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Big Brother 20 – Thursday Overnight Recap

Good morning everybody! Last night was fun and for once, production didn’t get their way. Now they know how we feel sometimes. BB fans complain a lot, it’s just what we do and this year, I don’t know what to do with the extra time on my hands. There’s nothing to complain about! Sure, they need to use the electric shock collars (from the earlier comp) every time they sing and I’d like to see the old food comps but that’s about the only complaints I can muster. I wanted Kaitlyn to get back into the house but I took a little twisted pleasure in knowing production was freaking out.


Some thoughts on Thursday’s show:

  • We may have been shocked but production was losing it- a source in the audience passed on some info to Brent Wolgamott who was podcasting on RHAP last night. They said Alison Grodner could be seen shaking her head in disbelief, someone in the audience asked if they could tell Kaitlyn about her BF and was told “if they wanted to die.” Hopefully, it wasn’t put quite that way. Lol  They also said Julie wasn’t prepared to interview her and they didn’t even have chairs set up on stage. They said nothing like what went on last night (on stage) had ever happened. I think they said this info came from someone who warms up the crowd but I’m not sure.
  • I don’t usually have my granddaughter on weeknights but I did last night. She watched part of the show but was mostly doing something else while I watched. She saw Kaitlyn struggling and whining with the puzzle and kept laughing. (That’s my girl!) She said “It’s just 6 pieces Buddy! Why can’t she do it?” Yes, even a 6 year old thought it was nuts! (She calls me “buddy” instead of grandma in case that confused anyone)
  • I was the most shocked Kaitlyn couldn’t manifest a solution to the puzzle. I don’t buy into her crap about talking to dead people but I decided that if she can do it and if I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe somehow Tyler’s dad was working against her saying “he’ll no, bitch, you’re not getting back in that house!”
  • I was surprised production showed the clip of Sam and the mudhole comment and I was equally surprised Sam decided to channel Rosie the Riveter last night.
  • Angela didn’t get any credit for the vote flip and she should have but production is doing too good this year for me to nitpick over it.
  • Kaitlyn thanking Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra  (possibly spelled wrong) was hilarious.
  • It was a downer to lose the drama Kaitlyn brings but it was a plus that one of the power apps didn’t mess with the game and that’s why I’m fine with her being gone.. (2 more apps to go and I won’t get lucky again)
  • My favorite Tweets from last night were:  people saying it was ironic Kaitlyn failed the puzzle because she couldn’t close her legs and the other ones saying…. Production says: No one can fail this challenge…..Kaitlyn says: Hold my sage!

Steve already announced Bayleigh won the hoh last night. She had one on one’sh people but Sam requested to have hers this morning. Sam may have a hard time not being the boss this week. Bayleigh considered using Rachel as a pawn to get Brett out. Rachel threw everything at Bayleigh except the shirts she doesn’t own to get her on a different plan. Bayleigh said she doesn’t want to try to get Tyler out this week. She’s thinks he’s heartbroken and wants to give him a week to recover. She’s grateful the house didn’t kick her when she was down and wants Tyler to have the same thing. (I actually think she may want to work with him. They were already talking a little and when Kaitlyn told Bayleigh that Tyler said Kaitlyn should only trust Bayleigh from that side of the house, it went a long way imo. Kaycee is another reason Bayleigh may think she can work with Tyler)  Bayleigh threatened Scottie with his life not to backstab her. JC talked her ears off but I don’t believe got anywhere. When I went to bed, it looked like Brett may be a nominee along with JC as a pawn.

This looks to be another fun week. We’ll get to see the Level 5/6 side face their first real obstacle in the game and probably lose a member. We’ll also be listening to hear if we have a BB baby on the way since Bayleigh keeps dropping hints about it.


