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Big Brother 20 – Thursday Night Feed Updates

Good evening, everyone!


Decent live show. We finally got to see granny but the rest of the episode was mostly a recap of the fight.  Bayleigh got evicted as expected, there were no epic eviction speeches, and Haleigh won the HoH.  Good but not great episode, but we can’t win every week.

Haleigh winning the power is pretty big, though. That’s a big blow to level 6 after the week they had and could very well be down to ‘level 3’ by this time next week. I can’t imagine Haleigh not putting up Angela and Tyler after what happened, but she may do Scottie and Tyler. Either way, expect Tyler on the block this week.

I will note that Julie didn’t mention a battle back competition despite the rumors of there being one. We’ll put a pin in that for later.


Alright, time to check in on the feeds…

  • 7:10 pm – Angela is chatting with Sam who is upset over something. I guess before the show, she was going to demand she not vote. She’s slowly losing her mind in there
    • Sam thinks she’s going on the block because she put Haleigh on the block.  lol
    • Sam is now telling RS that she wasn’t voting against her. She is broken up over this.  Come on
  • 7:30 pm – Kaycee is venting to Angela about Sam crying. She’s upset because they all cared about Bayleigh
    • RS tells Haleigh that she would put Ang/KC on the block then backdoor Tyler
    • Hay says she’s not putting Brett up because he’s not working with anyone. His isolation plan is working
    • They call Brett in the room and RS tells him that had she won HoH, he wasn’t going on the block because she feels bad for him
    • Haleigh called to the DR. Seems a bit quick for her key
  • Angela, JC, and KC are sitting around talking. Brett is upstairs working that fake bromance with Scottie
  • Note – JC told RS that she had a dinosaur toe during the live show (opposed to camel)
    • Sam is sitting alone in a closet.  We get to watch depression
  • 8:50 pm – Haleigh begins her one-on-ones with Sam
    • Sam says she’s not excited because she’s sad Bayleigh left
    • Sam says she understands if she is put on the block
  • 9:12 pm – Angela has been in her one-on-one with Haleigh
    • They were talking normally until Sam came up and Angela began throwing her under the bus
    • Angela mentions how Sam put her (Hay) up and also how she doesn’t want to be here. They say how sweet she is but she has a temper
  • JC comes in for his and tells her exactly how to run the HoH which she’ll ignore but he’ll insist anyway

Check back for updates


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  1. HappyHippo

    Use your power Tyler! I’m sure he’s already thinking. Hays pacing is irritating. If only she had actually decided on the house meeting as fast as it showed on the cbs episode! They didn’t suffer like us live feeders

  2. Helen

    I think Hayleigh will try to backdoor Tyler this time….

  3. HappyHippo

    I was like why would sam be a target? Wow I had already forgotten about her putting hay up cuz of kaitlyns insanity and Fessy pulling her off

  4. Avatar

    Ty has a power app, he needs to use it this week.

  5. HappyHippo

    Man Scottie sure is sitting pretty

  6. HappyHippo

    It’s just a game Sam! Like these people die when they leave

  7. hogwild

    I wouldn’t concern myself with putting Sam on the block right now there are bigger targets than her to go after I would laugh my freaking ass off if Haleigh won the hacker challenge again.

  8. Helen

    She was trying to self evict 45 minutes ago. Now she’s gonna freak out about going OTB?

  9. danmtruth

    Sam is way down on Hali’s list Angela , Ty, KC, Jc than maybe Sam would be her order Think she has Bret and Scottie

    Angela and most people are over Sam and her crying

    • goldie

      Yeah, Angela was talking straight to her, not giving her the sympathy she wanted. Did you notice she went out to the LR couch so everyone in the kitchen could see she was so sad. She wanted attention. Her and Cray Bay deserve each other.

  10. Snarky Jenn

    If Tyler uses his app before noms can the hacker put him up?? If Tyler doesn’t use his app and gets put up, is he stuck if he doesn’t win the veto? His cloud app is absolutely confusing me.

  11. AIO_7

    I have a feeling that Hay’s real target is going to be Angelica.

  12. caRyn

    Tyler: The Cloud
    The Cloud ensures immunity for Tyler at a nomination or Veto ceremony during the first eight weeks and he must use it before the HOH reveals his or her picks. It’s a great “get out of jail before you’re in jail” card, but Tyler must also be absolutely sure he’s about to go up on the block.

    • AIO_7

      I’d go ahead and cash it in before noms.

    • danmtruth

      So he is safe this week Just goes to the DR and plays his app Knowing that Hali will try to backdoor him Also need to hear if they announce the hacker power like they did last week or what

    • caRyn

      Tyler picked up “The Cloud” power in the second week of the twist and that’s been a nice bonus to keep in his back pocket, but it’s not quite as powerful as some viewers expect.

