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Big Brother 20 Spoilers – Saturday Feed Updates

I was going to do some work this afternoon, but I tripped and may have broken a toe so driving isn’t too pleasant. The good news? That means I’ll be here as soon as feeds return from the veto competition!


Seeing as it’s past noon in the house and the PoV comp has yet to start, it may be a late one tonight. I already discussed the options on Brett and Winston’s chances here if you want some reading. Until then, I’ll just give you some updates!


Feed updates:

  • 12:45 pm – Tyler and Kaitlyn are together whispering. Ugh
  • Meanwhile – Rockstar, Rachel, and JC will be playing in the veto
    • Kaitlyn thinks Brett will be more loyal to her in the long-term lol
    • Tyler points out that he’s more charismatic which is why she thinks that way
  • 1:45 pm – Everyone is so bored waiting for the comp to start
  • 2:30 pm – Feeds down for veto.
  • 4:45 pm – Feeds back!
    • Scottie won the Power of Veto
    • He is unlikely to use it and Brett or Winston should be leaving on Thursday
  • 5:30 pm – Brett has to put his hands to good use this week if he wants to stay
  • 5:45 pm – JC is going through the votes with Tyler
    • Sounds like a lot of the girls are going to vote to keep Brett
    • JC wants to get Kaitlyn out soon and Tyler agrees
    • They talk a bit more about that until Kaitlyn comes in
  • 6:10 pm – The talk eventually moves to the pantry
    • JC points out how Kaitlyn follows him around the house. She’s bad for his game and has to go
  • Angela was doing some whispering to Kaycee. She is working on keeping Brett
    • Angela tells Brett that the house is going to keep him (they’re not right now)
    • Angela promises to campaign for Brett so he doesn’t have to do it against Winston
  • 6:20 pm – Rachel is talking to Tyler and Kaycee in the Jenga room
    • Tyler tells them about the alliance that the other side had
    • Rachel says she’ll take one for the team and make out with Faysal if she has to
  • In another room, Bayleigh and Rockstar are talking and Bay thinks Winston wouldn’t target a girl because he thinks they’re below him
    • Never underestimate your opponent, Bay
    • RS comes over the whisper in Bayleigh’s ear
    • She says she would put up Winston and Angela then backdoor Tyler
  • 8:15 pm – The girls are working the HoH I guess
    • Every girl in the house minus Sam and Kaitlyn are hanging with Scottie
  • Meanwhile, another bro meeting
    • Winston says “surprise, surprise, Haleigh is sucking up to the HoH”
    • Their game plan is to try to have a final 3 with Scottie
    • They think this is phenomenal gameplay lol
    • Winston really thinks Scottie is going to fall for the muscle routine with him being the brain
    • They’re also going to say ‘think of Steve. He’ll be happy the three of us finally got together’ without realizing that Scottie knows the bros voted out Steve
    • The bros then brag about how Scottie will never know they actually voted out Steve.  Oh boy
  • 10:10 PM – People just generally hanging around waiting for midnight. That is when they are off havenots
    • Fairly slow tonight, so I’ll hit the sack but say an early happy birthday to Rachel who turns 30 on Sunday!

Check back for updates


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  1. Helen

    I thought Tyler was playing veto and not JC?

  2. AIO_7

    ….”but I tripped and may have broken a toe”….

    Get well soon, Steve.

  3. Avatar

    I have a feeling that sam will use her power this week

  4. Helen

    It’s just a matter of time before housepets start seeing Tyler and Psycho chick as a pair…even though her HOH is over they are still constantly all over each other…ugh.

  5. danmtruth

    Not sure why Sam would want to save Bret or Winston

    Tyler does not want someone -Bret- whispering into the vacuum of Kaitlyn head

    • Helen

      I hope Scottie wins veto and leaves noms the same…

    • Colby

      From listening to Sam talk with Tyler last night, I don’t think that she really wants to save them, it’s that she doesn’t want anyone else from that side to be put up if the veto is used. So she told Scottie to put her up thinking she won’t get voted out but that if she does she can probably save herself.
      She told both Tyler and Scottie that she doesn’t like the way the bro’s talk about people.

