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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Feed Updates

Since I’ve started blogging – excluding the mess that was CBB – this is my 9th season covering the feeds. Out of those 9 seasons, this is only the fourth that has had an all original cast (15,16,17,20).  Every season that had returning players were dominated by said returning players so it’s actually rarer than not to see an all-newbie house trying to find their own. The fact that there seem to be less “superfans” than normal also helps because many are just winging it.


There has been a ton of campaigning, a ton of gameplay, and tons of fragile diplomacy because they’re terrified of making enemies due to not being egged on by vets (Paul) or not feeling safe without the shield the vets provide. While there haven’t been very many blowups on the feeds, this has been a pretty solid start to a very strategic season full of people who appear to want to win.

That continues this week as Scottie did a rare and bold move of putting two alpha males on the block together in the third week of the season. People typically shy away from those moves or only do it when there are few other options, but Scottie just sent the hammer down just a week after Kaitlyn made another big move to backdoor a strong player.  This season just solidifies what fans have been saying for years now. In the future, either do all newbies or all vets. No mixed batches anymore. Ever.

Long intro just to say that Brett and Winston are not going down quietly this week as both tried their plan of making a final 3 deal with Scottie with the suggestion of backdooring Kaitlyn (she did say she loves the backdoor) and getting her out. They can blame revenge for Swaggy and have a ‘fresh start’ while having a secret alliance between the three. I personally don’t believe the bros, and I doubt Scottie does, either, but it’s still good to see them trying.


There is nothing on tap today, so expect a lot of hanging out getting some sun with the occasional game talk sprinkled in.



  • 8:45 am – the house is still sleeping!
  • 10:49 am – RS pulls Haleigh into the storage room
    • RS is upset because Kaitlyn said that she was loyal to her and Haleigh but is out there being friendly with everyone
    • RS quotes Kaitlyn “Brett will take us to the end” then says “No, Brett, will take YOU to the end. He just tried to nominate me and Haleigh”
    • Haleigh says she’s pissed because Kaitlyn knows that
    • RS says fuck her then they leave the room
  • 10:55 am – Kaitlyn is in the kitchen talking about her boyfriend and they’re not cutting the feeds. Hmm
    • She plans on moving in with him after the show. Hmm
  • Rockstar pulls Kaitlyn aside to lecture her
    • RS reminds her about someone who tried to get her and Haleigh nominated (I couldn’t hear who she was talking about. Mic cut)
    • It was referring to Brett
  • 11:00 am – DR keeps calling for Scottie who delays HN a few minutes so people can eat.
    • Havenots – Brett, Sam, Tyler, Angela
    • Brett earned HN through the PoV competition
  • 11:40 am – The girls are doing whatever it is this is…
  • Heading out for a little bit. Will update when I return!
  • 2:25 pm – I’m back!  Haleigh is doing her punishment of reading Hamlet while in costume
    • Haleigh reads half a page and she’s told she’s done reading by production. Ouch
    • She begins removing her costume
    • She finishes taking off her costume and as soon as she begins walking out the door, they tell her to put it back on and read by the pool!  ouch!
    • Now she’s by the pool and JC is fanning her
  • 4:35 pm – Kaitlyn is talking to Bayleigh in the HoH room
    • Kaitlyn is working to keep Brett
    • Kaitlyn is telling Bayleigh everything from her side.
    • Of course here is where she talks about her amazing week which is a story she’s told about 10x already
    • She tells Bay about why she nominated Swaggy, Scottie, etc.
    • Kaitlyn tells Bay how Scottie voted for Swaggy (though she knew that)
  • 5:00 pm – Kaitlyn is still up spilling EVERYTHING to Bayleigh. Wow
  • going to watch the CBS episode real quick. Feeds on pause. Will resume when back
  • 5:25 pm – Haleigh comes up and Kaitlyn/Bay fill her in on all that Kaitlyn told her
    • Haleigh begins reading Hamlet alone while Bay/Kait talk together
  • 6:15 pm – Kaitlyn tells Tyler about how JC wanted her out
  • 7:20 pm – Sam is talking to Brett
    • And talking
    • And talking
    • She keeps going on and on trying to understand Brett’s goals
    • She is worried about him charming her like a vampire or something so she doesn’t even really let him speak
    • She eventually maybe tells Brett that she has a lot of money. I think. I can’t really tell what the hell Sam is talking about
    • She has an IRA, stocks, a money market, and is extremely blessed
    • Money is a tool
  • 7:40 pm – This is seriously one of the most uncomfortable and awkward conversations I’ve ever heard
    • She just keeps going in circles about being put down because she’s a wounded animal
    • Stonewall Jackson
    • She went through every single houseguest and guessed the type of money in their family
    • I am legit wondering if she snuck alcohol in her drink because she sounds like a 2am Uber passenger
  • 8:30 pm – Kaitlyn is super sketched out because Scottie told her that she’d be a replacement nom if Brett or Winston go down
    • Scottie comes in and tells Kaitlyn that he didn’t say she was going up. Only if he (Brett) had a power
    • Scottie points out that he said the same thing to anyone who has asked. Not about Kaitlyn, that they (whoever asked) may be in trouble if Brett has a power
    • Kait is the only one who decided to take it super personal
  • 9:00 pm – Scottie is up in the HoH re-telling Kaitlyn’s craziness to Haleigh and Bay
    • RS and Fay are in the room
    • Scottie tells the group about the final 3 deal offer with the bros
    • He also tells the group about Kaitlyn’s reaction earlier then tells them Brett is throwing her under the bus while she’s defending him
  • 9:14 pm – Bay tells the group ‘if I had a power, I would have saved Swaggy. Lying to alliance, Bay’
  • 9:30 pm – They pull Kaitlyn up to tell her that the bros have been trying to get her nominated
    • Kaitlyn has Faysal touch her boob because she’s feeling intuitive
  • 9:45 pm – Here we go!
    • Kaitlyn goes downstairs to confront the bros
    • Scottie comes down to tell them that she knows about the secret deal
    • Brett and Winston and kind of shocked. Everyone else is silent
    • Brett says he is not throwing anyone else under the bus
    • Scottie goes and catches Sam and Bay up with the drama in another room. She wants nothing to do with drama
    • Kaitlyn “this is why I did what I did last week. I’m sick of stupid people lying to faces”
  • JC pulls Scottie into the bathroom and tells him he needs to stay out of it. He won’t be HoH after this week
  • Things have calmed for now
  • Kaitlyn goes outside and Tyler follows her
    • Tyler tells her not to blow up on people and Scottie and crew are just egging her on
  • 10:15 pm – Drama died down a bit for now but I can’t stay awake. Overnight in the morning