      The Cloud is a preventative power. It has to be used before any nominations/renoms/etc are announced. Tyler can’t wait until he’s on the Block and then decide to apply his power. That’s not how this works.

      See that’s the catch, it’s a predictive power because he has to anticipate being sent to the Block. If someone surprises him, like this Hacker renom, then they bypassed his power and surprise attacked him with it. Although with the Hacker renom we really don’t know if he was given a specific opportunity to decide its use or not, but too late now and it doesn’t matter.

      Tyler’s power lasts for 8 weeks from the time he picked it up in Week 2. So around Week 10 it will expire.

      So long story short: Tyler has to use his power app BEFORE he’s on the Block. It’s a shield, not a time machine.

  13. Mr. Beardo

    I told y’all the HoHitis is especially virulent with this crew. Only Tyler and Angela have shown any form of immunity. I expect this week’s infection will prove quite potent

  14. kneeless

    I know Sam isn’t cut out for BB but what is her problem. She’s had almost 2 mos in the house so it’s not like her 1st wk. She knows every wk someone is voted out. It’s just a game! If it is so torturous, leave!

  15. hogwild

    Brett might want to familiarize himself with the words jury management if he was to make it to the final two he’s likely already down two votes Bay and Rockstar. I know he and Rockstar made a little peace this week but i still don’t see her voting for him if he is in the finals.

  16. kneeless

    Does my heart good to see bay’s pic gray!

  17. Avatar

    Oh man! So not in the mood to see RS riding the hoh bus cuz she knows she is safe this week. BLAAAHHHH

  18. Helen

    Haleigh asks Rockstar what to do. Rockstar suggests Angela and Kaycee. And a lecture on empathy. With a Tyler backdoor…..

  19. caRyn

    Brett’s goodbye Bayleigh, funny how the tides have turned. You made an enemy out of me and I decided to send you home this week. Hmmm (rubs chin with hand). Poor choices, Bayleigh. Poor choices. Bye (waves hand).

  20. danmtruth

    need to look back Hali answered all her questions RS none Jc none None of the rounds had two people answering It was a strange app Mixing the hashtags with mix caps and spaces It would have been more interesting if the phrases werent jumbled than speed reading and quick picture id

  21. kneeless

    I wish someone would sneak into Fess’ room and cut off that damn hair. Is he channeling Alfalfa?

  22. kneeless

    Someone tell Sam that there’s a drought in Cali, turn thr water OFF & back away from thr sink!

  23. caRyn

    Angela’s goodbye message to BAyleigh: Bayleigh, hacker or not, I know that you were in on what went down this week so that is why I had to put you up. On a personal level, we connected and I know that our friendship will go well beyond this game. I love you so much from the bottom of my heart and I will see you soon.

  24. danmtruth

    Best case Angela and Sam on the block TY safe with cloud app KC plays and wins veto pulls off Angela goodbye Sam unless Hali does something stupid ( not out of the possibility ) and puts RS than I’m not sure As crazy as Sam is she is normally a number

  25. caRyn

    Tyler’s goodbye message to Bayleigh: Bayleigh, when two big players coming after each other, unfortunately there’s always one winner and one loser. I had to vote you out. You had a power app that was never going to be used to benefit me and now I definitely know it’s going to hurt me so, hope we’re friends outside of this, maybe?

  26. HappyHippo

    Cut to RS feed Nd first thing she tells Fessy “you know a black person has never won?” Give it a rest already

  27. Carl

    Question? Since they showed the goodbye messages does this mean no jury battle back?

  28. Avatar

    Haleigh is not putting Brett up because he gives her back rubs and attention.

    Him not working with anyone is a good excuse for her to use.

  29. HappyHippo

    Audience got yelled at for reacting as the votes were read. They are told explicitly at the top of the show to NOT do that and to never boo whoever is evicted and to only show them love.

    Audience rebels! I love it.
    Real Vegas tweet

  30. HappyHippo

    They definitely reacted to hay and Fessys vote. You should so be allowed to boo people too!

  31. danmtruth

    tell Sam in the words of Al Swearenger ; In life you have to do a lot of things you don’t f#ckking want to do. Many times, that’s what the f#ck life is… one vile f#cking task after another.
    buck up Sam

  32. caRyn

    Just so thankful Bayleigh’s power app will not be in use anymore. So glad they voted Bayleigh out this week.

  33. caRyn

    On a side note, this was the first time Fessy wasn’t blindsided.

  34. caRyn

    Bayleigh- I’m in love with him (Swaggy). He better be in love with me, or I’ll kick his butt. Julie- He went to your parents house and met your parents. Bayleigh- Are you kidding me? I’m going to cry!

