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Big Brother 20-Sunday Overnight Update

The houseguests got to hang out in the backkyard after being locked down for a while so they seemed to be making the most of the outdoor time. The biggest things to happen yesterday was some secret sharing and talk about it carried over into the night. I’ll just give you an overall summary of these talks because most of them won’t matter that much if Kaitlyn sticks to her plan of backdooring Swaggy. They also tell us who has a good read on the house and who doesn’t.


We know Kaitlyn told Hayleigh the plan to BD Swaggy yesterday and  Hayleigh told Rockstar shortly after. Kaitlyn asked her not to but we knew she would anyway. Actually, Kaitlyn said what she might do was messed up and Hayleigh guessed so she’d already seen it coming at least a ltitle bit. I was impressed by the way Hayleigh handled it. She didn’t give away she was upset but she was furious. Rockstar had a more vocal reaction once she was told but she had that luxury since Kaitlyn wasn’t there. Hayleigh quickly realized 3 things: she couldn’t change Kaitlyns mind, Tyler was running Kaitlyn and they wouldn’t have the votes to keep Swaggy. Some reactions I read online yesterday felt Hayleigh was being disloyal but what’s she supposed to do? Throw her own game away to prove she’s loyal to Swaggy and Bayleigh?  Hayleigh DID question Kaitlyn more later in the evening and tried to plant doubt in Kaitlyns mind about this decision but it was obvious Kaitlyns mind was made up. Hayleigh and Rockstar talked about plans moving forward and how to regroup. Hayleigh will be more adaptable because she’s already formed some relationships with the other side of the house. As much as I’ve grown to like Rockstar, she’s made very little effort in that area, probably knows she’ll have a harder time and based on the way she talks about the other side of the house, she has no desire to be adaptable. Hayleigh was upset when she found out that Kaitlyn told the Bros that she knows because she really wants deniability in this situation.

Bayleigh wanted reassurance from Hayleigh that Angela will be the replacement nom and Hayleigh gave it to her. She told Bayleigh she thought that was still Kaitlyns plan. She knows she can’t change what’s happening and she DOESN’T want to know about it ahead of time.  Bayleigh, like Swaggy, Fessy and Scottie are only concerned the veto won’t be used and Scottie might go home. They don’t see this as an immediate threat to themselves, just a threat to them later on.

Kaitlyn talked to Hayleigh about possibly form a group with Hayleigh, Rockstar, Fessy, Tyler, Brett and herself. Kaitlyn doesn’t know Hayleigh and Rockstar want Tyler out but Hayleigh said the usual “great plan” things so we’ll have to see where it goes.


Rockstar and Bayleigh had a talk about racism, who the viewers like and who the underdogs are in the house. Rockstar and Bayleigh “know” viewers love the Bros and they don’t understand why we arn’t on the side of the underdogs=themselves. I’m very confused by this because I don’t know what they’re basing this on. Only 1 person has been evicted, they don’t know who has the power apps and one of the crap apps was given to the other side. How are they underdogs? The one person in their alliance who they had sort of stopped trusting won hoh, that’s the only thing that’s really happened to them. Bayleigh doesn’t know Sam got the power app last week and is convinced she got it this week. They view Sam as a neutral player so again, why do they think the Level 6 side is being shown all the love? They know they can’t trust Tyler anymore but thy see him as neutral too. It’s his hoh Steve went out on.  Rockstar continued to keep her mouth shut about what she knows but you can see, it’s really wearing on her.

Swaggy, Scottie and Fessy talked more about their uneasiness with Kaitlyn. Scottie is feeling a little more confident that Kaitlyn/Tyler is going to take him off the block. Fessy firmly believes that Kaitlyn wouldn’t do anything against him this early in the game.  Swaggy is the most unsure but says if Kaitlyn follows through, he won’t have any more trust issues with her. It’s important to note that Swaggy isn’t concerned he could go on the block, he’s only concerned she’ll leave Scottie up there. Swaggy continues to be nervous about Tyler because the way he sees things, Tyler is Kaitlyn’s puppet and he does whatever Kaitlyn says. If Swaggy had spent a bit more time with people other than Bayleigh or a little more time with Kaitlyn, he may have things figured out better than he does. He also sees Tyler as with them for now but knows he can’t trust him long term.

