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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


Happy opening day in the NFL world! I know there was a game Thursday but this is the start of like 95% of the league so this is my unofficial official start of the NFL season. Good luck to your teams this year, good luck to your fantasy teams as well, and apologies in advance for any team that plays my Patriots!

Alright, the big news of the Big Brother world today is that the CBS CEO and husband of Queen Julie Chen is set to step down amid even more accusations of sexual harassment and other terrible things.  Let’s hope Julie stops standing by this guy after even more women have come forward. I’m sure her career at CBS was already in doubt, but if she doesn’t make some statement very soon, Scottie may have a better chance at appearing on another CBS show moving forward. I know that I’m being selfish for wanting Julie to keep her job at CBS but supporting your husband until he’s properly investigated for something that happened 25 years ago is one thing but sticking with him after six additional women step forward?  Time to cut him loose, Julie.

Inside the house, Haleigh’s days are numbered as she failed miserably at the comic book veto competition last night. There is virtually no doubt that she’ll be leaving first this Thursday night which will make 5 straight Hive members to enter the jury house. Ouch. That entire alliance can decide the winner of BB20 now which is kind of a scary thought considering they couldn’t even get their shit together long enough to eliminate people outside their own alliance all season.


Seeing as the comp ended so late last night and the double eviction this week, this house may be severely limited on their outside time this week. The yard will probably close sometime Tuesday which means they’ll have one full day of it until possibly the final 3. There may be a brief period where they get it for a few hours next week before they start setting up for the next HoH but if they do indeed have a back to back eviction, the yard will probably open next Sunday and close Sunday night or Monday afternoon.

With the extreme slowness of the house, I find myself being forced to fill more of the space in my pre-feed writing so I hope you don’t mind my rambling. With that said, I’m done for today. Time for updates…

  • I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has donated this year. You guys are amazing!
  • 1:45 pm – Angela is in the shower while Tyler, Sam, and Haleigh are in the kitchen
  • 2:00 pm – Tyler has moved to the bed. Cool
  • Congrats to the Browns for not losing!  (seriously, I liked watching them in Hard Knocks)
  • 2:05 pm – Kaycee calls everyone to the living room. She sounds happy so I’m guessing no have-nots anymore this season
    • Yup, no have-nots for the rest of the season. I’d love to play against Kaycee in poker. I could tell that’s what it was the second she called people into the living room
  • 2:50 pm – Feeds went down for about 20 minutes. They return and it appears they got videos from their families.
    • A short while later, Sam heads to the HN room for some alone time. She’s struggling a bit
  • 4:00 pm – The house is in the bedroom reflecting on their messages and the season
    • Angela was only a HN for one week. Lucky

Someone asked about remaining players and comp wins, here are some numbers for remaining houseguests:

Name HoH PoV Misc Comp Wins Nominated
Kaycee 1 3 1 5 1
Sam 1 0 0 1 2
Haleigh 1 0 1 2 4
Tyler 2 3 0 5 1
Angela 2 1 1 4 1
Brett 0 1 0 1 3
JC 0 0 0 0 0
Scottie 1 1 0 2 4
Faysal 1 2 0 3 1
Rockstar 0 0 0 0 3
Bayleigh 1 0 0 1 1
Rachel 0 0 0 0 1
Kaitlyn 1 0 0 1 1
Winston 0 0 0 0 2
Swaggy 0 0 2 2 1
Steve 0 0 0 0 1
Misc Comp 1 – Hacker Comp
Misc Comp 2 – Opening HoH Comp
  • 5:00 pm – The group has moved outside which looks like a temporary outdoor lockdown. They’re around the couch still being boring
  • 6:30 pm – I wasn’t going to watch the episode, but glad I did. It wasn’t bad. It was a fluff episode but I really like most of those players and would love to see them all back in an All-Star season
  • 7:45 pm – Hosue is scattered around the house but still doing nothing
    • Side note – I wonder if I can fill this blog full of Twitter drama when the season ends. We have Coreyyyyyyyy now saying that he’s the one paying for Nicole’s wedding. I assume this is a reference to him thinking of carried Nicole or something?
  • 9:45 pm – I tried watching BBAD a little bit it’s so hard to hear JC unless he’s on my headphones. Not sure how people do it
    • During the episode, I saw Sam try to impersonate an Asian person in a terrible accent. No malicious or mocking but re-telling a story
    • JC is still super paranoid about Angela and wants to get her out asap. I think she may be the second evicted person on Thursday unless she or Tyler win HoH
  • 10:30 pm – The house is eating Chinese food given to them by PopTV

Check back for updates!