  35. kneeless

    RS just called to DR, maybe she’ll get the keys to her…oops to Hal’s HOH room. I bet RS will live up there!

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Guess we know where Fessy will be trying to sleep this week. He might have to fight Brett for a spot though. Brett gives better backrubs.

  37. NKogNeeTow

    HaHo says “I guess I’ll be starting one on ones soon, so if anyone wants to talk to me”

    JC keeps talking like she’s not even there…lol

  38. Alda

    I wonder if Brett is really a cybersecurity engineer.He sure doesn’t do well in comps.

  39. NKogNeeTow

    Sam, Angela, HaHo talking. Sam tells HaHo congratulations and tells her that she will be there for her all week and she do something to make her feel princessy. She says she knows she put her up on the block but that if there is anything she needs anything, just let her know and she’ll try to make it happen.

    She explains to her why she voted to keep Honey BayBay. She says that if there is anything she needs help with to let her know, especially because of the hacker thing coming.

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Driftwood and HaHo having a one on one. HayBaeBae is telling her that she knows Angela has always been there for her.

    Angela asks her what happened last night. Hay tells her that she was sad because she was losing one of her best friends in the house and she was sad so she went to the HOH room to be by herself and the others came in.

    Drifty is telling her why she put up HBB and that people were telling her that HBB had her name in her mouth. She also said that she asked HBB what she wanted her to do and would she promise to use her app on her if she needed it and Bay told her no. She said, then Bay came back to her a few nights later and said she would use the app, but she knows she only did it because she was scared she was leaving. Hay says that’s just crazy and said that Bay told her that Angela didn’t want her to use it on her.

    Drifty tells Hay about the convo she and HBB had in the kitchen last night and that Bay told her they couldn’t be friends after this. Hay is agreeing with everything Hay said.

    Hay says that never did she ever think that the meeting would end up like that. She says that Tyler is like an innocent little baby *Yeah, a baby that she wants to drown in the bath water*

  41. NKogNeeTow

    It almost sounds like HayBaeBae (Gwen Stefani reference) is partially throwing Honey BayBay under the bus.

    Hay tells Drifty that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do tomorrow. That she doesn’t have a plan. *Lies and garbage, Tyler or Angela are her plan*

  42. danmtruth

    Hali knows who she is going to put up Angela , KC, with TY as backdoor This was her plan during Bays HOH

  43. NKogNeeTow

    Let’s light candles in dixie cups and sing kumbya while swaying back and forth. Hay and Drifty are chatting like they are besties.

  44. danmtruth

    NK wrote before I saw your post feels good to know great (?) minds think alike lol

  45. Avatar

    Its way past due for JC, KayCee, & Angela to get a taste of being OTB, imvho…

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Hay thanks Drifty for talking to her and tells her she is going to need her advise during the week. *Not if Fessy or Scottie have anything to do with it. They will be in her ear like wax

  47. Avatar

    I know, I know…some folks don’t like Rocky, but she is sooo freaking funny! Her eviction speech was a hoot, and I love when she says ” Ok, whose d*ck do I have to suck to get some kind of Power in this game?!”

  48. danmtruth

    Just a great smoke fest between Angela & HaHo Loved the talk of the hacker app Drifty saying she still is not sure if HaHo is the hacker Drifty says if I win the hacker I will tell you HaHo says thanks Than Drifty says than thats what everyone told me But I don’t think you did This is so funny to listen to Now they are trashing Sam lol

  49. NKogNeeTow

    Angela tells Hay not to let anyone be in her ear and not to let anyone try to tell her what to do. She says people will come up and try to get them to do their dirty work by telling or suggesting who to put up but they will probably wait before they start. Then she turns around and starts talking about Sam and how she complains that she doesn’t want to be there. She and Hay start to talk about Sam and say they love her to death but she is driving them crazy with her complaining and saying she wants to go home. They are starting to trash her now. Not badly, but trash her just the same. They say does she think she can stay in the house just by doing laundry and cooking? *Roh roh*

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Oh and Drifty told Hay about Bay suggesting the 2 of them have an alliance called “Amazon Alliance”

  51. NKogNeeTow

    JC is in there making his pitch now. He is telling Hay who to put up and what to do about the hacker. He keeps saying “We should…” Like he has a say in something. Selling out the other side now…somewhat.

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Oh, and Fessy is in there with JC. JC told her that they can do their one and ones together because there are no secrets between them….LOLOLOLOLOL AHAHAHAHAHAHA LOLOLOLOLOLOL AHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Of course JC is talking like he’s making the decisions. Gotta love that little Butt Nuggett.