  6. Helen

    Looks like it’s going to be another late day,early evening veto comp…

  7. Avatar

    dont care for brett but winston has to go. if it wasnt filmed i bet he wouldve beaten scottie up, wtf????

    • Colby

      I don’t see him as being that macho.
      I saw that more as the spoiled kid who throws a temper tantrum / screaming fit when he doesn’t get his way.
      I mean, seriously, he wanted to tattle over gun noises.

  8. danmtruth

    For this early in the season it has been entertaining

  9. Ritchie

    After a person is voted out this week, Sam will lose her power and it will automatically go to the person who is evicted in the fourth week. It seems this is why she wants to be used as a renom this week to simply control every aspect of the power thus preventing anybody from next week’s eviction to come back.

    In my eyes there is a couple of problems with her current plan. She should simply lay low this week, because she is clearly not on anybody’s radar. Second, although she loses the exclusivetivity of her power next week, common sense should tell her it would still apply to any house guests including her if she were to get evicted.

    She runs very little risk of being voted out right now but putting yourself on the Block this week is a very foolish idea and in my opinion frankly unnecessary.

    • Helen

      Actually if it is Winston OTB she is smart to go up…she will not be evicted..Winston will..it saves her from using her power this week on someone like Psycho chick or Kaycee…I have a gut feeling someone in her alliance will be at risk next week and will need that advantage

    • Colby

      Tyler tried to tell her that and to go tell Scottie that she changed her mind. But I don’t think she did. We will see what she does if the veto may actually get used, depending on who wins it.

  10. AIO_7

    I called it a few days ago; these two are tied at the hip …


    • WhereisPablo

      I really thought Tyler was smarter than this.

    • Helen

      I did too. Right from the start I said people watch out…Tyler and Psycho chick are the Corey and Nicole this year…I expect her any day to start saying Tyyyy…lurrrrrrrrrr

    • Colby

      Unfortunately, I hate to admit that I think he does like her.
      But I think (hope) that he sees that she to too high maintenance and a distraction to his game, and that is why he is starting to put her name out there for noms. I hope he is not doing that just to try to avoid being seen as a couple. He needs to stop spending so much time with her.

      Then again, since the camera people seem to want a camera on her almost all the time, I guess anyone wanting camera time needs to hang with her.

  11. hogwild

    Don’t care who goes this week I just want rainbow hair gone soon hard to believe she annoys me more than psycho chick but she does. Maybe it’s because psycho chick is easier on the eyes when she is on screen at least I can hit the mute button.

  12. danmtruth

    Tyler needs to keep his eye on the prize and not psycho chick

  13. HappyHippo

    I have a feeling it’s an endurance…while the feeds are down they are playing highlights of past endurance comps…Tyler better throw it. I don’t want him to look extra threatening…..and I hate it when people throw comps! Lol

  14. Helen

    Finally…veto comp…feeds will more than likely be back up around 8 tonight….

  15. danmtruth

    Tyler needs to stay in the game till Winston and Bret our out

    • Helen

      Faysal is coming for Tyler…he is strong with Bayleigh….Crayon head is also coming for Tyler…

      • hogwild

        Faysal might be a concern right now I don’t see Bayleigh or crayon head winning anything of course if one of the comps is a luck of the bounce deals anything can happen psycho chick won one of those. Let’s hope BB moves away from the lucky bounce challenges the farther into the game we get.

      • Helen

        Yes. But remember Bayleigh is capable of changing noms ….even if she don’t win HOH…
        If someone from level 6 wins HOH and tries to put up like Crayon head and Faysal,Bayleigh will change noms..and more than likely choose Tyler and Psycho chick…Tyler won’t see it coming because he does not know and his advantage has to be used before noms…that’s why I really don’t want Sam to use her advantage this week…

      • hogwild

        That is why I cast no votes for Bayleigh in the last voting kind of sucks she got the sympathy vote for that but hey that’s BB.

