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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Afternoon Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s the calm before the storm that is Monday’s PoV meeting! I’ve been thinking – is this season good because one side is super strategic or is it just because the other side has zero awareness?

I mean week after week, the ‘Hive’ side gets blindsided yet they continue to think that they have the only alliance in the house and they do all the game talk. Mel pointed out Hay’s cringe-worthy pitch to Tyler last night which show just how clueless that side of the house really is.

This is apparently how they see the season so far… Kaitlyn flipped on her alliance because she was just crazy which explains the first two weeks.  They suddenly think that Tyler only began working with Angela last week despite the ‘level 6’ making it more and more obvious they were friends as the season progressed. They think Angela and Kaycee are floaters who only win competitions when they need to (doesn’t make sense) and that Brett is all alone in the house despite being picked to stay twice. The hive also still can’t put the pieces together for the first few votes of the season to see that Tyler has been voting with Angela/KC all year long.


Now the funny part is RS and Haleigh actually think there is a chance that Tyler is going to use the PoV on RS. Even Fessy can see how ridiculous that sounds and he isn’t really known for his tactical abilities.

Put this in perspective here… Tyler was on the block and won the PoV competition. He chose a prize over safety. Why would he do that? Because he’s stupid and quickly fell for Angela’s line that she’ll keep him safe or that he feels so secure with Angela that he is willing to put his entire game on the line? Not realizing that Tyler and Angela are much closer than they appear is not only embarrassing for the hive, but it also insults Tyler’s intelligence because they’re basically saying he’s too stupid and blindly trusts random people in the house.


Time to watch RS follow around Tyler all day….

  • 12:00 pm – Most people are finally up
    • Tyler woke up and RS immediately began chatting it up with him. Don’t even think he had time for a morning piss yet
    • Meanwhile, Sam was outside rambling to Angela about being Sammy 4.0 or something. I really worry that Sam is slowly losing her mind in there
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  • 12:30 pm – Scottie is up in the HoH room
    • Haleigh said she wasn’t expecting Tyler to come up at all last night, especially while she was in the bath tub (sure, sure)
    • Hay says she thinks the conversation with Tyler went well (it didn’t).  Scottie heard it went well (it still didn’t)
    • Haleigh says that Angela’s HoH was only to play safe moves because she’s not playing the game lol… and Kaycee isn’t playing at all
  • 1:10 pm – Tyler is outside re-telling RS following him around basically begging him to Angela/Brett
  • 1:30 pm – The lovebirds are together
    • RS is up and Fessy says his pitch should be that nobody is going to vote RS out because she can just be on the block again next week. RS wasn’t thrilled about that
    • Hay says the dumbest pitch ever was Tyler asking him to not be nominated but only be a backdoor if possible (he asked because of the cloud but she doesn’t know that)
    • Fessy says he knows why, because you have a chance to getting pulled for veto anyway so he’d rather be backdoored… wtf
    • Fessy says that his alliance is the only close one lol.  So dumb
    • RS tells Haleigh that Sam is jealous of how pretty Hay is. RS tells her not to repeat it.  Good friend, Rock
  • 3:30 pm – Slow afternoon in the house with the yard open.
    • RS and Sam are chatting in the bedroom.  Sam really may be a lock vote for RS so this week could depend on JC. yikes

I was going to create a nightly thread but the CBS show wasn’t all that interesting and not much has happened in the house this afternoon, so I’m just continuing the thread here

  • 6:45 pm – Haleigh is hanging out with Scottie in the HN room while others are outsie
  • 8:00 pm – Brett is working Haleigh a little out while Scottie is pulling his veggies from his food

Check back for updates


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  1. hogwild

    This week will be just like last week and the week before that and the week before that the clueless side of the house gets blindsided again. The hive as they are now now calling themselves sorry gameplay was funny for awhile now it’s just sad and pathetic.

