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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Night Feeds

Good evening, everyone. I was going to take the night off, but I realized I have nothing else to do so may as well blog


Once again, the insider leak was right that Haleigh was indeed the hacker this week. I was beginning to doubt it at first but Haleigh came through strong on the final few rounds. It’s shocking that once again this is another secret that has been kept inside this house so far this season. This has to be the tightest-lipped group of players I’ve seen play this game so far. Brett has still kept his job a secret, nobody knows about Tyler’s power and half the house still doesn’t know he was the swing vote with Brett/Winston. Nobody also knows JC was the hinky vote when Kaitlyn went home. Scottie almost kept his secret about being a hinky vote for Swaggy C but that didn’t last long.

It’s just really impressive. This group can keep a secret. Except for Bayleigh, who likes to tell people in the other alliance about her power before telling her own alliance.

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Alright, update time

  • 6:00 pm – Haleigh and Bayleigh are on the hammock with Kaycee talking
    • I know Bayleigh is losing her popularity and tonight’s edit didn’t help. Telling Rockstar to flat out shut up was pretty messed up. I feel bad for RS at this point as she’s been shit on all game
  • Flashing back to 5:17 pm
    • Sam is asking Bayleigh about the all-girl alliance thing
    • Bayleigh gets worked up over having the conversation and says that everyone is watching
    • Bayleigh gets up and says ‘stop looking at me’ to either Sam or someone across the yard and walks away mid-conversation.
    • Sam sits there shocked
    • Rockstar comes over and Sam re-tells it to her
    • Really dumb move on Bay’s part to piss people off when she’s about to be a nominee tomorrow
    • Cam switches to Bayleigh in HN room re-telling the conversation to Fessy
    • Bayleigh doesn’t like being snapped on… the girl who tells people to shut up all the time
    • Bayleigh tells Fessy about her very stupid decision to tell Angela that she wouldn’t use the power to save her next week if need be. Even if she doesn’t intend to, you lie, Bay. You lie
  • Meanwhile, here is a proud Brett for finding the word Anal Lice
  • 7:00 pm – Snapchat glasses time
    • Brett got a shirt today
  • 7:45 pm – Feeds down. Could be another granny visit
  • 8:05 pm – Feeds back
    • Angela is telling their group about Bay’s newest offer. If Angela nominated Scottie, Bay would use her app to keep Angela safe next week. Too little, too late, Bay
  • 8:30 pm – Everyone is up in the HoH room after RS made some nachos
    • Now they’re talking about eating skittles from bellybuttons. I’m out

Check back for updates



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  1. Zach

    Does anyone else feel like the hacker twist is too much power? It pretty much takes the majority of the HOHs power away from them.

    • Apopkedave

      YES, it’s way too much.

    • Colby

      It absolutely is too much power. I can see giving them either the veto choice or the cancelled vote, but not the nom replacement, and especially not all three.
      Luckily it will be nullified this week, but it did make for a nail biting 24 hrs.
      I assume it will be the same next, but I guess it could be different.

    • danmtruth

      The vote cancel is big the way this season is going with so many close votes The season of the house vote it did not matter

    • delabear

      Production keeps trying to introduce new things, forgetting that the basic formula is what makes the show work. If anything, maybe the need to find players who have not been fans and do not know all the twists and turns of the game. Probably very difficult, but maybe Big Brother Amish? (heheheh)

      • Zach

        Or an even better thought. Have only casts that are all super fans. Have all the people that want to try out take a B.B. test first and if they score high enough then they move onto the interview process, and so forth and so on.

      • danmtruth

        It has worked this season because people who have a good working knowledge of the game Scottie, TY, Jc, KC, Angela, Hali have been playing the game Even Swaggy knew the game he just did not play it well

      • NKogNeeTow

        Hi Dela and Welcome to the Board 🙂

    • Sassy

      I hate this twist!

    • jimbo

      Yes, not crazy about the Hacker thing. Though it is like something that Ive suggested for them to change the veto to: If you win the veto competition, the person winning the veto ALSO gets to pick the replacement that goes up (not the HOH, unless, of course, the HOH wins the veto). I just think it would up the ante for whoever wins veto, and would cause game changing moves. It would help eliminate those boring snowball years where one big alliance easily picks people off.

  2. Apopkedave

    I hope Tyler gets off the block and the Queen Bee goes up.

  3. Helen

    How much you want to bet before tomorrow Bayleigh goes back to Angela and tells her. Ya. I’ll use my power next week to save you….she will be lying but I bet she does it

  4. Yael Sara

    What time do they usually have the veto ceremony on Mondays? I might have to turn the live feeds on in the background at work – really want to watch that aftermath!