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  1. LGJ

    I like that there’s no vets this time around! I also agree with either doing a vet season or newbie season…no mixing it up bc it’s just not fair. That being said, I’m all for Kaitlyn going next after a bro. I don’t know why, but she really irks me! A lot of people don’t like RS. Personally she doesn’t bother me, but she doesn’t do anything for me either. I still think Haleigh is one to watch out for, something about her screams “cute like bunny, but I’ll cut you in a minute”. This is the first time in a while that I’ve been excited for BB!

    • LGJ

      I’ve had too much caffeine today, so excuse my ‘jumping everywhere’ post.

      • LGJ

        No comebacks! Absolutely agree!!! It’s not fair to those who worked their tail off to make it as far as they have.

    • ElaineB

      I would be very happy to not see returning players at all, even in their own season. Even with the players I have liked, I liked them when they were in their original season. There are so many that want to be part of BB, I believe in ‘one and done’. I am enjoying this season.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m hoping there are NO battle backs. As far as I’m concerned, once you’re gone, you’re gone. It’s just like a zombie, you’re dead. STAY DEAD!

    • Bobbi514

      I so agree with you about no returning vets that always bothered me as it was almost and I do say almost a given they had the advantage ~ as well as once you are evicted that’s it go home and watch from there ~ crayon should go with Kaitlyn following close behind as they better realize the males are being plucked off one by one ~

  2. danmtruth

    How proud are Bayligh parents to hear during her DrRuth talk How after a one night stand she can emotionally detach from the guy These people must remember friends and family are watching Every season they end up having these sex talk Funny but someone always takes it a bit to far
    I agree with a lot of what Steve said about how refreshing it’s too see a all newbie house They all seem to have an idea I do say that there are some players who have a good sense of BB history Starting with Scottie , Rockstar, even Chris Than people with a good working knowledge of the game Tyler, Kaycee,Jc,Rachel, Bayligh The rest with a passing knowledge So it is fun to watch people try to work there system I do hope they give some alcohol for Rachel birthday Let’s loosen those lips

  3. Ritchie

    I am feeling good about Scottie winning pov, and quite sure he will not budge whatsoever in removing his own nominations. It’s been a while to see an HOH stick to a straight up selection for two on the block with no backdoor madness that is such a nom these days.

  4. Helen

    I really don’t have any investment in either guy OTB this week..I guess my preference would be for Winston to go only because he seems kind of boring. I do agree with Faysal…he has twice kind of warned Scottie that this is the third guy in a row to be evicted…that will leave 8 girls and 5 guys after Thursday…I know I certainly don’t want to watch sorority house after a few more weeks…bend a little Scottie…pull one of the guys..Winston if u must and put up Psycho chick or Crayon head…he probably would if someone were to whisper in his ear that psycho voted for his friend Steve to go home…hard to believe no one has told him…

    • ElaineB

      If Scottie is more comfy hanging around women, am not sure he is going to care. I certainly don’t want to watch sorority row, so hopefully the men can turn it around.

      • Helen

        Seems that is kind of the plan…Crayon head is pushing for an all female house…she talked with Sam,Angela and Psycho chick this morning about it….

      • ElaineB

        Good grief no! If that does, my BB season will be cut short for sure.

      • ElaineB

        I am enjoying the convos between Ty and KC. I can see them trusting each other. Oh, Rachel wants to trust in Bay, so looks like Level 6, might be leveled soon.