  2. HappyHippo

    The level 6/5/4 group have stuck together so well. It’s amazing (or is it?)the hive have not figured it out yet. I hope we get to see their reactions when they find out at the end of the game…and get this guys… they even have a name! Die laughing
    Interested to see if Tyler uses his power..

  3. danmtruth

    Hay talking to Peabody sounds more like she is trying to convince herself that this is smart

  4. HappyHippo

    Oh my gosh Fessy , RS and hay talking saying nobody in the house is a close as they are. They are all basically alone and would jump ship at any time! Look what they did to Rachel!(they had to choose been 2 of their own) and bay(never even close to any of them lol!) they kill me! Time for some wine:)

    • Colby

      That and them talking about Tyler doing what the HOH wanted with the veto for the others. Then Ha ho says but they didn’t put him up and tell him they were after him in front of the whole house (she gets it for a minute) until RS says ‘but I didn’t do that’, so they all think he will use it on RS.

  5. WhereisPablo

    I am envisioning the jury discussion that they show on finale night. Hazel keeps saying that she’s the only one with true knowledge of each and every person’s heart and personality, so when the time comes, she will be so useful in the little house. I think she truly believes that the jury is to choose the nicest, most athletic, most talented and then they sign each other’s yearbooks and go home. Dr.Will may not make it through.

    • ElaineB

      “sign each other’s yearbooks and go home’….that got me! Lol. Dr. W definitely has his work cut out for him this year with jury discussions. Am sure RS will still be complaining about why she ‘deserves’ to win. *sigh*

      • ElaineB

        And I bet Sam will spend her time in the jury house (yes she will get there), crafting ‘participation trophies’ for all of them.

  6. oowee

    I love BB due to the sociological and phychological aspects. I have been a lurker on this board for years, but the dynamics of this year inspired me to be an active participant.

    At first, I was pulling for the underdog side, as I usually do, but quickly got over that when they proved to be petty, vile, and vindictive. While the “cool kid” side turned out to be respectful, composed, and team oriented. Maybe that is because some on the cool kid side are/have been professional competitors, so have experience with sportsmanship and teamwork?

    Although Fessie and Bay have competition experience, hers was not team-based and despite his team experience, he is the epitome of the dumb jock with the hots for the head cheerleader.

    If we get down to a final four composed of the L6 minus 2 alliance, it will be interesting to see how they proceed. Will their behavior continue as it is, with a “may the best person win” attitude or will they devolve into the behaviors the other side has displayed all along?

    As far as who goes up if Tyler uses his Veto on Angela, I am wondering what will happen if Rockstar starts to get the feeling that she may not have Sam’s vote against Kaycee. Given that some of the top strengths of the failed hive are paranoia and miscalculation/poor judgement, will she go to Hayleigh about concerns about not having Sam, then in their paranoia, they decide that “everyone” will evict Sam over Rockstar so she puts up Sam. This would unfortunately for the dead hive, be beneficial to L4. Rockstar would still go home, and if by some chance Sam wins the next HOH, she will be after Hayleigh! I am fairly sure Rockstar leaves anyway, but putting Sam up instead of Kaycee would be a bigger blunder in my opinion.

    • HappyHippo

      Yes that would be an interesting turn of events if it were to happen… welcome to the
      Board! I joined last year but have been watching B.B. for some time. Never even thought to look for a website of other fanatics

      • WhereisPablo

        I do enjoy your speculations and posts oowee. I would like to see this one happen. It would be really telling of where a few of them really stand.

    • danmtruth

      Welcome Love Love reading your stuff
      I just wonder if Sam was on the block if they would think twice about sending Sam out Giving BlockStar a false feeling of how good she is at saving herself

      • oowee

        Thank you Dan, I have enjoyed your posts as well over years.

        Who, knows, but I think L4 would see the advantage of keeping Sam, especially since Rockstar has come close to winning a few comps. I would just love to see that wrench get thrown in the jalopy.

