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Big Brother 20 Sunday Night Feeds

Good evening, everyone!


It’s Sunday night in the Big Brother house and there is a lot of plotting and planning going on.

To summarize this afternoon: Scottie told Fessy that Haleigh was a Kaitlyn 2.0 (although I didn’t hear that conversation, I heard the re-tell). Sam told Fessy that he should nominate Haleigh as the replacement nom (seriously) and even tried a pinky promise over it. She hounded him quite a bit but he said he had to think on it (he wasn’t going to think on it).

Fessy told Haleigh about the Kaitlyn 2.0 thing and she broke down crying as she’s the only person who defends Scottie in the house. He still hasn’t told her about the Sam thing. So we’ll keep an eye on that stuff tonight…



  • 5:55 pm – Haleigh finally sits with Scottie as he wanted to talk to her
    • Scottie says he needs to disassociate from her because people are going in pairs (they’re really not).  He uses Steve and Swaggy, Kaitlyn and Winston, and Bayleigh and Rockstar as examples.
    • He tells her that he’s already put it in motion
    • Scottie says he’s being knocked out by his teammate. It’s not a good look for Haleigh to be buddies with him
    • He says he told the house that he and Hay are enemies
    • He tells her how he told the house that she would have been a target. She asks what the point was
    • She asks if this is because he talked to Sam for like 5 hours last night
  • It sounds like Faysal actually did tell Haleigh about Sam. I think that happened shortly before this conversation
    • Scottie tells Haleigh how he told Fessy that Scottie was playing them (Scott/Fess) and she’s Kaitlyn 2.0
    • Haleigh says “you said that?” (she knew)
    • He says it’s best for Haleigh if he goes
    • She asks if he said that because he actually thinks that or?
    • He sits quietly … she says he’d never play her.  Haleigh starts tearing up because he didn’t deny it
    • He tells her that she needs to let him go and start building bridges with other people or she’s going to go soon
    • Scottie starts talking about how pissed he is that Fessy believed Brett and is going after Scottie (as he should be)
  • 6:25 pm – The two have sat in silence for too long
    • She says she’s not mad a him. He doesn’t understand how.  He says that talking to her about non-game stuff are the happiest times in the house for him
  • 6:45 pm – After much silence, the talk breaks up
  • 5:22 pm – Angela, Tyler, Haleigh, and Fessy form their fake final 4
  • 8:25 pm – Things have settled down in the house for now boo

Check back for updates


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  1. dfdsgs

    It’s pretty amazing how Fessy things the best move of the game so far is going to be voting out another of his allies for the third week in a row. He and Haleigh are perfect for each other each super jealous to a detrimental level and both clueless about what is happening inside the house.

  2. dfdsgs

    Got to give L6 credit they have had three weeks of limited or no power and somehow are all still in the house, and that doesn’t look to change this week. As much as they all have their faults in the game put all 4 of them together and their strengths do a great job of offsetting the other’s weaknesses.

    I will say I think Tyler has played the most complete game of the four in my opinion.

    • ElaineB

      One thing that they have done well is not constantly needing reassurance from one another that they are united. This has allowed Brett to go do his ‘lone wolf’ routine and KC able to move around and interact with others successfully. I always look forward to seeing the four of them chat and compare notes.

      • kneeless

        My take on the cohesiveness of L6/5/4 is that all 4 are athletes & really understand ‘being a team.’ So far, they have not wavered on their trust. They each have a roll & stick to the plan. Even though they have been uo against some idiots they are all 4 playing as a unified alliance.

    • Jenny

      Everybody knows I’m a Tyler fan… but I agree with you completely. Brett and Angela were nasty in their goodbye messages. Tyler kept on playing – like calling Bay a strong competitor and saying he *hoped* they could still be friends outside the house. Smart move! Feed her ego and act like he’d be grateful if she would be so kind as to still be his friend. I don’t think they showed his msg to RS but I’m sure it was just as kind/flattering. Brett makes me laugh and Kaycee seems really nice in general. Angela… she might actually be a mean girl.

      • ElaineB

        I view Angela differently than a lot of folks here in the comment section. I appreciate that Angela will ‘fake it to make it’ from a game standpoint. She seems to have a sarcastic and dry sense of humor. When she is around the HGs she truly relates to/enjoys, she is fun to listen to. I think there is a lot of jealousy, and that makes it easy to call her ‘mean’. I may be a ‘lone wolf’ but I like her, and enjoy her convos, especially with Ty.

