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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Recap

Good Monday morning! Yesterday didn’t have much game movement, it was more about the personal side of things. All the fun stuff should happen this afternoon so be sure to check back later today and get the details from Steve. You can sign up for the feeds on this site and this could be a great day to do it if you don’t already have them. I’m hoping to cut my work day short to see the fall out but it’s doubtful on a Monday. 


Before I go over the individual conversations that happened, I wanted to mention the Hacker comp from last nights show. I saw Heath Lumen from CBS tweeting about it ahead of time and was anxious to see it. I may not like the twists but I did like the comp and I really liked the way it was edited to show all of them doing it at the same time. Watching some of the comps when they go one at a time can get so boring but this had suspense…and I knew who won! I bet tv viewers were really chewing their nails. It was simple but fun and as Steve’s already pointed out on last night’s thread, Brett spelling ANAL LICE was hilarious!

I’ve enjoyed every twist failing so far. Kaitlyn couldn’t get back in with Sam’s. Tyler will come back off the block anyway with Haleighs and if Bayleigh is evicted, she’ll leave without using hers. If somehow next week’s hacker could be voided again and Tyler didn’t or couldn’t use his power, it would be great! I know some people like the twists and this is just my opinion. A double eviction doesn’t ruin someones game because people usually target the players who have made huge targets of themselves. It’s on the player if they’ve played the kind of game that makes them a target in a double. Balancing relationships and the way people get evicted are part of the game.  Lets say Tyler had been evicted this week, should Haleigh get Tylers vote if she were in the F2 when she had no visible connection to his leaving?  If they really wanted them to expect the unexpected, they could do a double one year on week 3 or when there are 6 people left and mix it up a little.  Hg’s know when it’s going to happen every year and plan for it.  Enough about that!



The plan to backdoor Bayleigh remains in place and Foutte/Hive are starting to get nervous. Here’s the most relevant things they talked about:

  • Angela told Level 6 and Scottie about the proposed girls alliance. (will be known as “GA” if I need to keep typing it) Angela tells Scottie that Rockstar was the only one who didn’t throw Scottie under the bus. That could be relevant later or maybe not. (It’s an easy way for Scottie to justify voting Bay out over RS for example)
  • Scottie tells L6 more info on Hive alliance. I got the answer I was waiting for about who Scottie was lying to at least. I think he’s like Tyler and lying to everyone but we’ll see as time goes on.
  • I’m loving Brett having to wear the “I ❤ Granny” sweater! The entire house gets involved talking about granny.  Punishments are kind of like the food comps where everyone gets involved in some way. Brett keeps talking to Scottie and Fessy acting like he’s alone. He’s acting as if he doesn’t know what’s going on this week with the Bay backdoor too.
  • RS’s made tons of food from carrot cupcakes, pancakes, beet balls and last night it was Nunchuck Nachos. JC got ahold of the Nunchuck and everyone stayed clear. Whether you like RS or not, bb18 Paulie could learn something from her on how to handle a kitchen punishment. I heard talk she may be a have not this week. That would suck! I’d hate having to cook but not be able to eat.
  • Early in the day, Sam talked to Brett about the GA and wondered if it was real. She told him she hadn’t been invited. I’m sick of hearing this. She was invited the first time and told Bay it would be unfair to the guys snd she didn’t want to do it so Sam, please shut up! Why can’t she get a punishment where her mouth has to be taped shut for 24 hrs? She had the “I dont know what’s happening & you guys are acting different” talk with Brett, Angela, Kaycee and Tyler at different times yesterday.
  • Sam had a chat with Bay that didn’t go like the other ones. Bay was getting worked up over being annoyed with Sam. She’d told Haleigh that Sam was being snippy and talking to her like she was stupid. Bay confronted her and asked how she was supposed to trust Sam since Sam couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Bay said Sam had told 2 things that only Sam knew. Bay was mad because Sam started openly saying something about Bays power right after the eviction and Bay said it wasn’t confirmed she had it yet so Sam shouldn’t be talking about it. (Sam didn’t know before the eviction so anything she said would’ve been speculation) I’m not sure but think the other one was over a convo people were having about Miss Universe. It had nothing to do with Bay but because Bay had told Sam she was Miss Missori, she may have thought Sam was talking about it. Bay said she’d only told Sam this info but that isn’t true either. This is what Bay does, she gets annoyed with someone and then looks for reasons to justify that she’s annoyed with them. She does the same thing to RS. She told Hay that she can’t talk to people the way she wants when they piss her off because of the game. (I can’t imagine how she’d sound if this is her version of holding back)
  • Once Bay let Sam know she was crap, she moved onto Scottie. She didn’t talk to him about it but she talked with Fessy. They were talking about him being so selfish because he’s already won a trip to Greece and 5k. She said he isn’t worried about anyone but himself. (She’s mad Angela made a deal to take Scottie off the block, I guess he wasn’t supposed to take it and just go home quietly???) He told her she should tell Angela she would use her power on Angela even if it’s a lie. Fes said she should bring it up when she talks to Angela. (I don’t know if he meant the power or Scottie)  Bay said “I already did. You don’t tell me, I’m good at this. I’m the one giving you ideas.”
  • JC continued to spread paranoia and act like he’s not sure what’s going to happen.. He told Fes “worst case scenario is she puts you up w/RS.” Fes said “you haven’t talked to her at all?” JC said “I’m pretty sure you’re not going up.” (This is funnier because JC told Fes Thursday night to let him do the talking this week. He said that he’d let Fes handle things last week and “look what happened?” Fes wanted to be the one to handle Bay and they were blindsided anyway with Rachel leaving….with JC’s help. Now, Fes is finding out JC hasn’t even talked to Angela and he’s worried he may go up. Hahaha)
  • JC planted some seeds that Haleigh could be the replacement too.  She may not put stock in things JC says but because she was the hacker, she’s getting in her own head over it and becoming more worried. She kept talking to Bay asking if they should or shouldn’t go talk to Angela again. She said Angela hadn’t communicated with them about it all day so it was wierd. Bay told her Angela had said no one would know until she did it but they were fine. This didn’t help Hay. Bay did acknowledge that “at the end of the day, Angela doesn’t owe us anything.” Bays doesn’t want the 3 (Bay, Hay, RS) lumped together. (Maybe they should stop plotting together in the pink room together, just sayin’) They’ve reached a point where neither feels safe but they tell each other they will be in order to convince themselves.
  • Bay got mad over Fessys advice but she went to the hoh room anyway and told Angela she would use the power on her next week if they needed it and said they were ride or die till the end. Bay said ” I just thought of it and I’m so serious.”  They did some cheering and dancing while chanting “Amazon alliance.” Bay left and Angela said to herself “Someone might be backdoored tommow. Who will it be?” (don’t think the Prime alliance is gonna last guys)
  • Hay and Bay discuss wanting Scottie out this week and Tyler or Brett next week because they think Tyler is more easily manipulated. They definitely want Sam otb next week even if she doesn’t leave. They also talked in code about the possibility of Bay being pregnant. She said she didn’t want to test to see yet and may not want to know yet if she is preggo.
  • Scottie is pretty pumped up. Angela told him and L6 Fes and Hays pitch was she’d be. BB legend if she made the move to put Scottie and Tyler up together. Scottie said “So next week, are we gonna win hoh and fry their asses?” He also said he was going to start flirting with Hay alot. (to annoy Fes?)
  • JC wants to eat a bag of chips during the ceremony today. JC is rude, annoying, loud and says offensive things….I’ve liked him being here since day 1 and I’m not apologizing for it. If ya can’t handle it, “keep your mouth shut, gurl!”
  • Brett told Scottie he thought RS may “know something” because she was a mess but now she’s calm. Bay snd Hay lectured her and told her to get it together. She’s done it and yesterday they started complaining that she didn’t seem worried and concerned enough. Bay gave RS tons of advice for being otb so can’t wait to see if she applies any of it herself.