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  1. Seattle Kari

    Hello everyone happy Sunday! Just waiting for all the be moaning about football posts to happen hahaha. Watching my Seahawks play the Broncos right now. I have hopes for them but I know where I always good with follow through. I still am blown away that are 1 new player without the hand is so incredibly good at what he does…

    I have a lot of catching up to do here! Spent all day yesterday at our Washington State Fair. Saw the rodeo and the Jamey Johnson concert. A lot of fun!

    Or I go and catch up with all of my reading over the last couple of days I just want to thank our esteemed leaders here for keeping us updated and giving us all the wonderful spoilers. Not to mention all the humorous comments as they do their blogging.

    Have a great week ahead!

  2. hogwild

    Sadly the rest of the week will be exciting updates like someone in the shower, sitting outside, taking a nap depending on HOH and veto wins the the vote out order starting with the second evection Thursday should be sam, Brett, JC, and KC with Tyler and Angela in the finals with Tyler as the winner.

  3. Avatar

    Can someone post a list of players still in the game and their comp wins?

  4. Helen

    Brett..1) veto “hide the veto”
    JC: 0
    Haleigh 2) Hacker comp ; HOH comp
    KayCee: 5) Hacker comp; 3 vetos; 1 HOH
    Sam: 1. HOH comp

    Gotta think about Tyler and Angela

  5. hogwild

    Not really related to BB but just saw Julie’s husband has had to step down as head of CBS because of the allegations against him.

  6. Malia

    Ok…there is not likely anything that would.make me stay in a marriage where in that many women are coming forward. I would have a hard time not believing it was true…. HAVING said that….this isn’t Julits fault…why is the wife potentially being punished for the bad behavior of the husband? Furthermore, why in the hell, if they are going to take this stand against harrassment, is JC still on my love feeds?

    • hogwild

      I don’t think CBS would punish Julie for what he did but she might decide to leave as a show of support for him if she really believes he is innocent of all this. An outside firm CBS hired is still doing an investigation into all this so what they come up with will probably decide how this plays out going foreward.

    • Jay H

      It has the potential for being uncomfortable for all parties. They collectively have more money than they’d ever need, so she ain’t desperate for work.
      Personally, I’d like to see some new blood hosting the show anyway. She doesn’t give the impression that she’s a true fan, not that you need to be, but hopefully there’d be some genuine enthusiasm.

      • Malia

        I respectfully disagree. Maybe the fact that this was a while ago (think Jeff and Jordan era) bit I saw an interview bwith her where she was very enthusiastic nabout the show and even talked a out the kind of houseguest she would benefit she got to play the game. Maybe her love for the game (and I do believe she loves it…if not why stay so long?) has been somewhat diminished due to stress…? Stress caused by this whole situation and whatever else may be going on in her life…..but I do believe she loves the game. Like you said, and agreeing with it, she isn’t in this for the money.

      • Jay H

        You absolutely might be correct, that’s just my read. Regardless, I do feel for her if she was genuinely unaware of all these accusations.

      • hogwild

        My gut feeling here is when this all shakes out it’s going to be a lot like the Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer situations a lot of people knew what was going on or suspected it and just looked the other way.

      • Malia

        Totally agree with both of you. Especially you Jay in feeling bad for her….or any woman in her position. It’s humiliating in any situation for man or.woman…bit to have it so public?? Awful.

      • FW aka CY

        Re: Moonves. I’d prefer more evidence to be displayed before coming to a conclusion.

        feltso: No school? Have a cocktail. Molotov!

    • Jay H

      Regarding your first statement, I agree, but we all know people, the bigger the bank account, the bigger the blind eye. Who knows how she’ll react now that it’s public. We’ll see. She might short circuit.

      • Malia

        Maybe. My husband was telling me that when it first came out, she made ONE public statement that she was standing by her husband and wouldn’t ask about it no more. This might change things.