      • caRyn

        Hello, hello, oowee, I think L6 would keep Sam over Rockstar. They know how Rockstar will vote. Since Sam is on the fence with votes she may be worth keeping as a number and Sam doesn’t apply herself with winning comps. I don’t think she even really tried watching the hacker comp tonight.
        I also think L6 will continue to stay composed if they are in the BB house with just a handful of hg. Just a feeling I have.

      • oowee

        I agree on both points Ryn.

        They would definitely keep Sam over Rockstar. They know she will be wanting to “stomp a mud hole” or “curb stomp” Hayleigh for putting her OTB. It’s a long way to Wednesday, so there it time for L4 to turn Sam in their favor.

        Maybe tonight Rockstar will go off and Sam will fall out of Rockstars pocket bringing on the dead hive paranoid, all-knowing, over-thinking, and self-proclaimed brilliance that leads to Sam being the replacement tomorrow. One can hope!

        I think they will continue to be adults and good sports about the whole thing.They know it is a game and don’t take game play as personal attacks.

  7. danmtruth

    TGTCSS is just in their own reality They are the only people working together Everyone else is just working in twosomes Once more math is not a big thing with them Fess is just happy he can look into Hay’s eyes Waiting for his next kiss Scottie the evil genius has been lobotomized by talking to this group

    • oowee

      As far as Fessy, this morning “Wrapped Around your Finger” by The Police came to my mind. As the ear worm continued through the song and I got to the part about being “caught between the Scylla and Charybdis,” I began to think of Hayleigh in terms of Greek Mythology. I am sure she (and the guys) see her as Aphrodite, but I have a different take. Instead of the S&C as in the song, I see her more as a Siren to her friends as she leads them to shipwrecking their game, first Bay and now Rockstar. She is also a Siren to Fes and Scottie, but they get hit with a double whammy because she also has a Medusa vibe/effect, but instead of them turning to stone, their brains turn to mush!

    • oowee

      Haha kneeless, you may be right!

  8. Alda

    I would like to see Sam on the block opposite BlockStar.Sam says how close she has gotten to the Block.It would be interesting to see if Sam would campaign to stay.

  9. Carl

    Anyone remember The Beverly Hillbillies? Fessy is such a Jethro.

  10. kneeless

    Feeds are painful right now. Fess & Hay canoodling & ten we have Sam going on & on to KC.

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  12. dfdsgs

    It’s incredible that Fess and Haleigh think that no one knows that they are a showmance. It’s painfully apparent, and then they spend all day up in the HOH room just the two of them rolling around in bed together.

  13. Colby

    Surely there is something else going on somewhere in the house other than MF trying to molest HaHo or Sam and KC talking (not game). Could we please have a camera switch!

  14. hogwild

    I’m starting to seriously wonder if Fess could walk and chew gum at the same time.

  15. Avatar

    2:32 PM In HOH: Haleigh: Day 54. Day 54. Faysal: What about it? Haleigh: The day we convinced Tyler to use the Veto on Rockstar. -Scott3325

    these people are clueless

  16. Helen

    Sometimes I really wonder if Tyler still trusts Scottie?

    • Avatar

      he doesn’t, after Hali-Ho told him that Scottie went back to her with info

      • Helen

        That’s what I thought…but some of the things Ty says to Scottie make me wonder…like just now…”They have no clue”. Why would he say something like that knowing it will go right back to Hayleigh?

      • Sassy

        Because she’s hey won’t understand what he means. They will take it as a positive. They have no idea how loyal I am to them.

  17. kneeless

    Now it’s ‘Hair-time with Fessy!

  18. aka beachgirl

    Check out Rockstars website. witchymama.net – there are pictures of her with blond hair in which she looks very attractive. I read a couple of her posts and, while some of it would be outside my comfort zone, she says some things I totally agree with and can relate to. Makes me like her a little more. I wonder why she has taken on the persona that she has inside the BB house.