      • Mr. Beardo

        I’m on board with that E. Ang’s convos w Brett are pretty good too. I’ve thought for a few weeks that it’d more fun to watch L4 + Sam and JC cannibalize themselves vs the hive.

      • Sassy

        I like Angela too. You aren’t alone.

      • dfdsgs

        I am an Angela fan. I know other girls that look like her that won’t give you the time of day, and she seems for the most part open and willing to get to know people. If someone doesn’t like her personality that isn’t her being mean that is just life. Not everyone is compatible personality wise.

      • LindsayB

        I like Angela. She’s not a weak, whiny girl. She’s a strong, assertive woman. She and Brett are giving me life this season.

      • danmtruth

        on the surface they would be the cool kids I would usually not like Yet Angela has always been helping in the kitchen Keeping busy cleaning She has a small group of people she feels comfortable talking with Yet anyone who does talk to her she does try to engage in the conversation She has not gone out of her way to disrespect people Has she lied and deceived people yes Thats part of the game It should be pointed out HG like Bay & Hay who have targeted her KC is reserved and opens up to a small group TY has been open but has his eye on the prize Jc has done a great job of odcrastarting things behind the scenes It has been fun to watch

  3. Sassy

    Haha is running around the house looking for the soles of her shoes. Scottie says he hasn’t seen them, once she leaves the room he pops up out of bed, talking to himself about himself (I’m so stupid). Goes in the SR and starts digging thru the trash. He thru them away! He’s playing it off as if it’s an accident but I don’t know. He was bitter at JC for being OTB and destroyed his stuff during the Veto comp and he was angry with Haha and threw her shoe soles away… This kid Is devious!

  4. ElaineB

    Interesting that Scottie talks about pairs, because he was the first one to actively target a ‘duo’ with Winston and Brett. Had higher hopes for Scottie, but he dug his own grave.

    • Sassy

      What’s funnier is that he thinks that he and haha are seen as a pair, doesn’t he realize Haha and MF are seen as closer or is he still in the dark?

    • Jenny

      I really wanted to root for Scottie. Sigh. I wonder if he is so focused on his crush on Hay that he doesn’t see that’s she and Fessie are together. And for what it’s worth, I’d rather see him w/her than Fessie.

      • Avatar

        I am not saying this because I think that Hay is a bad person. Scottie can, and will do better than her.

        He will realize this once he is away from her outside the game. Hay is a valuable lesson for Scottie. He thinks she is his type, but that is because he is young and from what he says, he is not experienced.

        On the other hand, Hay already knows that Scottie is not her type, but she also knows she can take advantage of the fact that he is naive.

  5. Annabelle

    New here but I’m so glad I found y’all. If you only watched the show you would feel bad for Ha. I’ve been readin comments and first I have been laughin so hard at the truths spoken by Mel Beardo and others that I woke my hubby in the other room! Next I live in East Tennessee and from Walhalla SC (8miles from Todd Chrisley home) so yep I’m a red neck. Most of Sam’s talk about bodies etc is just talk that translates to I will be mean but only if I hafta. She may be odd but I think she is usin assumptions and stereotypes like Tyler is. Crazy country gir,l dumb surfer. I’m sure Sam has thought to Fessy “Bless your heart” if she hasn’t said it. I know I have many times poor thing. My husband and friends (mostly Marines &/or cops) say it’s power of the clam that has Fess a mess. Thanx for lettin me give my two cents. I know I’ll be back many times this season and next year. Steve like how you support your wife without over doing. Checking things out in detail come payday.

  6. Painter1

    Well Fessy said he wanted to make a BIG move,although not sure this is what he hadf in mind. BIGGEST BLUNDER MOVE goes to……..This will for sure go down in Big brother history.

  7. Alda

    Scottie and Hayleigh have one thing in common.They both are always chewing on their fingers.Then they chew on the skin they bit off.It really makes me nauseous.

  8. hogwild

    Seeing if I can post memes I make myself if yes three guesses who its about.

  9. Sassy

    For those that are superstitious, Sam won her HOH when she was on slop. She’s on slop again, will she win on Thurs?

  10. Sassy

    Brett just asked JC if he could borrow his speedo tomorrow for the meeting. If they fit, he is going to wear JCs speedo and the Pov… that would be hilarious!!!!