      • Colby

        Tyler warned Rachael not to trust Bay, but looks like she is going to anyway.
        Scottie wants to break up the duo. When they pitched the F3 to him last night he told them that one of his concern in doing that would be that they would choose each other over him or anyone else in the end.
        A women’s alliance will never work. Women are too catty.

      • Helen

        Elaine. Here is Crayon head convo from this am…
        10:26 PM Rockstar/Kaitlyn in KT. Rockstar describing her talk with Sam about the women joining forces to make it an all female house. Convo continues re Brett and his gameplay. Brett is there for their entertainment. Is it worth $500,000 to keep him?
        Angela was there in kitchen too…so she heard Crayon head…

      • ElaineB

        Thx Helen….^5 to getting some women evicted!

      • Ann

        Chakra Nut won’t want all of the men to go because she has to have male attention. If it was jury time & the men were going to the jury house, she would be all for it & then she would want to be evicted so she could be in the jury house with them getting all of their attention.

  5. Helen

    From jokers site…
    10:01 AM Rockstar/ Sam/ Bayleigh/ Kaitlyn on BY couches. Sam describes going to HOH last night to give Scottie some company because he had been in the hammock by himself for a long time.Sam opened HOH door, it was already dark, and Scottie & Haleigh were in bed. She felt really bad. (Because she walked in on them.) She came to BY & pouted for a little bit.
    Bayleigh asks why Sam doesn’t sleep with Scottie. Sam makes a negative face. Female says Haleigh doesn’t like him…

    • AIO_7

      “Sam describes going to HOH”…..

      Was she baby-talking?

      • Shivani33

        Great balls of fire! Sam was worried about Scottie having a crush on her, as she dramatically told Tyler last night. She doesn’t want that. Oh my goober-dee-goodness no! She was concerned, you see, about leading poor Scottie on to heartbreak. Finally, Sam went up to see him and found him chatting in bed with the marvelous Haleigh. It was so terribly funny.

      • AIO_7



  6. ingodog

    I think Haleigh might be one of those girls who goes to frat parties and wakes up in stranger’s beds. Not fussy on her at all, not crazy about Fessy either. He looks so foolish when he goes around with that blanket and headband.

    • ElaineB

      I have seen Hay either laying in bed or braiding hair. I have gone back and forth on her, but for now she is on my ‘annoy’ list. Speaking of Hay, has she started her punishment? Thank goodness JC didn’t get the reading crap app. Lol. I would enjoy reading to the HGs.

      • Colby

        If it has started they aren’t showing it. But they didn’t show Rachael’s on the feeds either.
        To me, the last two crap apps have been crap. They are really a punishment for the whole house, not individual. One person is the center of it, but it disturbs the whole house.

      • Helen

        Poor Faysal got the worst one…it started immediately,affected only him and had it happen several times a day for a week!!

  7. Shivani33

    Without question, I’d send Brett packing and let Winston ride. He’s not an alpha male to me. It is said that man invented the wheel. Winston wouldn’t have managed that feat. Okay, maybe he’d have spent his entire caveman life trying to make a square wheel.

    • AIO_7

      Winston will be lost without Brett. Brett, alone, is way the bigger threat to go far, but I see the house voting something like 9 – 2 to keep him.

      • Helen

        They both seem to do better socially without each other around…Winston was actually funny yesterday when he and Sam were cooking…the mrs doubtfire routine…then early early this am Winston Faysal and Sam were having great interaction and talk in the backyard when everyone else was sleeping….

      • ElaineB

        Though I like to look at Winston more than I do Brett, one door stop (i.e. Angela) is enough. If Winston has a personality, I would have liked to seen it more often, with other HGs.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I guess I’d prefer Brett to stay because I dislike Winston much more than him. Now on the other hand, if Winston stayed, it might be funny to see how long it takes him to detonate without his “beard” there to reign him in.

  8. danmtruth

    Winston might stay over Bret and he will think its because he is a better player Poor misguided fool. Jc was trying to convince Rachel it was best for both of them to keep Winston A non threat and a target Jc also pointed out how charismatic Bret is .That he could coast to a final 3 Jc knows his game

  9. Shivani33

    Sam just told Angela that they’re the only two in the house who cook, and this week as have-nots, they will only be making slop. Angela, Sam, Tyler and Brett are have-nots. Brett is a have-not due to his veto comp performance. Tyler very much wanted to be a have-not and waved his hands like mad to be chosen. Last night he said he wanted slop for a week because his body has been taking too much sugar. Is “sugar” a code word for Kaitlyn?

  10. JayP

    I must be the only one who heard Bayleigh use the term “Indian giver” to open BBAD last night. Where’s the outeage? I know Aaryns comments were directed,at a specific person (Helen), but Indian giver is still a racist term damnit. Why is she getting a pass?

  11. AIO_7

    I think Winston has hindered Brett’s game. Having a tag along cling-on like Winston has cock-blocked Brett from forming better relationships.

  12. SammyD

    Let’s face some statistical facts. A third man is about to exit the BB house. That indicates a robust female jury and possible female BB 20 winner. Eventually, Bayleigh, Angie, Kaitlyn, Rachel, Sam, and Angela will unleash or turn on one another as the game progresses. There may be big power moves for now but wait until the boiling point where the drama will consume the house. I suspect and putting my bets on Kaycee, to become a victim to both Rockstar and Kaitlyn where the full-blown drama will begin.