Yesterday (during the day) on the feeds: Tyler and Fessy had the much anticipated talk about Kaitlyn. They compared notes but it was kind of a let down conversation.  It doesn’t even matter now since Kaitlyn is gone. Fessy is still thinking about it though. Last night, he was asking Brett if Kaitlyn had said similar things to him. Brett said he didn’t want to put that stuff out on tv. (We already heard Brett say Kaitlyn came onto him on day 2) Tyler doesn’t care about any of it but Fessys ego is probably bruised. Haha

Sam had a fit yesterday when someone broke the toilet seat. She went off about it. She really does think she’s the BB house warden!

Check with Steve later for noms and have a great Friday!




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  1. Charlotte

    One question about last nights show……I thought Tyler’s dad was deceased, but when he voted on live TV he said “happy birthday dad”. Now, I’m not saying he wasn’t referring to his dad that passed on…..just thought it odd, being live TV and wishing a dead person happy birthday. I talk to my deceased mother often, but wouldn’t pick a live show to do it.

    • LO1004

      I think the death is recent, so it’s probably still very raw for him. He’s in that house with strangers, I’m sure it was cathartic. I felt for him in that moment.

    • Colby

      I think his biological dad is dead. He has a step dad who raised him and has said that the step dad will always be his dad.

    • Sassy

      I have asked before on a different thread, whether Ty actually said that or not. Swaggy used to swear on his dead father’s grave. When BSC asked Ty to swear on his father’s grave, he got mad and told her never to ask him to swear on his father. He didn’t say whether or not he was alive…

  2. Avatar

    I didn’t see the episode last night and only saw clips of the last 15 seconds of the puzzle. Were the legs supposed to be pointed forward instead of sideways? Or did she have the middle part on upside down?

  3. Avatar

    I am just glad K is gone! Was so tired of her antics and now I don’t really care the pecking order is. I think Brett would be good target for Bay to get out now. JC is entertaining, but equally annoying. Not sure I’m ready to see him go yet though.

    • ElaineB

      I am still mixed about Kait being gone. I was entertained by her, while wanting to throw tomatoes at the TV. It will be nice to see some of the other HGs play in peace, so that is a good thing. Brett and JC would be good choices. I don’t care about either of them.

  4. LO1004

    6 pieces. I do believe we over-estimated her abilities.

  5. Helen

    Looks like Sam is getting Queen for a weeks breakfast ready to take to her…almost time for Sam to go and tell Bayleigh how wonderful and brilliant she is and how much she loves her….for like an hour…or more…
    I so wanted CrayonHead to go home this next eviction…watching her strut her nasty azz around the house for another couple of weeks is depressing….

  6. HappyHippo

    “Except the shirts she doesn’t own” lol!
    I’m so glad BSC is gone. I could not believe she didn’t get that puzzle! Thank you for the inside info of the chaos on the live stage, that’s too funny that they weren’t even ready for the possibility that the person failed! I don’t think RS would have failed…
    I’m ok with Brett leaving but that’s kind of boring…..I don’t want to see jc leave yet though, he entertains me.

  7. ElaineB

    Mel…thx. I appreciate the fact that you (and others) add updates from social media. I don’t use those sources, so I am glad I can keep up with what some of the ousted HGs are doing/saying.

  8. mm22

    Thanks Mel! I don’t have the live feed or after dark so your morning reads
    are very appreciated

  9. Shivani33

    RHAP was hilarious last night, reacting to the demise of Kaitlyn. Rob Cesternino appeared wearing a blanket shroud and sunglasses. Like Audrey! Brent and Kirsten from BBCanada were ideal co-hosts. As Mel said, Brent got info from a contact who was at last night’s live show. The contact said that the audience warmup guy said – just before Kaitlyn’s puzzle mess got underway – that this wouldn’t take long, easy comp and back in the house for Kaitlyn. Then, as Kaitlyn wept mid- puzzle time and the clock ran down, the audience-handler’s jaw was on the floor! Production was stunned and pissed. I loved it when Kaitlyn went to meet Julie Chen, who gasped “OH MY GOD!” This was historic, classic Big Brother.