  19. LO1004

    Sam is paranoid about people taking advantage of her, but she seems completely unaware that RS has been trying to manipulate her all day. She’s trying to get her to convince Tyler to use the Veto on her. It’s never going to happen.. I’m shocked she thinks this is an actual possibility.

    • JD

      Rockstar is working Sam over as best buddies and then runs to Hay and trashes Sam. If Sam watches the show afterwards she’s really going to loose it finding out how she was used.

      • Helen

        I know…it’s really sad to see what a poor judge of character and their motives are to Sam..RS is the only one that is constantly putting down others when talking to Sam..something that Sam has repeatedly said she will not be a part of…

      • Helen

        Sam also should remember RS was the one pitching the all girl alliance…minus Sam…

      • caRyn

        If people are talking about other people to you, you know they are talking about you to other people. I always keep that in mind when I hear someone talking bs about someone.

  20. Helen

    I still am unsure what Tyler is going to do with veto…he may decide not to use it at all…thinking he can avoid showing his hand…

    • Mr. Beardo

      Pretty sure he’ll use it on Angela. The level knows she’s a bigger target than KC who they know is the probable renom.

      • mm22

        I hope Tyler uses the veto on Angela-i do like
        KC but Angela in my mind has played a better
        game so far and I like Tyler n Angela working
        together. KC could end up staying and that would
        really piss off hali ho – Come on Tyler return the
        favor n remove Angela!

    • Colby

      I’m pretty sure he is using it on Angela. He and KC had a convo in the bathroom this morning saying using it on her is explained because she used it on him last week. And the fact that he was told KC would go back up makes it appear they are not working together.

  21. Mr. Beardo

    The dead hive is absolutely laughable. Their self delusion skills are epic. Let’s talk ourselves into circles until we believe all the garbage we spew at eachother.. They really do f themselves the levelheads don’t even have to try to bamboozle them.

    • danmtruth

      Stranger Things are happening its a shame we have to wait until Wed to see the reaction when Ty pulls Angela Than the panic of putting KC up Thinking she might have a power to stop it How quickly they will say how stupid TY is for not talking there deal That would have fallen apart like a fart in the wind

  22. g8trgirl

    News flash: BB will start late tonite due to PGA tournament running over. Joy.

    • Mr. Beardo

      Tiger made a helluva run at it today! Damn Koepka..

    • danmtruth

      nice to see you back posting g8tr

    • oowee

      Ugghhh! Thanks for the heads up.

      Back to the Florida discussion, I love the beach too! I was in Clearwater last week. I would love to move to the beach one day. G-ville will do for now, at least I am less than 2 hours from either coast as well as Orlando, Tampa, and Jax. I do prefer the west/gulf coast though, warmer and calmer waters. Do you live on a beach in FL or did you leave the state?

      • HappyHippo

        I’m in FL too outside of Orlando. Just got back from new Smyrna beach this morning. Love the ocean!

      • g8trgirl

        Waving back, Hippo!
        I’m never leaving Florida.
        I live in Palm Coast, so Flagler Beach is my playground. I’m an ocean/Caribbean girl. I’m not a big fan of the Gulf. If it ever stops rsining, maybe I’ll get to go soon.

      • HappyHippo

        Yes this wet season has been WET! I’ll take rain any day over a hurricane though!

      • oowee

        Woohoo! Another close by BB junkie! I went to elementary school in Apopka. Moved to the New Orleans area when I was in the 6th grade and stayed there for 30 years.

        My parents came back to FL once my dad retired to help care for my grandparents in Citrus County around 2001. I came back at the very end of 2006. I was going to come back in the summer of 2005, but a little storm named Katrina came to visit New Orleans. I was on the north shore at the time and in hospital leadership. I did not feel right leaving my staff after half of them lost their homes. We were close to the Mississippi state line and a lot lived in the Bay St. Louis/Biloxi area or along the bayou and lake.