    • Bobbi514

      Really I agree with you SammyD and it has been a long time since we have had a female BB winner as it has always been male-dominated but Crayon head is my least favorite to win and there are some that are in my mind under the radar that might surprise us ~ actually I like Kaycee

      • Zach

        Longtime since a female B.B. winner? It’s literally been ever other year for at least the past 4-5 seasons.

      • Avatar

        Zach, every other year?

        BB19 Josh
        BB18 Nicole
        BB 17 Steve
        BB16 Derrick
        BB15 Andy
        BB14 Ian
        BB13 Rachel
        BB12 Hayden
        BB11 Jordan
        BB10 Dan
        BB9 Adam

        That’s 2 in the last season’s, not every other year.

  13. Lynn

    I have been thinking about 3 guys being first out of the house. The gamer who is always 3 steps ahead doesn’t seem to be concerned about that dynamic. I would be.

    • Helen

      He should be…all the guys left should be..As SammyD just said, you are going to be looking at a predominately female jury. That is what happened in B.B. 18….5 women and 4 men…one of the men was Nicole’s B.B. boyfriend Cory….davonne admitted she voted for Nicole because she “wanted a woman to win”
      I have no problem with a woman winning..as long as they have played a good game and earned it…not just because they are female…

    • Helen

      Do you think the guys seem to be more threatened by each other this season?

    • Shivani33

      But Tyler has been quite occupied in investigating and sowing seeds of intra-female resentment. And he won’t want to show it if something is really bothering him, unless it’s game-related. Then he uses his ideas to influence people and create wedges. He is after his best albatross, Kaitlyn, wants Angie RS gone and is watching Bayleigh closely. Tyler can be with the women and against them at the same time.

  14. Alda

    I wouldn’t mind at all if Psycho goes home next week.I really don’t want her in the jury house.

  15. danmtruth

    Most of the guys were more worried about who could beat them physically . Not thinking of the whole game they have tunnel vision Scottie does not mind This is also why I think Scottie is playing the virgin card He does not want to get caught in a showmance that can drag him down like Tyler and Fasley have I think Bay and Crayon head will take a quick shot at Kaitlyn than Rachel For all the bonding Bay does with Rachel she still calls her a bitch behind her back to Crayon

  16. danmtruth

    BB must feel that Haylie and Rachel crap app’s would irritate the housesits Than they would blame the player who chose these DONT SEE THIS HAPPENING
    Im sure she will have to do this late at night big deal Jc is having fun messing with her Sitting and doing curls Than fanning her off

  17. ElaineB

    Kait either talks with a frog in her throat, talks with her mouth full, or has to respond to most anything she is told with WTF! Now I wish Scottie could have been convinced to take a bro down and put her up….*sigh*

    • Helen

      I hope bayleigh convinces Scottie to put up Kaitlyn now that Kaitlyn has told bayleigh sam will use her power to save her…then I hope Sam does not use it on her!! What a mouth and a liability

  18. Yael Sara

    It is tough who I dislike the most, I think currently in order of most STFU and don’t let the door knock ya on the way…

    Angie (Rockstar)

  19. AIO_7

    Who is here for tonight’s show?

  20. Yael Sara

    Who possibly has some insight?! Why and how is Kaitlin still going on talking about Joe – why has nothing been said?


  21. danmtruth

    always interesting to see who gets a good edit on the Sunday show
    Do we get to see the veto comp tonight ? with the dramatic closing of the POV box lol

  22. danmtruth

    WOW the DR with Winston makes him look like an IDOET Saying the whole Bro thing was to get them under the radar WTF It only put a bigger target on them

  23. Yael Sara

    Kaitlin isn’t sooo hard to get out. If Scottie knows the power app that Bayleigh has, it may actually be wise for Scottie now to use the veto and put of Bayleigh and have her backdoored. Please and Thank you!

  24. danmtruth

    Scottie wants to keep them as is Thinking he is still good with Faysel, Crayon head, Haylie, and BAYLIE That they can make a new Power Alliance

  25. Helen

    Tyler is fired as a babysitter…Psycho chick has been spilling her guts for over 2 hours to Bayleigh…he has not even questioned where she is? You snooze you lose Tyler

    • Ann

      That was the very reason I’ve been thinking Chakra Nut was going to cause Tyler’s game to go straight down the drain. He saw that he had to babysit her ass damn near 24/7 when she was HOH. I knew it was only going to be just a matter of a small amount of time of him being away from her for her to open her mouth & tell everything her simple, silly little mind could think of about all of her conversations with Tyler. Now I imagine she just confirmed everything that Bay knew about Tyler. She added fuel to the fire. He had better watch his back now. As much as I like him & want him to get to the end, I don’t think he will unless he can pull some Dan Gesling moves.