While Level 6 continues to plot and put plans into place so THIS week will go the way they want, Hay and Bay start planning who they want to go home NEXT week…and doing it while they’re not feeling completely safe. Foutte/Hive usually has a talk with the hoh and moves on to fighting with each other for half the week. Level 6 communicates well, doesn’t fight to be the boss and comes up with plans to reinforce the plans they already have in place. Everyone has a role and they all go to work every day. Meanwhile, RS has obsessed over Brett and Fessy just thinks of Haleigh. Hay spends too much time having petty argument with Fessy and Bay is mad at someone almost every day. I wonder why one alliance is working and the other is falling apart?

Check back later to get the fallout from the veto ceremony and have a great Monday!



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  1. Avatar

    Angela should say “Let the fun begin”, I am so glad Scottie jumped ship

  2. Avatar

    I am not liking Crazy Art more, I am just hating others more

  3. Carl

    Long time reader here. Last night on Twitter people started leaving Swaggy C congrats on his new baby. My favorite was when someone ask if he would start making onesies. I believe he eventually just logged off.

    • ShoeLover

      Lol!!! I have spent most of my morning researching ( sadly i suck at it ) the baby drama!! I found the clip and some conversation in a subtle not so subtle way between Bay and Hay on another blog type board.. let’s just say…


      now I am reminded of the subtle British slurs for politeness..

      Yes, indeed
      Rather agreeable
      What say you

  4. Avatar

    Wow, the more I read about Hay with Bay the more I dislike her as well! It would be great for a double elimination and kill two birds with one stone this week!

  5. Avatar

    If Bay is preggers, it might explain some of her erratic B*itchy behavior, but I’m willing to bet she’s like this in her everyday life.

  6. Zach

    The deeper we get into this season, the more I realize Sam is the #STFU cast member. Her ignorance of the game was cute at first but now it’s just annoying. Bayleigh is a Bayotch. But at least you can tune her out as just that. Sam, for example “hey everyone, throw the hacker comp to me, I won’t use it and we can all be best friends this week” Chick… just #STFU already.

  7. Lynn

    If I were a betting woman (and I’m not) my money would be on Bayleigh not being pregnant. I think she is just trying for attention/sympathy and I think swaggy knows the truth too. What woman wouldn’t want to know? and it takes two minutes on the first missed day of your period to find out. That was a couple weeks ago according to how long she’s been touting it. Not buying what she’s selling.

    • JD

      I was thinking the same thing. It’s just a way for attention, trying to sound like her relationship was a real thing, get sympathy and eventually say I am pregnant you should let me win. There are girls that like to think or pretend they are pregnant it gives them a certain kind of attention. I am wondering if Bay really doesn’t have in self esteem or self worth so she acts out to be tough sounding like bullies do. Nah, I guess she’s just spoiled.

  8. danmtruth

    * Hay spends too much time having petty argument with Fessy and Bay is mad at someone almost every day. I wonder why one alliance is working and the other is falling apart?*
    Mel that sums it up

    Does anyone know around what time will the feeds go down for the veto meeting That should be the starting gun for this race to drama time

  9. Alda

    Just finished watching BBAD.I think it was the best one of the season. Watching the housepets do jumping jacks was hilarious.Then,Kaycee,JC and Angela doing their routine-Good times.

    • LO1004

      I love that they are all supporting RS w her punishment and joining in. I’m not a big fan of RS, but I do feel bad for her this week. She’s had a tough go of it.

      • danmtruth

        Also as it has been pointed out RS has handled this much better than Paulies pie backing It has help her with all the housepets As most have enjoyed her effort KC as expected had fun with hers and never complained The dance routine the other HG did with her was fun

      • NKogNeeTow

        Has anyone else noticed, has Rocky even noticed, that the people helping her out with her punishment are all FROM THE OTHER SIDE? No one from her so-called alliance has helped her or participated other than eat.

  10. danmtruth

    Bay & Hay doing there yoga in the yard Sorry not buying it Bay doing her namaste Kaitlyn impression

  11. Avatar

    think they will hide any potential weapons from Bayleigh

  12. JD

    This has been one of the best seasons they’ve had in years. Also,this could be one of the most anticipated and watched veto episodes and make “BB History” Fessy would finally be right but he’ll miss the call on it. In effect Hay will make BB History by screwing up so bad she got her allie evicted. Haha

  13. ladycobra

    I have been watching BB since the beginning and have seen a lot of crazy but the way Bay talked to RS was brutal. I can’t figure out why RS takes that crap. It is obvious that Bay really does not like RS. She finds fault with everything she does and says. I don’t care for RS but no one deserves the bullying that Bay displays toward RS. Someone needs to stand up to that little brat and knock some sense into her. Can’t wait until she is backdoored today. I feel for the people who have to share the jury house with her. I think she is going to be a nightmare in there too.