      • oowee

        An ex-coworker moved back to Flagler after she had a baby! I go to St. Augustine every now and again. I stayed in a VRBO in Flagler when I went to Bee College a few years ago, it is held at the UF facilites in Marineland.

      • Mr. Beardo

        I did six years in ybor city/channelside in my twenties.. Best years of my life!

      • g8trgirl

        Beardo, you wouldn’t recognize Ybor now. Very fufu, fancy, smancy, upscale. Blechy.

      • Mr. Beardo

        Merp merp.. two of my groomsmen we’re friends that area. One was an immigrant German that would wake me up for futbol at 3 am the other is a Fessy..

    • Jenny

      Thanks G8r. I am so glad I had set my DVR to record an extra hour because of Thursday night football. Was busy when it was on and went to watch it & saw 60 minutes ran long.

  23. HappyHippo

    Oh man on the cbs show when Brett is trying to charm hay the music they just played is awesome like a soap opera lol
    Damn he’s good

    • ElaineB

      Brett may not be good at comps, but he has some good DR one liners and sure can give speeches!

      • oowee

        But he’s not near as good as Hayleigh, she did take for years of speech you know…lololol.

      • ElaineB

        Sam referred to Hay’s supposed ‘lisp’ for which she said she had received speech therapy.

      • oowee

        She said something on the live feeds, to Scottie I think (could have been Rockstar or Fes though) when preparing her pitch to Tyler about how great she was at giving speeches because she took it for four years. I took that in reference to school, not to the speech therapy for her lisp.

  24. g8trgirl

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but… I’m rooting for Brett. He’s laying low and playing the play when he needs to. Y’all were so right: Winston leaving was the best thing for Brett’s game.

  25. HappyHippo

    Wow they even played sams I’ll rip every limb pull the lip over the head Crazy rant lol

    • danmtruth

      that was two different times The lip line was when she came back in Yes it was funny they even cut it down Than to show the conversation with Jc about muddle That was great

      • Jay H

        She said the exact same thing on the feeds about people who park in handicapped spots who aren’t handicapped, which I must admit infuriates me when I see it too. I wouldn’t rip there limbs. I typically curb stomp them.

      • oowee

        Jay, I nearly spewed coffee through my nose “I typically curb stomp them” lolololol

  26. HappyHippo

    Oh my gosh her explaining curb stomping to jc was hilarious! When she walked away and he said I’m terrified I died

    • NKogNeeTow

      The look on his face and his response had me screaming with laughter. She started with that mudhole comment, which wasn’t that bad, I’ve heard that term many times. But when she got into explaining the curb stomping…putting someone’s teeth on a curb then stomping them in the head? The look on Tyler’s face where his eyes widened. That was funny as hell too. I wonder if Tyler realized that the remark was or may have been aimed at him? At least that’s what it seemed to me.

      • danmtruth

        than Jc asking how do you know this AND Sams was like oh um I saw it in a movie That did not convince anyone

      • caRyn

        Yeeeessss, NKogNeeTow. The more Sam went on, the more terrifying she was. I wouldn’t want to sleep in the same room with her after hearing that crazy talk. I wouldn’t doubt if it was directed at Tyler. Sam does play games like that.

      • caRyn

        What movie?! I have never heard of curb stompin’.

      • ElaineB

        I loved the look on Tyler’s face and at the end when JC said, “That was terrifying”.

      • Avatar

        It was in the movie American History X

      • oowee

        American History X

      • caRyn

        Thanks. I don’t know that I could watch it if it actually showed curb stomping. Hellraiser movies did me in.

      • oowee

        I have not seen Hellraiser, not much for horror flicks. As soon as she mentioned curb stomping, that scene from American History X flashed in my mind. Although the movie is graphic, it is an excellent movie. Ed Norton is a fantastic actor.

      • Jenny

        American History X is a very important movie. Highly recommended. But I must have blocked that scene from my memory. I remember a bloody scene where someone was beaten in a bathroom. I can’t watch graphic violence because I don’t need those images in my head. I have very realistic nightmares where I see people being murdered and wake up screaming. Don’t need any more fuel for those.