  10. danmtruth

    Production says no-one can fail this challenge …….. kAITLYN SAYS HOLD MY SAGE ,,, Priceless !!!Thanks Mel

    Bret and Jc are fine with me Maybe Brent because he is one of the kings of whisper Than again its hard to understand Jc at times

    Purple headed Emu is showing more skin Not in her usual tie-dye mu-mus Most want people thinking she is young and hip No more big glasses

  11. Jenny

    Both of those tweets cracked me up. Especially “hold my sage”. that’s some funny stuff!

  12. Avatar

    I was hoping that Kaitlyn would stay because she would add more drama, but I gotta say that by the end of the night I was worn out on her. I really had a hard time watching her last night. At one point I walked out of the room and got myself a sandwich because I could not stomach the noise that was coming out of that human being. I too could not believe the Tony Robbins and Deepok comments, she was a mess.

    I’m officially done with Fessy. I just don’t like his game.

    Hopefully Bret can make it through this week. I’d like to see him make a little more noise, but I think he has become such a big target that he will have to play his way out of the block quite a bit.

    Lastly, a pet peeve of mine is the over-use of the backdoor. There are times it is very effective, like Swaggy. However, I like it when Scottie and Sam put up two people they wanted out and said battle it out and may the best person win. This constant backdoor stuff is annoying, Just my opinion.

    Very excited about this week.

  13. NKogNeeTow

    Mel, I LOVE that your granddaughter calls you Buddy! Little kids come up with the craziest/funniest nicknames for people. My sister’s granddaughter couldn’t say Nana like the other kids, so she just started calling her Tulu. My name is Victoria and when my niece was a year old, when she tried to say Vickie, it always came out Nickie. To this day my entire my family and most of my friends call me Nickie.

    Oh, and great recap too, as always 🙂

    • Jannie

      My real name is Joanne, but being the youngest of 6, older siblings pronounced it “Jannie” and it stuck. If someone said Joanne, I wouldn’t even turn my head…
      “Buddy” is way cooler than “Grandma.” 🙂

    • oowee

      My real name is Sherry, but I thought Oowee would be a cool nickname for myself because I am so hot and all…jk…I couldn’t resist taking a dig at self-assigned nicknames! Someone needs to tell a few people that’s not how it’s done! But I digress. My roommate adopted a baby girl at birth a little over seven years ago. When she was learning to talk, she could not say Sherry, and somehow I became Oowee. Now even some of my family calls me Oowee. I guess I deserve it though. I was the first grandchild on both sides and could not say grandmother, so my dad’s mother became WaWa from that day on for the rest of her life to just about everyone that knew her.

    • Jenny

      My sister was 2 when I was born and she couldn’t pronounce “Jennifer” so she called me Jeffrin. Parents got her to say it correctly by asking “what kind of fur does the baby have? JENNY-FUR!!!!”
      Pretty sure I wasn’t actually furry. Unless those newborn pics are actually someone else’s baby…

  14. danmtruth

    First if the player played in the veto Like Swaggy IT IS NOT A BACKDOOR !! He had the chance to be safe

    How soon till The HOH is turned into a hair salon and everyone is getting braids Cant wait to see Tyler on braids

    Did like Bay shutting The Purple Emu down as she came up to the HOH to be catty Bay gave her a what ever and kept walking

    Bay is starting that scary HOH thing sitting in the room staring at the spy cam

  15. Colby

    You know there is a big production meeting going on at CBS today. They weren’t planning for jury to start for 2 weeks and may not be ready for that.
    This screws up their whole production schedule, when doubles will be (or how many doubles), when jury battle back will be, or maybe even if they will have 9 or 7 in jury.
    They may try to figure out a way for nobody to go either this week or next week.
    It will be interesting to see what they do.

  16. NKogNeeTow

    I was sitting here just thinking about Driftwood draped across the sofa last night, declaring that now that BSC is gone she can breathe again and be herself. I was wondering if she won, would she be top lazy to even get up and cash the check?

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