  11. danmtruth

    Scottie for being a big BB fan over thought things He felt he could play the same game as Jc His mistake was not finding a meat puppet shield like Fessy to team with I still say the whole back story of never have been kiss Still has his “V” card are all lies I was pulling for Scottie He was never a full member of FOUTTE just seen as a vote He tried to move back and forth but was never trusted by anyone His HOH of putting the Bros up was a smart move But he got a small case of HOHities Not knowing that he was putting a target on himself Sad to see him go No one in the jury house to have fun with

    Being a slave to fashion and safety I had to change my avatar Joining the helmet of protection club with Mr, Beardo and our founder Mel

  12. Helen

    This is totally off subject but I just heard Sam telling KayCee she has a headache and had taken Advil but it wasn’t touching it.
    So she goes to storage room and does what? Take more Advil of course
    I see people do this all the time. If something is not helping with pain relief why keep taking it?

  13. Shivani33

    Scottie just told Tyler that he has plans to get a really big target up on the block next to him.

  14. Sassy

    MF has his Snapchat glasses. He is talking to the world!

    He’s really feeling himself.

    JC is putting on a show, imitating RS.

    • Tinkerbell

      They are toxic together. Their relationship, if it can be called that, is nothing but chaotic – except when they’re sexing it up in the bedroom. She is just as jealous as he is, and they are both controlling. I change cameras every time they’re are on the feeds. They are both disgusting. If they try to make it on the outside they will be a Lifetime movie……Murder in Smalltown Texas.

  15. Jannie

    JC got a great edit on the show tonight, as usual. I’m not sure if L6 is really all that strategic – JC manipulated Fester’s noms, and he isn’t in L6. He basically did their work for them. He’s playing a decent game now, but he will finish #5 behind Ty, Brett, Ang and Kaycee if he doesn’t break them up.
    Fessy is a complete moron, he deserves to go next. Although if HaHo goes right behind Scottie and they are in jury together, it would be great karma for him. Idiot.
    Is Scottie just giving up? That’s too bad. I expected more of him as a player.
    There were a few times tonight when it was obvious that Sam is on some kind of happy pills. She looked stoned. Isn’t weed legal in CA now? Maybe she gets a few “bong hits” in the DR to keep her anxiety low. 🙂

  16. LO1004

    I’m thinking out loud. Scottie goes this week. Next week Fess and Hay are OTB. What does Fessy do? Does he fight to stay, or does he ‘graciously’ go over Hay? I use the quotes because really in the back of his mind he wouldn’t want Hay in the house w Scottie alone w out him there.

  17. caRyn

    I wouldn’t want to sleep in the same room with Sam. The less hg in the BB house the more Sam would want to talk with me. I would listen and observe and not speak – mostly nod my head. She would make me uncomfortable and give me an uneasy feeling. She already does and I am outside the BB house. It’s pretty bad when you are a viewer and concerned about her safety and the safety of the other hg.

  18. Tinkerbell

    And the survey says……Fess is the most clueless moron in BB history.


  19. Tinkerbell

    And the survey says……Fess is the most clueless ignorant moron in BB history.


  20. Helen

    I am thinking somehow Scottie is going to throw Tyler under the bus to get him up on the block as replacement….
    I am convinced that Tyler needs to activate his app before veto ceremony tomorrow…if not he will be sorry

  21. Avatar

    I really hope JC wins HOH this coming week … I think fessy, ty, and maybe brett would be safe.

  22. Helen

    Scottie tells Faysal if he puts Haleigh on the block he will beat the shitt out of him. Wants Sam on the block!

    Now it’s Sams turn to feel those Scottie tire tracks roll across her back …how many more will he throw utb before it’s over…dang! This kid is a weasel along with being creepy af

  23. Ann

    What is Scottie talking to Fessy about?

  24. Jay H

    I read that interview that Mel was referring to in her post from today on Julie’s weekly interview. Julie’s kind of a bitch.
    She pretty much bashes Brett and Angela. It’s weird to me that the host of a show would be that openly critical of their contestants(depending on what it is they did).

  25. caRyn

    If Scottie is evicted on Faysal’s HoH, FOUTTE jury will realize how screwed up that decision was and may vote on a game level and not a personal level. FOUTTE may see their mistakes in the game.

  26. Avatar

    if fessy puts haho up they may choose to evict hay and then say thanks for the help scottie around fessy but if he puts sam up they will still vote him out… and telling fessy he only has a chance to stay if he puts hay up is just dumb because that will only motivate fessy not to ever put her up.

  27. Avatar

    think out loud to myself here… if he puts up sam she may just self-evict and he stays.

  28. caRyn

    It seems like Sam is the reason for the live feeds to go to fish more than any other hg that I know of playing BB.

  29. Holla Derrick

    Fess will just be happy that he did what the house wanted and he was on the right side of the vote.