  26. danmtruth

    The best part of tonights show was Kaycee reaction to Sam telling Winston She just told Scottie that Winston told her he voted to keep her over Steve Than Winston bugged out look and her LAUGHING

  27. danmtruth

    What a shock that Kaitlyn is flipping once more Tyler is surprised why???

  28. Zach

    In the eyes of the HGs, I think the BayHayFes side sees Tyler, The Bros(whoever is left after this week) and Kaitlyn as their biggest targets. The other side of the house, I don’t really think they understand the game and are just feeling it out and targeting whoever they can. I still stand on my belief that if Tyler and Scottie formed a final 2, that they could divert their alliances from each other and slowly pick off all the others one at a time. I really think those two are the most deserving so far and also feel like it would be a one vote difference at the end. I personally,Would be happy if either of them win.

  29. Yael Sara

    Does Kaitlyn have Dissociative Identity Disorder. WTF just happened in the conversation she is having with Tyler

  30. Alda

    STFU Kaitlyn you Psycho!! Now she has really started some shit!

  31. danmtruth

    NK so glad to have you back Sorry to hear that you were not doing well Glad you took time out to take care of yourself
    Looks like Baylie is moving up quickly She is becoming a big player Lets see how well she uses the info from psycho
    as they say on Silicon Vally its time to pivot That is what Tyler needs to do with Psycho and the Bro’s

  32. LO1004

    Sam is having a really bizarre conversation w Brett right now and I have no idea where she’s going w it. Did I miss something?

    • Helen

      What is Sam doing? These conversations are really really strange

    • Shivani33

      This is approximately the hour, for the past two nights, when Sam begins to get a bit odd. I don’t know if she’s on meds and gets some kind of buzz or if it’s on the natch. Lord knows what she’s going to get up to tonight.

    • Colby

      I think we all were wondering what she was doing. I’m still not sure, but think maybe she was trying to see if he would admit having a power to her. I was worried she was going to tell him she would use hers on him. I hope she is not considering doing that.

  33. Shivani33

    Kaitlyn is mad that last night as the house was partying for Rachel’s birthday, Tyler and Rachel kissed and hugged. Also, Rachel danced in a red bikini! This is how come Kaitlyn is snapping at Tyler, because Surfer Dude has kept refusing to make out with her. The frustration and jealousy seems to be coming to a head.

    Kaitlyn has said that she can get a new boyfriend in five minutes. This was awhile back during a girls’ chat. She’d better get to stepping back to Encino and work her five minute thing. Her audience awaits.

    • Jenny

      I saw that last night – the “kiss” between Tyler and Rachel. I was surprised to see Kaitlyn in the kitchen w/everybody laughing about it and she didn’t appear to be upset. I knew that had to hurt bigtime! The more I see of Tyler the more I like him. Loved his DR where he talked about trying to sway Scottie’s noms but knew enough to pull back so Scottie wouldn’t catch on to Tyler’s motivation.

  34. danmtruth

    Some how Sam thinks she is HOH and has taken over the HOH room Yes that was a a bazaar conversation She is pitching herself as a good foot solider Now with Rockstar and Haylie Kaitlyn just walk in and I think she sees the three of them plotting against her Because EVERYTHING centers around Psycho chic
    NOOOOOOO psycho bringing the conversation back to HER the LIFE COACH STFU

  35. Shivani33

    Sam to Brett: I think you will do beautiful things with your big tool.

    You can’t make this stuff up

  36. danmtruth

    Why is it every time Winston gets in a room to talk to someone he whispers like he is talking about state secrets

    Psycho chic is quickly talking herself out of the game

  37. Alda

    I think she is referring to his family being loaded.Tool being his fortune.I hope that’s what she means!!!

  38. danmtruth

    Bay seems to have a tell That her foot starts shacking when she is nervous / lying

  39. NKogNeeTow


    HOH: Scottie/Bay/Hay/Fay/Rainbow

    Scottie is telling them about the deal Beavis & Butthead were trying to offer him. He also said that Brett kept throwing Chakra Khan under the bus.

    They are counting the votes to get Brett out. Bay says he hasn’t talked to her in days. She says that in the beginning, he made passes at her until he learned that she was with Swaggy. She says to just vote Brett out and let it be done.

    They don’t believe Brett has a power because if he did, he wouldn’t be scrambling so hard. They also agree that he’s so charismatic. They say that he’s good.

    Scottie mentioned that someone called him an evil genius. Rainbow pipes up and says he is a genius. She is heaping tons of praise on him. *She will need a boatload of Chapstick to heal those lips after all that ass kissing*

    Hayleigh says that even though she’s voting him out, she’s going to allow him to give her as many massages as she can get this week.

    • Bobbi514

      LOL I absolutely love reading your comments NK especially calling them Beavis & Butthead that is priceless ~ I noticed that about Crayon head cuz Rainbow is just too nice a name for her as for me she is nothing more than a pot stirrer and karma will come back to bite her ass ♥

  40. NKogNeeTow


    They agree to be loyal to each other.


    She tells him that the other side of the house wants him to stay because they view Brett as a bigger threat. She says but the alliance isn’t completely sold. She says they have to base it off of performance and competitions.

    He tells her he wanted to fall off the radar after Swaggy left.