      • Jenny

        I feel bad for women who find themselves in her position. She might not have had any idea what he may have been doing (if the accusations are true), or maybe she had suspicions, but either way it must suck to be married to someone who is accused of abuse or harassment. Ugh.

    • Mel

      Julie’s situation may be different to her than some of the other ones that have made news. The allegations made against Les Moonves are said to have occurred in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. They weren’t married until the mid 2000’s. She probably cares from a negative publicity standpoint and it was more ammunition in a company power struggle that was already going on before the allegations. He was married when she started dating him so if she knew he was or had been inappropriate, (not saying she did) then she may not see it as a reason to end her marriage. (I’m also not saying it makes what he did ok by any means) I’m saying that she may not feel betrayed peraonally if they weren’t even together at the time. I’d see her leaving CBS before she leaves her husband based on the one statement she’s made.

    • Sassy

      And it’s possible, he will be found not guilty of all of it. From what little I’ve read, it was mostly verbal remarks, I didn’t see anywhere that he forced himself on women which makes it NOT like the Wenstein issue. It’s also possible women are jumping on the bandwagon just to be part of the me too movement. Everybody wants to be a victim these days. I’m all for her supporting him, if that’s what SHE feels is right, regardless of the number of people that come forward. I don’t know whether or not he is guilty, but I do believe in innocent until proven guilty.

      • Jay H

        It is possible. It’s not on the same level as Weinstein or Cosby. And I believe you’re innocent until proven guilty, in the eyes of the law. I also believe that where there’s smoke there’s fire, and there’s starting to be a lot of smoke.
        If even one story is true, it’s despicable.
        With that being said, does Haleigh have any fingers left?

      • feltso gudinya

        i’m going produce shopping tomorrow morning…school closed for jewish holiday…..

      • NKogNeeTow

        On the 11pm news, it was just reported that not only is he leaving but has agreed to pay $20 million to the MeTo and other women’s movements. They also said that he denied sexual harassment because 3 of them were consensual. Sounds like he’s kinda sorta admitting to half of them.

        Jay mentioned being innocent until proven guilty, in the eyes of the law. The problem with that is it usually winds up being: innocent until proven guilty, in the matter of public opinion. We all know that even if the law determines your innocence, the public won’t always be so forgiving and you always be guilty in their eyes (ex: OJ, Casey Anthony, Robert Whatshisname-that actor that allegedly killed his wife). They were all acquitted but to this day, who doesn’t think they’re guilty?

  7. LynnD

    4 cameras ALL om Sam. Thanks for the money well spent BB. And to the other 6 house guests can you please stop talking about production so we can get some of our other feeds back PLEASE!

  8. Avatar

    This is probably why there is no news about BB21. Sad.

  9. AIO_7

    Heidi, hanging around, hoping for votes, working those nails …


  10. delabear

    I am wondering – do you think all of the production screw-ups, apathy and general lack of respects for those who pay for the feeds is because they have already decided that this is the final season of BB?

  11. JD

    If this is the last season what am I going to do not being able to talk to all of you my summer family?!? I would miss you all terribly! I enjoy our BB summer family reunion. Funny we meet here only during the summer and I would seriously miss this. You all are the best part of BB for me! Ok now that I sound all clingy lol

  12. LO1004

    CBS just announced Les’ firing effective today. I’m curious where this leaves Julie and BB.

  13. JD

    #LesMoonves and #CBS will donate $20 million to #MeToo movement, with funds coming out of his potential severance package; for now most of remaining severance being withheld pending investigation into Moonves’ conduct https://t.co/X6k68wrF9s https://t.co/102KP6yMU6

  14. AIO_7

    People compare Heidi and Nicole (looks wise) all the time. I’d choose Nicole any day of the week.

  15. AIO_7

    Shut up, Paul; Victor is the only reason that people liked you.

