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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Feed Updates

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Since I’ve started blogging – excluding the mess that was CBB – this is my 9th season covering the feeds. Out of those 9 seasons, this is only the fourth that has had an all original cast (15,16,17,20).  Every season that had returning players were dominated by said returning players so it’s actually rarer than not to see an all-newbie house trying to find their own. The fact that there seem to be less “superfans” than normal also helps because many are just winging it.


There has been a ton of campaigning, a ton of gameplay, and tons of fragile diplomacy because they’re terrified of making enemies due to not being egged on by vets (Paul) or not feeling safe without the shield the vets provide. While there haven’t been very many blowups on the feeds, this has been a pretty solid start to a very strategic season full of people who appear to want to win.

That continues this week as Scottie did a rare and bold move of putting two alpha males on the block together in the third week of the season. People typically shy away from those moves or only do it when there are few other options, but Scottie just sent the hammer down just a week after Kaitlyn made another big move to backdoor a strong player.  This season just solidifies what fans have been saying for years now. In the future, either do all newbies or all vets. No mixed batches anymore. Ever.

Long intro just to say that Brett and Winston are not going down quietly this week as both tried their plan of making a final 3 deal with Scottie with the suggestion of backdooring Kaitlyn (she did say she loves the backdoor) and getting her out. They can blame revenge for Swaggy and have a ‘fresh start’ while having a secret alliance between the three. I personally don’t believe the bros, and I doubt Scottie does, either, but it’s still good to see them trying.

There is nothing on tap today, so expect a lot of hanging out getting some sun with the occasional game talk sprinkled in.



  • 8:45 am – the house is still sleeping!
  • 10:49 am – RS pulls Haleigh into the storage room
    • RS is upset because Kaitlyn said that she was loyal to her and Haleigh but is out there being friendly with everyone
    • RS quotes Kaitlyn “Brett will take us to the end” then says “No, Brett, will take YOU to the end. He just tried to nominate me and Haleigh”
    • Haleigh says she’s pissed because Kaitlyn knows that
    • RS says fuck her then they leave the room
  • 10:55 am – Kaitlyn is in the kitchen talking about her boyfriend and they’re not cutting the feeds. Hmm
    • She plans on moving in with him after the show. Hmm
  • Rockstar pulls Kaitlyn aside to lecture her
    • RS reminds her about someone who tried to get her and Haleigh nominated (I couldn’t hear who she was talking about. Mic cut)
    • It was referring to Brett
  • 11:00 am – DR keeps calling for Scottie who delays HN a few minutes so people can eat.
    • Havenots – Brett, Sam, Tyler, Angela
    • Brett earned HN through the PoV competition
  • 11:40 am – The girls are doing whatever it is this is…
  • Heading out for a little bit. Will update when I return!
  • 2:25 pm – I’m back!  Haleigh is doing her punishment of reading Hamlet while in costume
    • Haleigh reads half a page and she’s told she’s done reading by production. Ouch
    • She begins removing her costume
    • She finishes taking off her costume and as soon as she begins walking out the door, they tell her to put it back on and read by the pool!  ouch!
    • Now she’s by the pool and JC is fanning her
  • 4:35 pm – Kaitlyn is talking to Bayleigh in the HoH room
    • Kaitlyn is working to keep Brett
    • Kaitlyn is telling Bayleigh everything from her side.
    • Of course here is where she talks about her amazing week which is a story she’s told about 10x already
    • She tells Bay about why she nominated Swaggy, Scottie, etc.
    • Kaitlyn tells Bay how Scottie voted for Swaggy (though she knew that)
  • 5:00 pm – Kaitlyn is still up spilling EVERYTHING to Bayleigh. Wow
  • going to watch the CBS episode real quick. Feeds on pause. Will resume when back
  • 5:25 pm – Haleigh comes up and Kaitlyn/Bay fill her in on all that Kaitlyn told her
    • Haleigh begins reading Hamlet alone while Bay/Kait talk together
  • 6:15 pm – Kaitlyn tells Tyler about how JC wanted her out
  • 7:20 pm – Sam is talking to Brett
    • And talking
    • And talking
    • She keeps going on and on trying to understand Brett’s goals
    • She is worried about him charming her like a vampire or something so she doesn’t even really let him speak
    • She eventually maybe tells Brett that she has a lot of money. I think. I can’t really tell what the hell Sam is talking about
    • She has an IRA, stocks, a money market, and is extremely blessed
    • Money is a tool
  • 7:40 pm – This is seriously one of the most uncomfortable and awkward conversations I’ve ever heard
    • She just keeps going in circles about being put down because she’s a wounded animal
    • Stonewall Jackson
    • She went through every single houseguest and guessed the type of money in their family
    • I am legit wondering if she snuck alcohol in her drink because she sounds like a 2am Uber passenger
  • 8:30 pm – Kaitlyn is super sketched out because Scottie told her that she’d be a replacement nom if Brett or Winston go down
    • Scottie comes in and tells Kaitlyn that he didn’t say she was going up. Only if he (Brett) had a power
    • Scottie points out that he said the same thing to anyone who has asked. Not about Kaitlyn, that they (whoever asked) may be in trouble if Brett has a power
    • Kait is the only one who decided to take it super personal
  • 9:00 pm – Scottie is up in the HoH re-telling Kaitlyn’s craziness to Haleigh and Bay
    • RS and Fay are in the room
    • Scottie tells the group about the final 3 deal offer with the bros
    • He also tells the group about Kaitlyn’s reaction earlier then tells them Brett is throwing her under the bus while she’s defending him
  • 9:14 pm – Bay tells the group ‘if I had a power, I would have saved Swaggy. Lying to alliance, Bay’
  • 9:30 pm – They pull Kaitlyn up to tell her that the bros have been trying to get her nominated
    • Kaitlyn has Faysal touch her boob because she’s feeling intuitive
  • 9:45 pm – Here we go!
    • Kaitlyn goes downstairs to confront the bros
    • Scottie comes down to tell them that she knows about the secret deal
    • Brett and Winston and kind of shocked. Everyone else is silent
    • Brett says he is not throwing anyone else under the bus
    • Scottie goes and catches Sam and Bay up with the drama in another room. She wants nothing to do with drama
    • Kaitlyn “this is why I did what I did last week. I’m sick of stupid people lying to faces”
  • JC pulls Scottie into the bathroom and tells him he needs to stay out of it. He won’t be HoH after this week
  • Things have calmed for now
  • Kaitlyn goes outside and Tyler follows her
    • Tyler tells her not to blow up on people and Scottie and crew are just egging her on
  • 10:15 pm – Drama died down a bit for now but I can’t stay awake. Overnight in the morning



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