  5. Zach

    Watching tonight’s episode now. This could be because I’m a guy, but did Angela just tell the houseguests it’s time for the nomination ceremony in a really seductive way?

  6. Helen

    Anyone have any clue what this conversation could be about? Gotta use what now?

    m: (Indecipherable)
    Tyler: No.
    Sam: (Indecipherable)
    Tyler: Not yet – no. Did you hear that they tried to start that whole all girl thing again?
    Sam: (Indecipherable)
    Tyler: They tried to pitch to Angela to start that whole all girl thing again. So we gotta use it now.
    Sam: (Indecipherable)
    Tyler: I know. It was just Bayleigh (Indecipherable). Bayleigh, Haleigh, & Rockstar. Those were all three. And Angela – just laughing about it. So – we’re good.
    (Later) Pinky swear

  7. danmtruth

    This Punishment has help RS a lot It has given her something to do beside bitch about rich privilege people Given her some new cooking skills Help her workout She has been handling it well Lets see what happens after Mondays veto meeting Will she try to self evict to save Bay

  8. Jenny

    LOL at Brett “ANALLICE”

  9. Zach

    Does anyone know, can you only win the hacker comp one time? I don’t think I heard them say during the show tonight.

  10. Colby

    So, are there no Have Not’s this week?

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  12. ElaineB

    Sam’s attempt at ‘fair play’ for the Hacker comp was funny. Production was probably, “What did she just propose?”……basically a big FU to the twist. It sure didn’t go over well with her ‘house charges’ either. Bless her heart! She rocked the comp by getting ‘punishment’. ^5 Sam!

  13. strwar1

    I can’t wait for tomorrow everybody! Haleigh and Bay will get be shocked when Angela gets Tyler off the block. Btw? Awww Sam was crying that her bestie was nominated by the Haleigh(Hacker). Don’t worry Sam. Tyler is gonna be okay. I like that Sam is the caring type.

  14. Helen

    Bayleigh just told Angela she would use her power on her……

  15. Sassy

    Well Bay finally came up with, she would use her power on Angela if she needed too, she’s serious… yeah right!!

  16. Helen

    Bayleigh and Angela in HOH room briefly, Bayleigh calls Angela her ride or die, calls the two of them the Amazon Alliance. Bayleigh leaves and Angela in a sing song voice “Someone might be backdoored tomorrow! Who will it be?”

  17. Shivani33

    After Bayleigh left Angela alone in the HoH room, Angela chanted, ” someone’s getting backdoored this week, wonder who it’ll be.” The other night when Fester came up and told her that he’d do whatever she wanted if he won Veto, the second after he left, Angela said, “idiot!” Another time by herself in her HoH room, she said, “this is going to be so easy.” She doesn’t address the camera. It’s more like she is talking to herself,, just making sidenotes. I enjoy the solo revelations very much.

  18. Yael Sara

    More accurately, Bayleigh is 24 cents short of a quarter

  19. JD

    Bay seems to have the priveledged only child spoiled brat nobody says no to syndrome. Can she truly not see what a hypocrite she is? I think not. Even if she were to watch BB after she’s gone I don’t think she’ll see it. SMH

  20. Helen

    And they did it again…Angela telling the group about Bayleighs latest offer and ..here she comes with RS and sits her azz down uninvited to share nachos RS had to make….these people can not have a freaking conversation and no one will open up their mouths and say anything….drives me crazy!!!!!!

  21. danmtruth

    One of the few times people are looking forward to MON Just to see the Hive burn Than on Thur watching RS cray and ask everyone to vote her out

  22. Helen

    Lol. Was looking like a stand off in HOH there at the end..
    Had volume off. RS,Bayleigh and Hayleigh…not budging
    KC,Tyler and Scottie…not budging
    Angela finally left. Lmao

  23. Shivani33

    Angela has said that she hopes to use her renom speech to sound like she has tons of stuff against Scottie. He’s the hacker, he plays both sides of the house, Scottie is an a**hole, blah blah blah. And then suddenly turn and go for Bayleigh’s throat while Bay looks all confident, high and mighty and safe. If Bayleigh really does go otb versus AngieRS, how will the votes go ? 5-2 and Angie stays?

  24. ShoeLover

    Just finished tonight’s episode!!! Hahahaha, Fessy sitting on the couch, dazed and confused!!!

    Side note, love the Posh products!! My favorite are the body butter creams!!