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Is JC suggesting she put up the whole damn house? Now he is telling her to put up Sam and Angela. He keeps telling her “Right now we have to play safe. We have to get the hacker”. Butt Nuggett is going to wind up talking himself on the block from both sides.

    Fessy chiming in with suggestions. He so pretty.

  54. NKogNeeTow

    JC just told her he’s never backstabbed any one. Pardon me while I step away and do something….


  55. NKogNeeTow

    JC has left and Fessy is now pitching KC to her. He says she is float voting and he’s mad about it. They agree that Tyler is the backdoor plan this week….*”Tyler, you in trouble gurl”….spoken in my best Whoopi Goldberg voice*

  56. NKogNeeTow

    Oh Wow, she just shut Fessy down. He started bringing up Brett (again) and how she doesn’t tell him (F) anything and he tells her (H) everything. She tells him “Could you not bring this negativity around me. Baileigh is not here to check you so I’m going to have to do it now”.

    He tells her he doesn’t understand and it seems like they are going backwards. She says she is upset with him because she was upset last night because she found out that he had a final with Bay and had one between him, Bay and someone else. He ask her who said it. She sternly tells him don’t raise his voice to her. *The grasshopper has learned well from her master Bayleigh-San*

    He keeps asking who told her (she said that he, Bay and Scottie had something together). He ask did Scottie tell her that. She won’t say. He says Scottie’s a f*cking liar. She never admits it’s Scottie. She just says it doesn’t matter who told her, she knows.

    He keeps groveling and making excuses and oh hell, I give up. I don’t even care about this stupid ass conversation.

  57. NKogNeeTow

    They are trading secrets and comparing notes but getting pissed at each other for the information they are exchanging. She then tells him to get out and tells him he is not sleeping up there with her. He insist he is. She insist he’s not.

    I need to find another f*cking room. I just can’t with these two. I just can’t….

  58. Helen

    Thursday night and I’m already praying for a miracle to send Faysal to jury house this week!!

  59. Mr. Beardo

    Fessy just told Hay in the HN room that he wants Scottie’s head on the block for trying to drive a wedge between Hay and Fess. Hay said absolutely not.

  60. danmtruth

    new pic in honor of our new

    now Hay is telling RS she believes Scottie more than Fess The twoRS & Hay are questioning Bay word Because she accused RS with having a final 2 with Bret Now RS is defending Sam

  61. RAY SAY

    Big Baby Bayleigh, accuses Tyler of being a child, go figure

  62. NKogNeeTow

    Rocky’s turn now. Tyler is the #1 target but they also want Angela, KC, JC, and Sam, shit, half the house. One thing Hay was adamant about with Fessy (which is why he was pissed and stormed out of the room), she said that Scottie is NOT to be touched! No matter what!

    Now the plan is to put Angela and KC up (Hay wanted Sam but Pennywise told her that she doesn’t think that Sam would put her up a second time and she is loyal and doesn’t lie). So Drifty and The Peanut it is! At least until they see what the hacker is going to do.

    HeidiHo says that Scottie wants to put together a group of him, Hay, Rocky and Brett but has to talk to Brett first.

  63. NKogNeeTow

    HeidiHo tells Rocky how badly Driftwood (Angela) was throwing Hazel (Sam) under the bus. She said she just nodded her head, but forgot to mention that she was the co-driver of said bus.

    Hay said that Tyler gravitates to power and he will be up her ass all this week and of course she’s not going to tell him that she’s going to backdoor him.

    Hay told her how JC was in there trying to tell her how to run her HOH.

    Rocky is telling her that she likes Brett now…since he made cookies *Guess we know what it takes to get her hot and bothered*

    Hay and Rocky don’t seem to be missing The Bayster so much now.

    Rocky said that when Brett made cookies she realized that she had to stop blaming him for everything…ROFL.


  64. Helen

    Haleigh will never get through one on ones tonight..she loves to hear herself talk……

  65. danmtruth

    HaHo wants Sam to answer if she would put her up She had a look on her face like what do you want me to say If I win HOH I wont put you up Fine I(Sam) wont put you up you want to shake fine lets shake Not sure Sam was that convincing Hay just shuck her head Sam just don’t give a f#ck

  66. danmtruth

    If Sam is OTB Thursday she is gone

  67. NKogNeeTow

    Sam just came in. Hay gets straight to the point. She asks her if she’s the HOH will she put her up again. Hazel has this puzzled look on her face and ask “What do you want me to do”? Hay tells her “I never know where your head is at”. Hazel tells her “I never know where your’s is either. We don’t know each other”. *Does this damn girl know how to answer a question? Hell, you ask her the news, she tells you the weather*