      • Jay H

        Tony Soprano did it as well in The Sopranos.

      • LynnD

        @Jenny, no one was “beaten” in the bathroom. I will not divulge any more. I also agree it is a very important movie. Very well done (even with the scenes that made me cringe). The story line is phenomenal. It is a movie I will always highly recommend. I actually just watched it last week for the 1st time in about a year.

      • caRyn

        Thank you all. I will definitely watch the movie.

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  28. Helen

    I wonder sometimes if Brett,Scottie,Tyler and maybe even Faysal and JC actually formed a guys alliance back when they were talking so much about it…would be funny if that’s what Tyler meant when he said to Scottie earlier today “they have no clue”…after the 3 guys left week 1,2,3..they really started pushing that.
    Would be funny in a way but I wouldn’t like it …not at all

  29. caRyn

    Sam was looking rough at the nomination ceremony. You can tell she had been crying.

  30. Shivani33

    There’s a newer woman in town. Ex-Vixen, Angela. She is the twinkling star right now. Sam earns the wacked edit. That’s life.

  31. Helen

    Tyler seems to be buying what Peabody is selling…maybe Tyler isn’t as smart as I thought he was

  32. dfdsgs

    Unless we have an extremely bitter jury like last year, I don’t know how you can’t give this to Tyler if we ended today. He has won an HOH and three official POV, but it should be four. Of those four he would have had three in a row if he didn’t let Angela keep it. He also convinced Kaitlyn to backdoor her ally in her week 2 HOH. He can point to how he was involved in every single vote so far and has never been on the wrong side. Part of a loyal alliance of six since day one that they only turned on when they had to pick between the two in the coalition. Outside of some made up slights and insults that he did to Bayleigh in her mind, I would say he is in pretty much everyone’s good/adequate graces.

    Obviously, a lot can change before the end of the game and who he sits next to is still essential, but I have been impressed with his play so far.

  33. Helen

    Too funny…

    Tyler to Scottie and Haleigh: I like this hacker a lot better than the last one. Just for the record.

  34. danmtruth

    One thing not mention We were worried that Sam would spill the beans on TY power app Only problem is she does not believe he has one She complains no one talks game with her Than when TY does she does not understand he is trying to gain her trust Just is confused that he did not tell her earlier Its a SECERT Sam is unbelievable

  35. GoodGame

    Can this Hacker still cancel 1 person’s vote?

  36. Shivani33

    Now Kaycee let Sam know that Tyler is saving Angela. Sam saying that she feels replaced by Angela. She is not being part of a trio with Tyler and Kaycee anymore; they’re closer to Angela now. Kaycee tries reassurance. Hoo boy.

    • Helen

      Oh gosh!! Why oh why did you do that KayCee

    • oowee

      If I were Tyler, in my veto speech I would say something like: since Angela used the veto on me last week, I have to do the right thing and use it on her this week. I know it might hurt my game, but my conscious will be clear knowing I put doing the right thing over making a game move. Sam will like that and Hayleigh won’t have a legitimate gripe because that was her rationale for coming out as the hacker last week.

    • Helen

      That’s the problem I have with the L6 alliance…they do not talk enough..
      RS clued Tyler in last night that Sam talks game with her
      He didn’t bother to share that with anyone
      Now KayCee has told something to Sam that could blow up their plans

    • Ann

      WTF KayCee, have started losing your damn mind too in that friiken peanut suit just because you got a little power? Chill & STFU before you make Sam to spazz out again & cause her to tell secrets.

  37. danmtruth

    so you go from a solid stable thoughtful alliance to join BlockStar and the Dumb and Dumber crew

  38. Patrick

    Just putting it out there that I do enjoy a new thread at night because it resets the comment section.