    She tells him she risked her personal game for the alliance and her target has gotten bigger.

    HOH: Scottie/Hayleigh/Kaitlyn/Rainbow/Fessy

    Scottie tells Chakra Khan about the convo with Beavis & Butthead (verbatim). She takes Fessy’s hand and tells him to feel her heart. *A cheap way to get a feel-up*

    She wants to call a house meeting and call them out.

    Chakra says she had a dream about this. *uh huh*

    Rainbow asks Chakra if she can trust her a little bit more.

    Chakra still wants to go off on B & B. Scottie tells her to wait until they find out if Brett has a power and if he doesn’t, go ape-shit on him.

  41. Yael Sara

    If someone in the room was having a heart attack, Kaitlyn would still find a way to turn the attention to herself and make it about her

  42. danmtruth

    I did like bitch slapping Psycho chic after she went into her rant about Who does Bret think he is Dosent he know she can see auras She has deep insight and intuitions Crayon head slaps her with well maybe you should remember other people also have intuition and listen to her

  43. Ann

    What in the hell is Chakra the Bunny Boiler going off about yelling at Brett?
    They all know all of that girls dots have all slid off her dice, they’d better get rid of her cooky ass sooner rather than later before she screws up somebody else’s game.

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Kit: Looks like the house meeting

    Chakra is reading Beavis & Butthead the riot act. She is putting Brett on the spot in front of everyone and not letting him off the hook. He is scrambling a bit.

    First he denies then says at least he’s owning up to what he said. She says that doesn’t make her feel any better about it. She then tells the room that if anyone is talking shit about you, to stand up for yourself and call them on it. *The room is so quiet you can hear a rat pee on carpet*

    Bathroom: JC/Scottie/Tyler:

    Scottie telling them that he told Kray Kait what Brett said, that’s why she’s going off.

    Tyler leaves and JC is telling Scottie something but I can’t make out what he’s saying (between his whispering and his bad english…sorry).

    Kaycee keeps walking back and forth near them. JC finally ask her could she give them a minute to talk and she walks away.

    • Yael Sara

      It was driving me nuts, could not make out one word that JC was saying to Scottie. Kept looking on Twitter to see if anyone got it.

      And quick correction, it was Hayleigh hovering a little over the conversation, (not Kaycee) when JC asked for privacy in the conversation

    • Avatar

      JC was basically telling Scottie to keep his mouth shut, said it several times. Let the week play out and don’t overdo it.

      I have subtitles on, makes it easier to follow things 🙂

  45. NKogNeeTow

    BY: Chakra Khan/Fess/JC

    JC ask her if she’s alright. She tells him about what Scottie told her.

    JC tells her to let them talk (Bros). He tells her to keep calm, that she is letting them make her lose it. She says that she’s not proud of her delivery but she’s going to stand up for herself.

    Rocky Horrorshow joins the group.

    Chakra tells JC that she heard that he said something about her too. She then says that Brett has also been saying that she was telling everyone to vote him out. Rocky join in and says that’s funny because she(Kait), literally had been telling people to vote to keep him.

    JC tells Chakra that if anyone ever tells her he said something about her, to come directly to him and ask him.

    Bedroom: Brett/Winston/Hayleigh/Rachel

    Brett is upset that everyone is running up to make sure that Kait is okay.

    Hayleigh tells him that he handled himself very well. He says he just didn’t even want to talk to her anymore so he just did his dishes and left.

  46. danmtruth

    Haylie acting like this was a total surprise to her Even tho she was upstairs when this started Winston throws Bret under the bus to Angela and Haylie Calling Bret foolish for starting the conversation with Kaitlyn

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Green BR: Ashley/Hayleigh/Winston

    Ashley is wondering why Scottie even told Kait that, especially knowing how she spirals out of control.

    Ashley says she’s going to bed.

    BY: Chakra Khan/Fessy

    Chakra says she can’t figure out why Hayleigh hasn’t come outside with them. She says that’s “telling”. She can’t figure out why Hayleigh isn’t coming to check on “her” *Ugh…I just can’t*

    Hayleigh is dressing for her performance. Hayleigh starts to read in the LR. JC, Ashley, Rachel, Beavis & Butthead join in the LR to listen. *Ashley and Rachel look like they want to slit their own throats; JC is gnawing his nails off; Winston looks like someone just kidnapped his dog; Brett looks like he wants to cry*

    BY: Fessy/Chakra Khan/Scottie

    Chakra is crying about how it’s so weird (she told them in the HOH room earlier, that she had a dream about Brett doing her in…of course this was after Scottie told her he did).

    Commercial…..THANK GOD

  48. Ann

    PLEASE take the fi’ing camera off Bunny Boiler, I can’t take it……Where’s Tyler? I don’t see him consoling the aura reader?