    Hay ask her again. Sam ask “Do you want me to put you up”? *Are you f*cking kidding me?* Hay say of course not. Hazel says “Then I won’t. We can shake on it”. Then she gets up to leave. Hay ask her to send Brett back in. (He was in there before Sam but she ask him to come back. Said she wanted him to be last because she’s going to need a back rub before bed) * I have no words*

    Brett comes back in and she tells him that he has to get better at talking to her. She says he never talks to her and tells her things. He says he doesn’t have anything so he has nothing to tell. They then discuss what she’s going to say when she makes her nom. She goes through her scenarios of how/who she will nom. She will put up option 1 & 2 and if the Veto is won by one of them , she has option 3 & 4 lined up.

    He tells her he was the original target boy. She tells him that he needs to make a decision who he wants to be with. He tells her “come on, you know you’re my girl”….*Oh oh, Fessy, you in trouble gurl* Same Whoopi voice*

    He tells her whatever she needs just let him know and he’s there for her. They both say they like Scottie. Brett is telling her about a convo he and Scottie had.

    She tells him why she voted Bay out. She says she realized there was no way she was staying and if she did, it would be bad for her and Rocky.

  68. Ann

    And there is Sam, sitting there sniffing & snotting again. Send her ass home right NOW.

  69. danmtruth

    Im not sure Sam will make it to next Thursday she is ready to tunnel out to the little house

  70. danmtruth

    NK that might go down as one of the strangest one on ones that Hay & Sam ,, do you even call it a talk ?

  71. danmtruth

    RS is Hay consigliere
    while she wants Scottie as her war consigliere HE says he is not that good with strategy his game is more social His problem is RS just told her how smart Scottie is at the game
    Hay has learned logic off Bay she is compelling that she pulled TY in to tell him she did not care about the game she just wants to repair there personal relationship This just AFTER she said he is her number one target but she needs to backdoor him PICK A LANE

  72. NKogNeeTow

    Rocky is in the pink room unpacking. Hazel sitting on the bed CRYING. *Okay, I tried. God knows I tried. I just can’t anymore with this girl*

    Scottie’s turn to interview. She tells him to make her an offer so she won’t put him up. Scottie is spilling the beans on all the conversations he’s had and with who. He is telling her about a convo he just had with JC. I don’t know about JC, but “I” can feel those big ole tires going back and forth across his back. She is pissed!

    Now they are talking about Sam Martha Stewart.

    She asks him what he thinks about next week. I heard him say something about JC but I have the feeds running in the background and BBAD on tv. She ask him who should she start with (2 to go up). He says well, Sam says she wants to go home. I didn’t hear the other name he said.

    She says she needs to decide what she’s doing and ask him if she should tell the people she’s putting them up or let them be blindsided. He says it’s different from when he was HOH. He says Sam is an easy option and the second one should be whoever pissed her off, then says KC or JC (not sure which one).

    She is talking about Tyler now. She tells Scottie that he tried to pit she and Fessy against each other and Hay and Bay against each other. I could be wrong, they might be talking about JC, I just can’t tell.

    Scottie tells her that “they” really don’t like him talking to her. They keep bantering around the names of JC, KC, Tyler, Angela. They are trying to count the vote on who would vote out who. *This is as bad as that stupid convo she and Fessy had in the hammock the other night about her telling the house about the hacker* I can’t decide if it’s mindboggling or frustration. The only thing that has one common denominator in it is if it’s a dumbass conversation, Hay is in there somewhere.

    Okay, I need a break. I’m going to look for Sam. *God help me*

  73. Ann

    Scottie is HayHo’s little bitch-boy & Fessy is just a big dumb woosie-boy.

  74. danmtruth

    get that damm HOH room ready What does it take get a basket ready and put a few picture around

  75. danmtruth

    Sounds like she is set on Angela being one of the noms Hay wants to say at the nom speech that her power trip is just being ,,,, um I think not because the hacker might take someone down

  76. danmtruth

    NK Thats Queen Cercie from GOT

  77. Ann

    WTF is up with her? Sam is tripping.

  78. danmtruth

    I stand corrected NOW is the strangest conversation in BB history Sam is demanding answers who is making fun of her As a pipe fitter who works with welders ( I can weld but don’t insult others by calling my self a welder ) and Sam is talking welder speak now F#ck all these f#ckers SHE is going nuts Hay is scared Sam is going to rip someone lip over there head and make that MF they ever f#ck with her I have heard it all

  79. NKogNeeTow

    Oh God. Sam wants a one on one again. She just asked everyone to leave then ask Hay why is everyone making fun of her. Hay tells her that it’s just that everyone thinks she’s a genuine person. Sam ask her who is making fun of her. Hay says she’s never heard of anyone saying anything bad or make fun of her and that she would never make fun of her (she forgets about the convo she just had with Angela about her).