  30. Helen

    I was wondering if Fessy could F up his HOH any worse than he has and I think he may be about to!! If he puts Sam on the block he may as well bend over and kiss his ass goodbye because she will gun for that HOH on Thursday and hot damn I bet she would be determined enough to do it! There would be no question Hai Ho and MF would be sitting OTB both trying to figure out how they got there!!

  31. danmtruth

    I would say Jc singing has given us a lot of fish time

  32. caRyn

    We were able to see that Scottie was under Haleigh’s spell. Scottie needed to wake up and see what Haleigh was doing. I wasn’t sure if he was going to realize it even in the jury house. Scottie sees that he was played by Haleigh while still in the BB house. Good for him. It’s not always easy to see what is right in front of you.

  33. caRyn

    I felt bad for Kaycee falling so many times in that HoH comp.

  34. Tinkerbell

    Fess the Digress exhausts me. Back and forth, back and forth….I feel like I’m playing ping pong. If all of the shady politicians in D.C, which is all of them, had a filibuster contest, that double talk pro would win.

  35. Ann

    KayCee should be thinking about whether or not they will want to use her as a pawn again & again until she’s really not the pawn but the target. Dangerous thing to volunteer to be put otb as a pawn. Pawns go home KayCee.

  36. Ann

    Who are KayCee & Hay talking about having a crush on someone?

  37. Shivani33

    I love watching Faysal fester, vacillate and brood. He has to put Sam otb to satisfy me. It is high time for a mercy killing to get started even if it doesn’t get finished this round. Kaycee begging Faysal to nominate her and not Sam. This isn’t Shogun, Kaycee. There is no nobility in Big Brother for voluntary self-disembowelment.

    Speaking of musical scores hitting it as background for BB20, I play Miles Davis when Sam wigs. Elvin Bishop for Angela and Tyler at the moment and just generally, Paul Butterfield vs. Mike Bloomfield with a Muddy Waters chaser. For Fester and Hayleigh, it’s Johnny Guitar Watson. For Brett, I like Clarence Carter.

    • danmtruth

      Shivani33 your a women after my own heart with your musical taste Miles Davis ,You Man With a Horn , Sketches of Spain, Birth of the Blues yes Paul Butterfield East West , Mr Poohbar, Mike Bloomfield I can go on I just love a wide range of music

  38. Ann

    Dude, when Sam finds out the whole house knew about Scottie trying to get her put otb & they didn’t tell her (especially Ty), she is going to blow a friiken gasket. That will be one more reason she’ll have to not trust Ty. I think he should tell her right before KC goes up just to be on the safe side so she won’t get too pissed & tell his secret. That way she can see that KC took one for her & that Ty is truly her friend.

    • LindsayB

      I see your point. I don’t disagree but I could also see everyone keeping a secret for once because they don’t want Sam to lose her shit and inspire the love struck whiny little bitch to nominate her. They can’t afford for her to self verify and end up with Scottie staying.

  39. Shivani33

    Now Kaycee appears confident that she has convinced Fester to put her otb. She doesn’t want Scottie to know it’s her until the last second so he can’t prepare any Veto speech about her. She wants Fester to be sure that Hayleigh doesn’t tell Scottie about her being the renom. We’ll see about that. Tyler and his harem are voting for Scottie to go but will cajole him until they vote. Who really knows if Kaycee will be Faysal’s final choice yet? Hopefully he’ll become even more of a preening drama king all week.

  40. Ann

    Wow, these are some special kind of stupid people in this FOUTTE alliance. Those morons started eating each other from day one. I’m guessing they don’t know the meaning of alliance.

  41. Tinkerbell

    Why does Sam turn on the water in the kitchen and then let it run for five minutes, while she gets ice. She does the same in the bathroom. Turns the water on and then uses the bathroom, brushes teeth, takes 16 hour showers as well. The other day she let the shower run forever, while she sat taking nail polish off. Dumbass!!! We’re in California, not a drop to spare. Burns my tail every single time she lets the water run anywhere in the house. She acts like she lives in the rain forests of the Amazon. Go back to your little Sugar Shack, whackadoodle. You can waste your Mama’s water there.

  42. Seattle Kari

    POP TV ice cream treats. Sam to JC as the ice cream starts to melt. “You want yours soft? I thought you’d like it hard.”


  43. mm22

    Kari B you posted a link to Seattle smoke n poor air quality
    I can’t find it could you repost I didn’t get to see it.
    We have family headed that way

  44. Avatar

    It’s almost painful to watch how clueless that trio really is. I can’t even comprehend it!

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