  49. danmtruth

    Faysel tried to talk Psyco out of confrontation – yeh like she would listen to logic- but she channeled her inner Helen Ready hear her roar She HAD to stand up for her self Now she is crying and counting who isn’t out comforting her Who came first Que the water works Que the spot light Lets hear how she knew all this was going to happen she could FEEL all the NEGITIVE energy Two minuets after Scottie told her

  50. NKogNeeTow

    BY: Fessy/Haleigh/Rainbow/Kait/Scottie/JC

    Chakra is crying crocodile tears. Says she can’t look at Beavis & Butthead *She is the worst actress of all time*
    Says she doesn’t even remember what she said to him in the kitchen. She says when she’s HOH next week, whichever one is left is gone (at least I think that’s what she said…the more she talks the more I don’t want to listen).

    JC is talking now and I’ll be damn if I know what he’s saying.

    Chakra is saying she could tell something was off because she’s so sensitive of everything around her. *Wonder if she’s sensed that her Lovebone back home has dumped her ass… also, wonder if she’s sensed that over half the house wants her gone*

    She says that’s why she wanted to change the energy in the house.

  51. Colby

    The drama queen is loving it right now cause she is getting a lot of attention. I heard her whine a little bit ago that Rachael hasn’t come to check on her.
    And somehow I fully expect her to back all over Brett before he actually leaves the house because all the guys have to want her.

  52. danmtruth

    Winston is acting like a real douche Smirking should I go out side While Bret knows all the shit was directed at HIM and HE is the target now to be evicted Their stands his BRO Winston happy that he is not the target

    Tyler happy that Faysel now has the psycho scubas on his lap

    Poor Rachel all she wants is some wine for her birthday

  53. Seattle Kari

    Hello there Junkies! logging on a lot later here in the Pacific Northwest. 90° hit Seattle today and since we don’t have air conditioning my husband and I said to hell with it and we drove 2 hours to the Washington coast to escape the Heat! A full 12-hour day and worth every second!!

    I have not had a chance to read the other comments yet, but am wondering what people’s thoughts are on a back dooring of Kaitlyn at this point?

    I realize she’s not a huge threat, but just listening to her continually is making me want to pull what little hair I have on my head out!

    frankly I kind of hope they do it!

  54. Ann

    I just can’t take this girl. I am so done with her bullshit. I wish someone would tell about herself & tell her to #STFU!!!

  55. NKogNeeTow

    BY: Bayleigh/JC/Fessy/Rocky Horrorshow/Chakra Khan/Hayleigh

    Cam is STILL on Chakra *kill me now*

    BR: Kaycee/Rachel/Winston/Brett/Sam (in shower) …Cam cuts back to BY…on Chakra….AARRGGGHHH!!!

    Rachel joins the group, Bayleigh announces she’s going to bed.

    Green room: Winston/Brett/Kaycee

    She is telling them about how everyone told Scottie he did a good job (when he went outside)

    Either Beavis or Butthead called him a coward.

    Winston is listening at the bedroom door. *That Fucker doesn’t whisper, he pantomimes…rolling eyes*

    Chakra comes in to talk to Brett and everyone leaves.

    She gives him the wide-eyed teary eyed looks and asks him why. He starts to explain and she starts to cry…again.

    He’s telling her that multiple people told him something (didn’t make out what he said). She’s still crying, no tears though.

    She told him that she just had to apologize to Rockstar even though it’s clear she (RS) is obsessed with him *subtle shade alert*.

    He is telling her that she is personally one of his best friends and he hopes she sees it that way one day. He is telling her that he had people literally coming up to him telling him things that Kait said.

    She says she’s sorry if he was fed untrue info, but she is truly hurt. She says she doesn’t give a fuck about winning.

  56. Lou Lou

    I have decided that this season will go down in history as the season of the psychos! We have Kaitlyn, Sam and Scottie, too!!! They are all bat shit crazy!

  57. Yael Sara

    Kaitlyn is bat sh*t crazy. I have so much respect for Brett right now and how he is handling her.

  58. NKogNeeTow

    Back from commercial and the cam is still on Chakra and Brett. Chakra is looking like she lost her lover and he looks like he’s trying to get out of a bad breakup. *He reminds me of coyote ugly…a coyote will gnaw his leg off just to escape a trap.

    Meanwhile, Little Shorty Bang-Bang comes running into the LR screaming for Rachel & RockStar. He says there is a surprise for them in the SR. They bring out gift bags and a gift basket of treats. Apparently, it’s Rocky HorrorShow’s birthday too. The HG sing HB to them and they thank POP TV.

  59. danmtruth

    It was Crayon heads birthday when she was on slop

    Winston walk in on jC AND bret talking Jc told him to give them a Minuit He just stood there and Jc told him again Winston did a double take look at Bret than back at Jc and left So sad

  60. NKogNeeTow


    Brett is telling JC the convo with Chakra.

    JC is telling him that he told Chakra that if anyone tells her he said something about her, to come to him. JC also tells him that the votes are half and half right now and he’s undecided. He is giving Brett names of who wants to vote him out and keep him there.

    JC is also telling him that he knows that if they don’t get him out between now and the next 3 weeks, he’s going to go straight to the top and that he’s very likable. *At least JC is honest…don’t know whether it will come back to bite him in the butt later or not, but he’s honest*

    Brett tells him that if they (he and JC) stick together, they can go far.