    Sam is visibly upset and says that she KNOWS someone is making fun of her and if she’s not going to tell her then she’s just going to go around acting like shit. Hay tells her that no one is making fun of her and if they are SHE has the power to do something about it. *Exactly what kind of power does she think an HOH has?*

    Well the door just opened. Hay says that the only thing she can think of is that Angela (and here it comes) was in there earlier and just mentioned that she mentioned something that Sam said but that she didn’t believe it (she never tells her exactly what it is).

    Sam is falling apart. Hay tells her to tell her who she thinks it is and she will go and take care with it. Sam is RAGING. She says she’s tired of being in this f*cking house with you f*cking people and if she has to stay there she is going to lose her shit. She says they are all psychos and she doesn’t want to be there with them. She then says that the things that are happening to her in this house is making her lose her mind. She says she wants to be a role model for little girls. She keeps crying and just says she just wants to go home. Hay tells her that she is lucky to be there and she deserves there. Sam goes off and says that let her find out who is talking about her and she will rip them limb from limb and pull their lip over their f*cking head. She REALLY sounds serious. Like someone on the brink of a breakdown. Hay manages to calm her down and they start to laugh and joke. Sam tells her whatever if is she is doing, just keep doing it and she will just keep washing the dishes. Hay tells her they can go clean the bathroom and they start to laugh. She says she’s the only person who uses the shower curtain anyway and she’s just going to rip it down and wear it as a dress. They laugh and she leaves.

    Hay gets called to the DR (time to get the key so everyone can fake fawn over everything).

    Sam goes to Rocky and ask her who was making fun of her and she’d better tell her. Rocky says that when she talked to Sam, she thought Sam was talking about something else and she didn’t mean that anyone was talking about her.

  80. NKogNeeTow

    Sam asks Angela if she knows who’s making fun of her. Angela says that no one is making fun of her except JC but it’s the joke about something she says that he mocks (it’s something that he has joked with her about). Rocky assures her again that no one is making fun of her and to stop ripping herself down.

    At this point, maybe Production should step in and consider letting her go if she wants to. She’s not going to last and if she can’t last in the BB house, she damn sure wouldn’t last being locked up in the Jury house with Bay and her crazy ass.

    Sam says Tyler doesn’t talk to her anymore and he’s a shady little f*cker and she’s going to tackle him one day.

    She says she’s made mistakes and she can’t put her finger on it but something is wrong.

  81. Ann

    Sam just told RS that Ty doesn’t talk to her anymore & he’s a shady little fucker. She’s going to tell RS & Hay about Ty’s power app. It’s just a matter of time & I’ll bet it’s tonight.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Tyler had better do some damage control and go talk to Sam. As unstable as she is, she just might spill the beans. She is out of control right now and no telling what she might say or do. Hell I’d even hide those plastic knives.

      I had a friend like her years ago. I watched her unravel before my very eyes. It was scary. She would go from calm to manic. It went on for some time and no one did anything about it and she finally had a complete mental breakdown. She eventually got help but was never the same. I am sincerely afraid for Sam because if it’s an act, she’s TOO good and if it’s not, she’s in serious trouble.

  82. NKogNeeTow

    Sam just made Rocky promise not to tell but she wants Angela and Tyler out. Rocky ask if she told Hay that, she said no, but Hay didn’t tell her who she was putting up.

  83. danmtruth

    RS is strutting big time now She is feeling all powerful When her and Sam were having there talk in the pink room Angela came in the blue room to say the pillow smelled and she cant sleep if she can smell someone else RS pointed at Angela like she was one of the people talking bad about Sam Who in that house has not

    • NKogNeeTow

      Sam seems to trust Rocky. At least for the moment…until she has another manic episode.

      Rocky tells her to come up on the bridge and sit with her. Scottie joins them.

      Rocky starts to talk about the houseguest that left that are now home.

  84. NKogNeeTow

    Sam just told Rocky that she thinks Fessy is gay. Rocky says metro-sexual maybe but definitely not gay. Sam says, “Okay, for now”…..*what tha..*

  85. danmtruth

    not a good choice of a new friend by Sam of RS

  86. NKogNeeTow

    Sam just left the room by herself. I swear I really don’t think she should be alone. I know it sounds crazy but I get a bad feeling about her and I am really worried about her. I wish they would pay more attention to her, not because she’s craving it, but because I just don’t trust her mental state. She just seems like she’s in a fragile mental state.