All of Swaggys alliance is VERY upset with Tyler and feels betrayed. I don’t get this. When exactly did they invite Tyler into their alliance? Oh, that’s right, they didn’t. When he won the first hoh, at what point did they ask him his thoughts? Oh, that’s right, they didn’t. They just stormed the hoh room, told him he needed to put up Winston and Angela and then Swaggy proceeded to lay out his entire game and alliance to Tyler…unprompted. Oh yeah, Swaggy finished it off by letting Tyler know he was the boss and controlled what his side would do. I can’t imagine why Tyler started thinking Swaggy would make a good target, can you?

Sam told Tyler the details of her power app last night and how it gets used automatically on week 4 if she hasn’t already used it. Winston chatted with Sam during a different time in the evening and kept hinting about the app. He wants her to offer to use it on him so badly but he isn’t supposed to know she has it. She never caved or gave him any info. Remember, Winston was talked into keeping Sam last week so they could use the app if needed. Tyler convincing Winston that Sam would use it on him was almost as crazy as Tyler convincing Kaitlyn to vote out Steve. Tyler has been working for that money ya’ll!

They spent time in the hot tub, on the hammock and played some games last night with mostly the usual house chatter. Mondays are my busiest morning for work so I may have left some things out but tried to let you know where peoples heads are at going into today’s veto ceremony. Steve is going to have the good stuff anyway later today after this all  goes down.

There are a couple things I’d like to mention that really isn’t about last night specifically. Some Tyler fans are already starting to turn on him because he’s getting to much power from what I was reading at different places online last night. It always happens so I’m not surprised. We love an underdog and it’s that simple. I even saw it compared to Paul’s safety from last year. This is ridiculous because when you realize what Tyler actually has, it may not even be that great and Sams is better. He has to use this prior to the nomination or veto ceremony which means he has to be able to predict what’s going to happen. Not only that, he’d be crazy to use it at a nomination ceremony because once he does, they can just try to backdoor him. If he saves it for a veto ceremony but gets put on the block during the initial nomination ceremony, it doesn’t help him at all, hed already be otb. I don’t even think the 8 week time frame is a big deal because I think he’ll be in trouble sooner than later and if it’s helpful at all, it probably won’t last long. Let’s be real, Tyler has controlled this entire house up to this point, not because of a power but becauae of his game play and only his game play. I think he did too much, too soon and will be a target because of it but for now, I’m going to give him the credit he deserves.

The vegasforsure person said Bayleigh was close behind Tyler in the voting. If this is true and even if it isn’t, I look for her to get the next one if Swaggy leaves this week. She’s going to get the unfair, ripped apart shomance edit like Jessica did last season. She’s also playing the game enough to be in the running without the edit. (Not since Kaitlyn’s been hoh but she was visible enough prior to that to carry her through) I really don’t want to see Swaggy leave yet and I’d love to see his power trip if he stuck around and won hoh.  I’d around so like to see Bayleigh get the next power app and watch her use it to try and seek revenge for this week.

Have a great day and I’ll catch up with you guys once all this goes down this afternoon!



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  1. hogwild

    I see Braggy making the same mistakes Cody did last season being to cocky to early and focusing all his attention on his showmance.

    • jimbo

      Cody smartly went after Paul…the smartest thing any player could have done last season. His stupid alliance was so in love with Paul, that they went bat-shit crazy (as they were played by Paul), that they the abandoned Cody. So, the mistakes were made by Cody/Jess alliance members, not Cody. His only sin was not fully telling everyone. I get it, but, in the end, his worries about Paul were dead on accurate. Had they not flipped on Cody because of Paul, who knows how the season plays out. The Paul Show would have been dead after Paul’s BS safety was used up.

  2. danmtruth

    Chris is a long time watcher of BB So he should know ad understand early alliance leaders do not go far in the game The target is just too big You have the other side gunning for you Along with people from the bottom of your group

  3. Alda

    What the heck is Sam talking about to Tyler.She is trying to explain her advantage,and she is making it so confusing.