  39. danmtruth

    BlockStar and Peabody are still talking about getting TY to use the veto on her Upset that Sam STILL has not talk to TY Reassuring herself that the offer they gave TY is such a great deal He would be a moron not to take it Because he will be like her and be on the block for the next few weeks It must be nice to be so delusional

    • NKogNeeTow

      Well if ignorance is bliss, The Hive must be the happiest motherf*ckers in the world. Jus sayin

    • Helen

      KayCee told Sam earlier today that Ty was using the veto on Angela
      So lbater Sam tells Angela..you know that thing you thought he was going to do?
      He’s gonna do it
      RS thinks that means he is taking her off the block
      She is very happy right now

      • Helen

        Later. Lol

      • Helen

        Sorry. God. Sam told RS

      • danmtruth

        But Sam never said that he was taking Angela down lol BlockStar just went to Hay to tell her That Sam talked to TY and he said yes But Sam never said he was going to use it on RS Just hearing what she wants to hear

      • Helen

        No she didn’t…
        RS feels that Tyler told her last night he would use veto on her (he didn’t)
        RS had complained to Sam she figured Tyler would take Angela down
        So when Sam was told by Kaycee today Ty was using veto on Angela and Sam told RS “that thing you thought he was going to do” he’s doing it..RS just assumed she meant Ty was taking her off the block…

      • leafhopper

        RS will lose it on Sam and call her a liar when TY uses the veto on Angela. She will blame Sam for telling her he was going to use it on her when it was just a string of miscommunications. Thus causing Sam to vote against RS.

    • Ann

      Reminds me of the same dumbass deal Amanda tried to cut with Elisa when Elisa won HOH & Amanda knew McCray & herself would be going otb after she treated Elisa so bad & tortured her. Elisa laughed in her face unintentionally but she deserved it.

    • mm22

      Who’s peabody ?

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Has anyone here played the Orwell Games? Just a random question. Slow night. I’m lazy and bored.

  41. kneeless

    It seems like CBS is doing a better editing job this season. They aren’t sugar coating the crazies! Some seasons the people we see on feds are nothing like who we see on the show.

  42. Seattle Kari

    Because of the recent history of them getting rid of those that were acting out, do you think they might back door Sam?

  43. danmtruth

    They do seem more honest with the edits But still do protect some HG

    A slow Sunday night TY & Angela don’t seem to care who sees them hanging out together Unlike Fess & Hay who fee that one knows they are together

    Why do I get the feeling Fess has no game In the house he seems very awkward around the women

    This season pinkie promise and Hair braiding are the big things this year

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Why do these people take showers then walk around in bare feet on those dirty floors?

  45. NKogNeeTow

    Pennywise and MF trying to figure out how long the power apps last. Their math is off, as usual. They go ask Martha Stewart about her power. She only tells them that she just picked the one that was the biggest. She ask her for about more details, Martha tells her she’s not allowed to talk about it. Penny and MF give each other a look from across the sofas.

  46. NKogNeeTow

    We might be the only 7 people watching this paint dry…lol

    • Ann

      Im here too NK with my tv muted so I don’t have to listen to Sam’s crazy ass talking into this fucking spoon with this big half wit, moron Fessy.

      • Helen

        She has convinced herself he is gay…i think right now she is probably only 1 of 2 that don’t know MF slept in HOH last night with the harlot and were making out under the covers today…JC knows,Brett knows,Kaycee knows,Angela knows…I think Tyler knows. Scottie and RS don’t…she lied to RS today when RS asked if she and Fessy have made out…she said no…she even lies to her friends….

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Martha sits there with dental floss, dryer lint, teeth fillings and a bar of soap, attempting to make a nuclear bomb.

  48. NKogNeeTow

    I want MF to go to the HOH and find Brett and HeidiHo on the bed with him massaging her scalp. That ought to get a little action going.

  49. NKogNeeTow

    BlockStar might be wrong about Sam. I think she’s closer to MF than to Blocky. She seems to have more fun with him. He makes her laugh more than anyone else I’ve seen her with. I did notice the got that little dig in about how he might be gay though.