  87. danmtruth

    Yes Sam said TY had stop talking to her but it was Jc who she said was shady and who she was going to tackle that little shit
    With most of the HOH Fess puts on the headphones then he starts singing STOP THE SINGING DUMB ASS

  88. danmtruth

    Thats a wrap for me Good Luck NK Love to wake up to your comments
    Mel looking forward to your recap as always

      • danmtruth

        our thumbs down person is consistent A thumbs down on a simple goodnight ? wow someone was not hug as a kid

      • Jenny

        I get 2 TD’s on almost every comment I post. Exceptions were when I talked about my dad. I know there’s the random troll but I get the feeling there’s another person I offended somewhere along the line who just TD’s me every time. If they’d tell me what I did I might offer an apology but it’s hard to say I’m sorry about something if I have no idea what it was I did wrong.

  89. Shivani33

    What things has Sam seen that have caused her to turn against Tyler? And Angela? I guess it’s been cumulative. Sam is still in the house, but Sam has left the building. She just cannot take it. She sounds authentically paranoid.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I think so too Shi. I am really starting to worry about her, no joke. I think she’s just falling apart from the stress. Like I said, if she’s acting, she’s doing a good job. If she’s not, then Houston, we have a problem.

    • danmtruth

      * Sam is still in the house, but Sam has left the building.* That sums it up she is going to go all kind of crazy on someone

    • Jenny

      i think Sam is the wrong personality type to be in the BB house. She wants everyone to get along and play nice. Looks like she had no idea what she was getting into. I’ve watched a few seasons and even knowing what to expect, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I’d really like to know how she got on the BB radar in the first place. And I hope she can recover from the trauma. Maybe self-evicting is the best thing for her. Screw production – this is a human who is suffering. Your schedule isn’t more important than her well-being.

  90. NKogNeeTow

    JC just left the HOH freaking out about Sam and Scottie. No Fessy is up there freaking out about Scottie. He tells her she trust Scottie to much and he’s pitting them against each other (which is what JC just tole her). She tells him Scottie is not a threat. The doorbell rings and it’s Tyler. Fessy announces he’s going to bed and leaves the room in a huff. (He wanted her to get Scottie up there to question him about things that he believes Scottie has said to get between them).

    She tells Tyler that to be honest she believes that if she doesn’t go after him, he is coming after her.

  91. NKogNeeTow

    When Fessy was in there, she asked him what was wrong. He said it’s Rocky. That everywhere he goes, she follows him around. Guess he knows how Hay feels. Everywhere she goes, he follows her or seeks her out. And he can’t stand any of the men in the house being around her.

    Tyler just asked Hay outright if she was putting him up or backdooring him. She says no, that he is good with her. She then starts to defend Scottie.

  92. NKogNeeTow

    Rocky is very good at Signing. I know a little (learned some as a teen but have forgotten most of it). Watchng her makes me want to relearn it.

  93. NKogNeeTow

    Tyler just told Hay that if she really wants him out just backdoor him. He didn’t say it nasty. They are having a very civil conversation. She was going to backdoor him all along. Poor thing. Unless he wins a Veto or becomes the Hacker or uses his App, then he’s toast.

    He says if she’ decides to backdoor him, just let him know. She tells him that is the worst pitch ever. He asks her again if she’s going to put him up (in a joking manner, but serious).

    He tells her that if you put me up, you know I’m gonna win the Veto. She tells him that he’s never played Veto against her and that if he does, she’s going to win. They are still joking but serious.

  94. NKogNeeTow

    Since I’m the last one here, I’m closing down the shop. The bar is closed, everybody go home.

    Have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  95. Avatar

    I think Sam’s at is her gameplay. I think she’s a smart cookie. she’s acting like she’s not playing the game nobody has to worry about her she gets all emotional, when one size and power she cries to them when the other sides and power she cries to them. I don’t buy it Sam’s not playing this game she’s playing it and she’s playing it the best. Call her crazy but she’s crazy as a fox.

  96. ShoeLover

    So its 4:40am here in TX and with my ear glued to the TV ( promised the hubby I would keep it down ) all because the dang texter dude relaying the CC can’t understand half of what JC is saying!! So either JC wants to go to the market and prepare peaches because you don’t want a Baliegh mistake and his Feddy scratches his back that gosh hire ( assuming Tyler ) is all good ya know humping like that!!! He even typed out, uh uh umm how you say a hacker could destroy your game so be smart. And good for Haliegh and RockStarlistening to Sam and talking with her. Back to standing up against the TV and way way WAY too many commercials tonight on BBAD!!

  97. Avatar

    Brett is a poor man’s Cody (Calafiore–hottest BB contestant EVER!) but could he PLEASE wear the Granny shirt and InstaGranny shorts for the rest of the season? I loved the way Brett kept pulling up the shirt during the HoH competition to show off his stomach.