  25. JD

    Just thinking, if they do manage to backdoor Bay she might get so pissed and walk out/self evict. She’s is not going to like that she got blindsided and not leaving on her own terms. She craves control so she might leave so that nobody gets credit for pulling one over on her. I think she’s going to take it worse than Kaitlyn and Rachael combined. I haven’t watched much, I read the updates and comments but I will have popcorn ready for that veto meeting. #IamAgainstBullies

  26. danmtruth

    These last few days just clarify the difference between the two groups Bay and Hali think they are so clever and smarter than anyone else All the while Angela just sits their staring at them and saying little Just enough to let them hang themselves

    Funny how now Bay and Hali are back sitting together planing how the next few weeks will go Just when has any of there plans work Where does this misplace sense of confidence come from

    • Helen

      Bayleigh has herself positioned on bathroom couch while Hayleigh showers just lying in wait for Angela to come in from outside so she can go at her again tonight….she is 10 times worse than Rachael about harassing the HOH.

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  28. Avatar

    Excited for the veto ceremony tomorrow and bay going otb. Like bye felicia!

  29. danmtruth

    Alice from Resident Evil / Dolores Abernathy from Westworld all rolled into Angela the assassin is up in her HOH with KC, TY and Scottie explaining to Scottie what the HIVE came up with for Angela to do to become an EPIC BB player To go down in history Scottie is all on board

  30. Shivani33

    Fester once again comes out with his one classic line, this time to Tyler. “I have no f*cking idea what is going on in this house.” He is a hank of hair in search of a brain.

  31. Shivani33

    Among Bayleigh’s big-mouthed gems today were that she does threesomes in cars, does not like old people and she commanded someone in a group setiing by snapping “don’t look at me.” She tried getting on the good side of a very uncomfortable looking Kaycee by saying “plenty of my friends are very bisexual.” What the hell is “very” bisexual!?

  32. Helen

    I wish Angela would get over this hacker crap in her speech for tomorrow…it is bound to backfire on her since Bayleigh is not the hacker….Focus on her power to change votes…her other issues with her….

  33. Tinkerbell

    I’m sure you guys have already seen this, but just in case you didn’t. I saw these two hoe-bags, Hails-n-Bails, talking earlier this evening. I haven’t been able to post lately, but have caught Bayleigh on the lives blabbering about babies-n-boobs for several weeks now. Sounds like there’s a good possibility she has a mini Swaggy baking in her oven. Mr. Swag might as well stay in Lees Summit with the new Grandpa and Grandma to be. The Baby Daddy and Mama don’t have jobs and need a place to stay. Bayleigh, time for you to go Hitler. Not because you might be preggers, but because you’re a toxic bitch.

    I don’t know if anyone saw the conversation between Sam and Bayleigh in the backyard several hours ago. The baby mama was accusing Sam of some made up thing. Sam was stumped and trying to figure out what she was talking about. Baby mama wasn’t having it and stomped away, carrying her Bible, and said to Sam – “And, stop looking at me.” What the Hell?! Bye Bitch. Don’t let the BB door the hit you in the a** on your way out. Man, I hate with a passion that she gets to be in the jury.


    • Tinkerbell

      Pooh, the video cut off the last part when Bayleigh was talking about telling her parents.

    • Sassy

      If she’s pregnant, That may explain her mood swings. Swaggy is gonna think he won the lottery.

      • ShoeLover

        What exactly is Sawggy’s background?? His he a college graduate?? Does he a job or a professional corporate job or even connections to begin a career???

        Dang, if this baby daddy mama drama is for real, I sure hope it all works out positively!!!!!!!!!

    • Avatar

      She’s an idiot! Can’t wait to see her gone. Bye Beyotch!

    • ShoeLover

      Hmmmm, trying to do the numbers in my head…

      Exactly how long are the housepets in the Big Brother house before the beginning of the series premiere ( live premiere )? Because this Thursday’s eviction is day 51, right??

      Most young ladies find out if they are pregnant by 7-8weeks gestation time. In all honesty let’s hope Baleigh isn’t pregnant!! Her behavior has either pitted her as a privileged rich child ( I haven’t seen one bit of maturity from her ) or just down right disrespectful of herself and others!!! I wonder how her reign as Miss Missouri was planned out? From her past behavioral moments, I am guessing she did a lot of new business ribbon cutting ceremonies and dedications!!! I think she has shown her true/comfortable attitude during the pageant industry and has possibly made a name for herself. Not just her poise and beauty but also her personality and possible flawed reputation.. I know I am way over thinking this, but I am so confused, how a young lady who is a college graduate from an elite private University, and Miss Missouri and an international flight attendant is capable of building a solid foundation for her life, yet “literally” ( Mel, is this the over used word ) destroy it all with her weird BI POLAR personality????? Is she a narcissist with all her bow down to the supreme leader and cater to all of my needs or ye shall suffer dearly and feel my wrath??? I just need to know.. her dominance is emotional bullying and quite nasty!!

  34. Tinkerbell

    Oh dear, it isn’t going to be pretty when Madam Purple Rock hears the news there might be a baby Swaleigh. How dare Bay……it’s only two weeks after her daughter’s birthday.