  4. HappyHippo

    Always love your updates Mel! Feel like I haven’t missed anything overnight. I can’t believe some Tyler fans are turning against him! Yes he has power but it’s because he’s being smart and crafty not a returning player who has “street cred” and nasty down and dirty moves (I use moves because I can’t think of another word, what Paul did was disgusting last season). Also, I can’t stand swaggys cocky behavior but the main reason I’m excited to see him leave is just because I love a good ol fashioned blind side! When they have no idea and then BAM. Also, Kayleigh is actually way more leveled headed than I anticipated….she’s surprising me a little with the self control.
    Can’t wait for this afternoon, are we pretty sure the ceremony is today?

    • Yael Sara

      @HappyHippo I’ve been thinking the same thing. Aside from just wanting Chris gone for a laundry list of reasons, it has been a long time since there has really been a good backdoor played in this game. Granted, the fact it’s happenkng under Kaitlin’s HOH is meh, but that is also what makes it work

      • HappyHippo

        Right but in the end if Tyler is left standing at the final 2 I think he could easily convince the jury that he was behind it not her….

  5. jimbo

    Tyler, so far, has been the only impressive player. That could change. But, for now, he’s a good BSer and in tune with the game…both traits you need to win.

  6. hogwild

    Granted Tyler has pushed her towards it still if life coach follows through and gets braggy out that will be the most impressive move of the short season.

  7. Colby

    The veto meeting can’t happen soon enough for me. Bring it on! 🙂
    I have never had the feeds, but I may have to break down and get them, just to watch the aftermath of this.
    How much are they?

  8. HappyHippo

    I believe 7 bucks a month

  9. HappyHippo

    Ok I was liking rockstar (ish) but they literally just woke up and she’s already telling Hayleigh they are just voting swaggy out because he is black….I’ve heard enough of that bs. That has nothing to do with it. He came in voicing he was running the show day 1, talked crap about Kaitlyn (wouldn’t that make us all resentful?), and has now stopped trying to be social with anybody but Bayleigh….this is a social game! Rockstar also said Tyler has to go. Not a huge fan of her anymore

    • Avatar

      my bottom 3 for least favorite 3rd least favorite Faysal(idk had to name someone its just the bottom 2 that annoy me)
      2. Rockstar- she makes everything a race or gender sounding issue, no they want Gaggy out cause one he is a control freak, and is so fucking annoying.
      1. what did you expect… Swaggy- dude needs to chill out his ego down a few million notches, he is reminding us of Paul in the way he strokes his own ego, and dictates whats gonna happen.

      • HappyHippo

        I’m not sure what her goal is by making everything come to those issues. It’s all in her head. Nobody that I’ve seen has even come close to making comments to lead you to believe that. I guess that’s why I hate saying who I like at the beginning because their true colors usually take a minute to show. I think though Tyler is pretty even keel

      • Colby

        I wonder if Rainbow’s rhetoric is to try to gain fan support.

      • HappyHippo

        I’ve wondered that as well

    • ElaineB

      Angie can have her opinions, and that is all they are; hopefully the HGs realize she is full of it. I don’t give much credit to a woman who constantly looks like a box of crayons exploded on her.

  10. HappyHippo

    I would have liked to see Bayleighs game without the showmance…she is pretty social. However that may quickly change after the veto ceremony!

  11. HappyHippo

    Kaycee, Rachel, Brett, and Winston talking right now saying that Scottie or swaggy has the power. Good job Tyler.

  12. Avatar

    How can Braggy be a leader if he isn’t leading anyone? He didn’t once go to tell the HOH what to do or advise anyone else to do anything. Sitting back declaring yourself the leader while not doing any leading is pretty cocky. Who owes him anything, what favors has he promised/gotten, what long term plans has he laid out, what directions has he given, when does he rally the troops before the next vote,….I could go on. He’s just so passive while the game is going away from his comprehension. Too funny and no, not racist (rainbow is making up trouble, she also called Rachel gay).

  13. Bobbi514

    I kind of had hopes that Scottie would, in turn, be like Ian with his game plans but for me now seeing him almost in meltdown where his hands are shaking and little boy hysterical guess I was wrong. For the moment I like Tyler given that he first appeared to be just another beach dude that I cannot remember his name but he did not last long in the house ~ plus he was never the sharpest tool in the shed LOL ~ am not sure what is up with Winston either but for Chris and JC they get my most dislikes

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