    In case anyone needs a refresher course


  98. delabear

    Even as a non-professional, it seems to me Sam is in mental distress. If she does have some sort of breakdown that requires professional help, I hope her family is able to use these sites to document that production (certainly they read these) had forewarning that she was unstable and did nothong to get her out of the situation.

  99. HappyHippo

    I think if Tyler isnt told exactly when he’s being put up that he should not use his cloud power at the first nom. But at the veto meeting. That way if for some crazy reason she puts him up first he still has veto and hacker odds. If he blows it for the first noms and doesn’t get nominated with a backdoor plan he’s screwed. Most chicken hoh people who want somebody strong out try to backdoor them. He knows that.

  100. Avatar

    In all seriousness “Mental Health” is a real issue and shouldn’t be taken lightly or made fun of. Sam is clearly in need of some professional help. It would suck for Haliegh to be forced to put her and for the House to vote her out due to this issue. But unless Production who seem to like to tamper with the game on an ongoing basis remove her that is the situation Haliegh is left with so basically Sam’s mental health may hijack her HOH.

    In the best interest of the game perhaps CBS needs to step in and remove Sam from the game.

    If I am Tyler I am taking a seat on my Cloud this week that will keep him from being nominated but not safe from being back doored. My guess is she will put up Angela (Her biggest rival) and KC.

    No doubt a member of L6/5/4 is going home this week.

    Now is the time all contestants should be doing Jury Management. You know the part of the Game Paul the greatest player to play BB ever. (If you don’t believe him just ask him) FAILED to do. Yes perfect Paul was a brides maid twice but he can pretend to think he was the greatest BB player ever. We all know Dr. Will was.

  101. leafhopper

    Sam is so worried and upset about who is talking about her she is not going to take being put OTB well at all regardless of the reason – she said she wants to go home, everyone is worried about her etc. – she is so fragile and will not see this as a good thing or see it as her friends trying to help her when production won’t let her leave. It will break her.

  102. Avatar

    Football preempted B.B. for me, so just watched this morning. Was that Bay’s family in the front row gasping during the votes and screaming during breaks?

    When Bay gave her speech and walked out, Inthought we were going to see Julie interview the poised, pageant, Miss Missouri Bayleigh. Then she sat down and started talking, and that quickly went away.

    I wonder if RS will go back to talking how she did when she first entered the house now that Bay’s gone. She has been imitating Bay the last couple of weeks.

    Looks like L6/5/4 May soon be L3 on the surface, but Hayleigh May very well screw this week up, too, with her wanting to make a big move, and here’s how it could happen:

    -Hayleigh wants to get Tyler via backdoor, so she nominates two other L4 members. Since she said she wouldn’t nominate Brett, hypothetically KC and Angela. Tyler saves his cloud app.
    – An L4 member wins Hacker, but does not replace a nominee. If he/she does, then Tyler would go up and all of the below would become void.
    – Brett wins veto and takes off either KC and Angela. Tyler uses his cloud app to keep himself safe, thus only one L4 member is on the block, leaving three L4 votes. Hayleigh replaces with Scottie even though the better plan would be to nominate JC, but Fessy convinces her otherwise. JC is in the catbird seat anyway because NOBODY selected him to play in tonight’s comp until they had to.
    -Takes 4 to evict this week. L4 all vote Scottie along with either JC or Sam, Hayleigh screws up her HoH, L4 remains intact, Scottie gets the worst punishment possible by spending a week in jury alone with Bayleigh.

    I know there are a lot of what ifs in here, but as well as L4 has played and as poorly has Hive has played, its more likely than any other season.

    • ElaineB

      “Brett wins”…..yet to be seen. What will get members of L6 eliminated, is not winning comps consistently. Tyler has won several, Angela once, KC and Brett *crickets*. Fessy. Hay, Scottie have all won comps, RS has come close.

    • Avatar

      You’re plan would work. There are only a couple of flaws…

      1. Production would never let that happen. They would make a suggestion or do something to make sure that that plan is not done.

      2. You’re plan requires the House Guests to have a brain. I have yet to see any evidence that anyone in this house as any intelligence. For they continue to make stupid moves and mistakes and cannot for their own sake keep their mouths shut when they have a power.

      Whoever wins the Hacker this time will keep a secret for 6 hrs before they blab. I will start a pool. Everyone can pick a time or day when the Hacker will tell one of the other House Guests that they won the hacker.

      Maybe Production should just save us all the trouble and announce who wins what since the contestants clearly don’t know how to keep their mouths closed.

  103. Avatar

    Ty will use his Power App this week

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