Good afternoon, everyone! Today is veto day in the house and Tyler has a very big decision to make. I still can’t believe Tyler won the veto but if he really was convinced he was a backdoor option, I guess it makes sense.

Now he has a very tough decision on his hands. Does he save Brett and risk something worse happening (like Angela going on the block) or keep noms the same and accept the loss of an alliance member this week? I know he doesn’t want to lose Brett, but he also doesn’t want to put a massive target on his back for no reason considering he may have the votes to keep Brett. Yes, he’ll lose Rachel in the process, but she has proven that she doesn’t have the mental strength to be a reliable ally for him  (note – I’m not taking sides or bashing anyone. Just thinking tactically from Tyler’s perspective today).

It is becoming quite clear that Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee are the backbone behind their alliance with Brett as the shield. Rachel really delivers nothing except for second place comp wins and a lot of paranoia to her group. She tried to blow up her own alliance because she decided to believe Bayleigh over someone she has been working with all game regarding the replacement nom (Bayleigh told Rachel that Tyler wanted Angela up and she believed her). That move alone would make her a liability in my book and without a doubt a target over Brett. The question now is, can Tyler squeeze the votes to save Brett?  With 9 votes this week, he needs 5 which is an uphill battle for him.


He needs to convince two out of this group to vote Rachel out:  Sam, Fessy, Scottie, JC, Haleigh

In theory, JC and Sam should be locks, but with JC doing his weird vote last week, and with all the crazy votes all season, he almost needs 6 total votes to keep Brett. Scottie and Haleigh were discussing who to keep last night, which shows they’re at least open to the possibility of keeping Brett while Fessy is becoming quite aware of the gender gap widening by the week. I’ve seen worse players overcome greater odds so I fully expect Rachel to leave this week, but you never know in this game.


  • 11:00 am – Everyone is up and waiting for the veto ceremony
  • 11:10 am – Feeds down, likely for veto meeting. Should take about an hour. Sadly, in about an hour and 20 minutes, I need to drop daughter off at work but I will update as soon as I get home if the meeting runs late
  • 11:55 am – Feeds back early!
    • Rachel is in the bathroom crying while Brett is outside alone. Looks like he didn’t use it as expected
  • 12:10 pm – Bayleigh is in the HoH room counting votes with Rachel
    • She thinks the vote will be unanimous in her favor. Oh boy
  • 2:55 pm – Alright, back!
    • Sam and Kaycee are in the kitchen, most of foutte are in the pool
  • While I was gone:
    • Bayleigh lectured Haleigh on Fessy. He was upset over stuff he heard during “never have I ever”. Bayleigh says that Fessy wants a virgin and he can go to Pakistan and get one because “that’s what they do” (Muslims?) ….. RS laughs in the background.   Not sure what was funny about that
    • Also, Bayleigh asked Sam if she wants her to put on a shirt when she worked out. Sam told her “that’s your issue to work out”… wtf
    • When did Sam become the morality police around the house? Oh, right, when she arbitrarily placed two people on the block for flirting while humiliating them on national TV
  • Back to live
    • Random Brett for the ladies. I’m surprised Sam doesn’t make him put on a shirt
  • 5:00 pm – Not a whole lot has changed. Very slow afternoon and likely slow week unless something slips
    • Right now it’s a split house except one side thinks it’s united. Could be another fun Thursday night but slow until then
  • 5:30 pm – Rachel has been so quiet today. I think she has one of Kaitlyn’s ‘hits’ that something bad may happen on Thursday
  • 6:05 pm – Rachel basically tells Tyler that Bay has a power and she needs to explain more later
  • 7:00 pm – Fessy promised his vote to Rachel and it sounded like he was serious, so that’s one down
    • Now the house is getting ready for some cookout they plan on having
  • 8:45 pm – Super slow night. Most of the girls are outside either around the couch or hammock talking. Fessy and Scottie are talking in the kitchen
  • 9:20 pm – Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler group up
    • They are working on reasons why they flipped to vote out Rachel
    • Tyler is because he didn’t commit to anyone and thinks Rachel was the flip vote last week
    • Brett is hanging out with Scottie so JC’s vote will be covered by that. They’ll blame JC’s vote on Scottie (which is something JC would like)
    • Angela and Kaycee are going to say they both had a f2 with Rachel so they didn’t trust her
    • This is so KC and Angela can stick with Bayleigh after this and keep in good.
    • Very smart

Check back for updates