/Hive “Five” from now on. I’m tired of typing both, they think they have a solid 5 people and it was always a stupid name. Five is convinced KC has the hacker power & 2 nights ago, KC told Angela she was going to go off (partly faking) if people kept accusing her. (Knowing this sets the stage for the argument)  We’ll have to see the clip to know what version is the truth but RS and KC had words with each other and it went something like this:

RS approached KC and said there were 6 other people to pick from for the hacker to nom but she was chosen because she’s an easy target. KC said she wasn’t the hacker and was going to go off if people kept saying she was. KC said this was the first time RS had ever spoken to her. Some cuss words were being used because RS said something about not cussing. KC said she was a grown ass woman and would cuss if she wanted.  (The retells are more exaggerated so this is all I have, we’ll have to wait and see) RS tells people later about it and says “I’m a grown ass woman too.” I don’t think she said that to KC, I think that’s the retell version but not sure. Both sides began to get pumped for the veto comp in separate sides of the house. There was a playoffs sort of vibe going on. The wait for the comp was forever, Tyler won it and here’s what followed:

  • There was talk about what caused Tyler to win. It sounded like in the first round, RS asked Tyler if she had the right name which caused him to realize he had the wrong one. He had time to correct the mistake and would’ve been out early if this hadn’t happened. Later, RS makes it sound almost like they were helping each other which isn’t true. We’ll know when it’s aired. Usually, finding the names/answers is the problem, not knowing the answers. It seems like this year they had a hard time getting the right answers. RS would’ve actually beat Tyler in the final round but she had the wrong name which means she beat him to the top of the OTEV hill and in a physical comp. Like her or not, good for RS!
  • Sam was in a much better mood and told people how happy she was and how much she loved the house. She was saying it right after RS lost the veto too. I don’t think she understood what RS losing could mean. Sybil is still crazy ya’ll, no matter her mood!
  • RS started in on Tyler soon after the comp was over. He didn’t tell her yes or no but I’m glad she was trying and didn’t spend too much time crying about it.
  • Hay went to HOH room mad and saying RS letting Tyler see her answer would be the “dumbest move in BB history.” (I think telling people about being the hacker should at least be in the running too) Fes and Hay were mad while RS was calling herself an idiot. They moved past it and prepared for the pitch to Tyler to get him to use the veto on RS.

The Pitch: I want to point out a lot of time and planning went into this pitch before it happened which makes it even more hilarious. Hay was cocky and saying that Angela couldn’t offer Tyler what she could offer.  The hohitis was at a high level as Hay drank more wine to relax and prepare herself. Hay stayed in the tub for the talk. She and RS were together at first and later Tyler spoke with Hay alone. Tyler just listened but didn’t commit to anything. Here’s s summary of what they either offered him or gave away to him:

  • Offered 3 weeks of safety (this became 5 as Hay got drunk)
  • Told he would have Hay, RS, Fes and Sam not going after him. Hay said she knew he already had Scottie. Later, she said 6 people would be on his side and saving RS would benefit the whole house. (The math got worse as the talk went on)
  • They said KC and Angela were floaters who didn’t deserve to be there. (Didn’t Angela take out someone with a power app?)
  • They said KC had done nothing but then Hay conceded she won the hacker comp so she said KC only played the game when she had to but she’s still a floater.
  • RS told him Sam was on her team and she was the only person Sam would talk game with. She went on to tell him how she got Sam to start talking game with her.
  • He was told Hay and Brett were working together.
  • Hay said Scottie was her favorite person in the house and was 100% loyal to him. She let him know Scottie told her everything they’d said to Scottie about her.
  • Hay said Tyler was never her target this week or last. She said she knew he would win the veto last week and putting him up as the hacker was “ill-advised.” RS chimed in to say it happened because she didn’t have time to get advice.
  • They said Angela was the target and confirmed KC would go back otb if he used the veto.
  • They reminded him he’d only recently started working with Angela so he couldn’t trust her.
  • They told him they think KC has the last power app.
  • Tyler asked if there was any more info they wanted to share before he left. (I don’t know how he kept a straight face thru this)

Hay is convinced she has the only alliance in the house and even said “no one talks game like we do.” We’re laughing because we know about L6 and she doesn’t. That doesn’t give her a pass on the info she spilled.  The pitch is so much worse coming from someone with her limited knowledge of what’s going on. Tyler knew most of what they told him but they don’t know that. Hay doesn’t need to know Tyler is in an alliance with Angela to remember that Hay just tried to backdoor him and Angela just used a veto on him. (A veto he could have taken but let Angela keep- why would Tyler have taken such a gamble? Come on people!)  Based on what Hay and RS think, this is what they would have given up if Tyler didn’t already know it: Brett is working with Hay when Tyler thought he was alone, Scottie is loyal to Hay and tells Tyler’s secrets, they want Angela and KC both out, they have Sam on their side now, Fes was never going to do the guys thing he proposed to Tyler because he’s with Hay and RS and JC’s probably with them because of Hay’s weird math.

Here’s what happened after the amazing pitch that only professional speechmakers from Heaven could’ve accomplished:

  • Hay patted herself on the back for how amazing it went with Tyler. She shared some laughs with Fes over what an idiot Tyler is because he’s going to save RS and then they’re going to backdoor him.
  • She flirted and argued with Fes over things too boring to get into detail. Summary: She complained about him liking Kaitlyn more than her for a month, he called Angela hot, called Hay vanilla, wondered how they looked as a shomance on tv and he finally got a kiss from her and who knows what else because thankfully the camera left them.
  • Hay made Fes admit the reason they haven’t left yet is because she’s so smart. (Fes hasn’t been otb yet and she won hoh right after admitting she was the hacker so how much danger have the been in?)
  • Tyler relayed everything back to L6 so no need to repeat it. He thinks it’s hilarious they just tried to get him evicted but think he might save RS when Angela just took Tyler off the block with a veto. He let them know they were floaters too.
  • Brett talked to Angela and worries Sam could float to the end and win. Brett said Sam only apologized to them once they won the veto. He thinks she’s more of a gamer that she is.  He’s realized JC considers Tyler and Fes his #1 & #2.
  • L6 discussed trying to get someone beside KC otb. Brett said it won’t happen and veto would have to be used on RS to have a chance anyway.
  • L6 knows Scottie is long gone and fully with Hay. They already knew he was spilling info and he doesn’t have a chance in hell of flipping back over if L6 is in power next week.
  • Tyler realizes JC’s vote is more important than ever because of Sams friendship with RS. They feel they’ll get Sam back on their side if RS leaves.
  • KC is calm and still feels confident she’ll have JC and Sam’s votes to stay and the group knows Angela could easily be voted out.
  • RS spies on Tyler and Angela laying down and whispering. She goes upstairs and tells Hay she doesn’t think they have Tyler.
  • They found some shirts with their names on them and feeds cut because they may have been left in backyard by mistake. (Productions had a lot of mishaps this year)
  • Sam tells RS to help her make decisions in the game so she doesn’t make the wrong ones.  As Steve says, “oh boy!”

A hangover could take Haleigh’s hohitis down a notch today but we’ll have to wait and see. Watch for Tyler to push JC a bit more than usual and Fes to follow Hay around even more than usual since he got to make out with her last night. I’d also expect RS to be making crafts with Sam or at least sharing cigarettes. Let’s see if Five will work on Sam and JC (which is what they need to be focused on, not Tyler) or if Hay just keeps flirting with Tyler.


Have a great Sunday!


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