  16. ShoeLover

    Did yall notice how Tyler quickly stopped naming the former houseguests!! I wonder if he is praying the others didnt notice that!! That has been one if his advantages in this game is really being a fan ( On the down low )

  17. hogwild

    I know the week was already going to be boring but did they have to go super sized boring with that engagement stuff they made switch over and watch X-MEN Apocalypse for crying out loud the worst of the series.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m kinda with Mel on this one. Although the engagement stuff was cute, I don’t want them giving anyone any ideas that this is some sort of Dating Game, Bachelor or Bachelorette show, where they can come to the BB house to find true love. The fact that it happened to a few of them was just a fluke. If they’re looking for love, look elsewhere.

  18. Seattle Kari

    This is all too sad exclamation point that being said it’s nobody else’s business but Julie’s what she intends to do about her husband. No one has the right to tell her what she should or should not do or to judge her for either choice.

    I do hope that it doesn’t affect Big Brother and that someone else can take it over if the worst would happen. It might be kind of fun to have old contestants hosting the show? A different one every season? Then again I don’t know if I can sit and listen to Rachel for an entire summer again..

    • Malia

      Jeff!! He has been huge in doing BB I terviews…he still follows the show. He has my vote!!

    • AIO_7

      “This is all too sad exclamation point that being said it’s nobody else’s business but Julie’s what she intends to do about her husband.”

      It’s everybody’s business, she is a public figure. If she didn’t want it that way then she could have taken herself out of the spot light years ago.

      • Colby

        All the accusations are from 25 to 30 yrs ago.
        They were married in 2004.
        If their marriage is truly a good one, why should she leave him for things that may have happened a long time before they were married?
        And I am not saying she should or shouldn’t, just it is not my place to judge their private relationship.

      • NKogNeeTow

        BB is everybody’s business. Her marriage is not.

  19. ShoeLover

    Awe dang, Angela’s early childhood was mine, but not the weird coldness. Maybe towards the sport more because your entire body and life IS the sport. The show no emotion is true.. if you hurt, push push push!! I remember SHOW NO MERCY. And I also quit at around 17.. But, when my boys got into gymnastics, I promised myself that it would only be what they wanted for the sport not the sport controlling us. Way funnier, indeed!!

  20. ladycobra

    WOW Sam’s DR at the end of the show was scary.

  21. Sassy

    That was a waste of a show! It was All about the engagement and Ang/Ty relationship, and ended with Sam wanting to bury more bodies by the crick…

  22. Patty

    Any chance they back door JC?

  23. Patty

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the double eviction!

  24. Alda

    What the hell,Sam! I hope she hasn’t been building a bomb with all that stuff she has been hoarding!!

  25. Alda

    If Julie decides to leave CBS,who would you want to step in?What about Ross Matthews?

  26. ElaineB

    Congrats to Victor and Nicole! I like both of them, and they seem to have the ‘real deal’. Was good to see all the past HGs, minus Paul. I may actually watch some of the feeds with Hay this week, seeing what she pulls from her bag of tricks, to help her stay. I hope they follow through and send her to jury. Having Sam or JC go in the double, would be fine.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Victor looks sooo different without long hair and beard. I usually like shorter hair on men but I prefer it long on him. I miss his beard too. I prefer his old look. He’s still a cutie though, and so sweet.

      Never did care for Nicole. That whiny, nasally voice drives me crazy.

      As much as I didn’t like the way Paul played last year, after seeing him, I realized I still love him. The way he talks has always cracked me up.

      Josh was funny too. He said he was crashing the wedding and bringing meatballs and pots and pans…lol

  27. Avatar

    This whole show was damage control over Scottie last week. We got Ang life story, a B.B. proposal to create sympathy for the showmance and a deflection to see how crazy Sam is to drum up drama for this week. Just MHO, but the story arch is pretty clear.

  28. Seattle Kari

    I am unable to watch the show tonight so could someone please fill me in on what it was that Sam said at the end that was creeping people out so much?

  29. ladycobra

    She said that she was told that she is safe this week and they better not be lying to her. If they are and she is evicted she will tear every door down in that house and make everyone sorry for voting her out. Not her exact words but close. She said more that I can’t recall right now but that is most of what she said. Her expression while saying it was unnerving to say the least.

    • Seattle Kari

      Thanks. Its so odd I wonder of shes a production plant for drama? I don’t know sometimes people are so weird on these shows I can’t help but wonder if people are hired to be just that. Especially on shows like bachelor and bachelorette.

