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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Recap

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Good Labor Day morning! I hope everyone got to enjoy the weekend. My posts are ready for Steve a little later on the weekends than weekdays and the holiday weekends are even slower. We didn’t have major plans this weekend, I just usually sleep later on the weekends so sorry for the delay sometimes.


We heard another DR leak yesterday when Tyler was in there about to come out and name have-nots. (another one for Steve’s list)  Here’s some more of what happened yesterday:

  • KC/ Tyler talked about Brett and JC. He’s really annoyed with the way they’re acting and instead of his usual hinting approach, he let her know they may have to be dealt with soon. KC teases him over his ‘mance and wants to know if they’re in love yet. He says he’s proposed. He asks about any other F2’s she may have been approached with, she says no. He says the same but says people have hinted at it. Tyler also warns her Brett and JC are concerned KC and Ang could be getting too close to Hay. They want Hay and Sam up for the double and use JC as a pawn if needed.
  • JC tried to tell Tyler that Scottie told him the jury seemed very calm so far this year. Tyler knew this was bs.
  • Hay continued to go off about Sam, how she hates her, she’s a bitch and she half ass cleans stuff.
  • Brett had to fight off a bee:
  • Sam /Brett had a weird convo which didn’t make any sense. It was one of those game talks when you don’t know what she’s saying. Brett told her he didn’t have a clue what she was talking about. (L6 is convinced the DR pumps her with questions and gets her paranoid- they always do)
  • Scottie had a fight with the hammock and the hammock won. The top image is Brett losing his battle with it.
  • Hay is driving everyone crazy. She wants assurances from Tyler that he can’t give. It’s also unrealistic for her to expect to get them. Hay told him she couldn’t think of anyone who’d put him up, he said he could, she wanted names, he said no. He said he wasn’t at the top of anyone’s group and she said she isn’t either. (I think they were one talk away from making  fake F2) Hay said Sam was her only target. She told him she wasn’t crying because she got nominated and said “it’s not beneficial for ME for you to go.” (She says this a lot. Also, why doesn’t she ever tell him why it’s beneficial for HIM for her to stay?) She wants to know that they’re even after this week. (a reasonable question)
  • Hay also wants assurances from Tyler that if she stays, wins and takes out someone other than Tyler that he won’t win and go after her at that point. (not reasonable) She mentions the 4 people she saw celebrating and said she thought they were together. He denies and she told him he needed a solid 4 to work with. Hay said he should have let her win hoh. She said Scottie is very bitter. She also doesn’t understand why Tyler doesn’t trust her. Tyler said she put him otb. Tyler kept telling her she was good. He told her as long as she didn’t go blabbing to Scottie, it would be fine. She said Scottie had a good point about the jury and said 5 people were going to control the votes. He said that’s how jury’s work. She reminded him RS and Bay have talked shit about Angela the week Scottie was in jury. (She can’t be this simple? It has to be the stress, surely!) She continued to go on and on and on and… get it. She’s also irritated that people seem to like Scottie and says she’ll probably come back to get assurances again that she’s staying. (Fessy didn’t campaign and kept telling Hay he was leaving. She can’t handle Scottie not being disliked by KC and Angela the way Fessy was or his possible campaigning to stay. She’s going to be a mess unless people tell her they’re only there to help her win imo)
  • Scottie began to worry that he wasn’t just a pawn. He told Brett about all the F2’s Hay had that he heard about in jury. He wouldn’t name names but Brett guessed Scottie, Fessy, RS and Bay. Scottie said mmhhmm to all. Brett couldn’t believe Scottie told Fessy he had feelings for Hay as a strategy. Scottie thought he was delivering big news by telling Brett the girls alliance was real. Brett says something like “no shit.” (Scottie really does belong with the Foutte alliance)