    • Helen

      Did Hai the harlot get upset when she walked outside and saw Ty and Angela still together? She disappeared pretty quick ….

      • Helen

        Oh. No. She’s back outside…wish they would all just go to bed….but since they slept all day they will just stay up all night blowing smoke up each other’s butts…

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Tyler should feel honored. Everybody wants a piece of the rock (with the exception of Sammy The Bull Gravano). The Couch Potatoes (Brett, HaHo, BlockStar, and Mr.Peabody) are sitting around faking conversations while watching Ty on the hammock, and waiting for a chance to talk to him.

    Brett: Wants to give him an update
    HaHo: Wants to try to make more deal with him about the Veto
    BlockStar: Wants to badger him some more about using the Veto on her(says she want to talk to him if she can get him away from those 2 bitches)
    Mr.Peabody: Want to try to weed more info out of him to take back to the Hive
    Martha Stewart: Just wants to curb stomp him

  51. NKogNeeTow

    JC is up late tonight. Usually he and KC go to bed earlier than the rest.

  52. Helen

    Tyler should just get up and say…well I’m tired…I’m going to bed
    We can talk tomorrow after the veto

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Blocky is bitching to JC that she can’t talk to Tyler because “Angela has been up his ass all day”. *She’s just mad because she didn’t get there first*

    JC was on the hammock telling Tyler that he’s not going to talk to anybody from the Hive. As they get up to walk into the house, JC tells him he’ll be in in a minute, he’s going to talk to them for minute. He sits there talking to Blocky. JC has a tendenacy to get carried away when he’s talking and slips up and says things. I think his best bet is to shut his little ass up and go inside.

    HaHo finally got Tyler into her lair. Same old record. At this point, I’d just tell her I’m using the Veto on Angela, get up and walk out. What the hell can she do? She can’t put him up because he has the Veto, and no matter who she puts up from his side, someone from her side will be going home.

    She is some piece of work. You can tell she thinks she’s smarter than he is. She keeps telling him she doesn’t think he’s stupid (she does). I can’t wait to see that smug look wiped off of her face.

  54. NKogNeeTow

    Tyler just told her he’s done for the night. She is relentless.

    I don’t know about him, I just can’t do this anymore tonight.

    Turn out the lights and close the door. Goodnight everybody and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  55. Apopkedave

    If Tyler takes Angela off the block can Haleigh put Kaycee back up?

    • Helen

      Yes…she can…

      • Apopkedave

        Oh well, Kaycee will cancel one of their votes and the so called Rockstar will be gone.

      • Helen

        KayCee and Sam have also bonded and become close..much earlier in the game than RS..
        I am thinking if KayCee goes back OTB with RS we will See another Thursday night meltdown with Sam in DR 45 minutes before live show refusing to vote and threatening self eviction…

    • danmtruth

      Yes and thats what TY & company think what will happen KC is ok with it figuring she has the votes to stay Feeling they have a better chance of Jc voting with them if KC was sitting next to RS than Angela
      votes for KC tasty -Bret – Jc -Angela – TY
      Votes for RS – Scottie – Sam – Fess his vote canceled by the hacker
      Thats why Jc vote is important If he votes with the HIVE the votes are tied and Hay gets to pick and that would be to save RS

  56. Helen

    Fessy asked Hayleigh if she made Ty pinky swear…she said. No..I forgot…well maybe because he never made any type of promise to you other than he would do what was best..for his game..
    She is going to have another go at him this morning before veto..hoping she can lure him with her feminine wiles..to take RS off the block…hopefully production will just let him sleep till noon!
    It’s funny cause way early in the show ty told Scottie he knows all about girls like her and knows to stay away..recommend Scottie do the same but they both laughed knowing Scottie was already “smitten” with her..Ty teases Scottie about it all the time…..

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