      • Helen

        I didn’t cast any votes for Bayleigh either…twitterverse had a big push for her though…plus Jessica and Cody were telling all their followers to vote Bayleigh…
        I wish they would just get rid of “special powers” and let the game play out naturally…but that won’t happen. Lol

      • Colby

        I’m sure she got all the votes that would have gone to Braggy too.

      • hogwild

        Take away the special powers then one side of the house gets the numbers and just votes out the other side which can get pretty boring. The special powers can keep the game interesting but CBS shouldn’t become to dependent on them for that.

      • ingodog

        Will we ever see the end of Jessica and Kody?

    • Colby

      I think you are referring to this comp, not the whole game.
      If I thought Rainbow could win anything (very doubtful), they should let her win this one. She will keep the noms the same and it gives them a reason to give for putting her on the block when they get the chance.

  16. Helen

    Feeds are back. Not sure who won but I don’t think it was the bros or Rachel

  17. Apopkedave

    You never know, Sam could save him… I don’t think Sam wants anybody to leave.

    • Shivani33

      As long as each one leaving “loves” her, she will survive. One thing Sam did say is that she doesn’t like the way that Brett and Winston speak to women. She, Rachel, Angela, Kaycee and even Rockytar have all had things to say about feeling disrespected by these two guys, especially their tone. Sam had better sit back now, and let sleeping dogs lie. I think DR has been overexciting her, too.

  18. danmtruth

    Scottie does not care which one goes Might be hard for some to vote out Bret

    Sam PLEASE don’t waste your power on either one of them Will production redo the will Sam save them story line Like they did last Thursday with Chris

  19. danmtruth

    Bro’s know it’s in the house hands Will do more campaigning to ruin Scottie chances Than against each other

  20. Helen

    Tyler and JC talking. Sounds like it’s brett that will go leaving us with boring weird Winston.

  21. Shivani33

    Is there any chance that Winston will try doing an “aw, shucks” turnout against Brett?

  22. danmtruth

    Bret is a bigger theater in the game Winston is not a comp or social threat
    Votes are going to be interesting to try to handicap

  23. Alda

    Hey Adrian,Scottie did it!

  24. Shivani33

    Tyler just told Kaycee that Kaitlyn has got to go. He can’t trust her gullibility or her inability to keep secrets. Also, he said that she’s driving him nuts. Tyler is wanting Brett gone. Obviously Kaitlyn’s vote against Brett would be useful. But Tyler said that Kaitlyn believes whatever the last person who speaks with her says.

  25. Helen

    Scottie just won two comps in a row…threatened everyone if they used veto he would put their best friend up and no one is seeing this dude as a threat?

  26. Seattle Kari

    ” I will make out with Faye if I have to”



  27. hogwild

    We need a surprise doube eviction so both these guys can be voted out.

  28. SammyD

    It’s too bad that the App Store didn’t have an Instant Eviction app for the least trending houseguest. I would have loved to have dreamed Rockstar or Kaitlyn receiving such a punishment as a unique way out of the game.

  29. Helen

    It’s kind of amazing with a fairly evenly divided house that one side is willing to give up a voting number this early in the game…

  30. Colby

    Can Bay please get well so we don’t have to listen to her blow her nose anymore!
    Just sayin…….

  31. hogwild

    BB should have a deal for at least one week where the fans can be HOH and vote on who should be on the block.

  32. Helen

    Should Sam use her advantage this week?
    Or not and risk losing it to A)Someone they don’t want to get it or B) having to convince someone they are voting them out with only a chance of coming back to the game?

    • Colby

      I am thinking the ‘chance’ to get back in is going to be pretty easy. BB wants that to happen, which is why they aren’t doing a pre-jury buy back.
      It would be interesting to let the other side win just to see who they would put up, knowing that the week will be null.
      But that would be kinda risky…

    • hogwild

      If I was her I would hang onto it on the outside chance I was voted out this week or next. After this week it goes to whoever is voted out fourth which I’m guessing would still apply to her if it doesn’t I guess it depends on if you think trying to save on these two will help your game long term I don’t see that they would help her.