  • Scottie and Hay talked, he told her about all the F2’s he heard about and she denied all of them except the one with Scottie. She also told him she was never a part of any girls alliance. He told her Tyler said he was the pawn but he thought that could be a lie. Hay said she didn’t get why she, Scottie and Tyler can’t all be on the same page. Scottie doesn’t get why they wouldn’t want to take one of them to the end since they know about the jury voting plan. He said if they’re both in jury, they’ll (Hive) have 5 votes to control the winner but if they keep one of them, it will only be 4 votes. (Sure, take someone who already has 4 votes before you even get to the finale and only has to fight for 1 more) Hay has one of her brief light bulb moments and said maybe they DIDN’T want to do that because of the votes. She said she didn’t think they were that smart tho. (Yes, that’s it Hay, the people who’ve controlled you and ran circles around you all season are dumb asses. They’d never figure it out)
  • Tyler came out of the DR (this is when they had another leak) and announced have nots.
  • The hg’s found out it would be the first 3 to drop from the hoh comp. Sam, Scottie and JC. (Angela was up for her turn but avoided it) Needless to say, JC is pissed!
  • They got a booze delivery and JC thinks it’s on purpose. He thinks it’s so Angela can drink and sleep in hoh if she wants while he has to be a have not. (They got booze the night before too that they never found)
  • Brett said he thinks they did it on purpose to pay JC back for being  f**k head. (It’s possible they did it because the comp was endurance which is common. They’d get to punish JC and they’ll get the shomance footage they want with Angela not being a have not. It could be all three)
  • JC and Brett talk more about the Angela/KC situation and the shomance problem. Brett is either worried himself or he wants JC to flip out. JC said if they really are in a shomance, he’s going to have to go to work. Brett told him “dude, they are.”
  • JC and Brett park themselves in the hoh and actively try to wait Angela out….again. JC is having a harder time hiding how he feels about it.
  • Hay finally got some more wine since Tyler and Angela haven’t shared with her during both hoh’s. (Fans of Hay have raged over this too! They’ve forgotten that Hay didn’t share hers or Fessys with them) Instead of her loose-lipped game talk, last night was more of a crying drunk. (I’m a happy drunk and don’t have patience for people who go the opposite direction….not that any of you needed or care to know that about me) The conversation with Scottie and everyone being nice to him was more than she could handle. KC kept reassuring her that she was going to be fine this week. Hay said she loved Angela and she wanted Angela to love her back. (Hay is unrealistic imo, she wants the same bond she had with her Hive people but she barely spoke to KC and Angela until RS went home)  She said she was upset with the stuff Scottie was saying. (again, he won’t lay down and die for her in the game) She said she wanted to leave and not be there anymore. (she’s just frustrated, she doesn’t really want to leave)
  • Angela and Tyler do their usual and hang out in the hoh bed. They waited everyone out and got to be alone. For the people who care, they had their first kiss. (There’s an entire group of people on Twitter who’ve been on “Tangle make out” watch. That borders on creepy to me. If I see it, I’ll mention it but I don’t really give a shit) They laughed about Hay almost catching them cuddling earlier and Angela wonders if they are causing problems in their alliance. (The answer is yes) They said it would be wierd when hoh was over and they slept together downstairs since there are plenty of beds now. They just laughed about it tho so I don’t see them planning on seperating any time soon. (I wonder if Hay won and put Tyler’s ass otb if their level of comfort in the house might change)
  • JC can’t sleep and keeps looking for reasons to be in the kitchen and got out of bed to check and see if Angela was in her own bed or still upstairs.

Latest conspiracy: Some people think because Tyler’s feet came off his disc during the hoh comp, he should’ve been disqualified. The rules stated that you couldn’t sit on it,  They didn’t say your feet had to stay planted on it. Now that snicker gate has been resolved, they needed something else to complain about.


Here’s a look at Brett’s emoji costume from the veto comp. (He hosted)

Veto ceremony will be today and I don’t expect it to be used. Have a great Labor Day Monday!




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