      • Avatar

        I think they are regular applicants for the most part, but they know that those who co-operate are the ones chosen to feature and may get hired for more shows.

      • Alda

        Sam says it doesn’t seem real,but Kaycee has promised her she’s safe.Sam says if at the end she is standing there looking like a fool,she’s going to rip these bitches to shreds and tear every door off its hinges on the way out.They WILL regret it.

      • Avatar

        I read Sam was recruited from Instagram?

    • mm22

      I thought there was something else sam said after
      the door comment that was pretty crazy scary
      but I can’t rewatch it till tomorrow

    • FW aka CY

      You just never know with someone so… unstable. We had a secretary, once; a short (like 5’2″, “country” girl with a sweet personality and an impressive work ethic. You would never suspect her of being capable of, when she caught her husband dancing with “some bar skank,” exiting to the parking lot, grabbing up a logging chain from the back of someone’s pick-up, then re-entering the bar, clearing it out by swinging the chain around over her head, smashing tables, beer bottles, etc. while screeching, “Come get some, bitches!” I was there for that incident, and heard it was just one of many – and probably not the most violent or extreme in her resume.

      So, maybe they ought to seriously consider having tasers at the ready when they know its her turn. You just never know.

  30. NKogNeeTow


    JC and Brett are working out in the BY. JC tells Brett he smells like fish…lol

    On the hammock, Hay tells JC she’s sad and puts on a pitiful face. *Trying to garner sympathy no doubt* He tells her to just wait until tomorrow then start talking to people. *This is the best encouragement he gives her..lol*

    JC later tells Brett that Hay is driving him crazy.

    JC tells Brett that the worst case scenario is that Angela tries to take him (Brett) out next. He(JC) starts trashing Angela and says she keeps giving him looks. He calls her a f*cking bitch.*He is really trying to work Brett up about Angela, but Brett keeps his cool*

    JC and Brett start to go into the house. When they open the door, they see Hay with a hoodie pulled over her head, mouthing something to KC and Angela. JC just closes the door and tells Brett to come on, and walks away. While they are walking away Brett says “What are they doing in there?” JC says she’s imitation a vagina…lol.

    In the kitchen, JC is teaching Hay, JC, Tyler and Angela words in Spanish.

  31. Patrick

    I tell you what… CBS is really good at getting the show on All Access. I can’t stand it when sportsball messes with my Big Brother addiction.

  32. NKogNeeTow

    JC tells them that he was afraid to speak Spanish to Victor and Josh but it felt so good to hear it.

    JC and Angela go back and forth about her bed smelling like fish. She says no, it just smells like Fabreze. He ask her if she’d rather it smell like fish or Fabreze. She gets annoyed…LOLOLOLOL

    JC says for the rest of the week, he’s only going to speak Spanish.

    They banter about some more words in Spanish and Angela says the months of the year in Spanish.

    Brett is in the hot tub alone.

    Hay called to the DR.

    JC starts singing that song “Around The World” by Daft Punk and get a “Please stop singing”. (He and Hay were singing it on the hammock earlier) *I love that stupid little video so much I went to YouTube and am playing it in the background*

    Brett out of the hot tub and drying off outside.

    Tyler is holding Angela’s “baby” to his chest and tells JC, Angela, and Sam that he’s breastfeeding. *Yes folks, this is what we’ve come to*

    Brett is outside doing some kind of weird stretches.

    Sam says she had a great day today because she got to see her Dad, Mom and Brother and she has clean clothes.

    Brett comes inside.

    Hay comes out of the DR and goes into the SR. Tyler is hiding on the sofa to scare her.

    Pop send them a treat. They all go to the storage room. They got Chinese take-out. Everybody’s happy.

    They read their fortune cookies first. Tyler’s says: You will have good luck in your personal affairs. He looks embarrassed…lol

    They settle down to eat and Hay stands over all the food with a fork, ready to attack. *I must admit, as good as it looks, she’d have to fight me for it*

    They keep thanking Pop.

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Dinner is finished and everyone is putting the leftovers away and laughing and talking. *All is calm, all is bright…Oh wait, that’s Christmas*

    Okay, at this point, I’m ready for Pop to make another liquor run…with LOTS of liquor. I’m so bored I’m ready for somebody to get drunk and start throwing furniture in the pool, rip the awning with the pool cues, short-sheet somebody’s bed…SUMPTHIN!