      • Colby

        I don’t think she should use it this week either, just in case she needs it next week. I doubt she will, but better safe than sorry.

  33. danmtruth

    Everyone is up in the HOH room With Bay doing her best book of questions The Bro’s are in the Jenga room whispering Why?? Now in the kitchen complaining about the POV comp Cry babies

  34. Yael Sara

    Three stools at the kitchen bar. Angela in one and Brett in the other leaving on open. Kaitlin then forcing herself on Brett’s lap – oh how that erks me!

    • Shivani33

      I’m drowsy and read this as three stooges at the kitchen bar. I’m looking forward to seeing Haleigh in costume for her Reading Crapp App. She’ll make a lovely Ophelia, prior to Ophelia’s drowning, of course.

  35. Helen

    Funny how a housepet personality changes when they become HOH…

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Hey Guys! *waving*

    Been away for what seems FOREVER. A short trip to Urgent Care turned into a short stay in the hospital but all is fine now. I’ve been home since the beginning of the week but hadn’t posted because I had about a week’s worth of BB, BBAD, and BBJ to try to catch up on before commenting. I literally just finished getting caught up on BBJ and am watching BBAD now.

    Thanks to all who were worried about me. I missed all of you too. I’d also like to say that YOU GUYS ROCK! I’ve been on this board constantly for the past few years, posting my nonsense at night and people would always comment how much they appreciated how we all keep them informed (the ones who either aren’t on the Feeds or get BBAD). I never really thought about what they meant until this past week. Between BBAD, Steve, Mell, the new Twitter blogger (sorry I can’t remember your name right now, but WELCOME!), I now know what they mean.

    Now for my thoughts on the HG:

    Kaycee: Prettiest girl in the house but doesn’t go out of her way to show it. Still waters run deep. She doesn’t say much but she LISTENS and sometimes that’s more important. Steve is right, she is like furniture. But I’m hoping she’ll step up and show us something when it counts.

    Fessy: Best Smile, but it will take more than a flash of teeth to win the game. I also refer to him as Cecil The Love Sick Sea Serpent, or Sampson. I just worry that he’ll fool around and let either Krazy Kait or Haleigh be his Delilah.

    Rachel: Ms.Gone-With-The-Wind Fabulous (in her own mind). Did you notice the “pose” when giving her vote? Then tonight, running in and out of the HOH, and overacting on the balcony…no one cared.

    Hayleigh: The REAL House Playa. She teases the boys just enough, then keeps them at arm’s length.

    Sam: Reminds me of Melanie Griffin, both in sound and looks. The Victoria of BB20. She will cook her way to the end.

    JC: Merv The Perv, Chester The Molester, call him what you will, but in spite of his little dirty old man ways, I’m a little impressed with his game. He has much better instincts than I pegged him for.

    Kaitlyn: Chakra Khan. This needy little dipstick is as flighty as Uncle Lou. ALL the guys in the house better watch out. I foresee a bunny boiling in their future.

    Bayleigh: Pretty girl, irritating voice. Seems smart enough. I just wish BB would give her some Allerest, Zyrtec, or at least a box of Kleenex. I’m so sick of her holding one nostril and snorting snot back *rolling eyes*

    Tyler: Best Hair. Surfer Dude is smarter than he looks. Just needs to be careful not to outsmart himself and get caught.

    Ashley: No personality whatsoever. Nothing more to be said.

    Winston: Waiting for his head to explode.

    Brett: Winston’s appendage.

    RockStar: Roz The Schnoz is pretty much persona non-grata in my book.

    Scottie: WHO KNEW?!?!


    – What’s with the hair? Fessy, Kait, Kaycee

    – Wouldn’t it be funny if everybody used their powers all at the same time?

    – Can Production soundproof all the rooms so they can stop whispering?

    – Is Winston scared to be alone or does he think Brett is Peter Pan and he is his shadow?

  37. Colby

    Welcome back NK.
    At first we figured you just must be on vacation for a few days, but we have really been concerned about you being away for so long.
    Glad you are doing better and wish you a speedy recovery.
    You have been very missed.