  35. Tinkerbell

    The four biggest losers. Will tomorrow ever get here?!


    • Stephanie

      I use to think Bay & Hay were absolutely gorgeous, but they have some nasty attitudes that changed that for me.

      I will also say, I hated Kaitlyn’s game in the House, but she hasn’t been nasty since leaving.

      … dare I say that she has won me over a little?

  36. Tinkerbell

    Man, this wench is a bitch with a capital B. Wow!! Right now she is talking to Rockstar and Haleigh. Keep in mind I can’t stand any of them, but this chick is a prison yard bully. If only we could have triple elimination on Thursday. Anyhow, Bayleigh is telling them they’re f**n annoying, stupid, don’t talk to anyone about her, and the list goes on. She didn’t have a mind to lose, but she has lost it. Even Haleigh is rolling her eyes, but not so that Hitler can see. I don’t get it. Why does everyone sit there and take her shit. I would be in prison, no doubt in my mind.


  37. NKogNeeTow

    Sam and Tyler talking in the BY. They are talking about who is the hacker. Sam ask what if it’s Haleigh? He says no, it’s not Haleigh. She says, but what if it is. He says, well Bayleigh’s going home so it doesn’t matter.

    Sam has figured it out and told him that it’s Haleigh who’s the hacker. He tells her, no, she’s not smart enough. Sam says no, it’s Haleigh. She tells him that she thinks it’s her vote that will be cancelled out. He insist no. She tells him that she thinks he’s the mark and it’s intended for him to go home no matter what and that if thats the case, it will be the 2 of them sitting on the block next week. Tyler keeps fighting what she’s telling him.

    LISTEN TO HER TYLER! She’s the ONLY one who has figured it out. Driftwood is upstairs working on her Veto speech with KC and STILL incorporating Bay as the hacker as the reason she’s putting her up.

    Sam say there is just something not right about Bay being the hacker. She is SURE it is Haleigh.

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Feeds cut. While we’re waiting:

    Someone in chat said Honey Bay Bay had her group sign a suicide pact in case she leaves…lol

    Last night in chat, someone referred to RockStar as Penneywise.

    Now Driftwood thinks that if Honey Bay Bay isn’t the hacker, the only other person could be Scottie.

    Brett and Scottie laugh about how Honey Bay Bay told Brett that nobody knew she had the power except Rachel and Fessy. Then 5 minutes later while talking to Fessy, Fessy just randomly tells Brett “I swear I didn’t know she had it. I’m as surprised as you”. Brett says that he kept his cool and didn’t let on that he knew Fessy was lying.

    • Helen

      Faysal will go off the deep end today….at some point after veto ceremony Faysal,Haleigh and RS will gather around Bayleigh to tell her that Angela just made the stupidest move in B.B. history…I mean OMG,she could have been a legend and put up Scottie!

      • danmtruth

        What was the fatal flaw with this group is showing thru loud and clear The total lack of critical thinking Not to mention they deep down they do not trust each other

  39. Tinkerbell

    I saw this on live feeds last night. Bayleigh talking to Hayleigh about her Mr. Swag. That prison yard bully is bat shit crazy. Certifiably nuts!! Can’t stand her blonde bed partner either. Bayleigh and Psycho Kaitlyn are in the same ho ho ho category.


  40. Avatar

    I liked part on Sunday’s showwhen Brett was laughing and said it was so amusing it is when Fessy asks what happened after every eviction. Brett is really able to enjoy the stupidity in there.

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      I agree and as arrogant as he can appear, I admire his laid back attitude about all of the stupidity. Crayola could learn something from him.

  41. Tinkerbell

    Brand new tee for Swag to add to his on-line Swayleigh collection.


  42. caRyn

    Can anyone please help to answer mcstina on the Friday Overnight Recap – the last comment? I don’t know the answer. Thanks in advance if you can.

  43. Tinkerbell

    This is old news. Several days ago Grodner said there will always be at least one double elimination every season. Can it please be Thursday?

  44. Carl

    Happy Backdoor Bayleigh Day!

  45. caRyn

    Sam was so fake to me when she was talking about how she types and hasn’t been on a computer for years. It wasn’t what she said but how she said it. She wants to be America’s favorite. I don’t buy what she is selling for a second.

  46. Avatar

    Today’s Veto meeting can’t come fast enough. I feel like a kid at Christmas!

  47. caRyn

    I would like to see Bayleigh be evicted because of her power app. Otherwise, I would keep her in the house. She would always be a target and I can’t see the jury house voting for her to win should she be F2. Not after the jury house has had time to compare notes and hear what all Bayleigh has said about them.

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