  34. Helen

    I must be tired tonight…every time I look at Tyler and the way he is dressed all’s I can think of is Peter Pan…

  35. NKogNeeTow

    Angela and KC in the HOH. Angela says she feels so fat now but the food was good.

    Angela says she was talking to Hay and Hay told her maybe she shouldn’t pitch to KC. Angela said she told her “Yeah it may not make to much sense for her to change her own noms.” They laugh.

    KC it would be so stupid for her to use the Veto and she’s not stupid.

    The 2 of them joke about the Veto and say that maybe KC should do rock, paper, scissors to see if she uses the Veto and on who. Then yell “psych”! and call them losers while KC sticks her tongue out at them. KC says that would be hilarious.

    They discuss that there are only 16 days left.

    Angela lays on the sofa and listens to music. KC in the bathroom with “that hair”. *That hair is EVERYTHING!*

    In the kitchen, Hay says maybe they gave them so much to eat because they are going to give them alcohol later. She then says she just want to lay down somewhere with everyone.

    JC says Brett is so obstructive…lol. He goes into the bathroom where Brett is showering and tells Brett, no jerking off in the shower. Brett says “OH MAN”.

    Tyler announces he’s going upstairs. The house puppy (Hay) follows him right on up. *Guess no L6/5/4 talk for a while*

    In the shower, Brett is talking to himself.

    In the HOH, Angela listening to music on one sofa, Tyler laying on the bed with his eyes closed, and the Parasite is on the other sofa just looking crazy and trying to think of something to say.

    Tyler lays there and says there is nothing to talk about. He announces he’s going to go lay down and leaves.

    When he leaves, Hay tells Angela “You’re so cool”. Angela asks her what she said. She repeated it. Angela starts to tell her about playing sports in school. Hay tells her that’s awesome and she’s so glad she told her that and it’s so impressive. *I’m trying to get a closer look at Hay to see how much brown is on her nose*

    Angela continues to listen to the music (or pretend to) and Hay just sits there in silence until Angela says something about Chris Brown’s music.

    Tyler is in the BY playing pool by himself.

    Hay is still sitting right up under Angela….literallllyyyyy. Awkward silence.

    Hay is now pretending to fall asleep.

    Hay suddenly pops up and starts talking. Don’t ask me what about because I’m like Paul…NEVER CARED!!!

    KC tells Hay that she looks like Nicole and ask her if Production ever told her that. She says no.

    Every time it gets quiet, Hay tries to start up a conversation. They only last about a minute. But the girl keeps trying.

    KC says she’s going to sleep good tonight. Then silence…

    Hay says she just keeps thinking about the videos. Then silence…

    KC asks where everybody is. Hay tells her. Then silence…

    *I have never in my life seen someone so unable to connect…Hay can’t seem to get that she’s not wanted around. If you’re in a room with people not talking to you, that usually means they don’t want to talk to you. I’d feel awkward and leave.*

    She FINALLY gives up and announces she’s going to bed and hugs KC and Angela and leaves.

    KC comes out of the bathroom and asks Angela where everyone is. Angela says they’re all in a food coma. KC ask Angela to split a beer with her. They giggle and cheer.

    KC ask her who else came up there. Angela says just Tyler and Hay, but Tyler left and she put on the headphones to ignore Hay until she finally left. They laugh about it.

    Angela says she wanted to wait until Finale night to tell the HG about her gymnastic life, but she knows Hay is going to tell the JH as soon as she gets there.

    They get an announcement to go to the SR. Angela and KC chug down their beers and run downstairs.

    They got 3 beers and a bottle of wine. *What the hell is Pop’s problem with this little bit of liquor stuff. What crappy host*

    Angela says don’t tell JC they got alcohol (he’s in the DR).

    They say they are going to hurricane the alcohol (whatever that means).

    Sam ask if there is any for JC, somebody says “sure”(but not convincingly).

    Sam is trying to save some wine for JC. KC said he’s the littlest one there so he doesn’t need that much…lol

    Brett is talking about MadDog 20/20. He says it has a ton of sugar in it and you get the worst hangover. He says that’s what homeless people drink.