    • Alda

      I hope when she’s in the jury house the others stand up for themselves and put an end to her bullying them around.They have to set her straight.She has no authority over any of them,and never did.

    • Ann

      When that bitch talked to RS like that I almost jumped through my tv to try reach her throat & squeeze it until she dropped. I would not have taken being bullied like that & yelled at & talked down to. My BB career would’ve ended the very second she said shut up, bucked her eyes & swung her neck at me. My automatic reflex would’ve been jump up & bust her dead in her mouth. I can’t express enough how much I hate that girl,.
      Brett should’ve snapped back at her ass too. Who in the hell does she think she is?

      Did I say how much I hate that girl???

      • Avatar

        dont worry she will be gone come Thursday, her ass and that power WASTED, bitch had a chance to use it, it was in vain

      • danmtruth

        Sad part Ann is as well as you know People like that just feel entitled and nothing they do is wrong If its not there morel superiority because they “read” the Bible They are so much smarter , better looking so everyone is jealous of them They never see anything they do as wrong

      • Shivani33

        Bayleigh needs to go home. Maybe she will run away from the jury house, what with no more spotlight.. Her family is supposedly appearing on Family Feud in September in an already recorded show with that buffoon, Steve Harvey. Bayleigh is in pursuit of status and fame. Status and fame from getting preggo via a guy who she just met, all on CBS. Cumgratulations!

    • danmtruth

      What makes the way Bay treats RS even worse Is the fact RS considers her a friend

    • kneeless

      I don’t think Bay likes anyone, but herself…oh, and maybe SC!

  14. Avatar

    time for 2 explosions, the veto meeting and the aftermath of the veto

  15. Avatar

    I think even if RS tries to get people to vote her out, they wont, they will evict Bayleigh

  16. ladycobra

    It may be awhile before the feeds return from the veto meeting. I expect the Queen and her blonde minion to be out of control and they will want a little calm before the feeds are returned.

  17. danmtruth

    From RS we will get Spoiled white rich privilege snobs Just being bullies
    Hali will just be nervous complaining what a two face lier Angela is She betrayed her best friend Rachel Now she is betraying the All Girl Alliance who LITERALLY had her back
    Fess just looking lost as ever He’s so pretty

  18. ladycobra

    @Colby, you and me both. Can’t remember ever being this anxious for a veto meeting. Wish I was one of the little ants in the house and could see everything that goes down.

  19. Avatar

    it has been a while since I truly liked a season of big brother this season is really creeping up to be in my top 5

  20. danmtruth

    new thread from Steve see you all their

  21. Shivani33

    With Bay being the self-appointed boss of a dying alliance, I question who of her group would actually mind her exit. Fester? She has told them that she wouldn’t have chosen them as her alliance but got stuck with them due to Swag. She had been unkind to each one in various ways. She blabs everything. AngieRS mentioned that her mom is the one who urged her to try out for BB. She is more of a BB fan than Bayleigh, and has endured Bayleigh being excessively nasty to her. I don’t see Angie throwing away her game for Bayleigh or giving much more than lip service sympathy to her. We’ll see. Even Brett has been warmer to Angie lately than Bay has been.

    Some people will have to try finding new avenues to last in the game, and the voting might turn out to be more of a majority situation, as in recent Seasons (unfortunately.) The whole dynamic of the game will shift with Bay’s exit, if this is really Angela’s plan. Just leaving an inch of elbow room in case Angela has another trick up her sleeve, though her intentions look solid. If Angela wants to win the game, Tyler is going to be an obstacle, and Angela would know that already.

  22. Apopkedave

    If Bay walks out the door now (before the vote) will she still be on the jury?

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