Good evening, everyone!

It’s Sunday night in the Big Brother house and there is a lot of plotting and planning going on.

To summarize this afternoon: Scottie told Fessy that Haleigh was a Kaitlyn 2.0 (although I didn’t hear that conversation, I heard the re-tell). Sam told Fessy that he should nominate Haleigh as the replacement nom (seriously) and even tried a pinky promise over it. She hounded him quite a bit but he said he had to think on it (he wasn’t going to think on it).


Fessy told Haleigh about the Kaitlyn 2.0 thing and she broke down crying as she’s the only person who defends Scottie in the house. He still hasn’t told her about the Sam thing. So we’ll keep an eye on that stuff tonight…



  • 5:55 pm – Haleigh finally sits with Scottie as he wanted to talk to her
    • Scottie says he needs to disassociate from her because people are going in pairs (they’re really not).  He uses Steve and Swaggy, Kaitlyn and Winston, and Bayleigh and Rockstar as examples.
    • He tells her that he’s already put it in motion
    • Scottie says he’s being knocked out by his teammate. It’s not a good look for Haleigh to be buddies with him
    • He says he told the house that he and Hay are enemies
    • He tells her how he told the house that she would have been a target. She asks what the point was
    • She asks if this is because he talked to Sam for like 5 hours last night
  • It sounds like Faysal actually did tell Haleigh about Sam. I think that happened shortly before this conversation
    • Scottie tells Haleigh how he told Fessy that Scottie was playing them (Scott/Fess) and she’s Kaitlyn 2.0
    • Haleigh says “you said that?” (she knew)
    • He says it’s best for Haleigh if he goes
    • She asks if he said that because he actually thinks that or?
    • He sits quietly … she says he’d never play her.  Haleigh starts tearing up because he didn’t deny it
    • He tells her that she needs to let him go and start building bridges with other people or she’s going to go soon
    • Scottie starts talking about how pissed he is that Fessy believed Brett and is going after Scottie (as he should be)
  • 6:25 pm – The two have sat in silence for too long
    • She says she’s not mad a him. He doesn’t understand how.  He says that talking to her about non-game stuff are the happiest times in the house for him
  • 6:45 pm – After much silence, the talk breaks up
  • 5:22 pm – Angela, Tyler, Haleigh, and Fessy form their fake final 4
  • 8:25 pm – Things have settled down in the house for now boo

Check back for updates