    Tyler says Pop definitely brought a 24 pack of beer then just gives them 2 or 3 at a time.

    As soon as they finish their wine, the talk winds down again.

    Sam is outside on the hammock, drinking her wine and talking to whoever is visiting her in her head at the moment.

    JC is coming and they start to hide the beer and wine bottle.

    Angela tells him they didn’t save him any this time since he drank all that wine the last time.

    Brett is called to the DR.

    They give JC his glass of wine and he says he wants a beer. He’s complaining about it.

    Tyler tells him they didn’t think he liked beer and there were only 4. JC looks a litlle pissed.

    Everyone goes outside except JC and Tyler and JC keeps asking him if there really isn’t any more beer. Tyler swears there isn’t.

    Hay and KC are playing pool.

    Sam is swinging in the hammock, sipping her wine and humming. She gets a Production warning and says “You got it bub”, then starts giggling. Then says “I think I like this better than beer” (whatever’s in the cup).

    In the kitchen, JC is still questioning Tyler about the beer and who drank it. He asks specifically about Sam. Tyler tells him yes, Sam got a beer, then tells him he’ll live.

    JC tells him that he doesn’t really like Chinese food. Tyler tells him to be grateful.

    JC is trashing and complaining to Tyler about somebody, but I missed whether it’s Sam or Angela. I think it’s Angela.

    JC is telling Tyler that if he gets HOH he hates to put up KC because she might take Angela down. He is hinting around that Brett wants Angela out. Tyler ask him if Brett told him that. JC won’t tell him.

    Tyler has a serious look on his face now. JC tells Tyler he is not stupid and that all the other people in the house are tools.

    JC says he just wants to make it all the way to the top. Tyler asks him who says he won’t.

    JC says that Brett isn’t going to make it to the end. Tyler asks him why?

    JC says because he has a few people coming for him. Tyler ask him who?

    JC starts to talk about “those 2 f*cking girls” and the only reason they’re not on the block right now is because KC won the HOH.

    JC says he just wants to stick to their plan. Tyler tells JC that he has Brett. JC says he doesn’t.

    JC says it is very beneficial that Brett wins HOH so he can put KC and Angela on the block because if he doesn’t, they are coming after him (Brett). Tyler does not look amused.

    JC tells Tyler that Brett is full of himself. He is trashing Brett.

    JC is TELLING Tyler what the plan is and the order. He keeps saying “we” have to do this and “we” have to do that. *When are “we” going to win something?*

    Sam comes in and the conversation ceases.

    JC asks Sam if she had a beer. *Yes, THIS*

    JC says that at some point they are going to have to bring in Tequila because that wine goes down to smooth.

    JC starts to talk about having to go into the DR and talk about their emotions. He gets a warning from Production.

    Angela comes in and says something about drama.

    JC says he doesn’t see any drama. Tyler asks him if he wants to fight.

    JC tells him he believes he can beat him. Tyler says “In a real fight”?

    Sam comes in and says Tyler is a scrappy little f*cker.

    JC ask her if she’s going to shower. She says yes and he tells her to wait because normal showers are and hour and she takes 90 minutes. She laughs.

    KC comes in and tells JC he can take a shower upstairs. He says he doesn’t really like to.

    Sam goes into the bathroom and asks Sam if she’s going to take a shower now. She asks him if he wants to go first. He says definitely. She’s in the toilet and ask him if he needs to use the bathroom too. He says no, he was just trying to hand her a tampon. She laughs and says she doesn’t need one.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Tyler and Angela are already in bed (not together), talking to Brett with Hay hanging over the wall.

    Hay gets called to the DR.

    As soon as she leaves, Brett starts trashing her.

    Tyler and Angela start teasing him and saying that he said he was going to take care of her. They all laugh.

    Brett is talking but it’s so low you can’t hear what he’s saying. Angela tells him it’s going to be so awkward. He keeps talking but you can’t hear anything.

    Angela is telling them how Hay asked her if she should be trying to pitch to CK and Angela told her probably not.

    Brett starts mocking Hay about how she sucks up to Julie and tells her she’s beautiful.

    Angela tells them that they should try to get Hay to say something entertaining on the live show.