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Night All. Can’t wait for tomorrow night’s show, now that I’m back on track.

    Have a GREAT day!

  39. Shivani33

    Rachel’s birthday partying has been fun, with tons of socializing and some offside strategic conversations. Kaitlyn wants Angela gone pre-jury. She doesn’t see Angela as being protective enough of her. For crying out loud. Many people want Kaitlyn evicted. She doesn’t know how many suggested to Scottie, before he won veto, that he use Kaitlyn for his renom. She’d be horrified to hear what her fellow houseguests have said about her, and especially what Tyler has said. Somebody should spill the beans and tell her. Lol.

    Bayleigh and Rockstar would love to evict Kaitlyn. Bayleigh sounds more interested in evicting Tyler, though. He is her number one target. Bayleigh and Rachel have been getting very friendly. Bayleigh is playing things up socially without Swag. She even said that she always felt more at home with Rachel and her allies than where she wound up (on Swaggy’s side.) Bayleigh is laying it on thick. Of course, she doesn’t know that Tyler has a Power app, too.

    Meanwhile, Sam’s new Worry of the Night, as she told Tyler, is that poor Scottie has a crush on her. She told Tyler to go tell Scottie that she is in love with someone back home. What is she, a deaf-mute? Sam can tell Scottie that herself. She can hide behind the HoH bed again like last night and tell Scottie in her baby voice. Scottie won’t give a rat’s ass.

  40. Avatar

    Hello Dearest BB Junkie Family,
    I have been, so very Busy, but I do take some time to read Steve’s Updates. I have been caring for my Father, who has Alzheimer’s, which is the most “daunting task” I will most likely will ever have in my lifetime. But on the flip side, it’s so good to see that all of you are back for BB 20! I will try to pop in from time to time.

    I like Sam, she reminds me of Jordan Lloyd of BB 11, & 13. I love her sage openness, & advice to the Houseguest, and her sweet Country Charm. I will be vote for Sam for America’s Favorite HG for sure!

    Swaggy C, I know he was controversial to many on this website…But imvho, sometimes in life, you go through some heavy crap as a Youngster, then you proceed to build up a Wall, or like we say in the Black Community, “A Front.” Sam brought it out of him, the Persona that really did his game in?! And the most Ironic part of it was his Initial Interview that Julie played of him going into the BB house, it was the Total Opposite of how he played! At 23, Swaggy is an insecure immature kid, that still has a lot of Growing up to do. Hopefully he will get there one day.

    I like Bayleigh I hope she hangs in, & goes far. I also love Rachel & Bayleigh’s friendship, and remain friends on the outside of the house also.

    Tyler, finally a Surfer Dude who is actually Smart on Big Brother, and knows how to play the game!

    Scottie, is one hell of a Super Fan, Smart, Knows the Game, & how to Win Comps! That is really something to cheer about!

    Rock Star Angie…Omg, Sorry guys, but I LOVE HER!!! Angie has that Intuitive Instinct in the BB Game, which can be Good, & Bad…Plus I just think of Rock Star as a Black Woman, in White Skin, she is just so freaking down!

    Kaitlyn, is Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs, & a Flip Flooper…But she may go really Far. I can see someone taking her to an F2. But her Flip Flopping will be her Liability in getting far in the game.

    The Bros, Winston, & Brett ~ Meh, that’s all I will say for them.

    Kaycee, she reminds me of, Still Waters Run Deep, she may be a sleeper, & will come on strong towards the end.

    JC, when I 1st saw that he was casted I was so happy, because I am totally down for the LP Community…But since then, I kinda find him Annoying as a HG on BB.

    Faysal, like him, & I hope he can go far in the Game.

    Hayleigh, Angela, & Rachel, are basically Pretty Girls, there for the summer…But play an import part in the numbers game!

    That my take guys! I Heart ALL of YOU!

  41. JD

    NK I too am happy to see you back! I’ve been here for years and I always enjoy your insights and updates! You rock!

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