    Winston enters the room and JC ask him to let he and Brett finish talking. Winston walks right on up to them and plants himself there. *The more I see Bitch-Boy, the more I’m moving from can’t stand to despising him. Who the hell does he think he is? He acts like he owns Brett and he doesn’t want anyone else to get close*


    Commercial over….Winston is gone and Brett and JC are finishing up their convo.

    BY: Chakra Kahn/Rocky Horrorshow/

    Chakra is telling them that she hates boys.

    Back in the Green BR, Brett is telling Winston about his convo with Chakra. He is changing some of the details and telling Winston all the things he said to her (which he barely said a word, she did most of the talking).

    Winston is saying something but only his lips are moving (with his ventrioquist dummy ass self).

  61. NKogNeeTow


    Brett is telling them that everyone is saying he’s (not sure if they’re talking about Scottie or JC) a genius. He also said that all he does is gather info and run back and tell and that’s what the did with Swaggy (still not sure who he was talking about).

    They all agree that Chakra is crazy and Rachel says who wants to play with someone like that.

    Winston is telling Brett that his only Hail Mary is to wait until the last minute and go gell Scottie something (Whispering John was saying it to low for me to hear).

    Brett tells him that if he does that, Scottie will just turn around and tell his group and they will all tell him that Brett will say anything to stay.

    Winston is trying to get everyone in the room to say he’s right.

  62. danmtruth

    Bret cannot understand how someone like Scottie Who is playing such a bad game is out smarting him and Winston Could it be that you geniuses keep going up to him and telling him dumb lies and dumb plans Those two talk about these crazy plans to each other to sway Scottie Both agree than can’t understand why Scottie did not fall in line

  63. NKogNeeTow

    BY: Scottie/Fessy

    Scottie tells Fessy he’s happy they got their girl back (Chakra).

    Fessy says he just didn’t want her to blow up.

    Scottie says it’s done and he supports it.

    Fessy says he doesn’t want to be there anymore. Scottie tells him then he shouldn’t have signed up for it.


    JC is telling him he doesn’t know what he’s going to do, who he’s going to vote for.

    Winston tells him obviously he wants to stay but just flip a coin. (Do they even have money in the house?)

    JC says it makes him feel really bad to think about it. He also said it’s getting crazy around there.

    Winston says it’s only week 3 and it’s going to get crazier.

    Scottie/Fessy/Rocky HorrorShow:

    RHS is telling them that Chakra is cool and she’s always liked her. *Didn’t she just say a few days ago that she wants her crazy ass gone?*

    Bayleigh/Hayleigh….gone to bed.

  64. NKogNeeTow

    Jenga Room: JC/Tyler:

    JC is telling Tyler who is voting for who, so far. He is saying something else but between whispering and English, can’t make it out.

    JC says he has Brett eating out of his hand.

    BY: Fessy/Scottie

    Scottie telling Fessy that Beavis & Butthead made some kind of deal with Tyler.

    Fessy says the only reason why Chakra made a deal was because of Swaggy (he’s still making excuses for her).

  65. NKogNeeTow


    Beavis & Butthead playing pool.

    JC walking around passing out cookies with his nasty little hands (I’d bet money he didn’t was them).

    Fessy and Rachel each say today is their worst eating day in the house.

    All is quiet on the western front.

    BBAD is OVAH!

    Goodnight and have a GREAT day tomorrow 🙂

  66. HappyHippo

    Any idea why feeds have been cut since I woke up? Going on an hour right now….

  67. HappyHippo

    Of course as soon as I type it they come back on

  68. LO1004

    Not only can I not take the “whoa is me” act by Kait anymore, but the fact that she has minions around her feeding into her BS will drive me crazy by September. Please someone take her out simply for the sanity of the house and America.

    • Ann

      I had to mute my tv most of last night so I didn’t have to hear that idiot crying & acting like a friikin baby. I waited for NK to post her comments so I could find out what was going on. Otherwise I would’ve missed it all. It’s just ridiculous how a grown ass woman can act like that.
      Then Keebler kept his grubby little paws on the cookies & cake he was passing out to people after I had just watched him picking his fingers & scratching his legs & I’d be willing to bet he didn’t wash them before he touched the food.

      • LO1004

        Her game play is awful. If you’re going to make a big move, confront people in the house, stir up drama, then stand by your actions. Don’t act a fool and then go cry in the corner and beg for people to stroke your ego. I’ve had enough.

  69. danmtruth

    Keebler keeps his little legs busy moving between people First pulling Scottie into the bathroom to give him advise to back away from Psycho chic While shooing Kaycee off too have his privet chat After that he he scurried out to the backyard to be the voice of reason (?) with Psycho Than off too Being the kind ear for Bret to vent to While shooing Winston off to complete his soul to soul with Bret He has set himself as the pint size Dr Phill

  70. danmtruth

    LO1004 that is her game to keep all the attention on her Did you see how shocked and disappointed she was when she did not get the power app Imagine how crazy she would go if she found out Baylie got HER power app this week

  71. Avatar

    can Crayon please GTFO of the house, barely anyone likes her, she’s a giant bitch and an even bigger hypocrite

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