    Tyler leaves and Brett tells Angela he hates himself for what he’s become. She says that when you’re in a house with people for 80 something days, things happen.

    Angela is telling Brett that Hay is still talking like she’ll be here next week. He asks her what she was talking about when she had the hoodie over her head. Angela said Hay was just telling them a secret but it had nothing to do with the game.

    Brett and Angela just talking general chit chat now.

    Angela says she’ll never be friends with RS outside of the game. Brett says he would never be friends with RS outside the house.

    Angela says thank God RS was never HOH. She says Rocky would have put her and Tyler up for sure.

    They start to laugh about when Hay gets to the JH it will be like a family reunion.

    Brett says he can’t wait to say what he wants to say when he gets out of the house. He says he’s going to be firing shots and go right for the jugular. He says he can’t wait until they try to corner him.

    Angela and Tyler say they can’t wait.

    He said he’s going to tell RS that she manages strippers, so keep her pants on because he knows somebody’s got to do the job. He then says he’s going to keep calling her Blockstar and begins to sing it over and over. Tyler and Angela laugh.

    Brett says he’s fired up.

    Angela says that she thinks everyone’s families are going to have animosity against each other too.

    JC comes in and Brett asks him if he thinks everyone will hang out after the show. JC yes, except Kaitlyn. He says they are just jealous of her because she’s sexually free.

    JC leaves and Brett tell Tyler and Angela he’s going to leave and let them go to sleep.

    As soon as he leaves, Angela pops up and they start talking. JC passes through from the HN room.

    Angela tells Tyler to close the Berlin Wall so they can ask for the lights to be turned out.*Guess it’s time to make her decoy doll*

    JC and Brett come in and out of the room. JC starts talking to Tyler as Brett leaves.

    JC starts mocking Kaitlyn, then goes into the pink room and gets in bed.

    Brett is outside playing that tossing game thingy.

    Tyler and Angela trying to keep from holding hands because the lights are still on so they just lay there and smile at each other.

    They are now trying to use hand signals to communicate. *I’ll be glad when they get of the house because I’m kind of tired of watching this dance*

    KC is in bed, Hay is in the DR, Brett is outside tossing that thingy, JC is in bed, Sam is on her second hour in the bathroom, and Tyler and Angela are making goo-goo eyes at each other from their beds. Can I go now?…PLEEZE???

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Hay still in the DR.

    JC now in bed with Brett.

    Tyler and Angela playing thumb war in bed.

    I’m sorry guys, I just can’t anymore tonight with these two. It’s gone from cute to nauseating.

    Nothing going on. Tyler and Angela still making hand signals.

    Sorry folks, this is all that’s happening.

    I’m going to cut it short tonight. I might watch for about another half hour or so but if I start to fall asleep, I won’t fight it…lol.

    In case I don’t get back, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  38. CY aka FW

    NKNT you are my delicious dark time treat. I so appreciate your observations and commentary. I tried to watch an episode of BBAD and found even greater value in your chronicling. Being the fly on the wall for us is a deadly and herculean task. Thumbation!

  39. leafhopper

    Thank you NK. Really appreciate your updates every morning!!!

  40. Avatar

    JC’s little ass needs to be out the door right after Hay!

    • FW aka CY

      I got irked with the elf-sized egoist when they did the segment on Angela’s sensitive sniffer. I felt like puny prankster’s invasion of her sleeping area to pollute it with chemicals – whilst inferring that she has tainted the entire room with the musk of her lusty vaginal secretions and exudates – was egregiously on near-par with Scottie’s speech (since it aired on the regular show) and the attempted laxative prank. One more reason to kick his hobbitishly-hairy heinie to the curb (where it might, hopefully, receive a much-deserved stomping).

  41. Avatar

    I don’t understand why they don’t get rid of JC, he is one nasty person.

  42. Tinkerbell

    Woooooweeeee, NK, Thanks soooo much 🙂

  43. Avatar

    Angela’s”smell ID” on the HG was hilarious! Brett smells like fish and beans? Too funny!

  44. jimbo

    When the Browns get six (!) turnovers and STILL tie — they really lost. They only scored 21 points after 6 turnover gifts?! yuck

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