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Big Brother 20 Spoilers – First Live Eviction!

It’s here! The first live eviction show of the season and I’m not even 100% sure what will happen tonight.


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Tyler has been working Kaitlyn all day to flip the vote and vote out Steve which she appears ready to do, but I still believe this is a pretty bold choice on her part to entertain this idea so I wouldn’t be shocked if she got cold feet at the last minute. That said, I don’t think there is simply enough time in the week remaining and Steve just isn’t that good to flip it back in his favor. I called it pre-season and calling it now, Steve will be the first one evicted.

The big story is what will happen after the HoH. It’s a pretty big week for Chris as the target on his back is enormous. This is essentially a game-changing HoH for him and his summer as more than half the house has him as a target.  Let’s jump into some updates!

  • Julie announces that the power Sam has is she’ll have to compete in a challenge immediately after eviction
  • Kaitlyn walking in on Haleigh and Faysal was basically the beginning of the flip this week
    • Sam should name her first kid after either of those two
  • Statements:
    • Steve – Been trying to think of something. Can’t think of anything. You guys are great.
    • Sam – Loves everyone, including robot. Wants to hang out longer.  Cool
  • Live voting already…
    • Scottie – Sam
    • JC – Steve
    • Chris – Sam
    • Bayleigh – Sam
    • Rachel – Steve
    • Kaycee – Steve
    • Faysal – Sam
    • Haleigh – Sam
    • Angela – Steve
    • Brett – Steve
    • Winston – Steve
    • Kaitlyn – Steve
    • Steve is evicted
    • Angie – Sam
  • This should be fun
  • HoH comp is next!
  • Looks like they need to shoot a ball into a box with numbers
    • Scottie – 40k
    • JC – 0
    • Brett – 0
    • Winston – 12k
    • Sam – 50k
    • Kaycee – 15k
    • Faysal – 0
    • Kaitlyn – 80k
    • Angela – 0
    • Bayleigh – 0
    • Chris – 0
    • Angie – 0
    • Haleigh – 0
    • Rachel – 0
  • Kaitlyn wins HoH!

Feed updates soon


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  1. AIO_7

    Can you imagine how big Swag’s head will get if he wins HOH?

  2. AIO_7

    You would think that with her aligned chakra’s that the Namaste chick wouldn’t let a showmance bother her so much.

  3. AIO_7

    Did anyone else lose sound when Julie came back on?

  4. AIO_7

    Scottie went back on his pinky swear to Sam.

  5. strwar1

    Has anybody notice that Sam is sooo cool? Btw? She comes kinda like badass southern momma. Like that term she used about that houseguests was funny.

  6. AIO_7

    Steve really is kind of a dudsville.

  7. g8trgirl

    Chakra is too much drama. And one wrong move and Rockstar will be doing a Janet Jackson for us.

  8. kneeless

    Swag & Bays expressions were priceless!

  9. Ann

    Is Rainbow Brite dressed like Cookie Lyons tonight? Aaaaahahahahahaha!!!

  10. Mel

    Kaitlyn didn’t get the memo about how pulling off a hinky vote rarely works..and did anyone else think Rockstars boob might slip out the top of her dress?

  11. AIO_7

    I didn’t vote last week, but I’m going to put in my 10 as soon as this episode is over.

  12. Mel

    This is sooooo not bb19!!

  13. BBBonbon62

    Why do they even bother casting someone middle aged?? Unless there is a more even age balance they just don’t have a chance. Kinda sad.

  14. hogwild

    Glad Sam stayed nothing against Steve as I have said before I just felt like Sam got a raw deal with robot crap glad that’s over.

  15. Ann

    I don’t feel sorry for Steve because he didn’t try to save himself, he didn’t campaign. Plus I wanted him to go & Sam stay so she could get her chance to play without being a damn robot.

  16. AIO_7

    Wasn’t it GREAT to have a close split vote so early in the game? Sorting out who voted for who will be fun to watch for this week.

  17. Mel

    I really like Steve’s honesty about where he screwed up and his attitude now that it’s over. It’s also seeming like someone coming back will be from the jury and not prejury.

  18. g8trgirl

    I can’t vote. . Tried via messenger and nothing happened.

  19. Mel

    A Kaitlyn hoh would be a hilarious train wreck

  20. BBBonbon62

    7 days of the kook as HOH. Punch me in the face. Lol.

  21. AIO_7

    I’ve heard Chakra say that if she won that she will put up Swag and his girl. It would be interesting if she were to target Haliegh to get rid of her competition for Fais.

  22. hogwild

    Is it just me or did it look like Rachel was not wearing bra? It looked like there was a lot of movement in there when she took her turn.

  23. Mel

    Think Fessie will snuggle less with Haleigh this week?

  24. kneeless

    Who will let it slip that Tyler told about Sam’s power? Since she didn’t have to use it, it will be harder to keep the secret.

  25. hogwild

    Just to be sure because I’m still not sure who is who in the house the new HOH is life coach/ dodo bird right? If yes OMG what freak of a week this could be.

  26. hogwild

    Holy shit I can see her consulting her navel to try and figure out who to put on the block.

  27. FutbolGT

    Didn’t they have the chance to practice for this HOH comp? I thought I heard that. They were all so bad at it!

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