Good evening, everyone!

Decent live show. We finally got to see granny but the rest of the episode was mostly a recap of the fight.  Bayleigh got evicted as expected, there were no epic eviction speeches, and Haleigh won the HoH.  Good but not great episode, but we can’t win every week.

Haleigh winning the power is pretty big, though. That’s a big blow to level 6 after the week they had and could very well be down to ‘level 3’ by this time next week. I can’t imagine Haleigh not putting up Angela and Tyler after what happened, but she may do Scottie and Tyler. Either way, expect Tyler on the block this week.


I will note that Julie didn’t mention a battle back competition despite the rumors of there being one. We’ll put a pin in that for later.


Alright, time to check in on the feeds…

  • 7:10 pm – Angela is chatting with Sam who is upset over something. I guess before the show, she was going to demand she not vote. She’s slowly losing her mind in there
    • Sam thinks she’s going on the block because she put Haleigh on the block.  lol
    • Sam is now telling RS that she wasn’t voting against her. She is broken up over this.  Come on
  • 7:30 pm – Kaycee is venting to Angela about Sam crying. She’s upset because they all cared about Bayleigh
    • RS tells Haleigh that she would put Ang/KC on the block then backdoor Tyler
    • Hay says she’s not putting Brett up because he’s not working with anyone. His isolation plan is working
    • They call Brett in the room and RS tells him that had she won HoH, he wasn’t going on the block because she feels bad for him
    • Haleigh called to the DR. Seems a bit quick for her key
  • Angela, JC, and KC are sitting around talking. Brett is upstairs working that fake bromance with Scottie
  • Note – JC told RS that she had a dinosaur toe during the live show (opposed to camel)
    • Sam is sitting alone in a closet.  We get to watch depression
  • 8:50 pm – Haleigh begins her one-on-ones with Sam
    • Sam says she’s not excited because she’s sad Bayleigh left
    • Sam says she understands if she is put on the block
  • 9:12 pm – Angela has been in her one-on-one with Haleigh
    • They were talking normally until Sam came up and Angela began throwing her under the bus
    • Angela mentions how Sam put her (Hay) up and also how she doesn’t want to be here. They say how sweet she is but she has a temper
  • JC comes in for his and tells her exactly how to run the HoH which she’ll ignore but he’ll insist anyway

Check back for updates